The subject includes a few ideas about the Oranur detonation and also the
magnetic field. Sinclair addees might look at the last paragraph re the
1398 Expedition. Mention of the Middin Chamber in the Pyramid. Grid theory.

Hi Dan,

Just a few remarks in a hurry, related to your recent message
clobbered now with a seminar coming up Saturday (starting a new group and
also trying to explain to the two existing groups what we've been doing).
I'm also getting help from Thoth in the next phase of putting together the
Light body (composite) blasted from the time implosions.

1. RE projecting love to others without their consent. This makes me
nervous. Love is experienced at many levels with many expressions much less
than pure harmonics of divine Grace. It is a natural carrier wave that
MIGHT overprint with less worthy unconscious intent or even conscious
"do-gooder" codes ...the old story of karmic interference, you know what I
mean. Our group merkaba depends on the clarity of (1) the SELAH (Divine
Essence in the Silence) or the "Sat" aspect in Sat-chit-ananda" and (2) the
GRACE factor which I would connect with the "ananda" aspect. We emphasize
the Selah prior to the Grace, the Grace eminent from the Void. I would
trust that only to some degree, depending on how it was then used in a
non-intrusive mode when coupled with intent. No problem in a matrix of
groups using a shared, self determined intention. The merkaba would then
become more of the nested golden ratio spiral generated Grail or Reshel
format you are familiar with.

This gets more technical when using the Layooesh or prime pillar ("Pillar
of Light") which bridges two membranes: Maha-Ratri (half light side of the
Ascension gate) through the Star Grail and into the Maha-rhim membrane
(full light side). This is, according to Thoth, the "Skittuim" pillar. It
includes both sides of the membranes as well. The pillar forms the "Field
of Deliverence" from the Oritronic half light spectrum into the full light
Metatronic realm. This Pillar is complemented by a second resonant pillar:
the Avatalkim pillar. This is the "Golden Pillar of individuation which
aligns to each soul and its projected bio-system (ie its physical bodies,
ren/khat/ka, I assume; WSB) that is in resonance with the dynamic of the
Star Grail. This pillar represents the 'Individual Extension' of the 44:44
Star Grail dynamic to that Individual." (Thoth's quote via Revs.
Maia/Simeon Nartoomid). Thoth also describes the Layooesh (beyond Hurtak's
description) "...the Lay-oo-esh as 'an inter-dimensional columnar field
projecting from the Greater Universes into the Lesser Universes for the
purpose of communicating and transferring consciousness of the Absolute, or
Supernal Mind.'"

My approach is to duplicate the same vibration when connecting agencies,
trying to build a Metatronic or full Light mechanism both in the Pillar as
well as associated "Heap" (Gen 31:45-32:2). I don't wish to involve lower
levels but realize that neither our group(s) OR the other (IF PHYSICAL) is
probably working at the appropriate level. So I like to work between groups
via inter-dimensional mentors. I think that your system is pointed in the
right direction but should include in the intention to work only at
Metatronic levels regarding any project. At least that is what we are
trying to do but through assistance by angelic, hierarchical mentors. In
practical terms we first get to the best level we can which very frequently
uses the Layooesh process. Once at level we go with the flow and team up
with the mentors to go with whatever project they have for us depending on
our level, degree of clarity, etc.. The geometric group schematic enhances
the group function.

Work in these levels transcends time. Any time jumping would probably
better be between continua rather than in this fallen continuum unless
working on hierarchical/Solarian projects WITH their agencies. Most of our
phenomena is pretty mind blowing but most of it is bumping the high
Oritronic curtain or Maha-Ratri membrane. We're working on it. Use of the
Layooesh involves two/three more levels or forms beyond the double tetra
Key of David. We've used them but with mixed results. It appears that they
will work by phasing in central fields of the SELAH and GRACE combined,
well beyond mechanistic or geometric formats. We combine them. The other
two forms involve the ENNEAD energetic and then the star pentahedron. I do
NOT adjust CCW spin rate but will adjust CW (against the CCW) spin to
balance group members when they are falling out of their chairs. Rarely

Putting the collective heart into an internet scenario should be checked
with hierarchy. Logically it forms an "entrainment" unity and would
ostensibly be limited related to what a few groups could do at Metatronic
level. But it might be a good idea in reaching a number of persons as well
as a range of elemental aspects that are in that plateau phase. Again,
would it naturally attract persons into a realm that could be overlaid by
some of the other junk in internet? I don't have any idea but it seems to
be worth asking. My feeling is that it is a great idea but requires some
careful control including at the hierarchical level.

2. RE the Oranur Wave from the detonation in India and which direction the
wave is going (seems to moving both directions). My "spin" on this is that
there is a nested core of Platonic grids in the planet's center resembling
the illustration in Lawlor's SACRED GEOMETRY (pg 107) which provides
formats for the Planetary Mind/Racial Mind to function in. This grid core
also is supplemented by the RHOMBIC ENNEACONTRAHEDRON linked via the
pentadodecahedron. The RE is Metatronic, made up of Golden Ratio rhombuses
(Eye of Ra, L-Gates working on implosion) and thus it resonates directly
with much more than simple gates ...a primary creation matrix. Most people
do not know of this grid and fewer use it due to so few working in the
Metatron ...still, it is now a primary grid due to the well advanced
continuum shift. The Core grid (1) projects static comparative nodes/grids
to the surface, the grids most people are most familiar with, (2)
duplicates temporary versions of itself in different combinations to
"track" solar/cosmic events (such as a passing comet) directly, and (3)
tracks the Sun's Atoma (spiritual center) constantly for direct spiritual
linkage. The Tetra does this latter deal in keeping with its Key of David
(Rev 3:7-13), Pillar/tube, kobal sphere role. (Examples in Denderah ceiling
Boats (merkabas) of Ra, Glastonbury triangle: Tor, nose of annubis, Cadbury
Hill.) The magnetic field provides the memory function while the grids do
the "thinking", perceiving.

The Core Grid spins as a unit with the duplicate matrices doing their own
spin as per their assignments, meanwhile passing the processed info up to
the surface. The Core spin cycle is daily. The noticable effect is an
apparent duplication of like events around the planet occuring at about the
same latitude within a few days. This is noted in very important events
having heavy impact in the Racial/Gaia mind(s). The Core Grid can rotate in
the same manner you rotate the torus to get a specific "CRP" (Critical
Rotational Position) to create a discreet tone or chord (you see as the
Hebrew letter, a good parallel). The torus connection is excellent due to
the Flashing Universe dynamic: the Platonic spherical form implodes
constantly through the Neutra Mode pulling itself inside out to cyclically
create the torus (the causal mind relative to the spherical form). Thus we
would get the impression, by seeing these events popping up in all
directions, that there is a confused "drift" incorrectly correlating the
events with wind drift or planetary spin.

3. RE the nausea in implosion experience. This is caused, along with
dizziness and weakness, with inept time gating (implosion). The inner ear
is affected, generating the rest. Happened to me a few times; once I was
shagged off to the ER with sirens and flashing lights thinking it was a
heart attack. It was an acute vertigo attack. Thoth explained it later,
correlating it to my recent life in Rennes le Chateau where I was doing
that kind of thing. The incidents were simply triggered by Wood's GENISIS
diragrams of the Reshel grid used in the area (which are accurate; his
cosmology is not Metatronically aligned however ...comets and crap).

Thoth gave us the Eye of Ra (phi rhombus) to use to clear up the groups'
time glitches but STRONGLY ADMONISHED (!!) that the process of implosion
should ONLY be used to ground the Metatron. He gave us some very specific
procedures with it to avoid damage, confusion, et al. Recall the event I
mentioned where the San Francisco group leader imploded her group (before
we knew there was such a thing) and physically removed her group from this
continuum ...the physical room, doorways never existed. Her merkabah was
still protected so no damage was done, the parameters relaxed as an object
lesson, but her people were pretty sick during the "ride" (extreme nausea,

I don't know how you are using the implosion technique but I highly
recommend good communications with competent innerplanes mentors before
using anything, for instruction and monitoring. My light body is severely
damaged, has been for a few thousand years, due to implosion events. If the
LP-40 went now I wouldn't make it since the bodies can't download the
Metatron. Hence the big push.

Due to the Gizeh Pyramid faux paux, opening/trashing the seals before their
time, LP-40 has been advanced without the Hierarchy's ok ...physical
humanity, free will, has thus advanced the whole shebang and the carefully
orchestrated programs for getting max people through LP-40 are crashed and
being rebuilt. Great spinning of cosmic wheels, trying to make the best of
a can of worms. Pretty stupid to mess with seals, particularly in the
planet's key temple, but there you have it. When have we ever done anything
smart? Anyway, where we thought we had some fairly good programs well in
hand they're pretty much down the loo. Changes on top of changes. Reminds
me of my Navy days ..."if you can't take a joke don't join the club."

4. RE the Onanur damage to the magnetic field: disruption and memory
loss/burnout, I don't have any Hierarchical perspective on it but simple
logic suggests a possible upside to the flail. We know the mag field is
failing and the memory loss with it, obviously layed on anticipating the
LP-40 shift and the required purging. The OWL (former Montaukers) tried to
record the field to reboot it after the crash, in the ash and trash levels
comfortable for the Grays, etc., but the good guys were a jump ahead of
them. (Gives us a feel for the importance the opposition is giving trying
to perpetuate this continuum by rebirthing the same shoddy Oritronic
memories.) We know of India's high calling with her many pure spiritual
schools but also of her degrading much of their vector through astral house
devas and all. Further, much of the best thinking/systems are now overtaken
by Metatronic valences and are useless baggage. If their local magnetic
memory could be seriously disrupted then the best/clearest leaders could
"get the Oritronic Monkey out of their heads" and upgrade the area in the
Racial Mind and World Soul. So...what the OWL might believe: "let's blow
away India's memory, confuse the thinking, scare the Hell out of everyone
and cripple the evolutionary flow" might just be condoned by the Lords of
Karma, et al, with the thought: "Great, let 'er blow, the loss is trash
anyway and in the right area."

You might have forgotten, the "Magnetic Temple" is now in the Atlantic with
its axis approaching Greenland's southern cape. The MT is a large area in
the magnetic field that is programmed with the Great Pyramid geometry. The
mag field flux angle of 51-51 was at the Plateau during the 11 Feb 2900 BCE
date when cosmic/solar/galactic axes alligned. The mag field loaded an
illumination program into the MT then and has been precessing it westardly
since. The MT is the main interface dynamic between the Racial and GAIA
minds, thus a major factor in creating the World Soul (combination of
Humanity and Devachan, the Devachan being generated from the GAIA mind).

Regarding the Metatronic Reshel grids, Grail dynamic etc., the MT transited
the Ruta position (49N, 29W) during the Henry Sinclair expedition to the
new world in 1398 CE. The Expedition sailed over the position (not written
history, my own reading on it confirmed by soul interview via Phyllis
McCoy) and triggered the Gates into Ruta (which had not fallen with this
continuum) thus "no-timing" the projects rebooting of the Reshel (Grail)
grids both in Europe and the Americas. My idea is that this action, on a
higher level yet, also upgraded the MT program as well as providing
downloading into this present critical transition period. The Pyramid
socket positions in the MT span from central Africa into the Caribbean off
Jamaica. We note that this spans virtually all of old Atlantis. Most
importantly the MIDDIN CHAMBER or heart of the Pyramid went over Ruta at
that time. This small chamber is at 44.49672769 degrees or the cosine of
the Judah Tribe in Numbers in the Jewish scriptures (the sequence giving
the true astrological sectors). This angle from the sockets gives us the
chamber position. It is also the same in the Reshel grid and can be
duplicated in architecture, earth grids, and groups. More is available on
this chamber's function if you wish it. (Thoth's info via Revs. Maia and
Simeon Shamayyim-Nartoomid.)

I suppose all this confuses the issue more than helping it along. But they
are ideas that might be pursued by persons more qualified than I am.

Blessings Be...