15 Great Circles Grid Model..Nest as 5 Cubes in Dodec..

from Dan Winter

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re: This new grid center, Wed, 13 Dec 2000 , From:
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...Bill Becker and I proposed the 15-great circle UVG grid, we went in new directions with our work. Bill has been working on structures and molecular
interconnectivity. I have been in the sky and have proposed a layout of the 15 great circles as an ancient way of mapping the sky, based on an orienting ring through Vega, Sirius, Canopus (and
the ecliptic poles). This ring is perpendicular to the ecliptic. The UVG geometry cuts the ecliptic into 20 equal sections and lays out the Aztec, Hindu and Dendera zodiac. ........ I also have been synthesizing symbolism of Orion, Guadalupe, the bullroarer, and the "cube" (such as the
New Jerusalem in the Book of Revelation, or the dreidel) at the place in the sky known by astronomers as "the winter hexagon". ......

Bethe Hagens


Bethe et al... would you regard the 15 great circles as 3 per cube x 5 cube per dodec at 32 degree tilt.. as the appropriate 3D image?

In which case would this not suggest unified vector as being better labeled embedability optimized to stabilize gravity...(since each vertex in the infinite stellation of dodeca icosa -animation on right-

is not only infinite x,y,z coordinate values of whole number Phi multiples, but additionally each vertex is whole number Phi multiples in radius to center... see pic..."igniting the grid" at http://www.goldenmean.info/handout

We could then extrapolate that all planets which acheive gravity fields which become self organizing (atmosphere retentive)- would require this magnetic skeletal symmetry?

" WHY, compression (and compassion) is electrically the same thing as acceleration. This is because the only way closer to a tornado's throat is to speed up. You (Einstein) have already explained why ACCELERATION could never be differentiated from GRAVITY. Now you are closer knowing that COMPRESSION and ACCELERATION are identical as an experience for waves. Since we knew that Gravity and Acceleration were identical from Einstein, if we now add our new discovery that perfect compression optimized by Golden Ratio, is identical to acceleration - IT IS THERFORE NECESSARILY TRUE BY SIMPLE LOGIC THAT PERFECT GOLDEN RATIO WAVE COMPRESSION IS THE PURE PRINCIPLE OF EMBEDDING WHICH CREATES GRAVITY ( read goldenmean.info/predictions ) . This is more important than E=MC^2 because it allows us to discover the role that mind plays among waves. By embedding ourselves as a wave nest into a center still point where implosion is possible, mind gets a handle on tornadoes, and can steer them. " ( quote from the illustrated: http://www.goldenmean.info/handout )

Also it is interesting that you (Bethe) move on to consider the symbolism of the Orion complex in this symmetry relation. Since we have shown that the Orion - Pleades - Sirius angular cone to our SOLAR position, is exactly on the implosion gravity cone 60 degree animated above..

as discussed / depicted at




(Hopi name for the gravity wind resulting from this stellar alignment is Peshmehten - meaning way of the nine, which became "Deep Space Nine" )

dan winter