Greetings All,
(Apologies for misspelling, I don't have a spell check program in email.)
PART ONE: Short version of Chartres position and function in the larger European/Planetary grid format. Some basic concepts not generally known. Basic orientation, overview.
PART TWO: Technical version of Reshel grid in Chartres' geometries, speculation on how to use the cathedral's Reshel function including the Labyrinth.
PART THREE: Measurements for Lorin and Barbara hopefully for possible musical interpretation, application ideas. Everyone's invited to weigh in.
FOREWORD: For half the addees this overview of Chartres contains about the same as I've come up with before but its organized differently and might be easier to review. For others
there are many ideas that are not in mainstream metaphysical writing. My main objective here is to provide expert musicians Lorin and Barbara with measurements of Chartres that I've
obtained from Robert Ferre who has specialized in the Labyrinth and its use and reproduction. His organization is THE ST. LOUIS LABYRINTH PROJECT at 314 771 2209. I am
hoping that Barbara and Lorin, maybe Mary Beth and Alex, might have some ideas on how to convert the Labyrinths' rings to musical tones or chords; I do not have that skill and
virtually no understanding of this most important science. This lengthy paper is to provide them with what I feel is the role of Chartres in the larger picture and what the Labyrinth
probably does and why. These ideas are NOT to be restrictive in any way and if they see any other modes of operation I'm anxious to hear about them. It will be quite difficult to
understand most of this but maybe the "sense of it" will "ooze" through. Trying to simplify it more makes it even more difficult to deal with. It needs diagrams and in a serious study I
will be able to add them in a mail out. Let me know if you wish to be dropped from the list.
DISCLAIMER: My ideas do not represent any other persons' ideas to my knowledge unless I've identified them. I will quote Thoth Raismes (innerplanes luminary Thoth Hermes
..."Thoth" is a title; we know of at least two. Raismes of Aphra is the gent who supervised the Gizeh Pyramid, Solomon's Temple, etc.) as translated by Revs. Maia and Simeon
Shamiyyim-Nartoomid of Johannine Grove Ministry and Mazzaroth On Nathai Templum Mysterium. Although I've used their comments frequently this does not imply that they agree
in any way with my interpretations and applications. Further, I have obtained names of grids from Thoth but have gone on to make extensive speculations regarding the purpose of the
grids that have not been commented on by Thoth.
BOTTOM LINE: OVERVIEW: Chartres is a primary power switch and transfer vehicle for a large matrix of Marian Cathedrals and all European grids. It contains seed formats ...the
Cabalists' Tree of Knowledge/Life is one example... that holographically expands into larger grid functions. It ties into special "Reshel" grids that are ultimately designed to facilitate
universal evolution into the new time continuum (NOT just a "new age" ...a CONTINUUM) we are this moment rapidly synchronizing with. The expanded matrix it links with also
includes stellar and time temples, the gates for which are part of the cathedral's Reshel geometry. The Labyrinth is the temple's Holy of Holies and main control mechanism in "Great
Works" in a no-time mode that connects other temples and agencies in other continuua. The gates are much more than inner dimensional, any decent temple can access other
dimensions, but these gates are accessing other continuua in much higher "Metatronic" frequencies. Until now these special geometries and objectives have been guarded in inner circles
however now its "Make or Break" time for humanity (including stellar races) and many seals are lifted. The last large group to have a working knowledge of the Reshel (Chief Head
Stone of God) formats were the Knights Templar and their Masons. The knowledge is ancient however, dating back (for our purposes) to the Priests of the Atlan Holy Isle of Ruta
(position about 49N, 29W) who put the grids in place anticipating this time of transition and also the need for humanity to have "aids to navigation" as it were in the long climb back
to the Ranna Time Wave and Metatronic levels. The reason for the upsurge in Labyrinth technology, and specifically that of Chartres is the need for reactivation of the grids by hichly
aware spiritually motivated persons and groups. Use of the Reshel grid does not mean that persons must believe any of what I've written but only to believe and do what they do best
for the Good of All. Its a matter of resonant harmonics There should be several musical systems connected with the Labyrinth.
1. HISTORICAL POSITION: We are in a fallen, half light continuum made worse by all manners of abominations generated by humanities' enthusiasm for lust, power, greed, et. al.,
amplified in some serious situations involving time gate technologies and associated sciences including mass mind control. The "Montauk Project" is the current tip of that grungy
iceburg. We are in an open wound in Time called the KALI RIFT and are now moving en masse to evolve back into the original RANNA TIME WAVE from which we dropped. The
wisdom we have gained from this fallen continuum ...oh yes, there is some wisdom... combines with that of the original first continuum to create the third that has always existed in
the "no-time" mode, constantly rebuilding itself from its past There is much to this as you can imagine, too much for this already long paper. Relevant to Chartres we must
understand the need for clear communication and connection with (1) Solarian agencies in the distant past and future that are orchestrating the redemption and evolution as well as
realizing the objectives in the "Fall" to begin with; (2) project situations in support of the above involving major religions, avatars, the Messiah for this age and others; (3) stellar
systems in this continuum and the others, most notable is the major holy star system MAZURIEL which did not fall but is in the other two continuua and effectively a part of this one
where Solarian projects are concerned. Ultra (Master level) Terrestrials check out via Mazuriel prior to interacting with us. There are ET's in the fallen range that do not. (Just because
there are people haring about in space craft does not mean they have any greater sense of spiritual reality than we have ...they are SMART but not necessarily AWARE... same as here.)
Lucifer's Fall and the Crucifixion generated a linked primary time implosion that then hetrodyned in a ripple effect with lessor (but still serious) time implosions mostly generated by
the Montauk Project's terrible abominations. The redemption and return back is now a matter of urgency; there is no time now for what used to be "normal" karmic processing,
progress must now come through GRACE (always the case: "All is karma, all is grace") but now the transition is on us and the time, once loosely scheduled for around 2015-2025 CE,
has been accellerated by the opening of the Great Pyramids' seals. UT agencies are trying to dampen the accelleration to obtain as much time as possible for human clearing and
uplifting, shooting for a target figure of 40% human transition, minimum. Now that figure is shakey but still on. More errors in ignorance by humanity could generate "LP-40" (Light
Principle #40, the dynamic that throws the switch) any time now, sending the 40% into the new continuum and the other 60% back to a near basic restart point. No souls are being
trashed but there is a unique opportunity for the major evolutionary jump for many; "its about Time..." ...and Grace. All this is saying is that we have a real need to be able to discern
those frequencies BEYOND the very high fallen "Oritronic" range AND DISCERN those elements of Metatronic Wisdom to be carried foreward. This is quite difficult for all of us old
souls who have put in many thousands of years learning sophisticated systems for absolution, resolution and evolution. Now we are being told to dump these systems, all of them.
Bummer! We're being told to sort out Metatronic wisdom first. WHAT IS "Metatronic" wisdom!? "Open your heart and you'll know" we are told and so it is. But hairy, old seagoing
Templars like myself are too inclined to mumble over their beer and revert back to the good ol' days and become submerged in their sea stories and days of glor9 and bright (fallen)
light. Bottom Line: always expand, don't assume you've "made it" because of bright light and angelic choirs, go into the Silence and deeper levels of Grace. Abide in the Christ within.
Translated to Chartres as of now? Chartres is one of the three major "Templa Mar" or time temples of Europe along with Lourdes and Montserrat. These Templa Mar are of the old
series which use the Reshel geometrics, now to be upgraded into its Metatronic system called the ARIEOPAX. There are new Templa Mars being installed integrating into the long
established grids that have been online to some degree throughout human evolution during the last 11,000 years in the present phase since Atlantis. The established temples and earth
grids have used the Reshel system which has a strong Metatronic vector to it so has always been a jump or two beyond human evolution then operative. Apparently the new ones are
directly linked, or soon will be, with pure Metatronic frequencies and consciousness. There has been massive damage to Chartres: the upper vents plugged with junk, metal chairs all
over the place, loud jarring music being played, steel overhead beams replaced the old wood beams, the rood screen and many vital windows smashed in the power bay, a great large pile
of stuff used as an altar in the power center (Ulta Pole) where ultra simplicity is needed ...but the Grand Lady is still there and ready to go in the etheric. Her consciousness vectors
extend wherever good people use her labyrinth, power center. Further, the Reshel grid matrices in Europe are in the planetary right forebrain and Chartres is plugged in via Mt. St.
Michel. This position is critical relative to the stellar grid. The Marians, connected via Chartres, are in a VIRGO configuration. Mt. St. Michel is in the Denebola position in Leo
relative to Virgo ...vibrationally that is, not precisely in geometric terms due to telluric requirements. Denebola marks the MAZURIEL position in the other continua and is used in
grids, temple and earth, that work in those continua. In other words, Chartres (for the triunity with Lourdes and Montserrat) has a direct resonant connection with the most holy star
Mazuriel. This is a "Goddess" or Shekinah connection. The Archangel Michael is orchestrating the overall redemption project ("Michael Mandate" under the Seraphic ENNEAD) so
would logically represent the male pole relative to the Virgo matrix in both the planet and stellar heirarchy.

    SIDE NOTE: Worth citing here, the Hathor Temple at Dendera in its famous astrological ceiling marks Mazuriel. It is in the crown of the holy child held by the Madonna in a
throne being supported by two "Star Walkers" in the outer ring. This is evident if the observer uses Osiris' heel as Rigel in Orion to determine hour angles for stars of inerest. I do not
use the alignments assumed in current literature relative to the Dendera ceiling. Do your own thinking. There are no other stars, than Rigel, that can be used for reference, that I know
of. The usual star in the bulls' horns (a Reshel symbol by the way) on the North Axis, thought incorrectly to be Sirius is actually a twin system of Aculus and Pythum, one not
having fallen. A holy couplet setting the Reshel system in the heavens. Sirius is near the Temple axis within a Bethlehem Angle with Rigel, the offset creating a "Selah Spoke" to my
own way of thinking. Just simple High School stubby pencil work, nothing elaborate.
2. TELEPLANE: A specific reality frame. Early in my light group work, 25 years ago in Hawaii, the groups were seeing flat planes resembling water shimmering with (usually) blue
and silver "ripples", as moon light on water. We were told my our innerplanes mentors that this was our time continuum as they saw it. The groups were out of time, in a no-time
mode. Thoth later told us of a Selah Field (Selah is the Hebrew word for the silence or suspension of sound between musical notes, or the scale's fulcrum ...describing the ineffable,
unknowable God, Unmanifest: the Silence, Rest, Void, etc.) which can be contained or defined as a "vault" (arc, ark, etc.) and can imprint a specific reality. This idea of a reality or
continuum in a flat plane is very important. It means that we can describe or create a reality with a geometric drawing as a "pure symbol" or what the wikka might call a "pentagram"
used in a creation process. We live in a Startrek Holodeck world projected from a flat plane or series of planes. Even more upsetting, the plane can be condensed into a straight line
...usefull in creating staffs, wands, action ley lines and what all.
The symbolism is very strong with water and mirrors. The "Mar" in Hebrew refers to the name Mari, Martha, and means "bitter distillation" or "vision, double mirror" depending on
the spelling. Mar in Latin means the sea. Both are strong descriptions of the time continuum. The dual mirror has always been a symbol of the Goddess and undoubtedly connects with
the Christian symbolism of Mari the Mother and Mari Migdalene who are correspondants with ISIS and Nephthys in a larger construct. My point is that we are adding time dynamics
into the paradigm. The "Temple of the Emerald Mar" is the main future temple in Korbola coordinating time temples. We might think of the teleplane being established in a field of
divine living essence (the Selah) or the "Sat" in Sat-chit-ananda." The shimmering silver and blue might then equate with mind (chit) and grace as absolute harmony and joy (ananda).
Or from the white light viewpoint, the shimmering might be red and gold. Which is male and which is female is probably arguable. There us usually a "tholus" or temple-hill in the
water or teleplane appearing as a hill with a tower on top and a crypt below with water and a key stone. The tholus would be male relative to a larger female matrix in which one female
temple would be key: a "queen" surrounded by her ladies. Mt. St. Michael and Chartres is one example; there are many. In my numerology the number "7" or the "sheeba/shakti"
generally describes the full female matrix while the 8th pole is male. This is widely used in Revelation: always look for the 8th element relative to the seven. The 8th pole might then
be female relative to a more subtle male tholus. We can find series of these combinations. We will find this at Glastonbury for example.
In the Labyrinth we have an example of a circular teleplane. It is a cone that is flattened onto a plane or more accurately a reality frame that is projected up into a cone which is then the
tholus for a much larger matrix, the Marian cathedrals. The "reality" will be defined, I believe, best in musical tones which could be correlated with colored light. However these tones
will have to be shifted in consciousness to Metatronic ranges. This is a point to remember later in the more detailed description of the Labyrinth. The six positions in the center of the
Labyrinth form a Pillar, ie the "tower" for our tholus. From a more subtle symbolism the Center is the inner crypt and the "water" is the life essence of the teleplane, the divine Selah
aspect. The "well" or ayin in Hebrew (drawn as a vesica or "eye" in the protosiniatic Hebrew alphabet which used glyphs) is the pillar or tube of light and the connective between levels
or continuua, in our case between the Oritronic and Metatronic levels. The pillar is called the LAYOOESH which might be found described in James Hurtak's book KEYS OF
ENOCH. I don't understand his book so I am discussing the pillar from some of Thoths' remarks as well as my own experience with groups. The six people in the center can form a
double tetrahedron as the first stage of creating the Layooesh Pillar. There are two more stages, then a third for more advanced work. The earthly tetra is the basic "stone" in the
archetypal crypt; the heavenly tetra phases in when the lower conditions are met. Using the Selah Silence (path into the Center) is one vital condition in consciousness, a state of Grace
is another. The Layooesh is the Pillar that complements the archetypal Grail so the Labyrinth becomes an operative Grail correspondant. The rest of the Cathedral is intended to get the
Labyrinth and its related system up to that level. You can see why the music of the Labyrinth begins to be so important.
3. THE GRAIL: It is my present idea that the rings of the Labyrinth will establish a resonant mechanism in terms of both energy and consciousness that will provide the best
"sounding board" or device that will begin to "sing" when the Layooesh is correctly established in a Grail context ...whatever that is. There are hundreds of definitions of the Grail,
probably most of them now are containing a strong and counterproductive Oritronic element. The need for redemption, for example, has always been paramount in this continuum but
is virtually meaningless in the Metatronic future. The Grail has always equated with new or regenerated life and related healing. "Healing" will be a strange idea in a Metatronic future,
non existant I believe. The best way to "hear the music" or become the sound would probably be by going into the Silence with that intention. Which would also be the main state of
being on entering the Labyrinth but with the thought form, also, of entering a Grail environment at the Metatronic level with a functional Layooesh Pillar already functional in the
center. Later in the process actual physical persons will anchor in the Pillar and grail system for whatever the Work at hand requires.
Speculation regarding the nature of the Grail, on my part, would focus on the "Mazzaroth/Mazzaloth" dynamic which is the zodiacal essential heirarchy. This would likely involve
angelic, devic and hierarchical agencies administering each zodiacal realm which then expresses outwardly through the stellar spherical teleplane. Except that the zodiac will be much
expanded in its effect and scope in the new, 3rd continuum. Main temples are now zodiacal but relative to the requirements of the fallen light realm. The "new Grail" will reasonably be
organized in mechanisms harmonic with the new Mazzaloth dynamic. At this stage of my own education I would describe the best existing grail format as the Arieopax, the upgraded
Reshel system that is designed into Chartres and which contains the Labyrinth. In other words we have a workable system in place, it only needs to be brought up to frequency by
persons who are already working in that range or near to it for the interim (there is much help from the angels, hierarchy).
4. A REALLY SHORT REVIEW OF THE RESH-EL OR "CHIEF HEAD STONE OF GOD": The Reshel format was given to us by Thoth, an inner dimensional
Hierarchical Master. It was intended at the time to assist our groups in smoothing out time anomalies destabilizing the members. Its real reason for being
reintroduced into the Racial Mind is only now becoming known. It was known to the Egyptians (Denderah Hathor Temple) and more recently by St.
Columba, the Templars and then the Masons. The Reshel system has been know to many cultures since Atlantis as hidden knowledge, the so called: "Cult of
the Head." The greater subject involves the redemption of Lucifer, the fallen angels, all of us, the time continuum, the creation of a new continuum and
creation of a hybrid race of angels, humans and elementals. The Reshel system is a major tool in accomplishing all of that. The Hebrew letter RESH (#200)
means Chief Head Stone and was written as a head in the old protosiniatic alphabet's glyphs. An example of a "head/pillow" stone is Jacob's pillow erected
into a pillar and named "Beth-El."
The Reshel is a complex grid generated by two golden ratio spirals, one system representing the Christos and a complemenary system the Shekinah or
"Goddess" which for the Templars quite correctly would be represented by the Grail Queen of Queens: Mari Migdal(ene). Thus the Reshel has two halves
seen as pentagonal triangles or "Spears" with a number of complex geometries superimposed, the Great Pyramid being one geometry. We also find golden
ratio rhombuses which contain an abbreviated version appearing as an "L"; this relates to time gates and to the "gate" into/as a temple described by the two
archetypal pillars with a 3rd and primary pillar between. These pillars are "L-Gates" Ps 118:19-23 referring to the gates and the HEAD STONE THAT
BECAME THE CORNER or "L." The "resh" pole of the Reshel is the 9th pole of 9 (9 in each half) and is the Chief Head Stone as translated from Hebrew.
This pole controls the pillars and gates. To make this work both the Bride/Shekinah's and Christos' gates must merge in the center of the matrix.
APPLICATION, AN EXAMPLE: St. Columba knew this and designed large earth L-grids in the Edinburgh Area ...St. Colm's Abbey on Inchcolm in the Firth, to Black Hill, to
Rosslyn which is the Resh pole. He also accessed the Bethlehem Angle dynamics through Fortingall into the Edinburgh Matrix. This Reshel system was completely understood by the
Templars who designed it into Chartres and Rosslyn using similar systems (external L: St Piat's Chapel and the Rosslyn crypt respectively) as well as designing the Reshel into the
Cathedral and Chapel. Montserrat also has the geometry and L gates. In the Edinburgh case Rosslyn is the actual Resh pole in the Reshel grid that extends south from the Seafield
Tower about 28 miles to Dryhope tower. Holyrood Sanctuary is the "Glory" pole which generates the Shekinah system. Rosslyn is the Shekinah's resh pole. Thus the Clan Sinclair
fully understood the Reshel system previously used by St Columba. There is no doubt that Columba knew it: his illumined letter "L" of the Lindisfarne Gospels, first page, spells out
"Chief Gate" with the use of the 9 celtic knots grouped in a 2-4-2-1 or "bad-ba" wording in Hebrew. He also included the Tree of Life/knowledge and encoded the resh "below the tree."
There is a very large L-Gate grid in Europe, mentioned below.
5. THE X-GRAM: There are two crosses in most manifesting grids, both together making an 8-point wheel/cross. North is the primary spiritual directi/n and the
N-E-S-W "+" or Greek cross is a fixed "4-Square" or teleplane organized for working with form. The saltire or "X" cross, an "x-gram" is much like a spiritual
software program instructing the "+" cross in what to create. Chartres is oriented NE in an X-Cross format. So is Montserrat and Stonehenge. This is usually a
strong indication that the NE pointing temple is providing the program for a much larger matrix of temples including earth grids as temples.
Expanding more on the nature of the X-Gram/Cross, (from Thoth's description of the "Critical Rotational Position" (CRP); THE SOURCE, #3-81; available from Johannine Grove
Ministries) "...In order for biological species ...human, animal and vegetal to maintain the life-wave energies they must focus their neuro-sensors upon various frequency amplitudes on
the geodynamic spectrum. This spectrum is a complex computer-like scale registering codes or packages of cognitive directives created through the assimilation of various
earth/solar/stellar processes. These code-packages are 'x-grams.' They are like energy programs for the Earths' ether computer printouts giving the exact vibratory patterns of the many
different parallaxes in which the neuro-activity of a brain/mind complex can align itself by cerebral rotation." Crop Circles provide X-Gram insertions as one example. Chartres
cathedral, as a NE oriented temple, is a fixed x-gram but capable of dynamic programming by human, angelic, and devachan agencies.
In the Templa Mar format, used by Chartres and Rosslyn, the NE direction marks the HEEL STONE as the spiritual pivot pole. Chartres uses an L-Gate ...St.
Piat's Chapel... which has a "resh" or Chief Head Stone pole located on the temple's main axis to the NE. This in fact become the temple's Heel Stone (Ps
118:19-23) although the resh pole may be swung into other quadrants. The opposite pole is the "Solarian Pillar", represented in Chartres by the vertical line
from the SW Rose Window down through the CHRIST OF THE APOCALYPSE. There is a Reshel system in the cathedral's vertical face which provides the
main pillar format: the left, right and main central pillar. The NW pole is the "Path of the Mother" which is represented by the Mari Madonna statue in the
central pillar of the doorway. The SE pole is the "Tree of Knowledge" which is represented by Christ as the "Tree", holding a book formed in the golden
ratio. He is the pillar in the SE door.
6. THE "CRITICAL ROTATIONAL POSITION" (CRP): A human brain or group unified mind can shift its basic function by changing direction or "CRP"
relative to the planet's magnetic and true geographic fields. A group, for example, can shift its CRP by changing the group's crown chakra from one
direction to another. This shifts the group's 8-point cross system. This can be done without physically changing the group's seating and innerplanes mentors
do this quite often in keeping with whatever phase of the process is underway at the time. The field or "merkabah" (if the group vibration is Metatronic) can
shift CRP many times within seconds. In that Chartres is locked in stone into a set CRP does not mean that it will not energetically shift in the same way. The
physical CRP establishes a fixed reference point, the same as with a group using the same format. The ancient science using a CRP would use music
attuned to any individual human or group in shifting CRP and the resulting tones to restore health or other function. A labyrinth is a set program of CRP shifts
(musical tones) to accomplish a complex attunement of the person "walking the path." If we knew the tones for Chartres we could duplicate the labyrinth by
playing the sequence. This does not, however mean that we could duplicate the whole temple fabric and function, just the attunement.
7. BETHLEHEM ANGLE (BA): 2618 NUMERIC: The BA is 26 degrees, 18 minutes, 9.7 minutes or just 26-18 for short. It is the angle from the Pyramid to Bethlehem, also the
angle of the two ascending passageways in the Pyramid. The angle shows up many times in Great Britain in Earth Grids. We also find it in architecture and geometry apparently related
to the Grail. There are important examples where it complements the 30 degree vesica; one such is the CHRIST OF THE APOCALPYSE where the Grail connection is obvious (see
below). 2618 is also phi (golden ratio) squared or 2.618. The golden ratio seems to describe life support systems and it is the basis for the construction of the Reshel format. In the
Reshel the phi spirals terminate in the POOLS OF THE MOON/LIFE which project life from divine Source into the relevant teleplane. This is one reason why a teleplane often
appears as moon light shimmering on water. In the Reshel grid the BA triangle positions the Resh pole in its apex. Also the BA triangle appears to be the geometric that generates the
golden ratio spirals and also defines the apex of the Great Pyramid triangle.This occurs in the pole called the CHRISTOS or SHEKINAH GLORY or the Tsadey pole. When the two
Glory poles merge in the center we have the core of the Arieopax and if we assume that the Arieopax is the Grail dynamic, then it is the core of the Grail.
8. ULTA POLE; THE SPINNER OR "SIEGEL FIELD": YUD-SPOKE; ERROR OF CLOSURE: In dividing a circle's circumference to determine the number of poles or other
divisions we ofter notice an "error of closure" where we will end up with either a small gap or overage. The investigator knows he or she is correct but how to explain the apparent
error? There is a classic example in NU 1:20-43 where the Tribes are counted. Their numbers, when viewed as sines of angles ...Judah as a special, Leo, situation uses a cosine... adds
up to 360.03 degrees. These are the real sectors of the zodiacs' houses. However, why the extra .03 degrees? My thought is that this error of closure represents what I call a "Yud" or
"Selah" spoke that rotates universally in all directions to create a SPINNER  or SIEGEL FIELD. Its function is to project the power, dominion, intelligence from the central ULTA
POLE outward to all related poles within its system. It would be a specialized case of the "Moving Selah/Silence/Rest" ...a "gap that isn't there but is."
A spinner field or "Siegel" field, according to Thoth: "That axis in constant rotation from "X" to "+" and back again. This is the definition of the universe and
anti-universe. In the Egyptian Mysteries in Sais, where Osiris was manifest, this Siegel Zone was called the ATAPTAH. It is the "Path of the Spinner" for it
keeps the universe dynamic by a constant rotation of the axis at the center of the universe's atomic being."  In connection with this note that the Labyrinth,
with the whole cathedral, is in the X-Cross format, pointing NE. This is a harmonic with the "anti universe" or for our purposes whatever agency in another
continuum (not necessarily another dimension) is down/up loading "spiritual" information into our own continuum represented by the Greek or "+" cross.
An ULTA POLE according to Thoth: "...Between the two major guiding power realms is a point of balance called by the inner Earth Illuminaries, the ULTA. The Ulta, in more
scientific terms is know as the pyra-radical gate ...the mechanism which encodes the pyra-conic light frequencies (emitted by the "Living Lights") into spectra color/sonic bands. These
bands are filtered down through the pyramid or spiral acting on and reacting with all levels of Integration until it reaches our human condition at which point these bands are
synchro-radiated to the biochronic field of the brain/mind complex. The pitch and meter of synthesis resulting from the matching of brain waves to the x-grams or program codes of
Morphionic (divine) Light, determines the time ratio of our field of consciousness. What all this essentially means is that the 'gate' controls our perception of reality and since 'reality'
is nothing more than perception itself the Ulta feeds us our reality in a frame of limited quanta release."  As nearly as I can guess, every Reshel system has an Ulta pole feeding us a
certain reality code. Various harmonic systems can link Ulta poles since they are probable essentially the same one anyway(?). The Reshel system uses a pentagonal triangle which is
spun to create a cone. There are a number of specialized "cones" or pyramids in the system, one being the Great Pyramid dynamic, another the tetrahedron, another the Bethlehem
Triangle/Pyramid. The base of the pentagonal triangle is centered by a "shen" pole which assimilates (I think) the Ulta's bands and translates the codes from the Living Lights into the
human condition or continuum the teleplane represented by the base line/plane of the Reshel. The Labyrinth, I believe, is a fairly pure form of the color/sonic bands thus
translated. The central six persons in the Labyrinth form the star tetra that bottoms the Layooesh Pillar that seems to be the thing that transfers the codes both ways. The specific
organization in bands and directions (CRP's) locks in a base line realilty or attunement required to operate the temple in the ranges demanded. (More thoughts in Part Two).
The PATH of the Labyrinth represents the Selah or divine Void. Ostensibly the measurements are the same as the local millstone (source: Kieth Critchlow), thus the whole labyrinth
can be likened to a millstone. This is a symbol for the (1) threshing floor or Holy of Holies of the archetypal temple, (2) the Hebrew letter KAPH, #20, or the "hollow stone." The
hollow stone (incidently, Kaffa is the name given Simeon bar Yona or "Peter") represents material form (the stone) and the hollowness is the emptiness within the stone that permeates
the whole form, that is: the Unmanifest Source, God. Without the Selah or Silence/Rest all forms are abortive. Further, the priest-operator must be able to move in the Labyrinth's
path as the "Observer Self" which is that part of awareness maintaining "The Point" of Silent nonattachment. The whole group of priests/priestesses must work with this awareness.
The shaft of wheat, 16 grains for the 16 Grail Kings (I would add a correspondent stalk for the 16 Queens for a "32/33" numeric), is an archetypal Grail symbol (Thoth) and one I also
connect with the Hebrew alphabet letters tsadey and teyth ...the "Stem and Blossom" as well as the Bethlehem Triangle ...Fr. Boudet's "conquering sign" ("Par Ce Signe Tu Le
Vaincras") within several.
In reviewing Robert Ferre's dimensions I notice that the Path is the size of the total number (4.5x) of lines between the inner petals in the Center. The basic Key of David (6-point star)
or six petals/circles overlaps their outer lines or "containment fields." This overlap opens a gap which is the Path. (pg 7: THE CHARTRES LABYRINTH). To me this collective
"gap" is the Hollowness of the Central Ulta Field. The Ulta would be the void space within the Center ring. The lines around the petal-circles would be preform (part void, part matter)
interface states containing positions for physical Labyrinth operators to stand. This would be a reason for the containing lines to overlap with the Center's main ring and form an
integrated form separating but connecting the ring with the Selah field of the Ulta. Does this permit the critical Ulta field to directly access the Path, apparently the case in the
geometry? No, I don't think so.
An extremely important situation is evident in the photo the Labyrinth taken from directly above. It is apparent that there is a stone that is a segment of the inner circle. It parallels the
same "cup" shape in the CHRIST OF THE APOCALYPSE carving over the main (SW) door. This is special because it uses the BETHLEHEM TRIANGLE to form a vesica related to
the Grail (cup) which is the Christ's FOUNDATION (his feet are in it). This triangle/vesica then defines the segment-ratio and circle used in the carving to identify special Grail chakras
and other bits of information regarding the Christic human form. IF THIS IS THE SAME GRAIL HARMONIC in the Labyrinth then it becomes the critical interface mechanism
conditioning the energy and consciousness proceeding from the central Ulta input into the Path and the whole cathedral function, thence into Europe (GAIA's right forebrain) and the
Planet. In tracking through this sequence the output will program the Reshel grids, a much larger subject. The Labyrinth is probably the single most important mechanism in Europe,
maybe the Planet, in the context of Reshel grid control and programming from Spirit. Summarizing: the "grail stone" between the Path and the inner consciousness field within the
Ulta provides a filtering and interface state of consciousness: the Grail, which must condition any operator entering and leaving the temple. (More in Part Two.)
In connection with the "gap" dyanmic it might be useful to define the error of closure needed to insert the 13-pole wheel in the outer ring. I've not done this yet but will have to
sometime. This might be the coversion factor needed to shift Oritronic "music" into the Metatronic range.
PLANETARY "BRAIN": The Planet is energetically similar to a large brain with Hawaii at the back of the brain in a "Roil/Royale" pole at 19.5N latitude. The Roil pole in suns,
planets, connects all grid systems (source: Thoth). The "Royale" function connects with the ATTASIC UNIVERSE which contains all universes. This is not a function of the ajna
specifically however there is a complementary resonance between the two. Thus the ajna is the main divine connection. Greece is in the ajna area with the Middle East in the left
forebrain and Europe in the right forebrain. Human culture frames can be compared with this organization but I think that polarity comparisons at present are not sufficiently accurate
for that purpose. Divine input through the ajna integrates in the fluctuating chakra in the center of the head and does an "L-shift" into the vertical axis, thus most phenomena is
experienced in that axis. The other axis integrates left and right poles. In a temple the primary pillars do this backed up with other dual L-R poles.
 All of Europe works in an overall "seven", female vibration, according to Thoth. The large number of Notre Dame or Marian Cathedrals can be seen as a Goddess "software" program
playing into the European Reshel Grid systems via Chartres, Lourdes and Montserrat as a composite "resh" (Chief Head Stone) pole. I see these three as the three poles in a woman's
heart (according to Thoth physical women have three poles in the heart where a man has one ...different functions) while Stonehenge might be the male pole. This basic "three"
develops in the Reshel grid primarily in a Bethlehem Triangle pattern. (The Bethlehem Angle is in the 2618 numeric with an angle of 26 degrees, 18 minutes ...add 9.7 seconds if
needed for especially precise work. Note #7 above.)
EUROPEAN RESHEL GRIDS: There are three Reshel grids covering Europe and the UK found so far with another 28 mile diameter important Reshel called the "Edinburgh Matrix" in
which Rosslyn Chapel is the controlling resh pole. I will not describe all these grids, it would require another large paper. The three separate three functions: manifesting (TITAN
OCEANUS Grid); seed or 'HOLOS" in a pentagonal grid (URMAGA Grid); connective pillar in a trinity grid (ASTARA or Flower of Life Grid). Astara includes a large L-Gate format
and will be described here. These all insert a Metatronic vector in the planetary right forebrain, which can be expected to increase in intensity and frequency rapidly.
There is another format that covers the planetary forebrain and links both sides. Mr. Henry Lincoln put me on to it with his brilliant work in finding what he describes as a large
triangle with Jerusalem in the apex and Rennes le Chateau to Bornholm in the Baltic as the baseline. I tried to duplicate this triangle and could not on a great circle chart. My main
axis, normal to the Bornholm.RLC baseline, misses Jerusalem and goes through Mt. Sinai. I also extend the axis to Sligo Bay (two mountains there) in Ireland. This is called (by
Thoth) the ICARIUS Grid. This grid links into TARRAGONA by extending the Bornholm/RLC baseline SW to Tarragona. Tarragona is extremely important and may be the most
important Metatronic pole in Europe. Montserrat as the main Christos updwelling point links into Tarragona via the 45 degree NE-SW line. Tarragona is the midpoint on a baseline
from Cintra, Portugal, to Rome. This is the ASTARA Grid baseline in which the Edinburgh Matrix (Rosslyn) is the apex opposite Tarragona.
The Astara Grid cycles new life waves into the planet via Europe along with the systems to support the new life pulses. It creates the main PILLAR connective within the composite
Reshel systems. In this connective function there is a no-time component or mode generated by a large L-Gate grid. This vital component is programmed with the planetary Goddess or
Shekinah aspect through Chartres. The "L" format extends south from Rosslyn to Mt. St. Michel, then east to Paris (St. Sulpice Chapel), then south to Rennes le Chateau. Chartres
links with Mt. St. Michel. Where Chartres and its other major Marians form VIRGO, Mt. St. Michel resonantes with the Holy Star Mazuriel in the region (no-time) of Denebola in
Leo Mt. St. Michel.
When the European Reshel grids are brought up to speed the Edinburgh-Mt. St. Michel-Paris-Rennes le Chateau L-Gate Grid cuts in and the Planet, GAIA, goes no-time, thus
joining the cosmic system of time-temples and permitting more efficient and accurate participation in three-continua projects.
THE URMAGA GRID and Chartres relevance: Another Reshel grid system using the pentagonal SEED dynamic is formed by a line from Santiago de Compostela to Edinburgh and the
other line from Stes. Maries de la Mer to Edinburgh. Peter Dawkins has identified this other line, the Ste. Maries de la Mer line (to northern Scotland) as the "Grail Line" and he
positions seven zodiacal temple sites on it, including Chartres I believe (I couldn't get his book, its published abroad). I use this line but put 12 zodiacal temples on it as a "Rose-Line"
or "rosslyn/roslinne" which means a brood or line of 12. I also use Edinburgh as the grid apex for the southern roughly pentagonal triangle. When I spin the triangle around its central
altitude line (from Edinburgh to San Sebastian) the zodiacal temples would form rings in a cone (refer pyra-conic action re the Ulta pole, #8 above). The rings when projected to the
base line or Event Horizon would form concentric circles. I have not yet done a study on this action or resultant; I'm working on theory at this point. However I strongly feel that the
concentric circles are a direct harmonic with the Labyrinth in terms of Grail codes that feed a SEED  signature back up into the Rose-Line. The Urmaga (Star of the Magi) Grid then
seeds the other Reshel Grids. In my own system Chartres is the key zodiacal temple on the Rose-Line; at this time I don't know what chakra or zodiacal sign correlation I would give it
or which Labyrinth Ring. It would probably be Virgo but may be Leo. This would surface from a study which must also closely inspect and possibly integrate Mr. Dawkins' system
which appears to parallel it closely. A side note: the central line is called the TAVHARA LINE or "Line of Destiny" and goes from Thurso through Edinburgh (Holyrood Sanctuary),
Rosslyn Chapel as part of the Edinburgh Reshel Matrix, Glastonbury Tor, Guernsey, to San Sebastian. This Line has many Bethlehem Angle connections which ostensibly form a
Grail core matrix on a huge scale. If the Grail Grid Core is formed in Great Britain, then its codes must be coming "up" from San Sebastian relaying the Chartres and its Labyrinth
signature or "music."
THE TRIUNE RESH AND THE "MOTHER'S HEART": Thoth has remarked that Lourdes, Montserrat and Chartres form a three pole Resh (Chief Head Stone) in a collective
consciousness grid (not geometric). Also, in another situation he described the female heart as having three poles relative to the male's one. This does not mean that the male is inferior,
just has another function. I have tried to fit this idea into geometric form, specifically in understanding the consciousness aspects of creation energetics and also the related Reshel grid
functions. My theory is that the female heart geometric description is the Bethlehem Triangle dynamic. Further, that the male pole becomes the "shen" pole or central point on the base
line of the triangle. Also, in the
Reshel grid the RESH pole is a projection of the Shen pole directly opposite. I believe that the shen contains the holographic triune seed, the Bethlehem Triangle, which projects
upward from the shen's Event Horizon or "Horizon of Thoth" to create the triune Resh.
The "Shen" is a Hebrew letter, #300, and was written in the protosiniatic glyph style as a double-u form supposedly picturing a recurved bow. It means to double or duplicate, fold,
transmute, a sharp tooth or thorn, crag or cliff, sleep, year, point or pierce. There is much to say about it but I will summarize by saying that I see the double-u as a "trident" head with
three points in a Bethlehem Triangle. The "fruit" (neb) of the shen would be three dots above the tridents' three points. This also happens to be Thoth's logo. It also happens to be the
dynamic used in generating the Metatronic Reshel grid and in forming the Resh pole. The male pole as the shen would be seen as this trident with three dots. There would be a male
shen and a female shen for the two Reshel Spears, each with its shen pole. But the essential form for each is the holographic shen: three female poles with its central male shen.
This theory focuses on Chartres as one of the three points of the "Mother's Heart" as I call it. That is, the trident part signifying mastery of the MAR/Sea or time continuum, a "Mari"
function and female heart action. When this action is realized the upper three points, a female heart again however the male expression of it inverts and merges with the female half to
form the dual dipole Bethlehem Triangle Grail core, Arieopax core, or heart-to-heart schematic. The two related shen poles. The three-cathedral matrix must then have a male shen pole.
I have three candidates: Tarragona, Mt. St. Michel and Stonehenge. I suspect that all apply in a more expanded triple system. Mt.St. Michel connects directly with Chartres (Denebola
in Leo to Virgo) using the Mazuriel Star resonance related to the Goddess or Virgo. Tarragona connects directly to Monserrat and is in fact a shen pole for the ASTARA Grid so I am
arbitrarily designating that pole as the male shen for the combined female cathedral triunity. It might be that the three male poles I noted above is a combined triune shen pole, each
correlating with one of the female poles (I don't know the Lourdes geometry; no maps). In any event, I would guess that Montserrat is the apex of the Bethlehem Triangle hologram in
the Resh triunity. Lourdes would be the consciousness or causal pole relative to Chartres as the energetic, form building pole generating and controlling the whole grid system.
Montserrat would incorporate both functions as the apex and would regulate both. Since this triune resh is a consciousness grid and I have been identifying physical grid connections
this would imply a multi level consciousness (causal) to physical counterpart connection (however loose geometrically). Montserrat is the main (planetary?) Christic updwelling from
planetary center so this is the primary causal input into the Resh system. Remember that Christ is correlated with the Chief Head Stone (Resh) but that there also has to be the female
complement. That is apparently what we have in the female (Mari) triune Resh. If so, the question remains: "What is the Christic, male, triunity?" That would then generate many new
In summary there are grids over grids, some geometric and some nonphysical consciousness, some at different levels. One site in one grid can and probably will be another pole in
another grid. There will be a resonant harmonic between them. In aspiring to be a "Chartres qualified" operator it would be usefull to study as many Chartres related systems as
possible. Where grids apply, the aspirant would wish to engram his or her light bodies with the grid to enhance resonance. This amounts to loading a software program (the grid) in
one's hard disk (light bodies) to bring up at the appropriate time. For Chartres there will be two main grids and that is the subject of Part Two.
Blessings Be...
"Uamau ke ea o ka aina i ka pono."  ...The life of the land is perpetuated in Righteousness.
(Hawaii State Motto)


PART TWO is divided into sub sections due to its length and having to use email. This is the "ALPHA" or first subsection.
Dear Friends
PURPOSE OF PAPER: Part Two is a technical paper where the Reshel system is emphasized in connection with Chartres. I would send a graphic as an attachment however it is too
large for some. By learning more about the temple's geometry we may make more assumptions regarding its application. These are my own theories however I have found through
discussions that some of the important ones regarding the Labyrinth have already been decuced by others and tested to be found functional. I hope to offer ideas to clerics, light group
members, and geomancers regarding operation of holy sites particularly Reshel "Templa Mar" time-gate capable temples. We are still learning and these are only theories for the most
part. Also, much if not all this information is heavily slewed into the lower frequencies, ie the "Oritronic" however we can hope that there is at least enough of a Metatronic vector that
the readers will be able detect useful Metatronic ideas through this albeit low level "priming of the pump." I am only using a limited intuition based on logic and some measure of
experience in interpreting Thoth's information. I am myself attempting to push my own Oritronic envelope, maybe crack it here and there. THE GOOD NEWS ...there are (1) just
plain lumps of ignorance in this; (2) good stuff as of a few years ago but now OBE'd Oritronic deflective baggage; BUT (3) some flashes of keen Metatronic insight. THE BAD NEWS
...I don't know yet which is which! Maybe I will tomorrow. I'd appreciate any comments setting me straight or amplifying on any point, CC the others.
DISCLAIMER: The same disclaimers apply as given in Part One. All this material is my own unless otherwise noted however many of my theories are based on comments made by
Thoth Raismes of Aphra via the Johannine Grove ministries; as noted in Part One Johannine Grove does not necessarily agree with any of my ideas and interpretations. Nor does
anyone else.
My approach to interpretation is to explain (to myself) as many mysteries as possible within one structure and action. Thoth's information via the Johannine Grove provides me with
the best basis for that as far as my own work is concerned.  
1. Chartres is the off-on switch for all the European grids. It is one of a triune RESH pole along with Montserrat, Lourdes. The Reshel system is potentially the Metatronic
ARIEOPAX but nevertheless has a strong Metatronic vector within itself.
2. Montserrat is an extremely potent Christic planetary updwelling, near Barcelona, Catalunya in Spain. It includes a basilica and monestary and is oriented NE, has Reshel geometry,
the Black Madonna is its main "rood" aspect. It transfers into the planetary Reshel grid system via Tarragona on a 045T (bearing) action line. Thus Montserrat is the Christic "Heel
Stone" in the Templa Mar format with Tarragona as the "Solarian Pillar" grounding the Female-Christic (Black Madonna) formats via the "Stone." Montserrat's logo is a mountain
being cut by a stone mason's saw thus creating the double or "split rock" archetype: Mithra from the split stone, Athena from the split head (resh) of Zeus, Christ resurrected from the
stone slab bracketed by angels, etc.. In the Reshel format there are two resh poles: Shekinah (female) and Christos (male). They merge as a "split/unified" synergic unit in a very special
Reshel "vault" (manifested state of being expanding the Silent One) called the "Vault of the Corpus" which among other things merges the "Pool of Life/Moon" with the "Holy Vault
of the Sun" in both Reshel halves. This is discussed more below re Chartes' Sun and Moon towers. Tarragona's cathedral also contains a Black Madonna identical to the one found in
Montserrat and Lourdes.
3. The three main European Reshel grids are: (1) ASTARA or Flower of Life ...3/6 dynamic as the pillar/tube connective,  tetrahedron inner field containing the kobal sphere
grounding the pillar and resonating with the same system at the other end of the pillar thus forming a star (dual) tetra at each end; (2) URMAGA or Star of the Magi ...5/10 dynamic as
the seed or "HOLOS": examples are the 5 rivers/lands in Eden (translates controlling foundation) or the 5 breaths in Maitri 2.6 (Upanishad); (3) TITAN OCEANUS ...4/8 full Reshel
for manifestation, transmutation, centers on La Rochelle with essential chakra over the head on Ruta (49N, 29W), contains the New Earth Star (future Earth now formed in etheric)
template within the Sun (Rigel) along with Venus' two orbits: 260 days in the two Metatronic continua and 225 days in this fallen continuum, uses Astara Grid integrated with
Leonardo de Vinci's spread-eagled man (a Titan: extends his hands to the wheel). These grids contain the very large L-Gate Grid (time gate) and others apparently including a Grail Core
(Bethlehem triangles) between the Edinburgh Matrix and Glastonbury Tor and its matrix. Tarrragona is the SHEN pole for Astara and San Sebastian is the Shen for Urmaga. The main
altitude line for Urmaga is called the TAV'HARA Line (Line of Destiny) from Thurso to San Sebastian.  La Rochelle (the female stone, reshah), former main Templar seaport, is the
Shen for the Titan Oceanus (Oceanus was the only Titan that did not mutiny against Zeus, therefore never fell ...relates to the unfallen "Mar" or continua).
4. THE "CHAKA" EFFECT (new info): Just as a three dimensional "holodeck" scenario may be projected from a flat teleplane, a teleplane can be projected from a straight line. An
important example would be the many zodiacal temples in Europe being projected out into the land area from a single "Rose-Line" (Line-of-12) ob the other way around: the line
assimilating the surrounding energy and consciousness nodes. This is the Chaka dynamic; basic information from Thoth. One might construct a staff or pillar in the same way. Use the
central axis (layooesh pillar) as the staff and project the power poles into the staff at right angles. Insert an apporpriately conditioned crystal in each point, or other relic or artifact to
carry the load. This principle may be used to determine important positions or "stations" up the nave or any aisle. Chartres uses a number of grids, not all of the same construction or
placement. A single staff, pillar or ACTION LINE or EVENT HORIZON could engram any number of different grids at different frequencies. When we view the middle horizontal line
or Event Horizon through the center of a Reshel system we are viewing the teleplane on its edge. The single line in effect holds all the important nodes when seen end-on in this
manner. We can then "pick up" the line (staff) with the composite harmonic of all the points and it contains all the coding needed to recreate the original reality.
Why does the archetypal staff correlate with the serpent? The most powerful archetype is the caduceus, winged serpent, bird carrying a serpent, Serpent Staff of Aesculpeus (Greek God
of Healing). Moses' serpent staff was raised to heal the Tribes; Yeshua the Messiah likened Himself to the same staff (John 3:14-15) and correlating it and Himself with rebirth. The
Hebrew letter noun was drawn as a serpent (W shaped glyph on its edge); "noun" means perpetually regenerating life, ie the serpent symbol. The constantly coiling and curving serpent
is transposed into a line by the Chaka dynamic, thus regenerating life may be transferred via the staff as a mechanism. The extremely complex Reshel does the same thing. Its central
axis or pillar holds the codes that generates the golden ratio spirals and other power nodes. Remember this dynamic when considering the codes in the SUN AND MOON TOWERS of
Chartres when they are pivoted (L-shift) to the horizontal.
Chartres has two main geometries: (1) the vesica, horizontal towers and main rose window (SW), overlayed Notre Dame de la Belle Verriere window over the cathedral, location of a
Tree of Life in the temple ...discovered largely by Mr. Keith Critchlow; and (2) three systems of the Reshel grid. These suggest a multi level opperational approach. The severe
restrictions built into the temple now ... huge cluttered main altar, chairs scattered around including some times over the Labyrinth itself, loud distracting so called holy music,
destruction of power windows and rood screen, plugging of the overhead vents... all degrade any significant operations other than for simple, mundane services. However it might be
useful to understand some of the systems and even duplicate them harmonically from a distance, replicating the temple etherically or even using Chartres' own etheric counterpart.
There are two functions: vertical and horizontal that complement each other. The vertical may be considered to be "causal" and consistant at every sequential step moving forward up the
nave, while the horizontal is the plane of realization or manifestation and is organized in the sequential steps. The two are merged in an "L-Shift", that is, by moving the action of the
vertical into the horizontal. There are two pillars (the towers and two L's in the Reshel) and a central pillar that might be likened to the Layooesh or its expanded version: the Pillorha.
The operator preconditions his/her light bodies to resonante with the systems being used, then attunes to the vertical system and inserts the "intent/objective" for the process at hand.
The horizontal sequencing or "stations" then integrates the intent/causal vertical teleplane progressively through the temple, bringing it up to frequency and function. This process shifts
the temple into a no-time mode, lifts the basic whole into a situation where the two towers and Labyrinth become the main creation matrix. Six operators in the Labyrinth, supported
by the other temple stations, perform the Great Work of the day.
The three RESH temples: Chartres, Montserrat and Lourdes (town cathedral, not the Grotto cathedral) then control the European consciousness grid and also integrate this into the
physical Reshel European grids which are also in no-time mode. This activates the Planetary and Racial right forebrain (BAR SHEEBA) and also forebrain (ICARIUS) grids. Note:
"Bar-Sheeba" names the composite matrix of Reshel grids according to Thoth who came up with all the names. The action is transferred into the Hawaiian Roil/Royale pole for greatest
distribution in all planetary grids.
LOOKING AT THE RESHEL (without seeing its graphic aid):
GENERAL (expanding on description in Part One): The Reshel system has two halves or pentagonal triangles ("spears", term used by Thoth). The female "Shekinah" spear points
north or east generally, as the ascending vector. It is usually the one that must be mastered by humans first before the Christos spear kicks in. This means that the original power and
presence of the Goddess and archetypal female must first be reestablished (the female Arienrhod Pillar having been virtually destroyed by the Melchizedec Decan(?) suborder both in
Lemuria and Atlantis). Thoth's giving us the Reshel in the beginning was to reestablish the Female Pillar again. Its pure symbol is the Crescent and Star as used by Islam (ironically).
It is an interesting side note that the "woman in the moon's crescent" symbol once used by Proctor and Gamble was changed by them in response to the intense hullabaloo raised by the
Christian "coallition" in their belief that it was an evil sign. The Christians are not the only one to continue the violation of the divine woman, Islam has a very hard time percieving
women as military pilots or ANYthing outside the home. How many female rabbis do we see, or priests? There can be NO sexist bigotry whatsoever in any group using the Reshel
formats!! The "nine/ennead" vibration has always been picked up by ELISAPHANE groups of nine. The archetype uses four women (provides the 4-Square manifestation containment
field) and five men (provides the HOLOS, seed format). The TEMPLARS, in their core groups of nine, must have included women for any hope of a Metatronic connection. Those that
did not will have severely limited themselves while using the Reshel, which we know they did in an extensive intercontintental program building massive earth grids and the temples to
drive them. FIRST RULE: women and men must have equal status in Reshel operation!
    Side note: In interpreting Judeo Christian scriptures there are many, for various individual reasons, that see scripture as male dominated. It is true that the fallen male has warped
the system in that direction however if one assumes that the original authors of the J-C scriptures had a clear channel/view then we must also have the same clarity. This means that we
translate the text using the Hebrew in both its expanded context (each word usually has many meanings) as well as with a usable knowledge of the alphabet's code. For this it is useful
to know the protosiniatic picture-glyphs for each letter. There are a number of things to know. However, I have discovered that MOST of  J-C scripture is FEMALE dominated since it
is that matrix that has been profaned and is also key in understanding any creation system. This is the principle I have referred to above in the need to first master the spiritual and
physical functions of the female dynamic. (In using scripture, proper nouns often appear as male names. Don't believe it. Look at the translated functions and you will find female
aspects and actions!) Once this simple and logical lesson is learned (clear reactional bigotry first) then the unified Jewish and Christian scriptures become an energetic operating manual
linked with relevant ethics. An example are the many "seven" (sheeba) matricec in Revelation; always look for the 8th (male) pole. The seven churches or stars/angels in the right hand,
for instance, uses the "right hand" as the 8th aspect, the Isle of Patmos as the 8th "Church", etc.. Thus the very extensive study is of the female/sheeba shakti of the Churches while
not much is said about Patmos.
DYNAMICS: The Resh system of two spears is dynamic: it moves and changes. It organizes consciousness and since consciousness and thought forms are infinitly variable the Reshel
needs to have a very wide, multi level capability to process these intentions into Metatronic expressions that are in resonance with the Divine Harmonic of Universal Accord. When the
operative consciousness has moved into Metatronic range, which is our collective present greatest demand, then the Reshel shifts its main polarization and energy movement into a
six-mode consciousness grid (ARIEOPAX) which accesses the Attasic Universe. The Attasic Universe is a neutral field (Neutra Universe) that holds the balance of the universe and
anti-universe, unifying them but keeping them apart to avoid embarrasing implosions. The cycling of these three universes is called the FLASHING UNIVERSE which cycles from a
compression, cube-sphere and Platonic solid universe through a neutral field geometrically symbolized as apices of cones or tetrahedrons touching in a Selah field (divine void), into a
torus field (anti-universe). The torus is more real than the cube-sphere in the context of material vs. mental forms. The Neutra (Attasic) Universe is spiritually real, the other two are
relative illusion.
The two Reshel spears are constantly interpenetrating: they push together to form the basic EDEN VAULT ...spears matched base to base but separated by a Selah field in a "Selah
sandwich"... and then pull apart so the apices (zayin/zion poles) are merged (separated/linked by a Selah dot) in the TEMPLE VAULT. This is the vault that contains all temples and is
the basic Solomon's 3:1 format when the two spears have slightly interpenetrated to form a double pentagon in the center as a SEED format for the Temple. We find this highly
explicit schematic at Rosslyn Chapel, the Center in the Lady Chapel, the Lady Altar as a simple slab. Chartres has it also where the terribly cluttered main altar is ...this should also be
a simple slab or nothing at all fenced to keep out interfering priests, wandering humans and horses.
The idea is that the Center or ULTA POINT (see Part One definition of Ulta) must be clear. It is the main energy control and balancing system for the Temple. The whole temple, grid,
group will be restricted to the highest safe energy for the least capable person in the system. The energy comes through the center. What or whomever is put in the center will condition
and severely restrict the mental codes and energy form, level and intensity the angels and hierarchy permits through it. The way to use it is well illustrated by the Labyrinth's Center
organization, discussed below. Basically it sets up a central group, synergically unified with its heavenly component group, leaving the center clear.
Another dynamic function of the two spears is that the whole system rotates around the Center and also the spears individually rotate. Then the various systems rotate in all planes to
create spheres within spheres. Further complicating this mind twisting image is the idea that the spinning fields can temporarily "lock in" a system along a specific CRP (Critical
Rotational Position described in Part One. A CRP provides a specific at-tunement or "tone/tune"). The LABYRINTH BEHAVES IN THE SAME WAY. It forms a "Hairs of Siva"
sphere or "Hair ball."
    SIDE NOTE OF INTEREST: An example of finding powerful female dynamics in J-C scripture is this loose translation and interpretation of Prov 31:10-14 ...each verse describes
a Hebrew letter. Its usual translation is "Who can find a virtuous woman for her price is far above rubies...etc." However by looking up the Hebrew words' OTHER meanings we can
piece together this most remarkable creation construct: "Who or That which comes forth or exists, a supporting Pillar of self consuming fire having force, virtue, fresh and revived life,
gives birth in pain, perversion as well as perfection. Whose origin is far remote and precious, of long ago and a great while to come, from the many turning parts or spinning pillars of
fire the Heart of will, wisdom, intellect, enclosed and stultified, in which the Mistress takes refuge and is confident in Herself so that there is not failure or lessening due to the
exalting of self. The Emptiness within, as desolation lying waste, bears fruit for good or ill, or to requite, ripen, and treat fully, and makes in beauty the Not-Nothingness (or Law) to
fragment as the Whole and Perfect self consuming fire ...the hot roaring seas of cyclic time, alive and reviving. She requires erect bristling and disintegration into small fragments to
work or produce by desire, the bended vessels or hollow hands."  That's as far as I translated the sequence but it is dramatic.
    A number of critical creation functions are noted as well as some from the alphabet: "bended vessels" are the L-Gates in various modes: the letters gimel, peh, yud. "Hollow Hands"
are both the Yud as an OPEN hand (right brain), #10, and the Kaf as a CLOSED hand or stone, #20, but one that is Hollow. The "Hollowness" is the divine Selah or void and
completely fills the stone or fist. Without this concept, no scripture may be correctly understood. In it we find the "Emptiness" and the "Not-Nothingness" or Unmanifest and Manifest
God. Together they are the God and Goddess or the two aspects that separate and extend from the center or "shen" pole. The "hot roaring seas of cyclic time" are the Mar or teleplanes of
the continua. (I decoded all this before I knew about the sea connection.) These "seas" are in fact "alive and reviving" in that every teleplane is based on enclosing a Selah field as its
foundation. This field, the Unmanifest ineffable God, is the source of life. There is not other. The Goddess does not give life, neither does the God,  but she is able to create life
supporting systems. The male handles the seeding aspect through fire.
Continuing with the Reshel format. This is the creation sequence as far as I can jamb most pieces together. There are certainly a number of ways to begin the process; I've arbitrarily
picked one. Imagine the Void which fills all that is and is not. We begin with a sphere which gives us defined space or Void with an implied Center. The sphere may be a mental field
of all potential possibilities. We select one point of tangency as a seed pole and by desire or intent encode it with the holographic signatures for the project. Call this point the Ulta and
see it as a small sphere (See ULTA POINT, Part One). Now extend the Ulta in two opposed directions with two poles. Call one the BEYTH and the other the YUD in keeping with
Reshel terminology. The yud is causal and male. From the yud we may create words such as Yahway (Jehovah), Yeshua, Yachob, Yachannan, and hundreds more. Yud is the interface
agency between form (female) and the Source. It carries the seed codes for generation through fire. Beyth is the female who carries birth codes through water. She is the form builder or
left brain function and she has direct access to Source also. Beyth was drawn as a square with an opening in the SE corner and means "court, building, prison, web, temple..." and is
female. Yud was drawn as a bent forearm (L shift) with an open hand, palm up, thumb pointing up (thumb also translates as yud).
(Note: Eve or Chavah: reviving life, created from Adam's "rib" illustrates the above idea. The "rib" is tselah, A FORM OF SELAH, the Rest or suspension of sound and movement:
the divine Essence. Since the Essential Void fills all there is no atom or thought form separate from That. However there is a FORM of it that comes via the male. This in no way
makes the female inferior, it makes the two partners. The study is deeper than this but that is the essential idea.)
Back to the two poles: These two poles will define a CORE ACCELERATOR BAR which may be seen as a tube filled with the Selah Void. The tube is formed by two lines
connecting a state of being and consciousness, the Beyth and Yud poles connected by lines in two aspects: Shekinah (dwelling place or Beyth) and Christos (divine interface as Yud in
Yeshua/YHVH). We obtain the tube by spinning the lines however each line carries its reality and each line creates its own teleplane. There is a pole at the end of each line, male and
female, and the two poles found in the Beyth and the Yud form a dual dipole. These four pole provide four of the 16 poles in the Arieopax. They also give us a primary Event Horizon
or "Horizon of Thoth", Thoth relating to measurement, math and music, language, harmony in form et. al.. The teleplanes extend horizontally with boundries or the "tor/towr" in
Hebrew which also relates to one of the two doves: Yonah and Towr. Yonah: heat, effervescence and change of state; Towr: measurement or boundries, wall, mountain, meander, guide,
succession, ring dove, bull (aleph connection), precept or law, custom...dependinging on its spelling; gives "torah" as law in the feminine. Yonah is the ascending dove, Towr is the
descending form building function of the Christ. Yonah is the Yud expressing as the double serpent of Life ie "noun", #50.
    SIDE NOTE: Glastonbury "Tor&qqOt; is an example if we use tor in the Hebrew context. The Tor (actually a tower on top of a hill) is the center of a large Sun Ring created by
the nose (Michail's Burrow at Athelney) of an Annubis or dog (Girt Dog of Langport: THE GLASTONBURY ZODIAC by Mary Caine) and Cadbury Hill forming a baseline of a
triangle using the Tor as the apex. The same format is found in the Hathor Temple at Dendera in the astrological ceiling using two Boats of Ra in the outer "Starwalker" ring. The
Annubis "walks" the baseline or triangle CW tracking the Sun all day (24 hours) for a constant Solar input into the Tor. The Sun lines up with the Tor via the center point or "shen"
pole on the baseline. Thus the Tor creates a circular containment field having the ring as its boundry. The zodiacal field is contained within it. "Girt" means "tethered"; the leash here is
the line to the Tor. The leash is the equivalent of a "Yud Spoke" (described in Part One) however the spoke is the line to the shen pole (in Somerton) which lines up on the Sun. The
circular teleplane is the disc with the Tor as center. The zodiac would be one of the primary zodiacal temples projected into the "Rose-Line" from Stes. Maries de la Mer to Edinburgh,
via the Chaka dynamic.
The center of the Bar, then, is the Ulta pole for the system and would be located within the area between the two Event Horizon lines or teleplanes making the Selah-sandwich. My idea
is that the Ulta pole duplicates itself as two SHEN poles, one in each teleplane. "Shen", #300, means: sharp tooth, thorn, cliff, crag, alter or transmute, repetition, fold or duplicate,
sleep, year as a revelotion in time, to point or pierce. It was drawn as a double-u or upside down McDonald's sign, intended to be a recurved bow. (Also commented on in Part One.)
The shen pole, also called the "Quint(5)-Essence" pole, is the midpoint in the pentagonal spear formed by the golden ratio spirals discussed later. As the effective Ulta for the
continuum it is the main seed or womb aspect.
    SIDE NOTE: A number of years ago the groups in the SHEKINAH GROVE MATRIX in the Midwest assisted Hierarchy by doing a process opening an expanded pipeline into the
TELOS.ARKHARA, a governing interface mechanism interfacing this fallen continuum with the Ranna Time Wave and other continua. Ruta was also located there never having fallen
with the rest of the continuum. Part of our process was to use Reshel systems in duplicating the Gizeh, Rennes le Chateau, Cydonia (Mars), and Ruta matrices' CRP's. Thoth requested
that he also sit in and form another shen point in the SE. (We found out later that that quadrant is characteristically a weak point relatively vulnerable to incursions. The Luciferic OWL
(One World League) constituted a potential threat although we were not aware of that then. My main point in this story is that a whole system was inserted by establishing the shen
We were also told that the shen used a triunity as its base. Another bit of the puzzle is that the Arieopax shows a square form in  te center, called the SHOFEAR. This is formed by the
two VAU poles (later discussed) that create the double tetrahedrons. Two tetras or the "Star-tetra" forms a cube with its 8 poles and also the sphere containing the cube. Another piece of
the puzzle: Thoth mentioned years ago that a Triunity formed a KOBAL SPHERE which terminated/initiated a connective pillar with another realm or agency. Thus we can squeeze
several pieces together to theorize that there is a seed or Kobal sphere within a basic tetrahedron which, when spiritual conditions are met, duplicates the tetra at the other end of the
pillar and forms a Star Tetra and outer sphere for the inner Ulta point which generates a shen double/unified sphere: the Kobal sphere. This then is the center of the Core Accelerator
Bar. The essential codes of the Ulta are transferred into the two shens which then support the two interacting continua or reality frames as the teleplanes or spears continue their
uninterupted cyclic interpenetration and withdrawal. The shens are merged in the basic mode called the VAULT OF EDEN. This vault according to Thoth is "That which turns away,
turns inside, is unresponsive to the independent realities of its integrated systems; generates from Stillness, is removed, sustains from the point of coherance." I read "turns aside,
inside" as the in and out flashing universe dynamic. It also acts independently of the spears but is integrated with them but in spite of all the movement maintains a point of coherance
in the center. In other words the "moving" shens are duplicates of the basic two that are holding as and in the Ulta. This would be the unified Kobal sphere for both systems within the
same cube or Shofear. (The Arieopax medalion uses gold for the Core Acceleration Bar and Shofear, silver for the rest of the design.)
End of Part Two: Alpha. The CORE ACCELERATOR BAR, Event Horizon, is continued in Part Two: Bravo.
Blessings Be...
"Uamau ke ea o ka aina i ka pono."  ...The life of the land is perpetuated in Righteousness.
(Hawaii State Motto)

DISCLAIMERS AS NOTED IN PREVIOUS PARTS. In one line: These are my own ideas except where noted otherwise and nobody else necessarily agrees with anything. I try to
apply what little I understand of Thoths' teachings but neither Thoth's nor Johannine Grove ministries' agreement is implied.
This paper is being done (1) to help me organize and record my own thoughts lost when my disk crashed; (2) present to people more information about the RESHEL GRID geometry
and its workings directly applied to one of its best examples: Chartres. This is relevant for this time in that the Reshel dynamic, upgraded into its full METATRONIC mode, the
ARIEOPAX, is one primary system ...designed into Chartres and Rosslyn...  intended mainly for the new continuum already with more than one foot in the door. The effort to
understand the Reshel better is the first step, after a shift in awareness, to understanding the Arieopax (also called the "ISIS Eye.")
There are many overlapping applications worth as much attention: the various huge Reshel Earth grids in Europe, Rosslyn Chapel with even more precise Reshel geometry and as
much purpose in this and the coming era, Earth grids in the Americas, prayer or "Light" group applications, interpretation of scripture, general attunement to any holy site functioning
in a Metatronic mode by conditioning one's light bodies (collective) with the format.  Part One was a nearly comprehensible overview while Part Two is technical. I have started now
with the Reshel format and have discussed the CORE ACCELERATOR BAR (Event Horizon, Horizon of Thoth), its two determinate poles: the YUD and BEYTH, and the critically
important SHIYN pole now continuing its description in this increment.
CHARTRES' APPLICATION: Chartres has Reshel geometry in its elevation (vertical) construction as well as three complementary systems in its plan (horizontal) construction. It
also has better known Platonic Vesica Piscis geometry. This latter application will integrate the human biosystem with the temple's geometric harmonics ...discovered by Keith
Critchlow by overlaying the madonna window NOTRE DAME DE LA BELLE VERRIERE over the basic Vesica and floor plan. Mr. Critchlow has also discovered that the Moon and
Sun towers may be placed over the plan view and correlate with primary power points. This last discovery also shows that the foot is the natural measurement.
If the operators will first condition their light bodies with the Reshel format they can "bring up" that program on demand in their auric field. This will require a very strong Metatronic
vector in the human for this "program" to work at all. THERE ARE THREE SHEN poles in the temple. The first one is at the main door (SW). This one attunes to the vertical
system and to the Labyrinth. Mr. Kritchlow also found that the SW rose window rotates into the horizontal to coincide with the Labyrinth; we call this an "L-shift." Upon approaching
the initial Shen pole the operator will activate his or her personal system. This is needed to come into direct resonance with the cathedrals' integrated systems. The vertical reality plane
(teleplane) is thought to be causal, that is it carries the main spiritual codes for the whole system and is applied at each relevant horizontal pole or "station" to activate that stations'
special functions. This should take minimal conscious effort by the operator. The first attunement is more demanding in that the INTENTION or daily objective for the process being
initiated is here integrated into the temple fabric. If the intention is not resonant with The Divine Harmonic of Universal Accord as well as the temple fabric (ie the Reshel/Arieopax)
then the system will not activate. Forcing it, as with Montauk Project technology could result in serious injury and possibly an implosion. That is called "spewing up the
abomination." An unhappy thought.
I have theorized that the ULTA pole is in the divine center of the teleplane "Selah sandwich" or Core Accelerator Bar. It will access the Attasic universe. The Reshel/Arieopax has a
system of installed "Eyes of Ra" which appear as golden ratio rhombuses. The purpose of the Arieopax is "...a geometric for bringing together the Attasic Universe as a point of mind.
Not in a physical sense, but as a holgram in the mind enabling that sentience to sustain passage through conflicting time gates. The Arieopax geometric supplies the hologram or
phantom seed for onmi-reality. As a 'phantom' through right thought and action it is incrementally replaced by actualization. In essence, the Arieopax geometric is the gate to the
biggest virtual reality game of creation." Other comments by Thoth: "...the Aeriopax harmonic... is a grid of time reality exchange. Once activated the grid allows the passage between
multi-lateral time fields without distortion."
When we stand in the main (SW) door we are effectively in the shen pole for both the vertical system and that which includes the Labyrinth as its key field. This is in a key Event
Horizon, the one for this main working system. The temple itself is the mechanism, the "ship" that contains the integrated system but the MAIN WORK is done by the Labyrinth
control matrix. I would reasonably sat that this Shen pole is the temple's primary.  This shen is in the center of a large Eye of Ra (L-Gate, rhombus) and we are automatically
assimilating an extremely complex energetic. The following SIMPLE SAMPLE of just the rhombus part of the Reshel follows.  Regarding the rhombic format, the L-Gate, Thoth
commented on the nature of the geometric: "What you are asking is a complex study. Very simply, and we stress, this is a very simple definition, its function is an enfolding of time
apertures along the EVENT HORIZON, the latter which is very simply defined as the moment time and space identify one another's reality and create from that reality reference points
or sequences. These sequences allow both universal continua to 'keep track' or respond to the other which in turn forms variant reality packages or conic flows within which engramic
codes, like receptive nerves tentacle into the fabric of matter; matter being formed through the intensifying of these 'identity referencing' sequences. The rhombic dynamic then, with its
enfolding process, creates torus 'holes' around which intense magnetic fields are enfolding. When Light ships travel through dimensions they lock onto the holes rather than the torus
energy which composes our sense of matter, dimension and reality. They can then instantly slip through the holes and manifest within the desired torus field."
We can only hope to resonate with this cosmic device through extensive preconditioning and intensive inner work to come up to Metatronic light body status, then to use the mental
thought forms to engram the format well in advance of being expected to do serious work in the temple. A greater appreciation of the Arieopax is available in Johannine Grove's
publication TEMPLE DOORS 2-97, pages 25-37.
1. Most importantly, shen is a focus for the Life Force and State of Being in the whole formation, realizing that the Ulta is the primary central field  and the Shen pole imprints the
Ulta codes and transfers them into movable teleplanes, ie the two bases of the Christos and Shekinah pentagonal Spears. Not discussed yet are the two golden ratio spirals creating each
Spear. These two spirals, two in each Spear, will generate from the Tsadey/Glory pole above the Shen and arc down through the Shen, then up into the teleplane for each Spear where
two "Pools of Sinn (ie "shen")" are formed on each side of the Shen. The two pools are at the lower corners of the triangular Spear or two lower points of its 5-point star. "Sinn"
relates to the Moon and to Life so the Pools are also called the Pools of the Moon/Life. (This is a vital and new view of the Moon ...there were once two Moons... as a LIFE focus,
not a simple reflection of the Sun. In fact the Life of the Sun may come from the Moon! One of the Reshel modes or "vaults" merges the Pools of the Moon with the Vaults of the
    NOTE: REVELATION CONNECTION: The two Pools of the Moon rotate in a circle, horizontally, around the Shen in the center thereby creating a spinner field of LIFE. As the
only life comes from divine Source which is the Void or Selah, we have a circular Pool of Selah/Life around the Selah. (I believe this is the Emerald field or teleplane around the
Throne in Revelation 4:2-3. This is quite important in that the Ulta/Shen becomes the Throne of the "Sitting One" who was as the "jasper and sardine stones." These two stones
represent the central codes carried by the Ulta consciousness and function. They are the first and last stones in the High Priest's breastplate and pick up the URIM and THUMMIM
aspects ...if one decides to do a study of this. The Jewish technique for including a whole body of scripture was to quote the first and or the last line only. (Thus Yeshu's last prayer on
the cross was all of Psalm 22; Mt 27:46.) Thus the Throne would include and become the whole Breastplate.  Jasper is apparently a multi colored stone, no one is quite sure what it
looks like; more to the point it is "yesh-peh" in Hebrew which will translate "The esh-fire of the lower soul manifests through the breath, sound and word blowing intent into four
corners." We note that the "4-Square" becomes the 4 creatures and that whole matrix of the 4 first seals, etc. For our Arieopax make it the cube-sphere of the SHOFEAR made by the
star tetrahedron(s) which stabilize and contain the inner ULTA sphere, that in turn maintaining the ever dynamic Core Accelerator Bar. Continuing with the two "bracketing" stones, the
"Sardius." It is 'odem in Hebrew, or "Adam." It is red but more precisely it implies the human biocodes as Adam as the initial (red) generating aspect. "Rainbow" in Greek is IRIS
which is significant when correctly view the rainbow as circlular and using a full light spectrum. The Hebrew "quesheth" is more descriptive and includes "iris" in its definition. It also
means "rainbow, an archer's bow (WHICH IS THE SHEN'S GLYPH)" from quash which includes the idea of being round, a cup. The Hebrew for emerald is nophek: "shining,
glistening." The green "shining" effect in the Selah void would represent higher Mind or the "Chit" in Sat-chit-ananda. It also correlates with the EMERALD MAR or the basic
time/teleplane field we work with (ie "Temples of the Emerald Sea/Mar": Templa Mar for short.) There is much more to this whole biblical correlation however I only surface it here as
a productive example of the Shen's importance, content and function a the THRONE or basis of all form, here the cube of the Shofear and its tetrahedron, Ulta sphere content.
    PS: Don't overlook the Jasper and Sardion correlation with the basic two generating poles: YUD and BEYTH, the two archetypal pillars or functions supporting the basic
Layooesh central pillar, or its expanded Pillorha, as the central axis of the Reshel and its two adjacent L-Gates (Eyes of Ra, pillars).
2. Shen, the vocable or power-word and pure symbol, has three spellings: one with shen, #300, one with camek, #60, and the other with tsadey, #90. It is relevant that tsadey, the
generating pole, is an extension of shen, the basic center. It is my assertion that the Shen carries the critical BETHLEHEM TRIANGLE codes. This triangle uses the 2618 numeric as
the base angles: 26 degrees, 18 minutes, with the infinite progression included as 9.7 seconds when we attach a "Yud Spoke" (see Part One) to project its codes to the whole form. The
basic model would be the three points in the triangle, which I prefer the name "Mother's Heart" over "Bethlehem Triangle", with the shen pole duplicating itself as the point in the
center of the baseline connected directly to the apex and centering the two base points which have the capability for generating golden ratio spirals. The GOLDEN RATIO seems to
have the capacity to create ideal forms for supporting life. In the Hebrew spelling of the word: (1) shen-noun, and (2) tsadey-noun, the "noun, #50", is the serpent glyph and noun
means eternally regenerating life (in cycles). By the way, #50 at the apex of the Great Pyramid synthesizes the four socket points which are carved to represent the four aspects of the
Circadean Rhythm, four human biorhythms, or more exactly four cosmic functions working in a cyclic rhythm. These four must be a foundational life support rhythm for highest
sentience systems. The two poles, Beyth and Yud, in the Core Accelerator Bar correlate with the Pyramids' sockets, also with the tetrahedrons' base points. Remember that the Ulta
(with Shens) generate these points and continually upload and download them.
SN or "Shen" with more of a "tsen" sound still means "sharp" but with the emphasis on "thorn, sheep, a shield or hedge of thorns, a crag, cold, shield/buckler, hook, target." The
thorn's main symbolism is its sharpness (characteristic of both S-N sounds) wherein it is so sharp that the point is never reached; it is a "mouth" as in the "two-mouthed" sword
symbolism ...Heb 4:11-13 is a vital reference equating the system with sentient life. This exists in the tooth, thorn symbolism of both shen versions. The word "NIB-SHEN" or
NBSN means "fruit of the shen" or the product manifested from the Selah and Source of Life and form. The "shen" then is the system that contains the DNA, codes, signatures, keys
that will determine the manner of maintaining the divine Selah connection and in transferring the codes.
3. "SHEN" is also found in "Sinai" the mountain and burning bush. It is the third spelling: camek-noun. Again it means sharp: to prick, thorny, a thorn, twig, bough, bramble, bush.
Mt. Sinai, remember, is the pivotal power node for the Planet's forebrain grid: the ICARIUS Grid axis, locked in place by Rennes le Chateau and Bornholm Island, extended to Sligo
Bay in Ireland. In effect we might say that Mt. Sinai (double mountain) is the Shen for the Planetary forebrain from the Red Sea to Ireland. Europe is the right forebrain and contains
the BAR-SHEEBA matrix of Reshel grids within it. The primary Shen for the forebrain was an island in the Med called TUFUREU before it blew up. Now the charge is maintained,
apparently, by Sinai. "Camek's" glyph is a vertical line with three horizontal lines through it. I means to prop up or sustain. To me it represents the main "tree" of the Tree of Life
which has four realms separated effectively by cameks' three lines. "Seen", camek with the noun, would ostensibly be the Serpent and Tree in Eden. This form of shen, then, would also
be found in the creation center as the Tree "sustaining" the form. NOTE: "Eden" means "controlling foundation" when spelled with the alternate "ah" sound: both aleph and ayin
spellings always need to be checked. The five rivers and lands that form Eden are the classic "5" or HOLOS seed elements but described to support Eden specifically. Another important
study for someone to think about. The NIBSHEN or "Fruit of the Sustaining Tree" in this case is obviously that provided by the serpent (continuous life in cycles) and connects with
the Kabalists' Tree of Life. It is relevant that Genesis 3-9 will break out the Tree of Life format using the Mother's Heart format as the key to interpretation. Another big study!
4. The "Shield of David", usually using "mogen" as "shield", might more exactly use "Tsinah Dowd" with the shield being the ring of thorns. This fits exactly with the above
translations of shen. Moreover the 6-point star as a dual tetrahedron cube-sphere ...the SHOFEAR... becomes a potent "fruit" of the shen (Nib-shen) sustaining the whole Arieopax
cosmic internet/windows program connecting all gates, continua, universes within the Attasic Universe. Each "Thorn" in the shield or ring would represent a different major system in
the Attasic whole. The CROWN (SHIELD) OF THORNS around the head or "Resh" (Chief Head Stone as the Christ, Yeshua) conveniently picks up the Shen's relationship to the
Resh in the Reshel. This is specifically important when the two Reshes of the two Spears both merge as one in the Ulta/Shen field as the Spears cycle constantly through the Core
Accelerator Bar. I suggest that this concept and dynamic be seriously considered when contemplating the dual tetras as the first phase of creating the Layooesh Pillar/tube. THIS NEW
WAY OF VIEWING THE LAYOOESH SEQUENCE sees the various poles as energetic harmonics cycling through the Ulta and thus creating the intended shift in level, consciousness
all in one spot, instead of "traveling up a tube like an elevator." Both work, the Ulta shift seems more inclusive to me and suggests that this is the main difference in the Layooesh as a
Pillar and the more expanded version: the PILLORHA.
ZAYIN POLE: There are a number of specific harmonic nodes or poles found on the Reshel's axis seen to be vertically generated from the Ulta/Shen, normal (90 degrees) to the Event
Horizon or teleplanes ...the base of the pentagonal Spears. This axis is the central "altitude" of the pentagonal triangle. The apex of the triangle, or Spear, is called the ZAYIN or Zion
pole. Zayin, #7, in the alphabet was drawn as a vertical line between two horizontal lines. This glyph in the Reshel context would show the two Spears' teleplanes connected with the
combined Spears' axes with the two zayin poles in the center. This is the TEMPLE VAULT including all other formats or vaults. It becomes the 3:1 Solomon's Temple rectangle
when the zayins are slightly overlapped to form a double pentagon or 10-point ring, a complete SEED format in the 5 vibration.
The main axis described above is the primary Layooesh Pillar or Pillorha depending on its level of function. Zayin in the "Zion" correlation means "conspicuous monument" usually a
pillar in most culture frames. The "BethEl" pillar: the head/pillow stone used by Jacob in creating an L-shift to make the pillar is a good example. The "beth", meaning temple, would
neatly correlate with the Temple Vault or letter zayin. When the two zayins are opposed as the two apices of the Spears, the Spears then being base to base with the Shens merged in
the center, we have the EDEN VAULT described previously. The TEMPLE VAULT is in the NEUTRA UNIVERSE mode, that is we have neither torus or cube-sphere universes.
When we have the slight overlap, as with the Solomon Temple dynamic, we have moved from No-thing into a seed-thing and a torus format. As the Reshel Spears continue to
interpenetrate the two Great Pyramids (not yet described) approach each other; when they interpenetrate (poles are the tsadey or Glory poles) we have the octahedron, core Arieopax
double Mother's Heart (dual dipole), core of the Grail, the "M-Stra" molecule of the Saf-fire Christic, Metatronic blood, and other key dynamics. We then move into the compression or
cube-sphere universe. Remember that all this is occuring within the realm of the sustained SHOFEAR which has its center as the Ulta point.
The Zayin pole is not found in the golden ratio spiral curve. It seems to be an energetic harmonic node as a focus of consciousness more than anything else that I can see. It is the "8th"
point of the Reshel's 9 pole, according to Thoth. The first "7" are the 3 of the "Haepathia" or tetrahedron and 4 of the first points not yet discussed beyond the Shen, the first. The
Beyth and Yud are two points in the tetra Haepathia. The "Vau" pole will be the apex of the tetra/Haepathia. I don't know what "Haepathia" means.
The Temple Vault is the basic mode used to form the main Chartres geometry, that is the two Reshel Spears meet in the middle of the cathedral where the main altar is now piled up
between the NW (Madonna, Path of the Mother) and SE (Christic, Tree of Knowledge) doors. Mr. Critchlow centers the temple's vesica there with the center columns (Madonna and
Christ holding a book) of the two doors being the two centers of the overlapping circles creating the vesica. The Reshel system of two Spears (zayin poles in the center) then spins to
create the main spinner field. The system can "click on" or set in place any Reshel system on any axis however there are 8 main poles ...that being 4 harmonic "beats" or set points
that the spinning system keys on each rotation. They form the two crosses: saltire or "X" cross and the fixed (Greek) or plus-cross. The X-Cross is that on which Chartres is oriented,
thus providing the main spiritual "software" for the whole European grid system along with Montserrat, Lourdes as the composite Resh. Stonehenge, also oriented NE, is in the same
harmonic but I am not sure in what manner. (I do know that Stonehenge links with the Hebrides via Bara using the 26-18 angle. Thoth says that this connection has not been used
since the Rutans installed the main temple matrix in the Hebrides before Atlantis went down.)
END BRAVO PART: That is enough for this paper. Remember that we have a main spinner mentioned, centered in the cathedral's center or Ulta/Shen. Also remember that there is an
initial Reshel system at the main door whose Shen pole is in the main (SW) door. The Core Accelerator Bar is generated by the Ulta/Shen in each case which, along with its Shofear,
maintains the stability and continuity of each system while the spinning, rotating, and interchanging is constantly cycling through the Flashing Universes Then next paper will
continue with the Reshel technology and the rest of the primary nodes in the system. After I've pieced together the Reshel I can elaborate more on what the pieces do within the
cathedral's fabric. Remember that the temple and a group have a similar geometry, except that Chartres is a bit more complicated. It would take several groups to adequately duplicate

Blessings Be...
"Uamau ke ea o ka aina i ka pono."  ...The life of the land is perpetuated
in Righteousness.
(Hawaii State Motto)

Continuing with the technical notes re Chartres' Labyrinth and Reshel
systems. 4th increment of Part Two, the technical part.

REVIEW: So far I've correlated these Reshel poles with prime points in the
Cathedral ...the points in the cathedral compare well with the Reshel points
both in actual position as well as functional application. This tends to
substantiate that the Templars via their masons intended that the Reshel
become the temple's prime system. This comparison is both in plan and
elevation views, as with Rosslyn, and supports the use of the "L-Shift" as a
method for integrating a causal input (vertical) with the experiential field
(horizontal). That causal-experiential relationship might be reversed but I
doubt it. Most of this is my own logic and intuition. No psychic back up has
been used however many decisions are based on previous teachings by Thoth
via Revs. Maia and Simeon Nartoomid of the Johannine Grove ministries,
Church of Antioch. This does NOT mean that they necessarily agree with any
of my observations.

Reviewing the important points last made regarding the main (SW) "program
board": the front face with the Royal Portal. This face includes the two
towers and the unseen central Pillar that correlates with the main axis of
the Reshel system overlaid on the front face. Primary points of correlations

1. Zain apex of the Reshel pentagonal triangle with the point in the center
of the frieze of 16 figures over the SW rose window linking them with the 16
Grail Kings (this is the apex of the Grail Pillar in the SW main entrance
and also relates to the Order of Zain connected with Grail dynamics).

2. Kronos pole of the Eye of Ra time gate and associated functions with the
NE point of the Labyrinth's path out and back, upper point in the rose

3. Vau pole in the center of the window and Labyrinth, main control pole for
the Towers' Reshel system.

4. Shen pole as the base point and common pole in the vertical and
horizontal systems or "hinge point" in the "L" shift between vertical and
horizontal. I am calling the vertical the "causal" system linking with
Planetary Center (Atoma) which means that this system is the one that
carries the main dynamic codes and operators' intention for the procedure
for that day. This system is then "L-shifted" (unconsciously OR consciously)
in the many horizontal system poles in the temple. The temple is therefore
sequentially brought up to operating frequencies and function with cut-out
points along the way for operator safety as well as other factors including
right action within any specific functional point. Rather than hurt someone
or something the whole deal will close down like this computer is constantly
doing ..."system error and balderdash."

CONTINUING WITH THE COMMENTARY: NEXT: Two major poles: Glory pole and Resh

5. The GLORY POLE or "Tsadey" to use Thoths' Hebrew letter designation is
the Reshel's generating pole. It is formed as a Bethlehem Triangle (using
the 2618 numeric). Its apex is that of the Great Pyramid in the 50 vibration
synthesizing the Pyramids' four socket codes (cosmic rhythm correlating with
our Circadian Rhythm) and creates the Pyramid dynamic relative to the Event
Horizon of the grid and using the two "Threshold of Sythia" poles as its
socket base. These poles also generate the main tetrahedron system using the
Vau pole as its apex in the Labyrinth's center. The Thresholds/sockets are
located in the Towers' bases along with the base points of the Reshel
pentagonal triangle or "Spear."

The two base points of the Bethlehem Triangle of the Tsadey pole generate
two golden ratio spirals. These spirals are a flow of Life from Source which
expresses via the Triangle's central Shiyn pole along the base line. Note
that this triangle system is also found as the base of the whole Reshel
grid, both in the female Shekinah and male Christos matching Spears. In this
larger system the Triangle's apex is the Resh pole, the base line is between
the Thresholds of Sythia and the shiyn pole is the main Shiyn pole. This
larger system will be noted in the number 2 comment. The Spirals create the
whole grid and its vital or Life harmonic poles. They terminate in the two
Pools of Life/Moon/Shiyn or "Sinn." These two Pools, two in each system ie
Shekinah and Christos, spin to create a single "Pool of Eternal Life" as it
were or Spinner Field. This is probably the IRIS EYE or circular Emerald
Rainbow around the Throne in Rev 4:3. This Pool format will be found BOTH in
the generating Tsadey or Glory pole as well as the main base for the whole
system. The main base is the double line: The HORIZON OF THOTH also the
Event Horizon or CORE ACCELERATOR BAR of the Arieopax. It appears to us as a
TELEPLANE or a continuum/reality frame having two planes linked by a Selah
Field of nothingness (Unmanifest God) to keep the thing from blowing apart.
I think that a central ULTA POLE will be found in the absolute Center which
will then balance and coordinate the whole program via the two Shiyn poles
that use the Bethlehem Triangle format for its natural functioning. This
concept also needs to be remembered in the next note, #2.

This vital, Glory Pole, is found in the entrance to the Labyrinth and at the
lower point of the bose window. This pole is just above Christ's head in the
"The Life of Our Lord" lancet window just under the rose window. A dove flys
down from the Glory pole to Yeshu's head. This window shows the Tree of Life
with 7 figures, Mary at the base and Yeshu at the top. Therefore, over the
TREE is the Glory pole, Vau, Kronos and Zain that generates the system
...the system being effectively the GRAIL AND ITS ASSOCIATED PILLAR. The
Pillar extends (above ground) from the Shiyn pole at floor level in the
Royal Portal up to the Zain pole in the 16 Grail King frieze. (That term is
my own, not in print.) The circular cup of the Grail is the rose window and
its working correspondent: the Labyrinth. This is effectively the womb of
all the Eurpoean Metatronic (Reshel) grid systems or the BAR-SHEEBA grid

The implication here is that the operator priest/priestess must come into
the resonant harmonic with this Glory pole's function. It becomes more
impressive as we view the Resh pole or "root" of the Tree.

6. The RESH POLE of the Reshel is the "Chief Head Stone" or the Head Stone
of the Corner "L" (Ps 118:19-23) with its two gate-systems: "Gates of
Righteousness" and "Gate of the Lord." It is the apex of the Bethlehem
Triangle archetype, the 9th pole of the Reshels' nine poles, and the
controlling pole for the Reshel system. Christ was correlated with the Chief
Head Stone "layed in Zion" which can not be ignored (Ac 4:11-12; 1 Pe
2:6-8). We note that the Resh of the Reshel is found in the Christ of the
Apocalypse carving over the main door, under the Tree of Life. I've not
personally looked at the spot on the cathedral's floor for a marker and can
not connect it with a published point of interest in the horizontal plane.
It would have had to be "known with the eyes to see" as the saying goes.

But the Christ of the Apocalypse is a different matter. (1) It is a major
work showing the correlation with the Grail at His feet and its connection
with the relevant chakras. (2) Further, Mr. Peter Dawkins has correlated
this carving with his GRAIL LINE stretching from Stes. Maries de la Mer in
France NW through Scotland. If the carving is superimposed, Christ's right
(open, blessing) hand's center is over the main spiritual center of Ireland
at Uishneach. I do not wish to elaborate more on this since it should be
Mr. Dawkin's story. (3) It can be superimposed over the same main visica
spanning the cathedral discovered by Mr. Critchlow. He also found that the
Madonna in the window: NOTRE DAME DE LA BELLE VERRIERE can be placed exactly
over the cathedral including the Tree of Life.

The Grail cup shape at Yeshus' feet uses the Bethlehem Triangle to define
it. It is quite important to also note that the same shape and enclosed
triangle is found in the center of the Labyrinth between the path entering
the center and the energetic positions and state within the center circle.
As noted in a previous section, the Labyrinth use of the cup shape is an
interface between the pure No-thing (Selah) of the Unmanifest God within the
center and the same quality of the Path but in a preform state. The Shape,
both in the Labyrinth center and at Yeshus' feet becomes a filtering or
conditioning interface device: (1) for those who use the Labyrinth as
primary operators of the cathedral, and (2) the main central axis-pillar in
the vertical plane of the SW entrance. Restated: operators must be of the
Grail vibration as "the feet of Christ" AS WELL AS being of the Resh or
Chief Head Stone vibration and capable of doing the "L-shift" (Eye of Ra
implosion technque) to employ the Labyrinth and the rest of the cathedrals'
main stations.

It is my suggestion that the Apocalypse carving, in its vesica, may be
superimposed over the same area as the Madonna, thus forming a MYSTIC
MARRIAGE. Further, it is my assumption that the Belle Verriere Madonna is
the Magdil(ene) due to the Mari Magdalene double-M at her feet, one of her
signs. Thus the Mystic Marriage takes on a vital transformational function
that I am sure the Templars and their Masons intended but one that the
orthodox Church is most disturbed over. This herecy has always been a major
one within the Catholic Church and has resulted in extensive damage to
Chartres' energy and function carried out by the Church. Probably most
important was the destruction of many windows in the "power bay" section and
the destruction of the Rood Screen in the same area. The placement of the
present main altar is also a grave error from the point of view of
maintaining the temple's power. In spite of the present sad state of the
cathedral it is still functional in the etheric level and be activated as


The building is packed with critical lines and curves however the MAIN AXIS
(NE-SW) has two primary poles in its TEMPLA MAR format (also used by Rosslyn
Chapel): (1) NE is the main "Heel Stone" which is the same in both Chartres
and Rosslyn ...the non physical resh pole controling the time gate system or
"L Gate" (St. Piet's Chapel in Chartres and the lower crypt in Rosslyn, both
golden ratio L shapes with their Reshes on the main axis)... and (2) the
"Solarian Pillar" in the opposite SW pole. It is this nonphysical pillar
that I'm calling the "Causal Pillar" described above. It is the vertical
line, the main axis of the Shekinah (female) Reshel on the front (SW) face
above the main or "Royal" portal. I believe this to be the MOST IMPORTANT
SINGLE LINE in the temple.

Reviewing the functions noted above:

(1) the 16 GRAIL KINGS FRIEZE represents the collective Grail consciousness
in the Racial Mind in two continua, which is the basis for forming the
Metatronic 3rd continuum in which we are rapidly moving. This includes the
16 Grail Queens. Arthur was the last and 16th. This vast and most important
body of wisdom, a STATE OF BEING, is the top of the Pillar/Staff. It is in
the apex of the Reshel Spear (pentagonal triangle) and when the two Spears'
apices coincide in their central POINT OF COHERENCE or Ulta pole (called the
Shen, on the temple floor level as the base of the Pillar), then the
configuration of the two Spears is called the TEMPLE VAULT which contains
all other formats and is the basic schematic for all Metatronic Temples
using the Reshel. Using this Line would give the temple the chief vibration
of the Grail; thus it is with Chartres.

(2) The Rose Window has three Reshel poles: Kronos, the main time gate Eye
of Ra apex; the center containing the Vau Pole giving us the realm in which
all kingdoms can communicate (angelic, hierarchical, devic), and the Glory
Pole which generates the whole form (Shekinah Spear in this case). The glass
in the window will carry a specific matrix of engrammed codes. I don't know
what they are; the pictures might give a clue but would not be that useful.
The codes can be felt by "merging" with the widow from inside with the Sun
coming through, best effect from the Labyrinth. This is one way of doing the

(3) The TREE OF LIFE, RAA AND TOV, below the window as the window of the
"Life of Christ." The Pillar already contains the Gizeh Pyramid format along
with the tetrahedron, teleplane or Pool of the Moon/Vault of the Sun
dynamic, time gate matrices, Elisa Exchange dynamic, and others. This window
inserts the TREE format as a system being emphasized. Further it inserts the
"other" two sephiroth giving the Tree 12 sephiroth for the Metatronic demand
on it and as it is in the "real" two continua.

is the Resh (Chief Head Stone) "which must be known and used, can not be
ignored" or Yeshu as the Head that becomes the Corner (Ps 118:19-23)
controling the Gates mentioned in Psalm 118. With this is the action which
will shift the CAUSAL input from the vertical to the horizontal experiential
reality, the temple's main geometry. The NOTRE DOME DE LA BELLE VERRIERE
window of the Madonna and Child superimposed over the temple's vesica will
not activate without the Christ's vesica unified with Her in the same
fashion. This vesica uses the Bethlehem Triangle Grail cup as the "malkuth"
of the Pillar ...Christs' feet are in the Cup.

(5) The shen pole is the base of the Pillar and the point held by the person
(priest, priestess) intending to join the team forming to activate the
cathedral for a specific work. It is the "hinge point" for the L shift and
the pole carried with the person used for sequential activation of the
horizontal planes' various stations. It also incorporates the two physical
pillars, the SUN AND MOON TOWERS. These two towers, merged in the center and
L-shifted, apparently transpose the spherical zodiacal program onto a
straight line which is then unified with the temple's main axis. It is
effectively a "time line" of 365 days (length in feet of the Sun Tower) of a
one-year cycle. Mr. Critchlow has also noted that the Moon Tower is 28 days
shorter than the Sun Tower. This points out that there is one lunar month
that is "out of time" or sacred (holy, nazir, set apart). I don't know
enough about the subject to guess which or why. We would know if we were
exactly certain of the start time for the year's time line. I believe that
Mr. Critchlow has correlated it with the usual January 1st; if so then the
last and "missing" month is in December of the solar year.

slogging my way through the technical part. The Third Part, some day, will
hopefully provide measurements and concepts needed to compute the
Laybrinth's music by people more skilled than I.

Blessings Be...
"Uamau ke ea o ka aina i ka pono." ...The life of the land is perpetuated
in Righteousness.
(Hawaii State Motto)