Does 'Atlantis Rising" Depend on our Soul Group Acheiving the Skill to Embed : Saved by Re-Penting?

Atlantis.. Atlatal is to Project, Pent Recursion Projects Magnetics..

Do 2 Recent Decodings of Atlantis Annunaki ET Agenda Reveal the REAL Intent to Allow us to Rise: Redempton As A Genetic Collective Cocoon Thru LightSpeed?.. as a planned geometry of land and people and heart..?



AN from Sirius settles in Sumeria, a cross of the URU and IBI ( Serpent vs Bird) DNA. This was under N-ibi-uru, and H-ibi-uru.

The Matriarchy there was called ASSA-URU. This became din-asa-ur. And later Azores - Assa ures. The asuras in the bible and in Bali are those whose DNA does not shine.

Atlatal is projectile. Atl-AN was attempt to project AN's in stars, from a land designed as a capacitor. (Concentric rings of water / land).

Today the clues still exist of the descendants of those AN's, where the Templars placed the ARK ? at St. Michael's in the Azores?


Soul Purpose and Sintra in Portugal - for background.

by Dan Winter 9/9/1999 (return to ../sitemap.html )

this article is built upon the origin Pentagonal Projective Geometric Magnetic starmaps landscapes (Mars, Rennes, Washington, America's Mounds..) depicted in the origin articles:

../eldorado How Doorway into Gold on the Land is a Projective Lens for Genepools into perfect embedding!

../america Applying the atlatal, Atlantis Rising Myth to Bacon etc. in the Spiritual Origins of America

../origins Myth of the Golden Ones: Orion/ Annunaki Interventionists as Time Traveling Back here to get implosion back in their DNA!

../orion Golden Starmap of Giza vs Oriong Beltstars, vs: Original Ophanic / "Bird Tribe" Enochian Hypercube STARGATE Alphabet.

../coatels Connection to Tight Ans and the Movie TITANIC.. Reptilian Tailbone SpineJuice Switching.. (See Titanic in James Cameron Quote hints to ET agenda )

The geography of South Pole (for tru Atlantis), and timing 10,500 yrs ago coinciding with Pyramid alignments worked out by Rand Flemmath in "The Day the Sky Fell", then Hancock in "Fingerprints of the Gods", becomes a tiny piece of the REAL geomantic planning (Emki?): Hooking tetra mapped dolmen like Giza & Cydonia does more than just to phase embed a planet spin dynamic to zodiacal spins.. on a new axis after a pole slippage, (sabilizing gravity & atmosphere retention by spin recursion). The LONG LANDSCAPE embed ZODIACAL FRACTALITY in starmaps on the land create an electrical cocoon in which to offer DNA soulgroups the opportunity to launch themselves genetically back into the faster than light star black holes they originlly could / and were designed to .. INHABIT ! ("Time Lord" , "Watcher" , "Bird Tribe" , Ophanic" , "Adawi" , "Valnaapa" were various tribal names for this uniform status.. the alphabet of symmetry to which access: true Ophanic .. http:../orion see bottom Enochian /hypercube glyph array used to film STARGATE.).

Quote next is from Daniel Perez at who also brought you the link between Mars vs DC Pent Maps I connected to El Dorado at ../eldorado ) Perez page is about James Cameron and the ET origin/manipulation of filmmaking, is very useful and recommended. Students should compare this to the Dragon family manipulation roots of filmmaking mechanics and the discovery of projective optical illusion on this planet, to the Templar Origin of Filmmaking: in the book "FLICKER". After you read this quote, I would like to suggest a confusion about the role of Enki vs Enlil as Adonai vs Yalweh, Genetic Empowerer Annunaki, vs: Genetic Consumerism..(parasitism), a refinement missed by Dan Perez analysis of James Cameron & Atlantis (below), but worked out with some Sumerian rigor by William Henry in his new book "One Foot in Atlantis". more below.., first this quote from Perez: Background on Atlantis:

"The next big project on James Cameron's list was "TITANIC". A
culmination of five years worth of research, Cameron was finally
going to make a film that would be free of MK-ULTRA's influence.
Since "Strange Days", Cameron had learned he had been manipulated
and controlled since the beginning of his career by a group of "bad"
Freemasons who work for evil purposes. In order to understand this,
you have to trace the history of the Freemasons from Atlantis. The
information goes off on a tangent and becomes lengthy but it is
necessary to fully comprehend the rest of this document.

Thought to be legend by those outside Freemasonry, Atlantis was an
island continent located in the Atlantic Ocean. Extra-terrestials from
Orion and Sirius known as "originators" had created Atlantis by using
thousands of spacecraft parked in Earth's orbit.

These spacecraft were equipped with graviton lasers that drilled thousands holes in the floor of the Atlantic Ocean and molded
the exuding lava into the continent. After the lava had cooled, the "originators" terra firmed the new continent with artificial
soil and rapidly grown plant life. Atlantis was finally populated with animals from various parts of the Earth as well as
humanoid hybrids to create the Atlantean civilization.

These hybrids were crosses between the genetic material of the Neanderthal humans of Earth and the genetic material of the
originators. This process of creating these hybrids was known as Xenogenesis; the birth of an alien species. Remember this was
also the name of James Cameron's very first film in which he was helped by the Freemasons. This was a clue to the past as will
be a clue for the future as you will see later.

The Xenogenesis in Atlantis created what we know as "homo-sapiens" or the modern human being. Humanity started with two
hybrids who were named "Adam" and "Eve" and placed in a location the originators had named "Eden". For those of you
debating whether "creation" or "evolution" had created humans, this shows that BOTH are true.

As a model for this XenoGenesis and Atlantis, the "origininators" had created a colony
on Mars in the Cydonia region.. Remnants of this colony exist today such as the
Cydonia pyramids and the Face on Mars. The originators who had the responsibility of
creating "Eden" were known as "galactic originator disciples". The hybrids simply
knew them by their acronym, "GOD".

Unfortunately, there was an unseen force resisting against the plans of "originators"
that would compromise the original plan for "Eden". The opposition consisted of a
group of evil "originators" from Sirius who had deliberately planned to take over and
defeat the originators from Orion. They were labeled by the Orion originators as
"destructive ecstalogical makers of nihilistic savagery" or "demons". Their leader was
originally from Sirius and his name was "Satan".

Satan had caused a rebellion among the community of Orion and Sirius known as a
"war in heaven". The civilization in the Sirius system was created in a similar fashion
as Atlantis and Satan knew what it was like to be controlled. He had collected an army
among the Sirius originators and had declared war on the Orion originators." end quote from Daniel Perez site.. (how conveniently later Churchianity swapped Enki for Enlil exploits as meaning Satan....)

Commentary by Daniel Winter:

The basic premise of my comment here is to point out that indeed Atlatal in native parlance means THROWN PROJECTILE.. (William Henry nicely links this to the history of TULA or THULE ). Atlatal is the root of ATLANTIS, which in order to RISE must become again projective. (Lovely old book "Projective Geometry" 2 versions, in the Anthroposophic..) The "Point" here, is that indeed for RACIAL GENETIC AND GLANDULAR MAGNETISM to get a shot at being projected THRU HARMONICS BY PENT RECURSIVE BEAT NODES, indeed we must learn how to EMBED ourselves in these pent landscapes (http:../eldorado ) (and see the lovely Atlantis Article by Francis Bacon documented as Orion E-LIZ-a-beth blood at ). Recursion as the ASCENDING ASCENTION landscapes for magnetics to embed and be launched thru the speed of light .. IS THE NECESSARY LANDSCAPE AND DISCIPLINE FOR MAGNETISM TRYING TO GET AN EYEHOLE for both YOUR BACKYARD, and your HEART..(& DNA braid).

The "point" is simple, ASSUME THE POSITION, (Phi's Ray) or burn (destructive heat during compression necessary to embed) in Phi-re.

How Waves, DNA, Gland ELF EMOTION, & Landscapes Become Magnetically Projective & ONE POINTED:

prepare the field....

This is how waves become NOBLE "Uncorrodeable" Immortal / "GOLDEN": ../noble


What I am enjoying here, is that the originally parochial (small horizon of vision) 'our planet only' Sumerian true history of Yalweh the reptile, from Sitchen and Lawrence Gardner, is now really GOING SOMEWHERE. With admirable intuition Anna Hayes "Voyagers" book explains WHY THE INTERVENTIONIST INTRUDER SIRIAN ANNUNAKI H'Iburu 'Gods' (complete with facial pictures) thought they needed to rape our DNA. Much more depth here than Sitchen's specious cover story: "gold mining would repair their home atmosphere..". They had used gene splicing technology and mechanical STAR GATE wormhole technology enough to TEAR THE VERY FABRIC OF SELF AWARENESS OR TIME.. Literally their whole ecosystem was bleeding like an Ozone Hole gone radioactive. To repair this fabric required the skill to embed. (How childish it is to note that event histories space themselve at root Golden Ratio intervals thru time, and then ONLY apply it to predicting when the stock market does emerges from chaos to predictability in Carolan book: "Spiral Calendar". It is like tripping over the geometry of the birth of SELF AWARENESS in PRINCIPLE and then saying it's main usefulness is to make money.)

Some might say, well Anna Hayes book (above) was only the radio signal from her rescuer's from a lifetime of abduction, we need the newsprint from inside our planet. Even tho it is a complete vindication of our story of Draco parasitism in our politics for millennia, and complements perfectly the Sitchen, Andromedan, Gardner materials... We must answer to 'scholars' who still prefer schizphrenia to noticing anything ET.

Well, along comes Willim Henry ("One Foot in Atlantis", William: when can we announce your fascinating "Blue Apples" papers? When DNA implodes sustainably-into the superuminal - do the UV domain nests look like BLUE APPLES? ..clairvoyantly.. ). William works out the footprints on the rice paper of history Sumerian details. Where while Enlil (Yalweh) murders every outbreak of projective psychokinesis in history (cayin/king-able,tut,essene,cathar,templar,druid,witches,....ooh & Atlantis?), his half brother Enki (Adonai?) is running around setting up: RACIAL SOULGROUP ASCENTION/REDEMPTION MACHINES, 'atlatals' as magneto bubbles to rescue a fractured DNA/SoulGroup (from blown 'Tiamat').

Namely and specifically Henry contends that Enki took his best gene-clones down to set up Atlantis after escaping earlier murders from brother Enlil /Yalweh... the angry 'god'. Thereto went the Ca(y)in royal bloodline by design.

What is lovely is that we begin to see some of the wave mechanics planning necessary to provide a magnetic bubble enviornment to whole soul groups to GET THEIR MAGNETIC/GENETIC MEMORY LAUNCHED THRU THE SPEED OF LIGHT (into to Time Corridors, Stargates, Wormholes, SuperLuminal Shamantic Star Navigating, 'Time Lord', able to Lucid dream, travel in time WITHOUT heavy metal, & survive Solar Magnetic Implosions.. etc. etc.. ).. re-pent & be saved.. EL-Door-A-DO.

What better way to understand what is necessary to Make the ATLATAL projective Atlantis (Enki's magneto bubble intent wish for us) RISE !!

Henry better than Gardner (Shem-Shem Mannic- Highward Fire Stone) even tracks the numerous names thru Sumerian/biblical history for DOORWAYS INTO TIME/LIGHTSPEED PENTRATION. Djed-Tower-Amygdala-SHEMstone-(s)tone-Pillar of Salt-etc.etc..

This club of those who had access to these biomagnetic dimpling by recursion wormholes was exclusivist to some extent. We see that the whole galactic politics (Voyagers book) of the Interventionists (Intruder Annunaki et al) vs. Non-Interventionists.. (Prime Directive obeying).. of dozens of intervening star systems here are divided this way. Star systems who prefer an orderly democracy based on ability to share/embed as qualification to enter time travel (Arcturian,Andromedan..), have been counseling the invading Zeta/Gray/Draco hordes of Earth... who shapeshifted out our governments (Lawrence Gardner's Draco Dragons..)(see firefight at Dulce..Cooper/Branton/Collier/Schneider links at ../goldpowder )

The historical pieces fit together too well. It is no longer time to argue about whose childish religion has the right ET to call God. This is the politics of parasites. (../religion ) Rapturous solar magnetic orgasm requires us now to DO the PURE PRINCIPLE OF EMBEDDING.. inside our DNA/heart wave systems lies the perfect potential slip knot to embed us in wave imploding gravity centers the size of stars. Embed or Die. The principle is GOLDEN ascention module magnetics which 'redeem' lift whole genepools. It starts simply with the hygiene necessary to get capacitance stored efficiently in glands and DNA (by braid discipline).



Is TEACHABLE globally with Internet EKG biofeedback if ever our can get their show together..(HELP)

and continues when you learn how to find/make a back yard whose magnetism looks likewise rose petalled/fractal:

../labyrinth , ../angelfeel , ../power , ../magyard , ../stonecir , ../america , ../eldorado

In these ('power') places, ecstacy-kundalini-tantra produce embedding instead of insanity, because here like rose petals magnetism can continue to unfold from the inside out. .... .... and RISE !

Dan Winter 9-9-99 ...9's Mean the Orb from above releasing their arc angle of spin downward...

for the scholar:The Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature:


postscript: added to the unified field physics of gravity and self-awareness (with equations) based on Golden Ratio embedding page:


Subject: univeral self-replication as quantum determiner, Tue, 07 Sep 1999 20:23:35 -0500
From: David Waddington <>Reply-To:
To: ,Good Morning.

Not to presume, but on the chance that you have not already heard of it,
there is a new theory proposed whereby certain fundamental constants of
the universe, such as planck's constant and the gravitational constant
and the cosmological constant, are what they are in order to facilitate
Universal self-replication. Quantum Theory tells us that what exists is
a superposition of all possible worlds weighted toward the most
probable. General Relativity hints strongly at the possibility that
black holes may be baby universes, the spawn of our own. So, what
exists is a superposition of universes with all possible arrangements of
fundamental constants weighted toward the most probable. How do we know
which are the most probable? Well, if one arrangement causes the entire
universe to collapse into one big black hole, then there is just one
such universe. However, if another arrangement causes millions of black
holes to be formed in galactic centers, then there are millions of such
universes. Thus, the second arrangement is millions of times more
likely than the first. Thus, the most probable universe will be the one
which maximizes total black hole production. The Universe which
outbreeds the others is the one that survives, along with its countless
cosmic progeny. Just as Love brings about human reproduction and
survival, so the arrangement of constants brings about Universal
reproduction and survival.

Gravity = Universal Love!!!..

Response from Dan: so then would self-replication's geometric
then specifically depend on waves arriving
at the mathematical perfection of
self- reference..(article belo & also ../physicsofphi

Response From: Wad <> Presumably, the dominant quantum geometry would be that which maximizes
self-embeddedness. This certainly seems to resonate with your statement
that self embedding among waves is what creates gravity; according to the
quantum superposition of universes, gravity as it functions in our
universe is indeed determined by the fundamental universal tendency to
maximize self embedding, as are both the electro-weak force and the
geometry and topology of the universe itself. All things stem from
self-embedding due to gravitational mass implosion, which,
self-referentially, is caused by the gravity that it causes. Clearly,
this is a chicken-egg conundrum when viewed as such. However, taking the
appropriate view, in which the maximization of universal self embedding is
taken as more fundamental than the existence or behavior of any item
within that universe, it becomes clear that mass and gravity both exist
only as a means to acheive mathematical self-embedding of everything.