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with Annette Reynolds..

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Original labyrinth Animations

on an early morning walk

felt like turning inside out..

borrowed the broom from the hotel on the beach...

took 5 min...


from the 1997 Alabama Chaplain's Conference in Gulf Shores, AL,

Annette Reynolds, Founder
The Labyrinth Project of Alabama

My labyrinth journey started in 1994 while on a pilgrimage to Glastonbury, England. A few months later, I intuitively co-created a labyrinth in my garden with flour and corn meal (which is still my media of choice for creating labyrinths.) I walk the labyrinth daily. This sweet labyrinth has been a "grief catcher," a loving lap, and healing place for me.

My garden labyrinth became a pilgrimage site. I would find people milling around my yard and find special "gifts" of the heart placed in the labyrinth. The Labyrinth Project of Alabama was born. I realized I had tapped into the roots of a powerful collective tool that people were longing for. I began introducing the labyrinth to the people of Alabama,"planting seeds," and incorporating the labyrinth into my work in the world.

I attended many labyrinth-related conferences including sacred geometry and dowsers conferences, the three labyrinth national conferences, as well as the Veriditas Facilitator Training. I am thankful for being affiliated and guided by spiritually-based and action-oriented labyrinth pioneers who make up these umbrella organizations. They have provided me the knowledge, leadership, and support to take the step to make the labyrinth my primary work. The labyrinth speaks to and is at the heart of holistic health. When I go to work, I like to bring all of me along. As a registered art therapist, registered nurse, spiritual director, educator, or workshop facilitator, my work is multi-dimensional, weaving together the physical, emotional and spiritual.

The focus of my labyrinth lecture, slide presentations, and workshops is to honor spiritual pilgrimage, the body, intuition, imagery, creativity, nature, and connection. I emphasize the relationship between the demise of the Divine Feminine (spiritual), the marginalization and abuse of women (emotional / physical), and the abuse and depletion of the earth (physical / environmental). I co-create 7-circuit earth labyrinths and offer a choice of three canvas labyrinths to walk: a 36' Chartres/Grace, a 24' Classical 7-circuit, or a 12' rainbow labyrinth, as well as Labyrinth Gardens. I create and facilitate labyrinth rituals, as well as inspire labyrinth movement and dance. I enjoy co-creating the sacred space for labyrinth walks along with the sponsors of the event. Veils, natural elements, art, journaling materials, and finger walking labyrinths are available for creating mandalas, images, and for enhancing participants experience. I believe that growth, transformation, and healing is a process. Often the most difficult part is taking the first step. Mother Earth (She may be part Southern-Belle! ) and I make Alabama, red clay seeds for each workshop participant. Individuals and groups are invited to plant their seeds to concretize and empower their intention. Making these seeds from the earth, also helps me focus my intention and feel the connection between Spirit, the participants, the earth, and myself.

I have helped co-create many permanent earth labyrinths in Alabama and have facilitated over 50 labyrinth events worldwide. Some of the conference workshops I have had the privilege of facilitating are: the 1996 Arts and Creativity Conference in Russia and Lithuania, the 1996 Labyrinth Conference at Omega Institute, the 1997 Alabama Chaplain's Conference in Gulf Shores, AL, the 1997 Journey into Wholeness Conference in St. Simon's Island, GA., the 1997 Labyrinth Conference, Sacramento, CA, 1997 Women of Vision Global Link-Up Day, Birmingham, AL, and the 1997 American Art Therapy Association Conference, Milwaukee, WI.

I suppose my main contribution is having the opportunity to introduce the labyrinth to this area of the country. I am honored and grateful to be a part of the labyrinth community.

creating the Chartres/Grace 11 circuit labyrinth

and after creating the sacred space, we enter it..

and walk the labyrinth.

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