Raving About Musical Keys to Bliss:

How did Dan Winter's message - that BLISS is key to immune health - and biological sustainability -

that BLISS has a musical recipe, and with some pure principles and optional HeartTuner biofeedback - can be SELF EMPOWERING .. without drugs..

Reach 5000 Young People recently in the Back Country outside Melbourne - Australia recently? ... read on:

Rainbow Serpent Festival Brochure exerpt:

from Rainbow Serpent Festival - (attended by 5000 young people)- Workshop with Special Guest Dan Winter: " Our Festival is honored by the presence of the World's Leading expert and public figure on Sacred Geometry. Dan has mapped the fundamental structures that form the universe and reality through the physics of sacred geometry. His presentation implements the music of bliss and teach the scientific nature of self-empowering peak experience. A fascinating source of information and exxeptional opportunity for raising awareness. See www.soulinvitation.com/rainbowserpent of more info ."

New SCIENCE of IMPLOSION for Bliss and Peak Experience for the

Rainbow Serpent Festival (festival link)

Are BLISS , PEAK EXPERIENCE , and ENLIGHTENMENT - identical with perfected charge attraction/ compression and measureable as implosion?

Plan to implement the music of bliss and teach the scientific nature of self-empowering peak experience at the Rainbow Serpent Festival.

Implementing the Work of Dan Winter on the Science of Bliss.

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Dan Winter's Revolutionary HeartTuner - Heart 'Music' Biofeedback Invention ( heartcoherence.com )

Fully a third of over 30 Dan Winter 2004 International Conference Presentations are in Australia.

recent related magazine articles about Dan Winter's work and the 'Politics of Bliss' (& Related read: Solutions to Addiction - Attention Deficit and Ritalin for Young People)

Transfusion Magazine, Jan 2003: The highest state of euphoria - Self Empowerment or Drugs?

Interviews with Dan Winter about his work with Self-Empowering Bliss Process- soon to be released:

- http://www.inthemix.com.au/-"Musical Recipes for Bliss and Euphoria with Dan Winter
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- Conscious Living Magazine: Autralia's Leading Wholistic Magazine - On Dan Winter. (Presentations in Perth)

.. Recent Article (Issue 61): "The Politics of Bliss"

- A blissful interview with Dan Winter- New Dawn Magazine.


Conscious Kids

Spiritual Path in Simple Science for the Young and Young at Heart

Bliss, Ecstacy, & Immortality Explained

Dan Winter's newest Book - Shipping - Early Jan. - Simplified Language - about DNA & Bliss Making Gravity and Immortal Soul..- Lavishly Illustrated..
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visuals here- on how the heart 'music' ECG Harmonic Analysis will be fed back to the dancers:

.. to teach "Hearts to Link" & Bliss to become self-empowered without drugs.

more detail link2-


"Musical Recipes for Bliss and Euphoria - Can Ecstatic Dance Be Self Empowered?"

abstract - Dan Winter - Presentation at RainbowSerpent Festival

Dan is the inventor of HeartTuner - ( heartcoherence.com ). You will see the musical harmonics of the ECG (Heart Voltage) measured - showing that the heart's actual music can be used to make fire in the heart - visible ( Coherence). Plus with 2 connected - the link up to the same 'wavelength' of 2 hearts is visible - making empathy, compassion, tantra and even conflict resolution measureable. Dan's multimedia show then evidences that bliss and euphoria are how we get an immune system, lucid dream, and even survive death. He suggests that the music of rave and bliss dance - can be tuned accurately to facilitate making transcendant states reachable in self-empowering ways without drugs. This not only revolutionizes biofeedback eliminating Addiction and Attention Deficit - it creates a whole new definition of life force and what DNA and governments are for. The coherent song of bliss becomes the electrical pattern to teach biological peak experience AND sustainability. It is all based on something Dan calls 'harmonic inclusiveness - measured capacitively in charge density'. It is a musical recipe for getting immortal - and it is based on fractal compression - in your heart - and your heart's music. Read more in the article Dan has prepared specially for the RainbowSerpent Festival : soulinvitation.com/rainbowserpent (this article below)

Conscious Kids: Spiritual Path in Simple Science for the Young and Young at Heart

Bliss, Ecstacy, & Immortality Explained

Dan Winter's newest Book - Shipping - Early Jan. - Simplified Language - about DNA & Bliss Making Gravity and Immortal Soul..- Lavishly Illustrated..

from Dan Winter (pics and vitae on Dan). Nov 2002.

Integrating the new scientific understanding of what bliss and peak experience is - into a revolution in the way we "Earth Dance" at the Rainbow Serpent.

The key is to understand 1. that the recipes musically for bliss / and peak experience are well documented if we but do the homework. Ref 1. Brainphire ( Brainwave EEG nest in Golden Ratio during bliss / euphoria in Russian study) , Ref. 2. How the Geometry of Pressure in Your TOUCH - Predicts the Harmonics of EMOTION IN MUSIC- & LOVE? , Ref. 3. The musical key signature of the Heart EKG can be taught to EMBED - and BLISSFULLY attract LIFE FORCE GIVING CHARGE -- with a simple musical feedback enviornment.. HeartTuner.

Not only does this make bliss / euphoria and peak experience teachable as a science, but it reveals the powerful and gravity making nature of biological implosion as perfect compression - directly from the music of the heart. (pics below). (Links to implosion science in the alchemy article - bottom of heartcoherence.com/tunernews3 )

Ecstasy with Purpose?

from Daniel Winter--

Intro Note to Eugene -

The essential clinical information is that bio-feedback and sound can replace the key missing brain wave harmonics to complete the cascade (EEG) which we now know to be the definition of BLISS and thus replace external drug addictive with self-empowerment.

(charts with examples of missing harmonics replaced at: ../heartvoice

What we propose to do in Earth Dance is prove that we can use accurate sound harmonics WITH sacred geometry AND biofeedbeck, to create a SELF EMPOWERING ecstatic and bliss environment, in which there would be no urge or need for drugs.

warmly, Dan Winter ( inventor - HeartTuner )


(Below are relevant exerpts from previous articles, to summarize the details)

The great drive to achieve some kind of peak experience in music and movement, among the young at heart, can now be admired from a new and biological perspective. As the chemistry of ecstasy has come to be understood as more and more of a symphony among glandular conductors, we are understanding better the role of music in waveguiding emotional states.


Biological terms for music rolling deliciously between the glands at ecstatic moment, may sound something like phonon waves phase locking between glandular foci among liquid crystal piezoelectric muscle/nerve and bone plexi. The point is that we can understand what it is informationally that we seek as a kind of "cellular" phone call home for ET, at the moment of ecstasy... that entrained, rapturous, sometimes even tearful and tasting something sweet dripping like nectar squoze from the upper brain onto the back of the tongue. Ecstasy is a well described phenomenon in the spiritual literature. It is usually accompanied by some sort of ritual that guides attention into greater presence, something which we now would describe as the ability of the spine to phase lock and entrain coherently field effects nested concentrically to greater and greater size/ wave length/ and context. The entrance into the geometries of symmetry which we have called ritual dance, corresponds nicely to the phase geometry we have known as rhythm and music which phase entrains the body, solar-plexus on up. Symmetry among wave forms attracts the inertia we call attention, and the corresponding expanded presence of mind. What we have been labeling presence here in the mindful sense, is specifically the ability of the now more field effect nested body to entrain/ extract information CONTEXT from waves which nest/cascade at ecstasy all the way to planetary size. Which is just to say, riding the long wave for the emotion seeker is to get the necessary context/ "where does the small fit into the large" kind of information from our electrical noosphere.

The mechanic which enables electrical and sonic fields to reach between scales, is the classic problem which musical wave geometry as beauty in ratio solves. When we look at our models for the shape of what precipitates electrically around the heart we get the geometric keys to emotion which are musical ratios. Looking at the above spectrum analysis of the heart's ekg during peak emotion ........the harmonics in the contents of the heart phase lock into musical whole number ratio, thus creating a wave length matrix for the embedding of field effects ..

The shape of theses field effect nested by the heart and it's electrical entrainment of the whole body, are established by the musical chord like geometry of the wave-length tinkertoys, the heart braids at peak emotion.

To put it simply, permission to touch among field effects, between bodies the size of people, and whole groups of people dancing together, and ultimately whole bioregions, OCCURS WHEN SACRED RATIO BECOMES PHASE COHERENT IN A FRACTAL SYMMETRY OF SELF EMBEDDED SPACE AS WELL AS TIME.

When we combine this understanding of the inherently musical geometry of ecstatic process in the body, to what we now know of the archetype of wave shapes which produce emotion (from the sentics literature). We find that just the whole number ratios which nest geometries among waves, are produced as a wave cracking down a whip, by the wave shape you create in music or art OR touch to send emotion!

Then if we grok what it means now that we have measured the effect of the heart/body going into electrical coherence, ONTO THE FIELD EFFECT OF A TREE 200 FEET AWAY!...... We see that indeed, linking our motion and our music from heartbeat to breath to wave lengths of a planetary nature, can actually informationally entrain us to sentient bodies the size of Earth.

We utilize the tendency to naturally phase entrain known coherent heart sonics when nested in music. We carefully arrange the words of the song so that the breath timing is a whole number envelope around the heart rhythm. Finally we entrain in the audio, actually sonics of the electrical heartbeat of earth.

This last concept requires a bit of explanation. For a long time we have known the varying charge between plates of sensitive tuned capacitors will vary over time, in a way which is dramatically linked to astronomical alignments. The Earth's gravity bloodstream is at one level specifically a capacitive bell. Bill Ramsey has been making dramatically emotional audio recordings of these fields induced by the Earth herself, at key astrological moments for the Earth. The presence of sounds just like the whales in these recordings is too distinct to ignore. Samples of these recordings accompany the material Bill is preparing for with this document.

In summary, the concept of a harmonic module induced by coherent audio feedback cues among groups, can now be brought to a new level. The music of the EKG of the heart becomes a sonic laser at love's moment. The wave ratio musical language of emotion is known in sentics. The breath, and Schumann Earth's magnetic heartbeat can be entrained in music to a complete chord, cascading our awarenesses into the pressure nest of Mother Earth's own feeling body.

In just a short moment of feeling the feedback of our own collective Heartbeats, becoming coherent in response to the Earth's field, we are produce a music which intentionally does what ecstasy has always wanted. It is the ultimate linkup.

Are BLISS , PEAK EXPERIENCE , and ENLIGHTENMENT - identical with perfected charge attraction/ compression and measureable as implosion?


Is the icy stillness of zero frequency the same information well as the white hot fire of infinite frequency..
the point where the information uroboros
of the continuum of frequencies eats it's tail?

Is this EKG power spectra, a heart reaching with a frequency cascade
to decouple the information inertia out of the energy of the background zero point energy of the universe?

We Propose that it is Possible and Appropriate
to Use The Mathematics and Physics of Fractal Recursion
in MultiMedia and Biofeedback
to Access Exactly What Has Been Advised Spiritually:

"Every Grain of Sand & Every Leaf Contain the Same..."

"Macrocosm Reflects Microcosm..."

"As Above, So Below..."

"That Thou Art..."

"I Am That I Am..."

Woven into A State of Balance By The Vedic Principles of Life..

The very word LIFE suggests Recursion..

Recursion, is elegantly taught in the fractality of the fern
whose tree, branch, leaf, and leaf tip,
all have exactly the same self-embedded shape.

Phylotaxis in the branching algorhythmn of the plant
or the fibres of the heart's electrification,
teach the same "maximum exposure, minimum superposition"
which in emotional terms mean exactly:

"Contact Inhibition or Permission to Touch"..

Neurologically this translates to mean,
electrical pressure waves (voltage gradients)
never destructively interfere
and thus they avoid physiologically annihilating
the spin information they contain.

Spin Information or pattern density when arranged in recursion specifically creates the phenomenon called self-awareness because fractal data is infinitely compressible
and therefore can be distributed infinitely
with no energy investment.

This becomes a practical physics and metaphysics
to access the doorway to the noosphere
or collective mind or spiritual awareness:

"Infinite Potentiality".

The Centering Force Ayurvedically Described as Balance,

May Well be The Wave Attractor Which Fractal Recursion Creates...

The Bridge Builder: A Visual Tool
to Understand Compassion- Fractality in the Heart Wave..

for BLISS? Peak Experience!

and BLISS? Peak Experience!


and BLISS? Peak Experience!

and BLISS? Peak Experience!




I. To Demonstrate and Expand upon the principle that Coherence and Recursion in Heart Brain Resonance - FACILITATED MUSICALLY

makes Compassion and Self-Awareness Measureable and Teachable.

II. To Outline A Mathematical Formulation for Evaluating for Coherence and Recursion in Biological Resonance to Make Feed Back designs Possible. (Robert Boustany).

III. To Solicit Collaboration and Support to Develop Equipment, and Software to Apply Biological Coherence and Recursion to Powerful Clinical Practicum.

How these Serve


I. Practical Physics and Lab Tool to Measure and Feed Back

Consciousness - Self-Awareness - "Critical Mass Intentionality".

II. Radically Powerful New Therapeutic Clinical Tool

to Offer Dramatic Habit Healing, and Transformational Experiences.

a. Applicability of EEG Biofeedback to Addiction, (Case Histories)

b. Ability to Offer "A Way Out" of Addiction

Which Inherently Introduces Spiritual Transcendance Experience!

c. Mechanism to Cohere and Embed EEG To EKG,

with Biofeedback Optimization.

III. Exciting New Visuals and MultiMedia Teaching Tools,

Unifying Wave Physics & Physiology with Vedic Spiritual Principles.

Below 2 Images Source: HASH: Destroying a Legend.. by Peggy Mann - Medical Documentation of the destructive effects of HASH smoking.

Below: Left-Healthy Nerve Cell Synapse at bottom- Right- Synapse Cell Membrane Virtually Destroyed by THC from Smoking Hash



Addiction - vs PRINCIPLE of Ecstatic Communion...

see follow up article 2 days later:

other articles listed at:

...the em-path to them all is the path to em-bed.

...at Findhorn we knew: 'What is the Blessing the Parasite Worm Brings to the Garden?"

 Nourished by Spin: The Twinkling Eyes Lifestyle.hygiene discipline around lifestyle and diet:

Addiction, Gurus & Sex Juice vs PRINCIPLE of Ecstatic Communion



Practical Ecstatic Exercises "to Zero Point"

Sufi Dance: Ecstatic Movement Instructionals: Peaceworks Resource Materials


This newsletter looks at the relationship between getting the first estatic juice able to pump up the spine, versus addiction and the tendancy to rely on external sources for that pumping including DRUGS and "Guru's."


We have discussed elsewhere...(see link list at the bottom of this article) that each living human cell is necessarily programmed to be aware that it has no ability to make regular survival required phone calls home, UNLESS THEIR IS REGULAR ECSTATIC PROCESS/ BLISS! The UV ultraviolet squirt gun up the zipping DNA helix, like kundalini/tantra when sustainably blissful, gets a faster than light wave connection by Phi braiding which allows information communion with aura/soul/collective mind/racial memory.

So each cell knows that it is toast anyway unless a soure of bliss is found. So in a sense, at a cellular level our young people have no choice but to turn to drugs IF THEIR PARENTS DO NOT OFFER THEM BLISS PRODUCING ACTIVITIES / training !!

(examples: sufi dance, eurhythmy, tai chi, sacred gymnastic, sacred circle dance, ... rock concerts with spirit focus? communion of presences - same as capacitive impedance matching for tantra...)

Now let us apply this to WHY the last best source of that sacro cranial PUMPING, is ALWAYS THE BODY'S CELLULAR MEMORY OF WHAT IT IS ADDICTED TO NOW. Whether sex, or roller coasters, or drugs, or dance, or being the visual focus of many people.... what ever last produced the RUSH of phase alignment/ PRESENCE OF MINDFULNESS (wave recursion gone implosive)... THIS WILL NECESSARILY BE THE MOTIVATOR TO MOVE US TO THE NEXT SOURCE OF FOOD FOR THE HIGH BRAIN. ('addiction' if it is EXTERNALLY based).

Simply put, biology is programmed to know, that the only sustainable immortality (wave) occurs when the spine gets the privelege to dump superluminal DNA lightning into larger gravity centroids (making stars like our sun). For those that acheive this inhabit stars. (They have clear visions, as I have heard from MANY, of what it is like to SEE/FEEL thru the eye of the sun.: ).

Those that don't are recycled into the muddy DNA collective field effect (collective unconscious). Thus this access to the sustained worming thru the faster than light, is the physics of our religious notion of heaven. In fact we literally MEASURE by frequency signature the NUMBER of contained harmonics in the EKG (& presumeably DNA), actually ASCENDS (in phi harmonics). So dimension as access to more superposed spins, is nestable by phylotaxes. Ascention into heaven is physics.. or more accurately: is phy-cycle.

So where did our kids who turned to the gutu thing go wrong. Well, first let me guess, the majority of those who ended up hosing their spine juce to Sai Baba the parasite, would otherwise have NO WAY OF GETTING THEIR SPINE JUICE GOING. In other words, (obviously) those who have had no success in getting tears of bliss into their own life are prime susceptibles to cult and guru worship.

And where do we draw that thin line between the teacher who says, here join this bliss group, vs the teacher who says, feed me your bliss juice. That is the everlovin dance. It is just like the young girl who with her first orgasm unconsciously (& probably romantically usefully) connects access to her OWN BLISS JUICE, with access to the boy who did it with her.

So what have we learned about the fundalmental nature of addiction.

1. It is no more a mistake of mother nature teaching survival than 'imprinting' during a Mother's first hug.

2. That if bliss juice access is not taught, cults and drugs must follow.

3. Tantra/kundalini/bliss ritual is the ultimate SOURCE for all immune systems as these are the soure for the uv spin density which makes the wave foldedness (phase aligning 'focus') we call membrane sustainable.

4. That the river of collective cellular DNA UV lightning going slip knotting out into stars is the prime purpose for the human genetic experiment, in the sense not only is it 'the only way outta here', (Ensoulment as 'Per-sun-all-I-tie'), but it is also 'what people are for' in the galactic metabolism... EMBED...make recursion... stabilize gravity.. you become the STARMAKER eddy among waves. THIS IS the WORM AWAKENING...

So what again did we learn when we found that biofeedback training was the most successful AND empowering solution to addiction on this planet. (2. CLINICAL USE OF RECURSION HARMONICS: , Marty Wuttke, developer of EEG Clinical Practicum to Treat,Addiction- at Institute for Family Wellness, Atlanta - was - Southern Institute of Applied Psychophysiology ...http://www.iffw.org/html/martin.html)

We learned that when the heart brain system learned to fabricate the (eeg/ekg) harmonic ratios (phi), of embedding for themselves, the resultant source of bliss juice was self sustaining. (Sacro Cranially Pumped by Snake Charmer Gland Phonics, nicely picted at: ). And thus using alchohol to deprive the brain of Oxygen to emulate bliss/increase electrical conductivity, was suddenly second fiddle in the body's hunger. It is replaced by the inner ability to BUILD YOUR OWN PHIRE.

Biofeedback to complete the harmonic ladder caddeuceus (phi harmnics) in the alpha/theta etc. of both brain and heart, which produces bliss, should accompany instruction in blissful kinesthetics. This includes, "Infinity Walk", Labyrinth, movement into sacred space/ embedding pattern (Flamenco) etc.

We explored the detailed connection between, USING EXTERNAL SOURCES OF FIRE (caffeine/alchol etc), and how that forces the self-notself membrane to breakdown: This creates MUCOUS, home for Annunaki designer viruses attacking those with no implosion/self-notself barrier.., at:.The Archeo-Geometry of America's Spiritual Destiny (,) It is critical to understand why the required inhabiting substrate for the new virals is
mucous and mucosal linings. Mucous is created quite literally when the body gets the self vs not-self barrier ...
The storal to that mory was simple: only the self sustaining fire which comes from within, can make a self not self/membrane. All the rest of muddy barriers/mucous is the perfect home for the designer viruses lo grade interventionist ET's use to prune our genepool (tubercular etc.). Experiment: 3 days without ANY external stimulant - caffeine, alchohol or even sugar /white flour.. then check: a.) your mucous level & b.) your bliss access .


And in reprise about our Drugs. The river of DNA lightning MUST be given a channel, (creative and erotic and dependably blissful) or insanity will result. We must not be intimidated by the fact that the power of this river, urge to bliss, destroys families and lives. It is simple. Deny the river, and you deny life (recursion/embedding) force.

The urge to DRUG Addiction and cults was the urge to bliss. And it does have with it the danger of hive mind, for better or worse. We cannot in one breath condemn cult and hive mind, and in the same breath bless a collective unconscious become conscious. They are the same. Since, only one mind does go home... we only get critical genetic superluminal inertial escape velocity thru the suns heart communally initially, THEN WE MUST ACCEPT THE NEED TO GATHER OUR BLISS PROCESS AROUND ONE SEED. That seed is not a person. (guru). Personne in French means no one. That seed is THE PURE PRINCIPLE OF EMBEDDING (see ), WHICH ALLOWS MANY (waves) TO BECOME ONE.

dan winter - asheville mountains smokey blue...



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AND THE TREATMENT OF AIDS and CANCER. Size 9k 1999-09-19

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5. Honey of the Queens..
... tracheal mite. Requeening prevents natural hive reproduction/swarming. Imagine never
having the ecstatic rush of the vortex of the swarm dance of the bees, around a free queen.
How would your children ... Size 15k 1999-09-19

6. Scale Invariant = Perfect Embedding = Gravity = Self Aware
... ecstacy). (Marty also eliminates addiction using the same process, which is simply false
attempt ecstatics). Stand at attention now.   Dan Winter Size 11k 1999-09-19

8. EKG Power Spectra:Does the Heart Become measureably Musical at the moment of Love?

... umbilicus to the soul. Getting this wiring connected without shorts or interference is
called ecstatic process. This puts high frequency ordering we notice as twinkle in the eye,
into the bodies membranes ... Size 29k 1999-09-19 )

The Purpose of Genes: Bliss vs. Money?

How would Government Based on the VALUE of Bliss look?

from Dan Winter 6/1/2000 , url: , related articles:
Sacred Geometry of the Heart - WebSite - Articles Arranged by TOPIC:
 Study Guide to Sacred Geometry:Master Index/Animations/Graphics  Science & 'Physics of Consciousness' Based on Sacred Geometry   How To's/Coherent Emotion/Practical Uses/Twinkling Eyes Lifestyle / Hygiene
Global Heart Biofeedback Studies/ Musical EKG - Heartbeat2000 Galactic Context/Genetic History & ET Origins of Religion, Angelic Language etc.  Grid Engineering/Geomancy/Magnetic Geometrics for Earth


What would happen if a culture as a whole recognized that what creates survival in genetic material is the physics of bliss?

How would a democracy change?


Bliss is the reason we eat. It is the reason for DNA. It is the reason for money. It is the reason for planets and CULTures.

Without it, nothing lives / survives.



Vignettes in the life of Kundalini-Gateway at egroups.com :

Brigid writes: ....did I say bliss is out? Bliss is the .. energy of the Goddess. I am talking about confusion and sexual perversion and attachment...Brigid
...and Susan responds:

"It is like not knowing something is dirty until someone points out their experience of "confusion and sexual perversion and attachment".

Innocent natives don't know what guilt and shame and perversion is till the missionary points out they aren't wearing any clothes." end quote from Susan "divine goddess"

--Perhaps the spread of AIDS would have been slowed if BLISS DANCE were still available in Africa to feed the immune spin of Indigenous Peoples.



Genetic material clearly makes a worm in its core whose magnetic head gets the ability to steer. The way genes do this is arrange to 'crash' into each others charge radiance, in such a way that the resulting implosion drives wave fronts thru the speed of light. This is not unlike the physics of 'phase conjugate mirror optics'. The key picture is :

3 different views of phase conjugation perfected into perfect (PHI recursive) pining in 3D..

The adding and multiplying of spin paths, produces the 'pining' implosion of adding and multiplying wave fronts, called "CONJUGATION". If the ratio of conjugation becomes Phi or Golden or Grail like, then the cascade can go on infinitely thru the speed of light. (more on phase conjugation / conjugal relations below).

Genes NEED to do this, or else they are stuck in the mortality which exists below the speed of light.

The reason genes are attracted to each other in certain morphologies (romance) is largely because they are aware of their potential to create this bliss 'screwing' thru light speed. The ability to get the charge radiance going infinitely is sometimes called 'tantra' 'kundalini', bliss, etc.

Since this subject of what does BLISS unto human's is indeed so apparently fundamental to their survival, let's take some examples of how the NOTION OF BLISS, creates a radical new way to re-invent the PURPOSE of so MANY of our disciplines of study.... (New meaning for Politics, for Economics, for Electrical Theory, for Religion, for GENE Splicing, for Romance, for Nutrition & Hygiene, etc. etc. )


The Politics of Bliss:

Bliss is threatening to a culture because it is inherently addicting and contagious. (Bliss has a critical mass for groups just like atomic reactions). Whatever or more particularly whoever is percieved as the major source of bliss activity will tend to be either worshipped (often as guru), or loved, and/or will become the center of an information cult permissive of the 'irrational'. This threatens the culture specifically in the sense that there is a largely unconsious perception that we all must indeed become 'cryst'all-ized around one seed. That seed must indeed be a seed of PURE principle. To the extent that that seed around which a CULT (as in CULT-ure), becomes fused, is PERSONALITY worship, the resultant personal disempowerment ultimately destroys cultures. (the BOOK of examples is the history of western culture). So any bliss technique which even begins to become popular immediately almost by definition becomes THE burning political issue of the day. (The Chinese makeit illegal, the Mormon's appear to arrange death squads, in America cult leaders must -but usually do not- survive impossible microscopic examination in the courts and the press.) Ultimately the only sustainable pure seed around which CULT may become CULT-ure is the PUREST PRINCIPLE OF WHAT EMBEDDING IS, and thus the only activity which ever allowed FUSION (geometrically, politically, emotionally, electrically etc.) This is the seed (animate dodeca nest here ../physicsofphi , ../predictions ) implosive metric for E-PLURIBUS-UNUM, the ONLY way MANY BECOME ONE.

In a democracy the THEO-logical idea that LAW not people rule, MUST ultimately evolve to the notion that NATURAL LAW rules, if that culture is to survive - become sustainable. (../naturallaw ) NATURAL LAW legislates that BLISS become the PURPOSE of GENES and CULTURE and HUMAN LAW (and money for example), or that culture will die. This is because BLISS is almost by definition the ONLY way biological waves (DNA and Glandular), become SUSTAINABLE. (Part of the {ensoulment} process of inhabiting/embedding in the superluminal). Therefore for us to survive, all laws must be re-examined in light of whether they permit our children to sustain BLISS. For example the cooking oil at McDonald's should be illegal or taxed because it shorts out the spark gap synapse ability to acheive charge radiance. Cutting a highway thru a mountain should require a permit based on what it will do to the the charge radiance of the bioregion's magnetic line/ geomantic ability to sustain bliss. See also, hygiene and practices for BLISS menu.. How To's/Coherent Emotion/Practical Uses/Sacred Twinkle Hygiene 1 -

A political platform based on BLISS must need become the basic plank of the Natural Law Party - note bene John Hagelin for President.

Ironically while Bliss is usually the first step to forming a political party, once entrenched (like Republican's & Fundamentalists) so threatening does Bliss become, that PREVENTING BLISS becomes the LARGEST PART of their political agenda. (Who is more likely to permit or exhibit BLISS while campaigning, a Republican or a Democrat and WHY? - Shall we examine the Republican campaign to stamp out National Public Radio? How threatening is it to the Republican leaders when a Democratic President can find his own BLISS - they have to schedule an IMPEACHMENT.).

This reminds me of an interview I did once. We were making a film series, of all the forms of Sacred Dance (as we see below the definition of sacred - as CREATING SUSTAINABLE WAVING, and the definition of Bliss Radiance electrically - are similar for a reason). We filmed Sacred Circle Dance, Sufi Dance, Tai Chi, and we were in the process of filming the Sacred EURHYTHMY movement at Steiner's anthroposophy school in Spring Valley New York. The movement exercise was only intermittantly blissful appearing, and the charge did radiate from the stage - but only a few times. We then interviewed the women who were the trained dancers. When I happened to mention BLISS as part of sacred movement, the mostly elderly and VERY dour German women exclaimed something to the effect: "OH WE NEVER DO BLISS- WE ARE IN FAR TOO MUCH CONTROL FOR THAT".

It later became clear that BLISS is looked on with a 'critical eye' in the Steiner tradition, partly for the way addiction to Bliss can POLITICALLY threaten a GERMAN WORK ETHIC. (See Economics of Bliss, below). Also note how the NEED TO CONTROL, a typically patriarchal reponse, becomes MORE IMPORTANT THAN RESPONDING TO A HUGE ELECTRICAL COLLECTIVE NEED OF THE DNA.

In this category, what a political hot potato it becomes when teenagers find a way to bliss. The very nature of the phenomenon is that it is NOT SUBJECT to political control, it is ruled by the ancient electrical memory of gene worms. (more on Bliss & Addiction below).

Matriarchy's ("Coming of Age in Samoa") will usually be more BLISS permissive politically. (Indigenous, Cathari, Minoa? - see also HISTORY OF LABYRINTHS) This stands in stark contrast to the condemnation of patriarchy in "Desertification and Patriarchy", where laws making public hugging illegal, are shown to be directly politically responsible for the SPREAD OF DESERT. The physics is simple, (water) vapor cannot become droplet (geometry of precipitation IS CRYST-all-eyes), without the electrical seed of implosion - sees the clouds form where children dance blissfully bare in the mud. The dowser cannot begin to look for water, without looking for enough symmetry for magnetic lines to SUSTAIN their crossing. Water's flow and magnetism flow are the same: (their wave) SUSTAINABILITY IS BY DEFINITION SELF-AWARE.


The Electrical Definition of Bliss:

Bliss is the condition of ability to radiate charge quite literally to infinity (inPHIknit-y) sustainably. This by definition requires perfect fractal embedding. (See the Golden Ratio definition of the HOLY GRAIL - ) It is also the (self-referrent) definition of how electrical fields become self organizing and self aware.

This is the definition of non-destructive interference. ( related , , )

More detail on measuring the onset of bliss, requires introducing spectrum analysis to identify harmonic cascades not based on 2. (The only sustainble definition of NON_LINEAR oscillators, - non octave based, is Phi harmonics...). (Phi as perfecting anything SCALAR as in scale invariance idealized etc.) This is the (2nd order fft / septrum) principle behind Heartlink EKG harmonic analysis. It is not just the EKG which identifies it's bliss and charge radiance moment as becoming a PHI cascade, this also becomes the harmonic signature of:

a.) planet long magnetic lines becoming self-aware (Gaia hypothesis physics)

b.) cancer membranes becoming again healthy and embedable /touch permissive ( )

c.) public utilities changing 60hz in their grid to a phi harmonic based on Hydrogen and the Schumann resonance, so our power grid feeds gravity and awareness. (See "What's Poisoning the Farm")

d.) DNA enveloping itself in long wave folds based on PHI multiples to enable -ensouling, -lucid dreaming, -time travel.

e.) voice prints which heal, and (sun) light optical spectra which serve life (natural spectra in classroom lighting CREATES attention span, while the MERCURY VAPOR light spectra at your gas station or grocery store is MEASUREABLY KILLING YOU AND EVERYTHING ALIVE UNDERNEATH IT.)


The Religious History of Bliss: (funny that Billy Graham never bothered to explain that to be self-empowered in the Physics of RAPTURE you needed to understand and enact for yourself how charge becomes a fractal! {life force}. Therefore no willy nilly GOD outside you was going to do this for you. Only the pure principle of PHIRE learned inside you could!)

The Shaker's shake, the Quaker's quake, the Sufi's turn, - all these are examples of attempts at entering into the electrical symmetry of bliss. Our Psychoanalysis of Culture Jesuit Professor, Dr. Tom Porter, at Unversity of Detroit, could not tell our class the FUNCTION OF RITUAL, because he did not understand how electricity acheives proper charge embedding / RADIANCE symmetry. If he had known the principle, he could have explained the symmetry of Genes in Meiosis/ Meitosis as the PERFECT example of BLISS RITUAL. (embed or die).

The Pope and the King and the Priests murdered the Cathars and the Templars and the Druids and the Witches and the... and the.. and the...

largely because they still had access to a way to bliss collectively. So the religious history (as opposed to her-story), of bliss is largely that if when you find bliss, and you attempt to share that, you get murdered. The history of ciphers, Baconian Shakesphere, Voynich Manuscript, Enochian Ophanic, etc., is largely to encode the symmetry which permits bliss into enough secrecy to prevent murder. The reason you get murdered for teaching bliss historically, is because all those who cannot the bear the electrical fusion experience (rapture) of no possible secrets, who have not sorted their memories/waves into the compressible and therefore shareable (proper death preparation), unconsciously choose to prevent others from doing so.


The Idea of Romance and Bliss:

The vast magnetic rush of gene's sensing the implosive possibility of electrical wave fusion into the superluminal, is called "FALLING in love". This is not meant to collapse the rich intentionality thru some 'phenomenology of perception' keyhole... but rather to add a language of rigor. Romance should be captivating and fixating, because from an electrical perspective this is HOW DNA acheives an immortal state. If you do not acheive bliss, you do not sustain/ create the membrane waving in phase, called an immune system. This is because the gland phonon electrical sonics braid the membranes to a phase sustainable state ( )

At the higher level of romance, let us take the example of MAGDALEN's TANTRIC SWOON. ( ). Bliss is more probable, when memory lineages in the genes achieve a notable (what was called in the Essene case of centuries of genetic planning) DYNASTIC UNION of familty lines. (Other examples include the genetic planning of the REVEREND MOTHERS of DUNE, and the "ORION QUEENS" ). The point is that WHEN DNA crossing DOES acheive very high voltage, you do in fact see stars. Genes are aware, when the possibility of charge collision (hugging), will create an immortal - Blue Fire Incubus / tantric cocooning, This star penetrating TANTRA was the essence of Magda's swoon which later became her and her female child narrating to the Templar Architect Bernard of Clairvoix in his dreams, WHERE and HOW to site the Gothic cathedrals to make a swoon star steering STARMAP - re-penting into VIRGO. In essence, proper Tantric swoon-ing REQUIRES FRACTAL LANDSCAPE STARMAPS. A Tantric swoon is another name for the little cocoon of Ultra-Violet and Microwave cell emission, which grows AUTONYMOUS when cellular bliss / oft pre-orgasmic is fed back into itself.

Romance in a way, is an appropriate cellular urge to achieve the right mutual annihilation of light beams (which make a PHASE CONJUGATE MIRROR - where is Alice when we need her..). (Phase picture is the image above). (Optical Phase Conjugation: http://www.optics.kth.se/fysik2/staff/pu/thesis/node10.html ) - hint see there 2.2 Imaging and distortion correcting properties - apply this to psychonavgation / emotional cleansing ). ( , , ) What physics literature does not yet understand is that PHI RECURSION is the geometry of PERFECT phase conjugation. This gives new and useful meaning to the ROMANTIC term, CONJUGAL relations.

When 2 opposing sets of beam phases, collide in exactly the right symmetry of implosion (image above is a top down view of DNA), romance is the result. This is a 'romantic' extension of the quantum mechanical ideal where only equal and opposite wave collisions, make sustainable quanta. (Nothing else 'matters'). In falling in love physics, this means that only exactly symmetric equal and opposite voltages complete the implosion which sends gene waves into stars (superluminal and gravity making). This is an extension of the Celestine Prophecy that ALL human interactions (particularly sexual) are ABOUT charge. It also relates to the Gurdjieff / Bennet notion of sexual relations which note that an electrical short or overload HAS to be the result of all sexual relations between members NOT of equal charge. It is simple to understand (quantum mechanics) that waves do not stand sustainably as nodes (make matter / store inertia) , unless they are the result of perfectly symmetrical OPPOSITE wave fronts colliding. IF the phase opposition is simple power of 2 / octave symmetrics the result is an incubeating and cocooning envelope of waves. If on the other hand, the symmetry of the collision is PHI recursively IMPLOSIVE, then the result is sending DNA waves fronts thru light speed heterodyning by PHI . This urge to achieve perfectly IMPLOSIVE and immortalizing DNA spin, is the essence of the urge to romance, and the Tantric Swoon possibility.

(more on Tantric Swoon: - at 1. Kundalini: A Web Conversation , ../kundalini/kundalin.html , 2. Peshmehten: Deep Space Nine Peshmehten. is our Genetic Feeling. the Flight of the Navigator thru. Robert Morningsky's. "Guardians of the Grail" a commentary by dan winter. ../peshmehten/index.html , also compare with 'Psychonavigation' by John Perkins )


Addiction and Bliss:

It was not a mistake that mother nature designed DNA and GLANDS to continuously re-seek their last moment of maximum electrical current. This is an electrician's definition of addiction and fixation. Illustrative of this point, is how Marty Wuttke succeeds clinically in eliminating Attention Deficit AND ADDICTION, by simple neurofeedback training to complete the cascade of EEG harmonics. If you can make charge density / fire for yourself, THAT IS ATTENTION (bliss fertilizer) as successfully sustained phase locking, and that eliminates the need for paltry surrogates like imitating conductivity rise in brain tissue with alcohol's oxygen deprivation.

links at:Ritalin:Poisoning the GEOMETRY of Attention in our Young?,

When bio-structures sit in the midst of maximum current and charge flow, they know they have successfully embedded at least for that moment, into life and memory and information itself. That is why all places of maximum current and charge density on this planet, like atom smashers and transformer arrays, become nodes where huge amounts of the collective mind get nodally attracted for better or (usually) for worse. If the locus (geometry) of that magnetic flo focus, is not embeddable / life giving, then all the biological life force sucked into such human ignorance magnetic vortex, will lose spin / be killed / create death / thanatos. That is why you will never find elementals or the shumann resonance, or much EKG bliss, near 60/50 cycle current. (The frequency at which the voltage required to stop the heart is lowest, is a prime example of a non-life giving choice... note bene Tesla).

The up side is that where max current and charge thru genes IS sustained, that is called 'eternal life' and 'peak experience'. Mechanically this can be examined as a symmetry operation by noting the if you put HI CURRENT thru DNA or GOLD MONOFILAMENTS just at the moment of crystallization, they (the w-ormes) become measureably superconductive (implication also for superluminally permissive). This is because the inherent dodeca recursion wratchet which is DNA ( ) and Gold Valence ( ) permit implosion connectivity/perfect PHI fusion in their core.

The implication for Genes in teenagers, is that they unconsciously (and correctly) know that if they do NOT acheive bliss (charge density), they are dead anyway. So therefore they are appropriately willing to risk everything to GET bliss. Now IF our culture could teach legitimate and sustainable techniques, then we would not lose our teenagers. (see again, hygienes for bliss: How To's/Coherent Emotion/Practical Uses/Sacred Twinkle Hygiene 1 - )


The Economics of Bliss:

Bliss requires perfect safe space, exquisite oxygen, water, magnetic and sonic silence.. 'embedding'. exquisite cellular nutrition / hygiene, disciplined choice of who to concieve children by, and most of all perhaps, the beingness to understand and implement these pure principles. All of these things require money. In fact, if we understand DNA and biology well as wave guides for inserting us into stars (see Solar SHEManics.. ), then we will know the PURPOSE of money. If money is indeed at it's highest biological level of purpose, a way to quantize or measure simply the delivery of human energy, THEN THERE COULD BE NO OTHER ULTIMATE DEFINITION OF THE PURPOSE OF MONEY, THAN TO DELIVER HUMAN MAGNETIC ENERGY INTO IT'S ONLY POSSIBLE SURVIVAL MODE: namely, and blissfully, thru the speed of light into stars. Otherwise, nothing remains.


The ('Sacred') Geometry of Bliss: (The caption picture for this article is the 3D essence of it.) The Animations at: , etc.

Look deeply at the symmetry behind bliss movement in tribal ritual or DNA meitosis, and you will find: the endeavor to create perfect embedding. The loss of tribal bliss dance is among the major triggers for the spread of AID's. Membranes are not INformed without it's spin densifying sort.

Your Baptist minister did have 1 thing correct, if you do not RE-PENT, you (& waves in general) cannot be saved.

Bliss and Biological Immortality:

The real reason the Annunaki needed to gene splice us into gold miners, was access to heart of gold which enabled DNA to sustain ... into time travel / ensoulment. (Ask your physics professor why Saint's body's do not decay, see if they know about biological charge..) This is the Gilgamesh quest : the search for the perfect Incubus - Spiral of Life : The Formula for Surviving Death. Gilgamesh, Annunaki, Gold, Merkabbahs, & the Incunabula , http://www.earthportals.com/Earthportals/Portal_Messenger/winter.html


Bliss and Kundalini: (wherin the woim hath toined)


The Shamanic Requirement for Bliss: Solar SHEManics.. ) Soon we shall have more personal teachings on what it FEELS like to lead SOUL groups, shamanically THRU THE SUN. (hint to Susan here...) They yearn to survive.

Also I am enjoying John Perkins, book series beginning with 'Psychonavigation'.


Hygiene and Diet and PRACTICAL EXERCISES for Bliss: How To's/Coherent Emotion/Practical Uses/Sacred Twinkle Hygiene 1 - )

Architecture for Bliss: Architecure and Geomancy are one in their need for magnetic embedability to sustain biomagnetism into radiant bliss- ElDorado & The Re-Penting of America:Pictorial Map to America's Geomantic Global Role,


DNA-Bloodlines and Bliss: OrionGen of Arthur: Blood Of Merkabbah:When Messiahs are Vampiric? ,

In summary, I am suggesting, only the widest possible dissemination of information about the relation of bliss to survival, can create a political climate in which BLISS is valued. Yet without this, and very soon at that, I strongly suspect our genepool - lacking centering in a widening gyre that will not hold, 'blown away in the magnetic wind of the sun', is toast.

Dan Winter



The Harmonic Module & Planet heart biofeedback project..


Entertainment and Education - The Entertainment Industries primary effect has been to entrain the psychic and sensory fields of humanity in ways that, at best, have informed and entertained, and at worst, disrupted our capacity to expand into a more cohesive context with which to perceive our world. The myriad ways in which we have educated and entertained ourselves share one thing in common; they will be obsolete by the time we enter the 21st Century. How we learn and what delights us will be derived from our more primary source. "Edu-care ".. induced caring, is an essentially ecstatic process. Global Media - If the "medium is the message" and the "medium" is the media and the "message" is the awakening of the global mind and heart, then our global media networks, with their awesome capacity to connect, have the potential to facilitate our collective re-cognition of earth and biosphere as One. In essence,our Global Media could be used to circulate an impulse to intelligently re-awaken humanity to its innate genius and potential as a totally creative organism.

New Paradigm - It was Buckminster Fuller who said in 1978; "that if a design revolution were not

completed within ten years it would be curtains for humanity-and the planet." We propose that the "new science," as envisioned in such luminous writings as Fuller's, Synergetics; Jose Arguelles, Earth Ascending; Walter Russell's, The Universal One,; James Lovelock's, Gaia Hypothesis ; and Rupert Sheldrake's, A New Science of Life, has emerged as the manifestation of a new paradigm.

Arguelles writes, "As paradigms go, so do ways of life and whole civilizations. If the Newtonian model helped contribute to a fantastic global civilization of materialism and war, the new paradigm will contribute to an interplanetary civilization of harmony and a multidimensional metaphysical potential undreamed of in the old."


Art-Science - Planet heart biofeedback main goal is to steward an integration of Art and Science, both ancient and modern, by initiating a new multi-media, ritual-based interactive social art form through blending the finestlaser and holographic technologies (Science) with inspirational performances by leading-edge musicians, dancers and ceremonialists (Art). The synthesis of Art and Science embraces the mathematical and aesthetic nature of music, geometry, biology and light. Planet heart biofeedback intends to host the discovery and recovery of the interdisciplinary function of Art-Science as the global mind and culture advance into the 21st Century.


Synesthesia and Group Resonance - The Harmonic Module will be a tool for producing synesthesia - an experience of multi-sensory fusion in which one sense evokes another. "Sound and color normally register in different areas of the brain. In synesthesia the limbic brain orchestrates the neocortex's auditory and visual centers to resonate like musical instruments playing in harmony. This resonance does not occur when we process information in an exclusively intellectual way." Deschenes, Brain/Mind Bulletin.

As the visuals on the module spin and pulsate at specific ratio frequencies designed to stimulate synesthesia, an environment of resonance and coherence takes the group experience to a new level. As a state of resonance occurs, the audience becomes part of a unique participatory dynamic which entrains a synergistic field where a resonant group mind emerges.



preliminary outline for administrators


Developing the Harmonic Module experience for a science center like setting seems

appropriate. Those who frequent such experiences often do so out of a primal kind of

need to feel nature directly. The equipment that generates "feeling", in people IS in fact the

relaxed orderliness (phase coherence?) of the resonating nervous system. New data like that

published in "Language of the Heart", illustrates specifically that the receptive mode

forthe nervous system is in fact an antenna like relaxed dilation of the blood to the periphery

of the body. Feedback is the classic mode to teach relaxation (and the tuning of the anttenae). As the resonance field of the core of the body, relaxes to envelop larger and larger information fields, it is natural that the palpable feelings of the extended neural network, which is a GROUP experience, be the next step in information absorption. (Exactly like the sonic coherence envelope of a flock of birds, or "school" of fish, or pod of dolphin).

The Harmonic Module experience would use very simple feedback technology involving

speakers and lasers to amplify and make audible and visible tiny sounds and motions in the

body which are the linkage to this extension of the perceptual field. Specifically,

alignment or "phase locking" of the tiny sounds or "micromotion" of the bodies cavities,

is documented as a mechanism of the benefits of intentional relaxation (Ben Bentov:

"Stalking the Wild Pendulum"). The reason this works is because alignment or "phase

coherence" increases exponentially the timing accuracy (and therefore the total speed) of

the INFORMATION flow between the glands/feeling centers of the body. (exactly like

crystaloscillator accuracy increases the baud rate or speed of information transfer in


Extending this principle of COHERENCE (or phase or timing orderliness) to the

electronic field/nervous resonance net BETWEEN people, is exactly the goal of the simple

feedback of the HARMONIC MODULE experience. Exponentially increased

information/feeling flow between groups of people, AND more enveloping/broader

horizoned edutainment experiences will be the result. It is really rather natural that the

peak experiences people seek by going to group events, will reach new heights precisely as

their vibrating bubble becomes A GROUP EVENT.


Much of our study at Millard Fillmore Hospital in Buffalo: The Harmonics of the Immune

System, and other literature ("Language of the Heart", and "Stalking the Wild Pendulum")

indicates the HEART sounds initiate these unfolding information flowers. This is consistent

with what we now know about the very profound geometry of the shape and layering of the

heart muscles, the shape of the donut like slip knot wave which ELECTRIFIES the heart,

and the onset of COHERENCE in the heart sounds at the moment of love (cf:"Planet

heart biofeedback" book.)

Therefore what we have done is to amplify the heart sounds, making them audible with

geometrically placed speakers, and visible by coupling them to mirrors making patterns of

laser light. What this FEEDBACK does is increase the rate of the learning of ordering in

not just the heart, but all the bodily cavities. This works for individuals, and .. as relaxation

to bond with subtle external as well as internal cues is learned.. for groups as well. We

have used three different types of transducers or pick up devices. Straight EKG type

electrodes give us excellent frequency resolution, inexpensive stethoscope mikes for quick and

easy access to a few (who can entrain many) A capacitive charge amplifier ring couples

body micromotion for groups. Bentov in "Stalking.." used this technique.

For our initial setup in a planetarium or exploratorium like setting, I suggest we could

alternate volunteers in a central ring with the stethoscope mikes attached to a mixer feeding

them to the audio amps, and the laser amps. This would produce a lissajous like pattern

of the lasers which would stand still instead of rolling, when phase locking occurred

between any two chosen inputs. Ideally this experience should follow some

planetarium/laser experience.

Initially participants would learn to couple their inner sound and micromotion to simple

external oscillators. As in our little pilot video, this is a process which begins by simple

quiet humming or singing. One laser axis is coupled to the vibration pattern to be learned,

one to the heart/body mike. The learning process would be audible and visible. Later the

learning process is extended to the sounds of other people, to dolphin/whale sounds, to the

sounds of joy, to the earth/Schumann heart sound. We use the Roland sonic sampling

synthesizer for this process, because it can recreate the true sonic envelope of any sound

event, even those much longer OR shorter than our bodies, and bring that wave shape

coherently into our audible spectra. (We can entrain dolphin ultrasonics/ whale subsonics

by replaying the sound samples of these events, changing spectral range but not spectral

RATIO or content).

Later as great quietness and inner tuning is learned, we can increase the learning

process to larger groups using the capacitive charge amp ring(s). These are ultra

sensitive, and require great stillness, so that noise doesn't obscure signal.

On a more sophisticated information/ absorption note, there are several powerful immediate

implications for this process. Work on the geometric origins of language, teach us that

alphabets in general ARE THE PHASE ANGLE of ONE primal slip knot vortex

shape. By coming into phase, domains make matter out of light. This is creative process,

replicated in the enhanced feedback environment. Thus the phase relationship between two

signals (two resonating people/groups) could literally steer the planar projection of this ONE

shape and write every letter of the alphabet.. the sequence of which would be the ritual of

initiation/ path from labyrinth/rite of passage.

Further, our phase relationship informationally between planetary, solar, and

galactic events (THE MAYAN/solar trigram/calendric/synchronization beam), could be

personally learned and "consumed", as the envelope shape of these patterns is compressed

in the sampler, to wave lengths learnable in the human body, through this enhancement of

natural feedback.

Obviously this is a program which will require some time in development, however,

incredibly we seem to have been blessed with virtually every single hardware component

required, already in our possession. We have the research foundation underneath us, and the

pilot work largely done, we need the first group settings to take the dramatic next step.

This project is clearly a powerful tool toward Earth's survival need to learn to speak as ONE.


many faces, phase locked:

one body.

*************************************TRANCE AND DANCE - TRANCEanDANCE- Biofeedback Harmonics as Bliss Making Solutions to Addiction and Attention Deficit


Suggests Powerful New Solutions to DRUG Use Among the YOUNG - Using Music Tuned to Bliss (Phi) Harmonics AND Biofeedback to Make Bliss Teachable

"Light Your Own Phire"


New Series of Self Empowering Neurofeedback and Musical Harmonic DESIGN..

Retrain Brain to"Shift Gears" producing "Implosion" (Centering Force)

of Attention / Peak Experience

Eliminating Addiction / Attention Deficit Clinically

AND more importantly .. combined with music that USES the known musical recipes (implosion) for bliss and peak experience (see brainphire) - to acheive SELF EMPOWERING heightened consciousness at EARTH DANCE>.


New : HeartTuner / BrainTuner Plans to Revolutionize- The Already Clinically Proven approach by

1. Measuring INTERNAL COHERENCE in Brain Waves - to simplify and make into 1 elegant variable the detemination of how the brain harmonic cascade of collapse into attention can be completed. Thus also simplifying the therapy training.

2. Reducing the cost of the system -from eegspectrum.com approx $14,000 US, to heartcoherence.com less than $2000 US.- see 'BrainTuner' prototype preview..

Visual Examples of Neurofeedback in Action

(On Left) Marty Wuttke - Founder & Director, iffw.org Neurofeedback Center, Atlanta; & Co-Sponsor of Family Wellness Clinic here in Netherlands.

Self-Empowering Neurofeedback Solutions to Addiction, A.D.D. / Learning Disorders for Young People and Adults.

Replacing Drugs with Inner Fire - by design.

Life Changing Resource for People who have the will to "Make their own fire!"

A Powerful Neurofeedback Clinic Combining Brain AND Heart Learning, with Dramatic Implications for Addiction and Attention Deficit Treatment, from the Foundation.

A Unique Combination of Neurofeedback with Assisted Home-Based Biofeedback Programs Shows Proven Results  for People Who Have Been Labeled With ADD/ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Autism, Brain Injury, Down Syndrome, Anger and Depression, Cerebral Palsy, Even Giftedness

NOTE: Please click here for the Scientific Research Articles on NEUROFEEDBACK SUCCESS - in Treating Attention Deficit Disorder, and also Addiction

       Neurofeedback is a learning strategy that enables a person to alter his/her brain waves, reinforcing the brain's ability to produce beta waves, which facilitates learning.  It can be termed exercise for the brain.  As reported in Psychology Today, Parade and other media, several studies have shown that children with ADD showed marked progress--including an average ten point gain in IQ scores, increases in grade point averages, reduced impulsivity, distractibility and hyperactivity, greater self confidence and improved social skills after neurofeedback, with longlasting results.   It was also shown effective for children with sleep problems and pediatric migraines.  University of Tennessee studies measure a success rate of 80 per cent by treating ADD with neurofeedback.
        According to the National Institutes of Health report issued 11/18/98, Ritalin may correct classroom behavior problems, but there's no evidence that such correction improves a child's academic performance. Also, many parents are seeking a non-pharmacological solutions for negative labels.



Aims: Neurofeedback has recieved internation recognition for it's uniqueness and its success in showing a newly rewarding solution for those who choose to take responsibility for their own lives, instead of just using other drugs and subtler forms of addictive approaches to attention deficit, learning, and substance abuse problems. The Earth Dance Program to replace drugs with SELF EMPOWERMENT and the science behind peak experience.. is based on these ideas"

1: Attention is an "Inner Fire" / Implosion created from within, it is based on simple principles of hygiene.

2. The head and the heart's measured harmonic music can both be used to learn embedding, and focus. Ask yourself, why does the word CONCENTRATION in English mean BOTH to COMPRESS TOGETHER, and TO FOCUS ATTENTION. Indeed, compressing waves together is the completion of the implosion in the Brainwaves which Deapak Chopra agreed with Winter, was self-reference - the very DEFINITION of self-awareness (and therefore the RETURN of ATTENTION).

3. Therapies based solely on external drug stimulation always ultimately disempower and doom the patient, since only self-steering from within ultimately creates the self-organizing field which is at once BLISS (the real hunger which lead to addiction), and ATTENTION.

4. Centers which properly combine Neurofeedback, Heart Training, and LifeStyle for self-empowerment ("Twinkling Eyes") are pioneering, are valuable, have been proven in the US & elsewhere, and could change the face of lives across Europe.

 "Light Your Own Phire" Clinic offers Self-Empowering yet Playful and Fun Neurofeedback Solutions for Attention Deficit, Learning Disorders. In addition Gifted and Talented Students and all 'walks' of People who choose to empower themselves, choose NEUROFEEDBACK to enhance their powers of ATTENTION and FOUCS.

Neurofeedback can provide a wonderful option for the many parents who are agonized by the clear tragedy of being told to give their children RITALIN for ATTENTION DEFICIT - A.D.D. & A.D.H.D. disorders. Young people come to dislike the side-effects, and parents are saddened seeing their priceless child lose their inner FIRE. With BIOFEEDBACK your child learns to play simple computer screen 'pac-man' like games over a period of weeks, to train their brain and heart to again make their own inner fire. Not only does it solve the problem with refreshing sense of self-accomplishment - but it is actually fun!

    Neurofeedback is a learning strategy that enables a person to alter his/her brain waves, reinforcing the brain's ability to produce beta waves, and complete the 'harmonic cascading of the EEG' - which facilitates learning.  When the CHARGING of the brain wavelengths makes a musical chord which looks like a 'caddeuceus cascade' or a 'unicorns horn', the result is new CENTERING FORCE or 'wave self-organization' whose 'IMPLOSION' we believe is a wave geometry which is the solution to the very NATURE OF ATTENTION ITSELF.

Neurofeedback can be termed exercise for the brain.  As reported in Psychology Today, Parade and other media, several studies have shown that children with ADD showed marked progress--including an average ten point gain in IQ scores, increases in grade point averages, reduced impulsivity, distractibility and hyperactivity, greater self confidence and improved social skills after neurofeedback, with longlasting results.   It was also shown effective for children with sleep problems and pediatric migraines.  University of Tennessee studies measure a success rate of 80 per cent by treating ADD with neurofeedback.


Background: The formula exists to get people off drugs feeling empowered, and to get children off Ritalin with a real hope for learning. Western cultures have simply been slow to adopt the solution. A.Martin Wuttke, and his partner Amy, are some of the world's leading pioneers and teachers of this solution. Their clinic and thier international conference lectures have proven this modality, and have played a key role in gradually changing the world's view of how these problems can be addressed FROM INSIDE THE PERSON. Their team works with us here in Amsterdam, in a very structured, planned, and step by step procedure, has equipped, set up, and trained clinicians here for a world class clinic for ADDICTION, ATTENTION DEFICIT, LEARNING DISORDERS, and DEPRESSION.

Publications, clinical reports, and trials, and lectures at international symposia, are extensive. The studies are done, the time is right to offer SOLUTIONS to everyday people like you.

To read a vast wealth of history, studies, clinical research, media summaries, pictures and reports of this solution - please see Marty's web site:

http://www.iffw.org/ , as well as http://www.eegspectrum.com , (One of the groups Marty does trainings for), which is replete with examples, published reports, etc. Many clinical studies to show the success of this approach are also at that site, in addition to the references on Marty Wuttke himself . In addition to his global teaching of Neurofeedback, addiction, and the Ritalin problem, Marty has been one of the premier trainers for the EEGspectrum Neurofeedback approach described.

Section II: How could NEUROFEEDBACK solve my addiction / substance abuse problem?:

Your human body is programmed to know that unless it acheives heightened states of conscious awareness -sometimes called BLISS or EUPHORIA or 'GETTING HIGH', the body will lose it's life force, it's twinkle, and even it's immune system. You can honor your body for knowing that it NEEDED the CHARGE DENSITY, OR INFORMATION RUSH that comes with forms of altered states, because this is in fact true physics.

Bliss and euphoria create electrical charge or spin density at the cell membrane level, and so add the SPIN which keeps the membrance literally twinkling and happy. For example, some believe that AIDS and immune diseases spread more rapidly after tribes forget how to Bliss Dance. Life force is defined by the ability to attract charge. And attracting that charge IS the process of GETTING HIGH. Drugs, alchohol, other substance abuse problems, even smoking or over eating, are at one important level, all ways your body uses as a subsitute for the 'RUSH' which comes with LIGHTING YOUR OWN INNER PHIRE. For example, alchohol by reducing oxygen and increasing conductivity in your brain, imitates in a crude way the electrical rush which would come with more self-empowered ways of getting high.

Long term sustainable ways of getting high like -meditation, - yoga , - sacred dance/movement, - access to sacred places, - lo stress / live food lifestyles require instruction and conscious choice in the beginning, yet become self-sustaining once you taste their sweetness.

In the meantime, we need to HONOR our young people for KNOWING that if they did not get BLISS or EUPHORIA, they were in fact going to lose their twinkle, their immune health, and their 'reason to be', because THEY ARE CORRECT. So many of us have been willing to risk our health in order to find ways to get high. In a culture where there are no HEALTHY and SELF-POWERING ways to get BLISS and EUPHORIA, young people often end up choosing the health catasrophy and dis-empowerment of drugs, alchohol, or other substance abuse. These external ways of lighting your inner fire ultimately create disease harboring mucous, and mean that since the source of the fire is outside your body, so also is the steering wheel or direction for your life: "out-side in" instead of "inside-out".

The only clear long term solution to this problem, is to choose to take responsibility for your own FIRE MAKING, and inner direction, and learn to make that CHARGE from within. Neurofeedback allows you to do this for yourself by restoring your own inner skills to make that ELECTRICAL CHEMISTRY of bliss / ephoria inside your own body. For example, alchoholics often lack the ability to make 'alpha' brain wave harmonics often associated with eidetic or euphoric, or just visual creative musing. Essentially the inner light where nice inner pictures comes from goes out. Then when they drink alchohol the lo blood oxygen and hi conductivity artificially gives them a temporary chemical substitute for this inner glimmer. Once a substance abuser over just a period of a few weeks begins to feel the new charge and energy around their head and body, created by getting in the habit of making their own brain and heart electricities 'implode' or 'self-organize' they then lose the overwhelming urges to seek the awful substance abuse which caused their problem!