Part One of two:

FOR ALL: This is a letter to Bill Mann who has done amazing work in
defining the Nova Scotia grids. His work fits very precisely in with my own
so I enjoy trading ideas with him. In this note I'm focusing on the
Chartres Labyrinth as an extremely important mechanism in the Reshel grid
system that I am working with (Thoth's information originally). I'm hoping
that he ...or any of you... will have a brainstorm or experiential item
that I can crank into the general effort of FIRST asking: IS IT RELEVANT TO
next I'm trying to (1) define what the thing is and does; (2) how does it
work at which levels; (3) what must be done with it in remote areas around
the world to enhance the resonance of remote installations with the
original at Chartres ...that is, beyond basic and essential "intent."

BOTTOM LINE PRESENT HYPOTHESIS: Chartres is the main Shekinah (Goddess,
form builder) temple focus of a large matrix of Mari-temples (the Marian
cathedrals built by the Templars). These form a software program enhancing
a "7" or sheeba/shakti female grid vibration for Europe which is the
planetary right forebrain. There is a system of large Reshel (Chief Head
Stone) grids using the golden ratio base covering Europe and the Americas;
this Reshel system grounds the Metatron therefore is highly relevant to
right now and immediate future in the major evolution into the basic "Ranna
Time Wave" from which we fell and to which we are now returning.

Both the male and female dynamics must be upgraded in the Racial mind but
first the female presence and authority must be reestablished after all
this time: one primary function of the Reshel: to "reerect the fallen
female pillar (Thoth)." It is quite clear that the Templars were leaning
foreward in their great plan, establishing major installations that
significantly enhanced evolution in the 1400 to present era which, however
are only now coming into full demand. In this system Chartres (focusing her
matrix) ties into a "Grail Line" defined by Peter Dawkins in Europe which,
as it happens, is also a key line in creating the 3-fold grail in Great
Britain which we have recently "rewired" to conform with what was
apparently the original schematic. Chartres ALSO is critical in feeding
into, via Mont St. Michel, a huge L-Gate system covering all of Europe from
Edinburgh to Rennes le Chateau in the Languedoc. An "L-Gate" is a time gate
found in a golden ratio rhombus which Thoth calls the "Eye of Ra", it also
being a model of a stargate.

The whole Marian matrix is focused in Chartres as its "off-on" switch.
Chartres' Holy of Holies (the mill stone, threshing floor; the path uses
the local millstone's measurments) is the Labyrinth. Its rings appear to
describe the basic signature for a huge pentagonal grid system containing
the 3-fold Grail, when that pentagonal triangle spins to form a cone.
Further, within the Cathedral the labyrinth is the main control point for a
major time gate which also uses the two main towers as generators. This
also sets up a resonance with the larger European L-Gate grid since the
same formats are used.

The mechanics of the labyrinth's 12 rings are based on music and higher
zodiacal consciousness vectors. They can also resonate with the "Line of
12" which term I am using in referring to Mr. Dawkins' Grail Line (he uses
7 zodiacal temples in the Line). That is, if the "12" on the Line can come
up to speed. This factor could bleed in mundane aspects except that the
labyrinth also forms a protective filter. This function also applies, I
believe, in its duplicate signature which should also be found in San
Sebastian, Spain. I have not found the musical chords/notes used in
activating the labyrinth, nor the zodiacal sequence. I am aware of the many
systems that correlate music with the zodiac and chakras (12) but I would
be reluctant to jamb any other system into Chartres without good cause.
Further, any system that might have once worked will have to be very
closely evaluated for its Metatronic qualities; anything else will be
sloughed off if it hasn't already. We can also predict that there will be a
correlation with the orbit of Earth and the two orbits of Venus (260/225).

If these suppositions are valid then the Labyrinth of Chartres is perhaps
the most important single mechanism corresponding to the "Womb of the
Goddess" dynamic that we have in at least this right brain half of the
planet (Hawaii, Greece being the dividing meridian). There is also a flow
path or two that feeds the Chartres input into Hawaii as the chief
roil/royale point for the planet wherein it accesses all planetary grids.
Much of the planetary collective will be trashed in the imminent
translation (2015-2025 CE) however Metatronic systems will generally
survive; thus we are trying to identify these and use them where
appropriate to facilitate the transition. I believe that the Labyrinth is
such a system, one of the more important.

Dear Bill,

I don't hold the package or images you are referring to in your last
message so I can't comment other than to reinforce your ideas re the "6"
dynamic, also involved in my problem below. (Note commentary re the 666 as
a potent spiritual temple system.) I need some help from an expert in music
theory and also gemetria. You're the nearest to that that I know of, maybe
you'll have some ideas. (Also, if any of the info addees have comments I'm
really interested!)

I do have a remark re "horses." On our GB Grail insertion trip we had
repeated physical and innerplanes horses showing up that had to do with
time gates. I don't know the archetypal connection except that the
"Knight's Move" represents the L-shift function of the gates. We discussed
this same idea before and I've seen actual cases of it since. The most
potent correlations came at Fortingal and Glastonbury Tor in making time
connections. They showed up, we didn't ask for them.

SITUATION: The Chartres labyrinth appears to "hold the music" for the whole
European/American Metatronic (Arieopax) grid used by the Templars most
recently (re the Marian cathedrals) but also by the distant
Atlans/Egyptians. It appears that these grids were put in place to assist
humanity/the Planet AT THIS TIME although they have been useful in other
less critical jumps in human evolution. I'd like to understand the
labyrinth more completely: it's music/signature software.

BACKGROUND: I know it is tedious but I'm adding a few addees onto the list
so I'd better do a thumbnail overview re the grids. You've seen all of this
but I'm now emphasizing the labyrinth more than before, also its connection
with Rosslyn Chapel.

There exists a special "artifact" (human construct) grid that specifically
grounds the very important Metatronic/Christic Ascension Grid. It is the
4th or grounding level of the 4-level system. It is a primary grid for the
new time continuum that we are NOW very rapidly evolving (back) into. It is
called by Thoth: "the RESHEL or the advanced version: ARIEOPAX" and has
been used as a basic geometry for Rosslyn as well as Chartres. Its core
energetic is the "Bethlehem Triangle" (two of them base-to-base) which
gives us what appears to be the most basic GRAIL DYNAMIC. This dynamic has
been found in the HOLOS (seed) pentagonal grid (URMAGA GRID) mostly
including Great Britain but whose base line extends from Santiago de
Compostela to Stes. Maries de la Mer in France. It is centered at San
Sebastian in Spain, probably via the Christ statue on the mountain as its
tholus pole. From San Sebastian the HOLOS triangle's altitude line extends
north to Thurso which consolidates the potent Hebridean/Orkney temple
energetics from Ruta (49N, 29W) now functional again for this Metatronic
phase. This line is called the Tav'hara Line and it goes through the
Edinburgh Matrix (26 miles across, controlled by the Sinclairs at Rosslyn,
centered at the Mt. Lothian Chapel ruin which links with Fortingal),
Glastonbury Tor (keying into the Barbury Castle or "SERAPHA" Xii grid
centered at Avebury), Guernsey in the Channel Islands.

The Bethlehem Triangles are bracketed by Edinburgh and Glastonbury with the
three Grail "capstones" or "shiyn poles" on a perpendicular line through
Holy Island (Angelsey). The Shekinah and Christos Grails are generated by
the apices of the triangles. The Grails thus provide the main SEED software
which the HOLOS pentagram-spinner inserts into the GAIA planetary right
forebrain (Europe) via the other Reshel grids collectively called the
"Bar-Sheeba) or "Seed of the Seven." "Seven" is the basic European FEMALE
vibration, the sheeba/shakti number. However, the female's seven requires
the male eighth pole. In Europe this vital polarity is picked up by the
Marian cathedrals (Primary is Chartres) which carry the VIRGO constellation
function and the "seven" vibration. Mont St. Michel is the male tholus
pole, the 8th point. St. Michel also cuts in at the Denebola (Leo) point
which correlates with the most holy star MAZURIEL, which is effectively the
Central Sun's extension into the Metatronic continua (not this fallen one).
HOWEVER, when the TIME GATES are activated Mazuriel is the critical
interface for the whole redemptive and evolutionary dynamic!

This is critical in my story. All the European and American (GAIA right
brain) grids cut in ...and in a no-time/all-time mode... when the special
L-Gate grid is triggered. This master switch grid can only be activated
when all the other grids are "go" and there are Masters at the switch
points: Rosslyn, St. Michel, St. Sulpice Chapel in Paris, and Rennes le
Chateau Magdelene Tower/Chapel. The male St. Michel tholus is virtually
impotent without the Goddess/Virgo ie Chartres and her composite Mari
consciousness. Therefore, Chartres must be fully "aroused" or activated.
HER LABYRINTH IS THE WOMB in this format! The 6-point KEY OF DAVID (Dowd
means: love, cauldron, ie the Grail dynamic of inserting, regenerating
Life) in the center of the Labyrinth is the seed insertion (insemination)

THREE POINTS are relevant here:

(1) CHILD'S FETUS starts with two cells (refer Maitri Upn 2.6, 5 breaths,
two vessels centered by Agni: Life fire example of many) and then
expands by doubling process into 16 (Morula matrix) at which time it enters
the womb after 3 days. I point out here that the Arieopax needs 16 poles to
activate (Arieopax is the Grail format and is one of the 24 Metatronic
Breastplates, is also the main grid format for the various Bar-Sheeba
matrices including Chartres and Rosslyn). Also Thoth has pointed out that
there were 16 Grail Kings, Arthur being the last. A major grail symbol is a
stalk of wheat with 16 grains.

(2) THE KEY OF DAVID or 6-point star in the labyrinth center is a double or
star tetrahedron having 8 poles. It is the primary form initiating the
LAYOOESH PILLAR which associates with the 72 petal Rose Mystica or Grail
(6x12=72; two levels=144). The other systems in sequence are the ennead
(9), star pentahedrons (10 poles) expanding into the 12/13 matrix. This
pillar in its ascension vector is the Female Pillar initiated by the Reshel
dynamic. Its complementary male pillar or tube is the Christos "Arronrod"
which activates if the female tube can become active for a two way energy
flow. In theory the six operators in the labyrinth center would be all
females but since there are two pillars interacting it is more correct to
have 3 male and 3 female. Also note the critical SILENCE OR VOID (Selah)
pole as the entrance ...which also equals the radius of the local MILL
STONE usually identified with the "threshing floor" or temple's Holy of

(3) THE LABYRINTH IS THE HOLY OF HOLIES once (1) the cathedral is first
correctly brought up to speed through sacramental process, (2) shifted into
a no/all time mode through activating the St. Piat Chapel L-Gate (same as
in Rosslyn), then (3) the labyrinth has been walked (music turned on) and
the central layooesh pillar/tube is activated and linked with Mont St
Michel (very explicit sexual correlation as preparation of the vaginal
birth canal and womb/ovaries). I might also point out that the ovaries and
womb form the Bethlehem Triangle and function paralleling the Grail format.
It is quite important to make the connection here with the Grail as the
mechanism that provides Divine Source with the path and processor to engram
Life into form via the two way Spirit-Matter bridge and co experience. When
the labyrinth Holy of Holies is activated, then the no/all time mode is
applied using the L-gate or golden ratio rhombic "Eye of Ra" where the two
main towers become generating poles and the Labyrinth is the 1.618 control
point. This also opens the 2.618 control point for expanded function.
Chartres then becomes one of a few fully operative Time Temples in the
TEMPLA MAR. (Or "Templa Mar(i)".)

When the above all gets off the ground and flying, both Glastonbury and
Edinburgh insert the new Life signature into the major Grail Grid which
then seeds the GAIA and Racial being.

SO WHAT? The scope of this whole thing is overwhelming when one begins to
contemplate it in depth: how humans, devachan, angels cooperate in
synergically unifying in Life management with Divine Source. Not to mention
the whole creative process. Why am I thinking that the Labyrinth as the
womb is in the central morula of this whole thing and what can you do to
help me figure it out?

RATIONALE: Peter Dawkins is using a GRAIL LINE as he names it (a very good
name) which extends NW from Stes. Maries de la Mer through the Edinburgh
matrix to the NW coast of Scotland. He identifies 7 zodiacal temples with
the Line. Not arguing with his seven it is my feeling that this is the
"roslinne" or "Rose (Grail)-Line-of-12" (Scot-Gailic translation). There
should be 12 zodiacal core temples on the Line, in my opinion, in keeping
with the evolution of the blood's DNA back into a 12 strand format required
in the Metatronic Ranna Time Flow. Actually there will be many more holy
sites transferred to the Line via what Thoth calls the "Shaka" effect
however the 12/13 are key.

The Grail Line forms one side of the Urmaga Grid pentagonal triangle.
Edinburgh is at its apex (note that Edinburgh is also common to all the
Bar-Sheeba grids in a controlling position, therefore emphasizing Rosslyn's
vital role). When the triangle spins it forms a cone. The points on the
Grail Line then form rings around the central Tav'hara Line. When these
rings are projected "down" onto the Event Horizon Line or Teleplane: the
base line centered by San Sebastian, it forms a system of concentric
circles: ie the same as the type of labyrinth at Chartres! IS IT THE SAME
LABYRINTH? I BELIEVE SO! I must admit that this is mainly only an intuitive
guess however there are a few strong archetypal indications supporting the

HOWEVER I don't think it is that simple. I see the Grail Line's input (of
12) as having two cones with apices centered at Edinburgh. The upper one is
the Christic, pointing South, but its concentric rings would be in Thurso
with the base line E-W and intersecting the Grail Line at sea west of Cape
Wrath. This sea-intersection would also be close to the Ruta Line from the
Atlantic up through the Callinish Standing Stones to Eynhallow Isle of
Orkney. It would appear that Stanley Messenger's home is in a significant
point in the northern cone, on a line from Strathy Point. The complication,
as it were, with the Grail Line conical rings is that the CONSCIOUSNESS
input from these rings is formed of the nature of the consciousness
matrices formed by each of the core and sub-points ...the people and devas
in those matrices with power enough to engram the nodes. Thus we could have
anything in any astral realm from black magicians to high devachan
accessing the nodes. Good and evil alike. A filtering device would be needed.

The first and best filter is simply that the system is basically Metatronic
and when it is fully on-line the lower, fallen Oritronic frequencies do not
register. However the system has been partially activated in the lower
frequencies on up to the present all-out demand for the best that it has.
It has been polluted in spots to some degree some of the worst by the
Catholic Church in its abuse of Chartres itself as well as other
abominations, the Albigensian Crusade being perhaps the worst. In any
event, I see the labyrinths' 12 rings and 13th (the center) as being the
selective filter. Since the greatest source of lower pollution ("lower sex"
in our symbolic paradigm) would be via the distortion of the Marian
cathedrals and their lands ...the profaned Goddess... than Chartres would
be the major control and choke point.

The proposed seed input would have to (1) resonate with the Divine Harmonic
Of Universal Accord and the many resonate points in the primary control
points: the top poles being the four in the L-Grid named above; (2) make it
through the sequential and difficult raising of Chartres to frequency and
function: coming on-line, going no/all time, and then activating the main
towers, then frequency match with Mont St. Michel to finally be accepted
into the system as a valid seed or "living water." All this is the higher
version of the enigmatic "BS" in the ulta point of Boudet/Sauniere's Rex
Mundi column: BS is Hebrew meaning "to draw water" through the Stem in the
Grail's "Stem and Blossom" format explained in the last letter "Grail
Notes." All this is saying is that the labyrinths' ring combination ...its
"music"... sets the frequencies and chords that will either pass the seed
that is harmonic or spew it out if it is not. This is the main filter
between the Goddess and the Saint Michael acceptance. No "Mystic Marriage"
without it.

Therefore I am saying that there is a CONSCIOUSNESS set up in the Grail
Line Ring system, very complex but formed around a core of 12, and an
ENERGETIC FILTER ie the labyrinth's mechanism. The Consciousness Ring
system will form at San Sebastian. (Side note: the pole is identified as
the letter shiyn whose glyph is a double bent bow: means to transmute or
duplicate. Saint Sebastian's symbol is the cross and two arrows, being tied
to the stake ...Tav'hara Line?) It has to strike a true harmonic with all
the holy points on the Tav'hara Line. The interface with Chartres' matrix
is at Rosslyn via Edinburgh where it has already presumably phase matched
with Saint Michael and then also with Rennes le Chateau and its own Goddess
input. The "Goddess" by the way has a powerful MARI dynamic to it with a
strong Magdelene overlay from all points. The Rosslyn Ring is the series of
Rings around the Mari Pillar. The Mary Altar (which isn't there) in the
Lady Chapel is the main Chapel control point for the whole impressive
L-Gate system. Glastonbury Hill under the Tor contains the suspended body
of TORCHANNAH (female "Grace of the Tower" or female pillar). This phases
with the primal serpent (female) that spans the planet as HEMPTAHA or the
"Uncoiling Serpent" that controls all grids planet wide. The Michael-Mari
Line is part of the Hemptaha, on a Bethlehem Angle, and has its own major
L-Gate controlled by Men an Tol in Cornwall. The Tor (Tower) and its tholus
down the hill aways appears to receive the signal and then processes it
into the Hemptaha via the systems in the hill, notably Torchannah, as the
filter and protector between the basic serpent and the tor. At Glastonbury
there is another notable Ring-Pass-Not in the aspect of the Great Dog whose
nose touches the Hemptaha. With Cadbury Mount and the Tor a large triangle
is formed that tracks the Sun in its daily circuit (center of the ring
formed is the Tor). The "dog" is the Annubis correspondent which "strobes"
12 annubis' around the ring daily, thus forming an Annubis Ring which is a
very powerful protector as well as filter and opener of seals to those of
the right frequency with a need to know. This filter is geared to the Solar
aspects of the Glastonbury zodiacal function.

that each of its 12 rings would have a zodiacal and musical correspondence.
The 12/13 vibration would also correlate with the last phase of the
layooesh pillar as well as the high and low grail formats connected by the
dual pillar. I have no idea what the "music" is or which "signs" are
represented by each ring. I'm looking for a few good ideas that could help
to move me through a long standing block of my own.

Here are a few things that I've noticed. There are 113 points in the outer
ring that generally synthesizes the inner rings or sets the base mode.
There are 55 in the NW or what I believe to be the left brain correspondent
and 58 in the other. (The Cathedral orients NE in the saltire or "X" cross,
thereby providing the "software" to all the N-S-E-W cathedrals. Rosslyn
also has a saltire cross oriented NE centered on the Mari Pillar, same
program in it associated with the typical Templa Mar.) The 113 points are
complemented by the Selah or Void, the entrance and path. Therefore the
SILENCE is established within the ring and all other rings as their divine
essence from which the sound/breath emanates. This gives the outer ring 114
points counting the Holy Silent or Separate Essence. To use the gate and
labyrinth the operator has to be Of the Divine Silence to become the music.

The labyrinth shifts both rings and directions (thus changing "Critical
Rotational Positions" or CRP's ancient technique for changing musical
notes or chords within the magnetic and true directional fields. The main
CRP alignments are in the quadrants of the Saltire cross, prime direction
from SW to NE. This axis in the Templa Mar is from the SOLARIAN PILLAR (SW)
where we have the Mazuriel, Solarian, Leo, Eagles, Shepherd Kings influence
as the grounding of the NE HEEL STONE or spiritual pivot. The effective
Heel Stone or CHIEF HEADSTONE, THE "HEAD OF THE CORNER" is the resh (chief
head stone) in the St. Piat's chapel L-gate (ie the "corner") on the NE
axis ...same with Rosslyn but on the East line. The higher function of this
axis ...which has its main action fed into the tetrahedron center...
channels a special "Royale" vector from what Thoth calls the Attasic
Universe which contains all universes even beyond the Seraphic Ennead
group. This is a wisdom flow that is outside the chakra system or light
bodies but still will influence them and complement our lower wisdom with
very high order stuff. For some reason this entry path (SW to Center via a
lot of looping around) is in a series of 5 paths, then 6 in the left brain
(NW) side and is reversed: 6 and 5 in the other side, read from outside
inward. Entry must have been from the outer ring by first establishing the
114 count base line counting the Silent divine point.


pt 2:

Part Two of two: Chartres' Labyrinth

(cont'd): The other axis: NW-SE is crossed 5 times in each hemisphere or
brain half. This axis is the PATH OF THE MOTHER (NW) to the TREE OF
KNOWLEDGE (SE). The left (NW) side rings that cross quadrants are 11, 8, 5,
2, 1 (not crossed in that sequence however). The right side rings, not in
sequence are 11, 10, 7, 4, 1. In sequence they are 1L, 2L, 5L, 1R, 4R, 8L,
11L, 7R, 10R, 11R. The "back of the brain" (SW half) does not cross the
SW-NE axis at all but gives straight paths to the center across various
ring combinations. However in the "forebrain" (NE) half the SW-NE axis is
crossed 3 times on the 3rd (going left to right), 6th (right to left) and
9th (left to right) in sequence. Initial entrance is in the back (SW) of
the head, left side, and entrance to the center is in the back of the head,
right side. Whatever all that might mean (!?)

The labyrinth spans the nave; one can not enter except by going through it.
To pass "through" one must first walk it into the center, then exit by the
center to NE path which is totally "between" the paths except where the
three crossings are between the left and right sides. My belief is that
after reaching the center the operator priest/priestess must enter the
Silence/Void to exit without disturbing the "orchestration" ie the musical
adjustment made to the operator. There are however three "notes/chords"
that are assimilated to adjust to the rest of the activity in the temple as
a type of interface mechanism. To exit the temple the same notes (reversed)
have to be transited to reenter the center. From that point the operator
must "detune" by reversing the sequencing on the path out of the labyrinth.

Another observation. The circular concentric rings may be bent up to form a
cup or Grail. The center Key of David (cauldron) becomes the cup's shiyn or
pivotal womb point and also the base of the emerging Pillar associated with
the archetypal Grail. We find the typical Bethlehem Triangle(s) combination
marked by off center geometries using the NW and SE circles in the center
formation, indicating that there are Reshel/Arieopax core golden ratio
spirals generated in the center that will give us the needed spirals to
create the 72 petaled Rose Mystica cup(s) superimposed over the 12 rings.

THE RINGS: The outer (12th) ring has 113 points and one "holy" point for a
total of 114 and 114 spaces, two being "in the gap." We could assign
equivalent values to the other rings by assuming that all the rings are
whole, that is they are complete rings without gaps. Using the same size
spaces between the outer points but fitting them in the inner and smaller
rings we can assign values to each ring. That might be one method of
determining musical notes. By dividing the ring number by the fundamental
of 114 we can find an interval. What we do with that I'm not sure.

The 11th ring would have 105.6 nodes for an interval of 1.08. The 10th:
97.78 and 1.17; 9th: 89.95 and 1.27; 8th: 82.13 and 1.39; 7th: 74.31 and
1.53; 6th: 66.48 and 1.71; 5th: 59.05 and 1.93; 4th: 50.81 and 2.24; 3rd:
43.41 and 2.63; 2nd: 35.59 and 3.20; 1st: 27.71 and 4.11. Someone who knows
what they are doing might convert the numbers to tones. The theory would be
that when each ring is accessed via the Silence (ie the path of the gap)
the operator would be engrammed with the sound of that ring. Thus a
specific sound sequence would effectively condition the operator to the
correct attunement of the Cathedral and (I suggest) to the whole grid
format for Europe and specifically the controlling L-Gate.

This is near to the ancient Lemurian and Atlan science of healing by
turning the client's brain in specific radial directions or "Critical
Rotational Positions" (CRP's). Each radial would have its specific tone;
the notes could be changed to modify the disease and restore the correct
musical signature of the client. This may be done in group merkabas
(synergic containment fields), temples, or whatever. When Dan Winter shifts
his golden spiral field to discern specific spiral conformations he is
doing the same.

around the world are duplicating the Chartres Labyrinth with varying
results. My idea is that if the remote facility can be correctly aligned
and the "music" duplicated, then the operators can come into a close
resonance with the original. Why should that be important? If I am correct,
he original is now operational at least in the etheric at a Metatronic
level where the Church can not bother it unless the Church members are "of
the vibration" themselves. Further, the original and all the grids will
rapidly become more important as the old forms are sloughed away and the
Metatronic grids lock in. Remote operators may then directly access the
powerful GAIA right forebrain grids that contain the various Grail
mechanisms including the 3-fold Grail in Great Britain.

These grids do not control persons any more than astrological aspects and
functions do. However the grids are strong facilitators and can interface
realms and agencies more efficiently, particularly when used by
synergically unified group merkabas. It is easier for persons and groups to
more accurately accomplish Metatronic works by being an integrated part of
"the system."

OTHER ENERGY CONSIDERATIONS: It appears at this point that any labyrinth
duplicate should have two towers augmenting its time gate function, if the
operators wish to go that far with it. Special energy conditioning would be
required. The towers could be reproduced with crystals or some more
manageable potent energy focus. There is another equally important energy
control point exterior to the labyrinth at the 2.618 distance (assuming the
labyrinth center is at a 1.618 distance from the tower's base line).
Further, the remote plan should be layed out on a NE axis, preferably on a
true heading rather than magnetic ..46 deg, 54' 30" is the exact heading.
Two other important external reference points would further enhance the
resonance: the reshel center whhich coincides with the center of the
7-point star in the choir, also the resh point or Chief Head Stone pole in
the St. Piat chapel, this is on the cathedral's main axis. This is also a
time gate control point used prior to activating the major one controlled
from the labyrinth center.