Dear Friends, Steve and Sarah,
For the addees I've included a copy of Steves' remarks ...very well put I believe. You can download the crop pictures if you wish, quite interesting. I'm adding the large number of
persons since this subject is central to most everyones' specialties although it is not generally known. Crop Circles are super software inputs into the Racial/Gaia Mind.

Quoting Steve: "I sat with Isabelle Kingston, reminiscing about the year's events and the history of the Circlemakers in general. She has been the foremost
terrestrial contact with the main body of the Circlemakers- The Watchers. She has successfully predicted where the designs will be for the year, some of
their physical attributes and the messages that accompany their purpose. I asked if there had been any other messages from The Watchers since 1989, when
the main body of their communication to humanity took place. To summarize, she replied that The Watchers' task was now over. All the messages, intent
and help to humanity had been communicated. Much to their distress, the symbols and the intent had been misinterpreted and abused, a sad state of affairs
appears to be taking place in the minds and hearts of humanity as light struggles to overcome dark. Their task all along was to show the way by subtly
transforming people's consciousness through the subconscious messages contained in the crop circles. This at least has been achieved to a certain degree,
for no matter what the detractors involved with this phenomenon are at present, it has succeeded in uniting thousands of people from different cultures,
social levels and professions to work together in understanding what the crop circles are about and how they can be utilized for improving life on Earth.
Their directive, though, is not to intervene- they cannot contradict Universal Law through direct involvement. So it's up to us to take the information we
have been given and apply it for the good of humanity and help us regain our balance with Earth. It's up to us.

"There are indications that there will still be some designs in the fields in the coming years, but they will be coming from other sources. I got the distinct
impression that some of these may not necessarily be from the most benevolent of sources. The Watchers had stated that the phenomenon would evolve in a
different form. What that is we're not clear.

"As the season draws to a close I am personally invigorated by the support and confirmation from these higher sources, and the challenge of applying all
this knowledge to the betterment of the world we live in. I'm also aware of the irony that during this year a determined effort was underway to ground all
pilots involved with crop circles research- the very backbone of the operation. We have no idea how many formations went unrecorded because of the
near-blackout on aerial reconnaissance- the most effective way of securing the information, sent to us with great craft and knowledge.

"If this was the final chapter, it comes just in time."

Steve: I have a few ideas, no great revelations. I don't think its the final chapter.
Our ideas of the "ohlmans" (crop circles) are that they are "x-grams" (Thoth mentioned also under the CRP or Critical Rotational Position dynamic, available on request) or basically
spiritual-mental software programs inserted into the Gaia and Racial Minds. A number of Ultra Terrestrial sources take the lead in the insertion, most are Metatronic. It is logical to
assume that humanity is progressively "tuning in" on the huge software inputs ...the ohlman is just a pure symbol/dynamic containing a vast amount of information... and coming up
with their own so-called "fakes" which are really just as effective as the Ultra Terrestrials' and are in fact probably produced clairsentiently or intuitively in unity with the
innerdimensional agencies. As far as the "Watchers" are concerned they sound real to me. However because the Watchers, as an agency, are possibly quitting it would not mean that the
whole project is stopped. It might be that they are being relieved of the watch. Now that the Gizeh Pyramids' seals are blown and LP-40 (the Transition) is teetering on the brink
...Hierarchy is trying to stabilize the ascension rush generated from it with the intention of holding on if possible to work more people up to speed... It is more than likely that even
more inserts will be required to assist in maintaining the most delicate balance, including more top quality "fakes."
As I understand it this type of program would be under the Michael Mandate which is under a Seraphic group called the ENNEAD which is orchestrating the evolution of this fallen
continuum. There are a gazillion other orders and sub orders linked in. The main human organization is the "Solarian" group which clears all Ultra Terrestrial projects (a "UT" is a
Master level ET, also considered human or ensouled although quite often very strange looking) affecting the evolution of the three realms/races: angelic, human and devic. This includes
connected projects: redemption of Lucifer, "fallen" angels, and all concerned ...restructuring history and all manners of neat things. The Solarians work out of the head shed: Golden Star
Mazuriel not fallen but located in the other two continua in the area now holding Denebola in Leo in this continuum. Even the Templars knew of Mazuriel and its programmed into the
Reshel Earth Grids in Europe: Mont St. Michel in relation to Virgo represented by Chartres and her Marian sister cathedrals. To get the full dope on the circles one would presumably
have to zoom in on Archangel Michael, key in "Mandate"/"Solarian"/ohlman file.
Also the inner planes, UT agencies cranking out the ohlman x-grams will be transitioning into a higher range of Metatronic initiators. The geometries or "cosmetrics" of the circles can
be predicted to continue to include the highest wisdom of this fallen continuum, now on the brink, linked with the next Metatronic Full Light continuum. The old stuff would
concievably help to hold where we are, in the high end of the lower Oritronic continuum. Certainly there are always the dark forces messing around, trying to lock us into the fallen
realm ...this is their resort level... but it is impossible for them to access Metatronic formats except through humans with heart chakras/souls and then only vicariously at the lower
Metatronic range. They can't maintain that level. So we could expect some low vibe fakes inserted at relatively low shamanic process but I think that these will not seriously affect the
bigger project. They only amount to litter in a failing wind. I would guess that there would be more activity from the Pleadian and Sirian folks ...the Orion contingent works in a
triunity with them. Clues to real circles would be the use of more of the two Venus' orbits: 260/225 rings along with Earth's 365. Also the crescent and associated harmonic points
indicating Reshel (Metatronic Breastplate) application along with the tetrahedrons ...the Reshel contains the tetra as a sub system. The pentagonal systems are key Reshel "seed"
formats, their hex attachments are the systems for synaptic linking via "pillars, tubes, et al." The 7-point wheels are usually linking to the overall European Sheeba/Shakti (female)
function in Gaia's right forebrain (Europe). There would likely be a sequence of the 5-3-4-7 dynamics: seed- connective- manifest containment or "4-Square"/Vault- and the Sheeba or
Goddess actualization matrix that would use the first three basic steps to set up the ball park. These sequential steps might be months apart and in different parts of the planet although
the England "Golden Taya" area is usually the best due to a number of factors. It is also quite likely that physical humans would have to take responsibility for co-creating some of the
complementary actions. Trying to identify these larger sequences would take a full time study team having knowledge of the three-continua, Metatronic systems.
Regarding human interfacing, Thoth has remarked that a synergically bonded Light Group using Reshel formats forms the same manner of x-gram but is superior to the ohlman version
of the same in that it is dynamic: that is can think, percieve, intuit and respond immediately. It might be useful for you to consider creating one or more of that kind of group: "BE a
crop circle and join the club."
Bottom line: I'm personally optimistic that your favorite study subject will continue to amuse, confound, and ELEVATE not only humanity but the other kingdoms as well and even
the whole continuum in the Ascension/transition. I'd say that your focus is one of the higher and most important of human requirements and service! Blessings Be with your great
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Is this the end of Crop Circles? Or the beginning of something else?
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