Antarion Conversion in Lindisfarne Image:

(Also see Antarion Conversion at


Reshel Grid at Arthur's Seat:

Reshel Grid on Europe:

Koala Time Door, Graphic Geometric:

Also ref Koala Time Door info at: Montauk Books by Moon and Nichols, and in Andromedan info



Lindisfarne L Image Analysis, 2 parts:



Melchizadek's Cup and the Grail:

also see

True Geometric of the Grail Origin at


William Buehler's Reshel Grip Archteype, 1st Image, Showing Overlay of Phi Origin of Grail Cup, Background by William Buehler, Overlay Added with Dan Winter, (link above)

This Resehl Time Gate Land Form Magnetic "Time Portal" Geometric is Found All Over Templar Map, by William Buehler


Reshel Grid in Crop Circle:

Reshel Grid Dynamic on Europe: