Baptism of Yeshua

from William Buehler


Dear Friends,
This will probably be the last painting of the "series" I've been
sending since I'm radically cutting back on email/grid writing and
emphasizing inner work, cutting costs, and getting this house in shape.
I deeply appreciate your receptiveness to the paintings.
This is in two parts due to having two graphics.
The painting is of the baptism of Yeshu. This was a hugely significant
event as explained by Thoth via Revs. Maia and Simeon Nartoomid (refer
TEMPLE DOORS 3-96, the Adam Kadmon article). However this is my own idea
of it just for the painting. The branch John is holding up in his left
hand is supposed to be a cedar sprig representing cosmos in the Ehye
Asher Ehye (I AM THAT I AM) creation formula. If the Messiah Yeshua is
the Life, then the Cedar (Asher: grove, cedar, system of 10, 10-stringed
lyre, etc.) is the form containing the Life ("Ehye" format as life
pathing as well as higher form of the Dione Couplet). This is the format
using the protosiniatic original Hebrew letters:


Continuing, Part 2 of 2
The flow of forms in the yellow portion is meant to represent the devic
participation in the event. This flow is generated from the point Yeshu
is standing, grounding the Dove above. I view this as a two-level
creation. I've included Orion within the Dove's wing. The other wing
would include Taurus with the Pleiades by implication. Yeshu's staff
points to the Dove's eye, representing the main divine energy line into
the Event. The "water", to me, represents the time continuum or "Mar."
Thus when Yeshu is baptized with water it is a new creation or continuum
shift in its new definition. The painting would have Jachannan (John) as
(1) the vehicle conducting the Christic flow into the continuum (via
water) with the right hand and the "I Am That I Am" (cedar: asher) with
the left; and (2) the duality pole with Yeshu in primal creation: John
3:30. The various "living water" actions form one matrix in the 4th
Gospel (John) probably grounded in the "Jacob's Well" event (4:1-30). I
would interpret the Staff here as Jacob's Well or "ayin" in the alphabet
code. (Ayin is shown above, drawn as a vesica or two realms unifying.
Ayin means: well, eye.)