RE your inquiry about the 999 relating to the Hebrew alphabet, the mistake
in Revelation was the mistranslation and perception of the upside down
(mutated) triple lammeds, indicating mutated or distorted triple golden
ratio spirals or "logias" (ratios re divine source). The golden ratio
supports life engendered, Metatronic grounding systems. It was thought that
they were sixes, the Catholic priests not being familiar with the old form
of writing lammed, #30, or the Hebrew alphabet code. I suppose that we can
not blame them for their ignorance however there is a strict admonition in
Revelation that not anything will be added or subtracted from the text;
hard to do when the language is being jacked around to begin with. In view
of my own emotional reaction to the 666 fiasco I expect that I was probably
one of the 70 equally messed up priests and now for my sin of changing
Revelation in a most fearsome manner I can qualify for the plagues (Rev
22:18). Although having learned all the street signs in Hell I am now
scrambling to vacate and come under Grace ...which is the best part of 666
in its true function.

The "9" only connects in that the 9 in standard numerology as well as
Hebrew is the highest Christ aspect discernable in these dimensions ...very
rough interpretation. However this goes with the ELISA EXCHANGE of "5"
(HOLOS or seed format: pentagonal matrix) as the higher seed input into
this lower (Elisaphane) realm and "9" being our own best seed input in
return, into the higher (Onata) realm. This is also the basis of the Hebrew
alphabet which positions the magna-soul (letter he, #5 ...written as a
seated human with hands raised) in the center of the line-of-9. The Serpent
(perpetual life generation), letter noun, #50, is above the magna soul and
an undesignated glyph is above the serpent as #500. I would personally draw
a bird above the serpent seen as a pentagram with apex higher than the
wings. You will remember that "Andy Jackson" back in the Twin Citys first
came up with the 5-point star group configuration, we called it the GEODE
after the hollow-stone, KAFFA; he saw it quite accurately as a bird and
actually had the Eau Claire R&D group "flying" it hither and yon. Above the
bird in the #5000 spot I would draw the solar symbol of the circle with
central seed bindu.

I would then take the cross, letter thav, #400, and its higher #4000
...which I would draw as a Celtic Cross... and superimpose this over the
Sun circle in the same dynamic as the lower soul (the 4-series based on the
fish, letter dallet) unifying with and exalting as the high Christ-in-Self
to make the letter Tav, #9, which is a circle with a cross in it or the
so-called "Sun wheel." Thus the 4+5 is unified to create the 9 and the
better part of the Elisa Exchange. Tsadey, #90, is the Stem-and-Blossom
which was drawn as the stem with the 3 points being the Bethlehem Triangle
of "absolution, resolution, evolution." The letter tav as the sun-wheel (ie
the elevated soul) is the blossom part of the combination. The
Stem-and-Blossom is also the HAWK ...we used to use that format as the time
gate, a better one than we knew as it is the format for the Grail geometry.
(I've been finding examples of this in art: Malta, China, Great Britain,
Germany, before I got tired of looking). I'm not clear enough yet to come
up with a #900 or #9000. At this point I would put an Arieopax in #9000 and
triple Sun circle in at #900. The overlapping "suns" would form 3 vesicas
using the Bethlehem rhombuses as the overlap dimension and form. These
would represent the unified three continua which are also found in some of
the other letters. This is quite consistant with the several letters
forming the L-Gate time shift.

The Hebrew 3-series is the L-Gate, time shift dynamic. Gimmel, #3, is drawn
as the golden ratio L. Lammed, #30, the pillar or staff, is drawn as the
golden spiral, tail down. Letter shiyn, the Reshel's "womb" is seen as the
recurved bow however it is also Thoth's personal logo and he calls it the
TRIDENT, drawn in the same way. The trident signifies mastery of the seas
or the MAR the teleplanes. Thoth places three dots (Bethlehem
triangle) over the three prongs. Thus the Grail is formed when the lower
agency/soul masters the gates and the core of the Arieopax/Reshel (which is
formed by the shiyn pole). It is also relevant that when Thoth wishes to
establish a Reshel system he forms a shiyn pole (you remember he did that
when he joined our Shekinah Grove groups in working with a composite Gizeh,
Cydonia, Rennes le Chateau matrix).

Back to the 999. Three lammeds as three golden spirals would be 900, or
three tavs (9) to make three Sun-wheels overlapping nomination for
the letter 900 except that a cross would appear in each circle which might
not be a bad idea. The three Sun-wheels or Stem-and-Blossom formats were
also designed by Vincent Bridges and crew into their Zodiacal Temple, a
brilliant design which we also put into our own Temple of the Emerald Mar
on the Mogollon Rim. In effect these were/are Grail Temples in the three

All numbers in the 4th row of thousands would be the basic archetype
elevated by the letter Aleph, #1000, or the taurus sign in its divine
creation mode. Thus we would have 36 letters in four rows of 9. This is a
harmonic with the 72/144 petals of the Rose Mystica or Grail and Pillar.

I suppose that this doesn't make anything any clearer. More grist for the
mill. Fr. Boudet used Hebrew as his "secret" code ...not very secret I must
admit... and I believe that the Templars did also. Although Thoth puts
great store in the meaning of the Hebrew block letters, I do not other than
that they have meaning engrammed into the present forms. (I'm not about to
quibble with Thoth.) Still, the forms themselves as glyphs are only
scratches in clay to me. The protosiniatic glyphs are highly informative
however. In any event, I think the basic code is Metatronic and can be used
with correct orientation in that direction.

Sorry you asked?