Subject: Comment on the importance of Taurus to Chartres' NE orientation. My
comment on Rab Wilkie's observation: the alignment on Alnath (Beta Taurus).
Chartres' labyrinth mentioned; an important theoretical description of
Chartres' role.


The Church would like to believe that Chartres faces East but it doesn't, it
orients on the True bearing of 46 deg, 54' 30", thus becomes an X-Gram
controlling down/uploading from Spirit into all the Marian cathedrals and
other Reshel grids. As part of the three poles of the Mother's Heart and
Goddess (Europe) Chartres unifies with Lourdes and Montserrat basilica.

Rab Wilkie commented on this bearing as it aligns on Alnath or Beta Taurus.
I will amplify on the symbolism of this star.(Logic only, no psychic input.)


The only bright star that rises at this exact
azimuth -- during June solstice when sunrise occurs
nearby -- is Alnath, the upper horn-tip of Taurus.
But the orientation does suggest many other
interesting celestial alignments of a more general
nature. Sky *points* are a problematical, however,
because I don't know the elevation of the horizon
in that direction.

If the sky is dated to the June solstice of 1194
when the present structure was begun, the Sun -- in
the middle of constellation Gemini -- and a few
planets rise close to it, but not close enough to
remark on. But the New Moon does fall on the solstice
day, with Jupiter and Venus near conjunction. (Very
auspicious). And this does ties in with a similar
New Moon that occurred when the crypt was implanted
in AD 1020. (According to "Timetables of History",
3rd revised edition).

Moreover, we can see most of Leo rising here later,
followed by Coma Berenice, once considered the tuft
of the Lion's tail and now identified as the location
of the galaxy's North Pole.. which passes within a
few degrees of 47N azim. This, with sunrise occurring
near the anti-center of the galaxy, which itself also
rises near 47N, is enough to encourage wonder.

The Bull's horns were sometimes thought of as the
celestial version of the Pillars of Hercules, beyond
which lay the unknown reaches of intergalactic space.

Rab, many thanks for this input! I think its quite important. First, its my
belief that the Templars had all the information we now have re the LP-40
event and this was their primary raison d'etre governing all their main
programs, under the MICHAEL MANDATE. This body of knowledge was ancient,
going back to the Priests of Ruta prior to the Atlan last sinking, but its
been upgraded and rebooted often since then. Even though the Reshel system
has been around since Ruta and has been kept a few jumps ahead of the
Human/stellar evolution in this continuum it has always been pointed and
trimmed to this exact time NOW. So present star alignments are quite
relevant, or so I am convinced.


About Taurus' horns. The present method of drawing them in the Celestial
telesphere is not correct. The Taurean triangular head points to the right
horn tip: Zeta Tau (with the M1, Crab Nebula) and to IOTA AURIGA which I
strongly believe to be the real left horn of the Bull, not Beta Tau
(Alnath). This makes Alnath the "divine Un-named One over the Bull" as the
Jews once described God ...or words to that effect. More precisely it is the
penta-star over the crescent used as the Reshel's main symbol... the
Crescent being the creation field between the bulls' horns and the
penta-star over this being the Reshel's tsadey or Glory Pole that generates
the whole grid, also as the Great Pyramid's apex governing the 4 socket
poles of cosmic life generating mechanisms.

I submit that this describes Alnath's function, a few of them, and directly
correlates with the Hebrew alphabet's emphasis on Aleph (#1/1000) as the
main divine letter/number (this is in the context of that alphabet really
being a Reshel coded system ...Aleph was drawn as the present Taurus
zodiacal glyph in the protosiniatic script).

However, as important as this is in defining Alnath's (and Chartres')
function, it is only half the dynamic. Alcyone in the Pleiades is this
universe's Central Sun, further it is the heart of Taurus and is also one of
the synergic Triumvirate of Pleiades, Sirius, Orion that is primary in
processing the Ascension of this fallen continuum. The potent Taurus essence
is probably best described in terms of the unified head (with horns and
Glory Pole) and the heart (Alcyone/Pleiades). This construct would then
lead, via Alcyone, into the Golden Star Mazuriel which is the Central Sun of
all Central Suns linking into the Sacred Heart of God and also the Atassic
Universe (contains all real universes). (The unfallen Mazuriel is in Leo,
where we see Denebola now.)


Using the Templa Mar format (which the Templars built into Chartres) the NE
pole of the 8-point Wheel is the "HEEL STONE", ie the mechanism that
downloads spiritual codes via the X-Cross into the whole system. Or as
Thoth/Maia puts it: "The regulator of redemptive power, purifier of all
forms of illusion through finding the point of Stillness in chaos." Note
that in Hebrew the stone (kaf and quof) is the HOLLOW stone, the hollowness
being the Selah or divine Void. The stone's hollowness extends from the
center outward to include the whole stone. Without this Essence there is no
validity or life in matter. As per your critical observation, Alnath is the
Heel Stone downloading into Chartres as its SW pole. Chartres then becomes
the NE Heel Stone to all the Marian cathedrals but more importantly to all
the grids in Europe... Europe, according to Thoth, has the overall vibration
of 7 (Sheeba) as the Goddess.

Thus to understand Chartres as the SW pole for Alnath we need to also
understand the SW pole or the "Solarian Pillar", also called the "Creation
Pillar of the Shepherds (Solarians)." (The Solarians are also called the
"Starr.Eagles" or "Eagles of Starr.")

Thoth/Maia says this of the Templa Mar's SW pole: "The foundation of the
Divine Temple. Formation of the 1st Millennium." (The 1st Mil. is what I've
been calling the 1st Continuum: ie our original and real universe before the
Fall... refer to the KOALA pamphlet for the cosmology.) Where is this vital
Pillar in Chartres? It is the central and unseen pillar between the two
Towers (of Sun and Moon). In the Ptah Hold description of the Reshel system
its the Zoe Pillar or Layooesh Pillar as usually named in the present Mystic
Community. It is coded on the front (SW) face of the cathedral. Its apex
(zayin pole) is in the heart level of the 16 Grail Kings carved over the
Rose Window. (There was a series of 16 Grail Kings/Queens, with
Arthur/Qwinevar being the last. A Solarian project.)

The vertical Pillar then L-hinges into the horizontal plane to be found as
the Reshel grid containing the Labyrinth as its control site. The Labyrinth
contains three poles in this pillar/Reshel: its center is the Vau pole, the
entrance is the Glory pole, and its NE exit/entrance on the NE labryse path
is the "Kronos" pole which is the apex of the rhombic Eye of Ra in the

Chartres as a single unit is this SW Solarian Pillar with the Labyrinth
matrix defining it. This makes the Labyrinth Matrix as the PRIMARY Chartres'
system making the cosmic connections: Central Sun(s), Heart of God, Ranna
Time Wave, Mazuriel, et al. Its vertical, SW front face has the code systems
for processing the two-way flow to Alnath and on. The downloaded program is
then shifted into the horizontal planes' codes which then translate the
X-Gram's program (and processed wisdom back again) into something usable in
our reality frame. The whole cathedral then comes into the picture but only
after the L-Gate (St. Piat's Chapel, same system as in Rosslyn) brings the
cathedral up into nonlinear time and gives it the rhombic capabilities. The
HEEL STONE in this horizontal total cathedral system is the Resh pole in the
L formed by St. Piat's Chapel, this Resh (Chief Head Stone) being located on
Chartres' main axis! This is the cathedral's real Head/Heel Stone. Thus we
have a direct resonance with St. Piat's Chapel and Alnath.

Chartres' function as the RESH for all of Europes' Reshel grids, thus the
whole Metatronic Solarian Ascension effort, is shared in a synergic trinity
with Montserrat basilica and Lourdes, according to Thoth/Maia.


From STARS AND PLANETS by Pasachoff and Menzel: "Taurus the Bull: Zeus
disguised himself as a snow-white bull in order to attract Europa, Princess
of Phoenicia. Drawn to the animal by its beauty she climbed onto its back.
Zeus then swam with his passenger to Crete, where he revealed his identity
to her and won her."

I suggest that this is a parallel with the Jews' version of the Unseen Rider
of the Bull, but now with the Manifest God/Goddess linked into the Greek
myths. Zeus would be a Solarian (Eagle, etc.) correspondent with the higher
one God, Europa with the one Goddess. Put this into our Marian cathedral or
Virgo grid context, representing Europe, and Chartres as the Heel Stone in
the European X-Gram becomes the main player (with Montserrat, the split
mountain... Zeus' head splits to produce Athena... and Lourdes).

In the GAIA context with GAIA seen as a whole head, Greece being the
ajna/brow interface between Europe as the right forebrain and the Mideast as
the left forebrain, then the Americas become the right brain relative to
Europa. This female function uses the many Reshel grids ...typical for the
female matrix, to use complex systems... while the single male tholus or
seeding pole is the ALI-AARAT grid in Israel: a 7-flame menorah discovered
by Rami Sajdi of Jordan. This grid orients East with its base in the Med,
the flames on a N-S line up through Israel.

(Thoth has pointed out that there are two schisms that must be corrected
before LP-40 and execute: the unification, synergically, of the Celt and
Judeo-Christian dynamics and also the Muslim and Judeo-Christian. The
energetics of the Gaia left and right brain unity actually correlate with
the collective Racial Mind/Soul in terms of consciousness and state of
being. In forming a SYNERGIC unity, none of the members lose their
uniqueness but rather their own qualities are expanded beyond the sum of the
individual elements.)

(A very interesting drill would be to play with Canada's red, 9-pointed
Maple Leaf, on white, and the US's penta-stars, 50 of them as the HOLOS seed
matrix for the female's red generation and 4-square containment field... "9"
being the harmonic with the Seraphim of the ENNEAD governing the Michael
Mandate. This becomes very complex, then integrating the South American
logos into the stew pushes the mental envelope into new levels. Then do the
same with the European flags as the forebrain.)



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