Dan Winter's invention - HeartTuner with Cepstrum for EKG - announced for use in Commercial Measurement of ATTENTION. We knew that Peak Perception Attention Quality was a primary measure of the BLISSTUNER ( see DRAMATIC new example below!) - but did know you that HeartTuner EKG COHERENCE / Cepstrum - itself, is a potentially powerful tool for the measurement and teaching of ATTENTION!

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use of Dan Winter's HeartTuner / Cepstrum to MEASURE ATTENTION Quality OR LAPSE of Attention:

'When a person is startled, for instance, it is often said that the person's "heart skipped a beat." This is not a mere figure of speech; it is a clinically verifiable fact. The individual's heart rate does change with a lengthening or shortening of the heart beat interval and the heart can indeed actually skip a heart beat.

The use of Heart Rate Low Frequency Content - now so well displayed in the HeartTuner - is called HRV - or Heart Rate Variability.. Here we publish a short list of articles introducing how to measure and teach ATTENTION quality - using this HRV - biofeedback - which is included with HeartTuner:

HEARTTUNER is the only system which allows you to do BOTH types of feedback in one system - to measure ATTENTION.

1. HRV- see how HRV harmonics are used to study attention.


2. EEG - The BLISSTUNER - see examples just below this list.


Vagal influence on working memory and attention

High HRV and low HRV groups were formed based on a median split of the root mean ... Problem solving; Resolución problema; Attention; Attention; Atención; ...

International Journal of Psychophysiology : Vagal influence on ...

Porges and Raskin (1969) demonstrated that HRV was significantly reduced during sustained attention. The relation between attention and HRV has also been ...

IngentaConnect Vagal influence on working memory and attention

Vagal influence on working memory and attention. Authors: Hansen A.L.1; ... High HRV and low HRV groups were formed based on a median split of the root mean ...

IngentaConnect Cardiac adaptivity to attention-demanding tasks in

Background: Decreases in heart rate variability (HRV) have been repeatedly demonstrated to be an index of effort allocation to attention-demanding tasks. ...
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Heart Rate Variability and Sustained Attention in ADHD Children

performance tests (CPTs) and the heart rate variability (HRV) of attention deficit hyperac-. tivity disorder (ADHD) children. The HRV, specifically the ...
www.springerlink.com/index/M53W58K7T72Q877U.pdf - Similar pages - Note this
HRV biofeedback has been found a powerful educational tool in mental health settings including Attention- Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. ...
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Heart rate variability (HRV) from ECG (electrocardiogram) has been used. as an index for measuring user attention, and it has been shown that HRV de- ...
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We discuss the wave mechanic essential principle of ATTENTION and PERCEPTION ITSELF - as PHASE CONJUGATION at goldenmean.info/perception , goldenmean.info/phaseconjugation and goldenmean.info/attention

In a related development - after our latest round the world lecture series - we have added some a dramatic new example MEASUREMENT OF BLISS - to the BLISSTUNER websites:

goldenmean.info/clinicalintro - and goldenmean.info/blisstuner

The BLISSTUNER comes with HeartTuner to measure EEG - to teach PEAK PERCEPTION / ATTENTION - BLISS - PEAK EXPERIENCE. It is also probably the ultimate meditation teach tool.

Here is an exerpt showing a dramatic new example of BLISS / PEAK ATTENTION - measured in EEG with BLISSTUNER:

BlissTuner / HeartTuner System Updates- dramatic new example (Jan 08, Brenda in Australia) - measurement of INTENSE BLISS - PEAK ATTENTION state - in EEG:

Above - note how the BlissTuner - measures an intense bliss- meditation moment

See the ONLY system to measure Golden Ratio in EEG

+ the ONLY System to measure INTERNAL EEG Coherence (Cepstrum Inset Graph - Top Left)

Note well how this the ONLY system to measure GOLDEN RATIO in EEG - and the only system to measure COHERENCE (Cepstrum) in EEG - dramatically illustrates success in measuring peak experience. Here Brenda was by her own description - in such a state of BLISS - that when she later described the details of her experience to the entire audience ( Bangalow - Festival) - not only was she in tears, but many in the audience were as well.

-HeartTunerPRO Special- Including 2ch HRV + BLISSTUNER EEG 2ch now with TWO Ways to Measure Empathy with special TRAINING , SUPPORT, - with the new 2 channel HRV/Empathy system- the price has not increased: 1575 Euro / 1064 GBP. Complete HeartTuner Input Preamp Hardware w/USB, 2 sets EKG + EEG Electrodes- Complete HeartTuner PRO Software Environment -Plus- Free Gift- TRAINING! - if you order thru the Inventor- Dan Winter- Complete 25+ DVD Video Set including 7 disks on HeartTuner/ BlissTunerTrainings (from goldenmean.info/tools ) +3 Books of Dan Winter including Ecstacy&Immortality Book - Complete Hardware Warranty & Support from Inventor of HeartTuner -- To Order:-email (your Visa/MC info+ship to) or PAYPAL to: danwinter@goldenmean.info -U.S.phone: 310 651 8123 | The HeartTuner / BlissTuner System ( thanks to software development with Frank see heartcoherence.com ) - offered here - with Support from the Inventor+ Training DVD's.. - HRV / Breath / Cardiac Synth -goldenmean.info/heathmathmistake + new>HeartTuner measures BRAIN-HEART Linkup!..The Heart Brain Connection Measured. New Mar 07> goldenmean.info/perception - HeartTuner-another software breakthru-GFFT+ Film:

New Mar 21,07 New PodCast Video Feeds Menu - For HeartTuner and BlissTuner Training Films (thanks to Richard!)

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- showing HOW Golden Ratio vs Octave Feedback cues PLUS real internal COHERENCE Measure- in Neurofeedback - revolutionize consciousness training and meditation! (these examples do not yet include the 'GFFT' - stay tuned!!)


now (exerpt from).. The Brain Heart Connection-Breakthru in Measurement

-HeartTuner/BlissTuner Biofeedback Update: How many neurons can share in a thought? The answer is the same as - how many neurons can share in the distribution of one CHARGE wave. Pulse streaming for neurons, becomes massive entrainment- based on pure geometry: idealized in fractality. We know - The Healthy Heart is a FRACTAL HEART ( goldenmean.info/heartmathmistake ) - and we know now so much more about the fractal / self similar Golden Mean Ratio in Brainwaves - trigger to consciousness ( goldenmean.info/empathy , goldenmean.info/clinicalintro )

NOW - in a software engineering breakthru - from Heart Coherence Team in close collaboration with Dan Winter, we are pleased to announce: THE BRAIN HEART CONNECTION - within the HeartTuner / BlissTuner environment! (Now released for ALL HeartTuner / BlissTuner new buyers and upgrades).

In the lower graph, this gifmation see the immediate response of BRAIN COHERENCE.. to a short meditation..

Note- the 2 separate powerful ways in which the phase lock / link up of HEART coherence to BRAIN coherence is measured and teachable:

1. The moment when the two main EEG harmonics line up in the Spectra,

and 2. The moment when the EEG COHERENCE (cepstrum peak) lines up at the same time as the EKG Heart COHERENCE peak .

The Heart-Brain connection has obviously been an intensely discussed question in the psychological and even medical literature. Everyone is aware that making this connection is key to the psychology, the spirituality and the PHYSICS of conscious evolution. What has been missing is the correct tool to MEASURE the connection.

Now - with HeartTuner / BlissTuner newly upgraded software to beautifully allow adjustment of relative gain between channels- Heart Coherence Team software team, with Dan Winter- scientific inspiration- is pleased to announced the BRAIN HEART CONNECTION option! His discovery of how to measure INTERNAL COHERENCE (cepstrum) so revolutionized Heart biofeedback - that the literature now recognizes Dan Winter with inventing the term Heart Coherence. Winter taught HeartMath institute how to take their first EKG and how to spectrum analyze it to measure emotion. Sadly - HeartMath Institute lied about who taught them this, and more seriously- completely misleads their customers about what HeartCoherence is. Read 'The HeartMath Mistake'.

The power of applying Dan Winter's discovery to the measurement of internal BRAIN COHERENCE - is just dawning upon a very slow to learn, biofeedback community. It does appear the Neurofeedback community is shockingly stupid and failing our culture - in failing to recognize and use:

1. the fact that brain wave states :PEAK PERCEPTION, PEAK PERFORMANCE, PEAK EXPERIENCE - need to be TAUGHT by using GOLDEN MEAN and OCTAVE RATIO feedback. (ref: goldenmean.info/empathy , goldenmean.info/clinicalintro )

2. the virtually self evident fact that INTERNAL BRAINWAVE COHERENCE TRAINING can perfect and simplify almost all EEG neurofeedback for everything from ADDICTION TO A.D.D. training. Revolutionizing neurofeedback - see: goldenmean.info/ritalin for example- the old way of elaborately (+ expensive time wasting for clinicians) guessing WHICH missing harmonic in EEG to reinforce is virtually ELIMINATED when overall internal COHERENCEis rewarded (see how it looks on graph below) !

3. meditation and consciousness training (like TM for example) have spoken about nothing but COHERENCE for decades . Yet now that Dan Winter has invented the way to do that (measuring internal coherence is precisely what makes it teachable)- the TM community ignores this like a stuck pig (afraid for their wallet apparently- while there ask the TM'ers why they continue to spend BILLIONS to reinvent cities based on Vastu, while having not the first clue of the electrical pure principle behind sacred / biologic architecture.). Below see tangible evidence how WONDERFULLY positive it is to see even a short meditation rewarded by INSTANT EEG COHERENCE PEAK RISE.

----Combine this with the new possibility in HeartTuner BlissTuner with the ability to measure EMPATHY in TWO separate and powerful ways- COHERENCE PHASE LOCK plus 2 channel HRV compare ( ref: goldenmean.info/empathy ) . THEN now here add the incredibly potent and new ability to measure when your heart and brain a) come into phase, and separately b) when they are each internally coherent, and c) when that coherence peak is simultaneous to both!

Result: the HeartTuner BlissTuner is such a revolutionary and powerful tool to biofeedback in general.. it may take a generation of obsolete practitioners to die before the breakthru can be recognized. Imagine the thousands of biofeedback practioners on Earth who each have gone thru all their training being WRONGLY taught that INTERNAL COHERENCE cannot be measured - only compared between 2 signal sets.

The point is - that for those visionary enough to understand the incredibly potent role biofeedback with EEG / EKG coherence + HRV and empathy measure - could play in shepherding and teaching conscious growth- (as well as in countless clinical and research situations) the new HeartTuner BlissTuner is a system completely in a class by itself.

Attention=Perfected CHARGE DISTRIBUTION Created by Successful >COMPRESSION-the GEOMETRY OF ATTENTION:Neurofeedback for A.D.D. hygiene approach +pictorial look at BlissTuner Solutions

This letter is for love of kids..(particularly A.D.D.) - see: goldenmean.info/clinicalintro if you do not have the illustrations..

Also see addend added about gamma in tibetans meditators - from april 06 - see bottom here..

Implosion Group ( implosiongroup@yahoo.com ) newsletter - July 9, 05 , from Dan Winter 's mailbag (danwinter@goldenmean.info ) - main index: goldenmean.info

Anyone who is familiar with the 70% or so clinically documented success with neurofeedback against Addiction and A.D.D. in America - knows the problem lies is quickly identifying which FREQUENCY to reward.That is the problem Dan Winter's (BlissTuner) measure of COHERENCE / Cepstrum - and Harmonic Inclusiveness (Perfect Compression) solves.

Is the inablity to produce quality ATTENTION in our leaders and our children - due to the inability to teach the PRINCIPLE of what ATTENTION IS?

The electrical symmetry that produces ATTENTION - is the same FRACTAL and SELF SIMILAR CHARGE COMPRESSION that produces - LIFE and GRAVITY and CREATION of Mass from Light.

Our failure to teach how to become ATTENTIVE - is directly due to our failure to understand the HYGIENE for ENVIORNMENT and DIET and GRACE (Yoga in Movement) that makes ATTENTION POSSIBLE! - Attention can be Measured and Taught with Neurofeedback - as the Brain Harmonics (alpha / beta) approach the Golden Mean Ratio 'Caducceus' Identifying CHARGE COMPRESSION!

Finally - solutions- combining environment improvement (reduce electrosmog, choose natural materials)- with Hygiene improvement ( live food, eliminate preservatives, wheat etc), Yoga - AND - Self-Empowering BLISSTUNER neurofeedback to shift gears - in a NEW Way...

and Produce FOCUS / Charge Compression / ATTENTION.


The above BlissTuner info is exerpted from the recently updated: goldenmean.info/clinicalintro

Please refer to the original article - for more.