Immanuel on "Origins"

from James Barrett

(note from Dan Winter, in the below, the connection between Paa Taa{l} and Ptah {of Egypt} is intriguing, also the relation between Serrated or "cut" by Phi versus SerraPhi{m} Seraphim. I believe Aku of bird tribe Ophanic became Aku-naton, vs Draku of the Seraphic became Amon Ra priests who killed.. Tut, Druids, Cathars, Templars, Witches....

In many ways, James and his intuited guide Immanuel were my first connections to the Ophanim, after Richard Leviton.. and also Ananda of Norway, and now Vincent Bridges work.

I have frequently lightly described the relations between the Seraphim/origin reptilian brain vs Ophanim/bird tribe-bird brain, as a kind of Hatfield vs McCoy's family breakup story among the angelics. I have used metaphors like the Seraphim were outside in/technology based while the Ophanim were inside out, emotion based {but may need better checkbook skills?}.. This piece suggests additional light on all that, in terms of needful separation to produce perspective on experience?)



Imagine with me a story.

Not a true or false story, just a story.

In this story you are one among many. How many, well just pick a number a number, it can be any number that you are among . The number is not real or the issue. It to is imagined. That is how it truely is. Lets for the sake of the story pick the number 144,but we could add zeros infinitely to behind the fours, this is not the point of the exercise. In the beginning this number 144 makes a plan to know that which it is. The plan this time called for division, which means too see with two. When you are one two was interesting and seemed to be a way of knowing what you as ONE is. The process was to subtracts from itself half, leaving 72 to know itself or more accurately what the whole is. This was to be accomplished be the mirror of what it was not. I say half but this to you should understand too is not real. It could be one ten thousands of the whole it really is not the point in reality.

In reality you perceive that you are part of one of the two pieces, you are part of the 72.

And there is 72 in the other.

Both are the whole and the pieces are the whole. Nothing at this point as really changed.

One is One still no matter how many pieces it is made of. Remember we are only imaging this possibility together.

We are one. One is ONE. All are equal, in truth equal does not exist yet. Equal does not exist till we subtract consciously a piece that is consciously separated. The two pieces are still one because one is one and can not be not one. One is what One is. So the two pieces are still one but now equal can exist because the possibility of perceiving a part as less then the whole, which in truth it can not be. To know what equal is you subtract till you get one not equal to the other in perception. But this is not so in reality it is only in perception. Now you have a perception of what equal is not. All of what we perceive as knowing is by subtraction. this was the process that mind chose in this experiment. What is known, is known by what it is not and named by its characteristics. This process of understanding in the mind gives a clue to the reality of this story. Image with me a story.

Here Before I continue the story I feel a need to talk about Individuation.

Individuation is simply total Separation from Unity, the whole. Individuation is the opposite of Unity with the all and it is the opposite of One.

Individuation is I divided to

know one.

Separation from the whole into individuation is done in two ways. One path is Idealized Individuation is Self god realized Creator. You are all things and all things are in you. this path is A(one) mirror image of the whole and a path back to the whole in and through this perception.

The second path, is the unite or collective path, let's call it the Hive-Mind. Hive-Mind is devoted to one. That one could be a King, a Guru, a Sage, or a Draco Queen or One God.

Unity by Collectively agreement or Collective Unity by placing One at the top. This is the Hierarchical view, evolution falls into this view. These are the two paths to perceive Unity when divided from The Whole. These are the two perceptions of individuation from the path of perceiving that which it is not.

This may have lost you so I will return to the story. Imagine with me. One segment of the whole unite as a collective in unity. And one segment of the whole 7 unite in a collective under one at the top.

The first of these paths search what it is connected to the original Whole, it searches what it is through a connected, part of, perception of the whole, therefore an internal source within the whole.

The other group searches by external sources for that same answer from a divided or cut from source place. It search for what it is for the method of that which it is not.

Remember Both are the whole and as the whole can not be any thing but that whole because One is what it is. The first group that stays connect to the One and Remembers the plan and that was part of the plan, a type of fail safe for the plan, an insurance.

But far into the division of what it is not it becomes a challenge to remember that which it is. And you begin to identify with that which you are not. Back to the beginning. Let us imagine.

You are one of the 72. Your group makes the choice to perceive unity as a collective.

This group disappears from the other group of 72 leaving it to carry out the experiment.

But that group that was left or cut off remembered in the beginning that there was an other group that was part of it self. This group became known has Paa Tal. The Paa Tal became a distant memeory, a vague myth, as the Serrated group fell into that which it is not. The Paa Tal is the name given by the other 72 for the Other. An individual piece of that energy memory is known as Patah. Which from their original understanding was Pa

Ah, X is the place sign that fixes Paa and Ah or where Pa meet Ah. T is the fix symbol for the place which has always represented the Heart. TheChristian Cross is a hidden symbol for the body place that is the portal. "X" marks the spot. In the later Christian Churches the T had a P like piece at the top of the T, this was further symbolizing the center, the heart. Pa is a energy or vibration of the separate or male. Ah feminine or is the vibration of the heart conneted to the whole. Patah is the vibration or information energy of Whole, or Unity.

The 72 Known as Paa Tal is a collective that unites with/ through the heart of the suns and their systems or bodies and then spinning heart centers of galaxies,to the birthing of new stars. This group as a collective consciousness connected to the spin of unity, assembles to the highest unity as a collective that is possible. This you can think of as 11 dimentional awareness, and at this point in the story of the 72 known as the Paa Tal the collective realizes an error in the original plan, that to turn the universe, the story, inside out you need all the light of the original template. This meant that at the end of time all of the original light needed to unite in the process to create a new template or story.

The light of the original hologram is what you need to alter to create a new template for a new hologram. This meant that the Cut-off ones needed the return to the One. And that the time line for the Cut-off ones ends with energies that can not find their way back because the process of knowing self by division goes to the point of creating life with not soul. this is the process known as cloning. Dividing a piece and replicating it without the connection key in place. this time line ends without the return of the energies to One. this would create a reality that the part would never unite back as in the original plan. It also meant that the Paa Tal would not be able to end the experiment and begin a new story.

This would be the endless story and that was not the original intent in creating this unfoldment.

The 72 that chose to experience individuation through collective unity guided under one.

External self individuation, unity under one, this part divided and divide to know that it was not. The part that was cut off from the individuation as a collective in unity, lost through division the knowledge of connection. They the lost tribes separated and divided and lost the Key to the portal, the portal of the sharable, the portal to collective perception of unity not separated. The farther down the path to knowing that which it is by that which it is not, the farther away from the possibility of perceiving not being separate it became. Truth became that which it is not, not that which it is. And if in truth you are One then all else is that which you are not or all of it you are or both of those two.

These cut off from time, which is cut off from immortality, Are known in the histories of the ancient texts as the Seraphim, Sera or "Cut from", phi or the "spin to unity", um is "them" or Said clearly, Them that are cut from the spin of unity, Seraphim.

The other become in history the Ophanim. The Ophanim are them, O or whole collective that inhabit the spin of unity, phi. These are the angels or Lords of time. This other became the Lords of the key to the portal of time ,which is immortality. For The Ophanim to correct the fabric of this time line, the time line that leads to the golum. The soulless ones, the ones created from cloning and artificial methods that don't give the pressure squeeze, the information-energetic that contain the key embedded then activated. This leads to an energy that can not find, and does not have the tools to find , its way back to unity perception, collective unity, back to remembering the ONE.

To remedy the over-sight the ancient ones, the Paa Tal make the choice to return to this time line this sector of the Galaxy and place the key on the lock and aspect of them selves incarnated into the other game to act as a remembering of the old or other way.

Deep into the heart of forgetfulness the Time Lords came. Deep into the lineage of the Draco Queens and the heartless ones came the energy of Patah. This would be seen as the Winged ones the Aku which in very recent history was the lineage of Tuthnmoise the Pharaohs lineage of the Sun Gods that Amomptep the first Aknahten father bred with Joseph's daughter, Miriam, is the Draku, Anununaki, N'ibiru, Chaldean, Semite, Lineage.

This Cultural lineage that is Joseph, son of Jacob, that breeds with the high Aku the result is Aknahten.

In Egypt before Aknahtens grandfather there where 72 gods in upper Egypt and 72 gods in lower Egypt.

Aten was the name for the one God that was about all other Gods. Aknahten had 17 years to anchor his reality into the grid of consciousness and create a new priesthood based on one god the symbol for was the sun. The old priesthood of the 144 did not like the idea of loosing power but more important was that they the old priest were invested in the old system right or wrong does not apply. Akenten just for the record was Moses and left Egypt to save blood shed and make it easier to begin the new living house of the sun. IS-RA-EL. EL is the Symbol for God now but then it was the symbol of remembering the phase shift off the x onto the wave of unity spin, which is Phi. This is just a vibration of remembering the return path to the other.

The spark of life fell ensouled in to the other with the added ability to feel strong emotions with the ability to feel extremes from moment to moment. This gave choice.

The ability to chose what you felt changed the game for the other. This meant that you could chose not to be in the garden part of the tribe the collective, you could choose a different path.

The plan was if you could feel the longing, and had a quick large spread in the ability to feel. You would after some time of experimenting chose to look for the key to the portal.

Hidden in the pool was the key, hidden at the lock so that only when you realized that you needed to look at the place that was the lock would be the time that you found the key.

The key is the key to the portals of time. there waiting for discovery was the key to the spiral that connects the all to the one. To the spin of unity. Hidden in the power that was destruction was the power to liberate.

Hidden in the power

was the key to freedom.

The Time Guardians hide the key at the heart of everything and when the focus was brought to the Heart it would start the vehicle that allows for travel in time or dimensions. This act it was seen would cohere or order which is to heal time itself. For time itself when in unity spin is aware and it is only this time line aware that can complete the turning inside out and create a new template for a new creation for a new experience.

Self aware dimensions are choosing to return to collective unity. The fallen equal are playing out their part of the story. playing their character. There knew they could not reverse the process but they could keep the focus of emotions on the fear and they could attempt to kill any of the lineage of the winged Ones. All wars on the planet are about in the past and at the present about the extermination of the Quetzal's the Bird Tribes.

the energy of the external other at a local level is the energy that asks you to place you energy, attention, power outside of yourself. Asks or feeds the belief not to trust your self.

The priesthood is a prime example of this. the priesthood tell you that

if you wish to

speak with god you need them.

the energy is "I don't trust myself."

The ones that empower and say that go within to the heart of the spin are the messengers come down from the Time Lords, the Ophanim, the other that began as a memory called the Paa Tal.

The other of the other that is the ONE and can only be the ONE. We are at a point where the only ones that could push us to remember is ourselves. We are creating the burp that will sort the sharable. This is death from one perspective but from the other it is the Beginning.

The Serrated one learn other and see the Paa tal as other not part of the the same. The Serrated Ones learn Fear that which it is not and fear Other holding out because it was to learn that what it is though the method of that which it is not. the perception of the Serrated Ones are to hold out till love finds a way to bring them in. Can you Image.

note: Orion is the separated piece from the Alpha Draconous the lineage that is this sector. Lyra is the birthing place for the local drama of the solar system and the fight for local real estate which is the time galactic wave corridor. the portal which was not understood was self - aware. This fight for control and for spin in the form of gold continues but the Time Lords that have always been there unseen are now recognized as the ancient Paa Tal. And the Memory when it akcure can not be unlearned or unremembered. And the simple act of remembering the beginning sorts back to primal cause behond victimhood. Before the rape to the agreement to be the rapeie and the rapor or the Raptor or the Serpent.

To the cause that began the story and the illusion of separateness. To the desire to know Oneness.

Note: 2 .

Love is the substance that is the spin wave generates. Love is the field that unity is. The Energy emanating from ONE is the energy we feel as love.

This felt as emotion in the body at the heart is the key left for you to start your vehicle to return to unit back to One.

Note:3 Adawi, which is Cherokee, messengers allowed the Nephilitic or

fallen branch of

the Seraphim to cross breed to get necessary DNA for ensoulment which is

to remember


Note:4 All Atlantis is of Seraphim lineage.

Note: 5 MU and WU are the two root groups.

Note:6 All galactic life forms are form the Draco 72 other lineage. Note:7 The fallen race divided again and again in separated paths but are all considered to be under or the property of Alpha Drak Queens. this is their territory historically. Till the possibility of free will or free choice was introduced by the messengers of the Ophanim. These are the Angels and the messengers of them in the Essene Order were known has angels. The head or David was an angel.

They that dreamed consciously where named after the Joseph. They Joseph on High at the time of the Crucifixion of Jesus was his brother James.

The nunnery for the Essene brotherhood was the Miriam's named after the first in the lineage that was Aknahten mother , Joseph's Daughter. They where Levites.

That lineage is alive today and the Miriam of the tantric knowledge where Magdelan.

Note: 8 The Magi were Shiddis, they had women partners that were Mary's, and all that completed studies through that lineage where Mary's or Miriam. The center in Jerusalem was the Tower. At the tower the Mary's completed studies of Isis or Ishtar or from the most ancient Innana. Which was the lineage of the name Anna or simply Ann. Ann was Mary's mother and the mother superior was a Anna to all Mary's. James had a daughter that was a Anna and these women were for Royal weddings. Trained in the high art of tantra and holding the DNA of the lineage of the original Miriam. Note:9 The house to carry the blood line of Moses is well dispersed through-out the world and the great melting pot for this Gene pool dispersment has been and still is the United States of America, and this is one of the purposes for its creation.

Note: 10 The war for this key territory is on going. And the High Draco Queens now that the Paa Tal have returned to make things right but have lost compassion because they have lost heart and the pain of sorting the sharable from the unsharable. They lost through artificial means the means the tool of death. Which is a tool to rapidly sort from the whole of intentions that you hold the sharable. They lost the Key to the Portals of Time and the Spin of Unity. They are claiming their territory and are creating chaos and fear as the only way to maintain control on the hive mind. If you are doing any thing from the intention based in fear then you are feeding the Hive mind of the Fallen Ones, The Original Other.

Note:11 The Leaders of the hive are always Queens because the power of the Spin of unity is total feminine in nature. Totally open, receptive, Allowing, this is the energy of compassion.

Note:12 Compassion is born out of loving-kindness with the wisdom of knowing your connectedness to all things.



Immanuel, I Am the Manuel, I AM the Story and the book resides within.

James Barrett

Knowlton ,Qc. Canada, Saturday, 18,1998


update sunday,19, 1998