Michael, a post script re 666:

You are correct: 666 is not demonic except in the lower racial mind where
humans have made it so through a gross misinterpretation of a Hebrew letter
combination. Christian priests, apparently knowing nothing of the Temple
"mysteries" or Temple use of the language saw the characters as Arabic
numbers. Bummer! Now all the Baptists, Catholics: ALL the intensely
emotional, not very well informed, not to say bigoted Christians are
pleasing the Antichrist by enthusiastically profaning a highly spiritual
Christic dynamic. Strong words I know and not fair to the many enlightened
clergy and mystics who have had no call to investigate that path (note
comment below) but it is a critical problem and I tend to pound the table
when I speak of it. Perhaps my reaction might be because I was one of the
priests who messed up(?). Quien sabe? ...can't throw stones in this outfit.

I learned years ago that the 666 in Revelation as it is presently
interpreted is an anomaly. It is obviously a master number of 6. With "6",
letter Vau (originally drawn as a sphere with a line from it: the Grail
with its attached layooesh Pillar, a connective) we find the "Pillar in the
Temple of God" (Rev 3:7-13) when we track vau as the "Key of David" (seen
as the Magen/shield of David 6-point star schematic). "David" means: Love,
cauldron, ie the Grail. The Key of David, two equilateral triangles, is an
8-point dual or "star" tetrahedron. Drunvelo correctly sees this as a
pillar generating format ...except that it is only the first of three other
formats in a progression intended to enhance the transition of souls into
Metatronic/Christic levels or "Heaven" if you will. They create a CW and
CCW spinning combination and are part of the split sphere archetypal or
pure-symbol you are working with. The next letter "up" is sammek, #60,
drawn as a vertical line with three horizontal crosses: in effect three of
your split spheres. The three horizontals represent the three time continua
that we have been constantly working with in all religions/spiritual
systems. (Ie the original Ranna time wave, our presently "Fallen"
continuum, and the next one that we are creating in company with ourselves
in the 1st one ...now after eons we are generating and transitioning into
the 3rd IF enough humans can shift into the Metatronic frequencies.
Presently only 20% can do it, not enough to support a continuum, so the
target figure is 40% by 2015 CE. Whether we make it is iffy and the Kumir
(Greys) and other fallen agencies (Luciferic) are desperately trying to
block the effort. This is all relevant to the 666 situation.

Since I had been working with 666 dynamics throughout scripture I finally
took the anomaly to our best channel to see what it was about. We keyed
into a really high order via a gigantic Lion (lions are archetypes of
guardians of sealed wisdom, also Solar Lords and Solarians ...refer
mysteries of the most holy star MAZURIEL in the area of Denebola in Leo,
existing in the other two continua, not this fallen one). The word finally
came filtering back in a big voice to the effect that the original symbol
was of three open spirals that only appeared to be Arabic sixes but were
actually to be considered as 9's that were written upside down to indicate
a distorted ennead or Christic vibration. They are NOT to be considered
sixes!! I then found out that the spirals being described are letters
lammed, #30, which was a golden spiral, tail pointed down as with a 9. The
golden spiral creates the life supporting mechanisms and most importantly
the pillar function. For us it is the Reshel core. "...The same has become
the head (resh) of the corner." The Reshel contains a complex time gate
system (should know this when reading the Revelation sequence 3:7-13). Time
gates are quite important in working with the three continua with efficient

In effect, the Antichrist has worked through the ignorance of the priests
to block the access of higher wisdom leading to the use of the Gates by
creating the huge emotional fiction of the 666 being demonic. This is also
a life support vehicle ...Life can only come from Divine Source and it
takes very clear and holy mechanisms to process it. By using the split
sphere you are triggering the system. The THREE sixes and lammeds also
create three Grail/layooesh pillars cross connecting the three continua.
Vincent Bridges and his crew once installed a brilliant zodiacal, Grail
temple by using three "Stem and Blossom" formats, essentially the Hebrew
letter combination tsadey overlighted by teyth, another story. Their use of
these letters in the ennead series (9 and 90) created a core system
synthesizing the whole Hebrew alphabet dynamic in which the 666 higher
function was part. He would not necessarily use these same terms to
describe the Work but that is the way I see it. Their Work is an example of
a 3-continua Metatronic temple or "Templa Mar" where they transcended the
distorted 666 racial mind block.

We might say that the Antichrist has done humanity a favor by filtering out
the lower level of the Church from the use of the higher functions. I do
not agree; those souls are old and know better, could well make great leaps
forward if not arrested by these kinds of blockages. We deserve every break
we can get. Grace is full and free and as it happens most potently works
via the 666 Grail mechanisms. You could say, "Well, WE made it by the
block, why shouldn't they when they have the eyes to see?" I can't agree
with this for the same reason; I know many very holy folks with very good
understanding of many mysteries but their dharmic path has not put them in
the way of gemetria or sacred geometry. They often preach the validity of
the 666 as the fallen Sign of Man and since they ostensibly know everything
else with accuracy the other seekers believe them and are thus slowed or
stopped in going that direction. Its a tough situation now become critical
in these latter days.

Another "6" at the Master level is the Transfiguration scenario ...after 6
days Yeshu went up the hill with his 3 guys Yachannen, Yachob and Simeon
(Kafa) where he met Moshe and Eliyahoo (6 of them now) and went through the
Transfiguration. When you go to the effort of translating their names and
the extra huge chore of figuring out what each's archetype is, then we have
the consciousness and energy definitions for the six poles needed for the
layooesh at least for that specific context. Why bother with all that work?
Can't we simply come under Grace and get there from here? Certainly,
however we are also working in wider synergic groups of people, angels,
devachan (Ultra-terrestrials are also "people", they have souls and
identical pathing) and are integrated into the GAIA/cosmos via systems. A
"system" can be notes of music or bands of light or thought combinations.
When we can unify a group synergically by using an archetypal system we can
enhance the Divine harmonic to become more accurate and efficient in our
work, much more so than as an individual. The synergic field is called a
"merkabah" or "chariot"; its a vehicle. The ship is a better symbol but we
have basically a society of landsmen so it is rarely used ...the "Boat of
Ra" is a good merkabah description ...Yeshu occasionally used a boat, even
teleported in one which is an excellent example. At this time in our
evolution we have the immediate problem of upgrading our understanding AND
APPLICATION of all these systems that are basically Metatronic but have
long been used in this fallen realm. The once valid applications are now
dangerous when not shifted. Continued low level use can block the whole
evolutionary jump for a zillion years and we are facing re-start at a very
low frequency, in effect Hell or near to it.

By building buildings, boosting Light groups by using sacred forms, and
creating earth grids ...all the same game... we are strongly reinforcing
resonance with "The Divine Harmonic of Universal Accord" in these various
realms. Dan Winter's work with the golden ratio has produced the best
picture of the Grail that we have now (that I know of) but there is still
work to do there; as the racial mind expands in the Divine Harmonic there
is a synergic effect throughout that pushes everyone along. A collective
nerve system is enhanced and expanded in the planetary and racial mind when
golden ratio mechanisms are expanded. Thus there is a progressive unified
revelation bridged into all of us concurrently. Some catch on, some tend to
lag. It all evens out in 40,000 years however it is right now that it is
all coming together and its time to join hands in the common flow. That
means that the perverted 666 ash and trash has to be transcended ...too
late now to fix it completely but we can whittle down its immediate adverse
effect by reinforcing right thinking at all levels. We do not necessarily
have to publish the work to get it into the racial mind; just exercising
the problem has its effect.

Bottom line: 6 and its 666 is a powerful number of Grace, the heart, the
Pillar/connectivity, the Temple and Grail which leads to the safe and
effective usage of the Gates. I recommend that you continue to ignore the
"beast" in a 666 context and do what you are doing in working the REAL 666
as you've begun. If you could work the PHI in combination with PI, maybe
overlap the Hebrew PEH (#80) as discussed in the first memo, and phase in
the golden ratio 1.618+ and (squared) 2/618+, particularly as a rhombic
field, you might find it productive. Without the knowledge of math and
music I am restricted to using simple symbols, myself. Your special
aptitude with esoteric math can take you farther I think.