WHO.. in Physics ... is YALWEH?

Understanding How and Why Our Ancestors Took the Name of Plasma Bodies-

Which Became Our Names for "GOD"-

The Self Empowering Physics: How The NAMING PROCESS - Teaches You How to EMBED In the PLASMA FIELD
- Giving your aura leverage on the charge envelope called LIFE- at ANY SCALE
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- ancient Hebrew / Sanskrit letters are the physics of the phase angle of toroid plasma domains- tilting into precise conjugate charge creation symmetries
: goldenmean.info/dnaring

Update: June 2016- Our summary of the (lipid/oil based / nitrogen breathing / cyanogen exhaling) blood chemistry we believe was the race of Draco / Uru - from which Enlil / Yalweh sprung- as at www.fractalfield.com/fusionintheblood There we suggest the physics for the kind of blood boiling, immortality igniting human BLISS - did not exist in the non-iron based blood of Enlil /Yalweh the draco... Meaning that mechanical and soulless means of life extension were their only recourse
(like discovering Darth Vader in Star Wars or Harkonen in Dune- we wake up and discover that this half father- is half machine!).

Ann Rice concludes the father of all vampires and probably the plasma hungry ghost we call the grim reaper- is probably the plasma shadow of ancient Enlil / Yalweh- whom she names ENKIL. Thickening blood is a clue - to what became likely the largest plasma parasite in the solar system. This suggests much of Yalweh's current Earthly religion therefore is a conveyor belt into the mouth of that hungry ghost. Addiction to mechanical gold powder's is the beginning of what leaves these 'ascended masters' - frozen in the astral prison around the Earth- - only able to parasite on the plasma of human emotion- and unable to generate self empowering BLISS charge inertia from dead internal emotions- and thus unable to get up the KA BA inertial aura velocity to make it thru the heart of the Sun - ( the only way out of here)- thus locked out of Sun God status. (see planet steering emotion- from Bentov - at www.goldenmean.info/kundalini - our new Bliss Biofeedback apps: hrv-app.com and flameinmind.com )

In any case- all the serious studies of ancient Sumerian etc - not just Sitchen but Anton Parks- (best history of Enlil/Yalweh: fractalfield.com/zeitlin ) and the book "Shining Ones" - makes it clear- the distinguishing characteristic of Enlil/Yalweh- was his outstanding hatred of humans- and delight in torturing them. SO the foolishness of worshipping his tradition - is made clear.

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Now- back to our conversation: how does science help us understand - the physics behind how the concept of God (Biologically efficient charge distribution) .. got NAMES!! :

When you say YAL-WEH- you make 2 opposing pressure cones (vortex) of sound- from your mouth. This sets up PHASE CONJUGATE-ing opposite charge vortex- which is precisely how you assemble the biologic components of plasma or charge- to inhabit larger and larger (eventually ORION sized) bodies. (the AU in AUra means the GOLDen or phase conjugate part- even applying to ARyran race, or ORiginal, or AUthentic... and OR-ion... THE MEANING IS THE SAME- BE GOLDEN or Conjugate- add and multiply your waves - see: GOLDEN QUANTUM FIELD THEORY. ref 1, ref 2. ).
Those double cones became:
+ the Antarean Conversion- Universal SYMBOL for ORION
+ the double vortex cones of the Hebrew Hex, Mogen David
+the Flag of Alpha Draconis, and Isreal
+ the Double Tetrahedron - so called Flower of Life
+ the 9 Phase Conjugating Vortex Pair (in Golden Ratio) PLASMA LIFE BODY MAKING- called SRI YANTRA ( 3d Animated: goldenmean.info/whaledreamers)

NEW SCIENCE OF LIFE- The POINT ('bind-hu' between conjugating cones) here is that the so called NAME and PRINCIPLE of GODMAKING are the same: getting your aura and plasma body so conically implosive - as to grow it from the scale of atoms and molecules- to the scale of your chakras- and directly that same plasma field (aura) CAN get big enough to gravitationally steer the flow (measureably) - not just of tornados- but ALSO stellar bodies! This is SUN God making- and this IS who you are!

Get the point- dump the personality and miracle worship (it's for babies) - and get on the biophysics shtick - of what your aura is for!
DO the science for getting your aura big (hygiene for bliss) - and GET charge radiant!!!!

Here is the Visual for the "Antarean conversion orion cone yalweh story"...

Gematria totals the permutations of the symmetry set of the so called "Names of God"- with a flat 2D numbering system. Supposing instead of living in the imagination flattening- FLATLAND- you understood the shape/ symmetry instructions of God's naming process - as (the sequence of symmetry steps- for) HOW you nest your aura's plasma field- into human and stellar vortex- the real charge 'light cones' that allow creation. This is how you become the (fractal) creation physics of what you USED to call "God". Talk about self empowerment.. the way you get power - is when you learn to SERVE the pure principle of that which is - (phase conjugating) LIFE FORCE itself!

The Symmetry Elements Which Became the Plasma Residues - phase conjugate CONICS- which ARE biology itself- - we today call ORIGIN OF ALPHABET.

When you too understand how you embed your aura in 'the field' - you become the creation physics (charge compressing principle) you used to call 'God'. This is maturity- evolving from your childish view that creation's physics was something that happened outside your body. The ability to INCREASE the electrical inertia causing charge to compress inside your aura (especially that which you call the POWER OF ATTENTION) - is a teachable hygiene not requiring mysteries- but rather requiring understanding of PURE PRINCIPLE.

The Yod and the Vau - opposing pressure cones- naming YALWEH- refers to this phase conjugate principle of how small and VERY LARGE plasma bodies are inhabited by intelligent beings. This article provides pictorial evidence and suggestion - that the actual gravity field of ORION - WAS/IS that body and that being.

Finally- to understand the principle behind the 'naming' process - is ultimately- the ability to ASSUME THE POSITION - symmetrically to enter the wave pattern - which itself IS the only form of immorality. To BE the vortex IS to live on. Yod-he VAU-he (Yalweh) is merely a geometric descriptor / inviter telling you what shape GIVES you leverage on the waves. It is not the NAME of power or God - so much as it is the SHAPE of what enables to to BE what you used to call 'God' ... Namely: by embedding in that opposing cone vortex pair- to compress the charge fields in the way (Phase Conjugate pairs) which IS the ONLY physics of gravity, perception and creation itself. BE the wave- by understanding HOW you are EMBEDDED and made only OF it!

The universal compressibility of the ONE fundamental media- of the unified field- is CHARGE: it's substance when in compression is called positive charge, in rarefaction negative. How it holds it's inertia IS the creator ... of what you call 'mass'. Constructive wave geometry (quantum mechanics) births rotation. This gyroscope you call 'spin': your only definer of mass and time and every 'thing'. Only when you get electrically fractal - in both time and space- the way of the rose- do you BECOME the CREATIVE COMPRESSOR - and thus emerge from chaos in just the way the first wave did.

(ref- the original "Squeezing the Truth Out" goldenmean.info/squeezingthetruth , and "You Couldn't Get of Better SQUEEZE: Love" goldenmean.info/touch )

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In response to many requests here is an updated reading list to accompany the film:
Here are the links, discussion and films - about - WhaleDreamers and The Last Mimzy- and plasma storm..(phase conjugate 9 concentric vortex Sri Yantra- the Nine)

The physics of how heart imploding does tornado steering www.goldenmean.info/dowsing

Here are the notes about Ophanim/ Enochian / John Dee www.goldenmean.info/orion www.goldenmean.info/ophanim www.goldenmean.info/enochian

Notes to the advanced Angel Science: www.goldenmean.info/angelscience

Here are the notes about the serious physics of Braiding in DNA - in response to Bliss experience- the way you get a soul: www.goldenmean.info/dnamanifesto

Here are the notes about the physics of Origin of Alphabet - Language of Light- as the science of how DNA absorbs and spits charge as plasma residue/ the elements of self organizing symmetry of Charge Domains: www.goldenmean.info/dnaring ( http://spirals.eternite.com )

Here are the notes about the physics of what defines (biologic) ARCHITECTURE: the ability to craft a building (shem) which can implode (phase conjugate) enough charge to immortalize DNA's field (how electric fractality defines the sacredness or vitality of space): www.goldenmean.info/architecture

Here are the serious physics notes about the ALCHEMIC science of PHASE CONJUGATION - cause of Gravity, Perception, Color, Rainbows, Consciousness- etc.- AND successful death! www.goldenmean.info/budapest08


We need to LEARN the lessons of our ancient legends of God and Devils- otherwise we shall NEVER grow up from our (now rather disgusting) childishness.

The name for God and Devil - to any extent to which it has physics and meaning- is a name for the being who is able to steer a plasma field. The larger that field (the au of ra- aura) the more powerful the so called GOD. I present evident here of the historic origins of the terms for God - as Yalweh - and - Satan - -

These are each historically rooted specifically - in the description of the plasma shape of what inhabits a phase conjugating (the double cones of YOD and VAU)- double vortex. (see below) IF you have this kind of ability to build biology making, and eventually gravity field influencing- IMPLOSIVE CHARGE- in your AURA - then you do NOT have to lose memory at death- but you ALSO - get to BE literally what you used to call GOD! You steer stars, you create physics by compressing charge inside your aura.

The point is simple - dump the childish religious crap- and learn how you move the center of plasma fields with your aura. This is as simple as watching a TaiChi master push you with his chi, or watching a shaman steer a tornado.

We could for example - learn the physics of possession, exorcism, how the spirit leaves and re-enters the body at death and near death- these are ALL examples- of learning how you move plasma fields with the imploding (phase conjugate /fractal - 'assemblage point') of your AURA.

--(This is the Original archtype giant Sandworm of Dune. Shai Hulud. , Shaitan, origin of the word SATAN - from ancient Uru / Usu - dragon- language..

Important background story - the REAL digital VOICE RECORDER ("Girku", ME, Vril, Tuoai stone) download from Enki/Saam/Atun/EA - here from Anton Parks- Chronicles of Girku My review: goldenmean.info/angelscience (English summaries)

Compare to how an Earth Current literally leaves the ground and begins to fly-

in David Yarrow's Dragon in the Ice Castle. (links) (Geomantic true stories of New York)

"Earth as a whole, then, is Ourobouros, a Great Winged Serpent coiled about itself. But any region of land can be presumed to possess its own lesser dragon. To speak of dragons is a way to describe Earth's power as manifested in the land.
Modern geophysical science tells us the planet is enfolded in a own magnetic field within which flow vast electromagnetic currents arising from entrapped solar radiation and impulses surging deep in the Earth. Dragon is a concept to define how impulses of the planetary energy field are stored up here and flow out there as channels and pools of terrestrial electromagnetism. To see a dragon is to perceive the channels of subtle natural energy at the planet's surface. The dragon's body is defined by the physical features of the land where these invisible telluric currents circulate and collect.
It's important to realize the dragon is no mere object, idea or collection of landscape features. Nor is it merely an energy flow in the landscape. Each is but a representation for our own reve lation to describe the living, vital spirit that inhabits and animates the Natural World. This concept of Earth-as-Spirit is lost entirely to modern technology and material philosophy that prevails and dominates today. And the rapid destruction of ecosystems highlights the dangers of this blind course. It's time for the modern mind to rediscover the Dragon. "

The challenge is to BE the being who STEERS that great plasma WIND- as it travels thru the more phase conjugate parts of the Earth Grid (see how metals differentially deflect Earth currents by the extent to which they are phase conjugate: goldenmean.info/geobiology )--

---------So here is the short story of what it is to say and be YALWEH : YOD he VAU he: - The TETRA GRAM.. a ton..

When you pronounce YOD- you create a sonic wind (sound hologram) from your mouth with is a CONE going AWAY from your mouth

(see the SPECTROGRAM OF THE HEBREW ALPHABET- top left image - in the above pic - further images: goldenmean.info/goldenarches

When you pronounce VAU - you stretch a cone of sound wind pressure going the opposite way (try it with your mouth - visualize the shape of the air bubble you make - as you say it say slowly).

The function of saying HE- between each - is the amorphous and space filling (ask any woman if that is not a desciption of MALEness- HE..)- process of filling each of the opposing (phase conjugating ) cones.

That is how the double opposing tetra - (shadow in hex) became the actual symbol for the GRAVITY WIND PLASMA SHAPE- which is the ORION SECTOR ( and the flag of Alpha Draconis and Isreal).

Let us be clear- in DEEP SPACE NINE (film whose Orion history usefully came from Phylis Schlemmer's group)- the hero discovers the BLACK HOLE vortex which transport device enriched his space station - has the capability of independantly deciding which bad guy to implode out of existence at its own coeur throat...

The BEING who IS the giant wormhole IS the decision maker.

If you knew how Yod He Vau He (Yalweh) gets his aURa that big... then YOU can qualify for that job. (Good paying jobs- require qualifications... the NEPHALIM's genetic 'fall' meant their aura's no longer knew this trick - this is a good time to get training for a better job!)

In the millenia of the ongoing Draco Orion wars: (see the melodramatic anticlimax click ' status-today ' ) .. the battle cry became: BECOME the vortex and YOU will steer.. .. namley YALWEH..

The fact that later Enlil (the cloned hungry ghost of the genetic disaster which IS Enki / Sam /Atun story)- took that name.. is not evidence that he acheived that (real self empowering implosion) in his aURa (he did not). It is the pathetic irony of his inability to get there- emphasizing how his DNA's lack of implosion never invited him to learn HOW compassion worked.. How his soul became the father of all vampires (Ann Rice's Enkil) is the lesson. This goes for all those who seem evil- by failing to embed- what we learn from the spectre of their fall becomes - even if unintended- their ultimate gift.

As you study the principle of what keeps the 2 opposing cones of plasma (charge) attractively and recursively sucking implosively into each other.. (the 2 tetra cones of Yalweh's Star of David)..

you are looking at the essence of what MAKES the universe and all particles in it - essentially - a BLACK HOLE.

(pics from Nassim - vs Panki..

This ONE and ONLY principle that causes charge to attract because of the self-similarity of those cones (the YOD versus the VAU in YOD-HE-VAU-HE of Yalweh).. has MANY names! :




-KHEM (as in KHEMistry and alKHEMy)

-phase conjugation


It is the electrical symmetry ESSENCE of what is also called GRAVITY .. and PERCEPTION itself. (Remember how Bill Tiller measured the electrical result of focused human attention: it caused CHARGE to COMPRESS... {book review of his "Conscious Acts of Creation": goldenmean.info/makingwaves }. This illustrates electrically- how phase conjugation it the symmetry of perception itself.)


It is important for us to parse to a bio-plasma root the memory lineage of how our ancestors passed survival memory, because it allows us to 'shammanically recapitulate" (see goldenmean.info/hellsmouth ) - and thus fully inhabit that memory / plasma stream. This potentially then gives us the central gravity making (phase conjugate) inertia to direct and steer (the process of tending tents of phase conjugate cones) the intention of that field effect. The primal example being - the physics of how a shaman steers a tornado by feeling its pain (compassion physics) - ( see goldenmean.info/dowsing )

For this exercise in esoteric memory science - we are going to attempt to parse the memory line - of the being whom we currently call YALWEH.

The person named YALWEH - is of course a bit controversial in current esoteric science- being about evenly divided between those who say - this is the "GOD" of the Jews- and deserves "worship" (embed or die in this plasma ) - VERSUS those who say - this YALWEH was the ULTIMATE VAMPIRE - and bad guy. It is important to review both of these perspectives in order to come up with a reasonable view - of what indeed is worth IDENT-EYE- PHI-ing with. ( The 'direction setting intent field' - phi cascade of capacitive waves rippling across membrane surface- is indeed what causes the- DENT of -7 stages of - invagination enabling birth triggering - at the moment a sperm hits the egg wall).

We are going to take successively deeper views- of who this person YALWEH - might generally be - and discard most of them as superficial:

For the first view- namely that YALWEH is GOD and therefore we need to embed (worship) that plasma field being - or die- we need merely inspect the Hebrew / Jewish literature. This article suggests this view is not only naive, childish - but also truly disempowering (and probably- results in feeding a large astral parasite- the Hungry Ghost of Enlil - or as Ann Rice describes - the 'one who must be kept': ENKIL- Father of all Vampires. It seems cruel- but I suspect that view is essentially correct from an Astral perspective- namely that the conventional Jewish way of soul delivery at death- is mostly a conveyor belt into the mouth of a large Astral parasite / hungry ghost: grim reaper.).

The story becomes a hair more complicated when we read elaborate Sumerian study by Zachariah - Sitchen - indicated the YALWEH in SUMERIAN generally refers to the Annunaki Draconian - ENLIL - later called AMUN in Egypt (sometimes associated with the MICHAEL story ).

Let us suggest some of the reasons this view is also superficial.

In that Sumerian view - YALWEH ENLIL - is the "HALF BROTHER" of ENKI (whose other names include- EA, ATUN, TOM, LUCIFER, and as we shall later see the 'Girku' story : SAAM).

Sadly I feel we MUST discard the view - put forward by Christian O'Brien (sorry Edmund) - in his SHINING ONES series ( www.goldenageproject.org.uk/shining.html ) that these Earth infesting Annunaki Draco were the major HEROES of history. Although I do think Mr Obrien is right that ability to use and store seeds, and water technology and most of civilization's rudiments - WERE carried forward from cataclism to cataclism BY the infesting ANNUNAKI DRACO- I feel rather strongly - that it is TOTALLY a mistake to credit this person YALWEH - ENLIL- for that gift. (evidence see notes below: the GIRKU chronicles).

There are many creditable historic references- to prove that the ENLIL AMUN person called YALWEH - was in fact quite a brutal and murderous- the so called 'angry God'. We need read no further that Obrien's GENIUS OF THE FEW- to see countless accounts of the most unspeakable savagery towards humans. (Later in the FAR more detailed Girku chronicles- we see the most likely relationship between these so called ELOHIM NEPHALIM / Annunaki Draco / Urus Usas /- versus the humans - was similar to the way we regard snack food).

We suggest this naive view from O'Brien is little different than LAURENCE GARDNER's own rather pathetic attempt to apologize for the murders of his Draco ancestors - by somehow suggesting that the bloodline of selected CHOSEN ONES - part of the Annunaki Slave Race- was 'ROYAL' ( Genesis of the GRAIL KINGS). What is now clear is there is only ONE meaning for the term ROYAL - which is more than (GARDNERS story:) rather pathetic local fairy tale about how the ANNUNAKI needed to breed a line of BABY SITTERS- (CAIN = the origin of KINGs) - for their slave race ADAMA's - (because as explained in writing - they could not stand the noise of their 'humans' copulating all night).

That ONE meaning of the term royal - which COULD possibly make the term useful to biologic understanding- would be those whose genes and blood were charge radiant - usually due to the maximized DNA field embedability called COMPASSION - and therefore able to steer a body polis (hive or origin of term POLItic). In this sense- a bee hive could absolutely not swarm- without steerage from ROYAL DNA - anymore than America could survive the POLITICS of her near death experience with the steerage of a parasite (genetically bliss disabled) family like George Bush.

Altho a bit harsh- I do think - our friend Jen - came up with a fairly correct and predictive view- that this Sumerian YALWEH- from ENLIL- is clearly the Vampire - Hungry Ghost- into whose mouth (sometimes called the GRIM REAPER at death) is delivered the hapless souls of the subjects of the Jewish religion. ( discussion : goldenmean.info/pope , goldenmean.info/goddess ). We called that plasma mouth of the largest parasite in the Solar system : hellsmouth - in the shammanic recapitulation at goldenmean.info/hellsmouth ). This is the spectre of that YALWEH - ENLIL - parasite also called THE ENCODER in Bible Code TWO- wandering lost in the Sinai looking among the rubble of his own nuclear storm ( Sodom) - for the missing LANGUAGE CRYSTAL (Girku)- key. For a more romanticized view of how this parasite evolved from simple astral parasitism of the early Enlil- to being quite historically literally the FATHER OF ALL VAMPIRES- we suggest reading about ENKIL- in Ann Rice's VAMPIRE SERIES. ( I would consider that author's recent conversion to a simplified religious fundamentalism - also a bit sad).

-- For all of this I STRONGLY encourage my readers- to consider the comparison between several hundred generations of terribly confused myths (the Bible) - VERSUS an actual recording from Enki (Saam's) - digital voice recorder? ( the so called GIRKU Chronicles).

The Sumerian term for COMPUTER DISK: ME (as explained by Sitchen) - becomes our word ME-ASSA -URU - ME-AN-t / MEASUREMENT. The event of MEASUREMENT happens when an AN-unaki consults his ME (actually in this case it is HER: ASSA= queen of URU = DRACO / DRAGON).

Our other terms for this phase conjugate crystal technology which arrived on Earth via the Annunaki- largely from Sirius A- we believe- include : ME , SILMARION, TUOAI STONE, FIRE CRYSTAL, VRIL, and GIRKU.

So I personally consider it a fabulous gift and delight that the voice recordings from ENKI - SAAM- ATUN - EA - are in fact delivered from his personal crystal computer: THE CHRONICLES OF GIRKU (Anton Parks) - which I linked and discussed at goldenmean.info/angelscience

Now most of you historical types will regard this is science fiction - but from my study - I emphatically disagree. From my study of this material - I find so many historical insights and correlations- that I recommend this analysis as a compelling and dramatic breakthru history.

SO (from there - I suggest ) : my conclusion that the guy called ENLIL- AMUN etc- in SUMERIAN ANNUNAKI history - who later TOOK the name YALWEH- for much of EA's EArth religious history- IS as described in that source:

Enlil is NOT the half brother in any biologic sense of Enki from the An lineage- he is more correctly a quite unsuccessful attempt by Enki- at making a CLONE from his own DNA - from confused (un-en'soul'ed) Draco source DNA. Remember- cloning was the ONLY legal mechanism of procreation for most of the DRACO culture. When they saw the insidious (soulless) nature of that misguided clone attempt all agreed it was best to kill it. Only a mysterious freak of history allowed it to live. How Enlil- later took political control of Earth- by standing in the Draconian and parasitic coattails of his murderous Father AN- is abundantly explained in the books. (This is how he became - as the Father of the Vampire stories- the 'one who must be served'. One kool exerpt of all this rather depressing Earth history of humans being eaten by the Urus- is that the NAME and number system for POLITICAL BODY - used by the Annunaki / Draco - as well as several other local ET civilizations - was THE NINE!.. read on..)

In the face of his Father's business ancestors using his best genetics (humans) merely as food... the rebellious nature of Enki - with his half partner

Mamitu-Nammu-Damkina(1)-Ninti(1) Nut - cooked up a bit of a genetic experiment (our human race) which COULD potentially defy the strict control rules of his families own Dracos.

(Read the fascinating story of Enki- sneaking off to Jupiter's moon to make some clay ACAMBARO figurines- to use the 'inceptive cyborg' effect to morph excess sex drive into our race- preciesly to make us harder to enslave by his draco family: goldenmean.info/dnamanifesto ).

The point being one reason SHE above- rejected Enki's clone: Enlil- as un-ensouled - was precisely because none of the good winged and potentially ensouled or sustainable DNA - was she able to sneak into the brew- in that earlier Enki clone called Enlil.

I strongly suggest there is a fabulous clue there in those texts- where Enki's mysterious lady partner - NAMMU - sneaks the DNA into his clone brew- to create the 'human' race. Enki / Saam's shock is described - when the albino white nature of the reptilian line emerged. (This is not a racial comment - .. the NAMMIBIAN's from Enki's south African- KILIMAN race- were black- the black pharoahs- later named KHEM - original name for Egypt).

Elsewhere we see that the LINEAGE being described for Enki's mother line - called PTA TAAL (ptah line- naming the winger pter-adactyl - quetzlcoatel lineage of Enki's -science officer- Ningishidda Hermes- referring to the WINGED nature of what happens to DNA's phase conjugate charge field in the presence of Kundalini Bliss) - is quite literally GABRIEL - the 'ANGAL' specifically responsible for initiating EArth's Muslim, Christian, and Mormon religions (genetic hygiene directives). - this is my principle point of departure in goldenmean.info/angelscience

The ANGALic realms - had in the Annunaki - realm - according to Anton Parks- (click to link)

a very specific notion of how the access to other biologic dimensions. ( Angelic physics like Ophanim links goldenmean.info/orion)

I would like to specifically propose that these depicted nests of access to other biologic dimensions, be specifically modelled as phase conjugating nested (vortex) PLASMA DOMAINS. And that the way these are arranged- is specifically in accordance with the way NINE of these plasma vortex (Golden Ratio) nest to make LIVING PLASMA FIELD / CHAKRAS.

In practical terms- this means getting the weak capacitive field harmonics- so COHERENT - they can COHERE the vacuum's other phase and velocity harmonics. (like GDV medical measures / combined with goldenmean.info/biophoton technique of measure).

And if THAT language - sounds not like practical terms (measureable) - this means- attending to the hygiene to get your AURA - charged enough to propel it down the magnetic corridors of LUCID DREAMING - which ultimately penetrate (the alchemy of) death.

This relates directly to our continuing discussion about DEEP SPACE NINE, EGYPTIAN ENNEAD, THE ANNUNAKI NINE, PUHARICH's NINE, DANTE's NINE etc. etc. - see especially - goldenmean.info/hellsmouth , goldenmean.info/peshmehten , goldenmean.info/whaledreamers

This nest of light cones which connected ORION to our solar system was called PESHMEHTEN by the Hopi - meaning THE WAY OF THE NINE.

We depict HOW this light cone to ORION nests at the correct implosion angle (60degrees) to PHASE CONJUGATE..at goldenmean.info/orion


It is our belief that this is the true Draco root of the (Hex) flag of Israel: namely the 2 triangles being shadows of 3d tetra vortex interdigitated (phase conjugate opposing cones).

(Adonai= Enki = Ea... also used the opposing 2 cones as symbol:

SO - our main hypothesis here is that YALWEH more accurately in truly ancient Draco parlance- is the NAME for who is inhabiting those cones.

The being with leverage controlling the BODY of the famous ORION wars - is the entity who inhabits- whose being ness is the light cones.


At goldenmean.info/whaledreamers (next 5 images) we discuss how NINE of these PHASE CONJUGATING charge compression cones/ golden ratio tetra in 3D- (the SRI YANTRA) become precisely what gives LIFE to all Plasma Field (charge domain ) bodies.

(below - exerpted from 'Last Mimzy' - Sri Yantra- star gate..

That article has discussion and further links to the extensive plasma physics research (Los Alamos Labs)- with Tony Peratt: ( next 2 image sets immediately below from him)

Important to note this physics literature is published in conjunction with the original research into the plasma residue way of interpreting alphabet glyph work on ancient petroglyphs of JOHN MCGOVERN. He noted the VALNAAPA / OPHANIM ENOCHIAN letters in Flinders Range starmap - above Adelaide- where WHALEDREAMERS is now set. This is the PLACE where DREAMSPELLS launch into the stellar inhabiting.. WHALE DREAM. - - He is the one who first showed showed me the HEBREW and ENOCHIAN letter characters on the aboriginal cave walls there. Now he usefully claims to be able to interpret the writing of any ancient shaman on a rock carving by knowing the essence of how any letter form is merely the residue of a plasma field - in symmetry to create the charge compression ' phosphene flare' we CALL a thought- in our holographic optical cortex- brain.)

Here the pictures from Los Alamos- about that plasma storm (whose envelope is called VISHNU?)- mind of God reaching forth in the plasma to eat us - hope we taste sweet... last one was about 6000 years ago.. By carving the accurate body of that plasma light storm on virtually every cultures petroglyph GLOBALLY- Shamans seem to be telling us: steer that tornado - or be toast... (Implosively compress / embed- or die)

It would be useful for those studying:

THUNDERBOLTS OF THE GODS.. to consider what makes the plasma storm (God's thunderbolt) - into a living self organizing electric field body (namely: phase conjugate symmetry).

we insert one relevant section: from the very helpful Gerry Zeitlin- climax of his analysis(of Anton Parks): www.zeitlin.net/EndEnchantment/RP1.html

The Awakening of the Phoenix, by Anton Parks, Publication 2009
This page is largely an English-language translation of Anton Parks' preview introduction to his book: Le Réveil du Phénix.

The Chronicles of the Gírkù ("The Chronicles of the holy sword") retraces the age-old combats that lead two beings issued of a single energy arising from Gagsisá-Esˇ (Sirius 3) [see discussion of Sky Orientation 4 under Worlds]: two sister or sister/brother souls, rebelling against a despotic authority that had held sway over a large part of our galaxy since time immemorial. Whatever were their different names throughout the thread of history and memories, it is an ancestral combat well underway before the first book of this series, over other incarnations. That is what is revealed, among other things, by The Awakening of the Phoenix.
The crystal Ugur (The GÍRKÙ). We plan to develop a 3-D graphic model of Ugur for The Awakening of the Phoenix.
The Chronicles of the Gírkù draws a portrait of the gods of the Earth, giving them their true dimension. It is not a question of etheric or monolithic divinities, as some prefer to describe them, solely to reassure themselves and to give to the human genre an exceptional character. It is more a matter of individuals of flesh and blood, and moreover, humanoids. These were awesome predators, beached here at the time of an ancient war, who discovered that their royal Kingú creators had already appropriated this territory, long before. The conflict is partially exposed in the Babylonian creation text of approx. 1115 B.C., given the name Enûma Eliš by contemporaneous exegetes.

These warriors and colonizers dubbed Anunna(ki) calculated with a different notion of time from that of the human being -- looking forward many decades and centuries. Their methods and ways of conducting themselves over long periods of time testify to a quasi-immortality, not the extremely short existence of humans.

Their adversaries and galactic lookalikes who found refuge in Egypt and in its subterranean sanctuary named Gigal, conceived an astute codification of languages aimed at creating difficulties for the Annunaki with their goal of global domination over mankind. This codification, to a large extent described in the works of this series, requires an intelligence and an ultra-rapid manner of thinking not possessed by the human being.

The following paragraphs contain references to details of the Ádam Genisiš narrative that have not yet been reviewed on our web pages. This situation is being addressed.

The Awakening of the Phoenix begins where Ádam Genisiš brusquely culminates, just after the sudden disappearances of Mamítu-Nammu (Nut) and her son Sa'am-Enki-Asar (Osiris) at the time of the great battle of the Age of the Lion, almost 10,000 years ago. At this moment of our narrative, the combat conducted by the two sister souls who carried at that time the names of Aset (Isis) and Asar (Osiris), is newly troubled by the disappearance and the sorrowful mourning for one another.

The history reported by the Egyptian funerary texts and the local legends spread by the priests who did not wish news of the death of Asar (Osiris), and the true conditions of his disappearance to be known, were only pale reflections of the reality.

Symbol of Sirius

The Awakening of the Phoenix opens:

Setesh (Enlíl-Seth) is a mixed-blood artificially created through the genetic genius of Asar (Enki-Osiris) from his own genes, those of Mamítu-Nammu (Nut), and others derived from the Gina'abul race. Given that he possesses the same genetic material as his creator Enki-Osiris, namely that of his creator Mamítu-Nammu, Setesh passes both as his son and his brother. It is precisely this situation that is the origin of the conflicts that have opposed Enki-Asar (Osiris) and Enlíl-Setesh (Seth) on Earth.

After having shone brightly over unfathomable expanses of time at the heart of the divine assembly of Kalam (Sumer) in the role of grand Sˇàtam (territorial administrator)(insert note from Dan: SATAN?)-
, Setesh (Enlíl-Seth) little-by-little loses his prestige and the confidence of Atum-Râ (An). Setesh then makes use of all possible ruses to restore his previous popularity and renown. To this end, he engages in open war against Asar and assassinates him in order to obtain the lands and the throne of Egypt.

In his murderous folly that swept beyond all the frontiers of the terrestrial globe, Setesh caused the explosion of Mulge, the Black Star (today's asteroid belt). This in turn blew Mulge's ancient satellite into a completely unstable orbit -- one that perpetually menaced Earth thoughout the narrative of The Awakening of the Phoenix.

The first disastrous passage of the bolide has overturned the Earth and caused a terrible deluge.

(we do recommend reading the next page there as well: - where did Enki Sam go now?.. seems like he had a bit of trouble)..

Whom I identify with: Probably the Sumerian GALZU - is aligned with the Ptah Taal ancestors thru Enki's MOTHER_ who is probably the lineage we today call GABRIEL- who is the 'Seraphim' who narrated the attempt at DNA hygiene- which is the direct origin (angel Gabriel) of MUSLIM, MORMON, and CHRISTIAN religions. (see 'ending religion wars' 2nd link below).

Galzu taught us - how the lucid dreamer IS the key to surviving:

Ending Religion Wars:Compelling New Synthesis:ET History of Earth's DNA ...
We must assume that Galzu - who was clearly responsible for saving Enki's ... Galzu was a real mysterious guy...even the Annunakis had no idea where he came from.. www.goldenmean.info/endingreligionwars

Real Dragon History: Healing the Schizophrenia
Galzu - (check THE STORY link again) was the Annunaki Lucid Dreamer shaman - who ... Remember - Galzu has informed them of their TOASTED status - their disastrous ...

Angel Science and Memory Crystals -Girku, Vril, Tuoai, Silmarion
Who was GALZU- the lucid dreaming designator causing Enki's choice to save his ...

BRED TO SLAVE: Astronauts from Nibiru Engineer Us Hybrid Earthling Slaves
" 'Whose emissary, if not yours was Galzu? ... based on Zecharia Sitchin's 2002 epic ... "At the end of days a day of judgment there shall be. ...



See the tetra pair (PHASE CONJUGATE YOD he VAU he) make OCTA-
Also note how GOLDEN RATIO (phase conjugate) animates the UNIVERSAL SCALING of FREQUENCY vs Radius of UNVERSAL MASSES.
The remainder of this article- below - exerpt reprinted here from Nassim Haramein, theresonanceproject.org

Below - legend for the above: (U,G,S,A - datapoints defined)

* Scale Unification – A Universal Scaling Law For Organized Matter (PDF), by Nassim Haramein, Michael Hyson, and E.A. Rauscher.

From observational data and our theoretical analysis, we demonstrate that a scaling law can be written for all organized matter utilizing the Schwarzschild condition of a black hole, describing cosmological to sub-atomic structures. Of interest are solutions involving torque and Coriolis effects in the field equations.

Significant observations have led to theoretical and experimental advancement describing systems undergoing gravitational collapse, including vacuum interactions. The universality of this scaling law suggests an underlying polarizable structured vacuum of mini white holes / black holes.

As the atomic and subatomic data points levels obey the scaling law, a computation is given demonstrating that the proton can be defined in terms of a Schwarzschild condition, when the vacuum structure is considered. Further, we briefly discuss the manner in which this polarizable structured vacuum can be described in terms of resolutions analogous to a fractal-like scaling as a means of renormalization at the Planck distance. Finally, we describe a new horizon we term the “spin horizon” which is defined as a result of a spacetime torque producing boundary conditions in the magnetohydrodynamic structures of galactic center black holes, which we demonstrate obeys similar dynamics as the interior of our sun.

Preprint: N. Haramein, M. Hyson, E. A. Rauscher, Proceedings of The Unified Theories Conference (2008), Budapest, Hungary, Scale Unification: A Universal Scaling Law for Organized Matter, in Cs Varga, I. Dienes & R.L. Amoroso (eds.)