Blue of Conventry: St. Clair?

by William Buehler 3/99



NOTE FOR ALL: This memo identifies a new "L" gate of major importance within
the European Reshel grid system at a GAIA level of function. Also I'd
appreciate any feedback anyone might have on the importance of Le
Puy-en-Velay in France, NNE of Rennes le Chateau.
G'Morning Niven,

You've asked if Le Puy en Velay is linked with any grids I'm working with. I
can see where it is (notes below). The many connections in that site
described in the paper you sent (whose is it?) also indicate that it is an
important pole in a Reshel grid. I'm basing this theory on the strong St.
Clair representation and proximity to two major lines. The Sinclair Templars
knew the Reshel as the primary working grid and would put their main
control/harmonic points on those grids. All grids are not geometric, some
are "chakric", that is they are major energy/consciousness poles but not
always neatly lined up or in an 8-point
wheel or whatever.

I notice that Le Puy is ALMOST on the main line between Rennes le Chateau
and Bornholm. Close enough. This line "locks in" the main axis from Ireland
(two mountains in Sligo Bay) through Mt Sinai and down the Red Sea. This is
called the "Icarius" Grid by Thoth. (Henry Lincoln discovered it and
believes it to be a triangle with the apex in Jerusalem. I don't ...can't
make it work even with my rubber pencil... he may not have used a
great-circle map but he must be smarter than that being a really brilliant
gent.) The Icarius Grid is important to geomancers, Sinclairs, Templars for
two reasons at the top of the list:

1. It is the GAIA (planet as a being) forebrain grid system centered on
Greece meridian. Europe is the right forebrain and the Reshel/Arieopax grids
are the main Metatronic systems. The Templars (after St. Columba) knew the
Reshel system with its "L" format. Generally an "L" indicates the whole
system, like a cosmic computer program icon, except that the "icon" is a
functional program in itself. The Templars controlled the planetary
consciousness by creating the Great Britain system ...the "quality" of grail
consciousness feeding into the mechanics... and by controlling the main
points in the ICARIUS system! These points are Rennes le Chateau (and they
encouraged the Cathars as a vital Christic/Dove complement to the Grail
systems), Bornholm, Mt. Sinai at St Catherine's Monastery. Vincent Bridges
(world class geomancer) also told me of a sacred site on this main axis
between the Rennes/Bornholm poles (center of the Cross thus formed, Christ's
heart) but I forgot the name. (VINCENT: would you refresh my memory please?)

COVENTRY is on the axis and I suspect this was another main control pole.
You might recall my first "interview" with Henry ...he said "Remember the
Blue of Coventry!" when describing his blue flag used on his flagship. (That
flag used an 8-point "imploded" grail design with another 8 points inside
the circle, for the 16 Grail Kings.) Thoth later said that that admonition
was a secret exchange between Templars of that period. (I don't think that
Hitler's air strike on Coventry was an accident; Hitler was the Antichrist
now shifted into Iraq.) Coventry is very near the golden ratio point between
Sligo Bay and the Cross's center. It is quite likely that the Sinclairs were
the dominant Templars ...over and above the special "Olgive" empowerment
originating with the Christ via Nathaniel/John... in their control of
Rosslyn Chapel and the Edinburgh Matrix. This Matrix is the apex of the
European Reshel grids or the BAR-SHEEBA in their composite name. Cintra,
outside Lisbon, is one complementary pole in one of the grids, the "Titan"
(linked with the alchemy in Henry's ship). These two poles and that grid
links with the Ruta position at 49N, 29W as the main pole driving all of
Europe, its power shifted into the Hebrides and Orkneys (Sinclair control
again) and probably the Shetlands. I also suspect, form the "Remember the
Blue of Coventry" admonition that there was a select group of Templars who
knew of the system and were operators. It would have meant a great deal to
Henry to design his main flag with the codes. This would have been the
single focus energetic for the 1398 Expedition.

2. ICARIUS is found in the name "ICARIA", a strange island in the Zeno
Chart. Thoth is playing games I'm sure, with his naming the main Gaia grid
after the dynamic later discovered as being reflected in the Chart and
Expedition. As I've noted before, ICARIA corresponds with the 28 point
rhombus form found in the equivalent golden ratio point on the other "grail"
line. These two lines are in a Bethlehem Triangle with its apex on Icelands
south coast (extremely important point to the Rutan priests as the north
point of what was/is the largest temple matrix on the planet, centered on
Ruta ...big story.) Thus the two poles: rhombus going into Europe and Icaria
into Americas are "consciousness/life support forms" or "rood screens" in
their function. That is they both are a unified system that each has its
function: the rhombus is the mechanical but has its much higher connections
into divine/cosmic programs while the Icaria is the programmed codes found
the Icarius myth ...well worth the work in interpreting. Icaria is also the
connection into the European and ICARIUS Grid total system. The rhombus is
also since it is more than likely the golden ratio rhombus or EYE OF RA that
forms the guts of the Reshel system. We can assume that the Templars, a
"Coventry" secret suborder, knew this system and that the Sinclair Templars
called the shots for several reasons, not simply because they controlled the
main control point in the Edinburgh Matrix. One must ask WHY they controlled
the main points. That goes back to the Olgive empowerment.

IMPORTANT NEW OBSERVATION: When I was wondering about Le Puy en Velay's
position I noticed that the Bornholm/Rennes line continued into Tarragona,
Catalonia, Spain. I knew about this however I DIDN'T notice before that
there is a huge golden ratio L from Tarragona to Bornholm to the Shetlands!
This is the largest "L" gate/system in Europe, probably the primary although
linked to its complement in the Flower of Life or ASTARA Grid which
stretches from Rennes le Chateau to Rosslyn Chapel. There are TWO
connections into this "new" L, both controlled by the Sinclairs. Rosslyn is
the common point. One system is the main axis into Tarragona in the Astara
Grid and the other is the super L Grid noted above into Rennes from Rosslyn.

I'll call it the "SHETLAND-L" for now. The ASTARA grid pulses new life flow
into Europe, thus into GAIA, with the systems to support the cyclic influx.
This is the huge triangle between Rosslyn, Cintra, and Rome. Its mid line or
"altitude" is the line from Rosslyn to Tarragona (which the Catholic Church
knows about and apparently uses for Catalonian independence, what I consider
to be Black Magic considering the whole situation at Montserrat basilica).
The large L-Grid between Rosslyn and Rennes le Chateau, noted above, is part
of the Astara Grid or "Flower of Life." The main line, noted above, from
Tarragona, through Rennes to Bornholm locks-in the main Bakhira Grid axis
from Ireland, through Coventry and pivots on the main pole: Mt. Sinai and St
Catherine's Monastery. This Tarragona line is the vertical or major axis of
the Shetland-L. Most of the minor line of the Shetland-L is at sea where
humans will have the least impact on it. This would ostensibly be the
"spiritual" reality that interfaces with the "temporal" reality of the
Tarragona line. There will be a direct resonant harmonic between the
Astara's L Grid and the Bakhira's Shetland-L. The two will combine to
transfer the Astaras' life pulses into the Planet and also integrate
spiritual downloading and uploading from the composite BAR-SHEEBA
conglomerate of Reshel systems.

The Le Puy point is effectively on the Tarragona line, being only a short
distance from it. This small gap is probably necessary due to local
telluric energies requiring it. The paper you sent describes many cues that
indicate a powerful "Michael Mandate" temple complex including the Chapelle
St. Clair combined with the Chapelle St Michel. Le Puy is nearly equidistant
to another major line: Peter Dawkin's "Grail Line" from Stes. Maries de la
Mer through Edinburgh to NW Scotland. He places 7 zodiacal temples on it
where I feel there are 12. I also use his line in constructing the URMAGA
Grid (Star of the Magi) with its apex in the Edinburgh Matrix.

"Rosslyn/roslin" means "Rose line or brood of 12" in Scot Gaelic. Thus I see
the Stes. Maries de la Mer line as the "Rose Line" and feel that this forms
a cone which spins around its central "altitude" line from Edinburgh to San
Sebastian/Hendaye, the halfway point to Santiago de Compostela. That's the
Urmaga base line. The "cone" formed projects its 12 points, now rings around
the cone, onto the Event Horizon or base line. This is actually a plane
called a teleplane (seen as a line) which creates a specific reality.
Further, I believe that the labyrinth in Chartres is intended to duplicate
this system of concentric rings which is effectively the HOLOS or
"seed"/womb format for Europe. The Labyrinth is the control point/system for
Chartres' main Reshel system using the towers as generators. This is why
Chartres is the main off-on switch for all the grids. It is a triune control
system or "resh" pole combined with Lourdes and Montserrat. All are governed
by the Black Madonna which is also duplicated at Tarragona, grounding
Montserrat's identical Madonna. Bottom line, I see Le Puy as a double hatted
pole on the two lines.

Since Le Puy is apparently a main site it is consistent that we should see a
strong Sinclair installation there. The TENET cross, 5X5 matrix ...5 groups
of 5 letters reading the same vertically and horizontally, 25 letters, is
another form of the HOLOS or 5-aspect pentagonal seed format ...same
function as the Urmaga Grid. The "sower" connects. The "25" in Hebrew
...Templars apparently used Hebrew as a primary code... spells "Kafa" which
was the name given Simeon ben Yona ("Simon Peter") when Simeon was able to
perceive the Christic Essence. Kafa means "the hollow stone, closed or
hollow fist." The "hollowness" is total and means that any form is really
filled with the divine Void or Selah, No-thing. When one is able to be and
perceive the hollowness in stone or anything one gets to be a "kafa" and can
become the seed, sower, or cocreator. This gets to be more complicated in
Hebrew alphabet symbolism but that's the basic idea. Templars and their
stone working masons were a threat if they did not have the kafa skill and
qualification. The protosiniatic glyph for the letter "kaf(a)" in Hebrew was
the crescent (Reshel symbol) with two parallel lines (teleplane) ...the
glyph supposed to be a closed fist... but was actually one of the Reshel
subsystems in the alphabet which created the Resh (letter) in that system.
The letter Resh was drawn as a head and was the favorite symbol of the
Templars: skull, Baphamet, silver woman's head, etc.. Their logo was a
crescent moon with 5-pointed star (seed) over it and two more stars on the
base line or Event Horizon. Pure Reshel format. All this may be a strong
clue as to the overall function of Le Puy within the Michael Mandate. We
could probably figure out more with a plan of the city and the holy

Sorry you asked?

Blessings Be...