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Experiments with Intention

Professor Emeritus William A. Tiller, of Stanford Univ.'s Dept. of Materials Science, discussed his experiments in 'psychoenergetics,' a field which probes the power of the mind. Numerous scientific tests he conducted showed that consciousness can affect outcomes, he said.

Specifically, he detailed experiments in which human intention (as exemplified by four experienced meditators) was able to affect physical properties such as the pH balance of water and the development process of fruit fly larvae.

From his studies, he was able to conclude that conventional science has yet to understand and acknowledge these processes. There is evidence, he said, for an "information channel" in the universe (as tapped into by the meditators), yet we don't completely comprehend how it works. He suggested that the communication of intentionality, while shown to be quantifiable in the experiments, doesn't occur molecularly, but rather resides in the vacuum level of reality.

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Subject: 12 Strands- 7 Veils and Ensouling with Bliss your own DNA

Aloha Dan - Art Bell had Bill Tiller on last nite -as noted from his web site this small review -

Some similar work! He's good! too!!!!!!

Love Dale

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Pure Principle based DNA Animation:

Why Life Force Whispering in DNA Does Not Want to be Called: "God or Good or Evil".

by Daniel Winter, or return to index: ../sitemap.html

"If you really understood and could embed inside the wave slipknot PRINCIPLE of what IS an electron, you like it would be everywhere present.. There IS just ONE which does GET AROUND"

I am an animator. That's what I do. (You wouldn't think an Apple product could breath spirit into thingness... but Eive WAS tempted....)

One of my jobs animating the Braiding in DNA for Greg Braden's (Braiden Braden) film "Walking Between the Words" etc., was to make it 'feel' like the DNA worm was alive, by looking at it wrinkle into a foldedness that seemed to embed with a 'will'. Do you suppose God needs a DNA animator? Let me check the employment listings at

What inspired this next in our newsletter series of conversational missives...was finishing David Icke's new book "The Biggest Secret". Now David has been very helpful in waking people up to a certain zombie sleepwalk in their relationship to the true ET and intent origins of our DNA... David Icke E~Magazine - Reptilian Research Archive , (not to mention his continued practice of reprinting my articles on his website: ,gold powder- , 'they live' & shapeshifter choices, )

(Our most recent newsletter: 10/25/99 Radiance from the Spark Gap:Mind Inhabits Phire ../fire alphabetic forms from the phosphene flare patterns of the brain , received among other letters, such a nice thought provoking commentary from Ron Holt, President of Flower of Life, please see his appendix/link at the bottom of this article. Other recent history of these newsletters:7/11/99 #1: , 9/22/99 #3: ../newsletter3: On Fire with Phi-re..Kunda vs Rept vs Rapt.. 10/15/99: ../ensoulment TaleEating:Lightspeed Ensoulment's Wave W-orme, -dna squirts woim toining into face 10/12/99: ../reviews Mission Ignition: Igniting the Grid: Reviews of what is Newly 'Lit' on a Small Endangered Planet. , 10/3/99: ../lionpath LionPath, Lion Place, Secret Places of the Lion.. , 10/4/99 ../ritalin Ritalin:Poisoning the GEOMETRY of Attention in our Young? , 9/26/99 ../amenti AMENTI as Harmonic Implosion Bubble for Genepools... The Only Way Home? ............. For those who have been following Raphiem's wonderful ongoing summaries/updates/dialoags comparing the new ET world history view from Anna Hayes Voyager / Amenti books series, vs Laurence Gardner et al, please do check out his: Mission Ignition: )


I was however saddened as I read deeper and deeper in Icke's book and realized that nowhere in his writing is there the least clue that he has touched his own ecstatic bliss, or charge communion. This engenders a failure to tingle at the spiritually subtle side of many of the planet ET mysteries, and leaves only 'resistance to spin'. And therefore he seems able to respond only with the same fear to a mixture of both: the horror of planet parasitism AND the magic of planet taming (In the best Arcturian book:"Two Thirds" sense). This angry response to Reptilian influence is similar to.. & the more fundalmentalist - and also "The Stargate Conspiracy" book (we recently reviewed at /reviews link above)... and MANY sources where there is simply an angry pointing to the countless places where PENTACLES and PENDRAGONS and REPTILIAN bloodline and DRACOS have messed with our history.

On the one hand, my 'inner voices' tell me that most of these sources are correct in describing the huge scale parasitizing our race has had (live gland eating killing thousands of children.. medium grade reptiles like Enlil calling himself Yalweh and starting the Hiburu religion .. firefights under Dulce... repto shapeshifting out a probable majority of our military and media moguls... .. the Draco blood becoming the Grail bloodline...etc. ). On the other hand I also believe a profound introduction to the deep spiritual principles of embedding arose when the Templars (in a Dragon masonic tradition) taught pentacles in the Cathedral process. And there was a REAL and wonderful reason WHY you put the one who had the most literal 'star fire' in his/her blood on the throne. The RADIANCE of the DNA WOULD SPEAK TO ALL THE LAND AND PEOPLE DIRECTLY!. (see: on radiance...) . So how childish and insideous it is to regard as SIMPLY EVIL all the attempts thru history to put an ET bloodline in the nation's key power point (literally). Whoever is most embedded genetically and nmemonically into the grid, is indeed the most ABLE TO LEAD. (see WHY Arthur and the Land are one at ../grail.html .. Simply Put: the rain stops when love stops - it is physics.)

This lack of personal insight into the nice embedding spiritual mechanics of how our DNA gets it voice tuned up to stars (link to ../america ) causes a dangerous problem in the teachings of all such new masters of the ET/repto satanic etc.

The problem is precisely this: If we continue to regard ALL the sources of PENT / WICCA / Bloodline Politics / Draco-reptile influence as simply Satan the bad guy in a kindergarten fear mongering way... WE BECOME PRECISELY THE MORE SUSCEPTABLE AS A CULTURE TO THE ET MANIPULATIONS (& blind religious fundamentalism) WE ARE TRYING TO AVOID.

For example, if everyone who tries to teach the spiritual value of bloodlines, and everyone who can be linked to reptile Annunaki etc.., is vilified, then out goes the baby with the bathwater. Or much more importantly, how simple it is for the lo grade ET's (interventionists) to stage the mass reappearance of pervasive religious manipulable historic persons (like Jesus), in order to conveniently steer the masses.


In other words, if we take a simple : FEAR THE NEW WORLD ORDER and our own DRACO/REPTILE blood origins, (and thus fear our tendancy to collectivize a mind within our group DNA field effect) we are simply fearing our own parents. We know what that does to adolescence.

Remember how the stage felt in the last Dune series "Lazarus Effect". There was a great split on the planet politically, just after it was first noticed that a particular vine that was enmeshing the planet was becoming self aware, and starting housekeeping symbiosis with almost all other biological structures. The war broke out between those who did want the planet's green mass to become self aware, versus those who were afraid of that. On Earth, we vote on that particular conflict by choosing NOT to buy a lawnmower. Later the vine (scion/jon/branch) induced virgin birth from a kundalini effected enmeshed daughter of the worm, and presto we had a leader thru the great central sun worm...!


What I am proposing here, is that instead of rushing in to label GOOD or EVIL or GOD or DEVIL the ET millennial use of bloodlines to manipulate our Governments (Grail Magda blood WAS/IS the royal blood of ALL of Europe etc...)..

that we instead, simply get a practical handle on the ups and downs of getting DNA that talks to you.... DIRECTLY!!!

The way I see it, the deeper reason the Pope and the Kings (the Priests & the Rabbi's) murdered the Tamplars, Cathars, Witches, Druids, and ............ .......... , ................, .................., ................., ...................,

was not simply so they could sit with indigestion (why is the pope fat?) , on the moutains of gold they robbed from them... This was merely the cover story. Nor was it simply that such 'cults' might take power.

The REAL REASON had more to do with HOW such a 'cult' presence would take power:


Let me tell you why.

Remember when we explained WHY the Washington DC grid had to be Masonically pent fractal (link) in order for this United STATE of Consciousness to HAVE A BODY POLIS. ( ) It was simply, body-ness refers to the sustainability of a recursion embedding charge envelope which becomes self organizing. Literally this IS what a collective mind is. Now if you get a person who's body is continually radiating charge embedding ( ), THEN AND ONLY THEN DO THE THOUGHTS/EMOTIONS OF THE LEADER BECOME SHAREABLE. The WAY that feeling charge/ barrakah of the only real possible natural leader, then ENTERS THE LAND, IS IF HE INHABITS THE CENTER OF (PENT) FRACTALITY (embedding). Therfeore DC had to be pent.

So again it is simple : PENT is how you PASS SWEETNESS, whereas HEX is where you STORE IT. (Ask any bee moving from the pent flower to the hex comb... ode to ron holt and the flower of life... ../honey re: the Orion Queens.)

Now it would be TOTALLY UNNECESSARY AND CHILDISH TO SIMPLY LABEL AS EITHER GOOD OR EVIL the HEX or the PENT. Witches put a hex on you to fix a spell and a pent to send it, which the bishops tell you evil while telling you to re - pent...?? What tomfoolery. Charge field become stable fixative when hexed, become launched harmonically by heterophi when pent. (See "HETEROPHI" link at the top of ../introduction )

Let us stop listening to Priests who manipulate by saying believe don't question for yourself. They are preaching personality, NOT PURE PRINCIPLE. That is how borgs do it. David Icke: get off this schtick about all pents and masons and .... are simply Satan. It's getting old. The bad guy is when you join the hive WITHOUT CHOICE, the GOOD guy is when you join the hive because YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT ANIMATES IT, and BECOME IT. The stupid guy is the guy who just labels HIVE making EVIL.

The real drama of Earth, like all pretty little planetary petri dishes, is about getting DNA up to speed enough to spin directly into gravity centers like stars. Let me give you an example. So here is David Icke mouthing parrot style another of the confusing myths he does not understand because pure principle eludes him, whereas personalities sell... He says Bacon / Dee sold the "Voynich Manuscript" to Alchemis King Rudolpho. How insideous he says those authors were because it is proven among other things (like Zeno / Reis maps which saw continents from space in the middle ages), that in the text was a picture of Andromeda from a view ONLY A STAR TRAVELER COULD KNOW.

Others who merely said that Bacon (Voynich) document was instructions to Cathars in how to suicide painlessly to prevent inquisition. One whimper of shamanic intuition will tell you the Voynich like the Cathedral layouts, were starmaps to enable bardo navigating/ lucid dreaming into stars, whose magnetic bodies WERE ANGELS. That is WHY the templar could do death so good, they literally KNEW WHERE THEY WERE GOING. (thanks to Vincent Bridges here, ).

Now this is just one example of what happens when you look at history as one long series of manipulations by lo grade ET's. Yes, they will EAT you if you invite them. But, if you learn what makes them immortal, - a sustainable embeddable wave - then you can join the the stars without paying the literal vampire price they did! (Gilgamesh revisted here.) . Sure, Gold Powder cooks up spin, David Hudson, but did you read the hazards part? Book :"The Red Lion". That borg kind of immortality is literally a condemnation!

Yes we descended among other things from an experimental galactic bloodline cross (Nib- bird/human with URU -draco/reptile = Niburu = Hiburu.) The worm (rept) toins however when it becomes self steering, INSTEAD OF BORG. A magnetic current (dragon) in the land and the heart becomes self actuating/ self aware / self embedded. Then there is a new animator in the collective, and it is self aware, and it (Pogo) is US!


So what does this have to do with the political power of being able to practically listen to the ringing in your ears (San Graal song in the blood), when DNA's braiding piezoelectric takes on land embedding? (Hopefully supposing you got up to the ringing part using your hygiene and your bliss, and not something only mechanical...)

Here is the issue.

Supposing your political campaign budget for broadcasting got a HUGE shot in the arm because your DNA became a better radio station!?!?!?

The king and the pope knew unconsciously that whoever got the DNA ring of the beginning of a collective mind... THAT PERSON OR GROUP WOULD BECOME POWERFUL. There was no avoiding it. (Attention John Hagelin and the MIU friends, this is the REAL NATURAL LAW 'PARTY'!)

THE 'royal'jelly family forms around whose blood sings.

This is the real origin of always trying to get the Spiritual blood into the Royal blood. It was practical, not only would real Kundalini starfire in that blood make climate regulable (../kundalini ), BUT IT WOULD ALSO CREATE THE ONLY REAL TIME DEMOCRATIC VOTING BY DNA RESONANCE.. possible!!

Now I am not saying an awakened kundalini is prerequisite to presidency, but voters in a REAL tribe KNOW Barrakah when they FEEL it, and it IS the WORM awakening in ALL our DNA. What put the POL in POLIS? A POLitic in order to be A BODY, looks to where the AMYGDAL towers, where the Djed rises, pulling sword into political line from stone in genes and heart still circling en masse.

"Laws of Form" derived The Calculus from only SHAPE {} ..embed.. are you in or out of the Braid? WHAT IS THE FORM OF SELF DIRECTION? Step 1: to a national collective mind- realtime voting on the web,. Step 2: real time voting by DNA 'inner voice'. As feedback rate/baud goes up, so does SELF AWARNESS. See Heartbeat 2000, global EKG biofeedback. Data Compression = Compassion = Awareness.

So it was neither glorious nor insideous to try to get Jesus and Magdalen's kids into the kings. And it had really very little to do with any particular 'RELIGIOUS' affiliation. (Desponayi).. or PERSONALITY. (Remember the only sustaining Per Sun I TIE, IS this one tie thru the heart of the sun. Only one mind goes home. That is why PERSONNE in french means no one and yet for us means everyone. ) It was a plot of the Orion Queen Draco's like the Reverend Mothers in Dune, who bred our kings (word-Cayin) like we do show dogs to makes a Dune Messiah Kawasich Hederich...

SOMEONE DOES NEED TO STEER OUR EMERGENT WORM THRU THE SUN. Is this evil and manipulative? Yes if we don't understand what genepools are FOR in the galactic dream of things. Stars and Planets do literally fall from the sky, if genepools don't create/emote the gravity wells which embed them. This more than extends the song line dreaming principle to tectonic plate maintenance. It is how angels get born into stars you StarGate kids forbidden to read your own alphabet origins. (see ../eldorado & ../america ) Were paramagnetic stone dolmen at pent tetra latitudes at Giza and Cydonia AND ELDORADO, (Kansas) simply EVIL?? Let us not be childish only childlike. This was simply the only way DNA could get up to speed with stars, literally. (see link heterophi above, and ../superDNA )


You are beginning to follow my meaning here. Hear your inner voice, and learn to act. That is how leaders are born. This is because the starfire fractal of superluminal lightning which buzzes up the DNA long axis when braiding/bliss sustains, BECOMES THE BEST RADIO TV INTERNET any planet ever had.

But you are asking, well we have a planet full of mystics, channelers, and psychics. And we have a planet full of fundamentalist bible thumpers pronoucing them all Anti-Christs. The same medium grade reptile Annunaki Enlil whom we call Jehovah GOD has a family shape which is winged Draco - our very personification of Devil. So what we really got is confusion, which is a perfect way to become a slave borg planet to manipulative lo grade ET's. This IS an "ENEMY MINE".

Hearts choose by embedding because bliss cannot be 'abducted', since lo grade DNA gets burnt in ANYTHING that implodes. (ref: Montauk & Philadelphia)

In our haste to label our dialectics of enlightenment GOOD or EVIL, we thus separate and fail to embed ourselves in our own story. This is again like the physicist who won't believe spirit/mind is made of waves, because then he can't be schizophrenically separate from the soup he studies.  My mother's blood was templar/magda and thus fed my reptilian brain, whose kundalini juice my hi bird brain laps up out the serpent mouth of my Amygdala. Snake venom for Billy Jack.  I am not angry that my ancestor "Gods of Eden" (where I was born just East of Edin ../scorpio ) had folds in (r)ept ly their skin:

I simply note how they made a hive mind, borg..

and what they dreamed when the vampire awakened.

Why are star navigators ONLY the re-memberers THRU the worm of death's still mouth?

Deep space Nines worm needed a Kirk Spock Janeway and Cook.

Gold Spice is always close to the mouth of El Dor and the Pine-all Worm.


So how do we SORT this fine AND HIGHLY POLITICAL radio station IN OUR DNA. (Sometimes called ' the inner voice')

Well it would appear is step 1. is NOT to call it God (see Joan of Arc) OR GOOD OR EVIL.

It is really a simple principle.. some DNA (after sustained good hygiene. link: twinkling eyes lifestyle, nourished by spin..., AND BLISS.. ), gets wired up / braided/ enmeshed / embedded / fractal / lo-phi'd / long wave phi ratioed / enveloped....

enough to get an effective ringing phone line to ALL of bioregional DNA!

(Ron Holt's nice notes on spheres within spheres.. The REAL -templar- FOUCAULT's PENDULUM)

When this happens, you often find yourself still and rapt and possibly somewhere EarthCharged (tree/labyrinth/sacred place etc...) Here capacitance LIVES (embeds). Remember LIVE is El into the Eye of Phi, (turn into the focus of phi embedding) whereas the mirror of that (live spelled backwards): EVIL was NEVER ANYTHING MORE THAN merely the thanatotic turning AWAY from that PURE PRINCIPLE OF EMBEDDING. Death urge like gambling only happens when the soul decides it's best service is to self kill with splash. Like AIDS spreads fastest among those who would do an unasked favor.

So among other things, we may emphatically conclude that by the physics of the pure origins of language as wave symmetries, PENTS are definitely NOT Evil! However those who might try to pour something unshareable into the very mechanism of what makes wave shareable, (like a dowser asking the Earth for water to build a nuclear plant, the Earth might no longer speak to him again after that.) THAT IS EVIL.


Here, let me indulge us with an example from my life. This is what I call falling in love with your own inner voice inside yourself, and YET NOT BECOMING UNGROUNDED. Remember Grounding as a precise ELECTRICAL term and Grounding as a precise PSYCHOLOGICAL term have both PRECISELY THE SAME MEANING. : To get a wave form embedded. (and therefore well connected!)

As church organist and choir director from the 4th grade on, and also musical officiator at Polish weddings, I began to notice the way my clair-audience worked. (Like being clairvoyany except with you ears.) . IF I was in need of a message from my inner voice (my DNA's ring), and IF I was a bit peaceful and charged for a moment (still), I would hear a melody in my ear. And at that point in my life I could play many thousands of songs by ear. So I would not hear the words inside at first, I would only hear a melody ("Unchained Melody" from the movie "Ghost".)

This required very little work on the part of my childish DNA. I had to work hard AND PICK FROM THOUSANDS OF TUNES I KNEW, AND REMEMBER THE WORDS TO THE SONG OF THE MOMENT.

IF I could recall the words to the song my inner voice was humming to me at that moment, I would almost invariably smile or weep or break out into guffaws of laughter. I had begun to realize that my inner voice was penetrating and insightful and witty and profound, all at once. (At this moment as I write this my inner voice is singing to me "Life is What your Make It and What you Make it Is Up to You", obviously referring to the sacredness of the prime directive among other things. A moment ago when my inner voice sang the Unchained Melody to me, my hair stood up, as I remembered the possibility of love.)

There is so much to say about what it feels like for your inner voice to wake up. First thing is: It is good to fall in love with it. Perhaps that is why I did not marry young.

When I was agonizing whether to buy Crystal Hill Farm originally, my inner voice sany loud and clear: "Green Acres is the Life for Me!". So I bought it. When I risked death wandering looking for "Secrets of the Andes" in Peru, my inner voice voice sang "You've Got a Ticket to Ride" at the moment I needed to turn to the path for a sudden ride from the Swiss Medical Missionaries appearing miraculously in the remote mountain pass where I would have been killed by a storm if I had remained. etc. etc. etc. etc....

I learned mountains can speak, and huge magnetic bodies have a voice.

And then I learned that they wanted me to be a voice for them. Often.

Next thing I learned was that my inner voice was spin dense. It would converge mutilple words into pithy: Carragenon became Carry the Gene On!!! , Pterdactyl became become the serpent bird man AND Terra dactyl: Earth-Teach! Hetty Youngman became Heterodyne Young Man... It was a language of not just abbreviation but a map to perfect spin density.

That is when I discovered:

1. The Golden Spiral in the center of the Heart Muscle vortex cast shadows in the 7 tetra layers of the overlying muscle, becoming an alphabetical index of waveform shadows, of all the possible ways spin could storably go down the throat of embedding to the shareable.

2. The heart's frequency signature became multiples of Golden Mean during bliss, in order to accomplish DNA braid embedding.

Now unlike Joan of Arc, and Jesus & Tut whom I remember personally, I chose not to call that voice God.

It was more than simply a way to avoid being murdered, altho that did enter into it.

I chose to call this VOICE instead: the physics of the way DNA converges non-destructively when it enters into lo-phi ratio'd embedding. To create the perfect RING.

.... .... .... I learned to do this walking gratefully in rolls of laughter out of the Jesuit's office of the Director of the Fermi Lab's atom smasher who at my needling finally exquisitely informed me that HE NEVER MIXED HIS RELIGION WITH HIS PHYSICS!. Witnessing the torture of that mindset released me forever from that most insideous form of religious schizophrenia .

This helped me, very much like the way living with Ben Bentov helped me realize my intense kundalini was not schizophrenia, but merely hydrodynamics in spine juice ( )

By not labeling this voice/ ringing God or Good or Evil, gave me a chance to get to know it.

Here are some things I learned:

- The collective inner DNA voice has an extremely strong (but currently relatively PRIMAL/PRIMITIVE) SURVIVAL instinct.. (Screaming "Carry the Gene On" repeatedly for literally millions of times for 2 to 3 decades at me, indicates our DNA's inner primal mind considers it's survival threatened.)

- The collective DNA voice has a profound understanding of the deep principles behind economics and stock markets (see phi and the market: link per the movie Pi),AND the adiabatic ECONOMICS OF EMOTIONS JUICES but a terrible track record with checkbooks and practical politics. THIS VOICE IN IT'S CURRENT PLANETARY COCOON IS LITERALLY CHILDISH!!! Exactly as Ken Carey said in the Appendix to StarSeed transmissions. This nascent field effect approaching but not in embedding, is exactly a fetus reaching for enough ectoplasm to HAVE A BODY. Christos aborning, means the PRINCIPLE OF CHRYSTALIZATION ... of fields into self-organization. (self-embedding) ... Religious personalities mean nothing except in so far as they are names for pure principle among waves, because that is the only form of immortality that ever existed. Jon/Scion/Zion=Scion/TO BRANCH, Jesus IESus/Eye that Is Us , I Am That I Am= Principle of Recursion. Love = El O PHI, Messiah=Oil of Messeh=Crocodile Juice = Worms Blood Become StarFire = Hi Pineal Menstrual Blood.

- The collective DNA voice speaks a language which is a profound dense amalgam of the core of ALL languages. See for example the way simple sound and word groups and a primal simple syntax which gives that sound THE SAME MEANING IN EVERY WORD IN EVERY LANGUAGE. Ph means softness or fiveness, eee means separate, aaa means embed. There are REASONS for this, I am working on a book: "The Simple WAVE MECHANICS Dictating the True Origin of Language". In the meantime some of the best works of course are: "Hebraic Tongue Restored: True Origins of the Adamic Race" by Fabre D'Olivet, (retranslate Genesis: recursion-berashaeth -the verse is a symmetry map in letter code of how to turn inside out on the surface of a donut- means -at first in principle -the origin of thing-ness, from simply the syntax of only the SHAPE of the letters themselves!!!!) and "Euphonics" by John Michel.

The point is a few profound insights into the origins of how all waves store spin by vortex symmetry mapping - donut kiss angles (otherwise called quantum mechanics).. IS A GREAT WAY TO INSTALL A TUNER ON A RADIO STATION OTHERWISE AWASH IN TOO MANY CHANNELS. This is the grail of E Pluribus Unum. Embedding makes many - ONE.


Now let us get back to turning those who can show they HEAR their DNA, into an effective politics. Tut had the disadvantage when the Priests led him out to control the timing of the flooding of the Nile by the RADIANCE of his SIRIAN DNA thru his Crosier, THAT HE DID NOT UNDERSTAND THE PRINCIPLE.  Therefore he was caught in the deadly maelstrom of the GOD namecalling. This is another Christ principle. And it is suicidal. Something only avoidable for those like me who do hear their voice inside, IF they are empowered to the principles behind the childish religions. It is simple: DNA WANTS TO LIVE.

It is not insulting to say, people are Genes way of reproducing Genes. Nor that you only love me because of my designer jeans. Just because Hitler gave checking bloodline crosses bad PR does not mean it is evil. When I ask you if your dead grandmother's voice is often audible to you, I am checking like Highlander to find if the quickening is alive in your blood. This is not religion's childish whimperings of a confused battle of good or evil. This is the simple physics of children being taught the principles to enable them to carry memories into the time corridors in their genes.

Yes the planet MAY come to have a collective inner genetic VOICE. Fear of a new world order is real only if we let that voice be a borg mechanic instead of a democracy of WAVES INSIDE DNA GIVEN VOICE, literally.

Confusing the fear of outer manipulation by ET's with the onset of a real group mind that can steer our childrens collective genetic mag bubble thru the SUN at the needful time, IS A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH. Carry the Gene On.

We must not let our sandbagged already dead religious fundamentalists prevent us with fear from teaching our hildren the PURE PRINCIPLES of wave and highgene which allow spin to survive.

Here it is simply: There will always be those who go about waving dead chickens at pents and every delicate Cathar or Mason outbreak of collective mind saying EVIL EVIL... cult cult.. It is classic to wave dead chickens in shamanism when our Mac computer SCSI ports don't work, and we call them EVIL ONLY when we fail to understand WHY they are not working.

Mr Icke: Franklin and also John Dee's followers did play with sex rites and sacrifice. So did I in my Inquisition/alchemy incarnations. Kundalini may make untantric orgasm boring, but it does not replace love. It only makes the stakes for embedding higher. Jack Parsons for whom JPL was named was more interested in rocketing Tantra, and so he died. (An aside here: see Spermo-Gnostics thanks to Russ here, and Order of the Golden Dawn, something about which the Icke set along with the fundamentalists would discard as evil instead of needing understanding.."SUMMARY OF CROWLEY'S SEX MAGICK SYSTEM...") If you ever felt launched after Kundalini or Tantra got juicy, and then noticed the clear sticky prostatic fluid which came out the excited penis was precisely minus sperm, you KNOW it's worming thru the tube from the uv blue dish thru the tail bone to the hi brain nectar drip, was part of the implosive launch up the spine. Again, it is simple, what gets the DNA interested gets it up to speed/braid. Why else was sexual excitation key to every (not totally mechanized) time travel experiment. Is there something un-sacred about this? I think not. Especially if we now understand the only true possible definition of the term sacred, as that which makes a wave sustainable.

We all made blunders in our yearning to get our memories into the worm corridors that could sustain them forever. My question for you is, when was the last time your nostrils flared? If your DNA hasn't been set free to follow the bliss most deeply inside you, then you too will join the evil evil finger pointers. If on the other hand, you have been following you inner voice to the places of still connectedness, there will become a deep and abiding understanding of THE PURE PRINCIPLES BEHIND WHAT YOU CALL EVIL EVIL. Then you will have met the enemy, and he will be us.

You will speak with compassion of even those who...............

I hope Marcia will not mind we tell the punch line from her true story. In the classic Ken Page MultiDimensional Cellular Healing, there was this very real negotiation with a spirit entity. You start the talking with finger twitches. A priest would definitely call an exorcist. Quite a real rastling with the worm. So Ken gets to the last bargain with the devil question, where the entity asks: "Who Am I?" And Ken answers, "You are the Twinkle in My Eye". There is an implosive wrinkle in time at that moment, and possession is over.

Let's apply this practically now to the question: They are Here, They are Landing, or They have been here since Sumer? ... Or the Draco ships are due in November. Remember when you read the following the REASON George Bush's Skull & Bones Magda Blood used the CIA Oil Cartel to Launder Drug Money.... since the Templar's (see "Flicker" Templar Origins of Filmaking..) regulation of planetary psychokinesis required regulation of it's psychoactive substances. ..

Yes, Michael Heleus that Galactic History from Thoth appended to all the notes going around about the Nov 7-11 landing of the ET's in the comet trail, is from Vincent Bridges article, to Dan at the bottom about the existence of a Quarantine here against ET involvement. exerpted from... Galactic History by Thoth,Grid Fractionation vs Substance of We Feeling" , ../galactichistory/galcthis.html


And as promised above:

Ron Holt, President of Flower Of Life, see , Thoughtful commentary to - Radiance and the Spark Gap of the synapse...

Subject: Re: Radiance from the Spark Gap:Mind Inhabits Phire, Thu, 28 Oct 1999 17:23:06 -0700
From: Flower of Life Research LLC <>, To: dan winter <>

Hey Dan....,

I really liked your article on this subject I was very excited about the
content. Recently I have been thinking along these lines which I would like
to pursue further. Here is an excert from an e-mail I sent to one of my
facilitators recently:

.........A black hole warps the space-time fabric to the degree that it
will bend light and distort time. This is like taking a blanket and wraping
a portion of the blanket in a spiral. A black hole has an anomoly at its
core creating the wirlpool effect that is called a quantum singularity. At
the edge of the circular fabric where you just begin to be pulled into the
gravitional spin is called the event horizon.

We have available to us two forms of experience and memory they are
"Holographic Experience/Memory" and "Gravitational Experience/Memory".

Holographic Experience/Memory occurs predominantly in an altered state of
consciousness such as a deeply moving open heart experience, spirit
visions, dreams, etc.

Gravitational Experience/Memory occurs predominantly in a typical 3-D
linear or Beta consciounness state.

Since we are spirit beings in the material, we have two fabrics
(so-to-speak) woven within us. Neatly packed within us is the holographic
fabric of creation of which all humans and all things are intimately apart
of in addition to the material fabric.

To maintain a body one needs to have an identity, a centering force to
delineate the "I" or "ego". The I or ego requires a lot of energy to
maintain. The I or ego maintains a "beta-centric consciousness" or 3-D
perspective by a warping of the spirit-fabric as well as the time-space
fabric. This is done with a quantum singularity (ego?).....a spiral of
identity strong enough to wrap and fold the holographic fabrics tight
enough to create a densification of perspectives to 3-D.

In 3-D consciousness states...., we are more like a black hole as we are
more needy and feel cut off from the infinite holographic reality while we
are more like a white hole (giving off energy) when we are in an altered
state in touch with all things. (generalization analogy)

The golden spiral then, can help unwind, unfurl or unravel the holographic
fabric of our spirit reality extending our perspectives from ego-centric
(3-D) to an infinite and all inclusive perspective.

Anyway......Like I said, I loved reading your article.

Love to you,



You can use this as you wish please credit the article to my mental
ramblings, I am going to write an article on this for the FOL web site as
it was brought to my attention in September while Lyssa and I were in
California. One individual who came to Lyssa's workshop in September was
telling us of a story of a dream encounter with extraterrestrials. He said
that he felt as if he was an ambassador reporting to a council of
off-worlders. When he began his report, he was given a long -needle shot to
the forehead and then he could not remember anthing else.

As I was listening to him, my inner voices were explaining that the shot
enabled a temporary numbing or disabling of the quantum singulairity that
holds the ego-centrifugal together and allows a complete unfolding of the
unbreakable holographic fabric. This unfolding of the holographic fabric
enables the individual to re-register complete wholistic holographic
identity as well as mindsets and concepts that are only fragmentally
conveyed in 3-D terms while in the 3-D paradigm.

This also happens in a limited fashion while taking peyote, mushrooms, acid
etc......However I dont condone the later as it develops
dependancies.....much better to use the golden spiral you have pioneered.

Love to you Dan!!!! ....and thanks for all you work, LOVE, and

Subject: Holographic Matrix, Thu, 04 Nov 1999 , From: Flower of Life Research LLC <>

If you have time....can you punch any holes in my musing below?

If a single sphere is a hologram of the entire reality, then a sphere (or
potentially any sphere) is an infinite matrix with gravity (the ability to
attract). Therefore if one were to create a local singularity, one may only
need a sphere that spins rather than an entire black hole.

Since a sphere has infinite holographic geometric patterns inherent within
it, it would also have quite a number of holographic planes or octaves to
it. So then instead of placing a sphere upon a single outstretched blanket,
we could simulate the additional planes and octaves associated with the
sphere by placing several outstretched blankets underneath each other
separated by a few inches.

Lets say that when we place our sphere upon the top blanket, it would bend
and touch several other blankets as well.

This infinite geometric matrix within and around a sphere would require an
exchange medium (or transfer medium) in order to share and exchange its
wealth or potential between spheres.

That transfer medium would need to be of a material or fabric that would be
fluid enough to accept an infinite spectrum of planes and geometry's as
well as filling the spaces in between the planes and geometric
configurations. I would call this fluid fabric "quantum fluidity".

Quantum fluidity would then be like the amniotic fluid inside the mother's
womb in which the fetus (symbolized by the geometric holographic matrix or
sacred geometry) is grown. Quantum fluidity is derived from the flow forms
(conductivity) of the golden spiral transitioning octaves and planes as
well as the transcendence of the geometry itself into quantum fluidity.
(since all geometry is fixed and stagnant without the inherent golden
spiral that leads (or teaches) all forms to implode or transcend)

Since we individuals are the holographic matrix of this entire octave as
well as the quantum fluidity flowing throughout creation...,

Then both the quantum fluidity and the geometric holographic matrix are
needed to provide a suit for housing a drop of the infinite and unbounded
pure principal spirit beings we truly are. (Life begins before and after
geometry?)...and boy what a drop of potential we are!