Is it really such "A Privilege to be Assimilated"?

JOIN THE COLLECTIVE (plz ck individual freedom at the door)

An update on how to sort the latest PR from 'the collective'. (If you are trying to remember where you heard 'the collective' before, hint: the BORG in Star Trek )

by Dan Winter ,2/28/2000, url: ../thecollective , related articles: ../sitemap.html

By request, we begin with commentary on the DOMA way (Daughters of the Orion Draco 'Collective') :

This is yet another "History of the Elohim" (Annunaki) on Earth, except notice the exquisite spin-doctoring. Don't mind the continual apology for female dominance, since the genetic truth has been repressed. Yet how much extortion will it take to leverage us to accept our (Draco / Niburu) manipulators?

It is a VERY interesting Interventionist Annunaki apologetics for the bible.. gives the ORION Queen Draco ("DOMA Collective") spin apology .. VERY detailed explanation of the ET origin of Bible stories.. (The Orion Draco/Dragon Queen telepathic "hive mind' they call the "DOMA" "collective"...."Daughters of Ma".)

One piece of useful info they offer, is that Enoch (scribe) was the shined up 'pride of the fleet' Annunaki DNA droid resubmitted to the Draco starships for inspection. (hence his story.. see "Keys of Enoch"). Enoch was the proof the Draco queens needed to condemn Enki's family for disobeying their rules about un-planned blood line crosses, particularly having sex with their own genetic engineer originators. This suited angry half brother Enlil's (Yalweh) and the "Collective" 's political excuse for blowing up Atlantis. (Noah's story)

As I said to the authors:(quote)

> "interesting PR....
> I suppose your Orion Queen (DOMA)
> were afraid to show their (Draco) Sumerian face (picture) ( ../lionpath/ )
> and to illustrate that their red inverted "M" cross vortex logo (top of their web site) ("By this sign you shall CONQUER" ?!?!) is the star map to Orion. See " Antarean conversion " orion starmap pics at ../orion/orionheart.html

Their "devil" is Enki (Adonai)who was simply trying to defend having made humans fertile..., hiding Cayin's (Cain) kids (genetic freedom embodied) in Atlantis..(ref: Gardner). The interventionist Annunaki geneticists' (Enlil family / DOMA) nuclear disaster desertified Sinai, and by their own admission sunk Atlantis.

Whom they serve hides a bigger picture. ... see Anna Hayes "Voyagers",,"Guardians of the Grail" Morningsky, "Genesis of the Grail Kings" Gardner.... The issue is: WHO WILL RESPECT the prime directive.. individual freedom for indigenous genepools...
> They might mention which of their Draco relatives started the galactic black market on live human glands for eating.. for example.. It is so kool how many meanings we are given for "NEPHILIM" / the fallen ones. Every meaning except the real one: those who lost the Glandular hygiene to get the superluminal squirt gun going in their own DNA, without external borg like mechanical means.

At least they admitted the manipulative origins of religion on this planet... They manipulate the myths originating both Christianity and Islam, in many disempowering ways, and now wring their hands that together these religions account for the majority of murders on this planet. My heart bleeds for them that their hypnotic showmanship creating the Fatima/Lourdes phantasms have been mis-interpreted. You never hear of the Galactic Federation staging mass "miracles" to manipulate a genepool. Miracles are not only a name for "you can't understand the PRINCIPLE", but they are also a name for "please don't try to understand the principle because then we couldn't use them to manipulate you!". The use of 'miracles' in the Jesus fiasco was a prime cause of his murder. Read about the astral transferrence process Jesus used aboard the Draco ship, to get into another living body, after the cruci'fiction'. They didn't plan the murder of Jesus exactly, but then what a great way to facilitate myth making. They explain how the same Draco technology did the Crucifiction Earthquakes, we later see at Kobe. (They make no apology for their political reason for causing the murder of the other DNA twin, John the Baptist.)

The book "Course in Miracles" for example is a prime example of astral manipulation. "There is no 'Order of Difficulty' to Miracles, (in that book), means PLEASE FORGET NATURAL LAW SO THAT WE CAN CONTINUE CONFUSING YOU TO OUR AGENDA. Natural law means: 'be empowered /fired by the pure principle inside out'. While 'Miracles' mean worship something outside you - you can't understand which controls you (Welcome to Christianity).


Amazing how the lineage of Reptilian Orion Queens interventionism can be made to sound all benevolent.

(they say: it was THEIR Draco warship over Christs birth which was the star...???? why should such DNA planning require

a Draco Warship???). At least in the "Innana Returns" ( ) , the returning Annunaki interventionist Genetic warrior lady has the decency to be apologetic about hacking away at our DNA so cavalierly for millenia.

If you read between the lines, (in "The Way") when the DOMA reptile queens are plotting to blow up Atlantis in "the-Way", it confirms interestingly Gardner's great scholarship in "Genesis of the Grail Kings", that indeed Atlantis began as Enki/Adonai created a haven for Cain/Cayin (first grail king/DNA experiment toward ensouled psychokinesis). He did this specifically to protect the evolutionary potential of the TakAdama (our) blood line from the murderous Enlil (Yalweh), whose spin doctoring now spurts from the "DOMA" way. Compare this with the Turanesian, hi end DNA part of the Christ /human bloodline in the new Anna Hayes. (Below courtesy of Raphiem...). Atlantis was destroyed BECAUSE that DOMA collective would not permit our DNA to potentially outshine theirs. The same reason Mag's Elizabethan kids tried to destroy "America's Spiritual Destiny", in the American Revolution. And the same reason the New World Order lawn mowers individual freedom today.

This is explained in more detail in Anna Hayes recent: (%Raphiem)

"Subject: Amenti 13 - The Anunnaki Deception
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2000 07:36:45 -0000 ,From: ,"Raphiem" <>

There has been alot of info flinging back/forth about our beginnings,
who made us etc etc and where we are heading/going... As the info is
great there can also be alot of mis-information. Nearly where ever you
go you will see some info from Anunnaki/nephilim sources saying they
are our friends etc and it was they who originally made us ... etc etc
but barely any info from non-Anunnaki sources ... Also brings up the
issue of Enki ... be it as it may ... that Enki may have had a lot of
input into our genetics, society, our protector from Enlil as well as
teaching us maths, perhaps setting up/messing around with the earth grids
and what have you ... the question to ask is ... did Enki do it for our
own good ... or did he have another agenda and what was that agenda ??
.... and did the info he gave us really empowered us or was false to
lead us off the path? Just because Enki had a biff with his brother
Enlil, does not mean he was Pro-Human and Enlil against Humans ... might
have been just another power struggle and we were pawns caught in the

Always ask questions.

Below is some more recent info from Anna Hayes re: this subject matter.
It gives us another look .. another angle at the cosmic power struggles
at hand. Another view from the otherside. - Raphiem.

The Anunnaki/Draco try to make it look like Earth was formed from Maldak
(the Nibiru BATTLESTAR was formed from it, not Earth.

They try to make it look like they did us a favor by taking cave men
and making them human. [Neanderthal etc came after the original Humans
not before as evolution would have it]. A total lie aimed at hiding the
TRUE human heritage of the 12-strand Turaneusiam. They have 10-strand
DNA and DO NOT want us to realize we have the 12 potential superior to
What they DID do was mutate the human Cloister strains, tainting the
race pool and hybridizing the Low Belil and Black Sun human gene codes
into the lineage, which was NOT a part of the intended human evolution
plan. Sharks in Sheeps Clothing.

They are trying to make it look like the Anunnaki were the Original Lyrans,
when in fact the Sirian Anuhazi and their human-hybrids Oraphim Emerald
Order were the pure Lyran strains, the Anunnaki were "fallen" Anuhazi
that crossed with Drakonian from Orion and were mutated into the
10-strand reptillian imprint.

The Anunnaki DID exploit here and elsewhere for gold, but the pure strain
Lyrans did not have to, as they had immortal bodies and full mastery
of the densities at will. Only the mutated Anunnaki, their hybrids and
the races of the Drakonian nations needed gold and other things to sustain
manifestation, as they lacked the 8th and 12th DNA strands and have monadic
reversal and couldn't draw perpetual energies directly from Source.

This is another song and dance from the middle council fallen Elohim,
the Nibiru Anunnaki, Nephilim, Kurrendara and Dracos. The hidden agenda
is not as bad as the Nephedem and pure Drakonian Black Sun Strains who
desire human exploitation to extinction, but it is a sinister agenda
none the less. These guys seek to "befriend" us as our long lost progenators.
They then desire to hybridize with our Diamond Suns to get their missing
coding, while mutating the 12-strand potential OUT of our gene pool through
code saturation and monadic reversal.

They want to "help us evolve" only into the D-4 frequencies where they
can interact with Earth more directly, then "cap" our evolution so we
never actualize the 12-strand ... as this would place us at a higher
evolution and greater power than they are. Their agenda is pro-Anunnaki,
Dracos and Beli-Kudyem evolution and anti-Adami-Kudmon Turaneusiam original
12-strand evolution. With friends like this we don't need enemies!

The Nibiruian Councils and the Fallen Elohim matrices that are behind
a lot of false angelic contacts and who run the "Galactic Federation"
con. Guardian Alliance knows these guys, because whenever the Galactic
Federation gets into trouble with the lizard big guns from Drakonian
Orion (D-11 avatars and their Nephedem and Drakonian family lines), they
come crawling to Guardian Alliance and Emerald Order Melchizedek Councils
for protection and to "make deals"... Guardian Alliance will deal with
them occasionally and protect them here or there, if they can do something
in exchange to assist the pro-all peaceful evolution agendas of the Guardian
Alliance. Guardian Alliance doesn't trust them as far as they can see
them because whenever deals are made these guys back out on their end
as soon as they got what they wanted (usually localized protection from
a Drakonian "hot spot").

They are now, and always have been, interested in hi-jacking human evolution
to keep humans as their subservient pawns, and they hold a One World
Order mind-control agenda toward earth humans, just as does the Orion
Drakonian crew. Part of this programming is the false and twisted history,
to hide our true lineage and the fact that they have abused, mutated
and exploited our race for hundreds of thousands of years. The Anunnaki
and their manipulations were responsible for the original "fall of man".
The Turaneusiam cataclysm 550 million years ago on Tara. They were jealous
of our race and its extended potentials of the 12-strand code, and so
did their best to mutate it. The earth humans are descendants of the
Adami-Kudmon Turaneusiam, those whose 12-strand coding was restored after
the Anunnaki mutated it on Tara. The Beli-Kudyem were the mutated Anunnaki
strains that were never restored.

In Earth history the Anunnaki have tried to wipe out the Adami strains
while enhancing the Anunnaki and Beli-Kudyem strains through exploitation
of other races.

The Anunnaki were not always Blonds ... the true Nordic Blonds were Lyran-Pleiadians
who migrated from Lyran, to the Pleiades to Procyone eons ago. The Anunnaki
invaded and hybridized Procyone to gain more of the Lyran coding and
literally mutated the original Lyran-Pleiadian-Procyone Blonds out of they hope to do with the Adami races. Thats how the
primarily black-haired tan skinned Anunnaki adoped the more appealing
Nordic appearance in some of their strains (esp. the Nibiruians).

In their history of lies they always try to make it look like WE started
out as the "cave men", but in truth those pathetic hominid forms were
Anunnaki mutation experiments made from distorting the original human
DNA imprint. THEY ARE LYING.... the Nibiruian-Anunnaki-fallen Elohim
covert mind-control human hi-jacking nonsense. Guardian Alliance usually
just take a stance of non-interference, allowing them to misguide the
portions of the human populations that carry their Belil and Black Sun
DNA mutations. The Guardian Alliance helps "refugees" from this group-
Nephilim, Anunnaki, Kurendara and their human hybrids- who want out of
this control matrix, offering them Host Matrix transplants and non-violating
hybridization programs to advance their evolution, as long as they fully
adopt pro-human 12-strand evolution agendas.

The Guardian Alliance brings in the undistorted history and DNA mechanics
etc, for any humans who will listen. Usually only the Diamond Suns or
Oraphim respond to the true history, as the mutated Belil's and Black
Suns have DNA and a consciousness that is "tuned" to the Nibiruian or
Orion Drakonian mind-control matrices. Even the races that are NOW Black
and Belil Suns were once upon a time Diamond Suns, so the option of evolving
back to wholeness exists for them if they don't buy into the Anunnaki

Even the Anunnaki can reverse-mutate their Drakonian contaminated 10-strand
pattern to re-evolve into the Anuhazi-Lyran-Sirian Imprint out of which
they originally came. But most of them , like the Drakonian Dark Avatars,
do not want to operate via the Law of One fairness, and so refuse reconnection
to their original Monadic families of consciousness through which they
could reverse-mutate their coding and reunite with their Rishi collectives.

It is simply the nature of the polarity game as it manifests in the lower
3 harmonics. There are hidden alterior motives of evolutionay hi-jacking.
They are using the LIE thay have used with our race for 200,000+ years,
that they made us from animals and are thus are our forefathers and "gods"."

Thanks to Anna Hayes for this (see ../amenti also) AND to Raphiem, whose detailed reviews can be found at: , &

So if we have learned anything, IT IS THAT THIS GOLD POWDER MINING FAIRY TALE is literally just
the smoke screen cover story for the real VALUABLE COMMODITY OF THIS GALAXIES TRADING
HOUSES. The PRIZE is now and has always been HOW TO GET DNA & GENE'S WHICH COULD
LITERALLY ENTER INTO STARS! (For which the Gold atom was merely a little detonating trigger,
when in the context of glands which could TAKE OVER THE STEERING of genes THRU LIGHT SPEED..)


SO IN SUMMARY this gland induced yet GENETIC ability to embed your DNA fields and therefore
YOUR FIELD OF AWARENESS, into ANY FIELD OUTSIDE YOU, eventually leads to creating centering
and gravity force, which bends light, and thus is creation as a wave mechanic. (STARFIRE for real). The
purpose of this conversation is to put those clues together with the Gold Powder controversy to get some
perspective on how best indeed to stir up the brain./ heart juices into a STAR fire which is SUSTAINABLE
and SELF-steering as a wave / worm.



.. now we have more info on WHY this is valuable..

Coming soon: How to Become a Solar Being: My review of the new "Tutankhamun Prophecies"... of Maurice Cotterell...


Subject: The Golden Ones
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2000 07:45:08 -0000 , From: "Raphiem" <>
This little bit of prose was shared with me today ... so i thought i'd
share it on. It didn't have a title so i gave it the very first thing
that flashed my mind's eye "The Golden Ones. -Raphiem

The Golden Ones


Searching for our way to source

Through an enigmatic course

Phi lights up our way to see

The Beauty of geometry

32 degrees the angle

Recurrence leads to stargate spangle

Spin the vector let me see

Heterodyne duplicity

When waves collide as oft they do

They take the phyllotaxis route

Ti's natures way to get things done

Magnetism born of sun

In Orion lies the key, to the source of our DNA

Superluminal penetration

Cosmic gene pool integration

Using phi we'll all become

Harmonious the golden ones