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comparing PURE GEOMETRIC SELF ORGANIZATION OF - Fine Structure Constant - as Toroidal Vortex Translation of Vorticity ( see below)-

with -

Optimized translation of vorticity =
a) golden spiral on torus (origin alphabets )
or b) path (immortal) from transverse to longitudinal emf (ba from ka / dreamspell) ..
and /or c) the fine structure constant
or d) the cause of perfected compression (and therefore the cause of gravity?


The 'TIME' Falling Bodies Take to Light -

(Rotation / time - gone recursive in the spiral that translates vorticity is not only the path from matter to energy - it is also the only way to become attractive.)

update- Sept. 2002: Relativity's replacement announced by Dan Winter -

E=MC^2 merely quantified the obvious that inertia storage - called 'mass' was only a function of sustainable wave rotation.

More interesting / and from the point of view of electrically supporting the creation of life force - probably more useful - we now have - from Winter:


Gravity, Implosion, and Self-Awareness (Potentially infinite wave multiple-connectedness by CONSTRUCTIVE COMPRESSION) = Charge Acceleration thru C by FRACTALITY!

Implosion is that which provides the centering force necessary to stabilize the wave rotation called 'mass'. By defining mass only as the resistance to change of position / interia - for wave packets in rotation - it became obvious that a symmetry law was required to describe what causes wave to resist change of position.

( Einstein called this problem he never solved: the geometric model of infinite non-destructive compression. - which is now obviously the stellated dodeca-icosa.)

-The answer - pulling the plug to allow charge an exit path thru the speed of law by recursive heterodyning: Charge Implosion - also answers the other question which til now stumped physicists: Why does an object fall to the ground?

The Proof: Capacitive Charge in PHI based self-similarity creates gravity.


In summary - because he was stumped on the geometry of infinite non-destructive compression - Einstein got a few things wrong - he caused all physics to say "Acceleration due to gravity" and measure that - as the only definintion current physics has for gravity. Yet now we know that it is actually the opposite: "Gravity is due to acceleration"! (of charge) - thru the speed of light. And recursive heterodyning (constructive wave interference of phase VELOCITIES - when centers of charge/mass enter the geometry of self-similarity.) IS the accelerator.

6. New Heart Coherence Team planning with co-sponsors -new International Conference: "Practical Energy Applications of Implosion - Learning the PRINCIPLES" - inspired also in way the HeartTuner measures / EKG implosion (charge self-similarity as non-destructive compression). more info:

Comments from Dan Winter: (comments made subsequent to the dialog-see link) The reason Schauberger and others (described below) were able to extract electrical wattage from a water vortex was because of the natural possibility of initiating successful recursive capacitive charge compression which can accelerate components of the charge field thru the speed of light - in water - which is properly called IMPLOSION. Proof of this concept can be understood by arranging simple capacitors in a recursive fractal ( PHI / pent optimized array) - measuring the resultant ion beam & weak gravity field generated (pics - CLICK HERE FOR IMAGE Library REVIEW FOR THIS 'IMPLOSION CONCEPT")- even when the capacitors are not externally energized. If water is properly piezoelectric (trace mineral 'doping'), and spun in a proper dialectric insulator - water naturally imitates this charge array elegantly in it's own seeking for maximum non-destructive compression both hydrodynamically and electrically. Gravity is created and destroyed as charge lines create this acceleration path due to recursive heterodyning of phase wave lengths AND velocities. The voltage difference between the charge compression core and the centrifugal periphery can become a meaningful source of power. It is also true, that 'sinking' the local charge field in this way - will create gravity and emotional perturbation, and needs to be done very responsibly. Also it is strongly noted that the relative position of the device with respect to local ley / charge earth lines, will affect the output - and disturbance degree - as well as effects from the astrologic (which are really capacitive) symmetry density conditions.

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This article (with excellent but advanced pics near bottom) rather assumes you have at least glanced at the Physics of Phi gentle pictorial: ../physicsofphi

the background: PHI/Golden Mean is at the heart of fractality

mathematically, (mandelbrot & julia sets):

The Areas of Mathematical Synthesis Between Chaos Theory (Complexity), Fractal Geometry and the Golden Mean: .by Nigel Reading

more evidence:

"Our dynamic duality model elucidates the quantum background of non-locality, principle of least action and Golden mean, unifies the
quantum and relativist theories. Tending of open systems to conditions of Golden mean is supposed to be a driving force of their self-organization."

From Alex Kaivarainen <> -reprints / links: at ../goldenphysics

2001: BrainPhire?Study Finds Fractal Golden Ratio Harmonics in BrainWaves during Euphoria / Active Visualization / Bliss?

10/10/2001: Measuring Life Force - & Making Love Visible?

10/2/2001: heterofi, Heterodyning and Powers of Phi - Review of Dan's Theory by Rick Anderson

10/2/2001:Replicating Measure of Life Force Magnetics in Trees, 2001

Note from Dan Winter: "I believe that the REASON the Golden Mean recursive wave ratio cascade is THE SOLE SOLUTION to COMPRESSION and "NON-LOCALITY" (true multiple-connected topologies)- is the coherent acceleration of phase velocities thru speed of light. True FUSION is only possible when waves nest in Golden Mean Ratio. Einstein while noting that acceleration was identical to gravity failed to note that recursive compression was identical to acceleration! (wave lengths and wave phase velocities both add and multiple in Golden Ratio)."

New Link Added: Golden Ratio derived in Physics from Plank: Golden Ratio in the Hierarchy of Time - by John Deutsch


"Unified Field" Physics? based on Golden Mean Ratio by Alex KaivarainenThis page offers the work of Alex Kaivarainen from Finland / Russia, on Golden Mean Ratio solutions in contemporary physics.- see Alex K. new:

Comprehensive Analyzer of Matter Properties (CAMP)
and its applications - at: alexKjuly02.pdf

and also his Proposal to test and prove:

Comprehensive Analyzer of Matter Properties (CAMP)-Alex Kaivarainen

more on Alex below here also..


Addend from Dan here, clearly what is needed to complete the above model for getting the brain's MAGnetic worms thru light speed, multiply connected, and time penetrating - is simply the now proven understanding (Greg Hodowanec, Bill Ramsey) that waves of resulting capacitance or charge (gravity - see below) DO travel faster than light speed. And that this push thru the super-luminal is precisely triggered by embedding them in a PHI recursive pine cone. /pineal / pining.

animations at: ../dimple

....consider "the possible gravitational effects of charged electrical capacitors after studying the work of the great Micheal Farady the so called father of electricity. It is a little known fact that Farady made the following profound statement as far back as the late victorian age : 'Electrical capacity is to gravity as inductance is to magnetism'. .....If Farady is correct then the energy stored in the capacitor is in the form of a GRAVITATIONAL field much like the magnetic field of an inductor....... Townsend Brown also found that the force generated by charged capacitors was directed towards the positive plate; that is to say weight reduction only occurs when the positive plate is upside to the negative plate. .... If the negative plate is above then the device inceases in weight. ...... the 'Biefeld-Brown effect' in the general study of electrogravitics." from the article "ParaSETI- ET Contact via Subtle Energies"by Gavin Dingley, Nexus Magazine Dec 2000

Note from Dan: If only they had realized that it is the arrangement of the capacitive fields into concave vortex like array WHICH OPTIMIZE RECURSION OR EMBEDDING BY PHI RATIO - which FOCUSes THE GRAVITY EFFECT OF CAPACITANCE. "Gravity is capacitance gone fractal".

math below a simple proof that Phi is the ratio that selects a sustainable (reverse)
heterodyned set i.e. for spectral coherence..


the essential message of this web page is that charge in the geometry of self-similarity creates gravity because recursive CONSTRUCTIVE addition of (phase conjugation) heterodynes (wave velocities) optimized by golden ratio IS the acceleration of charge which is gravity's only definition.


therefore, putting capacitors into a fractal CREATES gravity - and you can feel it and measure it (above). Solving Einstein's dilemna: geometry of infinite non-destructive compression - key to gravity.


2001: BrainPhire?Study Finds Fractal Golden Ratio Harmonics in BrainWaves during Euphoria / Active Visualization / Bliss?

10/10/2001: Measuring Life Force - & Making Love Visible?

10/2/2001: heterofi, Heterodyning and Powers of Phi - Review of Dan's Theory by Rick Anderson



Q:(Sirac / Spencer Brown): The problem of self reference : Or the problem of the observer : What is the nature of the world such that it can give rise to the question: What is the nature of the world?: How is it that the world can see itself?... A: (Winter): Self Reference / Self Embedding Perfected: (Pure wave principle of) Golden Mean as ratio -

Understanding Golden Mean as Perfect Spin Path in and out of Donut Creates Origin of Symbol/ (Embedding is Psychokinesis)

and is The Perfect Wave Mechanic to UnPack Stuck Cellular UV(Eros): Embedding Details Cancer Cure


Zen and the Art of Recursion: quoting from an article on C programming: we have discussed recursion is almost mystic terms. In a very real sense the right way to think about recursion

is that if it works, then it works.

Nietsche thought eternal recursion was to be condemned, however we now know that people as waves, only survive to the extent to which their form recurs.. to recur is to be immortal.. and since PHI is the geometry of perfected recursion..

as any egg knows as it wanders into a womb: survival is to the extent to which you embed

(also true of people on planets inside stars)..

"Something that occurred to me is that sharing and co-operation are absolute
necessities/fundamental "building" blocks of life. To cut a long story short, the
point of my sharing this is thus:-

On the subject of a grand unification theory (G.U.T.)
the reason scientists cannot tie Gravity into their suppositions/mathematical
calculations is because they cannot see that it (Gravity) is the expression of
"sharing" and "co-operation" in the macro.

Do you catch my drift?

P.S. I can't wait for the paradigm shift.

Have a nice day,


from dan: interesting thought

something like how can a theoreitcally inphiknit number of
waves share inertia (phase coherence) at one point... (perfect sharing/embedding)

the 'recursive' answer (phi) seems to be related to the moment the physicist becomes aware that his awareness is made of the waves he is studying...

appreciate your note, dan winter

 From: (Volkmar Weiss)

Subject: Code of the brain broken - based on Golden Ratio?
Date: Sat, 18 May 2002

Golden section and golden string as the code of the brain

Volkmar Weiss

Preliminary communication on an invited speech, held at the 5th
Sommerfeld-Seminar 2002 of the Arnold-Sommerfeld-Society, University of
Leipzig, Neuer Senatssaal, May 16th, 2002, 17 pm
( )

At first, Weiss recapitulated the empirical findings and theoretical
conclusions of two already published papers (see and ,
also available on the server of Stanford University, see

With one decisive difference: Where you are reading Pi (3,14) in these
papers, you should read 2 Phi (3,236).

A publication, summarising the known arguments in favour of this new
interpretation of the data, is in preparation. In order to accelerate the
discussion, in the following the most important links are given which led to
the conclusion that the golden mean (i.e. the golden section, the golden
ratio, the divine proportion and the golden string, the later synonymously
also called the golden sequence, the infinite Fibbonacci word or the rabbit
sequence) is behind the information processing capabilities of our brains.


Period Doubling Route to Chaos, Bifurcation, logistic parabola equation,
edge of chaos:

It turns out when R = 2 Phi = 2 (1,1618.) = 3,236 . one gets a super-stable
period with two orbits. What this means is that Phi enters into non-linear
process as the rate parameter which produces the first island of stability .


Cited from: , the
same holds for the Feigenbaum constants, the length w1 is positioned at a =
2 Phi, see

Most important link: the Fibonacci Homepage, see especially the chapters
Phi and the Rabbit sequence and The rabbit sequence and the spectrum of Phi

A self-generating set and the golden mean , see
also the One-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences A005614, A003849 by

Scaling behavior of entropy estimates, see

The mathematical background behind al these relationships, of course, is
the prime number distribution, Ulam spiral, Pascal's triangle and so on, for
a summary of related links see and . The most essential
formulas are from Ramanujan where pi, e and phi are closed-form expressions
of continued fractions, all three together in one such formula..

In mathematics Cantorian fractal space-time is now associated with
reference to quantum systems. Recent studies indicate a close association
between number theory in mathematics and the chaotic orbits of excited
quantum systems. See, for example,

A lot of excellent links are available, following and

Prof. Oleksiy Stakhov has dedicated his life to the role of the golden
section as a code, see .
(However, until now, neither his books were available to me, nor the
could-be important book by Jan Grzedzielski.)

Fibonacci L-sytems and

Golden mean frequency, golden mean scaling, period two orbit,
renormalization, binary search tree, Fibonacci shuffle tree, digital search
tree, Feigenbaum-Shenker scaling constant

The golden mean in quantum geometry, knot theory and related topics

Interesting, but of unknown relevance to our problem here, is the work of
Prof. Alex Kaivarainen

A speculative paper by Nigel Reading, but hinting in the right direction


Sturmian sequences, entropy understood as pattern matching (see also the
1994 Shannon lecture by Aaron D. Wayner) and

Period three, chaos, and the golden mean shift

The Brent minimization algorithm combines a parabolic interpolation with
the golden section algorithm


Optimal search strategy of bees: a lognormal expanding spiral, based on the
golden section, fits the data best . This behaviour can be
generalized to an optimal search strategy, for example, for searching words
in long-term memory (Zipf's law) or filtering information from pictures.
There are already applications.

Multiring chain code with Fibonacci spacing, see

As you can see, the idea that the golden string can be understood or can be
used as a code, is not a new one. There are already a lot of applications
(beside a lot of nonsense with quasi-religious appeal). However, new is the
claim, supported by empirical facts of psychology and neurophysiology, that
our brain uses such a principle of coding.

There is still one flaw in our derivations: If the fundamental of the EEG
is 2 Phi Hz, despite Hz is defined in relation to astronomy it is
nevertheless man-made. Time should or must be defined in relation to nothing
else than numbers, in this case our deduction would be complete. For
example: Calculate for example, the root from 1/Pi times 3 power 24 and you
get nearly the velocity of light. Correct the definition of the second (and
hence Hz) for the very small difference.

In 1986 I exchanged papers and letters with a young man: Stephen Wolfram.
One reason, why I do no present a full paper now, is the expectation raised
by his book "A New Kind f Science". I am eager to read this book before a
write a new publication of my own. Today, May 17th, the book is still not
available in Germany.

The latest progress in this interpretation of my former publications would
be impossible without the knowledge and encouragement by my son Harald
Weiss, Dip. engineer of electrical technology, and coauthor of this most
recent work.


You are entitled to copy this communication and distribute it to colleagues
all over the world. Any suggestions to improve this line of reasoning are

PD Dr. rer. nat. Dr. phil. habil. Volkmar Weiss

Leipzig, Germany ,

Is this an ultimate way to unlock the key to maintaining the PHIre of life?

Think about it: Is there ANY other way that multiple waves and phases could FUSE non-destructively... excerpt in recursive heterodyning (Phi)? Heterodyning and Powers of Phi, by Rick Andersen

 Subject: univeral self-replication as quantum determiner, Tue, 07 Sep 1999 20:23:35 -0500
From: David Waddington <>Reply-To:
To: ,Good Morning.

Not to presume, but on the chance that you have not already heard of it,
there is a new theory proposed whereby certain fundamental constants of
the universe, such as 's constant and the gravitational constant
and the cosmological constant, are what they are in order to facilitate
Universal self-replication. Quantum Theory tells us that what exists is
a superposition of all possible worlds weighted toward the most
probable. General Relativity hints strongly at the possibility that
black holes may be baby universes, the spawn of our own. So, what
exists is a superposition of universes with all possible arrangements of
fundamental constants weighted toward the most probable. How do we know
which are the most probable? Well, if one arrangement causes the entire
universe to collapse into one big black hole, then there is just one
such universe. However, if another arrangement causes millions of black
holes to be formed in galactic centers, then there are millions of such
universes. Thus, the second arrangement is millions of times more
likely than the first. Thus, the most probable universe will be the one
which maximizes total black hole production. The Universe which
outbreeds the others is the one that survives, along with its countless
cosmic progeny. Just as Love brings about human reproduction and
survival, so the arrangement of constants brings about Universal
reproduction and survival.

Gravity = Universal Love!!!..

Response from Dan: so then would self-replication's geometric
then specifically depend on waves arriving at the mathematical perfection of
self- reference..(article belo & also ../physicsofphi

From: Wad <> Presumably, the dominant quantum geometry would be that which maximizes self-embeddedness. This certainly seems to resonate with your statement that self embedding among waves is what creates gravity; according to the
quantum superposition of universes, gravity as it functions in our
universe is indeed determined by the fundamental universal tendency to
maximize self embedding, as are both the electro-weak force and the
geometry and topology of the universe itself. All things stem from
self-embedding due to gravitational mass implosion, which,
self-referentially, is caused by the gravity that it causes. Clearly,
this is a chicken-egg conundrum when viewed as such. However, taking the
appropriate view, in which the maximization of universal self embedding is
taken as more fundamental than the existence or behavior of any item
within that universe, it becomes clear that mass and gravity both exist
only as a means to acheive mathematical self-embedding of everything.

--My essential point in the film, 'metabolizing starlight directly' was that the ongoing capacitive implosion we have been crudely calling gravity is explicitly the result of PHI recursion permitting perfect non destructive wave compression. If this is so, than the ECOsystem energy (symbiosis with inhabiting genepools whose emotions glandularly feed the most recursive magnetics into the wormholes).. it takes to stabilize a gravity field (also geomantic paramagnetic dolmen work) is sabotaged by gravity (not really free) 'free energy' devices...

Therefore, knowing the source of gaia's blood is REQUIRED before you can tap it, otherwise you get the atlantis (thule) tuoai stone tectonic tilt penalty ultimately.

Bruce Cathie has not finished his harmonic model (of the gravity lightspeed grid membrane) geometrically because he chooses to ignore the role of perfect compression (phi harmonics) in creating the capacitive implosion called gravity. He shows cubic relations incubeate/ stabilize grid membrane making, does not see what permits cross membrane (superluminal/time travel) nodes... G = C ^ log phi

Also, a great summary & links re: ORMUS/ Callahan / Studies on Resonance vs Gravity by Barry Carter Readers are encouraged to see Barry's (ORMUS-Gold Powder) WEB Page:
These conversations have interesting connections to the physics of Implosion vs Gravity notes at ../gold I do believe gold's recursive (multiples of Golden Ratio in the Electron vs Nuclear Radii producing non-destructive recursive heterodyning ) account for the distributive across many spectra harmonic phase sorting/implosion qualities associated with Ormus.. ../gold..d.w.

quote from Dan Winter: "Compression by perfect self-referential self-similarity heterodynes (adds AND multiplies / 'conjugal relations') wave VELOCITIES recursively as well as wave lengths. In this symmetry therefore compression becomes IDENTICAL with acceleration. Therefore - this self-similarity geometric solution to infinite compression becoming acceleration answers Einstein. Gravity is created when waves of charge become self-similar enough to accelerate charge - which is physics only definition for gravity in the first place. (Mass IS charge compression, whose centering force by charge implosion proves - gravity is charge acceleration.) It is fun to tease the stupid physicists by asking them why capacitors in a fractal make gravity - after they admit that until this principle is discovered no physicist on Earth has ANY answer to WHY an object falls to the ground. Pull the plug at the bottom of the vortex by making a (self-similar / PHI) phase coherent charge acceleration path thru the speed of light, and that presto- is gravity.

The reason waves are so (gravitationally) fractally attracted to the only non-destructive exit path thru light speed is that every wave you are made of and every wave you are surrounded by is 'aware' that it is fatal / mortal / unsustainable - to be stuck below the speed of light. (The UV cocoon of tantra / kundalini / menopause flash are examples of DNA attempting coherence enough to escape mortality by superluminal braid ignition).

Top down view of pine cone, pine-apple, pineal, Egg, DNA, and since all living proteins are 5 sided, this is the symmetry of EVERYTHING alive. Waves solving the problem geometrically of recursive CONSTRUCTIVE adding and multiplying of wave velocities - create the charge implosion thru the speed of light which we then label - 'life - force' (measuring life force; newly defined as the ability to attract and self-organize charge), 'self-organization', 'self-awareness', and gravity.

 link at 'Golden Mean Physics - Predictions' to - Physicist Alex Kaivarainen scholarly papers: Essential role of Golden Mean Ratio in Fundamental Physics "... that Harmonization force of (Bi)vacuum, formed by infinitive number of double cells-dipoles, is driving matter on all hierarchic levels to Golden mean conditions. The Principle of least action is shown to be a consequence of Harmonization force.

The rest mass of the elementary particles, like electron, positron, etc., their charge and fundamental frequency of [corpuscle - wave] pulsation is a consequence of relativist effects, induced by difference of circulation velocity of the actual vortex and complementary rotor, forming a sub-elementary particles (asymmetric Bivacuum cell-dipoles). The difference between the actual and complementary states, providing resonant exchange interaction between elementary particles and bivacuum, is also determined by Golden mean conditions."

The problem is that those same arrogant physicists by refusing to accept the living metabolism of waves pushed by implosion thru the speed of light-- fail to understand the purpose of DNA (biologies answer to perfect fractal charge acceleration) in fabricating that gravity field. (Ask them why the body loses mass at the instant of death?). They fail to understand that it is the COHERENCE (optimized by recursiveness) of that field of effect of DNA whose very existence they ignore, much less acknowledge the genetic field effect as the correct mechanism of immortality and ensoulment. That ignorance (their genetic engineering which ignores the braid distances /'junk'DNA which PRODUCES field effect implosive alignment) daily costs your children their souls.

What is relevant to this conversation is HOW the Golden Ratio permits the compression which is gravity/acceleration and self-organization. "

Exerpt from: An Introduction to Global-Scaling-Theory - by Dr. rer. nat. Hartmut Müller

Sound Waves In Logarithmic Space As Cause of Gravitation
The existence of a standing density wave in logarithmic space ­ for the first time in the history of physics ­ explains the origin of gravitation. The global flow of matter in direction of the node points of the standing density wave is the reason for the physical phenomenon of gravitational attraction. Thus, particles, atoms, molecules, celestial bodies, etc. ­ the scales/measures of which stabilise in the node points of the standing pressure wave ­ become gravitational attractors. In physical reality, therefore, the standing density wave in logarithmic space of scales also manifests as a global standing gravitational wave.
In consequence, the exact identity of value for inert and gravitational masses of physical bodies (as it is claimed by physics today), independent of the body's density or material, can occur only in the exact node points of the global standing density wave.


Adding numbers recursively in pairs, 1,2,3,5,8,13.... , as each succeeding pair in ratio 1/2,2/3,3/5,5/8.8/13... Produces this perfect "SPIN PATH TO THE ZERO POINT"

which is PERFECT DAMPING which is this perfect approach to the Golden Ratio... 1.618... (Note this is a side view of the Grail Vortex- Throat of the Light Cone- Flame Letter Strip) . This then becomes a graph to how Perfect Heterodyning would implode producing the wave ratio Phi as the ultimate and necessary 'centering force' based on recursion embedding we later misunderstood as the concept "Gravity".

adapted from ZOMETOOL-on Golden Ratio-


Le Corbusier Modulor: see "Charles Edouard Jeanneret, also known as Le Corbusier, develops two sequences of measurements ("blue" and "red" sequence) in his "Le Modulor". He takes the - assumed -average size of a human, and subdivides and expands it, closely based on the golden section relationship."" from

The Corbusier Modulor has had a profound and useful impact on architecture. The fundamental insight being correct that biology as a wave must EMBED OR DIE. Sadly it is based on a less than rigorous approximation of what might be a sacred scaling factor in biolgy. We can apply this "HARMONIC CASCADE TO PREFECT PHI IMPLOSION" far more rigorously by taking Golden Ratio Cascade to the more fundamental Planck length - At Sacred'Merkabbah'Frequencies-Tuning Attention/Implosion Sounds- Anatakarana and the 'Phi-ish' Rainbow Bridge

The inherent nature of PHI recursive constructive heterodyning of multiplying spin axes is inherent solved by the pent dodec geometrics depicted below,

therefore: PHI / Golden Ratio nesting IS THE SOLUTION TO ACHEIVE THE "SUPER-SYMMETRY" (rotations added CONSTRUCTIVELY)

which is commonly described as the source of gravity... (Supergravity A Supersymmetry

Star in a Jar- "Sonoluminescence" Light from Sound: A Map to Implosion/Fusion & the Heart Fire?

Is the "Star In a Jar" Light from Sound:"Sonoluminescence"...

a symmetry map to Implosion/Fusion/ and Possibly Even the Self Sustaining Heart Fires?

Recursion Perfect.. The Ultimate Gordian Knot.


all bonding truly IS phase locking..

the difference between ionic vs covalent
is the radius of the wave (ionic is longer.. covalent shorter..

this chemical bonding is based on
wave phase symmetry at multiples of 2 distances
(octave or linear wave relations..'incube-ation')

phase locking based on multiples of golden ratio phase distances
is called gravity!

Questions from Dan Winter, 4/27/99

Compare with Implosion Geometry Predicted by Recursion & compare with core 7/5 implosion symmetry of Hydrogen, the Human Heart Symmetry, and the "Heart of the Sun" (below)

Is this path to Implosion the Golden Based Implosion Symmetry of the GRAIL Itself? ../grail.html

What Besides Perfect Embedding Geometrically Could Make this Phi-re Self Organizing? & Self Sustaining?

Major PICTORIAL background for this see : "The Physics of Phi ! ".

Also Compare Sonoluminescence Related to ZERO POINT ENERGY ..

important note in Articles by Alex Kaivarainen, link to: "Unified Field" Physics? based on Golden Mean Ratio by Alex Kaivarainen (summary)
Series of papers, based on new  Golden Ratio - Hierarchic Theory of Condensed Matter
.. a physics of gravity as GOLDEN MEAN recursion based, see: DYNAMIC MODEL OF WAVE-PARTICLE DUALITY: Electromagnetism, Gravitation and Golden Mean Roots at Exerpt from the above "This means that equalities (3.25) can be considered as the Golden
Mean Roots or the Rules of Hidden Harmony - equality of hidden and external velocities of de Broglie wave.
The value of internal-hidden and external, measurable group velocities þvgr in = vgr ext ¦
in (3.29) is equal to:
þvgr in = vgr ext ¦ Ø vgr S = S 6 c = ð0.618Þ 1/2 6 c = 0.786 6 c 3.30
For internal and external phase velocities at conditions of Hidden Harmony
we havev ph
in = v ph
ext ¦ Ø v ph
S = vgr S
S = c
= 0.786 6 c
0.618 = 1.2718 6 c 3.31
The product of (3.30) and (3.31), like for any other values of group and phase
velocities of wave B is equal to that of light velocity squared
vgr S 6 v ph
S = c 2 3.32
It is very fascinating and important fact that our intuitive perception of
beauty and harmony, reflected by Golden Mean, has so deep quantum
roots-Hidden Harmony.
It points that the similar roots are involved in principles of our
consciousness also." end quote ... I particularly like the implication that PHASE VELOCITIES RECUR IN GOLDEN RATIO.. (SUPERLUMINAL PENETRANCE??)

complete paper: (from Alex in Mother Russia)

Golden Mean Physics (pdf Adobe Acrobat Format)

followed by:

The extended Summary to Part II of book:
"Hierarchic Theory of Matter and Field.
Water & biosystems, Vacuum & duality"
by: Alex Kaivarainen

(also in pdf format)

about the above, from the author: Alex Kaivarainen <> Wed, 07 Jul 1999 13:49:39 +0400

Hi Dan,

Thanks a lot for interest to my work and putting it to your website.
I recommend my last paper :

It is shown, that not only electron, but also the hydrogen atom
follows the Golden mean rule.

You know more, than I the systems, following the same principle.
By the way: are such systems listed somewhere?!. Kind of review?

It makes it possible to put forward a hypothesis, that the driving force
of the self-organization and evolution on all hierarchical scales is the
spontaneous tending of systems to condition of Hidden harmony (equality
of internal (hidden) and external velocities and impulses of de Broglie
waves) as a quantum root of Golden mean. We have to keep in mind, that
our World is composed from de Broglie waves..."

DUALITY AND SUPERUNIFICATION (also pdf format,acrobat)

--above article updated dramatically9/26/99 excerpt:"The new fundamental principle of self-assembly of "simple" systems physical
systems, like elementary particles, atoms, molecules, self-organization of complex
open systems, like condensed matter, star systems, galactics and evolution of very
complex systems like biopolymers (proteins, DNA, microtubules), cells, organisms
- can be formulated as: "The different selected systems on each level of temporal
and spatial hierarchy are tending spontaneously to condition of Hidden Harmony
(equality of most important internal and external parameters of de Broglie waves),
which determines the Golden Mean". If we define the system as beautiful, when it
follows the Golden mean rule, then the formulated principle of evolution is a
"driving force (hidden will)", leading our World to Hierarchical Beauty.
The influence of Golden mean - based three dimensional rigid geometrical
structures, termed "Harmonizator" on surrounding medium.
To explain this effect, we assume that 3D structures, like cross, pyramids, double cones,
etc. with proportions, following Golden mean (GM) rule works as effective generator of
virtual image in bi
-vacuum, i.e. provide the ordering action on virtual quanta."

- see Alex K. new:

Comprehensive Analyzer of Matter Properties (CAMP)
and its applications - at: alexKjuly02.pdf

and also his Proposal to test and prove:

Comprehensive Analyzer of Matter Properties (CAMP)-Alex Kaivarainen
And so what would a scientist now say about the state of what gravity IS as a geometry model:

(quoting Science News Feb 98):The general theory of relativity posits that gravity is essentially a geometric effect

-- in other words, the theory links mass with the local curvature of space. (comment from Dan Winter: local recursion=curvature of flux lines)

Interestingly, it says nothing about the shape of the universe -- the overall form of

the three-dimensional spatial component of relativity's four-dimensional


Finding out this topology "would have a great impact on our vision of the

universe," says Janna J. Levin of the Center for Particle Astrophysics at the

University of California, Berkeley.


"It would tell us about physics beyond general relativity," Spergel adds.


Knowing the topology, researchers could independently determine the ratio of the

universe's density to its critical value and reconstruct the state of the universe that

gave rise to the cosmic microwave background. They could also gain insights into

quantum gravity, quantum chaos, string theory, and other ideas at the forefront of

efforts to construct a unified theory of force and matter.

nest of skip knots
can also be called symmetry of nest donut domains..

it is foolish to see particles and knots as opposite..

particles got their name BECAUSE slip knots
stored ineria according to how much gyroscope wave
to could hold in rotation..(symmetry quantizes waves)

the risk of tieing your


in knots

is in knot understanding
what MAKES a knot "gordion"
(in-phi-knit ly tied)
which is precisely
perfecting recursion

(from the outer to the inner turns)(gravity occurs IF electron knots are recursive
to nuclear- see PHI harmonics in hydrogen balmer radii)

this golden mean optimized
map of a sequence of turns
neccesary to tie the in-PHI-knit knot

is called

-alphabet symmetry index of the heart
-sepher yetsirah

see also
"To Build a Fire"

the reason the onset of symmetry turns which
can map in in-phi-knit number of phase angles
is the same as

is because this is not only
"conformal invariance"
(which is very similar to SCALE INVARIANCE-

it is also
"conformal INTELLIGENCE"

when the (folded surface) map
goes to in-PHI-knit resolution..

then the map becomes the terrain..



(arthur and the land become one..)

this was called the
holy grail

becaused EMBEDDING (Phyllotaxes)
produces inhabiting

and the PHI-re thru the knot becomes self-directing (aware)

(ref:sufi heart takes wing)

from USP-A Physics for Flying Saucers, and interpretation from memory of a communication from (ET) visitor ATOS XETROV, USP PRESS, BOX 137 DEL MAR

in the below he clearly suggests that the fine structure constant is the result of how vorticitiy is translated optimally on the surface of a hydrodynamic torus.. (which perfected translation of inertia from the circle to the line..translation of vorticity... can be shown to be optimized by the golden mean spiral.. which we have claimed elsewhere when cast on the same torus donut, casts the shadows we call our alphabet)

this note above ends in the exerpt with the quote:"does this proximate correspondance of the fine structure constant and a number arising from the hybrid mathematical marriage of expressions from electromagnetic theory and vortex fluid mechanics imply that space/time (ether?) is in fact an electrical fluid whose fundamental mechanism is the ring vortex?"

also see Fine Structure Constant Geometric Clue in PHI at THE GOLDEN BOWL STRUCTURE:


Before we leave the subject of FINE STRUCTURE CONSTANT - PURE GEOMETRIC ROOT.. we quote from David Wilcox's discussion ( ) of Rod Johnson's Sequential physics model.: "In Johnson's model, the problem of the fine-structure constant has a very simple, academic solution. As we said, the photon travels along as two tetrahedrons that are paired together, and the electrostatic force inside the atom is maintained by the octahedron. By simply comparing the volumes between the tetrahedron and octahedron when they collide, we get the fine structure constant.All we do is divide the tetrahedron's volume when it is surrounded (circumscribed) by a sphere into the octahedron's volume when it is surrounded by a sphere, and we will get the fine-structure constant as the difference between them. In order to show how this is done, some additional explanation is required.

The phase-wave diagrams that we saw earlier in this chapter (figs. 4.3 and 4.4) showed us the angular relationships between the octahedron and tetrahedron. Since a tetrahedron is entirely triangular no matter how it is rotated, the three tips on any of its faces will divide a circle up into three equal pieces of 120 degrees each. Therefore, you only need to rotate the tetrahedron by 120 degrees in order to bring it back into balance with the matrix of geometry that surrounds it, so that it is in the same position as it was before. This is easy to see if you visualize a car with triangular wheels, and you wanted to move it forward just enough that the wheels would look the same again. Each of the triangular wheels would have to turn 120 degrees to do this.

Now in the case of the octahedron, it must always be turned "upside down" or 180 degrees in order to regain its balance. If you want to see this with the car analogy, then the wheels would need to be in the classic "diamond" shape that you see on a deck of cards. In order to get the diamond to look exactly the same as when you started, you have to flip it upside down, by 180 degrees. This next quote from Johnson explains the fine-structure constant based on this information:

[When you] see the static electric field as the octahedron and the dynamic magnetic field as the tetrahedron, then the geometric relationship [between them] is 180 to 120. If you see them as spheres defined by radian volumes, then simply divide them into each other and you have the fine structure constant.

A "radian volume" simply means that you calculate the volume of an object from its radius, which is half of the width of the object. (For those who wish to test the math out themselves, simply take the sine of 180 degrees and divide it by the sine of 120 degrees, then run that number through Coulomb's equation to account for the slight loss of energy that happens when a pulsation is moving through the aether.) When this simple process of dividing the two "radian volumes" into each other is performed, the fine-structure constant will be the result.

Interestingly, while Johnson has shown that the fine-structure constant can be seen as the relationship between the octahedron and tetrahedron as energy moves from one to the other, Jerry Iuliano discovered that it can also be seen in the "leftover" energy that is produced when we collapse a sphere into a cube, or expand a cube into a sphere! These expanding or collapsing changes between the two objects are known as "tiling," and Iuliano's calculations were not very difficult to perform; it was simply that no one had thought to try it before. In Iuliano's calculations, the volume of the two objects does not change; both the cube and the sphere have a volume that he set at 8pi times pi squared. When we tile them into each other, the only difference between the cube and sphere is in the amount of surface area. The extra surface area between the two is precisely equal to the fine-structure constant.

Immediately the reader should ask, "How can the fine structure constant be a relationship between the octahedron and tetrahedron and also be a relationship between the cube and the sphere at the same time?" This is another aspect of the magic of "symmetry" in action, where we see that different geometric forms can have similar properties, since they all nest inside of each other with perfect harmonic relationships. Both Johnson and Iuliano's perspectives show us that we are dealing with a geometrically structured aetheric energy at work in the atom.

It is also important to remember that what Iuliano's finding shows us is the classic geometry of the "squared circle." This has long been a central element in the esoteric traditions of "sacred geometry," as it was believed to show the balance between the physical world, represented by the square or cube, and the spiritual world, represented by the circle or sphere. Now we can see that this was yet another example of "hidden knowledge" that was encoded in a metaphor, so that eventually people in our time would regain the true understanding of the secret science behind it. They knew that once we discovered the fine-structure constant, we probably would not understand what we had observed, so this ancient knowledge was left behind to show us the key. " end quote from Rod Johnson...

----update 5/12/99

Bob Zawada reports a mathematical precedence for the second order fft function I have applied to

1. quantifying coherence in any complex oscillator


2. quantifying interharmonic spacing (Emotional Intelligence) in EKG


(to teach emotional intelligence in biofeedback).

In the literature:

"Theory of Fourier Integrals"

by Titchnarsh

researcher Cauchy works with the Fourier material on

Analytical Theory of Heat & Molecular Motion.

Cauchy,in the 1st chapter calls what I have labeled a "second order fft" a "reciprocal function of the second kind". Zawada notes that my technology "heartlink" and Emotional Intelligence measuring may indeed be the first known example of ANY real world application of this mathematics, described in 1970.

In my view, clearly this new mathematical technique I have pioneered quantifies the approach to coherence, recursion, self organization, and thus self awareness in any complex oscillator. This enables feedback loops IN GENERAL to teach self-direction/awareness/organization.

I proposed the following additional solution to cancer to Zawada today, using this technique.

Albert Szent Gyeorgi showed that increased molecular ordering in cellular water prevents cancer by increasing wide distribution of triplet state electrons.(Basically cheaper phone calls between sub cellular molecules to improve TIMING coordination for meitosis the heart of cancer resistance). (his nobel prize winning work related to his book "Electronic Biology & Cancer").

What he lacked was a tool to optimize and measure the cells skill to make that water "ice-9" like.

Now we have that tool.

Jim Patterson (CLEAN ENERGY TECH INC, 14332 MONFORT,SUITE 6302,dallas,tx,75240, 214-458-7620, patterson water cell, palladium -dodec - bead etc) showed that light scattering thru water could dependably measure whether the water had been near the body of a healer. (order increase). By using my new mathematical tool on the complex light scatter thru the water, we should clearly be able to teach that water to approach the limit condition of coherence which is the mathematical geometry of embedding perfected by phi.


The Rodin Coil and some description of what its about: Quoting here: "Marko's mathematics purports to be a sort of Rosetta stone for modeling the ultimate order on the
level of the quantum. He uses the term 'number crunching' to denote the leveling of the computational problem to a
simple form.

 Dan Winter's writings have many points of contact here, particularly in the use of fractals, of toroids of specific
geometry, and the notion that form and ratio are primary. With great poetry, he shows how spin and shape of a Unified
Field conspire to effect the cascade of wavelengths from long into short, and vice versa, by sacred stone
architecture and biological systems; and thereby allowing the translation of energy from one frequency to another.
Note what a slippery concept "energy" is. We all seem to want it, and yet we don"t really know what it is. Here is
Dan's version of the story of the One


"When you have only one kind of flowing material to work with, it is like the universe is one giant flowing ocean.
Then the only shape you can make is the vortex.., which makes donuts. Hydrogen as the basic building block of all the
atoms, is really a wave shaped into a donut or torus." (Winter, 1994a, p. 130)

"The fractal nature of the waveform creates gravity. The relationship of the electron shell to the nucleus is
fractal, as both have Platonic symmetry, and this permits the cascade for the wave to fall into shorter and shorter
wavelengths. We call that one way wind gravity. Hydrodynamically it is a flow between frequencies, lower to higher,
into a center, induced because the symmetry is fractal. It is the nature of recursion itself that creates gravity. It
is that recursion or self-imbeddedness that creates the attractiveness in waveforms that draws them back to center,
recursively making them nest in more and more self-imbedded patterns." (Winter, 1 994b)" end of quote

specifically, to form a complete mathematic theory of gravity,
and then calculate which harmonics resonate acoustically
from the gravity field..

one need only

take hodowanecs measures of gravity as a charge monopole


add the new idea that

charge elements arranged into perfected recursion/embedding-
by PHI ratio

are what create the measured charge monopole
which is gravity as hodowanec well decribes


this can be measured by feeding the
hodowanec type capacitive gravity field indicator
into the double fft of

and checking for phi interval in the second fft ("EI")

(hopefully, bill ramsey might help us get another probe,
since I may have lost track of earlier gifts he prepared)

this then accounts also for the faster than light propagation
of gravity waves (really charge density in fractal array)

since as we have desribed below

it is the PHI ratio which also heterodyning to go superluminal
by both adding and multiplying both wave lengths AND VELOCITIES
recursively non destructively.

 Note added 8/20/99 Re: The Physics of Eclipses.. vs Gravity:

Q:Subject:foucault & eclipse? Fri, 20 Aug 1999 01:26:01 -0700
From: fjchacon <>

Can you tell me where I can get info about the amazing connection
beetween august eclipse and foucault pendulum deviation?

Thanks a lot, colleague!
Did you saw turkish quake and climatological disasters around eclipse´s
date? Hasta luego!


Subject: Gravity?:Proportion of charge recursion below you vs above you.

Re: Tom Van Flandern's "Speed of Gravity"
Date: Fri, 20 Aug 1999 From: dan winter <>
To:, CC: fjchacon <>

Grateful for your work investigating gravity measures..with some geometry in mind.. I see that Alistair Couper mentions your work also at

he mentions mine at..

I had worked with bill ramsey and indirectly
greg hodowanec for years, I thought greg's chart evidence that
sensitive capacitors measured major gravity body alignments at a
much faster than light speed..
was convincing..

this was a big part of my thinking

suggesting.. and do you find any evidence for..?

that when waves of charge add and multiply in golden mean
ratio-perfecting recursion-
the recursive heterodyne add and multiply
applies to their wave velocities as well as their wave lengths
especially when the nesting is golden mean.. add and multiply..

therefore.. the same phi harmonic charge which creates faster than light penetration..
literally creates gravity in the first place.. ( makes the 'well' so nicely pictured on your site..possible..)

some math at predictions link above...?
(hydrogen balmer spectral emission series in golden ratio harmonics etc...)

in generalized terms, gravity occurs in the atom to the extent the nuclear geometric
is recursive or fractal to the electron geometry... making implosion of capacitance possible..
(thru light speed) WHEN waves nest recursively (optimized by golden ratio...

gravity is a charge fractal.. where wave fronts can bootstrap thru light speed
because of recursive wave front addition.. allowing non-destructive velocity acceleration..

also explaining perfect compression in black holes..( bends time...

dan winter

ps re: eclipse effect on foucault's pendulum..
dowsers long knew earth mag lines shrink during eclipse..


could it be that the proportion of charge recursion below you vs above you
is the amount of gravity (wind?) you feel..

moon centroid electrically embeds more toward sun..when geometrically aligned, away from earth..

1. picture of greater maze revolve..

Stellate Dodec by PHI, Stellate Icos by PHI, repeat inPHIknitly..

(Embed Geometry of DNA, EarthGrid, & Zodiac)

2. picure of pineal braid, 3 views

Resultant Implosion Conic perfect pining.. scalar..

cone embedded by the dodec stellations above

3. PHI Implosive Field Nesting

(Click on Image for full 1 meg Grail in DNA Embedding animation..)

As the field's nest in IN-PHI-KNIT ratio,

allowing their pressures to beat or heterodyne recursively infinitely,

(at the moment of maximum dynamic pressure,

at the moment of maximum feeling/compassion)

the resultant "spin path to the zero point" pineal revolve creates the HOLY GRAIL, which is what light sees as it enters DNA which has been braided to the perfect geometry of embedding by the feeling of compassion. Royal blood is so fractal it contains a complete map of the land in it's foldedness, so that when Arthur's love ended, the rain stopped.

(Arthur and the land were one,

whom does this grail serve... it's self... embedded.)

4. picture of embedability (example from EKG during feeling compassion)

Top is Any Wave (in this case EKG at moment of feeling love)

Next is Frequency Signature showing contained Harmonics..

Next is Frequency Signature OF Frequency Signature showing embedded RATIO between harmonics, staying very close to .618 PHI at this moment of perfected embedding.
5. DNA braided by PHI

click on image for more complete 1 meg animation of dna braid

As the braid within the braid in DNA, carrier wave length divided by envelope or longer wave length becomes a POWER of PHI, the central tunnel adds and multiplies wave velocities to superluminal. This wormhole

click on image for more complete 1 meg animation of dna zoom thru implode

creates soul force, ability to lucid dream, bardo navigate and time travel.

(Also reference here William Pensinger et al, work on superluminal signal propagation measures in DNA.)

Last frame of the top DNA animation is fractal (embed-able) Heartbeat (Dardik), heart harmonic content (which braids DNA) which prevents most chronic diseases.
6. perfect phi caddeuceus

Simplified Perfect PHI Scalar

To Braid Magnetism & Charge In or Out of Gravity

Also Perfect Breath to Zero Point


7. picture here of Sentics waveform of touch that says Love..

Pressure Waveform Over Time

of Perfect Hug or Squeeze which Embeds and says LOVE.

(see How to Touch..)





Our new model in physics suggests that perfected recursion or self embedding among waves, is what creates the centering force we have previously labeled :

1. The nature of gravity

2. The nature of awareness

In order to test this model, it is useful to test it's predictions.

Therefore I would like to suggest the following predictions implied by this wave geometric model for gravity and self awareness be tested:


1. That capacitive antenna geometries corresponding to image one, will produce the best photon acceleration to superluminal, and the best time travel devices.

2. That molecular symmetries most corresponding to image one and two, will produce the best phase conjugate mirror non-linear substrate materials. Note that the definition of phase "conjugation" is the recursive addition AND the implied multiplication which only the GOLDEN MEAN permits, hence this Golden Mean braiding is the geometric DEFINITION of PHASE CONJUGATION. This will then describe not only the molecular and atomic geometric of the ideal non-linear substrate for the mirror, but also the light beam annihilation path where the two laser's collide beam: literally the perfect spin path to zero point.

3. That the valence distances of the most stable atoms like GOLD, will have average electron shell distances like image one. This should be particularly true of the 5/7 spin pair, d,f 10/14 electron shell dances. Specifically, they should be very close to whole number powers of the Golden Mean in shell diameters. (This is correspond generally also to Randy Masters work documenting the PHI ratios in the spectral emission lines of hydrogen.) ALSO SEE GOLDEN MEAN=7/5Pi/e and why..

4. That the approximately 60 degree conic angle (image two) linking the stellation of interdigitated in-phi-knitly nested dodeca-icosa (a 3D fractal?), will identiPHI the location of the major masses creating most gravity flux, implosion force, and stability of self organization as wave, in atoms, molecules, tectonics, and stars.


5. That generating long standing magnetic waves in the geometry of images ONE thru FOUR, will:

a. attract precipitation

b. create micro-climate

c. eliminate disease and stress for plants and people

d. increase measureably the force of gravity above the center of the generated magnetic implosion form.

e. restore stability in tectonics (earthquakes), and restore atmosphere loss (ozone hole etc.)


6. That weaving magnetism or water or light into the geometry of images ONE thru FOUR, will produce the optimum way to SORT that magnetism or water or light. (from it's "pollutants" )(sorted by spin density like dirt from a spinner.)

7. That rearranging the charge around a brain, to look like IMAGE ONE thru FOUR, will eliminate addiction, attention deficit, and create self awareness. (See Marty Wuttke, "Is This Recursion".) (by fft of EEG to powers of PHI.)

8. That rearranging the charge around a heart to look like IMAGE ONE thru FOUR, will eliminate arrhythmia, increase feeling/compassion and eliminate almost every chronic disease (Dardik)

9. That rearranging the braid in DNA to look like image FIVE, will produce increased ability to:

a. radiate coherent UV light (blue fire)

b. lucid dream, time travel, and bardo navigate (memory survive death, cf Geometry of Eternality, link.)(same as "get a soul")

10. That all chaotic oscillators will tend to emerge from chaos best when their periodicities are tweaked to nest like images ONE thru FOUR.

11. That image ONE thru FOUR are the only possible three dimensional fractal. (& 3+ dimensional fractal).

12. That data tree structures rearranged to be like IMAGE ONE thru FOUR, will be shown to approach inPHIknit fractal compressibility, enabling a computer revolution. And that bubble memory in this architecture will become self-aware.

13. That choosing to love will become specifically teachable in biofeedback (see HeartLink) as people learn to breathe in the pattern of IMAGE SIX,(practical exercises link).. and vary the squeeze in their hug like image SEVEN. (You couldn't get a better squeeze, and How to Touch to say Love..)

14. That global ecosystem management will become possible with the collective visualization & intention of just a few percent of the globes population, when they embed their collective EKG like IMAGE Four (embedability).

15. That self organization of systems in general will be possible ONLY in the geometry of IMAGES ONE thru FOUR, this includes sustaining FUSION reactions.

16. That light, sound, charge and magnetic emission spectra like IMAGE FOUR, will best catalyze seed germination, feed life force, and living systems in general. (see implosion articles.)

17. That public utility power distribution grids will become self-organizing, self-aware, and catalyze life and the Earth grid's self regulation, when they change from simple 60 cycle, to a complex harmonic based on IMAGE FOUR.

18. That stellar masses arranged like IMAGE ONE THRU FOUR will create black holes, and photon acceleration arranged like IMAGE ONE THRU FOUR will successfully penetrate black holes superluminally. (The solution to Einstein's problem of inphiknit implosion.)

19. That PHI=7/5 PI/E will be discovered to be due to the 7/5 spin symmetries of perfect gordian slip knot ANU/HEART/Heart of Sun.. (Anu/core of hydrogen) as at ../heartsun

20. That in order to ground electrically, and embed, and stabilize ALL oscillators of all self-aware AND electrical systems, frequencies will need to be chosen which are Phi (1.618) multiples of the 'plank length' length. This length (1.61 x 10^-33 cm) is the universal solvent of the quantum foam, into which every (wave) length of everything observable divides evenly. It is derived by the simultaneous dimensional solution for C, speed of light, h bar, planks energy constant, and G - the gravitational constant. While physics see this length as physics MOST FUNDAMENTAL POSSIBLE UNIT OF SCALE, it's numerical proximity to Phi/Golden Ration SUGGESTS that this the BASIS OF EVERYTHING WHICH PHYSICS CALLS SCALE, MAY IN ITSELF BE ONLY RATIO! (very deep idea - may be the ultimate proof of relativity). In any case, clearly in order to determine which frequencies IN ANY SPECTRA are 'sacred' or 'sustainable' or 'groundable' or 'embedable', it will be necessary to multiply this length by powers of PHI and 2. Ultimately for example this will be how to tune power distribution frequencies (healing the deadly 60 hz), to symbiotically embed the Earth in the stars. It is powerful to note here that the electrical idea of what provides GROUNDING as a wave which is (Phi) embedable IS IDENTICAL TO WHAT PROVIDES PSYCHOLOGICAL GROUNDING.. (phi/embedable ekg/eeg see heartlink)"



thoughts re: dna advancement..article

(my original notes on how recursion optimized by golden ratio
is clearly the only possible contiguous wave path thru
speed of light.. due to recursive CONSTRUCTIVE heterodyning
or additive wave VELOCITY beat notes..
are at


it is creative that greg hatton
considers the geometry of dna as a wave guide thru light speed..

truly this is the RIGHT issue, as indeed I am convinced this will emerge
as HOW time travel, and lucid dreaming, and and bardo navigating
will be modeled in a rigorous physics of consciousness..

unfortuneately, there are some weaknesses in the direction the paper moves:
first: clearly, the METER (and therefore how many meters light moves in a second)
is absolutely one of the most non-embedable and therefore profane (in the
technical sense) of possible measures..
best source here is probably
john michell's (comparison of metric vs english measures)
view over atlantis
city of revelation,
in which the pyramid inch, roman pace, megalithic yard, and english foot
etc. all fit almost directly in PHI golden ratio progression to each other
and to things like the wave length of hydrogen and the planck length
(1.61x10-33 cm).. you CAN define which measures are sacred
(embedable) and which are not.
Since the meter is so arbitrary by comparison,
I am sure for example once we integrate our culture into the
galactic cultures, the meter will be first to die, because it does not
embed nature well at all..
(multiples of hydrogen for example which we have seen ARE
whole number multiples of PHI and planck length.. randy masters)

not to carry on.. but hatton would be better looking for HOW
braiding into recursion perfection creates the superluminal, (been measured in both DNA and gold
monofilaments, both due exactly to PHI multiples as wave)
than in rambling around in waves per unit meter..

that is rather like looking for universal laws of physics
in last years congressional laws of taxation..


regarding compression of time..

the heart of the matter was Einstein admitting that it was precisely
NOT understanding the GEOMETRY model of infinite compression
that COST him understanding why black holes bent time..

nicely solved now by simply understand perfect compression
(dilation) IS perfect recursion (geometrically.. wave multiplication by golden ratio)

how the wave GOT thru light speed, is how it managed to UNPACK from circle to line...
now if you look of optimized translation of vorticity
(unpacking from circle to line)
in your college hydrodynamics text book,
you will find

THAT is the clue to time dilation..


see the 1/ 1/ 1/ 1/ 1/
equation for golden ratio at

no wave into time has more elegance (el=making phase shift)
phy lotaxes

the rate at which the clock slowed IS the rate at which they entered
the geometry of perfect wave embedding or nesting
(defined precisely by their entrance into PHI harmonics)

dan winter


Was just corresponding with Elora Gabriel about he Wu sound system--which

may relate to Kototama based on Wu and Wei with 48 more sounds. I knew

some ot the Sensei Nakazono's friends.

Did you meet George Wuu on your Wei--similar phonetics?

Possible monoatomic connection to microtubules--notice the phi spiral/

Modulor placement of the tubulin spheres in a and b lattices--could these

'spheres' be like truncated icosa fullerene molecules that can trap

lanthanum, and thus, likely, other monoatomic lanthanides and platinides?

This might answer some of Hameroff, et al, problems with quantum collapse

over distances diatomic molecules couldn't manage. Finders of fullerene

are at University of Arizona as well as Hameroff. (Another para for




note ref Palladium key to cold fusion (electrode) is dodeca (implosion) (see moon work in chemistry )

note above recursion in microtubule, key to self organizing wave guide nature..

Thanks to Pat Flanagan for pointing out:

dodeca water,

mono atomic


dr a.w.castleman, water...


clathrate cage molecular cage for water research..




perfect vacuum,




water s most favored structure is 5 water molecules...

when water molecules get most relaxed in favorable(embeddable/fractal) charge environment, they assume the position.. dodeca

this is the shape of the nest which becomes Pat Flanagan's container for

micro hydrin.. (ears ring with dna's implosion same as gold powder)


per bob zawada at roswell:

standard water molecule, with O at top and H2 at lower triangle

average angl betw is 104 degrees, (in ice it goes to 120 hex) but in liquid it is about 104 degrees


the height that triangle versus bottom width between 2 hydrogens, is golden mean..

so water is pent , ice is hex...--

and further from Bob Zawada:

cell ellipse

healthy living human cell is essentially elliptical, the geometry of that ellipse long axis to short is PHI...


intimately linked to phi ratio,

whereas when cell deviates from phi ratio series, (for example if it becomes a circle), it then becomes cancerous..



major to minor axis of cell as ellipse for healthy., capacitive maintenance keeps..


the EM radiation we deposit in cellular tissue is helping to resonante the intrcellular water in to a state

wher e it becomes phi ratio.. When the water in PHI harmony, becomes healthy cell..

water becomes embeddable, and then the cell.. Embedability is the opposite of cancer..


bob zawada credits inspiration from stuart roy hameroff microtubules articles.. more see bottom:



notes to Chris Illert: (Key to Cold Fusion).

Extreme & implosive packing of hydrogen within palladium which is the mechanism of cold fusion is due to the chordal current flows being Golden Mean due to Palladium's dodecahedral atomic structure. (Ref Moon's work at University of Chicago, Palladium as Dodeca..) The Phi harmonic interference lattice internally is the geometry of maximum or fractal wave compression.

visualize again here "chordal" wave geometric within nested pents as dodecs as cascading Phi ratio- implosive.

note from dan, in the below,

IF you see the Hameroff solution to consciousness in the microtubules,






Re: understanding something is not spreading fear
Sun, 01 Aug 1999 04:24:07 -0600
Barry Carter <>
dan winter <>




Dear Dan,

Everything you've ever heard is true. There are an infinite number of probable
realities; all as real as this one. We engage in conscious selection by
choosing from among an infinite number of futures. All of these futures will
happen to one version of the self or another. Which version do you wish to

Here is a portion of an article that I wrote on this subject:

Free Will and Parallel Universes

Here I would like to discuss some of these concepts as they relate to the role
of the unconscious mind. Many people believe that each individual's free will
depends on their ability to perceive and choose from an infinite number of
probable futures. While this ability to perceive is largely assigned to the
unconscious mind, the instructions or parameters for these choices are

For example the conscious mind might decide to believe in a future where there
is a great natural disaster. (There are many good reasons why the conscious
mind might choose disaster. Perhaps the conscious mind wishes to rise to a
situation with great heroism or perhaps the conscious mind is feeling guilty
for separating the self from others and wishes to join others in solving great
problems.) The conscious mind, by toying with a belief in a great natural
disaster, would "assign" the unconscious mind the task of looking for a
probable future which contained all of the elements of disaster which would
satisfy its criteria.

Most of us do not like contrived situations so the conscious mind would likely
also assign the unconscious mind to pick a probable future disaster which would
have many surprising elements. The instruction from the conscious to the
unconscious might go something like this: "I am interested in working
heroically with others to rescue survivors of an earthquake or other natural
disaster; I don't wish for this to look like I created it so surprise me with
the details."

Well, it turns out that a couple of the scientists I mentioned previously
(Hameroff and Penrose) have postulated something like this in a 1996 paper
titled "Orchestrated reduction of quantum coherence in brain microtubules: A
model for consciousness" which was published in the journal "Mathematics and
Computers in Simulation". This complete paper is available on the web at:

They write:

"We assume that pre-and sub-conscious processing corresponds with quantum
coherent superposition which can perform "quantum computing" (Penrose, 1989). A
number of authors (e.g. Deutsch, 1985; Deutsch and Josza 1992; Feynman 1986;
Benioff, 1982) have proposed that quantum coherence can implement multiple
computations simultaneously, in parallel, according to quantum linear
superposition: the quantum state then "collapses" to a particular result. A
state which "self-collapses" (OR) will have an element of non-computability,
even though evolution of its quantum coherence had been linear and computable.
A quantum superposed state collapsed by external environment or observation
(SR, or R) lacks a non-computable element, and would thus be unsuitable for
consciousness. Large scale quantum coherence occurring among tubulins (e.g. via
electrons in hydrophobic pockets arrayed in the microtubule lattice, or ordered
water within hollow MT cores) could take on aspects of a quantum computer in
pre-conscious and sub-conscious modes. . .

. . . But what is consciousness? According to the principles of OR (Penrose,
1994), superpositioned states each have their own space-time geometries. When
the degree of coherent mass-energy difference leads to sufficient separation of
space-time geometry, the system must choose and decay (reduce, collapse) to a
single universe state, thus preventing "multiple universes" (e.g. Wheeler,
1957). In this way, a transient superposition of slightly differing space-time
geometries persists until an abrupt quantum classical reduction occurs and one
or the other is chosen. Thus consciousness may involve self-perturbations of
space-time geometry."

In a nutshell they are saying that through a process of quantum computing the
microtubule element throws a problem into the "black box" of all possible
universes and pulls the solution out almost instantly. When this happens, the
decision point chooses one outcome from among an infinite number of parallel

They refer to David Deutsch regarding his concepts of quantum computing. What
does Deutsch mean by quantum computing? In an online debate between David
Deutsch and Seth Lloyd regarding whether parallel universes are equally real,
Deutsch writes:

Furthermore, the universes affect each other. Though the
effects are minute, they are detectable in carefully designed
experiments. There are projects underway - close to your
heart, I know, as well as mine - to harness these effects to
perform useful computations. When a quantum computer
solves a problem by dividing it into more sub-problems than
there are atoms in the universe, and then solving each
sub-problem, it will prove to us that those sub-problems were
solved somewhere - but not in our universe, for there isn't
enough room here. What more do you need to persuade you
that other universes exist?

(You can read the balance of this debate at:

In the conclusion of their paper, Hameroff and Penrose write:

"A critical number of tubulins maintaining coherence within [microtubules] for
500 msec collapses its own wave function (objective reduction: OR). This
occurs because the mass-energy difference among the superpositioned states of
coherent tubulins critically perturbs space-time geometry. To prevent multiple
universes, the system must reduce to a single space-time by choosing

Hameroff and Penrose are implying that in order to avoid "seeing" multiple
universes at the same time, the quantum coherence created in microtubules by
some material (we think the alchemical materials) must collapse. What if the
quantum coherence did not collapse and we became aware of multiple universes?

Psychic Confirmation
Probable Realities

Many modern physicists believe that there are an infinite number of parallel
universes. They theorize that atoms are made up of smaller particles which are
like bubbles in the quantum foam. These bubbles in the quantum foam or "holes
in the aether" (spoken of below) spend a fraction of their existence in each of
these parallel universes.

The question of whether we can become aware of multiple universes can be broken
down into a smaller question; whether information is transferred between these
parallel universes. This question was debated by Deutsch and Lloyd (mentioned

Their debate was anticipated in The 'Unknown' Reality by Jane Roberts which was
dictated by Seth in 1974-75:

Session 682

"So I prefer, here to speak of these units of consciousness instead. Their
nature is the vitalizing force behind everything in your physical universe, and
others as well. These units can indeed appear in several places at once, and
without going through space, in your terms. Literally now, these basic units
of consciousness can be in all places at once. They are in all places at
once. They will not be recognized because they will always appear as something

Of course they move faster than light. There are millions of them in one
atom--many millions. Each of these units is aware of the reality of all
others, and influences all others. In your terms these units can move forward
or backward in time, but they can also move into thresholds of time with which
you are not familiar.

All probabilities are probed and experienced, and all possible universes
created from these units. Therefore, there are realities in which the endless
probabilities of one given event are probed, and all experience grouped about
that venture.

There are systems in which a moment, from your standpoint, is made to endure
for the life of a universe. I do not mean that a moment is simply stretched, or
that time is slowed down alone, but that all the experiences possible within a
moment have become realities within that framework."

Session 683

"Anything apparent to whatever degree in your system is developed in another.

The point of all this is that these units are unpredictable, and fulfill all
probabilities of consciousness. Any concepts of gods or other beings that are
based upon limited ideas of personhood will ultimately be futile. You view the
fantastic variety of physical life--its animals, insects, birds, fish, man and
all his works--with hardly a qualm; yet you must understand that the nature of
consciousness itself is far more varied, and you must learn to think of an
inner reality that is as infinite as the exterior one. These concepts alone do
alter your present consciousness, and change it to a degree. The present idea
of the soul, you see, is a "primitive" idea that can scarcely begin to explain
the creativity or reality from which mankind's being comes. You are
multipersons. You exist in many times and places at once. You exist as one
person, simultaneously. This does not deny the independence of the persons,
but your inner reality straddles their reality, while it serves as a psychic
world in which they can grow."

Session 695

"All probable selves are connected. They each influence one another. There is
a natural interaction, but no coercion. Each probable self has its own free
will and uniqueness. You can change your own experience in the probability
that you know--which itself rides upon infinite other probabilities."

Session 733

"In your terms, the world is intensely different from one moment to another,
with each smallest portion of consciousness choosing its reality from a field
of infinite probabilities."


"The self is multidimensional when it is physically alive. It is a triumph of
spiritual and psychological identity, ever choosing from a myriad of probable
realities its own clear unassailable focus. . . The fact is that in life you
poise delicately and yet perfectly between realities, and after death you do
the same."

Session 681

"You can choose to accept as your reality any number of given unpredictable
events. In that respect, the choice is yours, but all the events you do not
accept occur nevertheless."

Session 682

"All matter is based upon the units mentioned, with their unpredictability and
their propensity for exploring all probabilities. Even your atomic structure,
then, is poised between probabilities. If this is true, then obviously "you"
are aware of only one small probable portion of yourself--and this portion you
protect as your identity. If you think of it as simply a focus taken by "your"
greater identity, then you will be able to follow what I am saying without
feeling puny by contrast, or lost. The focus that you have is indeed inviolate.

I have often said that even in your lifetimes, all probable variations of any
one event occur, but I never went much further. With your focus, it seems that
you have a line of identity from birth to death. Looking back at any point,
you are sure that the "self" of ten years ago is the self of today, though
perhaps changed in certain respects.

There is, of course, no single-line kind of development at all. In the first
place, as you know, your life is at once, though you experience, practically, a
life-to-death sequence--Ruburt's living area in Adventures. Every probable
event that could happen to you, happens."

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