Boston, Rosslyn and Arkhom by William Buehler


THIS NOTE mentions the importance of Rosslyn Chapel relative to the Orion
and Arkhom grids on the Eastcoast. Main subject is the earth grid using
Boston vicinity (Westford Knight a primary grail/grid software program in
the Boston eastern, generating pole).

Much information is based on Thoth's material via Revs Maia and Simeon
Nartoomid, Church of the Johannine Grove. My using it does not imply their
agreement of accuracy in application or interpretation. I highly recommend
their TEMPLE DOORS periodicals which provide exceptional commentaries on
cosmology and where and why the Earth is headed now, most of the info being

Johgrove's TEMPLE DOORS issues give the best (and probably only) big picture
I know of, balanced with angelic, devic, Hierarchical, inputs. Their latest
issue (about 150 pages) is really important and hits heavily on the larger
Grail perspectives, earth grids and a bit for every interest. Highly
recommended. If you wish to inquire, their email is .
Hi Henry,

The Orion connection with Boston/Arkhom is quite important and that's a
major conference topic I'd like to raise with you and the ArkWrights Susan
and Peter. The main Solarian, Michael Mandate et al directives seem to be
coming out of Orion in conjunction with Sirius and the Pleiades ...a
gazillion other systems are involved but the main show appears to be
organized by the "Blue Star" (Rigel).

My strong theory is that the Arkhom is the holographic interface system
booster between Nova Scotia (power pack and hard disk) and the huge
intercontinental (Bakhira) Reshel grid. This is the main right brain system
for GAIA. The right forebrain is Europe with GB being the main Grail
programmer. Rosslyn Chapel, as the controller (Resh: Chief Head Stone: L
control) for the Edinburgh Matrix (Reshel grid is 28 miles diameter) is the
main agent that connects all the Reshel grids I find in Europe. The
Edinburgh Matrix connects with the ACADEMY OF CHRIST installed in the
Fortingall/Mt Schiehallion ALPHA POLE. This is the "Indwelling Christos"
point for the Planet functioning via the right forebrain of the Planet. It
connects with the Edinburgh Matrix via the grail format using the BETHLEHEM
TRIANGLE. This point of connection is just south of Rosslyn at the old Mt.
Lothian Chapel ruin ...however Rosslyn is the control and synthesis for the
whole system. The Academy of Christ (interdimensional) trained the "Nathan
Soul" for about 1000 years prior to the Advent, where that soul incarnated
at Bethlehem as the host for the Christ. The training was in the Alpha
Point area where the Academy is still very functional. Thoth installed the
Alpha Pole several months ago, using his special task group for that
purpose, and picked up its relay pole as a golden rod into the Earth at

Note: The OMEGA POLE is at Monserrat Basilica in Catalonia, Spain. This is
the Christic UPDWELLING pole. These two poles generate the next phase of the
main planetary Metatronic/Christic grids and nodes, keys and codes, for the
imminent LP-40 shift now well advanced and teetering on execution.
Montserrat links with Rosslyn at Tarragona, Catalonia. This is the main
altitude axis for the equilateral triangle (ASTARA Grid) with Rosslyn as its
apex, base line from Sintra, Portugal (Rosslyn's sister time gate pole,
ancient back to Atlan Ruta), to Rome. Thus the Alpha and Omega Christos
poles link via Rosslyn and Tarragona, driving the Astara Grid which
cyclically inserts new life/wisdom pulses into GAIA via the European
"BAR.SHEEBA" composite Reshel grid systems.

All this ...and there's a whole lot more... emphasizes the extreme
importance of Rosslyn and the Clan Sinclair mission (effected by actual
physical and also "para genetic" Sinclairs by whatever name) relevant to
right now and immediate future. I am a paragenetic Sinclair (ie the soul
carries that charge) which is why I'm very actively attempting to understand
what's going on around me and why I'm being driven. You know this but I'm
also opening a few other people ...will be news to them re the "paragenetic"
thing Thoth has explained. There is another important dynamic regarding the
"Sinclair Charge" that they have carried for quite awhile. This originated
as the "Olgive" dynamic which was given to Peter, John and Nathaniel
specifically as a soul charge to carry on through the ages via blood/DNA
lines. The Olgive charges those apostles with guarding and applying Christic
mysteries. The John-Nathaniel line (Johannine flow) surfaced most recently
within the Clan Sinclair I figure about the time the Templars transferred it
to Scotland in the 1300s CE. The Petrine flow surfaced in the Clan Fhingal.
The Fingals were downplayed by the Templars and the Sinclairs emphasized.
The main info was apparently programmed into the holographic sentient being
named MANDUK which/who was reactivated when I started working with Rosslyn's
geometry and also that of the Westford Knight (Manduk) schematic (a grid
format, also there is a Clan Dunn Knight as part of the engramming there in
Westord, the Boston Eastern generating pole for Arkhom. This carrying
forward of the Olgive was a specialized functional charge, and still is,
however the "Red Path (Blood Path)" is now OBE'd and overridden by the White
Path (Grace override) wherein all humanity accesses the "mysteries" more
directly and free of the old karmic responsibilities and processing. Anyway,
Rosslyn apparently picked up the ancient charge placed there by the Rutans
when they overhauled Alba-On (GB, Ireland) and the rest of Europe. Their
original site has been overlaid by three others in progression with Rosslyn
being the latest. St. Columba clearly knew of it prior to the main Templar
reboot. Rosslyn will have been made the repository of the Olgive under the
Manduk guardian ship for the Clan Sinclair (he was created by Sinclair
Templars as a control, guardian sentient mechanism, a well know ancient
practice particularly big with the Egyptians. Manduk activates when holy
purpose and activity requires connection in wider areas of the higher racial
mind or "Collective Unconscious" as Jung described it).

Finally to my remark re Orion and Rosslyn. I noticed that the (nearly)
equilateral Astara Grid, representing a star tetrahedron dynamic, also the
"Haepathia" triangle found in the Reshel grid, connected with Orion by using
the Saiph-Rigel line relating to the Rome-Sintra Astara base line. Rosslyn's
apex point does not have a star charted however Thoth says that there WAS a
star there (I've forgotten its name ...will call it the "Rosslyn Star") but
it was too holy to fall in this continuum. It IS STILL THERE however in the
real, Ranna Time Wave continua to which we are now returning. The big point
here is that the "Rosslyn Star" is very much functional in the other two
main continua, further, any Metatronic work throughout our fallen time line
has required "out of time" connection with the TEMPLA MAR system of temples,
etc., and will ...MUST... include the Rosslyn-Star. I say "must" because of
Rosslyn's essential position in these now increasingly important grids.

If we look at the Rosslyn-Star position it is effectively the opening to
Orion's sword scabbard. The SWORD symbolism is best described in Heb 4:12-13
where "logos" of God should be viewed not simply as the "word" but is in
effect all of creational math/music, keys and codes. It is ALIVE, KNOWS and
is sharper than the two mouthed sword. Implying that the Logos is that which
is accessed via the Sword and is in effect the Sword's inner essence. The
"sharper than the mouth" opens much symbolism but the main idea is that
there is no edge, the sharpness is so extreme that there is only a mouth or
implosion function: that is, the Selah or Unmanifest God (Void, Silence,
Dark, Rest) as the Source of life, mind. THIS IS ALSO THE "MOUTH" OF THE
SCABBARD! However the scabbard is that part of the Sword that contains and
protects the Swords' mouths, point, but also protects those outside the
scabbard from the direct Power of divine Source. We can say then, in this
context, that Rosslyn Chapel ...the whole Edenburgh Reshel Matrix... is that
which` emits or opens the creative function (logos) of the Divine Sword
(Orion's function) in its Christic REDEMPTION (Absolution, Resolution,
Evolution). This whole dynamic is of course the big generator in the
Denderah Hathor Temple astrological ceiling format, also the Bird-Serpent
Staff of Asclepius. This Staff is correlated with the Messiah (John 3:14-15)
linking it with rebirth; Moses used the same staff to heal the Tribes. I
view this staff as the Tree of Life/Raa and Tov in Eden (Hebrew alphabet
uses letter noun, #50, as the serpent: translates as "eternally
regenerating, cycling life"). I mention this Tree because the TEMPLE DOORS
has an extremely important upgrade on the Tree connecting it with and as the
Cabalist's Tree of Life format expanded to 13 sephiroth, but also because of
the 8 Shamir (serpent) around the base of the same Tree in Rosslyn (So
called "Apprentice Pillar").

Note: I hope to quickly do a study linking the BETHEL (Beth-Ra-El) star
tetrahedron grid system with peculiar "Pictish" symbols appearing on special
torc type chains found in southern Scotland on display in the new museum at
Edinburgh. The pattern shows a serpent (shamir) form closely duplicating
that in Henry Sinclair's Arms which apparently give us the main grail grid
schematic for northern Scotland including the L-Gates. These neck chains
date back to St. Columba's era (6th century CE); the good Saint also knew of
this science and installed it in norhern Scotland, well aware of the Rutan
line activating this large system and tapping into it in the Hebrides. The
display on ostensibly royal torcs (as chains) indicates that the Reshel
L-gate and Beth-El dynamics were understood by high officials in the
temporal as well as divine arenas. Henry thought enough of this grail grid
geometry to apply it to his ships' ritual formation in passing over Ruta's
position at 49N, 29W thereby activating the L-gates (time gates) as well as
the Grail formats being rebooted in both Europe and America in 1398 CE. An
add-on note: the ZENO NARRATIVE chart shows this same geometry, also used
with the L-gate formats we are again using, in the Atlantic and "Eastern
Approaches" as they would say in GB.

Back to the subject. Henry, you might plot in the Rosslyn Star pole
specifically over the Boston site as well as corresponding European "hot
spots" just to see if anything pops up. If you do this, also check the
midway point (Tarragona) between Saiph and Rigel. If you get that far, throw
in Montserrat just NW outside Barcelona.

It is reasonable to assume that the Templars or more specifically the
Sinclairs knew of the Orion connection; they certainly did understand
completely the Mazuriel (Denebola site in Leo) function in their plotting it
as Mt. St. Michel relative to the Virgo Marian cathedrals, also in plotting
it precisely in the amazing TITAN: OCEANUS grid using de Vinci's spread
eagled man with "La Rochelle" as the 2nd chakra, Rennes le Chateau as the
thigh "wound" and many other hits. I've had two "interviews" with Henry
Sinclair via Phyllis McCoy ...discussions with my own soul via the high self
is the best way to describe that... and have found that "he" didn't know all
I know now but did know most of it. With Rosslyn being so central to the
Sinclairs' own agenda it would seem reasonable for them to insert a power
node in that point in the Arkhom grid thereby "fixing" all of Orion in the
overlapping systems. It would in theory only be accessible at a Metatronic
level since that star is not in this continuum but is in the other two. A
Metatronic dowser might find it. Phyllis is not doing soul interviews
anymore, for a while, or I'd ask him.

Blessings Be...
"Uamau ke ea o ka aina i ka pono." ...The life of the land is perpetuated
in Righteousness.
(Hawaii State Motto)