SUBJECT: This commentary relates to (1) Henry Sinclair Arms; (2) Reshel
L-Grid in Europe (Edenburgh Matrix- Mt. St. Michel- Paris: St Sulpice
Chapel- Rennes le Chateau); (3) mysterious "Pictish" glyphs from Scot
Lothian area (Rosslyn); (4) the Beth-El Star Configuration (special Earth
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Although I am using much information basic to my own amplification it should
not be implied that Thoth or Revs. Maia and Simeon Nartoomid of Johannine
Grove Church agrees with any of my interpretations and applications. As in
other commentaries I again strongly recommend study of their periodical
TEMPLE DOORS. A subscription may be arranged on inquiry:
FORWARD: I'm interrupting my Chartres study to insert this one mainly due to
the synchronicity and intuitive feeling around it, fairly intense. It also
seems to
fit into the Chartres big picture and needs to be done now. The same
day I read the new TEMPLE DOORS and the article on the Order of Beth-El and
its Beth-El Star configuration I also picked up HIGHLANDER (focus is Scot
history, lore) and opened to an article showing designs dating between
400-900 CE. (This is St. Columba's and Arthur's era.) The designs explained
more about the Beth-El Star, the European L-Grid, and the Henry Sinclair
Arms which uses the Shamir (worm, serpent) or possibly a camel. The design
is found on torc chains ostensibly used by nobility. There are 11, all found
in Scotland, most south of Edenburgh. The design strongly suggests that
there was a (noble) group of rulers and/or priests who knew of the Beth-El
Star and its connection with time gates found not only in the Edenburgh
Matrix (we know Columba knew of them before the Sinclairs) but in Europe.
This is another indicator that they knew the Reshel grids and the
three-continua related evolution of humanity, angels, devachan.
Synchronicity also includes the recent installation of the ALPHA and OMEGA
Christic indwelling and updwelling poles in Fortingall/Mt. Schiehallion (to
Rosslyn) and Montserrat basilica in Catalonia (to Tarragona-Edenburgh
Matrix) respectively. (TEMPLE DOORS describes this.) I view this as a major
increase in all Metatronically related grid activity, a major start point
and reinsertion of old but necessary codes and keys as well as new ones.


1. THE L-GRID: When I initially checked out early Reshel grids in Europe
with Thoth he also pointedly identified a large L grid between Edenburgh
(Rosslyn Chapel is the resh: controller), to Mt. St. Michel (keys in the
Marian cathedrals as Virgo/Goddess with Chartres as primary female pole to
Michael's male pole), to Paris (St. Sulpice Chapel), to Rennes le Chateau
(Magdalene Chapel/Tower). The "L" is the shortened geometry of the golden
ratio rhombus or "Eye of Ra" which can be used as a Time Gate but is much
more and is an integral part of the "Eye of ISIS" which correlates with the
Reshel grid, upgraded as the Arieopax. This grid system, one of Metatrons'
24 Breastplates, is extensively used in Europe and the Americas (more in
Europe) which provides all other linked grids with a strong Metatronic
vector. This aspect is becoming more critical as we are rapidly
accelerating into the new Metatronic "New Earth Star" reality. This
essential and extremely complex program has always been humanity's top
priority dating back to Lemuria. It appears that the L-GRID is activated
when all other Reshel grids are up to speed and level. Now it would appear
that the L-Grid's activation keys into the Beth-El tristar dynamic which
then suggests a direct harmonic with the 3-Continua Unity.

2. HENRY SINCLAIR ARMS: Henry led the 1398 CE expedition to the Americas
...scouted the East Coast, built the Newport Tower, carved the Westford
Knight (Boston) and built a community/base in Nova Scotia. He was a Jarl of
Orkney and Norway. My own spin on this is that he ...along with Clans
Sinclair, Gunn and others, a Templar project... rebooted the old Atlan
(Rutan) GB and European Reshel grids and then Henry's task force did the
same in America. Thus wiring the GAIA right forebrain (Europe) to the
American right brain. He transited the Rutan site (49N, 29W; Faraday
Seamounts) stationing his "temple" ships in the same configuration used in
GB as a core Grail Grid (Bethlehem Triangle between Edenburgh and
Glastonbury ...the main "Rose Line" or "Tavhara" (Destiny) Line extending
from Thurso to San Sebastian, Spain) to trigger the Holy Isle of Ruta
temples which were not then even in this continuum, but were in the primary
continua. This configuration is also found in his Arms. This action fixed
the "Grail Across the Atlantic" into a no-time mode linking with the
Solarian Templa Mar matrix and Michael Mandate, etc. which then effectively
made the project independent of time constraints ...including our present
efforts as part of the project. This is the 600th anniversary of that
reboot, reinserted into the Racial Mind by the Expedition Symposium last
year in Orkney followed by our own rewiring (or initial wiring for Henry?)
of the GB grid. It is part of the larger project that both Henry and the
Gunn knight buried under the Westford stone (reincarnated) participated.
(The internment was an act of Templar spiritual alchemy, not simply to honor
a deceased friend.) The action also phased in with Diana's death/internment
...another large story. But back to the point.

Henry's Arms: A shield, or complete Arms, contains keys and codes relevant
to the Clan mission. This is integrated with the knight's own personal keys
and codes worked into the battle or ceremonial shield ...they would be
different, needing specialized alchemy... but generally be invisible if the
Clan or group shield is carried. Otherwise the individuals' own codes appear
as a personal design with alchemical relics or whatever imbedded. When I
analyzed the Sinclair shield, being prompted to do so from innerplanes
mentor, I found that the design integrated with the carriers' chakras. Also,
the shield provided the main Christic Reshel Eye of Ra configuration for the
Christos Reshel in the Rosslyn Chapel's lower chapel, its L-Gate similar to

The Sinclair shield is light silver blue with a black engrailed cross. This
is a design probably intended to carry the codes for the Unmanifest God as
Source (the black, void or Selah) as the Cross. The scalloped edges
(engrailed design) of the cross implies a field of silver-blue spheres or
"reality frames" suggesting the composition of spatial form: the Universe.
The silver-blue suggests the basic "teleplane" colors here being expressed
as "telespheres." Thus when matter and light is opened and shown to be
separate from the Unmanifest One we have the only true perception of
creation. Without this, in some manner, all actions are abortive. THE SHIELD
IS 26 DEG 18 MIN (Beth. angle) from the vertical axis. Or at least it SHOULD
be ( idea); it is presently shown as an imperfectly drawn shield
including its angle being a few degrees off. I don't know how that happened
but that's how it is presently accepted. A sore subject since it effectively
destroys the shields' grail codes and application as a grid in Scotland and
England. Prior to the Henry Symposium I recommended its correction and it
was drawn correctly on a presentation banner so it is at least corrected in
the Racial Mind.

Above the shield is the crown on a helm, left profile, visor closed, as per
custom for a knight. Above the crown and supported by it is the Crest. Henry
uses a very strange serpent looking creature with ears. The creature might
be a sea serpent, ordinary serpent or "worm", or a camel. All apply for
various complementary functional reasons. The camel relates to the Hebrew
letter gamel (camel), #3, which was drawn as an L on its side, that is the
L-Gate archetype in the Hebrew alphabet. The horse and "Knight's Move" in
chess gives us the L symbolic connection, the camel being the horse
correspondent for the desert and probably the more ancient symbol of the
Gate. The Knight, chess piece, is actually a "beacon" in time connections,
discovered by the Montauk people, but correct for all of that. The grid
under discussion uses the L-Gate so the camel idea is quite appropriate
however the creature is much more significant if we see it as the SHAMIR, a
worm or serpent.

I had already identified the creature as the Shamir and recently I have
found that Andrew Sinclair (THE SWORD AND THE GRAIL, page 83) also makes the
connection. Quoted from the book: "An old ritual testified to 'the wonderful
properties of the noble insect the SHAMIR, which cut and shaped all the
sacred utensils and holy vessels in King Solomon's Temple ...the wonderful
creature that could cut stones.' The Shamir, indeed, was depicted in the
ROSSLYN MISSAL, which was in the library of the three St. Clair Earls of
Orkney, including the creator of Rosslyn Chapel. Moreover, the crest of
Prince Henry of Orkney was the dragon or serpent of wisdom. It showed the
Norse Great Orm or Worm with the coronet of a Prince of Orkney round its
neck above a knight's helmet and the St. Clair silver shield with its black
Engrailed Cross. It suggested that the family was the bearer of ancient
wisdom, which was repeated in the design of the Apprentice Pillar."

"Shamir" is Hebrew meaning "a thorn, a hedge or guard of thorns, to protect,
attend to, preserve, observance, the diamond, radiant stone." The word can
also be more deeply tracked by separately inspecting its component letters
and words however the basic meaning above is enough. The principle is shown
by the black engrailed cross and my point made above about the divine Source
(void, Selah). There are many examples including Arthur's drawing the Sword
from the Stone but the basic symbol is the thorn. It is so sharp that there
is no point, only a mouth or "peh" in Hebrew. The peh, #80, was drawn as a
tube in an L form and means: "sound, breath, to blow the intent into 4
corners, etc.." The "hole" in the mouth is the divine Void from which issues
creation in terms of sound/music/math/light, intention, and the 4-Square
containment field. The diamond is compressed or precipitated Light as all
Rays, that which is created by the thorn. "Nib-shen" or the "fruit of the
thorn" means the same. This is how the Shamir cuts stone.

Thoth has described the Shamir: "The worm will bore into the center of the
Tree of Life and Light will pour out as if from a golden wound into the
center of every heart." The Shamir can bore into the Tree of Life as it
bores into stone, it is a "thorn" that has a point that is divine
Nothingness. It is more than a "diamond point", its point not only cuts
diamonds it MAKES diamonds ...precipitated Light. Thus the Light that pours
out of the Tree is an expression of Life itself or the Unmanifest Source.
This is the vitalization and reality of the heart. Further the correlation
with Rosslyn's so called "Apprentice" Pillar, ie the Tree of Life and
Knowledge of Raa and Tov is obvious. The 8-point Shamir ...8 of them at the
base or foundation... gives us the basic 8-point cross needed to create,
also the 8-point Templa Mar cross. The Templars used the 8 points even
though their cross was a dual 4-square.


Great, so what relevance does this have in Henrys' Arms? Certainly the thorn
dynamic ...God Essence... is Essential to any valid creation but observe
that it is the superior dynamic in the Arms as the Crest. More to the point
(pun) if we drop a vertical line from the Shamir's eye down through the
helm's ajna (brow chakra, divine access point) It intersects the shield's
corrected angle (grail's Bethlehem Angle) at the top of the shield in the
center of the Engrailed Cross. Thus the Shamir's eye, via the ajna projects
divine Life/Essence into the Sinclair primary coding: the crosses' Void, and
back again. But more than that, the Sinclair Cross is aligned with a
critical connection.

If we place Thurso in the Shamir's eye and the shield's intersection point
in the Edenburgh Matrix, then extend the shield's axis we have
Fortingall/Mt. Schiehallion opposite the ajna. Remember that Fortingall is
the physical location of the etheric ACADEMY OF CHRIST, still very active,
which prepared the Christ's host soul for 1000 years before the Advent.
Further, that is now the location of the ALPHA POINT or Christic INDWELLING
pole. Thus we have a grid format identified as the Arms' most vital code:
Divine Source enters the GB grid via the conditioning Christic ACADEMY and
ALPHA energetics in one (horizontal) vector and directly into the Sinclair
shield via the Bethlehem Angle. This was Henry's working formation over
Ruta, invoking the Rutan connection.

Now let us extend the Thurso to Edenburgh line to Glastonbury Tor, the
center of the main Sun Temple or Kyoptos Ring at that point addition
to many other vital functions described in TEMPLE DOORS, Vol 98. If we
duplicate the angle and the ratio of distance in the northern system we have
a direct correlation between Fortingall and Holy Island (Angelsey). Further,
Holy Island (Holy Head/Resh) is the apex or "resh" (Chief HEAD stone) in a
Bethlehem Triangle (Grail core) using Edenburgh Matrix and Glastonbury as
its base line. Next note that this resh or Head pole is SHAPED LIKE A HEAD
which is wearing a helmet with a serpent crest (Holy Head). The head has a
connected arm with an open hand (thumb down) which is "catching" two vital
energy lines in the Bar.Sheeba grids coming up from Santiago de Compostela
and Sintra, Rosslyn's sister time gate system. Mt Snowdon is the heart
chakra for the Head. This head-heart-hand system is just as impressive to my
mind as is the Head at Cydonia, Mars. And that is impressive enough in its
actual function!

SUMMARY: In terms of the Tavhara Line then, the Shamir is the upper grid
system above the Grail's Bethlehem Triangle and connected to it. Remembering
that the Rutans installed the temple matrices in the Hebrides and Orkneys,
and a Bethlehem Angle line from Ruta comes up through those island groups,
we can assume that Thurso is picking up the composite charge and sending it
south. Thus the Shamir grid dynamic is effectively interfacing the Rutan
input (Ruta is back on station now in the etheric) with the Fortingall
matrix and processing it through Arthur's Seat and Rosslyn (representing
that whole matrix of 28 miles diameter). An interesting side note is that
St. Columba apparently knew most of this in that he placed a chapel on the
Ruta line intersection with the line from his chapel to Edenburgh Matrix via
Fortingall. He also did quite a lot with the Iona/Staffa to Holy Island
(Lindisfarne) line through Holyrood Sanctuary, the Reshel generator. There
is much more to this whole story but the focus here is on the importance and
function of the Shamir.

The Shamir is found in the "Pictish" drawings to be discussed in the next

Blessings Be...
"Uamau ke ea o ka aina i ka pono." ...The life of the land is perpetuated
in Righteousness.
(Hawaii State Motto)

Dear Friends,

This is part 2 in a hurried up commentary linking a number of dynamics
listed in Part 1. If it isn't just wild imagination it is quite important in
understanding the higher specialized Earth grids complementing the normal
Platonic solid configurations, the Scot Connection, Reshel/Arieopax
dynamics, and the inner workings of the Christos phasing into the present
Translation (LP-40) scenario.

Continuing the description of the various elements to be connected:

3. THE BETH-EL STAR: (Ref TEMPLE DOORS, Vol 98, pgs 111-12) A Light program
under the Mandate of the Violet Flame (Michael's Mandate, program under
Michael governs the development of Light
Redemption within the Oritronic Universe) was inserted at 2023 BCE holds the
pattern for the birth, death, resurrection and ascension of the Christed
Yeshua as well as the continued Christic dynamic in the human evolutionary
movement. The program brings the higher formats into the physical by using
the planetary inner chakra rings (spheres). The grid configuration is a
system of three star tetrahedrons that are constantly in movement relative
to each other. This movement is manifested on the planet's surface by three
energetic ellipses polarized at each end of each. These are always moving
and the poles in each eventually interact to create a flash unity or Beth-El
(short for Beth-Ra-El) Star which generates a shift in planetary etheric
consciousness and energy. This interrupts the magnetic field which then
begins the next movement. In the Star's short period of lock on a composite
focus harmonic with the Star's atoma (spiritual center in the center of the
Planet, heart chakra point) fixes on the surface. One such point
wasFortingall, another was in Bethlehem ...the Bethlehem Star?... and the
present is in "God's Lake", Manitoba, Canada.

The ACADEMY OF CHRIST (see para 2) and the GUILD OF BETH-EL work through the
Beth-El Star tetra pattern. The Guild are record keepers and members of the
"Holy Order of Johannine Corpus of the Rose Mystica". Quoting Temple Doors:
"Their primary directive is to preserve and work with all sacred Grail
knowledge and history under the Beth-El Trinity Star Tetrahedron."

Moving now into my own perceptions based on the article only briefly
summarized above. The inner chakras are not points as with the human, they
are rings or spheres. The exception is the heart being in the central
planetary atoma and the TWO POLES being the collective crown chakra. The
"North Gate" accesses the higher heavens and the south the devic equivalent.
These two points are the apices of the Platonic Star Tetrahedron filling the
planet, a harmonic of the inner "Platonic solid" star tetra. These five
"solids" would probably appear each as a pattern of consciousness poles
forming a light sphere. The five forms nest in a collective core probably
resembling the nested solids shown in Robert Lawlor's SACRED GEOMETRY
PHILOSOPHY AND PRACTICE, page 107. These are very likely the chakra rings
referred to by Thoth. The inner core spherical grids then project
energetic-consciousness nodes to the surface which remain fixed for long
periods while their resonant inner spheres rotate locked onto the Sun.
Duplicate correspondent spheres may be temporarily created for special
stellar event lock-ons. I view the Beth-El Trinity Star Tetra as one of
these temporary systems but one of the most important in our long evolution.

Viewing all the spherical grids as contained in one sphere, as with the
planet's surface, the star tetra creates the CUBE with its 8 points. This
cube also forms the OCTAHEDRON. These three cube-grids would create the
physical level chakric functions. The higher functions come via the
dodecahedron and icosahedron. These two use the golden ratio (phi) and would
therefore be life supporting. Further, these two interface with the little
known RHOMBIC ENNEACONTRAHEDRON which is entirely made up of golden ratio
rhombus' or "Eyes of Ra" and is the Metatronic grid field supporting the
other five spheres. This combination of three and two will be used in the
Pictish design as a form of the Tree of Life.

Continuing with this logic, the Trinity Stars' three unique star tetras will
EACH represent the Earth as THREE EARTHS. These three versions of the
Planet will be GAIA as she exists in each of the three Millennia or
continua. Thus the Beth-Ra-El Star forms a physical model of the combined
planetary unity as the New Earth Star. The CONSCIOUSNESS of this Triune form
is provided by the intense Christic keys and codes provided by the human,
devic and angelic hierarchies and worked into a dynamic system concurrently
in the unified three continua. This then needs a STRONG TIME OR L-GATE
FUNCTION to facilitate the linkage. The "L" remember is actually the golden
ratio rhombic Eye of Ra, the living part of the Eye of ISIS shell or Reshel
so it is more than simply a time gate system unifying realities. This
concept is also used in the Pictish design.

Mechanically, the ellipses' two poles (each) are the North Pole and
ROIL/ROYALE poles in each planet's surface tetra grid. The Roil pole
connects all the planet's grids while the Royale pole connects with the
Attasic Universe (contains all universes) through resonance with the ajna or
any chakra. Thus universal, Metatronic and Christic infusion can be made
within all grid systems. When the three planetary systems phase we have a
triune synergy which also projects a surface composite energetic pole
resonant with the atoma/heart center. This will then effectively create a
North/South Gate in combination with the Roil/Royale pole. Hawaii is the
physical Roil/Royale pole at 19.5N latitude for this continuum and Rennes le
Chateau will be for the next. Therefore there will be a strong harmonic
between the shifting Beth-El surface pole and both the Royales in the "Ra"
continuum (3rd, future) and the "El" continuum (2nd, this one). "Beth-Ra-El"
is the "Temple of the Ra and El", these two vocables being divine names in
the respective continua. "On/An" was-is the divine name in the 1st
continuum. If we play the more subtle symbolic game we could say that the
Beth-El might be named "Beth-Ra-El-On" but it isn't. Where's the ON then if
it must be part of the Triunity? Can it be the "beth" component as the basic
house, temple, or 4-square? (Beth was drawn as a square with an open door in
its protosiniatic glyph-form.)

4. THE "PICTISH" DESIGN: (Ref HIGHLANDER, Vol 36, No 5, Sep/Oct; pgs 36-39)
Ten heavy silver linked chains have been found in Scotland (heaviest is 6.33
lbs). They are formed by double rings forming each link and are joined by
one open and flat link. There are designs on the open link, one side showing
the desing of interest, the other side is obscured in the photo but would be
vital to the energetic. The article also shows two flat ear-ring type of
plates shaped somewhat like spear points or vesica pisces carrying the same
design with very slight variation. The theory is, probably correct, that the
chains are torcs (open band worn around the neck by royalty usually). They
date between 400-800 CE but the method of dating is not mentioned. The
design is said to be Pictish but I doubt it. It could be, assuming that the
Picts using them were high priests or priestesses, likely Druid and actually
physical members of the Guild of Beth-El. Kings/Queens could qualify. This
is the time spot for St. Columba (6th Century CE) and the Arthur event. Also
remember the connections between the Holy Family and Scotland. Arthur was
the last, 16th, Grail King. Gwinevhar was the power within and of the Throne
next to the Christ. The academics do not have an interpretation of the
repeating design.

THE DESIGN AND PUTTING IT TOGETHER: The design is a large L zig-zag
resembling the same L-Grid in Europe; I am interpreting it as that. This
zig-zag or lightning bolt moves from the north southerly, then to the east
and then south again. At each end of the two "combined" L's, ie the north
and south points, there appears a spade or vesica shape with the south
vesica having two petals as found in the fleur de lys. At this end there is
also a Shamir head resembling Henry's but having a golden ratio spiral
worked into it (Henry's does also but is not visible as this one is). The
Shamir head is adjacent to the vesica design. The Shamir is not shown in the
torc link and may be an indicator of rank within whatever order wore these
things. The Shamir would indicate an ability to use the system at its causal
levels as chief grail priest ...the others would be qualified team leaders.

What teams? There are quite a few key nodes in the Grail or Beth-El grids
that would activate by synergic group activity. The leaders would require
telepathic rapport, expected of Druids anyway, but this rapport would
include the Academy of Christ and Guild of Beth-El as well as the other
leader qualified members, the torc wearers.

The threefold "spear" at the south end would represent the grounded
lightning strike ...Rennes le Chateau in the actual grid... while the
adjacent Shamir would represent that energy and consciousness being
grounded, there but separate. That would be the Shamir part of the northern
end of the L: the Thurso to Edenburgh component (powered up by Fortingall)
working through the Edenburgh Matrix controlled by Rosslyn, the early system
clearly used by St. Columba, later probably by Merlin's group, then the
Sinclairs under the Templar program. The northern part of the L has five
branches sprouting out from the stem. Three are to the west and two to the
east. This would represent the system used to project the Shamir to ground
in the south. And here we have a powerful connection with Rosslyn's Tree of
Life pillar with the 8-fold Shamir at its base or foundational ground.
Recall that this point in the Chapel begins the L-Gate system leading down
into the lower chapel or crypt where the L is initiated. It is at the head
of the L where we find our 5 branches.

The three branches on the west side represent several complementary systems.



The major one is the Tree of Life also represented by the letter camek, #60,
in the Hebrew alphabet. This was drawn as a vertical line with three cross
lines. These represent the four "realms" of the Tree of Life. But the
upgraded Tree will have TWO MORE realms when the 10 sephiroth expand to 13.
In our design they are in the east or causal pole of future intent. In our
3-continua mode of operation they already exist, thus a time gate format
would necessarily include them all but separated at the same time. Moreover,
the "five" in a 3 and 2 combination would correlate with the five Platonic
grids: the three linking the physical realm and the two the higher. Note
that the star pentahedron base-to-base, ie the octahedron becomes a
Metatronic M-Stra molecule when the physical level shifts to Metatronic.
This works with the DNA in the human, shifting to 12/13 strand.

The Beth-El tristar is also found in the design. There are two circles that
straddle the middle cross line in the L grid. They are connected. Each
circle shows three spinning vortices. Each vortex has three spinners within
it resembling a trinity yin-yang design. In Celtic art it would probably be
described as a "spherical triangle" becoming a "triskele."

This is the way I correlate the design with the Beth-El Tristar. Each star
tetra has two poles in its elliptic spin. There are three star tetra
systems. There are two planetary systems we are trying to merge ...actually
three but we are working with the Ra and El specifically. (The "On" may be
the composite basis for its two future systems, El and Ra.) The rationale is
that each Earth, Ra and El continua, has its own Beth-El Star correspondent.
Each correspondent, the two main circles connected across the L-Gate, has
three vortices having three vortices each. This situation describes the
polar links between the three star tetra ellipses when the Beth-Ra-El Star
flashes into unity.

Now its complicated. We have the normal mathematical problem of having three
systems each having a plus and minus pole trying to unify plus' with minus'.
Try it! I think we have a solution in the design. The three
circular tear-drop shapes, as we find in the yin-yang halves, have different
origins. One comes into the center from the outer ring, one comes into
center from the center of the ring, and the third appears to come out of
neither the center or outer rim ...its from "no-where." This gives us a
total of 9 poles interacting in three separated vortices, with three each.
View the outer ring as the minus pole synthesis and the inner center as the
plus synthesis. Each will generate a like polarity in each of the three
circles so we have three opposite pole combinations in the three circles
...three coming from the rim, three from the center and all from different
star tetras. Now the problem. The answer, if that's what it is, requires one
group of three poles of one polarity to project a "construct" (from
no-where) pole having an opposite polarity to interact with one of the other
two systems. Restated, the plus pole for example in each system will have
two opposite poles to work with from the other two systems, both minus poles
in each system in this example. But one of the minus poles will a
constructive substitute in each of the three main systems. (Remember we are
working with etheric energetics and with consciousness.) Each of the three
star tetras has generated a construct minus pole for the purpose of working
with the other two, from the Selah or no-where.

I used "plus" purposely, from the center, since this pole is usually
electric, causal, seed, and male. The outer rim is usually associated with
the outer rings of phenomena, effect, magnetic, and thus the female form
builder and birther. She would be minus. We might view our "construct"
female as the Goddess generated from the Central Atoma Essence or Selah.
This is a very Celtic construct and also quite accurate I believe. The
Goddess is then the manifest divine input from the Unmanifest Source and
effectively the divine creator (as female) polarizing with the male
manifested also from the center. He has his Essence also from the Selah but
is not a "construct" but is an active male physically interacting with the
female in the same realm. The Judeo Christian has this same scenario but
reversed; there it is the female who has her form directly from the Selah
but it is coded as a "rib" which is "tselah", an obvious assonant
correspondent with the Selah. At the same time she is a part of Adam. But
this is moving off track.

Let us also see the plus pole, male, as the North Gate or North pole.
Generally the male is non-existent in form; his drive to be form is really a
drive to become female which he can not except by unification etherically
...the real method of intercourse and insemination. The nature of a gate is
an opening in form or no-thing. The roil pole that connects all grids is
clearly phenomenal and also has the function (as the Royale) in linking with
the highest Attasic harmonics. In view of this double role for the
Roil/Royale it would be an elegant correlation with the double minus
polarity, one being non physical, from no-where, and a harmonic with the
highest. The more simple torc link design does not have the triple trifoil
design. It uses two spirals instead of three. This is another indication
that the torc version is for those who can not make the Attasic connection.
Or should not, leaving that causal input to the core priests/priestesses who
wear the Shamir.

Part 3 will be a simple summary.

Dear Friends,

I've finished the connections I wanted to make. This is Part 3, a summary of
odd thoughts regarding the Beth-El Star Configuration.

A typical Yank view of a Pict is of some hairy nude maniac painted blue and
thrashing about with a large axe. Too much TV but the same view, albeit
perhaps more subdued, exists in the academic community who seem to view the
Picts or the ancient Celtic culture frames as pretty simple. Dolmens are
phallic and low magic is associated with crude art forms. Druids sacrifice
drugged people. Certainly a lot of that is true and today many are even more
barbaric at those low levels. We are just more hi-tech in our barbarity. But
that is not where the action is. From before Ruta we have had a system in
place (the Reshel grid is representative) for communication across time and
for redemption: the Mandate of the Violet Flame. Special grids are not
uncommon but the Beth-El Star is most remarkable for its anticipating the
training of the Christ's host (Nathan soul) and the Advent, then the ongoing
push towards LP-40 using advanced grail dynamics. There are examples, in
other words, of extremely sophisticated sciences. This design is one of
them. Another that I've mentioned before is the illumined letter L from the
Lindisfarne gospels from St. Columba's era describing the geometric forms
and ethics of an L gate. That was even coded "Chief Gate" in Hebrew using 9
celtic knots to give us the word: 1-2-4-2 or "badba."

One key priestly group over the ages has been the ELISA PRIESTHOOD in
whatever structure, generally consisting of groups of nine: 5 men (seed) and
4 women (form-field). The ennead (9) balances the penta (5) in the two way
exchange. The Templars used the ennead cell. In generating the Layooesh
Pillar, a part of the larger Pillorha Pillar, we move from the Star
Tetrahedron through an Ennead flash, then on to a star pentahedron, etc..
Could the circle of three triads (9 poles) in the Picktish design be the
diagram for a resonant harmonic of the Higher ennead forms on up to the
Seraphic ENNEAD running this show? I strongly suspect so. If I am correct
then it is quite clear that the Druidic orders ...who we know to be quite
competent... were directly involved in the highest order of spiritual
alchemy we have, that under the Ennead and the Mandate. No business for
resident hairy barbarians. Perhaps the Picts drew the design however the
science that it comes from is cosmic and beyond cosmic.

Not just having to upgrade our view of the science of the 5th Century, we
also see new ways of viewing the ancient Reshel grids. The "design" links
the Beth-El Star with the large L-Grid in Europe. Questions: does the God's
Lake Center now control the L-Grid in Europe, Gaia's right forebrain and
ability to go no-time? Was the L-Grid installed specifically to support the
Beth-El Star throughout time including the distant past and the other
continua? What are the responsibilities of the Clan Sinclair under the
Olgive commission from the Christ, as well as other tribal groups and all
humanity with the White Path complementing the Red (Blood) Path of
redemption, resolution and evolution? I assume that the L-Grid links with
the several "flashes" of the Beth-El unity locks throughout time including
the future flashes, if any. To bring the L online it is reasonable to expect
that the other Reshel grids must be rebooted, upgraded to Arieopax (probably
sequentially in keeping with the need to control the LP-40 execution) and
then brought up to speed as a Bar.Sheeba unified system. The L-Grid, and the
same in all Reshel systems on a smaller scale, are the Eye of Ra components
of the Reshel or Eye of ISIS (Arieopax) and must therefore have direct
access to the Beth-El programs. According to the Picts' design, right?

Blessings Be...
"Uamau ke ea o ka aina i ka pono." ...The life of the land is perpetuated
in Righteousness.
(Hawaii State Motto)