Crux Arvata, part 1 of 2
Sat, 17 Jul 1999 16:45:14 -0600
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Dear Friends,

PURPOSE: This message reports an earth grid matrix in England that is
clearly a Reshel element and appears to be quite unique in that there are
strong indications of "earth shaping." The only people that could do that on
this scale were the Atlans, very likely the priests of Ruta, so this
structure would be about 12,000 years old or more. However, as a Techad/
Reshel system it is Metatronically relevant. We have seen it before as the
famous "Anglesey Head" which may not be as important as the Cydonia Face on
Mars (they have identical grid functiofs however) but I can get more excited
about this one nearer home. I am guessing that it was positioned as a major
sign for us all at this time in human evolution.

GRID OVERVIEW: I have been studying the Clan Sinclair role in the spiritual
environment in Scotland which goes back to the time Atlantis finally went
under. I specialize in the Reshel (Techad) grid given to our groups years
ago by Thoth via now Rev. Maia Nartoomid of the Church of the Johannine
Grove here in Crestone. This grid system has been very important over the
eons but is now critical in its facilitating humanities present
transformational leap into the new continuum. Thus my interest in seeing how
it was more recently used by the Knights Templar and Masons as well as
others before and since. It has been installed in major Earth Grids in the
Americas and Europe. Perhaps Asia also.

The several Reshel grids in Europe are all grouped in the composite named
the BAR-SHEEBA Grid. One major sub system is found on the Tavhara Line from
Thurso, through Arthur's Seat (a mountain in Edinburgh), Rosslyn Chapel,
Glastonbury Tor, Guernsey Island, and San Sebastian/ Hundaye in Spain. The
area between the Edinburgh Matrix and Glastonbury Tor appears to be a vast
Reshel or "Arieopax" core ...which I associate with Grail geometry... using
two Bethlehem Triangles base to base. (The "Bethlehem Angle" is 26 deg, 18
min; the apex of the triangle is 127.4 degrees. The angle appears to
generate an "absolution, resolution, evolution" dynamic.) Edinburgh and
Glastonbury connect as the base lines of the two triangles while the apex or
"Resh" (Chief HEAD Stone in Hebrew) of one is the HEAD at Anglesey.

Christ was correlated with the Chief Head/Corner Stone which can not be
ignored. Ps 118:19-23 tells of the Head Stone that became the corner
correlated with two gate systems; St. Columba as well as the Sinclair
Templars knew of this "L" or "Corner" format found in the Reshel. It is
found in the Hathor Temple at Dendera in its astrological ceiling. Everyone
has known of it although it was kept secret, until now. Since it is a
Metatronic system it can't be violated. I believe that these dynamics are so
important that the Atlans shaped the land to flag our attention and
investigate it. That's what this paper does.

HEAD'S DESCRIPTION: The Island of Anglesey is shaped like a head showing its
left face profile. This is identical to the original drawing of the letter
Resh (#200) in Hebrew, as a head. The features are still very obvious: chin
with beard, open mouth, nose, hair as a "tail" at the nape of the neck,
wearing an "uraeus" serpent at the forehead. The Uraeus is named "Holy
Island" and its cape is "Holy Head." An arm stretches out to the SW with an
open hand, thumb down. This overreaches Cardigan Bay, the armpit forming the
NE end of the bay and the SW cape being St David's Head. Mt Snowdon is in
the position of the Heart.


1. The ICARIUS Grid axis joins the Planets' two forebrain areas: Europe as
the right forebrain, Greece in the Ajna and Shambala Gate forehead area, and
the Middle East in the left forebrain. This axis stretches from Sligo Bay in
Ireland, through the main power pole: Mt. Sinai, and down the Red Sea. It is
"bracketed" in place by the cross axis between Bornholm Island in the Baltic
to Rennes le Chateau in southern France. The axis goes through Coventry in
England and it also goes through the Angelsey Head's Uraeus as well as
immediately adjacent to the heart chakra at Mt. Snowdon. I believe that the
Anglesey Head is the complementary pole to that of Mt. Sinai. The Coventry
pole ties this axis into the Barbury Castle Grid (the Haepathia subsystem in
the Reshel) covering much of southern England, discovered by Glenn
Broughton. Glastonbury Tor is the left brain corner of this triangular grid.
Avebury is in its center. I am told that Henry Sinclair, and the other
Templars, used the admonition "Remember the Blue of Coventry" and from this
I think that they knew of this complete grid system. We do know that the
Templars knew of the Bornholm and Rennes le Chateau connection.

2. There are two Reshel grids within the Bar-Sheeba Grid whose lines pass
through the outstretched hand and up through the Head. These two lines both
originate in the Edinburgh Matrix, one goes to Santiago de Compostela, the
other to Rosslyn Chapel's sister time gate pole at Sintra, Portugal, next
to Lisbon. It is almost as if these lines are created at Edinburgh and
focused in the "Fluctuating Chakra" in the center of the Head, directed
through the open hand SSW into the distant points. The two grids are named
by Thoth: the URMAGA (Star of the Magi) and ASTARA Grids.

3. As the Resh pole or apex of the Bethlehem Triangle between Edinburgh and
Glastonbury, the Head's Uraeus is called the "Crux Arvata" by Thoth. The
pole is geometrically at sea just off the Ureaus' NW cape or Holy Head. The
pole is placed ashore at the nearest point on the Ureaus' NW tip, the
serpent's head.

End Part 1 of 2.

Crux Arvata, Part 2 of 2
Sat, 17 Jul 1999 16:24:26 -0600
"William Stuart Buehler" <>




Part 2 of 2, continued:


All the above I have reported before although it may be new to some. There
are two new discoveries in the Anglesey system (1) a Great Pyramid triangle,
and (2) a Bethlehem Triangle or "Grail" vesica similar to the one between
Edinburgh and Glastonbury that stretches between Anglesey and Doncaster.
THE PYRAMID: This 51.8 degree triangle has its apex in the heart at Mt.
Snowdon. The two base points are in the Resh pole on the Ureaus' tip and in
the open hand over Cardigan Bay. Most folks don't know much about the
Pyramid although vast numbers of good books have been written. It is the
Planet's single major temple supported by the other elements in the Gizeh
Plateau matrix (which also uses the Reshel grid system). The 3 major
pyramids duplicate Orions' belt stars, Orion, Sirius and the Pleiades being
the primary stellar triunity in processing the Ascension from the beginning
at the Fall.

The Pyramid contains hundreds of vital codes but perhaps the major system is
found in its apex and 4 sockets. The four sockets are carved in bedrock
using different dimensions in such a way that they encode the
Circadian Rhythm (discovered by Bernard Pietsch). Thoth says that this
rhythm reflects a cosmic system and that the apex is the synthesis of the
four, using a 50-vibration. He didn't go into detail. I believe that this
system is an essential life support emanation from the Central Sun Mazuriel
and all supporting Central Suns, Stars, probably based on the golden ratio.
The Golden Star Mazuriel appears to me to channel Attasic Universe dynamics
into subordinate continua (the Attasic contains all continua) and seems to
be the physical representation of the "Sacred Heart of God" functionally in
terms of manifesting continuum realities.

Therefore I feel that the above cosmic life support codes are being
channeled into Planetary Grids via the Anglesey Head Great Pyramid: Snowdon
Heart based on the Grail's Resh apex (Ureaus) and the created sphere in the
Open Hand both forming the Pyramid's base line. The two grid lines for the
Astara and Urmaga grids go through the center of this Pyramid as if the
Anglesey Being is consciously creating the Pyramid with the Open Hand,
Heart, and Serpent Grail Resh ...thus to generate the Gaia grids. Certainly
the two grids' functions directly reflect this action. The Astara or "Flower
of Life" cyclically pulses new life and systems energies into the Planet and
the Urmaga is a pentagonal Seed Grid or "HOLOS." Edinburgh is the apex of
all the grids.


When I was reconstructing the geometry of the "Engrailed Cross" used by Clan
Sinclair I found the identical geometry at Anglesey. This is, as I've said,
what appears to be the Grail Core geometry and also that of the Reshel's
advanced Metatronic version: the "Arieopax" or Techad. We can construct it
by placing two Bethlehem Triangles base-to-base. This gives us six poles
around the central "Ulta" pole which appears, so far, to be best described
by Lynn Claire's matrix shown at, It is this same geometry that is found in the large
grid between Edinburgh and Glastonbury.

This remarkable energy system was first given to our light groups in
training in Hawaii in the mid '70s. It was not described then in the terms
that we now view it. Then it was said that it was the first effective Light
configuration that we'd been given. Up to that time we'd been using double
tetrahedron configurations, a different system. In the past 30 years I've
found this configuration to be a key to organizing and interpreting

DESCRIPTION: The two Bethlehem triangles, base to base, form a vesica when
the points are enclosed within the area of two overlapping circles. It is
this vesica that provides the "grail" or scalloped arcs in the "engrailed
cross" used in the Sinclair Arms. The major axis of the vesica at Anglesey
is between Mt. Snowdon and St. David's head across Cardigan Bay. That is a
distance of about 98 miles. The curve of the vesica exactly matches the arc
of the Bay and the two straight lines of the contained triangle closely
matches the coast line's triangular track. The large circle contained within
the vesica, about 50 miles in diameter, swings through the Open Hand's arc
of thumb and palm.

ENERGETIC, CONSCIOUSNESS STATEMENT: When viewing the geometric lay out it
seems that the Anglesey Being with its open mouth and Open Hand is creating
the two complementary spheres: the small sphere in the Open Hand that
creates the Pyramid bases' sockets and also the large 50 mile sphere within
the Bethlehem Triangle Core vesica.

The ancient Hebrew, protosiniatic alphabet letter glyphs showed the letter
Resh as a Head and the letter Yud (#10) as an open hand, thumb extended, on
the end of a bent "arm." ("Yud" means "the open hand, thumb, etc..) This
same configuration, using the 1.618 golden ratio is found by making a 90 deg
bend fr/m the line along the extended arm to the Heart in Mt. Snowdon, then
NW to the center or "fluctuating chakra" in the middle of the Head. The
combination of these two letters, Yud and Resh, gives us the Hebrew word
"yar/yara" meaning "TO POINT A FINGER!, teach, shoot, flow as water, direct,
inform." The Yud's function is that of being able to project the power and
dominion of Spirit into all other poles in the form including its own. I
should also mention that the Hebrew alphabet, in its protosiniatic glyphs
shows a number of Reshel functions. The glyphs date back to about 1400 BCE.
The Jews shifted to block letters when they were hauled off into exile. The
Island of Anglesey, the Head, is actually a decapitated head since it is an
island, thus keying into the Decapitated Head archetype and the one the
Templars used.

The Heart, Mt. Snowdon projects its main axis line to St. David's Head
across the Bay. "David" or "Dowd" in Hebrew means "love, cauldron" and is a
grail archetype. Therefore this pole opposite the Snowdon Heart is ideally
named to describe the nature of the grail geometry of the vesica.

I do not know what the word(s) "Anglesey" means. In Scot Gaelic "an-geall"
means "wishing for, desirous" while "se" means the personal pronoun: "he"
and "the number six (6 poles in the vesica?)"

Thoth named the Anglesey matrix the "Crux Arvata." Crux means "cross" but I
could not find "Arvata" anywhere including Sanskrit. So, asking Thoth via
Maia, he says that "Arvata" means: "to combine to a point, to
synchronize, to focus, spearhead (or spearpoint)." This is quite consistent
based on what we have deduced about the matrix. Just "which cross" is being
synthesized is up for questioning. Probably the answer would be every cross
that uses the Bethlehem Triangle vesica including the Engrailed Cross that
uses many such vesicas as a unified field. The immediate crosses would be
the vesica's cross covering Cardigan Bay and the larger one between
Edinburgh and Glastonbury. There is the much larger cross, not a Bethlehem
Angle system that is the Icarius Cross linking the GAIA forebrain areas from
Ireland to the Red Sea.


The Sinclair Arms has the black engrailed cross over a silver-blue
background field. These are classic colors in described a time continuum as
seen from "outside" time. The black color is the Void or No-Thing, Selah
aspect of the Unmanifest God which is the divine Essence found to be all
that there is. A time continuum reality frame is largely a mental field that
collectively defines its reality. Time is therefore dynamic.

The engrailed cross describes a system of Reshel grids in three axes
constantly creating and recreating a dynamic universe continuum (silver-blue
field) from the Unmanifest (black field). The Bethlehem Triangle vesica is a
specific Reshel phased reality format which is the interface system between
the divine Unmanifest and the Manifest reality. It contains, as one of its
major systems, the base of the Great Pyramid codes as described above.
Henry Sinclairs' Arms contains this Engrailed Cross format with a crest
shown as a "Shamir" or dog faced serpent. His Arms are significant in that
they have the same geometric code with the Bethlehem angle shown as an earth
grid from Thurso to Edinburgh to Fortingall, the same ratio of angle and
distance from Thurso to Glastonbury to the Anglesey Head. Thus there is a
direct harmonic between Anglesey and Fortingall. The Academy of Christ
(innerplanes agency) is located at Fortingall. This organization trained the
Nathan soul to be able to host the Christ archangel Arhiel. We could then
assume that the Anglesey Being is a typification of the Academy of Christ
and the engrailed cross used by Clan Sinclair is the device used for
manifesting the Christos within a continuum reality. As far as I can guess
at this time, the Anglesey Head and Fortingall installations were concurrent
and put in place by the Rutan priests just prior to the sinking of Atlantis.
It is quite clear that the Templars knew of these things since we find them
reflected in the location of Templar towers, temples, and other grid power

Blessings Be...