Rosy Cross..the REAL Grail.. a Threshold/Door/Gate- Timeportal.. (the real story/translation of the word PRAHA/Prague--see the Rose/Secret Design..beautiful pics)

The Story of the REAL SCIENCE OF ALCHEMY and Prague - with Dan Winter


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Below is the original article on the Science of Alchemy - in Prague.. from Dan Winter

Perfected PHASE CONJUGATION (1st animation) (scalar / torsional / implosion / scale invariant / global scaling) - IS- The Rosy Cross..The only cause of gravity (infinite collapse) and LIFE

The REASON to study Global Scaling - is to learn how biologic dialectrics get their PHASE CONJUGATION in 'lock step' to perfect LIFE MAKING charge collapse/fusion/implosion...
The way to measure the success of Global Scaling / biologic materials in fractal symmetry - is the power spectra showing
harmonic inclusiveness -(recursive capacitance incorrectly called 'Orgone'-the very word means only biologic Phase Conjugation) - PROVING that the seed germination improvement (like gravity) is CAUSED by non-destructive charge compression. (ref ).

DNA only grows optimally in fractal charge environments! This redefines ALL architecture / agriculture and environmentalism- a correlate to genetic diversity - because this is how genes operate their charge communion PHASE CONJUGATION - the genetic radio mechanism pooling collective survival wisdom / collective unconscious. This information if implemented in time MIGHT save our genepool from the ravages of the political stupids - fearfully now raping our planet.

Newsletter: Mar31,06 from Implosion Group - index or , - originally from Dan Winter -

 Physics of HOLY GRAIL + CAUSE of GRAVITY (infinite collapse / produces magnetic monopole..)
Rosy Cross= Perfect PHASE CONJUGATION =IMPLOSION- the only fusion symmetry possible where infinite phase velocity modes converge CONstructively.. (converts charge compression to acceleration>makes gravity)..
This is the exact symmetry (dodeca stellation by Golden Ratio perfected recursion)-> :
->Einstein / Poincare used to model charge symmetry of gravity / infinite compression
->identifying optical phase conjugation (time reversal , aberration self correction etc..)
->of Palladium / dodec - key to cold fusion
->charge path thru phase conjugate dialectrics(ex:barium titanite)
key to access to voltage from gravity
->of the top and side view and
wratchet of DNA (charge communion by phase conjugation /mechanism of soul )
(all living proteins are 5 sided/Phi for this reason)
->water molecules use
(clathrate cage/dodec) to become part of all LIFE (fractal charge distribution)
->of monoatomic (implosive ) Gold atoms
->identifying the CHARGE PATH (breath of life-charge communion) identifying
BIOLOGIC MATERIAL for ARCHITECTURE..(only possible defineable meaning for a commercial term 'organic')
->identifying the
(Phi / cadduceus) harmonic analysis of EEG in Ecstasy, life force in water,harmonic inclusive EKG predicting all disease survival, harmonic content (PHIlotaxes)of all life..(charge attracting self organization)
->the JITTERBUG (cube-octa down to icosa) - presented as mechanism for molecular superconductivity at International Conference on superconductivity, Buffalo,NY by Jim Sawyer, 6 Dimension Design..(pics>

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Previously - as we left Sintra, Portugal we published the story of why the word Sintra - means RABBIT HOLE (hint: to dimple is to compress- when fractal this ACCELERATES/Implodes the field effect which IS perception)..
then we published the
story of the stargates in Peru- Machu Pichu / Amarna.. so in this spirit we investigate the wonderful StarGate- ROSY CROSS of PRAGUE...magnetic compression where we just spent a wonderful 2 weeks teaching..:

SO- as we began our wonderful conference presentations in PRAGUE - we predicted the REASON the word PRAHA (Prague) means GATE or THRESHOLD or PORTAL.. had to be a ROSY CROSS.. pattern design for the SECRET ANCIENT DESIGN OF Prague...

The SHAPE of the Dolphin's nose/ body is charge projector..(our Pennsylvania Eagle sacred site was called 'Hog Back Hollow' echoes of the sea-pig.)

The ancient Dragon / UR - AN - figuring to ignite some DNA - arrange the magnetism around PRAHA (Prague) into a ROSY CROSS (fractal) - then we call that a THRESHOLD / GATE .. (meaning of PRAHA)..
We noticed lucid dreaming was more potent near center- like sleeping in Michael Rice's wooden egg...

As you look at the ancient Uru design =the ROSE of Prague - ask yourself- how did the An culture know that only fractal charge environments allow DNA to eat and grow - and WHY do the fools designing today's cities and farms NOT KNOW! - - If we want to learn lucid dreaming, death survival, solar inhabiting, bliss, gravity making on the land to hold atmosphere - when the solar wind peaks - even simply the electricity required for seed fertility..
Naturally - the fallen Saraphim, Ur, summaire, AN, Dragons: the NEPHALIM- don't want you to know -( hint think of the George Bush team -now in the process of collapse with their Isreali bankers who are sure that their role in planting/raping the DNA on Earth entitles them to harvest it.)..- because their inability to make bliss charge ignition in their blood imprisons them in the Astral -needing to parasite on field effects of humans who still have the privelege of emoting. Ask Stephan Cardineaux about the very real reptilian installed straight astral tubes for sucking connecting the tops of most churches. HOWEVER Enki's ancestors-the Ophanic, and Winged Dragons- (today you call Ptah, Thothmoses, KA, BO...heme) they NEED you to know - because you are the hope that the remnant humanoid genepool can grow up to re-inhabit stars with their blood gravity-should you be willing to choose the hygiene discipline and science to ignite/charge implode your blood with bliss- may the 'force' be with you.

above: in our course, we teach that during BLISS /Ecstasy / Enlightenment / Blood Ignition - you begin to swallow your electrical environment - so IF your environment is not fractal and charge distibutive LIKE A ROSE- then BLISS is NOT SUSTAINABLE...- so DOWSE and use instruments- to re-arrange the magnetic map of your bed, your house, and your town - TO LOOK LIKE A ROSE!!

below: Bo-heme: Blood of Bo - Bogomil's came from ESSENE (hint Akhanaton/Moses/Enki) before they moved from Bulgaria to BUcharesh..(Cathar..KAtholice.. KAllisto - Essene Benjaminic tribe..)..

Special thanks to Bohumil Vurm, for his help and advice - who co-presented this with us at our special event in Prague..- and for the 3 pics above and the 4 below!
Above - like 7 hills of Rome, and the 7 hills of Dublin's"Loves Body"(J.Joyce)- 7 church sites occupy the 7 hills of PRAGUE - and like the ANU see below 5 sites inside make a Rosy Cross inside these 7 outside.
Why are 5 of the most ancient sacred sites around Prague arranged in an almost PERFECT - symmetry geometric (ROSY) CROSS? (Bohumil researched the perfect symmetry of these on the cross).

the next 3 pics are from the book 'Esoteric Prague'

Enki (Lucifer) - 3D design for charge compression / fractality (stellated dodec symmetry of PHASE CONJUGATION).. 'JEWEL'(animation above) landed like a rose around Prague.. hint - now if they could only use it and not mess it up with metal...

Dee- the original '007' - sought angel physics.. and implosion (alCHEM)...
let's see- if we take charge compression optimized - like John Dee's (see Rudolf II +Dee in Prague below) hypercube based Ophanim Enochian below spells Angel names out of the pure symmetry of black hole making ..
we notice that alphabet was used to make the movie StarGATE.. hmm.. - please see the extenive update to this angelic origins of star symmetrics - may 05 -

also including more exerpts from vincent bridges -

see the Ark / Starmapping.. star navigating implications of Bacon's VOYNICH manuscript..(Dee + Rudolf II)..

Dan says-my uncle Enki the fish god knew a WHOLE lot more about Phase Conjugation(ensoulment in DNA) than any western physicist- check his symbol...(Caducceus)...

Notice the flame letter symmetry script from the grail animation right over the (dragon bloodline) church PORTAL or GATE above...