Solar Wars & Amenti's Halls:

DNA Imploding/Ensouling as Political Key to Who Steers the Sun's 'Streaming Media'

from Dan Winter 5/8/2000 - url: ../solarwar , other articles: ../sitemap.html

We may be about to get a planetary nudge in the form of solar wind to understanding -

An Arguelles sentiment: Unless the Indigenous {DNA song /san graal} Dream "Spell" is alive and awake in symmetry space (threading the tectonics in self-re-entrant coherent emotive -and GRAVITY MAKING- 'glue' / 'substance of we feeling')... Earth will be blown away in the magnetic wind of the SUN.

Note the similarity to DNA implosion making gravity in superluminal ensouling (& star entering) w-ormes, during bliss .. to what capacitive structures like Giza's star fractal crystal "Halls of Amenti" can do to help DNA implode/squirt into a political role in the current ET battle over who inhabits the SUN - 'gets' Earth.


Updating the previous episodes on this channel:

Thoth states un-equivocally that he is of PURE ORION / Rigelian descent. Putting these 2 notions together may give us new insight into the Annunaki Origins in the Orion sector, AND why for example Thoth ( as Hermes) built the Pyramid complex as a Golden Spiral starmap to Orion's beltstars... Quote from Eldorado Analysis of North American StarMaps: Dolmen structures like Giza's pyramids (massive tuning symmetry with respect to oribital mechanics AND charge embedding) modulate planetary spin to stabilize them thru gravity effects like planet lineups, and such things as ".. severe orbital problem due to a glancing blow from a passing meteorite. This resulted in a rapidly decaying orbit..." see the ET Origin? of THE EXPERIMENT in Interplanetary Stabilization.. (Includes more on Thoth's role.) (Also presents nice confirmation of the notions about Dolmen placement in gravity stabilizing/atmosphere retention -self awareness recursion in consciousness triggering- from the "Planet Taming" theme in the {Arcturian} book "Two Thirds", which Lovelock of the Gaia hypothesis later wrote into the software "Sim Earth".)

I think it is interesting the comment that Enki was so disgusted at Enlil's violence any time humans were given self-empowerment (Atlantis / Nuclear Desertifying Sinai etc.), that he left at the time of the Exodus. This confused poor Moses (the Annunaki pharoah's bastard kid - gold powder chef), never knowing whether he was talking to the angry Enlil/Yalweh on the mount or Enki / Adonai..(see Return of Enki Stories). .. quoting: "Enki transferred the power of the caduceus to his son Ningishzida (Thoth), the healing god, and then to others of his family because it was a code for the (dragon) bloodline of Enki's heritage."

"Draco forms the North Pole (a leverage pole?) With Respect to the Solar Equator: It's star map in the Heavens is in the shape of the Arabic "L", Draco's Story Map and Notes Link..

and may be part of the origin of the term ELohim... (EL: those who could make the spin EL or phase shift allowing DNA to squirt rotational inertia into linear inertia, thru the speed of light - to inhabit suns)." from Dialog new: Solar Wars & Amenti's Halls: DNA Imploding/Ensouling as Political Key to Who Steers the Sun's 'Streaming Media'

Were the Draco's (Naga's or Targ..s) one part of what was "crossed over" into the Niburu Hebrew Annuaki Blood?

"The question I raise regarding the Nagas or Targzissians is
what role did they play in the Sumerian myths translated by
Zecharia Sitchin? Even Susan Ferguson relates, in her story
about Inanna, how Enki mated with Id, a female Nagas, to
produce Marduk. Marduk, according to information given by
Inanna, became in essence the epitomy of Satan on Earth in
his belligerent and defiant actions against the Council. If the
female terracotta effigy shows Id and her son Marduk, one can
clearly see how he acquired those distinguishing
characteristics which we humans associate with the devil. But what bothers me is the
genetic compatibility of a blue-skinned Pleiadian and a creature such as a Nagas or Targ
(if they are the same). Personally, I think Enki and Id could not have produced a viable
offspring unless they were very close genetically, much closer than mythology depicts.
Perhaps the Anunnaki were a mixed group of collaborating ET races, and they referred to
each other as half-breeds or cousins in an attempt to convey to humans socially familiar
relationships (al. loyalties).

We know that the Targs (also called Dracos by humans) can create telepathic illusions and
appear to shape shift. I wonder if the real Enki was in fact a Nagas or Targ who wanted to
appear to humans as a human-like Pleiadian. We also have Sumerian myths tell how Enki
"mated" with many human females in an attempt to produce male offspring, but he had
little success. Enki was a biologist and genetic engineer, among other talents. The women
only produced females, which a Sumerian cuneiform text says (according to Sitchin) was
an attempt to increase the female population of hybrids (Nefilim). Nice explanation so as
not to lose face. The dominance of females could be explained genetically if there was
sexual incompatibility (no human male Y chromosome) and if Enki's genetic experiment at
producing hybrids was only partially successful. " source:

More Info on Draco / 'Targs",Nagas or Targzissians from Bruce

Image below is adapted from Anna Hayes, Voyagers - Amenti, of Intruder/Interventionists, on the left is Sirian Annunaki (An?), on the right is Draco - see morph above to Sumerian/An lineage.. (An=Annu in Akkadian/societe Akhaldan)

(morph and article on Annunaki / Drac / Orion 'Queen")

& also Reptilian Origins Research Library:

Request Help Interpreting the "Mesopotamian" or Annunaki /SumerianCopper Plates, found in Utah Cave with Giant Skeletons which had red hair..(Annunaki?) Apparently Repressed by Mormons..Request Assistance with Translation Mesopotamian / Sumerian ? on these

(click for info)


So now, obeying the song: "Come Touch the Sun", we look to the best fusion fire imprint for heart fire in our neighborhood: The Sun.

Regarding the role of the StarMap "Halls of Amenti" gear under giza in the Solar magnetics: (DNA squirt trigger = soul harvesting = what inhabits/stabilizes suns)

Compare this description at "CRYSTAL Clear" with the notion of How Souls are Harvested / embedding into Sun wormholing, and get a way home in "Halls of Amenti" part of the Voyagers series by Anna Hayes. See also THE SOUL HARVESTING MACHINE UNDER GIZA. And the related link: Opening the Tomb / Hor:

"....under the plateau in a location already described,
apart from many other revelations that will be discovered, is reputedly to be located a functioning machine.
This machine has been in operation for thousands of years, since the pyramid complex was designed/laid out
circa 12000BP. What is this machine? It is a structure so complex in its form that one may have difficulty in
accepting the purpose for its ultimate end. The purpose is to harvest the energy of souls, yes souls, that may be
utilised in genetic evolutionary experiments for the benefits of mankind. This, in part is what has been
happening for millions of years, I believe the 'soul' collection however to be a later innovation.

The equipment is 'boosted' by a relay device on the surface of the moon, once Comet Lee flies by, the
alignment of the moon will be displaced yet again. It already was displaced by 2% in 1972 when a monolith
was brought back to earth by NASA.(see link MONOLITH) Once the effects of Lee take place (by 21st/22nd
Sept) the equipment will no longer function and the 'recycling' of old souls will cease! Apparently, if we can
enter the chamber prior to this date we have the technology to assist in the repair of matters. If not, a
'resurrection' will take place and the '5th.root race' begins. "


It appears to be consistent that DNA harvesting on Earth by interventionists (those using the Sun cruisers to squirt us) is about the ensouling inertia in Gene implosions. This parallels the conversation about needing to realign this (Amenti's 'Halls') crystal (which is clearly a charge fractal to star mapping to enable DNA unpacking into stars thru the sun), in order to enable the Earth to not be tipped by the immanent solar winds.

An Arguelles sentiment: Unless the Indigenous {DNA song /san graal} Dream "Spell" is alive and awake in symmetry space (threading the techtonics in self-re-entrant coherent emotive -and GRAVITY MAKING- 'glue' / 'substance of we feeling')... Earth will be blown away in the magnetic wind of the SUN.

quoting link CRYSTAL Clear above: "THE GIZA PLATEAU:

Deep beneath the plateau, situated amongst the many subterranean passageways throughout the Thura limestone,
is a particular chamber. Located within this chamber is what we will call ##The Crystal#. This crystal is best
described as a form of the constellation of stars, laid out as they appeared aeons ago.

We have briefly described, above and elsewhere (10) the effects of the electro magnetic activity caused by
Comet Lee on the working equipment below the plateau. Therefore, whether or not the outer chambers of the
HOR have been breached or not,(11) it is important that access to the lower chambers where this crystal lies
should be realised. The main problem of course, is how do we access #The Crystal# in order for it to be
re-aligned, so that it reflects the energy alignment change which has begun to occur. This change will continue
throughout the period leading up to the full alignment on 21st December 2012. (continued at link)".. end quote


Other at least interesting large perspectives on the ET Issues: Overview "Galactic Overview",

also: Millennium Group:


-- More context on the Draconian story: Dragon stinging Gardner?

Draco forms the North Pole (a leverage pole?) With Respect to the Solar Equator: It's star map in the Heavens is in the shape of the Arabic "L",

and may be part of the origin of the term ELohim... (EL: those who could make the spin EL or phase shift allowing DNA to squirt rotational inertia into linear inertia, thru the speed of light - to inhabit suns). Pic and discussion at: Hiburu also Hebrew from 'Evree "to Cross Over":The "EL"-'Crossing Over'THOSE WHO COULD MAKE THE (El) PHASE SHIFT - PASSION in the Reptilian Gene

Popular Binary Stars: Mu Draconis Draco 17h 05.3m +54° 28' 5.7, 5.7

some times called a - mu dra

Arrakis "dancer", Other Names

Errakis; Al Rakis; El Rakis.
Mu Draconis ,
HR 6370 , HD 154906

Dan.. i remember you wrote alot about DUNE>.... perhaps you already know this..... ? so what does this mean to yu........ i know what it means to me.... now where is
the KEY....... ? thatyou see...... ? Wio

Subject: Alpha Draconis / Arrakis?, From: Purple Crow

Was it Frank Herbert who wrote "dune"? I forget, even though it was (the
movie version was) just on TV... LOVE David Lynch movies.

Anyway, I went to that "starmap" site and discovered this:

There are 13 stars in the Draco system. hmmm...
#1 is: Alpha Draconis, "Thuban", #3 is: Gamma Draconis, "Etamin", #5 is: Epsilon Draconis, "Tyl"
etc... I like the names... hmmm... but get THIS:
#9 is: Mu Draconis, "Arrakis"!!!! WOW!!

Mu is a very interesting connection in and of itself, but, "Arrakis" is the planet in Dune that had a GREAT WAR over "spice". (the life energy of these giant worms that were being "mined" for another use by evil beings, sort of.) This "spice" could enable the beings to shift time and space in order to hyper jump dimentionally. hmmmm...

The plot thickens...

Did Mr. Herbert KNOW something? (eyes WIDE OPEN) =) from Purple "Reptoid" Crow.


"Those anomalous objects, (termed Sun cruisers) and there are now at least two, are in fact PLASMA carriers, of gigantic proportions, said to be in excess of three thousand miles across!

These carriers will initiate an artificial disturbance within the sun, causing the sun to eject two massive CME's .(Coronal mass ejections) The
trajectory of these CME's will be directed at earth, at which time all satellites will be placed out of commission, as will the entire power
grids. It is at this point, we too will enter into the war with the Draconians. BELIEVE IT!" end quote (see link)


Here, the squabble over who gets to control Earth by imploding the plasma carriers around the sun used to aim solar flares at Earth, is discussed (see link)

(compares well with Alex Collier's Letters from Andromeda: that Eridian / Tau Ceti group supported non-intervention) Compare to the PROCYON Group, also said to be supporting self-direction for earth.

from:(also for more active links) "THE ERIDEANS AND THE AN-UNNAKI

The Erideans are also referred to as CETIANS, or Tau Cetians, a sort of human race of Mediterranean or South American and of tan
skinned appearance. These are said to be in alliance with the Pleiadians, who have formed a kind of 'Cetian alliance' with others in a desire
to establish a common defence against their reptilian nemesis.

It is thought that the Erideans are very hypochondriac about making contact as the telepathic noise we create would upset them greatly. In
addition our gravity is slightly too much for their comfort, and there is a risk of bacterial or virus contamination.

By our standards, they may perhaps appear slightly reptilian, and therefore any contact would have to be controlled contact If they do wish
to make contact, it will be at a distance without a physical landing. Due to their complete telepathic abilities, they may not appreciate our
normal methods of communication, including radio and television etc.

It is possible that these Eridean Plasma carriers then, are part of a fleet, which are involved in a galactic dispute beyond Jupiter. In
summing up, therefore, it is conceivable that an alliance may be possible with this group, as they appear friendlier than the Anunnaki.

There are in fact a number of diverse reptilian races distributed throughout a number of equally diverse galaxies and universes, some are
good and some BAD! The Draconians for instance originate from the constellation of Draconis who almost entered our our solar system,
from the 'companion' to HALE BOPP comet in 1997. It is believed however, they were prevented from so doing by the Galactic Federation.
Otherwise it would have been a case of 'Jurassic Park' where earth would have provided the best 'restaurant in the Galaxy'.

While from SIRIUS we have the red group, the Sirians, it is this group that is involved in the war beyond Jupiter. The Sirians once
inhabited and 'ruled' earth prior to 15,000 BCE (Before the Common Era, or BC) in Atlantis.

Apparently, Sirius seems to be the epicentre of the ASHTAR or ASTARTE collective, where humanoids of various types, Sasquatch,
Reptiloids, Greys, and Reptilian hybrid species seem to have collated together in the past. "The Sirians have waged war previously with the
Orion Empire or the "Unholy Six" reptilian star systems in the ORION open cluster. The ancient dispute involves just who will serve as the
"landlords" of a sector of space containing 21 star systems including the most strategic star system, SOL and particularly planet Earth,
Terra or Shan -- which is a virtual cosmic "oasis" of water, mineral, plant, animal and genetic resources in incredible variety compared
with most other worlds. This dispute between the Sirians and Orion reptiloids dates back to the ancient invasion of Orion by the Draconian
EMPIRE, as a result of which many "Nordic" type humanoids escaped to Procyon, Sol, Sirius and elsewhere". This war in Sirius-B is
gravitating towards the Sol System, in that the opposing agendas for this system is one of the major issues of dispute between the two [or
three] warring factions sides (Evadamic- Draconian).

However, as previously mentioned the Anunnaki are the race to be apprehensive of to say the least! Who are they? We on earth are said to
be genetically and symbolically, part of an off-planet civilisation known as the Anunnaki. Thought to originate in the constellation of Lyra,
these were the first "creator gods" who knew how to create matter, such as planets, stars, life forms for themselves, and eventually others.

The Lyran's physical lifetimes lasted for approximately one thousand years. In time, however, as their life span decreased, they sought out a
substance that would enable them to live longer. They discovered that gold not only increased their longevity, but also provided them with a
superconductivity, which gave them the ability to be highly telepathic and experience their multidimensionality. See STAR FIRE.
Eventually, they spread out into the cosmos and created new civilisations, a few went to Vega, others the Pleiades, and others Sirius.
However, their need for gold was paramount.

The Anunnaki were said to be tall, and have been called the Nordics or Blondes, emanating a golden glow aura. Their symbol is THE
, (Sun Cruisers Link) which not only represents their starship Nibiru, but also symbolic of the ability of the spirit to fly free while
remembering it's wise, divine source.

These Anunnaki were later called the Elohim (gods) and Nefilim (those who descended).

Upon completion of a number of genetic experiments, in which they created other races, they eventually produced the hybrid Homo sapiens,
us. The souls of those who became human came to Earth by their own free will to experience physicality. Several other extraterrestrial
civilisations contributed their own input into human DNA and created many races of humans, some of which have now left earth.

Thus the Anunnaki could be said to be pattern-makers, the creators of archetypes and of the template for human life on Earth. One of the
Anunnaki leaders was Enlil (also known as Jehovah). Enkiand Enlil were half brothers through the same father, Anu, who was the "king" of
this Anunnaki group.

Enlil did not want human to be equal to them, while Enki was in favour of human freedom and equality. In order to ensure that humans
would be able to benefit from their ancestry, Enki (the serpent of wisdom and healing) suggested those who came to be called Adam and Eve
to eat from the Tree of Knowledge. This subterfuge enraged Enlil who, from that point onward, continued to punish humanity whenever
they were close to coming to an answer of life itself, thus seeking to reclaim their rightful heritage. See GENESIS CONNECTION.
Civilisations and religions were created by Enki and Enlil (and later their offspring). Enki and his lineage developed Egypt. But, these
civilisations rarely had long periods of peace.

It is thought that Enlil irradiated Sodom and Gomorrah off the face of the Earth and Atlantis sank due to the Anunnaki's experiments with
sound technology. The last great flood, approximately 13,000 years ago, became a legend when Enki went against the other Anunnaki and
saved humans (the Noah's of Earth) when Enlil wanted to destroy them.

Mars also had a civilisation that was developed by the Anunnaki. Eventually and possibly after the Exodus, other Anunnaki left the earth,
and their secrets of transforming gold into the powerful substance that allowed their longevity also vanished. In time, humans who
remembered, died or disappeared. The knowledge was lost. And yet, people kept trying to capture that special essence of gold in the form
of statues mistakenly believing it was their key to immortality.

Whether today the Anunnaki would be able to adapt to our planet's environment is debatable. However, the main 'advantage' of the
Anunnaki, like the Erideans, their telepathic ability, may also be their downfall, their Achilles heel if you will. In a telepathic society there
can be little crime, but also little FREE WILL. In general, we, as humans at least do have this choice of free will ­ corruption or
enlightenment? You choose! " end quote

quote from Review of ET's in Our Solar System:

"ANUNNAKI. According to Sitchin, they come from the 12th Planet or Planet X, which is on an elliptical path and visits us every 3,600 years, and were the
Elohim or Nefilim in the Old Testament of the Bible. The question is where are they now. They do not seem to be on Planet X. Any on Earth appear to be in
suspended animation under the Pyramids to arise as Messiahs over the millennium. The writer has been encouraging them to reincarnate. They do appear to be on
the Moons of Mars and the Badlands of the Asteroid Belt. They claim (according to Sumerian clay tablets) to have genetically engineered Man in their image about
300,000 years ago as slave labour out of an ape (no argument). The writer believes that they were chased out of power about 500 BC when the telepathic noise of
Man became too great for them. They then went native possibly to become the Khazars. Those remaining are hoping to reclaim their power over their slaves (you)
over the Millennium or the change over in zodiac houses from Pisces to Aquarius in 2012. They may possibly have the power of speech but this is unlikely. If they
had telepathic control over their slaves, the slaves would not question the methods of communication of their masters. Such was the conduct of the Anunnaki as to
breed telepathy out of the human race.

NORDICS. They appear to have genetically engineered the Anunnaki about 2,000,000 years ago out of an earlier Earth Ape in their image. They banished the
Anunnaki to Planet X as slave labour to mine for uranium, only for them to come back to mine gold about 450,000 years ago. In many ways the Nordics or
Pleidians are very similar to ourselves, but they are telepathic without the power of speech. They would like us to be as enlightened as themselves, as long as we do
not take too much responsibility for our actions and override them. Thus their objectives are similar to those of the establishment religions. The Nordics have made
plenty of crop circles to prove how clever they are. (Hoaxers have also made plenty, those of poorest quality being commissioned by the BBC.) They do not appear
to have established colonies on Earth probably because it is not suitable for them. They may however have been the Atlanteans. One or two of the older Gods were
not Anunnaki but Nordics.

Sexuality like beauty is largely in the eye of the beholder. The Nordics are usually described by others as female, near 2 metres tall, and with large bosoms. Milking
capacity has little to do with bosom size in humans, so bosom size sounds a little suspicious. It could well be that word has gone out, "If you are landing on Earth,
you will be taken for female, so put on a pair of falsies". For reasons of female beauty, bosoms should be large enough to be obvious but anything larger gets in the

Like most technically advanced civilisations, the Nordics come from an unstable planet. The damage done by volcanos and earthquakes is good for speeding up
genetic development and civilisations. Thus the pyramid is one of their favorite architectural forms.

REPTOIDS. These are beings who if they evolved on Earth would be of reptilian or dinosaur stock. They have little brain and mind as we we know them, but tend
to control their bodies directly by Spirit. They do not have the power of speech but are very high on psychic ability and mind control. They are far more
responsible and enlightened than most, and tend to work in the Akashic element of Fire. Their favorite method of saying keep out is to drench the target in the Fires
of Purgatory, which gives the target a good hot bath to clean off their dirt. This may have damaged a few people's religion and upset them, but does more good than
harm. If this happens to you, stay put, hold your water, and accept it as a gift. Malice is not a vice of theirs, but they do like getting their own way. They are
reputed to be faster on the draw than the military and do not need weapons. The writer is above them in responsibility levels and thus is immune to their fire. It is
best to apologise over Man's treatment of Dragons as this seems to be a sore point. They appear to be able to live practically anywhere, generally underground.
There seems to an underground Crystal City with streams of living water under Sinai. They are no danger to man unless annoyed. (insert here see Compare to Reptoids link below)

ERIDEANS. Word appeared in November 99 that the Eridean battle fleet was parked just beyond Jupiter. This was not quite what it appeared to be. They appear
to be black Reptoid Klingons after tribute from their old enemies, the Anunnaki. They do not wish to make any contact with Earth as we make too much telepathic
noise, though they might consider neutral ground like the Moon. They do not like our atmosphere (not pollution) and our gravity is too high. Any warfare with the
Anunnaki is likely to be by mind control and not be of the shooting variety. They are of the Reptoid pattern and thus will spray the Fires of Purgatory over the
unwary. Apart from considerations above, they appear friendly towards Man.

The Erideans do seem to have a definite social power structure based on telepathic responsibility. An Eridean controls all those underneath him for whom he takes
responsibility, and may in turn be controlled by anyone who takes responsibility for him. The writer is a high entity in Eridean circles. In such hierarchies there is
plenty of competition at the bottom, but if the top is high enough it will also be high in cooperation. " end quote


Compare this Story of the Reptoids Origin to the Reptoids own statement/PR at

(origin of the dragon/reptile inner earth detail....)
the "Ilojiim" to
the Elohim - annuanki
and the copper mining to sitchen's translation of titicaca-(lost realms)

as tin/copper mining for annunaki..

it is close to home on dragon origins?

khumara means serpent in peru, summaire (sumeria) means dragon in

re... breeding programs here on earth..

(like reading -a probably less than complete piece- about WHO was
behind the
Jesus - John breeding at
DOMA way (Daughters of the Orion Draco 'Collective') :
-I think the draco took credit there for something which they were more
like tools (of the paa taal, or turanesian, or 'guardian alliance' )
than instigators.. (../thecollective )



quote from: Origins of ELOHIM / ANNUNAKI:

"THE ELOHIM, NEFILIM, ANUNNAKI are reported to be a very long lived race with life spans about 500,000 years. They are also reported to be inter-fertile
with Man, and to have created or genetically engineered Man in their image. This suggests that they were genetically engineered from an earlier Ape Man, say
2,000,000 years ago. This begs a few questions like "What do they do when their teeth drop out"? Some of them are reported to have been able to regenerate dead
bodies and bring them back to life. In RV they appear to be highly radioactive, so it is possible that their bodies do not decay in the same way as ours on death.
Another possible solution is that they could swap bodies and minds. If one disappeared for a few years and came back apparently rejuvenated, what man would have
dared question any change in features. Rearing the foetus in a test tube can be ruled out as they used their females in the same way as we do for reproduction. The
alleged length of life is an incongruity that would not allow for genetic change.

POPULATION NUMBERS are of interest. It appears that there were never more than 500 on Earth and some of those remained in orbit. The population of the
Twelfth Planet is not known. Evidently the minimum number for a viable animal colony on Earth is about 31, and there were far more of them than that. The
number needed to support a viable advanced technology may be more like a million. To support a viable advanced and advancing technology may be more like
200,000,000 or the population of the USA. Eugenics would drastically reduce these numbers at the expense of genetical diversity, and would also drastically raise
the minimum number for a viable population. Their preferences for marrying their half sisters and other forms of incest would also drastically raise minimum

THE TECHNOLOGY of the Elohim seems to be advanced in that they could handle nuclear power and limited anti-gravity. However there seems to be no evidence
of advancing technology. The exception is that they may have developed mind control methods and other forms of black magic that we suffer from now. The
evidence suggests that their technology was borrowed and they could not advance it.

BORROWED TECHNOLOGY is only of use if one can use it and make it one's own. This is one of the basis of good education, but unfortunately not state
education. Humans could not use Elohim technology when they were around, so it does not exist today. Pythagoras could use some of the mathematics so he did. Up
to 500 BC the World was round because the Elohim said so. From 500 BC to 1500 AD the World was flat because no one had a use for a round World. Then
Magellan sailed around the World and a round World became useful. We have all heard the phrase "Not invented here". Technology only becomes one's own when
one can advance it.

THE GREAT PYRAMID OF GIZA is described by Dunn from the view point of a hands on engineer. It appears to be the oldest building still in existence, and the
most accurately constructed building ever made. All the tolerances are about 25 times finer than any used in modern building. We do not have the technology to
build it today. On one point however it lacks elegance, and that is its sheer size. It is hi-tech Fred Flintstone style. If we understood what they were trying to do and
we wanted to rebuild it, we would do so in a completely different way.

WHO GENETICALLY ENGINEERED THE ELOHIM? This was a question asked by the writer in RV to the Universal Subconscious. The result was the following
scenario. It was those known in ET circles as the Nordics. They are a very old and stable race even if their home planet is far less stable (more volcanic) than ours.
They are a telepathic race like most ETs and do not have the power of speech, but otherwise can be mistaken for humans, Scandinavians in particular. Their great
vice is that they consider themselves to be spiritually perfect, which is not a view held by everyone. The Nordics decided to genetically engineer the human ape some
2,000,000 years ago into something in their own image that could survive easily on this planet. Their reasons were probably to create a race of ETs friendly to
themselves. Nowadays they make crop circles to prove how clever they are. Nowadays they do farm us for energy and probably did the same with the Elohim. They
increased the intelligence of the ape. In altering the face to look like themselves, they shortened the jaw which for them was a ghastly mistake as it gave the Elohim
the power of speech. With speech the Elohim did not need to be telepathic and the Nordics lost control over them. However the Nordics being spiritually perfect did
not give up and gave the Elohim a great deal of their technology. In the end, the Elohim became so disruptive that the Nordics banished them to the Twelfth Planet,
so that the Nordics could start over again when they were ready.

THE IMMORTALITY of the Elohim, real or imagined, would have given them a great fear of death. They taught man that Heaven was on the Twelfth Planet. They
probably had very little concept of life after death as a spirit or of reincarnation. This has been passed down to modern Western organised religion.

MODERN WESTERN RELIGION has been moulded by the Elohim. Thus it is misogynist, fearful of death, tyrannical and totalitarian. " end quote


from: "Remote Viewing - Extra Terrestrials and their moral codes.

Extra Terrestrials can be a useful source of material, relating to other types of mind. In the main they appear to be highly telepathic, thus avoiding many language
problems. In a telepathic society there can be very little crime, but also very little free will. Such a society can be highly oppressive, and does not favour meditation
by the individual to reach higher levels. Man is not a particularly psychic or telepathic animal, and is thus free to sink to the depths of depravity or rise to the
heights of enlightenment according to personal choice. Man probably has a greater range than most ETs. Thus ETs do complain about the depraved telepathic noise
we unconsciously produce. They may also complain if the level of enlightenment is too high for them or on the wrong wavelength. When various ET races work
together it may be on the basis of the dominant race telepathically dominating the lesser race with its morality. Like ourselves, ETs have a body and a spirit. Spirit is
completely interchangeable between ET and Earth bodies.

The ET races are united on certain fronts. They all claim to follow the principle of non intervention to let us develop in our own way. In practice there is a certain
amount of intervention, as each race wants us to take on its ideas and philosophy. They all claim to work in peace and harmony with each other; not always true in
practice. They all claim to be technically more advanced than us, which overall is true. They all claim to be spiritually more advanced, which is true if one takes
averages. There is only one thing that would really unite them. If an invader came along in the style of the film "Independence Day", then there are the
representative of 3 or 4 space fleets (plus reinforcements) out there to stop the invader and thus protect their investments.

It appears that Earthman is a highly desirable vehicle for Spirit. The use of speech has proved superior to telepathy for life on Earth. Earthman can meditate while
Spirit and other telepaths can not, which makes Earthman an ideal vehicle for sorting out the problems of Spirit. Evidently there are complaints that some spirits are
taking up more than their fair share of incarnations. The waiting list for Earthman bodies has been put as high as 11 billion, so the chances of a body getting away
without a symbiote are rather remote.
There are 3 main ways in which they can be observed.

1.By the sort of observations and logging done by the UFO watchers.
2.From those people who channel entities from the UFO home worlds. In this case the entity is from the UFO home world, and they come to you to put their
viewpoints as ambassadors. They must put their home world in the best possible light, gloss over all imperfections, tell man what a wonderful culture and
technology they have and how primitive man is. They must also tell the audience what they want to hear, or the audience will go home. They must also
preach a philosophy, which will push man towards their brand of enlightenment and their wavelength. If we are so inferior, why are they interested?
3.One can go to their home worlds or other areas where they are operating closer to Earth, by remote viewing or by remote sensing or by third party
meditation. In this way one picks up a completely different view to the ambassadors. Their moral codes can be most interesting and not necessarily those we
might wish to take on.

The writer is not the greatest psychic or remote viewer, but has picked up the following.

THE REPTILES (or Reptoids). A more correct name might be dinosaurs or dragons. They are reputed to come from another dimension, being like 12 foot high
crocodiles that walk on their hind legs, and being so psychic that they have never bothered to develop any technology. They keep everyone else in line by breathing
(or telepathing) the Akashic element of fire over them. This is equivalent to the Fires of Purgatory, which is best taken as a hot bath; if anyone tries to hang on to
their rubbish this is pure Hell. There is a dubious story that the CIA tried to work with them, but found they could not be trusted. This understandable if they are
fire entities, as they would work in real time and have little regard for contracts that span a period of time, especially if they can read the minds of the others they
are working with. This would be as bad as trying make a contract with the Devil who in folklore behaves in a similar way. There is a strong possibility that they
space travel not by teleportation, but by hijacking on demand other entities' space craft or flying saucers. They can be good friends once one get to know them, and
learns how to survive a roasting without injury...."


quote from: Life After Zodiacs-Learning to Rethink:

THE PSI CONSPIRACY. This appears to exist to prevent us using psi. All conspiracies have conspirators and in this case they are tied up with the identities we have
and use. We use identities to stop the body upsetting Spirit and Spirit upsetting bodies, allowing them to keep their own little universes. In this way, identities and
universes do not have to take responsibility for the antics of another identity or universe. If we want the body to be able to use psi, then all universes must talk to
each other. Try the following unless it loops one back into unhandled zodiac material, when something more basic is appropriate. Free versions of things do not
appear to work.

According to scientists, all men have a common ancestor, Black Eve who lived in the Great Rift Valley in Africa 200,000 years ago. The Sumerian legends as
described by Zecharia Sitchin from clay tablets, tell of ET genetic engineers who 300,000 years ago created man. Due to the inaccuracy of all dates BC, these dates
probably describe a common event. They wanted slaves for the mines in the Great Rift Valley. There was a troublesome ape who could not be domesticated or
tamed, and who sprung all their animal traps. This ape was genetically engineered into man. Early attempts would not breed which is not surprising for such
hybrids. Then came Adam and Eve who knew how to breed and the story of the Garden of Eden. The material here supports Sitchin, and the Sumerian legends,
though there may have been more ETs than Sitchin credits. Sitchin's ETs are the Nefilim / Anunnaki. The ET genetic engineers appear to have left a few safeguards
to prevent man from competing with them. The following command list is a one off to cover the above problem. The best way of getting rid of worshipers seems to
be to make them responsible for the Nefilim / Anunnaki. ... (continued at link)" end quote