Making our Magnetic Fields and Earth Grid Fractal to Our Gravitational "Neighborhood" Will Not Only Stabilize Tectonics, It Will Nourish the Evolution of Consciousness Itself!

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OUR Civilization stands much to gain by developing a wave model predicting how our electromagnetic grid affects our gravity field stability. Additionally, energy source devices such as the POD MOD, Neuman, Trombley devices tap the gravity grid directly as civilization changing energy sources. Consciousness/recursion evolves potently only when our relationship to the recursive field effect we call gravity is understood and optimized. We must understand how our gravity grid's stability is limited by how fractal we make our magnetic grid, in order then to use this knowledge to optimize the way in which conscious/self-awareness evolves. (A Recursive-nest.)

In certain ways, I have humbly tried to address these issues in the second article in our new catalog: Gravity as Fractal. I would much appreciate dialog/conversation/info swap to evolve the clarity of this notion. The idea of the scalar wave as a caddeuceus braid of magnetic vs. electric wave fronts braided self-cancelling into each other to produce magnetic monopole (which Einstein knew was gravity's doorway), ONLY works when the 3 dimensional array of those wave fronts IS fractal.

Our research on the harmonic content of the heart EKG, when loving compassion is achieved, suggests an important connection to the "Zero Point" energy. I'd like to suggest a specific mechanism which permits the harmonic series in the EKG spectra to access the "Zero Point Energy" (reference literature by Henry Moray, and Moray King). Specifically this mechanism is fractality.

Our wave model of emotion predicted that we would find coherence in the EKG during loving. We did. Our wave model predicted we would find increased braiding in DNA during EKG coherence. We did. Our wave model predicted that when the heart became a "sonic laser" we could measure phase lock between the heart and major biomagnetics in the environment (example: a tree). We did. We have even measured the EKG phase lock or entrainment which occurs between people specifically at the moment they hold hands!

3D wave modeling clearly indicates that fractality is the specific mechanism which creates center of gravity as well as self-awareness in a waveform. The lo-frequency phi pent array (dodeca nest) permits/optimizes the densest possible recursion/fractality/self-embeddedness in 3D. Hence the Immune identity in the electrical waveforms around the heart must therefore arise when the geometry of focus called emotion learns to create fractal nesting among many incident pressures. The resultant self-embeddedness permits the "context-richness" in harmonic series accounting for what has been called "multiply connectedness" in holography. This must also describe the information physics for the onset of intuition.

In summary, our wave model must therefore predict several important and testable principles, all having to do with understanding how to describe and measure fractality/recursion/self-similarity/self-embeddedness.

1. That the gravitational force, and mass of an object is specifically proportionate to it's fractality as a waveform. For example, the amount of self-similarity or fractality between an electron shell wave series and its nucleus should MEASURE it's mass! This would also account for the approximate 1.4 ounce weight loss in the body at death. Consciousness is recursion. Symmetry loss = Loss of Recursion = Loss of self-awareness = Loss of Fractality = Loss of Mass!

2. That the leverage the heart gains on matter (and the immune system) is proportionate to its achieving fractally as a waveform/harmonic series. Teach fractality with feedback, and you teach immune health.

3. Properly quantizing fractality/self-embeddedness, will enable us to better teach it with feedback and other modalities. This will require properly modeling the multiple spin geometries made possible by toroidal fields of the wavelengths found in the EKG (AND non-linear energy device) power spectra. Idealizing these in multiple axes of spin will always result in the Golden-Mean dodeca nest. This possibility of inclusivity of foldedness is the topological image through which radiates human love.

Thus, the hearts access to the hyperbolic spin/information densities of the "Zero-Point" energy is specifically derived from its whip cracking harmonic series, translating vorticity contiguously up the caddeuceus harmonic scale. Notice the harmonic content in the EKG cascade going hyperbolic right at the approach to 0 hz. Only the completed fractal of this cascade means spin can reach out from the still point, without interference.

The challenge facing the human gene pool to information embed itself in its galactic ecosystem

is directly related to understanding how fractality works.

*Dan Winter, Crystal Hill Farm, 9411 Sandrock Road, Eden, New York 14057 U.S.A.*