written by William Buehler in response to

"Getting the (ET) Story Right" from Dan Winter's

www.danwinter.com/origins story


Hi Dan,

Thanks for the kind comment regarding my Chartres work. Probably more than I
deserved. I have Louis Charpentier's book, but I appreciate your mentioning
it. His musical analysis looks good; its adjusted to the vertical or
"causal" component and seems to be the building's main sustaining music
...sort of like the life force within a ship's structural matrix. The music
I need to understand is related to the Labyrinth's Reshel system which is
setting the Grail formats (including the Reshel dynamic, Tree of Life,
Solarian Pillar, Bethlehem Triangle) for the whole system. If Charpentier's
system is the main carrier, the modulation is the Reshels' three systems
including the built in time gates. Further, I am presently thinking that the
Labyrinth's rings are (1) the main zodiacal temple sites in Europe seen as a
cone's shadow projection on a teleplane's reality frame; (2) a 12 step
consciousness system existing in the Metatronic range, not necessarily the
dimensional step-up but connected.
Regarding the "Right Story":

You certainly sweep a wide swath when you want an opinion! It would take a
gazillion days just to try and figure out an answer that means anything.
That's assuming that I knew what was being said in the first place. I can
pass on my feelings and frame of reference anyway as a general approach:

Bottom lines:

1. I think that you should consolidate Hurtak's stuff with your own. That
assumes that Hurtak would let you quote him. He's already threatened
litigation for minor quotes. He does not like "new age" mystics or whatever
we call ourselves nowdays. That would really irritate me if I were not as
nice a fellow as I am; I'd bury his book as a gesture except that the book
is really valuable Metatronically. Thoth gives it a 98% accuracy grade (!!)
and often used it before Hurtak got shirty about it.

However, Hurtak doesn't have the whole story ...what he has is excellent...
but you have a strong track into the Grail geometry as it effects the heart
and various grid structures. In view of Hurtak's attitude you might be
better off staying mainly with your own pivotal position; study his book for
its opening effect but then drop it. If you really do think you need his
material better get his opinion on that first before you have to do a lot of

2. I believe that you are diluting your own material by linking into the
cosmic politics of a continuum that is going down the loo. This 2nd, Fallen
continuum with its Kali Rift (open wound in the time wave) will not even be
a memory after the shift back into the Metatronic Ranna Time Wave, now
begun. As I see it the main push is on moving ourselves and as many others
as possible through the "Oritronic Ceiling" (high order light systems in the
fallen, half light spectrum) and into the Metatronic ranges. We need to get
the miserable 20% level up to 40% minimum to sustain the new continuum. This
target figure is now seriously threatened due to the damn dumb opening of
the Gizeh Pyramid seals before their time. This brought us up to the brink
of the LP-40 shift. Angelic and Hierarchical orders are now working hard to
sustain the present status, putting off the shift as long as possible to
permit more souls to make the transition. If the Pyramid trick is repeated
...we have free will to mess up... the shift goes and the Devil take the

3. The 40% includes all the stellar races and innerplanes souls. Why bother
at all with historical who did what to who ...its OBE'd and, although
certainly interesting, useless as I see it. True, we have a large chore in
going back to reshape history in vital places however why not let the
Solarians deal with that. If they need our help they'll set it up; it
happens often enough and I suspect that whatever knowledge we might have in
those instances would only get in the way. We have an overwhelming charter
now in trying to understand and interface with the Metatronic systems that
do have an impact on the 40 percenters in the stellar groups and ourselves
as part of the club. The new 12 strand DNA, 12 sephiroth of the Kabala
upgrade, the 12 hierarchies of the "new" zodiacal (Mazaloth) upgrade,
gearing up the existing systems with Metatronic components into their full
spectrum function: examples: the Denderah ceiling cosmic dynamics; the
Metatronic base temples: Chartres, Rosslyn, Stonehenge, Montserrat, et al
...I don't have to tell anyone there's enough on our plate now and the show
has barely started.

4. Metatronic orientation re the stellar groups is part of the program
however I know of little past history in their areas that have very much to
do with present concerns. So, the main Luciferic stargate implosion was in
Orion, thus the most intense evil and good forces are working through there.
That explains some of the present function coming out of the Triune Orion,
Pleiades, Sirus matrix. The main "North Gate" is via Ecliptic Center with
modern correlation with Draco or the "Eye of the Dragon", perhaps the most
holy section in the stellar telesphere ...again the good guys, bad guys
abound. There are lots of things to understand in stellar relationships
certainly, however not so much that we would have to invest that much time
to knowing detailed agendas of the past. Or even of the present where the
fallen agencies are concerned ...they're being left behind in the stellar

5. Not to underestimate the problem, its useful to know enough of the
OWL/Nephilistic/Kumir (Grey) and other cosmic bums' activity to recognize it
when it surfaces I agree, however rather than put much energy into or around
it I think the best approach is to get the vibration up and keep on truckin'
...never take them on in their face, let them encounter and interact with
the Light matrices ...they may get a little religion. And I say that as an
old long-time warrior. My advice is to start with the Solarians out of
Mazuriel (Denebola area in Leo) and track the action lines out from there
where they involve active programs in the present transition under the
Michael Mandate. The functions of the new zodiac and the relevant activities
of stellar groups in those sectors would be productive as long as the effort
is supporting the new consciousness and state of being. Anything historical
is suspect.

When the mag field goes the only memory will be Metatronic which exists
beyond that range. I'm not pleased with the thought of being a half-wit even
if the half is Metatronic. Maybe that's all I can stoke up but I'm doing my
best while its doable. This effectively means that I have to do some sharp
discernment and dump about 95% of what I've learned in the past 500,000
years. Bummer. Easy to say, hard to do!

Blessings Be...
"Uamau ke ea o ka aina i ka pono."
...The life of the land is perpetuated in Righteousness.
(Hawaii State Motto)