Does the True 3D Sri Yantra of Embedded Golden Triangles

Contain the 5/7 Slip Knot Seed for Firing the Heart / Sun / Anu?

by Dan Winter 3/20/2000 url: ../sriyantra other articles: ../sitemap.html


Animation here by Dan Winter based on Rick Henderson vrml 3D Sri Yantra (comment below)

final frame thanks to Jane Blonder at Eye of the Sun, UK.

NEW ANIMATION OF 3D SRI YANTRA ..Higher Res..Smoother.. x / y spin..3/30/2000

At Heart of The Sun: Perfecting 7/5 Turning Inside Out Solar Heart Symmetry we looked at the perfect 5/7 spin pair (5 cuibe spin in dodec, 7 tetra spin in cube) creating the FIREY slip knot ANU / Heart / Heart of the Sun. Sequencing the turns correctly is the same for all inner FIRES WHICH LIVE.

Here below with the help of "steve pitt" <>, we get a nice look at the drawings making that (5 spin inside - projects, 7 spin outside - contains) connection. "Come on Baby Light My Fire".......

Also here: A nice intro to the SPIRITUAL MEANING OF SHRI YANTRA: Yantra and Pranapratishta

The background: Pat Flanagan, with dream help from Sai Baba kindly shared his construction of the Sri Yantra from embedded or nested Golden Mean Triangles at Sri Yantra and Hydrogen: 3D PHI?

in steps to:


Jonathan Quintin (now in New Zealand) builds Sacred Geometry spinning 3D models, spinning in strobe lights.

See his work at Jonathan Quintin's Sacred Geometry: Window to the Infinite

"I took the nine primary triangles of the Sri Yantra and volumized them
(maintaining their original proportions) into nine interlocking pyramids
which I assembled in the only way they would fit. "

Here is an idea of what this looks like - spinning! (Thank you Jonathan)

Apparently, Greg Hoag of METAFORMS, with help from Jonathan et al, fabricated a beautiful 3D Sri Yantra Model...

His beautiful Catalog at doesn't show the 3D Sri Yantra, possible the build was too difficult to distribute..

Then Rick Henderson helps us with this (exerpt animated above) amazing virtual 3D walk thru vrml Sri Yantra in 3D at


Fwd:5/7-sri vidya, Mon, 20 Mar 2000 , "steve pitt" <>

dan, Here is the first of the three drawings I promised you on the 5/7
relationship of the sri vidya/sri yantra.....

1. note that the generating circles are in the harmonic series; r=2^n
2. note that r=5 is the generating circle for the sri vidya
3. note that the triangle of r=4 when the lines are extended to r=5; then
creates the square of r=5 (this is a geometric curiousity to me...and I'm
sure has all kinds of sacred ramifications as well as physics
4.note that the 'squared square'(the intersections of the square sides)
creates the points necessary for the third triangle...this triangle is, I
believe, a 'pyramid or "7" triangle'.
5. note that the third triangle exceeds the radius of its generating
circle...THIS "interval" is VERY significant!! occurs in the sri
yantra...matter of fact it doesn't generate from the sri vidya without
it!(Whatssup withat?).....the musical comma?
next part, next picture...LO-PHI, Steve Pitt

Dan, Here's part two...
1. the sri vidya is drawn with attached 'square' and the 'interval is
demarcated with a solid area.
2. the sri yantra is generated by going to r=7+(interval) the circle
that would surround the sri vidya is r=5+(interval) and the sri yantra is
r=7+(interval)...there's your 5/7 relationship!

3. note that the sri yantra is ,'as the "vedics" say',created FROM the
sri vidya....(Mmmmmmmmm!)or should I say;(Aaaoooouuuuummmmm!)
I want your feed back from this?....LO-PHI, Steve Pitt

Dan, here's the third picture I promised...
1.The sri vidya is generated by the harmonic series....
2.The 'squared square' is shown...
3.The 'missing triangle is shown in black...the phi-triangle...
You see, most yantras are constructed with symmetrical triangles or
atleast 'intersections' that generate triangles...note that the sri vidya
has a none bisected horizontal line internally...this tends to violate the
'rules' of most to finish off the yantra, I added the
'missing' triangle...the phi-triangle!
Any thoughts on this would be appreciated....LO-PHI, Steve Pitt

This yantra is generated from the intersections of the circles of the
'seed of life'...note the three triangles;phi,equalateral,pyramid.
Or,I guess you could say; PHI-PI-E triangles...this should geometrically
show the relationship: phi=7/5(pi/e) very nicely don't you think?...Oh!,
btw, the 'grid' this yantra is drawn from is specifically designed to
generate phi relationships in all the geometries!......I think you'll
recognize the shape of the internal hexagon as being your 'crystal' at the
heart of the toroidal energy fountain;(the fountain of youth?)....LO-PHI,
Steve Pitt

Comet pyramid project , Mon, 20 Mar 2000 , "steve pitt" <>
Dan, Here's a 'phi yantra' with 'seed of life' circles AND the enphasized
lines show the 'pyramid' AND IT'S BASE!!!....The japanese did a survey of
the pyramids and concluded that they all had a base of a geometry exactly
like this drawing...Hawass and his thugs,ran off the japanese researchers
and they 'aired all the 'dirt' on the net under a search engine name of
'comet pyramid project'....Have fun with this one....Tell me what you find
out please....LO-PHI, Steve Pitt

Dan, I would like your help on this one....I took as many measurements of
obelisks a possible,(mostly from Napoleon's survey pictures),and tried to
generate the most likely geometrical framework to which the egyptians would
build these curiously constructed 'tuning forks'....How did I do?....Can you
make sense of my lines?....Can you see the physics in these
shapes?....Hhheeelllllpppppp Mmmmeeeeeeee!
GOOD LUCK,Steve Pitt

(Note from Dan Winter here, I particularly like the above because it hints so clearly at the pent/deca 5/10 sided dodeca wratchet which is DNA.. braided unto Phi implosion to squirt light superluminal? {ensoulment / star penetrating DNA magnetics?} perhaps this was a hint from the ancients, whose Caddeuceus Twim Serpents Symbol for Gene Splicer Power, presaged DNA symmetry. )