Comments regarding demons. This is responding to the earlier all hands
comment, same subject.

I've not had the need to date to closely study scripture re demons so have
nothing to offer there. I have had a few experiences in that area in the
past 25 years and have developed a theory that might be useful (?). A
"demon" is usually thought of as evil however one definition has the demon
as "a supernatural being intermediate between gods and men." (Webster's)
Not necessarily evil, although that is the context of the earlier remarks.

I've had three significant encounters with them, the evil kind, and one
with a good-guy demon. I have this theory: that all the universe is
composed basically of the "Sat (divine life, being), Chit (mind), Ananda
(joy via Grace, harmony)." When this matrix is used to create an energetic
form this form provides a body for a sentient being if the form is complex
and has enough energy to support the being. Simple forms result in simple
sentience. These beings will not have heart chakras or souls unless infused
with the divine spark: the "Sat." The Kumir or "Greys" are an example of
heartless/soulless beings. Some Kumir have incarnated as humans and are
learning the spiritual evolutionary path having the DNA and occult anatomy
(with souls) to do the job. Demons then are simply sentient, self motivated
thought forms that can be specifically programmed by the agency creating
the thought form. Evil can beget evil and vice versa.

In this context I differentiate between Lucifer and Satan. Lucifer is a
"fallen" archangel, with a soul, and will eventually be redeemed. Satan is
a collective demon without a soul and will dissolve with the final
transformation of the continuum, the "New Heaven and New Earth." Satan
could be correlated with Lucifer as Lucifer's fallen persona, eliminated at
Lucifer's final transformation. This "split persona" concept would be
needed if one were to work in the redemption project ...which I do not
recommend without extensive preparation. Something not to do at home.

The one "holographic being" or "good" demon had been created by the
Templars to guard the Christic Wisdom they had been using, also to guard
assigned holy sites, etc.. This type of being is more widely known relating
to Egyptian tombs, programmed by Egyptian priests. The good guy I am
referring to was automatically reactivated mentally in response to recent
work on Rosslyn Chapel and the Grail Grid system in Europe beginning about
2 years ago.

The bad guys were very, very bad. Two light groups in training that I
worked with in Hawaii in the '70s had incursions by the baddies. One
groups' members were working through some wrong action in the distant past
involving Stonehenge ...wrong usage where they created a demon. This demon
was recalled by their work to clear the karmic field. It manifested
sufficiently into the physical realm enough to leave a vile stench in the
room. It was apparently dissolved, or at least banished, by the group
coming under Grace and clearing their involvement. Another time, one member
had also created her own "pet" demon in a distant time. Since there was a
part of her that still grooved on the beast, it continued to track her from
life to life waiting for her base aspect to prevail ...overall she was
deeply troubled and frightened by it and her better part won out after a
bit of a struggle. Again a matter of Grace and clearing with a bit of help.

My own direct experience about killed me. A long story shortened: part of
my early return to the spiritual path was to reexperience a Dionysian
initiation (I found out years later). It occurred as a dream-vision of some
complexity. I died several deaths in levels, the last one involved a
space/time war where all matter was totally destroyed of all life bearing
function. The scenario was karmic but is a harmonic at a number of personal
levels. From that death I was projected into Hell (shortening the story)
where everything the soul had ever learned was a lie, the only truth being
evil. I was in total shock, even the soul, and was completely powerless. A
female demon appeared as a grungy light in the total dark, and in a foreign
language was trying to lead me in an evil invocation. I was wholly in
shock, demoralized, unable to think and had started to follow the
invocation when the faintest will to resist immediately jerked me out and I
was awake and dying for real.

I knew that I had to completely place myself in the hands of divine Spirit
for healing. I released my being and felt my consciousness being pulled out
of me in a vortex. I then found myself as the Christ (the Christ-in-Me) on
a hill teaching the Beatitudes. The land was that which had been blasted
but life-force began to flow back into it. I woke up, still in shock, but
no longer in extremis.

There is much more to this experience relating to the female mysteries, the
Reshel Metatronic format, and the fallen female moon ...too much to go into
here. I believe that I went into the core of Hell and the demon was
Lucifer, female aspect. Although the initiation format was Dionysian the
terms were established by my own karmic field. If this is correct the
"demon" here was ensouled and as such would not be a demon per-se according
to my own definition. If, however the hellish woman was a sentient humanly
created being restricted to the lowest mental sub plane then she would
qualify as a demon. Demons are of the fallen "Oritronic" continuum and can
not make the evolutionary jump now imminent. They can however stick around
and remain in the continued Oritronic continuum.

For me personally, although the above experience was radical in the
extreme, writing this commentary has shown me that the terms seem to be
entirely appropriate to my present need for transformation. The Beatitudes
will receive my deepest attention as a vehicle for opening me to the new
life. The demon may belong to common human creation of Hell but she
undoubtedly still has something of me perpetuating her and my own dead
Earth needs regeneration. Worst case scenario (Murphy's Law) applies
according to my Navy training; there can't be too much Grace. The descent
into Hell and resurrection is an archetype we all have experienced
according to the dynamic of reincarnation; I think that we all recycle
through these former initiations and only put the energy into each that it
requires for our present dharmic path. For me this was and is a large one.

Blessings Be to all, our Church and Matriarch,

William Buehler