1. Manifesting the Christ: Rev 6:6; an interpretation of energetics.
...2 short notes at the end:
2. Book announced, by Barry Dunford.
3. Midwest Penta noted, earth grid named The Great Lakes Biome by Peter

I'm putting this into several lists since the approach (1) interprets
scripture using energetic terms; (2) uses a Reshel format; (3) is from
Revelation which I believe to be a broad schematic for any major shift in
the Racial Mind/Soul, especially important now anticipating LP-40.

I apologize to those whose names are in more than one list.

1. MANIFESTING THE CHRIST: Revelation 6:6:


One of my own amusements is finding geometric (COSmetric)
energy/consciousness systems in scripture. These basically start with the
"Christ/God Within...(---)" and work out with some sort of complex system
for organizing consciousness and supporting energies. In scripture I find
dozens of major systems and in turn dozens of sub-systems for each of those.
Each matrix supports the specific action-line(s) being demonstrated in the
passage. My own analysis of energy applications must first be preceded by
trying to find out what the author(s) were trying to say, which then drags
me back to the tedious job of decoding the originating Hebrew (beyond the
English and Greek overlays).

WHAT'S THIS IN AID OF? The overall subject would reasonably be useful in
many applications in business, schools, or special projects. The theory is
that any process, to be successful is resonant with the "Divine Harmonic of
Universal Accord", another term for the dynamic of "Elohim" or synergic
unity of all Eloh's or "magna-souls" resonant with the "El." Religious
context and terms would not have to be used to describe basic areas of study
and action, but the first step is to (1) decide on the State-of-Being
expressing as the Christ-Within, (2) identify the spiritual dynamics used to
manifest that State, and (3) then translate the dynamics into the frame of
reference that suits your project. This grossly simplified commentary is an

This format could be used in group application, which lifts it out of simple
mental gymnastics and into the realm of practical light work. Its use would
serve to make a strong harmonic link with the Revelation schematic,
particularly if the 4 Seals were also used as the 4-Square containment field
associated with the (6:6) seed energism. However, if these would be used
they should purge the fallen codes of War, Hunger, etc. to then put the same
factors into a Metatronic context: example: "war" would not exist where
there is no evil or related fallen human urges. In that there would be no
"Peace" either if we view Peace as related to War. Instead there would
simply be "resonance with the Divine Harmonic of Universal Accord." (I
believe that most of all the Worlds' scriptures must eventually be 90%
rewritten to have Metatronic relevance... completely dropping out sin, et
al, and thus redemption and ascension. Its the difference between a totally
new CONTINUUM and simply a New Age requirement.

THE FORM: Three measures form a penta-triangle with the equivalent One
measure (all with the "Denarius" charge) in the mid point on the triangle's
base line. This is a Reshel format, as the Penta-Dove correspondence...
Metatronic Breastplates. The Wine and Oil are the two "wing" poles of the
penta-star, or the generators. In the Reshel, I am relating these two points
to the "Sacred Vaults of the Sun", which are located slightly lower than the
standard pentagrams' side stars.


I have selected one sub-system (seed format) within the 7 Seals relating to
the Book (Rev 5:1) held by him who sits on the Throne, holding the book in
the right hand. The dominant couplet that seems to bracket (Dione Couplet)
the Book is the Lamb who took the book (5:7) and the Lion of Juda who opens
the Book (5:5). The 4 creatures govern the 1st 4 seals which are centered by
the 5-point seed matrix. This matrix is generated by the "scales" (Selah) of
Seal #3. I will first provide an overview of sacred geometry needed for
better understanding of the several functions of the Cross and penta-star.

The 1st Four Seals are in a cross format (for manifestation) with a sequence
in opening the Seals. The system of colors, creatures, tools for each Seal
describes the nature, function, and method of opening the Seal. (I will not
address this large subject.) After opening the 3rd Seal which is Black (for
the Selah), uses scales (which translates from Hebrew as the Selah), and the
creature with the Face of the Man (the Resh function: Chief Head Stone...
the Hebrew letter resh was written as the face of a man in a left
profile)... then the central 5-point system can be opened. It reads:

"And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say: 'A measure of
wheat for a denarius (penny) and three measures of barley for a denarius;
and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine."

The wording tells us that there is a triangle that equals a single unit,
both worth the same amount, and there are two separate aspects and
functions. This is fairly standard in the energetic use of a 5-point (penta)
star. The "One" unit is not standard but it does fit the more exact use of
the Reshel format where a "shiyn" pole us used on the center point of the
star's base-line. The shiyn pole transfers codes from Spirit into the
system. This one-to-three also duplicates the male's one heart-pole re the
females' three poles. (This does not mean that the female is better, it is
simply that both have different and complementary functions... assuming that
both are working from clear heart chakras. Source of this unknown info is
Thoth/Maia.) Reshel technology is much more complex than this; I am trying
to keep it simple.

The 7 seals first set up the 4-Square containment field, including the Seed.
The next 3 seals seem to be describing the LP-40 or Ascension event using
martyrs as the human souls in the fallen continuum. IT IS NECESSARY to
eliminate the evil karmic charges found in the Seals' mechanism and to use
their opposites. For example: "Death" would use "Life" as its opposite and
correct charge. As Revelation is now written it is in a redemption mode
relevant to the fallen Oritronic continuum; we are interested in a
Metatronic application possible by eliminating the Fall Factor. If we can
achieve that level and clarity, the system may be used "back" down into the
fallen reality if that is what the operator would wish to do.


Most of Revelation, as with the rest of J-C scripture is devoted to
understanding the female function(s). But these are relatively hidden behind
male proper nouns: names, places. The many systems of "7" (Sheeba) indicate
the complete female structure; always look for the 8th aspect to define the
male relative to the 7 of the female. Thus with the 7 Seals we have a female
system and the male or 8th aspect is the "other" angel (8:2) complementing
the 7 angels relating to the Seals. This is not the subject of this paper,
other than to stress the nature of the "7" and how the divine Bride
generates the manifestation process. The 4-Seal matrix, with seed, is a
female mechanism but it has male functions within it. This can be very
confusing and it can be ignored in this interpretation due to the degree of
complexity. The thing to remember is that we are looking at Female


MAJOR SYSTEMS are found throughout scripture. There are basics in
understanding sacred cosmetrics or "grids." (A "grid" organizes
consciousness in terms of functional, complementary poles.) There are three
basic functions that can be linked to numbers and systems:

(1) 3/6: The CONNECTIVE function: synaptic linking of all forms which
include thought-forms. In Genesis its the form of "chen" related to Cain,
Cainan. (There are three forms of chen initiating form in Genesis: Grace as
in Enoch/Chenowk, Connective as in Cain, and the Form as in Canaan.) This is
usually a tube, pillar, tree, spear, staff or situation having 6 aspects: 6
jars of water/wine, 6 beings in the Transfiguration scenario, the 666 number
(which is NOT the mark of man/beast: a serious mistranslation of the
protosiniatic glyphs for the letter lamed!), 6 pointed star or "Key of
David" as the pillar in the temple of God (Rev 3:7-13), etc. In modern
mysticism this is often called the Layooesh Pillar. The first of twenty four
Breastplates of Metatron (highest archangel).

(2) 5/10: The SEED function: basic initial format generating the whole form
of energy and consciousness. A few good examples are the 5 Rivers/Lands
forming Eden (translated: controlling foundation), the 5 aspects of seed
centering the 4 seals in Revelation, the 5 porches in the Pool of Bethzatha
(John 5:1-14), and an excellent passage in the Maitri Upanishad 2.6 (using 5
breaths). Another seed format, for the Gospel of John are are first 5
Disciples in John 1:35-51. I am citing this as special in that it links with
the Dove and that in turn with the 2nd of the Metatronic Breastplates the
"Penta-Dove" (scripture uses two forms of dove: ascending (Jona/Yona) and
descending (Tor/towr/torah) as the forms of sattva and tomas or form
releasing and form building respectively.) In this respect, the Dove of God,
Christ, and His first 5 disciples I would relate to the basic State of
Being. The 5 Disciples, including the very mysterious "other" un-named
disciple "that Yeshu loved(?)", are effectively a holographic seed for all
aspects to be germinated and grown. This "Initiate" based on Grace is
Enochian, or the form of chen found in Genesis as Chenowk.

This deserves special comment. Enoch in Genesis is the tiphereth (heart)
sephirah of the Cabalists' Tree of Life/Raa/Towb found in Gen 1-9 by
analyzing the lines of generation, translating the names of the players as
the sephiroth. The Heart, seed-center is in Gen 5:21-25, which I consider to
be the Center of the Jewish and Christian scriptures. In this, Chenowk is
the Christ correspondent ...translate the name for details. There are two
names in the two lines of generation that are spelled the same: Enoch and
Lemech. In effect, Enoch is the male Christos and Lemech is the female

(3) 4/8: The FORM function or "4-Square." The "4" must always have another
complementary format that can move into and escape from the Form: the pillar
connective or gateway. This is sometimes the "5th" component, as in Eden's
river that makes the 4 others. This same idea relates to Nathaniel in
Yeshus' initial-5. This would be saying that the Pillar is one of the Seeds'
5 basic programs. In the 3-chens of Genesis the Form is Canaan or the base
of the pedistal/vineyard (from this we would go on to better understand the
Wine/blood/water/true vine references).

MALE-FEMALE POLARITY is basic to all formats but there is always a center
androgynous point synthesizing both, although this point is not always
specifically shown. This "central" point is found in the inner triangular
part of the 5-matrix in Revelation where 3 seed-barley measures equals 1
seed-measure of wheat (Rev 6:6) both equaling a denarius/penny. The idea is
that the unit is the "denarion" (whatever that is, relating to Latin: 10)
energetically translates to wheat and that energetically equates with the
"three" of barley. Geometrically this could be drawn as a triangle (barley)
balancing on a Center represented by the "denar(---)" dynamic, with the base
line of the triangle centered by the one unit of wheat. (I'm going to go
into this more below.)

The male-female units are extensively used in scripture but the female is
usually hidden within a male person's name or place. (Realizing this, most
of the J-C scripture is based on female functions, NOT male! A popular but
natural misconception.) An example is John 3:28-31 re the bridegroom, etc.
and most exactly that Yachanan must decrease while Yeshu increases
(manifests). The best example in the Jewish scriptures is Genesis 32:45-32:2
related to the Two Witnesses and Pillar and Heap (connective and form)...
Laban is the female function. A higher understanding of this superb formula
would have BOTH Jacob (the pillar controller) and Laban (the
Galeed/Jegar-sahadutha as the form) would be FEMALE but male and female
charges respectively. This is the classic DIONE COUPLET as I've included in
previous commentaries (credit to Rev. Mtr. Maia, and Fr. Simeon Nartoomid
for the excellent information). The Couplet is also found as the Egyptian
sisters: Nephthys (wears the Tower/pillar crown) at the head of the fallen
Osiris (Lame/Fisher King) and Isis (wearing the Throne/form crown) at the
feet of Osiris. (Mari Migdalene ...migdal means Tower... and sister Martha
are typical equivalents.)



The 3rd Seal color is black (horse), the creature has "the face of a Man"
(the 4 seals duplicate the Fixed Cross in Astrology; this is Aquarius), and
the tool is the Balance/scales. A proper study would include the nature and
functions of all the Seals or "4-Square" and in their sequence but that
would be too much for this commentary. I am only slightly referencing the
3rd Seal since it opens the Seed in the Center.

The "horse" I believe to be the equivalent of a "camel" in the Hebrew
alphabet, the glyph drawn as an L. In that the horse is a time-beacon and
transfer matrix, and the letter gamel/camel is clearly the time gate
symbolized by the L, then the Seals' horses of different colors relate to a
nonlinear or universal Time dynamic. Black is the color of the Selah or
divine Void. The scales (Selah in Hebrew) describe the path of Life from
Source into the Seed and thus into the 4-Square mechanism and its forms.

We note that all the elements of the seed matrix involves seeds of some
sort: wheat, barley (both grains), oil (olives from a tree), and wine
(grapes from a vine). However any seed or resulting creation MUST have a
life-path opened into the process. Life only comes from divine Source beyond
all distorting phenomena and that would be the Unmanifest God: the Silence,
Void, Dark/black, Rest beyond names, light and angels. This most vital
aspect is found in the 3rd Seal as the black color and the scales which
translates as "Selah" or the "Suspension, scales, silence between musical

We realize that the SCALES separate two poles from the unmoving central
fulcrum/suspension point: these two poles are the "measures", one of wheat
and the other of barley, both equaling one denarius for each measure. In
this way the one pole known as wheat and the other of 3 aspects is barley.
So the first most important understanding must be within the DENARIUS code.
In short, it includes the dynamic of "10."

DENARIUS' MEANING: NOTES FROM FRIENDS: I will add notes below that I've
received from friends, regarding the Denarius' meanings (I've edited out
names and repetition).
My translation of "denarius" is containing ten. The associations I get
from Rev 6:6 and this is some of the following:

A day's wages.
Justice rules the work day (ten hours long).
Ten is the number of the tetrakys and the number
of full material manifestation. The horseman in this
section is charged with judging the waking or conscious hours
of our day.
Ten is also the number of the ordinary three dimensional space.
The judge is asked to spare the church and its children (the vine
A denarius is one days wages a reference back to the pericope in the
Gospels about the laborers and their wages and how long they worked.
Dr. Mark Allan Padolsky: Denarius:
The Latin word denarius means "consisting of ten" and it comes
from the Latin word deni which means " by tens ".
The plural form of denarius is denarii.
The Republican denarius is made of silver.
The Republican As is a large and heavy coin made of bronze and is
worth less than a silver denarius.
One denarius is worth ten ases.
The letter X means ten and many denarii have the letter X
printed on them to show their value of ten ases.
A star was often used instead of an X to show the coin's value.
The root "d(e)n" simply means "ten" (things), with the original Biblical
word -- in Greek presumably, but derived from the
ancient Roman "denarius" -- the coin that was paid for "a day's wages" in
the fields. Which I'd not ignore. It can relate to a just and concrete
reward for work accomplished. Actualisation, realisation, manifestation,
etc. Done is what had to be done. Finito.

Ten is the number of completion & perfection, and of Malkuth, the Kingdom.
But also of the Shekhinah, the Bride of Christ. Symbolized in part by the
Dark Horse in Revelations, rider holding the balance (Libra). Bringing all
things into balance is the Work of Completion. The sacred or alchemical
When the word was used as a noun, it had different endings, and it was
referring to a silver coin which was equivalent to ten asses, but then
later to eighteen asses and then later again to a Attic drachma.



I am equating the 3 measures with the 3 poles of the female's heart
energetic and the 1 measure as the male's. The Scales measure them as equal
in charge and worth, both equaling the "denarius." In the Reshel pentagonal
format we will place the single pole in the baseline of the penta-triangle,
called the "shiyn" pole which transfers divine codes into the system via the
female. The hearts of each are being emphasized as the carrier of the Charge
of 10 and of the grains. (This is one form of the Mystic Marriage.)

The Denarius represents the main charge of codes organizing the wheat and
barley. Wheat and barley can be extracted from the Hebrew "bar" which also
contains the meaning "Emptiness, purity." This is the Selah aspect of divine
source of Life and the start of any creation sequence. With the seeds, in
the two measures of the Selah-scales, there is the vital consistancy of the
Selah Essence (Life, Being) transferred into the penta-star.

By making the main charge into a Latin word we not only have a special
mystery flagged but it also has the other associations of monetary/labor and

The Denarius "charge" is one of 10. It is also an "X" or x-gram, saltire
cross, or system for downloading spiritual programs. "10" in Hebrew also
relates to the "Asher" in Ehye Asher Ehye (I Am That I Am) which is a sacred
creation formula as a name of God. Asher includes the meaning of 10, 1/10th,
a cedar tree, grove of trees, and 10-stringed lyre. In the formula it
represents cosmos within a dual dipole (the two I Am's) or Dione Couplet
format. Further, it correlates with the 10 sephiroth (books) in the
Cabalist's Tree(s). This is a direct harmonic of the penta(5)-star used in
the seed structure; this becomes a 10-point wheel when the responding "5" of
Spirit complements the given-5 in Rev. 6:6.

(Note: in the Metatronic upgrade to the Cabala there will be 13 sephiroth in
the Tree.)

(Note: in the Hathor Temple at Dendera there is an amazing mural showing a
sophisticated rendering of the Dione Couplet. It also uses the penta-star as
its central format but its hidden in the Reshel grid.)


Not to become too technical... the Reshel establishes an "event horizon" or
"teleplane" creating a reality frame by setting up two "Threshold(s) of
Sythia" or sockets for the Great Pyramid and also the tetrahedron, at each
end of the line/plane. Between these defining points there are two "Pools of
the Moon" or "Pools of Life." These are terminal points of two golden ratio
spirals out of the Glory pole (apex of the Pyramid) which support Life in
the reality being created. These two Pools are themselves subsystems of
teleplanes that are the base points of the penta-star and Christic Dove. The
apex of the penta-triangle is called the Zayin/Zeon/Zion pole and is the
upper range of the Reshel grid; there are two, one each for the male and
female halves. The penta-base is also the minor axis for the L-Gate system
of golden ratio rhombuses. In this the Christic penta-dove is also the
time-gate and transfer mechanism as well as the generator for the Central
Pillar of the Temple: the Layooesh connective. (The penta-dove is also
Metatron's 2nd Breastplate of the 24. The Reshel is the 3rd.)

To create the 5 points of the penta-star we can spin the penta-triangle
around its center. That is one of the things that occurs. But there is
another situation in which the "Sacred Vaults of the Sun" are the two "wing"
points of the star. These vital poles are located on the golden ratio
spirals and are not in the perfect positions of the pentas' five points. It
is my feeling however, that the Vaults' points were used by the Atlans in a
modified 5-point star geometry and represents a valid system used to
complement the first. This offset penta-star appears very nearly to be the
same as shown in David Wood's GENISIS, page 196, "The Temple Walls": an
earth grid in Rennes le Chateau. (Wood's geometry is very good but I do not
use his cosmology.)


Therefore, using the above items I would draw a penta-triangle or
"penta-spear" as Thoth calls it. Then I center a single point in the base
line (the shiyn pole). This provides the core "grain" seed format combining
both male and female heart poles although in the female "half" of the Reshel
both are female overall. They are oppositely charged in the male Christos

The "Resh" or "head of a man" (Chief Head Stone) of the 3rd Seal, harmonic
with the decapitated head archetype, establishes the format for the seed. IE
the Reshel. In keeping with this "spirit of the requirement" I will also use
the Reshels' two Vaults of the Sun to represent the two side-points of the
star or its "wings." In the Reshel the eastern wing point is named (by
Thoth) the "teyth" pole and the western point is the "dallet" pole.

These duplicate the standard penta-generators, male and female respectively.
(This would be the topic of another long commentary.) For this paper I will
place the OIL (Olive Oil) in the male pole and WINE in the female. (These
two, together, provide a Vine wrapped around a Tree, much as we'd find in
Rosslyn's "Apprentice" Pillar, or Tree of Knowledge.) I'm purposely using
the Vaults of the Sun poles since these, in one half of the grid, combine
with the Pools of the Moon in the other... in one of the most powerful
Reshel combinations.

HOLOS ACTION: The merging of Sun and Moon creates the eclipse effect and the
"LEON" (Lion Gate) in the universal seed format described by Thoth, using 5
functions or 6 (as a WHOLOS) including the shiyn pole in the expansion mode.
will add the Lion Gate notes at the end.) Copies of the HOLOS on request.


THE OIL: (male pole: transfers fire codes from Spirit into the female
form-birther). I assume that the oil is Olive Oil, from a tree. The "tree"
in Hebrew best relates to the ASHER in the dual di-pole formula using the
Dione Couplet: Ehye Asher Ehye. The Tree relates to (1) the main archetypal
tree in the center of any major spiritual system; (2) the Tree as the
Tree(s) of Life, Raa and Towb; and (3) the "Forest" as the "High Grove" or
Temple archetype.

The oil is an extract of the Tree, thus represents condensed sun light. Its
used as lamp fuel and also carries a charge to use for sacramental
annointing. The fire codes transmit instructions for temple, tree/grove,
light, spiritual process, cosmos... ostensibly ALL codes needed to execute
the Revelation scenario.

THE WINE: (female pole: form gestation, birthing, nurturing resonant with
the Divine Harmonic of Universal Accord). Correlates with the Vine (as
compared with the Tree) or VINEYARD. There is a basic format used when
relating to any of the wine/blood mysteries. It is the triunity of the "3
Chens" found in Genesis. These are apparently the 3 aspects of the first
energetic trinity used in the creation process: (1) Grace (as in Enoch), (2)
the Connective (as in Cain), and (3) the Form (as in Canaan: the foundation
to the pedistal (Malkuth) and Vineyard. If one aspect is used, the other two
must be active or else there is no action or it is abortive.

Oil and Wine do not mix; the oil must be transformed into light/fire first
to "mull" the Wine with its codes.


The first and most important method of converting the form to something
useful is to use the form in group dynamics to improve vortex stability and
capacity. This involves the group having to achieve a minimum State of Being
based in the Selah and in Grace. Then there is a minimum of technique needed
in forming and exercising a synergic type of unified group.

Individual action would require (1) being practiced in meditation in the
Selah or Silence/Rest; (2) a state of being high in the Grace factor or
"Heart Coherency"; (3) balance in male (focused single heart pole) and
female (unified 3 aspects of the female heart pole) dynamics in processing
seed-thought and then developing same; (4) study to include a specialty in
one or more spiritual systems adaptable to Metatronic frequencies and new
state; (5) physical work involving beauty and living agencies (people,
plants, animals). Ideally all these aspects and functions would correlate
with rectifying the fallen actions found in Revelation, transmuting all of
them into their light-functions. This would start with transmuting War and
the 4 Plagues found in the immediate 4-Square containing the central seed

Respectfully submitted,

William Buehler

Acknowledging the author(s):


This material was produced by Rev.'s Simeon and Maia Nartoomid of Johannine
Grove Ministry, an esoteric and metaphysical ministry operated up until
1999. This organization is now known as Church of the Holy Flame. The main
Church of the Holy Flame website can be viewed at:
Rev. Mtr Maia Nartoomid still operates a personal website dedicated to the
esoteric metaphysical mysteries at:

4-Square and Triunity (female) preceding the major penta-grid):

"We gather unto the circle of the Foursquare Stone.
It is meted from the Talisman of our Blood Fire.
From the Cup of the Sapphire we doth pour our aether of Spirit,
unto the Sepulcher of Holy Order.

"The Trinity Mantle of Isis/Sophia/Johanna is secure upon us,
so that we may beseech the Grace of Her Blessings on this occasion of

"We stand unadorned in the Light of the Cosmic Christ, received fully upon
the Sword of His Splendor.
May we be revealed in the Time Spirit of our birth and destiny,
that we shall fulfill our Templaric service upon the earth.
In this gathering before the Altar of Presence, we affirm the following

(Now I'm skipping the four other Gates to only address the LEON (Lion)

"Enter Hierophant, from the Lion Gate.
Impress the Logos of Mind upon our anointed foreheads.
We seek thy meditation with Divine Form,
inscripted into the terrestrial manifest of our world.
In us, do we become Creation through the breadth of the Sun and the depth of
the Moon.,
the two conjoined in expansion and contraction as a Sacred Atom in the heart
of our most holy spaces.


(Note: continuing with a few other comments from Thoth re the Lion Gate:)


LEON ...THE LION GATE ...The Seeding of New Creations through the
cooperation of Like-Mind ...Interfacing of Dimensions, the 'Primary
Substance' of Generation, The Fluidity of Co-Creation Projected into the
Waters of Life. Submerge to the depths, rise to the Light--all images are
reflections of Dolphin Play. Keep thee to thy domain as a cub to his den.
Soon winter will pass and the seas will warm again and the earth will
fulfill itself. The Lion is the Guardian of the Pools of Life. The Solar
Lords command the seeding of the Universe. It is both the Vault of the Sun
and the Pool of the Moon in co-creative harmony.


2. New Book by Barry Dunford.

Barry has greatly expanded his original book: THE HOLY LAND OF SCOTLAND.
Barry is a notable scholar in his own right but he has also liberally
infused the new book with Thoths' commentaries (via the Revs. Nartoomids as
mentioned above). A description of the book is in his site: The site will have ordering instructions. I
highly recommend it as a much needed, esoteric complement to the many other
excellent books about the holy land of Scotland.


3. US Midwest pentagon earth grid: the "Great Lakes Biome" (also of Sinclair

There is a most unusual grid found in Peter Champoux's THE GAIA MATRIX on
page 117. It shows a huge 5-point, penta-star centered at Sault Ste. Marie,
Michigan/Ontario and extending as far as the 3 shown points: Duluth (where
we have a Temple of the Emerald Mar installed at Split-Rock Lighthouse
National Park), Chicago, and Niagara Falls. There is a mid-point on the base
line (as described in the above 5-point Revelation seed schematic) where
LAKE ST. CLAIR empties into the St. Clair River flowing past
Detroit/Windsor. The center axis would seem to pivot in the combined towns:
ROSEVILLE, and ST. CLAIR SHORES next to the lake and near the river

This connection with Clan Sinclair is almost amusing in that many of
Europes' main Reshel Grid energy-control poles have had direct Sinclair
links. Here in the middle US in a major Reshel grid we have the same. Other
Reshel complementing systems are in Nova Scotia, the ARKHOM grid covering
the East Coast of Canada and US discovered by Peter Champoux (found in his
book: The Gaia Matrix), and in the vast Bakhira Grid covering North and
South America and spanning from the Pacific into western Europe. (My theory:
this grid is the schematic found on the Westford Knight stone, a seed stone
in the Arkhom Grid.)

An old friend of mine, practiced in Reshel dynamics, has recently reported
"blissing out" repeatedly. She lives in Sault Ste. Marie and might be
experiencing a Metatronic shift in the Great Lakes Biome.

The two "not shown" points in the North and NE are the ones usually not
obvious due to their more refined energetic functions. Its a fail-safe
mechanism. Unless the rest of the system is first mastered these points
would not kick-in and the penta-star would abort.



Subj: Post Script to the latest Shamir issue. As usual, excellent ideas
presented by Rab. I've put my 2 Cents in at the beginning, mainly as a note
back to Rab.


You note: "The Arkhom, Pilot Mt, and Sault patterns would be subsidiaries to
it. The central latitude is 45N, and shades thereof -- including the
Hiawatha - New Ross/Oak Island latitude ~44N44. The focus of the Sefirah
includes all between Boston & Washington DC in the southeast."

Replying: Also the 45.304N line might be of use somewhere. I've addressed it
before in notes about the Sinclair Grail-Expedition of 1398 CE and the
encoded Zeno Narrative chart. There's a rhombus shape in the chart... I call
it the benchmark... made by 28 points. Nobody knows anything about it but to
me anyway its the central key to the locations of the Beth. Angle "grail"
formats in the chart. Anyway, beyond all the hidden geometry of the chart I
"knew" that the latitude was connected with it and that it could be found
with 1.618 x 28 = 45.304.

(In Reshel technology the zayin pole at the apex of the penta uses 28
spheres interacting in what seems to be a torus to create a situation where
the fallen Oritronic reality can interface with the Metatronic. The
interaction generates a "zoi" beam of light across the form. This is also
part of the Reshel's symbolism of a Crescent and penta-star above it, now
used as a sign of Islam but much older. I've also commented on a few "28"

The 45.3N parallel runs across the Atlantic into the landfall at Chedabucto
Bay at Nova Scotia, then across NS to the landfall at Cape d'Or (light,
gold, fire, lightning, etc.) at Scott's Bay. That one leads on inland to
provide Reshel siting. I personally think that the Sinclairs didn't have to
run the parallel when transiting the Atlantic but that it was a matter of
convenience... also that the latitude has some energetic significance as a
ley. I think the Sinclair priests or "Navigator" qualified Templars could
navigate psychically: use telluric lines at sea as on shore, also generate
vertical pillars of light over key nav sites, communication with cetaceans,
not to mention just reading the Akashic.

Part of the Zeno Chart is a line from the monastery SW to a point I relate
to Ruta, through 8 fictional islands. With the monastery at the NE end of
this line, the 8 islands give us a 9-chakra grouping along with golden ratio
hits. I call this the "Navigator Line" in that it provides (1) a major line
for grail triangulation, and (2) chakra specifications for qualifying to
navigate and to psychically transport grail codes.

RE the usefulness of the Great Lakes Biome penta, I'm more enthusiastic over
it. I view the Great Lakes as the "sacred pool" for the Americas side of the
Planet: right brain hemisphere. A sacred pool seems to be needed near any
temple or spiritually charged site; it apparently serves as a reservoir
(literally) for mental/emotion codes. (Thus the "Lotus Eater" mentality
often found in extensive water areas if not used well.) Further, due to the
codes-reservoir capability water/mar is a large archetype relating to a
teleplane or reality field. (Also coded in the Scot Gaelic word "linn.") The
two river-ways draining the Lakes would become quite important influences in
the surrounding land/cities.

Considering these points, Thoth wanted a Templa Mar installation north of
Duluth, at Split Rock. Also, we put in several years of Reshel light work in
the Sault area. I agree that Duluth, Chicago, Detroit and Niagara Falls are
not sparkling examples of high awareness but then, where is there any such
in the order of magnitude we are demanding it? Further, it doesn't take over
100 monkeys to generate the needed synergic harmonics. When we were running
the light group in the Sault there were about 80 persons (6 groups, about)
in the Midwest area from the Twin Cities to Chicago to the Sault intensely
running Reshel formats for several years. This is over/above other
intentional spiritual communities in the area. So I wouldn't despair of the
Lakes as being unworthy of a large penta for seeding purposes.


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> Subjects:
> 1. Manifesting the Christ: Rev 6:6; an interpretation of energetics.
Dear Bill;
An excellent bit of work! And very useful, it seems to me.

> 3. Midwest Penta noted, earth grid named The Great Lakes Biome by Peter

> There is a most unusual grid found in Peter Champoux's THE GAIA MATRIX on
> page 117. It shows a huge 5-point, penta-star centered at Sault Ste.
> Michigan/Ontario and extending as far as the 3 shown points: Duluth (where
> we have a Temple of the Emerald Mar installed at Split-Rock Lighthouse
> National Park), Chicago, and Niagara Falls. There is a mid-point on the
> line (as described in the above 5-point Revelation seed schematic) where
> LAKE ST. CLAIR empties into the St. Clair River flowing past
> Detroit/Windsor. The center axis would seem to pivot in the combined
> ROSEVILLE, and ST. CLAIR SHORES next to the lake and near the river
> entrance.

Rab> I'll say it's unusual. I've looked at it many times and it doesn't
seem quite right to me, and I've done as much work in Ontario as
anywhere else, not counting the dozen years I spent growing up
there. Which is not to say that some Great Lakes geo-structures do
not reflect a pentad format and resonate with certain distance modules.
(Note for example that the distance between the 5 main perimeter points
repeats elsewhere and off the plan as between the westmost end of Lake
Erie and the eastmost end of Lake Ontario). But too few of the nodes hum
for me, nor would they for anyone else I know. Duluth, Chicago, (Detroit),
Niagara Falls, and "The Soo" are of course fairly major towns, and the
lake tips strengthen at least the southern portion of the overall pattern,
but every one of these points can be considered as falling within the US,
despite a few mirrored sites in Canada: The Soo, Niagara Falls, and Detroit/
Windsor. I therefore suspect that it: a) is mainly a low-grade or gross
frequency pattern resonant with geology & city formation, rather than
higher frequency/sacred siting ; b) is relevant only from the US
not the Canadian; or c) cannot be considered a full pentad, because its
alleged northern portion seems (to me) less than latent. (I also don't like
the way the pattern pretty well ignores Lake Ontario).

However, in the macro Diomedes polar grid, the Great Lakes region is
central to the 18th Quadrant (Americas Sector) . Its central longitude,
(Middle Pillar of the Americas Sector), runs through Niagara Falls,
roughly the eastmost boundary of Peter's pentad -- which covers 1/6th
of the Quadrant. East-central portion.

The Quadrant is large, covering most of eastern North America. From
the longitudes of Kansas City & Kenora in the west to Halifax east, and
from the latitudes of Fort Severn (on Hudson Bay) in the north to
Charleston(SC) & Jackson (MO) south. But it does nicely embrace the
whole Great Lakes system from the mouth of the St Lawrence to Lake-
of-the-Woods on the Manitoba/Ontario boundary.

Also, the central sub-quadrant covers the main part of the Great Lakes
from Chicago to Quebec City longitudes, with the Superior and westmost
waterways reflecting the widening St Lawrence across the board.

But of greater significance overall, at least when using the Tree of Life
pattern (with 12/13 Sefiroth), the Great Lakes Region hosts the only
Sefirah in North America below the Arctic Circle and north of the Rio
Grande. This would be lunar Yesod or Daath, depending on which way
the energies are flowing.

The Arkhom, Pilot Mt, and Sault patterns would be subsidiaries to it.
The central latitude is 45N, and shades thereof -- including the
Hiawatha - New Ross/Oak Island latitude ~44N44. The focus of the
Sefirah includes all between Boston & Washington DC in the southeast.






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