Solution to Global Warming: ReArrange Land Magnetic the Embedable Geometry!

Golden Ratio Based Stellated Forms Create Coolness because They Compress (in Solar Fire) With No Heat

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At its deepest level, Global Warming may destroy our genepool because of failure to understand a simple principle. When a long wave system (like the Earth as a magnetic body) fails to embed or become COMPRESSIBLE (become fractal), then COMPRESSION (the Sun's 2000-2012 orgasm) will necessarily create HEAT (destructive interference / emotively identical to fear ). (Physics behind the religious notion of RAPTURE). This may have exceedingly practical implications for scientists trying to discover what wave systems SHAPES naturally become 'COOL'. (Visualize Bill Witherspoon - Desert Sri Yantra plowed furrows from 8,000 feet 1/4 mile square -filled with PARAMAGNETIC sand - , measuring bioregion climate change -increased rain- effected by long magnetic lines woven in the soil..)

I like the nature of this challenge to survive our genepool, because it inherently also teaches the same electrical geometry (for planets) which create bliss and compassion in the EKG - and thus potentially create the electrical implosion there which implode/ensouls (phonon braid align programs) DNA. (thru lightspeed penetration : pics at ../magneticx and ../superDNA (links at sitemap) ).

In a way, the test that our planet would survive if we learn compression (by Solar Fire) with no heat - is spiritually appropriate. The symmetry of embedding or nesting determines survival because it is what allows little waves to survive inside of bigger ones. (see 'superlooping' in Dr. Irving Dardik's notion of what eliminates all chronic disease in Heart Rate Variability - ../dardik ( link at sitemap) ). This survival of the smaller life inside the larger by fractal relations applies as well to heart beat as wave within heart rate as wave within breath as wave.. etc, to people as wave/lifeform within solar system within galaxy etc. Successful superlooping is measureable as the cause of BLISS (approach to charge density) in the HeartLink EKG spectrum analysis. Excess heat is the definer of whether the lesson of embedding has been learned, since heat is only the name for destructive wave interference, and as such it is the report that unshareable (symmetrically un-fractal) memories have been stored. Mortality (susceptibility to experiencing death) is what human's call this habit of storing un-shareable (un-compressible) waves/emotion. ( ../eternal (link at sitemap) ). Dwelling only on pure principle, (fractally) attracts such charge density (tingle) (which Christian's in their parasitic refusal to talk science call 'spirit' ), that wave decay (death) is elminated. (becomes biologically unneccesary to enforce the needs of waves to survive / become sustainable - DNA is a compressor enforcer for life force into faster than light sustainability). (further reading: at ../search enter 'ensoulment' ).


Viktor Schauberger ("Living Water" book, and see also Coates book) is well known to have built a large EGG shaped housing for a huge WATER VORTEX which was documented to make electricity from spinning water alone, with no known source of energy. (It was not a vortex at the bottom of a pipe like Niagara Falls hydroelectric - it was ONLY a spun vortex inside a closed EGG shaped container).. The spun mineral doped water vortex generated so much electricity from the gravitational field, that Hitler bought the project.

THE KEY TO SOLVING GLOBAL WARMING lies in the fact that - Schauberger could tell the moment at which the high voltage piezoelectric water vortex was about to begin generating power - WHEN THE TEMPERATURE OF THE WATER BEGAN TO GO RADICALLY COLDER! (Increased COLDness = increased ORDER = less internal destructive wave interference). He called this implosion, and discussed the fact that perfect embedding or recursion was in fact the idealized principle of FLOW. He even got CLOSE to realizing that the essence of this principle HOW TO IMPLODE based on FLOW embedding/recursion/branching was PHI - the Golden Mean Ratio.

Next - a short image review:



Sea Urchin egg responds to the capacitive charge wave called SPERM arrival, by DIMPLING - turning inside out - LEARNING TO HAVE GUTS!

"It forms a gut by folding inward (left) until it's cells reach the opposite side".

I have come to call this process (GETTING BORN) : - LEARNING HOW TO TURN INSIDE OUT.

Below here from the literature we note another biological topo map for optimum spin/charge de-compressing (otherwise known as a FETUS!)

The point for discovering how to ESCAPE HEAT, is in the recursion geometry of perfect EGG-ness. We track our genetic roots to the first woman "Eve" in Africa due to the literal fractality of EGG cell mitochondria. The foldedness on surface becomes so self embedded, the fractal amount of 'coastline' goes toward inPHIknit. Your mothers Egg born whole and fractal inside her mother, inside her mother, inside her mother.... creating a perfect biologically grounding fractal tornado wormhole contiguous in it's fold between you now, and the "big bang'.

If turning the inside into the shape of what is outside, becomes the suction to center we call compassion - then this new COOL insight may hold a key to keeping our planetary cool...!


Perfect embedding SUCKS! (becoming sacred / sustainable means assuming the position/geometry which can change scale without changing ratio ).

Acheiving 'NON-DESTRUCTIVE COMPRESSION' (NO-HEAT GENERATED - same as NO FEAR emoto-magnetically) requires ASSUMING THE POSITION called de-VINE-ness (which means perfect PHI - Golden Ratio based branching / nesting).

This can be accomplished on the land, in the same way the EKG accomplishes this at the moment of BLISS and COMPASSION (pictures at ../dimple (link at sitemap) ).

The heart discovers a way to nest it's harmonics in such a way as to create EMBEDDING. This creates the electrical RUSH (implosion) we call BLISS. ... and sucks 'inside out' the magnetism (FEELING) which was outside, IN to inside. This creates the identification (eye-dent-eye-tie) of what was outside with was IS inside. Hence, magnetic EMBEDDING IS the electrically accurate DESCRIPTION (topologically) of COMPASSION.

animation at ../grail.html

Above and below - dodeca / icosa stellating Earth grid magnetics permits us to embed and thus survive ... heat?



(above) Outside - 12 faced dodec zodiac, mid sphere dodec Earth, inner sphere dodec core which wratchets into DNA..




3D Spin Stellation of (inPHIknitly continuing - ) Dodec / Icos Embedding - (DNA / Earth Grid / Zodiac) - known as "Greater Maze in Theosophy" - note each vertex x,y & z coordinate is a whole number Phi/Golden Ratio Multiple - This is how and why Phi heterodyning implodes by adding and multiplying wave lengths and velocities recursively - solving Einstein's puzzle to understand infinite compression. - key to the unified field. (Wave recursion creating gravity as the electrical name for successful charge compressing).

See below it is the Self-Similarity or Fractal (wave collapsing) relationship of the ELECTRON SHELLS... - (compare Platonic Symmetry in Electronic nesting TO nuclear particle nesting)


to the NUCLEUS (also as platonic symmetry array - 'self similar' to what is outside - inside)

..which CREATES Gravity! (Gravity: A 'wind' of capacitance or charge which has become implosively self centering. - see Hodowanec and Ramsey measures of subtle gravity waves using capacitors..)


The SURVIVAL DRAMA gravity of this 'matter' may be a good tickler for our genepool to learn the survival skill called embedding. The media is currently bombarded with the news that Global Warming models, for temperature increase during this century have just gone off the survival charts (10-20 degree average rise instead of the originally predicted 0-6). The meaning: unless we figure this out, out genepool will clearly not survive the next hundred years.

Not only does arrangement of long wave magnetic lines / geomancy/ 'planet taming' determine how successfully a planet can hold on to it's atmosphere (discussion begins at - ../phirestorm ).. but long magnetic lines arranged into charge embedding / fractality determine how well a planet can dissipate it's heat ..

Ask yourself: is the collected Earth bound effect of human DNA currently more a creator of destructive than constructive wave interference?... remembering that in biology constructive wave interference is called PHIlotaxis precisely because such perfect nest-ability is based on the principle of PHI - the Golden Mean. ... (And while remembering the COOL tingle of compassion based BLISS.... inPHIknit-ly in the EKG..) From the perspective of the accountant paying God's electric bill, this will answer the question of whether our genepool is symbiotic to our planet and worth 'saving' ... in light of the Sun.

Heat is merely a measure of disorderly motion. In other words: it is DESTRUCTIVE compression. Becoming cool, under conditions of compression (like Schauberger showed in IMPLOSION flow), is to become NON-desctructively compressible ... or 'scale invariant' . (discussion at ../scaleinvariant (link at sitemap) ).

On a planet wide scale, we need to learn to re-arrange our long wave magnetic lines to this geometry.

The irony of course is, that this attempt is as old as paramagnetic starmaps on the land.

../eldorado (link at sitemap)

Soul groups only enter stars if they use the land as a magnetic lens to squirt their magnetism in the upward djed / shem , exactly as the bee queens DNA becomes such a map to where the sweetness is in the fold of the land, that her blood map BECOMES the terrain. ( ../honey (link at sitemap) ).

Yet accomplishing this skill to embed fields necessarily begins with the skill to have compassion, because this choice to experience feeling, is exactly that symmetry nesting learned in the Heart! (../inhabit (link at sitemap) ).