PoleShift & "Earth's Force Field"
The Fractal Solution to the Solar Wind
- from Dan Winter - in the article series- Preparing to use the Anglic Call.. Steering the Tornado by Becoming the Tornado!

This article is a sequel to the original: "Is Fractality the Solution to Global Warming" article by Dan Winter: goldenmean.info/warming

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When you read this article- if you are serious about understanding the SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE- that fractality- causes the centripedal nature of gravity AND could be used to fix our dying magnetosphere- here is our earlier summary : goldenmean.info/budapest08/physicsoverview.html

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See below- the apparent coincidence that Air Franch crashed Flight 447 - did cross BOTH the Intertropical Convergence Zone (below) AND the South Atlantic Magnetic Anomaly- just as it crashed.. note in the below- film also- that it is noted that space craft are commonly switched off as they enter South Atlantic Magnetic Anomaly- specifically to prevent damage to their craft electronics. Electronics damage is a likely cause of the Air France Crash. All this being said- it is likely impossible to prove the connection. However it is indicated that flights should check for frequent electromagnetic hazards related of course to atmospheric turbulence- particularly associated with this, Earth's perhaps most damaged portion of her magnetosphere.

Next 2 imagers below - plot the Intertropical Convergence Zone (images from Wiki-click to link)

Below- the flight path of Air Franch Flight 447- note it apparently crossed TWO zones -

June30,09-Sorcha Faal - does tend to exaggerate- still- you might read: Russia Orders Flight Changes After Magnetic Storm Downs 2 Airliners, Leaves Nearly 400 Dead

Where the pole will go...http://www.cosis.net/abstracts/IAGA2005/00781/IAGA2005-A-00781.pdf The evolution of the South-Atlantic magnetic anomaly: The conclusions shows that the mentioned effects go further on, and could demonstrate in the next centuries the migration of the North Pole from the Canadian Arctic region to the region of the Russian-China steppe; the tendency of the Antarctic South Pole towards the west region of Australia, more indeed towards the observatory Gnangara (GNA) whose vertical component is made negative more and more; and the appearance of secondary minimum values within the great anomaly....

From the film(below)- "It's not a matter of IF the Earth's magnetic field will disappear someday, it's a matter of when"..

Compare the way the film documents how Mar's lost it's atmosphere because of loss of magnetosphere- to "Total Recall"...

Above- 1. Exerpt from new National Geographic Special- on "Earth's Force Field".
2.Exerpt from National Geographic channel: "Solar Storms".
thanks to Mr. Empowered - for placing these exerpts on the web.

This article is the sequel to the runaway hit story called: " Chicken Little" - because our chief heroes in the movie attached are running around screaming (correctly) that THE SKY IS FALLING.

Still we would like to commend National Geographic Channel- for getting together the worlds experts on the POLE TILT- Earth's Magnetic Field and Atmosphere loss. As we look somberly at the detailed evidence- concensus for the scientific community - here is what's clear:

-Magnetic pole shift is not only inevitable, and able to wipe out all life on Earth, but it is happening now, it is WELL underway - even the location of where the new magnetic pole is going to be is VERY evident and measureable

The South Atlantic Magnetic Anomaly is already allowing in so much deadly solar wind - that satellites are already regularly switched off - just to go thru the place.

(animation above)

The scientific community is also absolutely clear- restating repeatedly : THEY DO NOT HAVE THE FIRST CLUE OF WHAT HOLDS EARTH'S MAGNETIC FIELD TOGETHER.

The point it is essential for us all to grasp - is that it is precisely because the science community DOES NOT UNDERSTAND WHY ANY OBJECT FALLS TO THE GROUND, that they also do not understand how to put (humpty dumpty) - our magnetosphere back together again.

So- conventionally - from the film above- Here is what their current science does show: (next 4 animations are exerpts from the film above).

The critical clue they missed - they almost alluded to when the noted a "SIMILARITY" between the pattern of rotation of the inner core- to the outer!!


- Note images above this are courtesy NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CHANNEL - below - are from Dan Winter, Implosion Group.

Above-when the rotational elements of the magnetic field- which contrary to conventional physics- are inherently OCTA.. nutate or precess- then the symmetry elements of those magnetic cones- embed PRECISELY as the (tetra/cube)octa- rotates on the (32degree) tilt - becoming dodeca/icosa. I animated this above as how precisely 15 GREAT CIRCLES (3 per cube, x 5 cubes in dodeca) are the idealized magnetic rotations for an Earth magnetosphere - that will sustain its compression / self organization (The so called UROBOROUS- 'Christ grid' being the only possibly symmetry of chryst-all-ization). This is the answer to the paper: WHAT HAPPENS TO VORTEX RINGS THAT SHRINK? (Magnetohydrodynamics of the Earth's Core)

More animations of corrected magnetic symmetries- to create centripedal force: PHASE CONJUGATE MAGNETICS!

The science community - by refusing to grasp the absolutely life saving essential information about WHAT ELECTRICALLY CAUSES ANYTHING TO BE A BODY- have doomed you and your children to the Sun's frying pan. This is why I hold the stupid physics community DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE for the murders of billions of Earth's people. The physics community by not seeing how fractality creates the life saving and self-organizing centripedal force - behind magnetosphere maintenance- in just the same way as gravity and life force is created- AGAIN demonstrate the classic truth that when you combine stupidity WITH arrogance- you have a FATAL condition.

The clues are all around them. They noticed that the arrangement of stellar masses across the universe were dodeca and fractal. They pronounced the shape of the Universe to be dodeca and fractal.

And yet INCREDIBLY they still refuse - to note that the cause of the gravity holding everything together is precisely this golden ratio dodeca fractality!!

Failing to get into the cooling function of fractality during compression is exactly like the frogs who stay in the frying pan and boil - without jumping out. The solar maxima is precisely the Sun's correct orgasmic response to Galactic compression ("Super Wave')- There is NO other more appropriate preparation to survive - in fact INVITE - compression - than to GET FRACTAL (' or get dead').

This is the ONLY real principle behind the childish Christians talk about rapture. A fractal heart- is not only an emotional state- it is a magnetic one ( and VERY attractive).

Fractality -idealized by Golden Ratio - is precisely the symmetry, mechanism and CAUSE of ALL centripedal forces:

- electronegativity

- black holes

- color (rainbows)

- gravity

- perception (sentience) .. and bliss

- life force, living plasma, life itself, living bodies.

When you do not know what (shape or symmetry for charge) creates ANY centripedal force (gravity, life force, color, mind) - then you cannot know how to create the heart of a compost pile!

The experiment is so elemental - in itself it is proof - of how to make a bioactive electric field. You rearrange the stone dolmen and or the magnetic lines around your compost pile- and you observe an increase in temperature (metabolic rate). That alone SHOULD give you the clue you need to build a capacitor - like stonehenge (called SHEM or DJED) designed to make the field effect which eliminates aging / causes growth.

<device to make phase conjugating dielectric field necessary to reduce aging/fabricate growth - called KHEM or SHEM..)

This concept is of course COMPLETELY BEYOND the ken of the idiot supposed 'biologists' who sit in their aluminum (opposite to fractal and phase conjugate) electrosmog buildings - quickly dying. Their death - and yours if you live in metal and electrosmog - demonstrates how well BIOFEEDBACK works. As a real biologist who DOES know what electric field - makes life - I can tell you the physics: biologists who do not know how to make charge fields EMBED into fractality - are evil. Because that failure to embed- DOES define what is OPPOSITE to life. In the same way - the green color - bounces OUT of green making leaves. Because it- green -the 90 degree phase angle photon donut- is precisely opposite the phase conjugate - constructive wave interference. This is poison to life. SO- the same physics your idiot biology teacher did not know (why chlorophyll is green) - is why they did not know what life is!


This is equally true if you are trying to attract the charge necessary to survive death with electric coherence, as it is if you are trying to keep a PLANETARY BODY.

If your teacher- does not know:

a) what causes gravity

b) what causes life and mind

c) why rainbows happen and why trees are green

then how could they POSSIBLY tell how how to make the stuff to hang together in the wind of the Sun!! They cannot - so fire those ignorant fools. And learn the truth for yourself!

I urge you to make the connection between the foolishness Einstein created by suggesting the speed of light was somehow a speed limit, and the direct result of that - which was his complete inability to figure out why an object falls to the ground (the cause of gravity). Einstein did correctly surmise that the solution to his cherished Unified Field- the connection between electric fields and gravity - WAS infinite non-destructive (or simply constructive) compression. The tragedy for him of course, was no one ever told him what a fractal was. The clues are all over science today - about fractality being the ONLY path to infinite compression. The second tragedy of course is physics STILL have not conceived the (golden ratio) symmetry necessary to MAKE an electric fractal.

The BIOLOGIC CONUNDRUM: The exquisite irony is that pine cones have learned what your physicists haven't. By arranging their capacitors (seeds: capacity to embed/store charge in conjugal relation=LIFE) - in a fractal ... THEY have created the fractal field which does commutate charge thru the speed of light - so efficiently that Einstein SHOULD be embarassed at his exposed error.

A proper fractal squeeze IS the conjugate soul connecting biologic SCREW of the grail. In that alKHEMic depth where death and birth are the same - there is no secret-for your DNA plumbing with it's soul wenching braid.

Thus - the pine cone- by hooking up it's capacitance thru the superluminal... MAKES gravity- and gets the charge inertia called life precisely FROM gravity! (attracting the life giving capacitive charge THRU the speed of light - by the charge accelerating perfect heterodyning of golden self similarity - ) ... in the same manner as your heart's fractal Perkinjole wiring gathers the charge to beat your heart... YOUR heart beats only for this ..FEEL the romance - into what have you embedded if not the ALL!

...Measure the voltage change end to end - on your pine cones and eggs- mapped in "Vortex of Life"- and LEARN how the electricity of life COMES from charge geometry! If your cities soon do not take on this design {FRACTALITY defined by charge distribution efficiency- exactly as life itself IS}: BIOLOGIC ARCHITECTURE... - YOU are toast!

All of this is SO lost on today's idiot scientists- who cannot conceive of the simple electrical meaning of SHEM - what Christians call - the 'altar' - as being a study in how biology builds capacitors to make life. (The so called Garden of Edin - whose electric field properly embedded - defeats death). Compare the electrical meaning of SHEM - to the BLACK hole access- definition of the KHEM in The Science of AlKHEMy.

When waves of charge converge by golden ratio (fractality and self similarity perfected) they convert a part of their inertia (the rotation of charge - called 'mass' -& also defining time) from compression in to acceleration. Charge acceleration is called gravity. The mechanism is that recursive constructive heterodyning (which only golden ratio perfects) takes the charge wave velocities - which add and multiply constructively - pouring some of the (golden mean optimized translation of vorticity)- charge into faster wave progation (wave velocities constructive heterodyned). This way in which charge experiences acceleration in the presence of golden ratio fractality - is the cause of gravity.

Now the brilliant mathematician El Naschie (behind Garrett Lili E8 Unified Field Theory ) called this GOLDEN QUANTUM FIELD THEORY - when he announced that (he agreed with me ) the FRACTALITY IS THE CAUSE OF GRAVITY. Andre Linde put this is similar terms- announcing the FRACTAL NATURE OF SPACE MAY ACTUALLY BE THE CAUSE OF GRAVITY.

What is so nice - is that once you explain this to an intelligent 12 year old- they are often able to understand all kinds of things in physics which university professors still insist are a mystery. Most of them - who intimidate you into not taking control of understanding for yourself - are like the disempowered miracle worshippers who by their inability to believe in their own power of creation, invite parasites like 'priests' - who tell you - you are not SUPPOSED to understand how to create worlds. When in fact world creating begins the moment you begin to feel charge compress inside your own BLISS! Charge compression- resulting in inertia storage and creating mass- being THE creation principle in physics.

--Golden Quantum field theory (non-destructive- self organizing compression - animated: (see Golden Physics appendix below)

The top of the symmetry animation above- displays the how golden ratio wave interference proveably creates maximum CONSTRUCTIVE result, whereas conversely octave/ powers of 2 wave interference creates maximum DESTRUCTIVE interference- which is why cubic wave structures isolate charge, whereas pent and thus golden ratio wave structures (like every living protein - and what planetary magnetospheric rotation NEEDS) - create perfected (Implosive - and LIFEGIVING!) DISTRIBUTION / SELF-ORGANIZATION of charge.

Earth's leaking magnetosphere- So here's how to fix it: In the same way the (para) magnetic poles of Stonehenge - created the fractal (phase conjugate) electric field which accelerated growth and reduced aging..


we realign the magnetic lines- with their charge accelerating fractality. Example: dolmen placement at tetra latitude- on massive paramagnetic scale..

pic = below- the phase conjugating conic dielectric charge accelerator originally mounted at Silbury hill cone- like other tetrahedral latitude dolmen- tuned by tetra symmetry axes- planetary rotation phase lock to zodiacal.. 'planet taming'- creating atmosphere maintenance..(top images from 'Two Thirds' Aulis Press-

This stabilizes the inertial phase lock between the Earth's rotation and zodiacal (longer wave) rotation. When translation of vorticity is perfected cascading inertia between long waves (and volicities) and short - non-destructive - this is called (stable ) gravity. This is the essence of atmosphere maintenance.


In the plasma geometry of orbital mechanics- optimizing efficient translation of vorticity- is key to stable gravity and thus atmosphere in the face of solar wind. We need to take a lesson from the Golden Ratio - proven to be key to planetary orbitals (below.. Kepler's platonic nesting of planets dream vindicated!)> and apply it directly to the concentricity of magnetic circles- from planet periphery to core!


Dreamspell (coherent emotion) as the maker of the key centripedal force: (2 slides from Dan Winter next:)

And if a million children meditate or sing at the same moment- mass implosive biologic coherence.. steers the sun...

Appendix: Golden Physics .. How exciting can it get:

By way of review- from goldenmean.info/creation (pictorial) - THE ONLY REASON ATOMS (Like Planetary Magnetospheres) HAVE AND MAKE GRAVITY IS TO THE EXTENT THEIR INSIDE (NUCLEUS) IS FRACTAL / SELF-SIMILAR (golden ratio) TO THEIR OUTSIDE (ELECTRON SHELLS)!

This enables the non-destructive charge collapse- which defines stable gravity.

So- it is exciting to see physics slowly catching on:

"...the energy of atomic hydrogen is actually equivalent to the energy of the simplest atomic condenser with the Golden mean capacity"

( Remember the golden ratio fractality of hydrogen is the centerpiece of solar fusion, and the absolute center bond of the DNA's zipper / ensoulment)

(Compare this work on Hydrogen - to Randy Masters years of work plumbing the Golden Ratio in the Balmer emission lines of Hydrogen.):

The Golden ratio, ionic and atomic radii and bond lengths Author: Raji Heyrovska a

Affiliation:   a J. Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague, Czech Republic
DOI: 10.1080/00268970412331333591 Publication Frequency: 24 issues per year Published in: journal Molecular Physics, Volume 103, Issue 6 - 8 March 2005 , pages 877 - 882 Subjects: Atomic & Nuclear Physics; Chemical Physics; Group Theory; Mathematical Physics; Physical Chemistry; Quantum Mechanics; Theoretical Physics; Thermodynamics & Kinetic Theory; Number of References: 16 Formats available: HTML (English) : PDF (English)
Abstract This work arose from the author's finding that the ratio of the radius of hydrogen, estimated recently (C.H. Suresh, N. Koga, J. Phys. Chem. A, 105, 5940 (2001)) by density functional methods, to the ground state Bohr radius is the Golden ratio, which operates in a variety of natural phenomena. It is found that the Golden ratio indeed plays a quantitative role in atomic physics. The interesting results are (1) that it arises in atomic dimensions due to the electrostatic forces between negative and positive charges; (2) that the energy of atomic hydrogen is actually equivalent to the energy of the simplest atomic condenser with the Golden mean capacity; (3) that the origin of two terms in the Rydberg equation for absorption and emission is in fact in the ground state term; (4) that all atoms can be assigned definite values of cationic and anionic radii based on the Golden ratio and covalent radii; (5) that these radii are additive and explain quantitatively bond lengths like those of alkali halides, of hydrides of many elements and of many other bonds, whether covalent or ionic or both; and (6) that the work functions of alkali metals can be evaluated using the bond lengths.


We also reprint here for your convenience- from: http://www.secamlocal.ex.ac.uk/people/staff/mrwatkin/zeta/goldenmean.htm

The 'Golden Mean' in number theory

Planat, et. al. have subjected certain arithmetic functions to a type of analysis appropriate to signal processing and discovered a type of power law in the frequency spectrum possibly involving the Golden mean

C. Castro, "Fractal strings as the basis of Cantorian-Fractal spacetime and the fine structure constant"

[abstract:] "Beginning with the most general fractal strings/sprays construction recently expounded in the book by Lapidus and Frankenhuysen, it is shown how the complexified extension of El Naschie's Cantorian-Fractal spacetime model belongs to a very special class of families of fractal strings/sprays whose scaling ratios are given by suitable pinary (pinary, p prime) powers of the Golden Mean. We then proceed to show why the logarithmic periodicity laws in Nature are direct physical consequences of the complex dimensions associated with these fractal strings/sprays. We proceed with a discussion on quasi-crystals with p-adic internal symmetries, von Neumann's Continuous Geometry, the role of wild topology in fractal strings/sprays, the Banach-Tarski paradox, tesselations of the hyperbolic plane, quark confinement and the Mersenne-prime hierarchy of bit-string physics in determining the fundamental physical constants in Nature."

Castro's observation possibly linking the 'Golden String' to a function central to the behaviour of certain eigenvalues in random matrix theory (which in turn appears to be deeply linked to the behaviour of the nontrivial zeros of the Riemann zeta function).

P. Cvitanovic, "Circle Maps: Irrationally Winding" from Number Theory and Physics, eds. C. Itzykson, et. al. (Springer, 1992)

"We shall start by briefly summarizing the results of the 'local' renormalization theory for transitions from quasiperiodicity to chaos. In experimental tests of this theory one adjusts the external frequency to make the frequency ratio as far as possible from being mode-locked. this is most readily attained by tuning the ratio to the 'golden mean' (51/2 - 1)/2. The choice of the golden mean is dictated by number theory: the golden mean is the irrational number for which it is hardest to give good rational approximants. As experimental measurements have limited accuracy, physicists usually do not expect that such number-theoretic subtleties as how irrational a number is should be of any physical interest. However, in the dynamical systems theory to chaos the starting point is the enumeration of asymptotic motions of a dynamical system, and through this enumeration number theory enters and comes to play a central role."

B.W. Ninham and S. Lidin, "Some remarks on quasi-crystal structure", Acta Crystallographica A 48 (1992) 640-650

[abstract:] "The Fourier transform of skeleton delta function that characterizes the most striking features of experimental quasi-crystal diffraction patterns is evaluated. The result plays a role analogous to the Poisson summation formula for periodic delta functions that underlie classical crystallography. The real-space distribution can be interpreted in terms of a backbone comprising a system of intersecting equiangular spirals into which are inscribed (self-similar) gnomons of isoceles triangles with length-to-base ratio the golden mean...In addition to the vertices of these triangles, there is an infinite number of other points that may tile space in two or three dimensions. Other mathematical formulae of relevance are briefly discussed."

[from concluding remarks:] "Perhaps the most interesting feature is that our Fourier-transform sum seems to have much in common with the distribution of the zeros of the Riemann zeta function...! That indicates something of the depth of the problem. That the zeta function ought to come into the scheme of things somehow is not surprising - the Poisson and related summation formulae are special cases of the Jacobi theta function. [Indeed the Bravais lattices can be enumerated systematically through an integral over all possible products and sums of products of any three of the four theta functions in different combinations that automatically preserve translational and rotational symmetries.] The theta-function transformations are themselves just another way of writing the [functional equation of the zeta function]. Additionally, the properties of the zeta function are automatically connected to the theory of prime numbers. So one expects that the Rogers-Ramanujan relations must play a central role in the scheme of things for quasi-crystals."

V. Dimitrov, T. Cooklev and B. Donevsky, "Number theoretic transforms over the golden section quadratic field.", IEEE Trans. Sig. Proc. 43 (1995) 1790-1797

V. Dimitrov,G. Jullien, and W. Miller, "A residue number system implementation of real orthogonal transforms", IEEE Trans. Sig. Proc. 46 (1998) 563-570.

M.L. Lapidus and M. van Frankenhuysen, "A prime orbit theorem for self-similar flows and Diophantine approximation", Contemporary Mathematics volume 290 (AMS 2001) 113-138.

"EXAMPLE 2.23 (The Golden flow). We consider the nonlattice flow GF with weights w1 = log 2 and w2 = \phi log2, where \phi = (1 + 51/2)/2 is the golden ratio. We call this flow the golden flow. Its dynamical zeta function is

\zetaGF(s) = 1/(1 - 2-s - 2-\phis)"

C. Bonanno and M.S. Mega, "Toward a dynamical model for prime numbers" Chaos, Solitons and Fractals 20 (2004) 107-118

[abstract:] "We show one possible dynamical approach to the study of the distribution of prime numbers. Our approach is based on two complexity methods, the Computable Information Content and the Entropy Information Gain, looking for analogies between the prime numbers and intermittency."

The main idea here is that the Manneville map Tz exhibits a phase transition at z = 2, at which point the mean Algorithmic Information Content of the associated symbolic dynamics is n/log n. n is a kind of iteration number. For this to work, the domain of Tz [0,1] must be partitioned as [0,0.618...] U [0.618...,1] where 1.618... is the golden mean.

The authors attempt to exploit the resemblance to the approximating function in the Prime Number Theorem, and in some sense model the distribution of primes in dynamical terms, i.e. relate the prime number series (as a binary string) to the orbits of the Manneville map T2. Certain refinements of this are then explored.

The Phyllotaxis project's notes on the Farey Tree and the Golden Mean

Selvam's attempts to link the Riemann zeta funcion to fluid flow, atmospheric turbulence, etc. (the Golden Mean appearing as a winding number)

I have discovered a particularly simple Beurling generalised-prime configuration wherein the associated zeta function has a 'fixed point' at the Golden Ratio (i.e. zeta(1.618...) = 1.618...   Notes will be added here in due course.

J. Dudon, "The golden scale", Pitch I/2 (1987) 1-7.

"The Golden scale is a unique unequal temperament based on the Golden number. The equal temperaments most used, 5, 7, 12, 19, 31, 50, etc. are crystallizations through the numbers of the Fibonacci series, of the same universal Golden scale, based on a geometry of intervals related in Golden proportion. The author provides the ratios and dimensions of its intervals and explains the specific intonation interest of such a cycle of Golden fifths, unfolding into microtonal coincidences with the first five significant prime numbers ratio intervals (3:5:7:11:13)." [Note that here the Fibonacci sequence mentioned differs slightly from, but is closely related to, the usual one.]

In their paper "The golden mean as clock cycle of brain waves" (Chaos, Solitons and Fractals 18 No. 4 (2003) 643-652, Harald and Volkmar Weiss acknowledge this website as one of several "...without which our work would be impossible", and in a subsequent email, Volkmar Weiss wrote "Your site was very helpful to us in an extraordinary way."

Although the article has no explicit number theoretical content, it relates closely to quite a few different areas of research which are relevant to this archive.

[abstract:] "The principle of information coding by the brain seems to be based on the golden mean. Since decades psychologists have claimed memory span to be the missing link between psychometric intelligence and cognition. By applying Bose-Einstein-statistics to learning experiments, Pascual-Leone obtained a fit between predicted and tested span. Multiplying span by mental speed (bits processed per unit time) and using the entropy formula for bosons, we obtain the same result. If we understand span as the quantum number n of a harmonic oscillator, we obtain this result from the EEG. The metric of brain waves can always be understood as a superposition of n harmonics times $2\Phi$, where half of the fundamental is the golden mean $\Phi$ (= 1.618) as the point of resonance. Such wave packets scaled in powers of the golden mean have to be understood as numbers with directions, where bifurcations occur at the edge of chaos, i.e. $2\Phi = 3 + \phi^3$. Similarities with El Naschie?s theory for high energy particle?s physics are also discussed."


further on this- plumbing the physics of Golden Mean... :






Finally - we reprint here from


Physics SOLUTIONS based on fractality- from Dan Winter..

New Scientist- Published Article Comment from Dan Winter:
HOW Fractality Causes Gravity& Life Force: PHASE CONJUGATION ( and review of links)
Exerpt from new New Scientist Magazine Article: Can Fractals Make Sense of the Quantum World?

(at this moment- near the final published comment - on New Scientist web site- from Implosion Group- reads:)

Fractality:Electrical Mechanism Of Gravity-paper 2006

Wed Apr 01 08:04:43 BST 2009 by Implosion Group

To be clear, the paper:

"Is Fractality: The Electrical Mechanism of Gravity"

by Dan Winter


from the proceedings Budapest 2006 Unified Field Theories Conference

predates El Nashie's wonderful: 'golden quantum field theory' quote:

"fractalization is the origin of gravity'

--and Andre Linde:" The Fractal nature of space may actually be the cause of gravity"


How Fractality Causes Gravity&life Force:phase Conjugation

Tue Mar 31 09:05:03 BST 2009 by dan winter

more depth: (from both international conferences on unified field physics of budapest)


fractality is perfected in golden ratio - which is key to phase conjugation (recursive constructive wave interference / constructive self re-entry)

this fractality is the electric cause of gravity because phase velocity heterodynes phase conjugate constructively by golden ratio

-this is the cause of gravity because charge compression turns in to acceleration,

(see links to el nashie - on fractality mechanism of gravity - called golden quantum field theory-
behind E8 - garrett lisi)

this is the cause of life force and perception because phase conjugates are known to self organize and self locate

(known for optics, new for dielectrics, and now we have begun to illustrate this also in phase conjugate magnetics)
dan winter

--below we reprint for your convenience - FRACTALITY highlights from goldenmean.info:

Golden ratio perfected- fractality - or phase conjugation creates the CHARGE IMPLOSION - which is behind ALL centripedal and self organizing universal forces- especially including:

*gravity goldenmean.info/budapest08/physicsoverview.html

*life force ( goldenmean.info/biophoton

*origin of color ( goldenmean.info/fractalcolor

*perception and consciousness ( goldenmean.info/budapest08

*bliss / peak experience / ecstasy ( goldenmean.info/clinicalintro , goldenmean.info/matrix

*DNA's electric and immortalizing purpose and destiny ( goldenmean.info/dnamanifesto

*origin of alphabet and symbol ( goldenmean.info/dnaring , spirals.eternite.com )

--Fractal Field- a COMPLETE FRACTAL COSMOLOGY: goldenmean.info/completefractalcosmology

PHASE CONJUGATION (fractal optimized) as the wave mechanism in principle of PERCEPTION: goldenmean.info/perception

Fractal / non-destructive (golden ratio optimized / implosive) CHARGE COMPRESSION is the essential symmetry and CAUSE of all: 1. mass creation, 2. gravity, 3. biology, 4. healing, 5. self organization from chaos, 6. symbol making, 7. consciousness, and 8. all BLISS / PEAK EXPERIENCE / ENLIGHTENMENT.
Since all biologic growth is limited by ability to absorb energy it is self evident the best way to compress that in to nourish biology is FRACTAL! - Since fractality is the perfect geometry for compression, it is therefore the perfect geometry of distribution - AND the RADIANCE of charge efficiency which defines all of life.

The FRACTAL FIELD - Revolutionary Research Frontier - with Radically Powerful Solutions to Virtually ALL Major Global Issues..
"A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it."--Max Planck, German Theoretical Physicist

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Can fractals make sense of the quantum world?

QUANTUM theory just seems too weird to believe. Particles can be in more than one place at a time. They don't exist until you measure them. Spookier still, they can even stay in touch when they are separated by great distances.

Einstein thought this was all a bit much, believing it to be evidence of major problems with the theory, as many critics still suspect today. Quantum enthusiasts point to the theory's extraordinary success in explaining the behaviour of atoms, electrons and other quantum systems. They insist we have to accept the theory as it is, however strange it may seem.

But what if there were a way to reconcile these two opposing views, by showing how quantum theory might emerge from a deeper level of non-weird physics?

If you listen to physicist Tim Palmer, it begins to sound plausible. What has been missing, he argues, are some key ideas from an area of science that most quantum physicists have ignored: the science of fractals, those intricate patterns found in everything from fractured surfaces to oceanic flows (see What is a fractal?).

Take the mathematics of fractals into account, says Palmer, and the long-standing puzzles of quantum theory may be much easier to understand. They might even dissolve away.

It is an argument that is drawing attention from physicists around the world. "His approach is very interesting and refreshingly different," says physicist Robert Spekkens of the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo, Canada. "He's not just trying to reinterpret the usual quantum formalism, but actually to derive it from something deeper."

That Palmer is making this argument may seem a little odd, given that he is a climate scientist working at the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasting in Reading, UK. It makes more sense when you learn that Palmer studied general relativity at the University of Oxford, working under the same PhD adviser as Stephen Hawking.

So while Palmer has spent the last 20 years establishing a reputation as a leading mathematical climatologist, he has also continued to explore the mysteries of his first interest, quantum theory (see "Quantum ambitions").

"It has taken 20 years of thinking," says Palmer, "but I do think that most of the paradoxes of quantum theory may well have a simple and comprehensible resolution."

Arguments over quantum theory have raged since the 1920s, starting with a series of famous exchanges between Einstein and the Danish physicist Niels Bohr.

Bohr and his supporters believed that the theory's successful description of atoms and radiation meant you should abandon old philosophical concepts, such as the idea that objects have definite properties even when no one is there to measure them.

Einstein and his followers countered that such radicalism was wildly premature. They argued that much of the quantum weirdness was nothing more than a lack of adequate knowledge. Find a quantum system's "hidden variables", Einstein suspected, and quantum theory might make common sense, a view that quantum enthusiasts thought was ultra conservative and out of touch. The argument rages to this day.

Fractals unite

Palmer believes his work shows it is possible that Einstein and Bohr may have been emphasising different aspects of the same subtle physics. "My hypothesis is motivated by two concepts that wouldn't have been known to the founding fathers of quantum theory," he says: black holes and fractals.

Palmer's ideas begin with gravity. The force that makes apples fall and holds planets in their orbit is also the only fundamental physical process capable of destroying information. It works like this: the hot gas and plasma making up a star contain an enormous amount of information locked in the atomic states of a huge number of particles. If the star collapses under its own gravity to form a black hole, most of the atoms are sucked in, resulting in almost all of that detailed information vanishing. Instead, the black hole can be described completely using just three quantities - its mass, angular momentum and electric charge.

Many physicists accept this view, but Palmer thinks they haven't pursued its implications far enough. As a system loses information, the number of states you need to describe it diminishes. Wait long enough and you will find that the system reaches a point where no more states can be lost. In mathematical terms, this special subset of states is known as an invariant set. Once a state lies in this subset, it stays in it forever.

A simple way of thinking about it is to imagine a swinging pendulum that slows down due to friction before eventually coming to a complete standstill. Here the invariant set is the one that describes the pendulum at rest.

Because black holes destroy information, Palmer suggests that the universe has an invariant set too, though it is far more complicated than the pendulum.

Complex systems are affected by chaos, which means that their behaviour can be influenced greatly by tiny changes. According to mathematics, the invariant set of a chaotic system is a fractal.

Fractal invariant sets have unusual geometric properties. If you plotted one on a map it would trace out the same intricate structure as a coastline. Zoom in on it and you would find more and more detail, with the patterns looking similar to the original unzoomed image.

Gravity and mathematics alone, Palmer suggests, imply that the invariant set of the universe should have a similarly intricate structure, and that the universe is trapped forever in this subset of all possible states. This might help to explain why the universe at the quantum level seems so bizarre.

For example, it may point to a natural explanation for one of the biggest puzzles of quantum physics, what physicists refer to as its "contextuality". Quantum theory seems to insist that particles do not have any properties before they are measured. Instead, the very act of measurement brings their properties into being. Or, put another way, quantum systems have meaning only in the context of the particular experiments performed on them.

Ever since Einstein, many physicists have hoped that a new approach might go beyond quantum theory and find a way to restore belief in objective and independent properties. But in 1967, mathematicians Simon Kochen and Ernst Specker published a theorem showing that this dream, if possible, cannot be done in quite the way physicists would like.

Central to Kochen and Specker's theorem is a thought experiment. Say you choose to measure different properties of a quantum system, such as the position or velocity of a quantum particle. Each time you do so, you will find that your measurements agree with the predictions of quantum theory. Kochen and Specker showed that it is impossible to conceive a hypothesis that can make the same successful predictions as quantum theory if the particles have pre-existing properties, as would be the case in classical physics.

This result has driven many physicists to reach a startling conclusion about how to interpret quantum theory. Either you have to abandon the existence of any kind of objective reality, instead believing that objects have no properties until they are measured, or you have to accept that distant parts of the universe share a spooky connection that allows them to share information even when the distance and timing means that no signal could have passed between them without travelling faster than light.

Palmer's idea suggests a third possibility - that the kinds of experiments considered by Kochen and Specker are simply impossible to get answers from and hence irrelevant.

The key is the invariant set. According to Palmer's hypothesis, the invariant set contains all the physically realistic states of the universe. So any state that isn't part of the invariant set cannot physically exist.

Suppose you perform the Kochen-Specker thought experiment and measure the position of an electron. Then you ask what you would have found if you repeated the experiment, only this time measuring the electron's velocity instead.

According to Palmer, when you repeat the experiment you are testing a hypothetical universe that is identical to the real one except that the position-measuring equipment is replaced with velocity-measuring equipment.

This is where the fractal nature of the invariant set matters. Consider a place of interest you want to visit along a coastline. If you get the coordinates even slightly wrong you could end up in the sea rather than where you want to be. In the same way, if the hypothetical universe does not lie on the fractal, then that universe is not in the invariant set and so it cannot physically exist.

Due to the spare and wispy nature of fractals, even subtle changes in the hypothetical universes could cause them to fall outside the invariant set. In this way, Spekkens says, Palmer's hypothesis may help to make some sense of quantum contextuality.

"I think his approach is really interesting and novel," says Spekkens. "Other physicists have shown how you can find a way out of the Kochen-Specker problem, but this work actually provides a mechanism to explain the theorem."

Following on from this, Palmer believes that many other features of quantum theory also fall into place. For example, quantum theory is famous for making only statistical predictions - it can only tell you the probability of finding an electron with its quantum-mechanical spin pointing up.

This arises naturally, suggests Palmer, because quantum theory is blind to the intricate fractal structure of the invariant set. Just as our eyes cannot discern the smallest details in fractal patterns, quantum theory only sees "coarse grain approximations", as if it is looking through fuzzy spectacles.

Other physicists seem inspired by the novelty of Palmer's approach. "What makes this really interesting is that it gets away from the usual debates over multiple universes and hidden variables and so on," says Bob Coecke, a physicist at the University of Oxford. "It suggests there might be an underlying physical geometry that physics has just missed, which is radical and very positive."

Coecke points out that very few scientists working on fundamental physics have explored how fractals might be incorporated into the theory, even though they are commonplace in other parts of physics.

Palmer is hoping that will change. In a paper submitted to the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society A, he shows how the basic idea can account for quantum uncertainty, contextuality and other quantum puzzles (www.arxiv.org/abs/0812.1148).

Many details still need to be fleshed out, says Coecke. "Palmer manages to explain some quantum phenomena," he says, "but he hasn't yet derived the whole rigid structure of the theory. This is really necessary."

Palmer accepts the criticism and is hopeful that he will be able to improve his theory over time. In the best of worlds, he thinks his framework may provide a way to finally reunite the warring parties of Einstein's and Bohr's followers.

After all, the theory backs Einstein's view that quantum theory really is incomplete. It is, Palmer says, blind to the fractal structure of the invariant set. If it wasn't, it would see that the world is not only deterministic, but it never exhibits any spooky effects.

On the other hand, it also agrees with the view of Bohr and his followers: the properties of individual quantum systems are not independent of the entire world, especially the experiments we humans use to explore them. We are stuck with the disturbing fact that how we measure always influences what we find.

For now, quantum theory remains mysterious but its air of mystique may not last forever.

Quantum ambitions

When Tim Palmer finished his PhD in physics at the University of Oxford 30 years ago, he had the opportunity to work as a postdoc with Stephen Hawking at the University of Cambridge. The hot topic in theoretical physics back then was supergravity, a theory that aimed to include gravity in a universe with 11 dimensions.

Despite Hawking's enthusiasm for the idea, Palmer remained lukewarm. Supergravity takes quantum theory as an unquestioned starting point and then tries to bring gravity within its fold, an approach Palmer found unappealing.

"I felt that quantum theory was at best a provisional theory," Palmer recalls.

Instead, he switched to climate science where he rapidly established an international reputation. Today Palmer is known for pioneering a method called ensemble forecasting, which incorporates the role of chaos to create climate forecasts that include specific estimates of their own accuracy. But even as Palmer's work became widely influential - so much so that he has taken a key role on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change - he could never forget the quantum puzzles that so occupied him before.

What is a fractal?

Fractals are geometrical shapes that aren't smooth like circles or rectangles. They are irregular structures with the same structure repeating on ever finer scales. No matter how much you blow up a picture of a fractal, it will always look the same.

The natural world contains many examples of fractals, including ferns, broccoli, river networks, blood vessels and coastlines.

Mark Buchanan is a writer based in Cambridge, UKFractals like this one exhibited by the Romanesco cauliflower could help explain the wackiness of quantum theory (Image: fishmonk / stock.xchng)

Fractals like this one exhibited by the Romanesco cauliflower could help explain the wackiness of quantum theory (Image: fishmonk / stock.xchng)



Dan Winter- film updates from goldenmean.info/scienceofalchemy


Below- we add a short exerpt from (as you see at bottom- our model of the cause of gravity) goldenmean.info/kit

Star Mother II

A "Cosmic Fractal BioCrystal"

New! Star Mother Kit - Includes - Hi Res Instructions and Explanation DVD Video ! - see online version Here>


Sacred Geometry Modeling Ultimate Learning Tool, - cost- $55.00 , from Dan Winter


Embeds: StarTetra (Green) / Octa (Red) / Cube (White) 1.0 / Inner Dodec (White) .618 / Icosa (Yellow) 1.618 / Outer Dodec (White ) 2.618 .

Star Mother II Kit $59 , Online Ordering : Kit Description :

NEW! Star Mother Kit DVD (video PAL)- Instruction, Assemble, Interpretation and Scientific Implication (Perfect CHARGE Collapse)- Included with the Kit / and with DVD set orders..

- ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS , Printer Friendly (pdf) Version of Kit Assembly Instructions: StarMother2.pdf

 NEW Hi Res - animated DVD Video! -
Real Science of Holy Grail:Fractal Implosion in DNA Creates Electrically SUCCESSFUL DEATH! -

NEWest Online Video.. Exerpt from Above!! English & French - traduction:Valerie Sandelin

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or see

Above: The Icosahedron (light blue) animates from perfect HEX to perfect PENT view..

(Visual Basic animation courtesy of Frank B.)



Moving from inside out: Octa edge 2^1/2 / 2, Red Vertex -

Star Tetra edge 2^1/2, White Vertex

Cube edge 1.0, Same White Vertex

Inner Dodec edge .618 (Nodes in Place, edges implied), Same White Vertex

Stellations of that Dodec : length 1.0

Icosa: Edge 1.618, Yellow Vertex

Stellations of that Icosa: lenth 2.618

Outer Dodeca: edge 2.618, White Vertex.


Kit Description:

The essential notion is that you extend the edges (waves?) of the DODECA straight out by Golden Ratio, you intersect at the outer embedding ICOSA. And Doing that again to the ICOSA you make the next DODECA.. infinitely. Because this is how waves might interfere CONSTRUCTIVELY INFINITELY in 3D 'fractal' perfect compression - this (perfect PHIlotactic Embedding) appears to be the shape of:

1. DNA

2. Earth Grid

3. Zodiac


And if completed d,f - 10/14 -5/7 pair spin electron subshells are what make GOLD noble... then this is likely a useful 3D model of fractality in ATOMIC shape as well. (Also see Moon's notes on platonic Nuclear array, and Palladium's key to FUSION as clearly DODECA).

Each vertex of the infinite nest of stellating DODEC to ICOS is sustained in a simple Golden Ratio lengths from center:

Mind inhabits this PHIRE..


The original inspiration for the Star Mother Kit, came from the LESSER MAZE description in Gordon Plummer's Theosophic classic text: "Mathematics of the Cosmic Mind". (He also kiindly wrote the intro for my original less sophisticated Star Mother Kit - pic below).

Original Star Mother :

Rich Philosophical Background of the Zometool

from Dan Winter..

Zometool Web Site


Here is an earlier less complete version of the Star Mother nest, ('Cosmic Fractal Biocrystal'):

The ability to accurately model and visualize true 3 dimensional wave nests - the origin of chemistry - is vital to the evolution of the powerful pyschokinetic psyche. This hi-resolution leverage to visualize light mechanics accurately in what I have called 'recursion' implosion symmetry - is one of the gifts unique to Zometool.

As we illustrate below, this pent based dodec and icos symmetry structure is the true essence of ALL living forms - from DNA, to the Earth Grid to the 12 faced Zodiac idea.



The Zometool descends from the rich philosophical line of Buckminster Fuller and the world of "Sacred Architecture" which that implies. What is also rich is that the modern world of chemistry has beened richly rewritten recently with the discovery and naming of "Buckminster Fullerene". The shape of which dodeca-icosa carbon array is based on Bucky's inspired Geodesic domes. (below pics). What is also ideal, is that the Zometool Rhombi-Icosa connector design makes it ideal to assemble such pent- dodec based shapes.

One among many reasons that Fullerene Chemistry is so profound, is that the excited carbon trigonal bond when launched from simple octa-diamond symmetry literally by a spark gap, forms the UNPACK triangular bond of a DODECAHEDRON. Upon doing so chemically - a NEW KIND OF MOLECULAR SPACE is created in the center. This has profound implications for the discovery of implosion and fusion (http://www.goldenmean.info/fusion ). It also is the symmetry base of the "Clathrate Cage" dodeca water molecular nest, upon which the health miracle Microhydrin is based. ( www.royal-health.com/microhydrin.htm , www.microhydron.com/microhydrin.htm , www.webdeb.com/microhydrin/ , microhydron.freeyellow.com/microhydrin/microcluster.htm )

The point for discovering how to ESCAPE HEAT, is in the recursion geometry of perfect EGG-ness. We track our genetic roots to the first woman "Eve" in Africa due to the literal fractality of EGG cell mitochondria. The foldedness on surface becomes so self embedded, the fractal amount of 'coastline' goes toward inPHIknit. Your mothers Egg born whole and fractal inside her mother, inside her mother, inside her mother.... creating a perfect biologically grounding fractal tornado wormhole contiguous in it's fold between you now, and the "big bang'.

If turning the inside into the shape of what is outside, becomes the suction to center we call compassion - then this new COOL insight may hold a key to keeping our planetary cool...!



Perfect embedding SUCKS! (becoming sacred / sustainable means assuming the position/geometry which can change scale without changing ratio ).

Acheiving 'NON-DESTRUCTIVE COMPRESSION' (NO-HEAT GENERATED - same as NO FEAR emoto-magnetically) requires ASSUMING THE POSITION called de-VINE-ness (which means perfect PHI - Golden Ratio based branching / nesting).

This can be accomplished on the land, in the same way the EKG accomplishes this at the moment of BLISS and COMPASSION (pictures at goldenmean.info/dimple (link at sitemap) ).

The heart discovers a way to nest it's harmonics in such a way as to create EMBEDDING. This creates the electrical RUSH (implosion) we call BLISS. ... and sucks 'inside out' the magnetism (FEELING) which was outside, IN to inside. This creates the identification (eye-dent-eye-tie) of what was outside with was IS inside. Hence, magnetic EMBEDDING IS the electrically accurate DESCRIPTION (topologically) of COMPASSION.

animation at goldenmean.info/grail.html

Above and below - dodeca / icosa stellating Earth grid magnetics permits us to embed and thus survive ... heat?



(above) Outside - 12 faced dodec zodiac, mid sphere dodec Earth, inner sphere dodec core which wratchets into DNA..




Infinite Dodeca Icosa Stellation - basis of DNA - Earth Grid - Zodiac - perfect embedding. Labeled also: "lesse maze" , "star mother", true Merkabbah, and the true symmetry of the City Of Revelation - ref. John Michell


Note how the x,y,z values of each of the vertex of all the nodes in the star mother- are simple exponents (whole number multiples) of Golden Mean .618 , 1.0, 1.618, 2.618

This is mathematic evidence- further- that since by trig- we see- this confirms that in addition-EACH POINT IS ALWAYS A MULTIPLE OF GOLDEN RATIO ALSO- IN DISTANCE TO CENTER POINT!

This- as has been recently proven in the structure of hydrogen - is how this model- is effectively (quoting mathematician - El Naschie) - how the GOLDEN QUANTUM FIELD THEORY- is EVIDENCE THAT FRACTALITY IS THE CAUSE OF GRAVITY.


So - we reprint the list here - as Dan Winter published in his first book ONE CRYSTAL'S DANCE- (over 30 years ago)-

of the Golden Coordinates of the Star Mother:

This set assumes- cube edge = 2 units

So the tetra edges would be square root of 2 times 2

Dodeca edge = .618 times 2

Icosa edge = 1.618 times 2

and the NEXT outer dodeca stellation edge 2.618 times 2


Vertex of the octahedron: (6)



0, -1,0





Vertex of the cube (8)










Vertex of the dodecahedron (20):

The dodeca vertex are composed exactly of the above 8 vertex of the cube- PLUS-these additional 12:

-.618, 1.618, 0

.618, 1.618, 0

1.618, 0, .618

1.618, 0, -.618

-.618, -1.618, 0

.618, -1.618, 0

-1.618, 0, .618

-1.618, 0, -.618

0, .618, 1.618

0, -.618, 1.618

0, .618, -1.618

0, -.618, -1.618


Vertex of the Icosahedron (12):

2.618, 0, 1.618

2.618, 0, -1.618

-2.618, 0, 1.618

-2.618, 0, -1.618

-1.618, 2.618, 0

1.618, 2.618, 0

-1.618, -2.618, 0

1.618, -2.618, 0

0, 1.618, 2.618

0, -1.618, 2.618

0, 1.618, -2.618

0, -1.618, -2.618


Quoting further from One Crystal's Dance by Dan Winter - in his 20's

"Note how simple it is to continue infinitely..

simply extend every icosahedron edge length straight out by ratio Golden Mean, to make another Dodeca, then extend that dodeca edge straight out again by Golden Ratio longer to make another

icosa etc. Alternating (interdigitating) infinitely.

Each succeeding dodeca or icosa can be plotted digitally by simply multiplying by Golden Mean squared (2.618) to the vertex coordinates of the previous!

Use vision to understand the physical (phi cycle) significance of this. The distance from every node to every axis of symmetry, AND to the core (center point) is ALWAYS a power of the GOLDEN MEAN. See 12 golden mean, spiral cones, in this required pyramid like angular relation, making our STAR MOTHER, and indirectly the dodecahedron of DNA. See concentric spheres as wave bubbles. The wave length must divide evenly into the RADIUS AS A POWER OF THE GOLDEN MEAN. This fulfills the requirement that waves colliding toward center of gravity (mass), in order to conserve momentum (order, memory, mind) must not interfere with each other. The harmonics make ONLY constructive interference as they nest in this way."

(30 years later this seems precisely predictive of El Naschie's GOLDEN QUANTUM FIELD THEORY- MATHEMATICS- agreeing that this FRACTALITY IS THE CAUSE OF GRAVITY.

(see golden ratio proven in the structure of hydrogen.. goldenmean.info/poleshift - bottom

see this nest become the atomic table: goldenmean.info/creation


click for pdf exerpt

Continue with the physics;