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Grail Across the Atlantic:Story in North America?



Hi Dan,

Thanks for the tip. Our info (Thoth via Maia) is that the "original" Grail is in Glastonbury Tor along with 7 specialized "clones"
used in the former 7 grail king schools around the Tor formed as an Ursa Major grid. (The Tor being the pole star or "North
Gate.") I'm going with that since it also backs up a lot of earth grid situations in GB and Europe. Also, our info (Henry Sinclair
via Phyllis McCoy...a high soul interview) has it that a relic of great importance, not the grail, was buried in Nova Scotia and is
still there for later retrieval, not now however. Our info (forgot its source, I think its via Joan) has it that the Grail was
transported from the Languedoc to GB but the "Essence" or etheric version was left in France for awhile. Two efforts were
made afterward to then transfer the etheric matrix to GB but it was blocked by a Roman Catholic group in Winchester. This was
recently overridden and everything is ticketyboo now.

The original grail has to be super important but I feel that the grail dynamic in the Racial mind/soul is perhaps the greater part
of the Christos' grail manifestation. Also I think that this "larger" dynamic in the Racial Soul can be duplicated within a
geometric format, your own being superior to any other. The one I use and apparently others have also in grid applications, is
the Bethlehem Angle vesica. The Zeno Chart format as the trans Atlantic grail format ostensibly uses Ruta as its center. Further,
it is the key geometry in the Metronic Techad (Reshel) grid and in the Pyramid. It has within it the Chambers of the
Son/Daughter yet to be manifested in the physical Pyramid. If we used this vesica to generate your version of the golden ratio
spin there would be two poles generating two grails ...these two poles very close together. So, in effect, I think that your single
spin grail is a composite of the two but if we get into Reshel stuff and trying to apply it we'd have to use two. Your single grail
would spin from the center of the Vesica while "my" two would spin from the two poles in the visica's major axis.

In a very large application of this idea the two grails would use Edinburgh and Glastonbury as the couplet and a point just
north of Liverpool as the center. Anglesey Holy Island, the "Head" is the apex of the vesica's triangle while the other apex is
north of Doncaster. Thoth calls these three points the Crux Arvata (Anglesey Head), Vermaghan (Doncaster), and Abers'k

The Oak Island site is a primary power point due to an interred original order grail king (still alive) there, in a labyrinth. This is
on the mainland now due to the raising of the water but the island is part of the matrix. I'm told (Thoth) that Henry Sinclair
knew of this and was in the labyrinth. I think that this critical point is probably the main grail connection into the whole
Bakhira Grid covering most of North and South America, powered up by the Nova Scotia power-pack. Peter Champoux's
ARKHOM grid is probably the interface system between NS and the continents. NS's Grail colony linked with the same in Alba
On (GB). Since these grids all contain the BA vesica the common harmonic is resonant throughout.

The big question remains: "What's a 'grail?'" I suppose every person has his/her own working format. Looking for a bottom line
I would call it "any life re-creating system generated from the Unmanifest God/Source via divine intelligence, grace and
through the Metatron/Christos matrices." The golden ratio systems appear to do that more efficiently. Modifying this, I
believe there is both a male and female grail couplet as well as a composite.

These ideas do not diminish anything Bradley's written (I don't think they do anyway) and I'll be glad to see what he's come up


Subject: Re: "Grail Across the Atlantic?"

> wonder if you are communicating with bradley author of
> This fifth printing of the best-selling Holy Grail Across The Atlantic
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> reputed sanctuary of the great
> religious treasure of the Templars, was sacked by forces of the
> Inquisition in 1244, did
> the Templars manage to escape
> with the Holy Grail? Legends insist that the Holy Grail was taken to
> safety before the
> doomed citadel was stormed.
> Was a castle in Nova Scotia the
> new haven for the Holy Grail? Is the famous and mysterious "money pit"
> on Oak Island
> in Mahone Bay connected with a
> desperate and courageous attempt to save the Holy Grail? Was Samuel de
> Champlain a
> secret agent for the Grail
> Dynasty, and did his maps and journals purposely obscure the location of
> the Grail's secret
> refuge in Acadia? And later on,
> was the Holy Grail transported to a new haven in Montreal founded by a
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> Across the Atlantic.
> >From the Publisher
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> >From the Inside Flap
> The ruined fortress of
> Montsegur in the French Pyrenees was the last stronghold of Cathar
> heretics, and the reputed
> sanctuary of their great
> religious treasure, the Holy Grail, guarded by Templars. Montsegur was
> sacked by forces of the
> Inquisition on March 16th,
> 1244, but legends insist that the Holy Grail was taken to safety before
> the doomed citadel
> was stormed by soldiers of
> Simon de Montfort.
> Was a castle in Nova Scotia the
> new haven for the Holy Grail? Do ruins in a Nova Scotian village... read
> more
> About the Author
> Micheal Bradley is the author
> of several provocative and controversal interpretations of history. He
> has written seven
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