ANOTHER Neurofeedback Breakthru: NEW- 'GFFT' Cepstrum Measuring COHERENCE at ANY Brainwave Ratio!
-Displays the RATIO between Contained Frequencies, AND The AMOUNT of (internal phase) COHERENCE at that Ratio.

+ (related) - IS Perception exactly the wave mechanics of PHASE CONJUGATION.
Evidence that Phase Conjugation-Optimized by Phi / Fractal Recursion.. (Electrical COHERENCE Perfected?)
is a (or THE?) Primary Wave Mechanism of Perception..
(follow up to previous article : Golden Ratio physics + new Fractal Synth Software + Physics of Consciousness Scientific Community Responds)

Implosion Group (originally by Dan Winter) newsletter 'Feb 24,07
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Leads the WORLD! In both Definition and Measurement of Peak Perception / Meditation / Bliss..
Describes for the first time - a World First - THE REAL PHYSICS OF PERCEPTION!

Perceval - Perceive-All, Pierce Evil: perceive the grail - - the phase conjugation that IS perception!
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New Mar6,07 - Major new HeartTuner / BlissTuner documentary - tour - training Film

Observe something you arrogant physicists: Fractality Causes Charge to ACCELERATE! 'A Hundred years writing equations, these physicists are NO closer to knowing what electric field symmetry will feed DNA or a seed! They are fools!"- Dan Winter- is arguably the worlds foremost expert on the physics of meditation, the physics of kundalini, and the electrical nature of consciousness. Using the pure charge symmetry language of physics, he argues that that western scientists are fools and leading the race to death because- they do not have the barest clue to the electrical nature of life, the function and purpose of life - even the immortalizing coherence making electrical function of DNA. Current scientists in their fabulously arrogant ignorance ("Why does an object fall to the ground, Mr Einstein?") have not the least clue to how gravity is made and stabilized (fractality) and therefore how DNA creates an implosive and gravity making (phase conjugate) coherence field that CAN get immortal. In effect - western science is literally blind to everything that makes life meaningful- namely - that which brings charge (fractally) into DNA to the point of the BLISS (see how it's measured) - that makes you sustainable (how surviving death is measured in charge coherence). Why should spiritual growth be precisely the science of electric fields? Because anything else would not be a unified field. . - Follow us as we explore how the simple physics of fractal charge deeply explains - to the point of true self empowerment - the deepest mysteries of LIFE!

- backgroup reading here: The Constructive Aspect of Visual Perception: A Gestalt Field Theory Principle of Visual Reification Suggests a Phase Conjugate Mirror Principle of Perceptual Computation Steven Lehar - Abstract Many Gestalt illusions reveal a constructive, or generative aspect of perceptual processing where the experience contains more explicit spatial information than the visual stimulus on which it is based.ÿy´ The experience of Gestalt illusions often appears as volumetric spatial structures bounded by continuous colored surfaces embedded in a volumetric space. These, and many other phenomena, suggest a field theory principle of visual representation and computation in the brain. That is, an essential aspect of neurocomputation involves extended spatial fields of energy interacting in lawful ways across the tissue of the brain, as a spatial computation taking place in a spatial medium. ÿy´The explicitly spatial parallel nature of field theory computation offers a solution to the otherwise intractable inverse optics problem; that is, to reverse the optical projection to the retina, and reconstruct the three-dimensional configuration of objects and surfaces in the world that is most likely to have been the cause of the two-dimensional stimulus. A two-dimensional reverse grassfire algorithm, and a three-dimensional reverse shock scaffold algorithm are presented as examples of parallel spatial algorithms that address the inverse optics problem by essentially constructing every possible spatial interpretation simultaneously in parallel, and then selecting from that infinite set, the subset of patterns that embody the greatest intrinsic symmetry. ÿy´The principle of nonlinear wave phenomenaÿy´ and phase conjugate mirrors is invoked as a possible mechanism.

more background: A Practical Usage of Phase Conjugate Sound for Physical Stress Relief (reference Tom Bearden - Betar)

Evidence that Phase Conjugation-Optimized by Phi / Fractal Recursion.. (Electrical COHERENCE Perfected?)

is a (or THE?) Primary Wave Mechanism of Perception.. at

- a) whole brain level - How else could we explain the - NEUROFEEDBACK REVOLUTION - how Golden Ratio EEG Which is changing the way we understand PEAK PERCEPTION. Golden Ratio is evidently the wave geometry of perfected PHASE CONJUGATION. Previous literature on Golden Ratio importance in EEG - 'BlissTuner' Measured Correlate of Peak Perception refs: (original history) , , (physicists comment- bottom) , .

b) cellular level - Golden Ratio or recursive braiding within the microtubule (Hameroff medium of 'consciousness')-pics and ref

c) genetic level - is the recursive braiding and recursive power spectra of DNA - precisely characterized by Golden Ratio - because self correction / ability to emerge from chaos specifically created by the physics of Phase Conjugation - among waves of - charge / light .. etc. - references and pics:,

d) neuron geometry level- fractality in fibres of perkinjole (neuron network fractality electrically drives the heart. - references ,: Goldberger - fractal self similarity in the Heart Electrification, and -

(from the dialog below) ".. IF this is correct - then - our ability to understand observation or perception in psychology is precisely limited by our understanding of phase conjugate physics.

A phase conjugate mirror accomplishes self correcting of aberration, time reversal,- in short the observation of self organization. Once we see the holy grail of physics in the fractal Golden Ratio coeur of phase conjugation - we can grok why PERCEPTION IS the WAVE MECHANICS OF PHASE CONJUGATION!

This is why I find it so beautifully illuminating that golden ratio in EEG brainwaves - evidently correlates to peak PERCEPTION. Again suggesting strongly that peak PERCEPTION is the perfected PHASE CONJUGATION golden ratio allows. This is infinite constructive wave interference..

How Golden Ratio waves produce more charge distribution (power is area under the curve summed in the next graph ): (proof: the FRACTAL SYNTH software- at ). Implications for WHY we see Golden Ratio in Brainwaves during Peak Experience / Peak Perception / Peak Performance - will change Brain Science forever! WHY Golden Ratio - Charge Wave Heterodyning is the Electrical Cause of GRAVITY, LIFE, and CONSCIOUSNESS.

Pent vs Hex- Phi / Golden Mean vs Octaves - Charge DISTRIBUTED vs Charge Isolated / Stored

We know how scientists can observe and measure (consistent with Bill Tiller's 'Conscious Acts of Creation' PROOF that human attention compresses charge)
- how your vision gets much more clear- when you sit for a moment under an ancient TREE. NOW- we explain WHY to your physics class: The tree's weak charge field
(measurement) is more PHASE CONJUGATE (fractal)!!

- also Now that we know what creates perception - and the same FRACTAL-FIELD - creates growth thrival - for ALL DNA + the ORIGIN of IMMUNE HEALTH!! - so (knowing the physics of what is a LIVING CAPACITOR / sacred space= fractal charge compression) we now must RE-INVENT ARCHITECTURE - and CITIES!!!

Related- Breakthru in Neurofeedback - to MEASURE Phase Conjugation AND Perception??
We recognized that our present COHERENCE measure / cepstrum can reward octave linear harmonic cascades, but cannot descriminate in itself the distinct Golden Ratio we now know is the indicator of peak perception / transcendence. So we knew we needed another revolution in neurofeedback. We have now devised a GFFT (Geometric FFT) Cepstrum-
(demo animated below) to permit us to display differentially in the BlissTuner - the amount of Octave Coherence AND the amount of Golden Ratio coherence in the power of the Brain. In addition to measuring INTERNAL COHERENCE - at ANY geometric harmonic cascade in EEG- it actually displays the RATIO between contained harmonics! Here is an output graph of the Fractal Synth - adjusted to show how the new special 'Imploder Cepstrum' works:

Once again- Neurofeedback is now radically more powerful: Notice how the Geometric FFT version of the Cepstrum - is now going to allow us to measure not only the amount of INTERNAL PHASE COHERENCE, but will also for the first time dramatically graph the RATIO between harmonics of the EEG geometric cascade - as they move from Octave (left on cepstrum horizontal scale) to Phi/Golden Ratio (right). Thanks to Frank for developing the "GFFT" software to extend my discovery of the CEPSTRUM to measure INTERNAL COHERENCE - now to also measure my other discovery - that the most fundamental factor of all full brain resonant states - is their shift from OCTAVE- storing and isolating the charge content of their array - to Phi/GOLDEN RATIO - where the charge of their array attempts virtually infinite DISTRIBUTION of their array (because PHASE CONJUGATION brings the group of phase velocity interference modes to superluminal infinite propagation). THIS as Douglas White's OBSERVER PHYSICS- and multiple research projects have shown - becomes the very DEFINITION OF TRANSCENDENT CONSCIOUSNESS.

New Mar6,07 - Major new HeartTuner / BlissTuner documentary - tour - training Film -new features- 90 min- online! The full DVD Hi Res Version with extras- shown right here-is included with training material (25dvd) when you order thru - Here are accompanying Heart / Brain Data Files you can download and Play interactively in the free BlissTuner/ HeartTuner demo (virtually infinite display option choices)
- showing HOW Golden Ratio vs Octave Feedback cues PLUS real internal COHERENCE Measure- in Neurofeedback - revolutionize consciousness training and meditation! (these examples do not yet include the 'GFFT' - stay tuned!!)

download actual data- play it back yourself - with any settings / display options (demo software) you like! laurentR1.hti

Dan Winter in the news...

The (Fractal?) Secret of Life

Dear arrogant biology + health system - academics of Earth:

1. LIFE is an electric field. (To those who can think - this is obvious- but clearly the insane academics dying slowly in their aluminum tomb buildings- ears plugged to poisonous unfractal microwave phones, on top of their fatal 'out of phase with fractality' pile of electrosmog transformers- with the horrific results: complete digestive, immune, and attention span - shut down - obviously their schizophrenia* has prevented them from considering this truth. * Rather a perfect definition of schizophrenia don't you think: believing you can teach in physics that all creation is field compression by symmetry - and then teach that LIFE is something... ELSE??????????)

2. That electric fields radiance (the power of life and all survival) is entirely dependant on acheiving fractality.

3. Science discovered genetic diversity = survival / sustainability. When will they discover the electrical PURPOSE of genetic diversity is the accomplishment of the FRACTALITY of field- that makes the bio-field of the genepool self-organizing. (Implosive fractality in the core of DNA-eliminates non-shareable waves, and superluminally connects the sustainable). The reason the need for genetic diversity exists, is to produce the harmonic inclusiveness in the collective genetic bioelectric-field, which MAKES it fractal and therefore sustainable.

--It is not that the arrogant biology and health system academics of Earth are worth saving (certainly not the arrogance they represent). But since they are leading billions of children into their deaths- because of their stupidity- we must try to teach the fools. drop me a note to update me - when all the idiot scientists of Earth throw away their curriculum and begin teaching fractality - the electric principle of life. Until then - I stand by my critique - ignore those arrogant + rapidly dying technocrats - and find a fractal environment for your survival. ref: Biologic Architecture.

1. Book review: "The Secret of Life" by Georges Lakhovsky (my copy is from )

: "The fundamental principle of Lakhovsky's scientific systems may be summed up in the axium 'Every Living Being Emits Radiation'. Inspired by this principle Lakhovsky was able to explain such diverse phenomena as instinct in animals, migration of birds, health, disease, and in general, all the manifestations of organic life. ..According to Lakhovsky, the nucleus of the living cell may be compared to an electrical oscillating circuit.."

"(Life is).. the dynamic equilibrium of all cells, the harmony of multiple radiations which react upon one another (see Golden Ratio creating maximum CONSTRUCTIVE interference- fractal synth).(Disease is).. the oscillatory disequilibrium of cells, originating from external causes. It is, more especially, the struggle between microbic radiation and cellular radiation. ... IF the Microbic (invading unicellular 'infection') radiation is predominant, disease is the result... If cellular radiation gains the ascendant, restoration of health follows" (end quote) - In other words - if the cell is FRACTAL enough to radiate charge more efficiently than it's invaders, then health returns!

Lakhovsyy works to create a spark gap or harmonic oscillator whose field effect is harmonic rich enough to heal. This means - that he recognized that the field effect which contained ENOUGH different frequencies - would always heal.

This is an excellent prelude to understanding the REAL principle of life - and that is that harmonic inclusiveness perfected - to create life is PRECISELY fractality perfected by Golden Ratio. His spark gap, or oscillator circuit to heal - is in essence the same as todays medical heart research. Maximize the NUMBER of contained harmonics ( in the heart - or in anything alive!?) - and you will heal it.

It is a credit to Lakhovsky that he intuited what is now powerful medical science: harmonic inclusiveness statistically predicts survival (of most ALL disease!) in the Heart (ekg) - ref: . Golden ratio / fractality optimizes this ability for waves to live together with the most diversity - see Fractal Synth software: We summarize (measureable) fractal field mechanics of healing

Imagine how Lakhovsky oscillator output would show in power spectra, and in IGA fractality in air measure.

The Lakhovsky multi wave oscillator which healed many diseases including many types of cancer- is useful for instruction. In the above link (fractalfield) we showed how strong negative ion wind therapy (negative ion: charge fractal black hole...) collapsed many kinds of infection and inflammation. We saw WHY this was not possible if the room is full of (non fractal) metal and plastic. We can extrapolate these insights to Lakovsky.

Here is what Lakhovsky had right:

1. The Secret of Life is the ability to radiate a field.

2. Healing that field and most all disease begins with a field effect which is HARMONICALLY INCLUSIVE. (Amazing that he intuited that about 50 years before today's conclusion in medical literature: harmonic inclusiveness in the heart predicts virtually all disease survival).

-- but here is what Lakhovsky did NOT know - and what today's arrogant academic biologists desperately NEED to know if the genepool is to have 'a prayer':

1. Life can never radiate a field unless first the field is compressed.

2. Compression and the resultant Radiation of charge is ONLY efficient and therefore sustainable when the charge symmetry is FRACTAL. The real symmetry secret of life is that the field effect which CAUSES life is the efficient charge distribution that results from FRACTALITY.


3. The field frequencies (and phase relation) chosen to grow and heal all biology (DNA) must be a phi fractal harmonic series embedded / in phase with nature - specifically - planck length, hydrogen, and the Sun.

4. Externally triggered fractal fields alone can only sustain biology when biology reciprocates with SELF EMPOWERMENT - learning to then generate that field (gravity) from within.

Also New: Ion Tudor's Theory of Transcendance-(link to Image Presentation / Intro) - in collaboration with Dan Winter:
Ion is usefully developing, among other things- the idea that the superluminal (and phase conjugate) charge communion CONE -up and down the DNA helix - is the radio to SOUL..

Thesis of Transcendence - Ion Tudor (exerpt) From The Hypothesis announced before emerges: the Human Soul, triadic encoded, in the DNA and RNA patterns, and more, even out of the body, through DNA Phantom, from the moment of conception of the child and to his death and after death, inter-mediated by The vacuum super fluid, connected with a Consciousness Entity, who acts: organized;  systematic.  ..... PRINCIPLES - 1.The principle of sonic luminescence conscious pulsations: - The sound can be translated into electro- magnetic radiations and this process is re-versible. Light and Sound together are moving into solitonic - dual wave, which transmits  the encoded information of the human genome, like sonic luminescente holograms (Ionel Mohîr - -The Way of the Soul-). 

2.Principle of double transcendence or the Holographic (Fractalic) principle: Supposing that relativistic-macroscopic are true, I proved that the macroscopic relations take place even in quantum context and reciprocal, as one might say: what is in the big, it is in the small too, and any part, no matter how smaller is, reflects the entire object-.

This proof is unique, based on Ernst equations, Matzner-Misner principle and most important, the transition big-small, small-big was assured by the Barbilian group, invention of  a celebrity like this powerful romanian mathematician, Dan Barbilian.

Next- a review of recursion / comparing new slip knot model of Electron Geometry - with Flame Letter- Symmetry origins of Alphabet.


We compare this to - Origin of alphabets -similar spin path because this alphabet of symmetry is the language of creation?
It is important to recognize this basic structure: the 3D Golden Spiral topo mapped on and precessing around - the torus donut-
forming the basic building blocks of all creation - from the electron .. (proton?)
to - as theosophy said - the ANU - whose 5 spin inside, 7 outside - slip knot forms the symmetry recipe for the heart of hydrogen (3 Anu per quark), the heart of the human, and (as the same clairvoyants saw who contributed to the physics of the quark)- the heart of the Sun:

Generalisation of Observer Physics

(exertped from Frank's) -

honouring Douglass White's "Observer Physics" at and proposing a generalisation with the purpose to include in VCP - Unified Field theory

plz. see on
***Notes and Derivation of The Great Velocity Equation
***NEW! Observer Physics Theory of Motion: an "Upgraded" Version of Newton's Lies. (For scientists with no sense of humor only.)

A few suggestions for generalisation of Observer Physics:

1st. "waves" vs. "wave-fronts": If we adhere to the idea that all waves (especially also light-waves) are longitudinal phenomena, "nd accept super-luminality as a completely normal property of nature, then the difference between waves and wave-fronts is entirely theoretical.

2nd. "attention vector": An angular operator which divides a (partially coherent?) wave field into:

a) a primarily inertially / energetically expressing part, and
b) a primarily transcendentally (super-luminally) expressing part.

3rd. "observer": The "global" separation of super- vs. sub-luminality is in reality a contained or "local" phenomenon.

Some consequences / interpretations / applications of (generalized) "observer physics":

* "creation": the conceived field-effects between super-luminal physics and sub-luminal physics

* "observation": the perceived field-effects between local physics and global physics

* Unified Field theory: the combined physics of creation and observation, incl:

Super-Luminal + Non-local: Phi-based / supra-modal ("cold") phase-conjugation
Super-Luminal + Local: Octave based / sub-modal ("hot") phase-conjugation
Sub-Luminal + Non-Local: Fractality / constructive interference
Sub-Luminal + Local: Thermodynamics / destructive interference

heterodyne power scan for ratio's 2.1 to 2.1 showing "cold" and "hot" phase conjugation
at Phi and Octave resp. created with Fractal Synthesizer

* Philosophy never tackled the problem of individuality in a gentle way, instead in many cases brutally assaulted and abused it, causing a tremendous lot of confusion, superstition and suffering..

* Einstein essentially says: that which moves slower than light can never move faster than light..

* Newton essentially says: if something accelerates without us knowing why, let's call it a "force" and simply ignore its principle

* ALL quantum interpretations say: we don't understand the physics of interpretation.

ŠAll rights reserved Heart Coherene team, 2007

The rest of this article - will be further edited..-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Observer Physics-or?fractal /phase conjugate charge compression=perception/ observation, mass creation
Date: Sun, 18 Feb 2007 14:25:08 +0100
From: Dan Winter <>
To: Douglass A. White - Observer Physics -
CC: listgroup servers see - Budapest Conference, Implosion Group, HeartTuner Users Group, and /gravitycause research group lists below
.- "thanks for your too kind comments about , can you join our next international conferencing phone group - about these things..(we can play with time zones?) our working group with some physicist friends from the budapest conference
hold your work in high esteem - as you can see by our quoting you frequenty..

I hope it is ok that I take the liberty of sharing your latest pdf here.. (it is the latest BasicOP.pdf download - basic observer physics - from the front page of 'observer physics' ( your work on the beautiful sources of things like the proton mass (slip knot??) ( take note!)
(michael heleus - tumbling tesseract= proton to electron ratio??) It reminds me again of so many early conversations with the fundamental physics group (Stanford etc.) convinced we would know physics when all fundamental measured constants of physics were derived from pure (charge wave?) symmetry / geometry...
This IS empowerment..

(I was so much enthused when I thought we had the fine structure constant from hydrodynamic vorticity on a torus -frank says this is flawed)

Perhaps in many ways - your thoughtful model - leads to / agrees with ? this hypothesis I have formed that PHASE CONJUGATION is the essential wave mechanic principle of perception? If I understand you have also hypothesized that phase conjugation may be a bonding mechanism inside the nucleus?

Here is an example why - what psychology calls OBSERVATION is best described in physics by the phenomenon of PHASE CONJUGATION
What happens in optics phase conjugate mirror (where we believe the non-linear mirror material provides a self similar or fractal path for optical charge waves)..

the 3rd (laser) beam bouncing off- experiences all the things we call observation:

- self correction (of wave aberation)
- time reversal ( in this case -ability to return to source condition by 'remembering')
- coherence perfected by fractality - usefully determines which wave (or memory) is to propagate non-destructively (or get ' immortal')

In the 'grail' center of phase conjugation (animated - is the only place an infinite number of both wave lengths and wave velocities (phase or group waves) - can meet. Hence - it becomes self evident this (fractal charge compression symmetry) would be the wave mechanic perception / obervation.

Simplifying - we have both the new physics and philosophy that implosive / fractal / phase conjugate charge compression environment defines: perception/ observation, mass creation / and gravity created from charge.

Clearly this is related to the access to superlumninal charge propagation efficiency you yourself describe as the mechanism of phase locking into the inPHIknit.. you have described as cosmic consciousness. (quote from Douglass White) "The slower a massive object moves, the faster its phase velocity becomes. If the object comes to rest, its phase velocity encompasses the universe in a flash. An observer generally has attention on a relatively motionless environment around him. The phase velocity thus generates the impression that the observer and his local environment is embedded in a virtually infinite universe. This is the motivation for meditation. If you bring your attention on the physical world into a state of deep rest and silence, the phase velocity of your attention instantly spans the universe."
...(in his pdf paper) "in the case of light passing through a dispersive medium, or a klystron, or the electron, or any other particle of matter, the group velocity of the wave packet -- the velocity of the packet's maximum amplitude, an illusion produced by the interference of the various superposed phase waves (DÉ÷ / Dk) -- is less than the speed of light. Therefore, there must be phase waves associated with the particle's wave packet, and these must move faster than light. Most physicists prefer to disregard the curious superluminal phase waves as irrelevant. However, I believe that this equation actually constitutes a precise definition of cosmic consciousness (cc). The group wave represents the object of perception. The phase wave is the perceiver's consciousness, his imagination. "...
From - "The central issue is how these subtle phase-waves not only manage to survive in the turbulent and unpredictable thermodynamic ocean, but actually start controlling material processes from a cosmic ("super-luminal") vantage point. This phenomenon of phase-waves literally getting in charge results in nothing less than the advent of life in the universe, on all scales - atomic, biological and cosmic. This is what makes the cosmos a place of meaning, purpose and beauty. The physics principle of subtle phase-waves taking control is called "heterodyne phase-conjugation" and especially in relation to bio-physiology it is usually called "coherence".
With Heart Coherence team's Fractal Synthesizer software you can visualise and explore the basic forms of coherence among heterodyning waves, and how they dynamically interact with the force waves of the Newtonian universe"

Breakthru - in environmental design: (self organization of phase conjugate electric field fractality)..

By electrically recreating the (fractal) charge environment then of peak phase conjugation (charge propagation efficiency) - we create bliss / 'enlightenment'- or phase conjugate loci from which leverage / on waves from relatively infinite distances is arranged. Our -new film aboue this,, and related new Cairo biologic architecture project:

We think for example the TM folk who spend billions on architecture of VASTU - could reinvent even their archtecture - once they know what a living (phase conjugate) capacitor is. This becomes biologic architecture

IF this is correct - then - our ability to understand observation or perception in psychology is precisely limited by our understanding of phase conjugate physics. This is why I find it so beautifull illuminating that golden ratio in EEG brainwaves - evidently correlates to peak PERCEPTION. Again suggesting strongly that peak PERCEPTION is the perfected PHASE CONJUGATION golden ratio allows. (infinite constructive wave interference..).

With this in mind, then - when you describe in your paper-"Any mass or energy has to be defined by an Observer taking a viewpoint that interacts with and resists something. Thus ultimately the existence or non-existence of some mass or energy is determined not by the object but by the Observer’s assumed viewpoint. Undefined Awareness has no particular size or location. The Observer can create both future and past. By suddenly expanding the viewpoint of his consciousness an Observer can cause his material universe to implode. By suddenly shrinking the viewpoint of his consciousness he can cause his universe to explode. Thus there is no “escape” velocity. The only way to make something seem to go away is ignorance and pretense. But these just hide things temporarily from consciousness. Awareness always has any creation easily outpaced wherever it might go because awareness in its essential nature is undefined and therefore exists outside the boundaries of any dimension. It can thus transit the universe in a flash. Based on these discoveries I have formulated a simple Four-Step mathematical procedure that describes how an Observer may create any kind of universe he likes." (end quote from Douglass White)

Would this not simplify into the requirement that the observers charge or wave system (foci) cannot interact and observe unless the waves get PHASE CONJUGATE or fractal with respect to the waves (inertia) being observed. This then is WHY golden ratio is necessary to set up the phase conjugate relationship (place where maximum exchange in info / inertia is possible).
This requirement then being what sets up the need for self-similarity and scale invariance - all optimized by Golden Ratio and its cousins.
This gives a whole new understanding to the physics of tantra for example - helping us know what the biology of DNA's charge field requires in order to set up the galactive antennae (perceptor / observer)
which is the couples biologically imploding / phase-conjugating DNA field effect = tantric cocoon, blue fire / blue apples / egg...
Applied to gravity - our research group and preliminary experiment design is dedicated to proving experimentally that the CAUSE of gravity from charge is precisely the compression that turns in to acceleration of charge which phase conjugation / self similar / fractality allows.

--This becomes the basis of the lecture abstract I just sent to 2 -budapest, and liege belgium- upcoming international conferences on science and consciousness...


Fractality Optimized by Golden Ratio in EEG:
Charge Compression Mechanism of Consiousness

We articulate two potential revolutions in neurofeedback: 1. COHERENCE measure for EEG based on new CEPSTRUM (double FFT), 2. Golden Ratio vs Octaves in EEG optimized "BlissTuner" Neurofeedback. We review -4 precedents in the literature: Golden Ratio in EEG correlated to Peak Experience / Peak Perception / Peak Performance. We developed BlissTuner tool to offer golden ratio EEG training. Examples / Animations presented. We developed Fractal Synth software - to prove why golden ratio (charge) wave forms produce maximum constructive interference. This supports hypothesis that fractal and non-destructive charge compression is a primary mechanism of consciousness. Related evidence presented : fractal non-destructive charge compression as electric cause of gravity, and mass creation.

Bill Tiller (“Conscious Acts of Creation’) proved attention compresses charge. We simply prove how: Fractal and Non-Destructive Compression – optimized by Golden Ratio in EEG. Self organization out of waves for charge- requires constructive compression. Einstein postulated the infinite non-destructive compression (of charge) was the electrical solution to gravity and the unified field. By adding what he did not know: a) that the only infinite (charge) compression is fractal , and b) that Golden Ratio is the solution to fractality (constructive compression). Software proof- Fractal Synth. see
to update you with our recent group discussion
relates to to Also from Sal G. >(Golden Ratio?) Quantum Gravity Paper from - sal's web site- ,
- Towards a Grand Unified Field Theory based on Phi Recusion and Quantum Gravity
All 4 of the geometric animations he uses on his home page - to teach "Phi Recursion physics" , are ones Dan Winter created..from his simple equation FOR PERFECTED phase conjugation. He used the Golden Mean spiral mapped into 3D either on the (60 degree) Cone of concentric Dodec, and also that same Golden Spiral - topo mapped on the torus shape of all fields (origin of alphabets).

-------- Original Message --------
frank - ( ) comments on Sal's updated
Subject: Sal's papers
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2007 01:59:29 +0100
From: Frank van den Bovenkamp <>
To: Dan Winter <>

hi Dan

you asked me to summarize Sal's papers in brief - I think that Sal himself would be
the first one to explain, but anyway the closer look brought up some interesting details..


1) Sal was inspired by my fundamental derivation of Phi (the "WhyPhi" paper) based
on the PHYSICS criteria of scale-invariability and heterodyne phase-conjugation.

PHI and a unique heterodyne "superset" (singularity, "scalar") then roll out as a

It looks however like Sal (mathematically) describes a solution for the scale-invariant
division of maximum set) whereas my point was instead the scale-invariant expansion
of a minimal set - like you say "inviting waves".. Allthough the end-result is the same
(Phi) - I feel Sal's solution could be less universal. Otherwise his derivation is the
same, plugging in the full sets where I use the single waves

More importantly, neither Sal nor myself were explicit (here) WHY to introduce
scale-invariability in the first place; this needs to be included otherwise there is no
finite solution (Anderson's mistake). That describes in fact the primordial flux, that is,
preceeding Phi and octave etc. emergence - I'll give you THAT formula later (btw. that
also describes the Virtual State of the Universe our friend Tom Bearden could NOT tap
from - indicating that the "F" for "F. Energy" really stands for "Frivolous"..)

(note here: the deeper criterion of heterodyning may not lie in an off-the-shelve
heterodyning medium but is in fact purely axiomatic, in the sense of the "axiom of
choise" from set theory e.g. which Dan intuïted as a "sorting algorithm".. talking
about a bootstrap conjecture.. here we have one..)

Sal ends here with what could be seen as the integral wave equation of a
Phi-based phase-conjugate singularity.

2) Next, he formulates a general recursive wave system in terms of the Schrödinger
wave equation (time independend) and then sets it to be the Phi-based phase conjugate
as per above. Thus we have a description of a heterodyned phase-conjugate package
built from quantum waves (not a quantum description of phase-conjugation itself -
hence "incursion")

A nice spin-off is that the unique numbers Pi, Phi and e are united in one physically
relevant package, which notably includes (your) badly desired Phi-recursiveness, AND
because of that a direct receipe for fractality (see e.g. Fractal Synth numerical clue).

Without knowing more at this point one might suspect that this hints at a deep and
intimate connection with the macro cosmic arena, that is, quantum physics expanded
to include those waves which consider us quantum phenomenae, rathar than the way
around. I'm affraid that Nassim would smile here.

more later



let us have more 'brainstorming' .. also with the group soon


dan winter

Douglass A. White wrote:
> Hi Dan,
> I love your gorgeous animated graphics.
> Enclosed is a recent article summarizing some of my research findings
> with some new updates. I wish I had the computer skills you all have.
> Douglass
>> Hex vs Pent: Emerging from the MATRIX: Brainwave Octaves vs Phi-
> Proof
>> with Fractal Synth
>> refers to
-- DAW

Update- Mar 13: -Subject: fractal time vs the observer Paper from- Fractal Research Institute,[Fwd: Re: proving fractality electrically causes gravity], From: Dan Winter <> To: douglas white <>, -scientists list..
of particular interest to ?- douglass white, observer physics..

If perception= phase conjugation ,
that would depend on [charge] compression (in space and time..
no wonder golden ratio EEG identifies peak perception.
..(comment on Susanne Vrobel - Fractality in Time - whose letter and paper- follow)
Susanne Vrobel (letter follows), attached her pdf paper - fractal time., see her many physics papers on Fractality in Time at her -The Institute for Fractal Research, Kassel, Germany ,
She is presenting- The Kairos Syndrome - at the Chaos conference, - , Liege belgium coming up ( many of the papers at that conference, are from members of our budapest conference) Sal, Richard Amoroso, ..Isvan Dienes..
-------- Original Message --------Subject: Re: proving fractality electrically causes gravity
Date: 12 Mar 2007 23:22 GMT , From: (Susanne Vrobel)
To: Dan Winter <>
Hello Dan, -- Yes, if Daniel is agreeable, I shall be presenting a paper in Liège again, this time on "The Kairos Syndrome".
- - I looked at what you sent me, ... it's a lot and I haven't read it all.
I like the idea that self-similar structures condense time! (I can relate ... I don't know if you know my notion of time condensation, but I think it's very similar ... I enclose the MS of my book on this topic). I once wrote about how an observer perspective
subjected to a condensation scenario is analogous to the effect of temporal gravitational lensing ...
but this was mainly metaphorically ... your're actually talking about gravitation itself... wow ...

as nobody so far has come up with a viable theory of how to combine the 4 fundamental forces,
I'm naturally very interested. ..... I have just submitted a review paper on
"Fractal Time, Observer Perspectives and Levels of Description in Nature"
to a Journal of Theoretical Physics.
....These days, I mainly work on the notion of an extended observer
(a fractal one, of course, the nestings being generated by contextualization)
Yes, let's talk sometime. ...I'm on Skype ("susie.vrobel")....Cheers, -- Susie

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