ORIGINS GenePool Gets Remothered: Self Stinging is Dragonian to Golden ONE

quote from "last chance for redemption" by zoosh thru robert shapiro.. re:"the angelic kingdom" returned .."these are 'Golden Beings'. A long time ago... these wonderful beings of light came and annointed the Orion warriors.. Well, they have returned.. There's your context.. see 'The Explorer Race' by Zoosh thru Robert Shapiro."

quote from Alex Collier:"

Alex: What I know of them in terms of their genetic stock is that the word itself, Niburu, is a word of Orion
origin which I am told means "the joining of two tribes". Apparently this original tribe was created as a
marriage between a princess of reptilian-human ancestry from Orion and a group from Sirius of human
origin. It was a marriage of alliance, millions of years ago."

1st part by Daniel Winter, 10/15/98, 2nd part is the Story of "Golden Ones" by a Modern Day NostreDamus: Rakie.

see the new 5/7/99: ShapeShifters-Religions of Earth:History of ET Manipulation.Sorting Hygiene for Charge-in DNA-from Myth


Intro To Rakie Rekhop Material, courtesy of Linda Neimeyer, Rakie's partner in the Metatron's Wheel Project..

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This article develops many of the themes in Does the Golden Spiral Layout of the Pyramids Point to A Black Hole Near Orion, and Why?

OrionGen of Arthur: Blood Of Merkabbah:When Messiahs are Vampiric?

Ophanic Interface: Impact on Humanity by Vincent Bridges

Extensive Ancient Pictorial Evidence of Draco Parasitism on Earth


update 3/1/99 OrionGen of Arthur: Blood Of Merkabbah- Messeh/Messiah Reptile Blood, Germain Origins of Vampire Myth. Controversial Analysis of BLOOD LINES in the Grail, (Christ Magda bloodline) Origin of Vampire Myth/Alchemy/ ISIS.. getting DNA self replicating.. Note to "fundamentalists": Getting out of DENIAL about Sitchen's historical proof that ADAM and EVE were genetic experiements in SLAVE MAKING, does not mean Christianity is unfounded because truly LOVE is the CRYSTalization of Embedding, but personality worship should be mitigated with pure principle. Which here is the practical HYGIENE of getting DNA up to speed with COHERENT EMOTION and CHARGE FILLED diet and lifestyle (emBEDability), AND ending soul-less genetic engineering. "TakAdama" became ADAM (a droid or borg or slave)(unensouled & unsustainable gentically) from TAK or ORION. There is a way to make soul force, ending soulessness AND physics can talk about it! AND it simply means take HYGIENE seriously.

Lawrence Gardner: Bloodline of the Grail.,StarFire-Annunaki, Genesis of the Grail Kings, ShewBread-Gold Powder & More.. article links.

Detailed Background on Draco /Earth history...In his article 'ALIEN INVADERS', researcher Jason Bishop reveals the following information in regards to the ancient "Evadamic-Draconian" conflict which has, for thousands of years, raged upon,within and beyond planet earth:"The 'DRACONIAN' Group is a Confederation. They are Reptilian Humanoids, with sub-groups [The 'Serpent Race', from Sirius]

Do these exerpts from The Wingmakers (ET TIMECAPSULE IN New Mexico) suggest completely independant corroboration of the interventionist role of Annunaki/Reptilian? (Dan W. comment), now begins exerpt from this link

Dr. Anderson:
"There were agreements between our government -- specifically the NSA -- to
cooperate with an ET species commonly called the Greys in exchange for their
cooperation to stay hidden and conduct their biological experiments under the cloak
of secrecy. There was also a bungled technology transfer program, but that's
another story . . . However, not all the Greys were operating within a unified
agenda. There were certain groups of Greys that looked upon humans in much the
same way as we look upon laboratory animals. ..... with the WingMakers and are provided messages about
the future, which they had recorded in symbol pictures or extinct languages like
Sumerian, Mayan, and Chakobsan.

"The messages or prophecies that they made had several consistent strands or
themes that were to occur in the early part of the 21st century, around the year 2011.
Chief among these was the infiltration of the major governments of the world,
including the United Nations, by an alien race. This alien race was a predator race
with extremely sophisticated technologies that enabled them to integrate with the
human species. That is to say, they could pose as humanoids, but they were truly a
blend of human and android.

"This alien race was prophesied to establish a world government and rule as its
executive power. It was to be the ultimate challenge to humankind's collective
intelligence and survival. These texts are kept from the public because they are too
fear-provoking and would likely result in apocalyptic reprisals and mass paranoia . ." end exerpt from Wingmakers
. "

  Exerpts from "PROBABLE NEW SOLAR SYSTEM MEMBERS, By THE MILLENNIUM GROUP" , We are also very curious as to why there has been no official recognition of a least one major celestial body in addition to the "Orca" that appears to have a 30 day or so orbit seemingly between Mercury and the Sun. Our first view of this body came in some extraordinary high resolution frames of the enormous CME that followed the now famous "Twin Comet" impact into the Sun in May 1998. "

compare this with Quote from Andromedans, Alex Collier,

Hale Bopp: The Blue Star and the Empire Strikes Back:

According to Moranae, Hale Bopp is a protocol ship from Orion. It has four
spiral structures on it, and it carries two moons behind it. When it enters our
solar system in 1997, the two moons will go into orbit with mercury, and out
government is going to make a "They're Here" public announcement. They are
not here to help us. They are here to make sure control is maintained" end andromedan quote

You are about to read Rakie's information about the "Golden One's".

But first a quote from Alex Collier, which he suggests is directly from Andromedans: reprinted from "Letters from Andromeda" .. Andromedan Perspective Extensive.. much important background for this vignette

"Moraney reported that those whom we could refer to as the Nibiru have started to present there case of ownership of Earth to the Andromedan Council. Currently two positions have been presented.

1. The Nibiru claim that our current human life form exhibits more of their genetic's than any other race that has been here in the past.

2. The Nibiru are claiming that they have the right to mine for uranium in our solar system based on the "Right of First Discovery." They want and intend to commence mining on the planets Mercury and Venus along with the moon Titan.

Moraney commented, that many of the new Andromedan Council races are finding the Nibiru presentation compelling. Due to this, Moraney felt concern about a set back for our race. "... (The Andromedan's suggest that the Niburu/Annunaki have never respected the races of Earth)

"The Alpha Draconians, a reptilian race composed of master geneticists, tinker with life - which from their perspective exists as a natural resource. The Draconians look at lifeforms which they have created or altered as a natural resource. Apparently, the Alpha Draconians created the primate race, which was first brought to Mars and then to Earth. The primate race was then tinkered with by many other different races ...., we humans are part of a group of energies that they know of as the Paa Tal. The reason that the Andromedans use the word Paa Tal, which is by the way a Draconian word, is because the Draconians have legends about warring with a race that was creating human life forms that were opposed to Draconian philosophy. The Paa Tal created life forms that could evolve on their own, with free expression. The Draconians, on the other hand, created races to function as a natural resource for their pleasure. So, you have two very different philosophies.

Well, how the Orion group found out who we were was through our extreme span of emotions. .....

We have the ability - each one of us - even though we may not feel like it, on a spiritual level, to time travel, to create anything without technology. The reason we can do that is because of who we are and because our extremes of emotion....... our intent can literally create anything here. The Andromedans cannot do this without technology." end quote

comment from Dan Winter: Ptah = Egyptian God Royal Blood = Paa Taa = Paa Tal = Aleph Hyperion?

next quote from "Star Fire: Gold of the Gods",new article from nexus mag by Laurence Gardner author of "BloodLine of the Holy Grail." please read: STARFIRE PART1, STAR FIRE PART2

(AND NEW.. please see major new ALMOND BREAD-Mandel Brot- commentary for Star Fire Part 3!)..

intro to quote by Dan Winter, Gardner introduces Messeh (Messiah) as: one who has been rubbed by reptilian oil/juice (we might ask of the juices of the reptilian brain). Gardner suggests that the development of the high grail blood thru Magdalen and the Merovingian Kings was from Enki and his Draco sister. And that this was nourished by menstrual blood (containing Gold?) from (Orion?)queen Draco's. Now the quote

"The Messianic Dragon bore little resemblance to the winged, fire breathing beast of later western mythology. It was in essence, a large-jawed serpent with four legs, very much like a crocodile or monitor. This was the sacred MESSEH whose name was "DRACO". Draco was the divine emblem of the Egyptian Phaoroahs, a symbol of the Egyptian Therapeutatae, of the Essences of Qumran, and was the Bistea Neptunis (the sea serpent) of the descendant Merovingian Fisher Kings in Europe" end of quote from Gardner

begin Dan Winter Commentary:

Gardner does not mention that the Draco Typhon is the major star of the Holy Grail series book "Genesset" He is the major ambassador from Draco who uses the Greys to trick Eisenhauer and Truman into permitting the abductions which caused leaky time corridors here, and opened Earth's governments military and media persons up to large scale body snatching and impersonation by the Dracos.

Gardner further does not evaluate why the Draco's would furnish the blood line thru Magdalen, while planting their Golden Dragon culture worldwide. Below the "Golden Ones" take on more significance once we understand the following. These Annunaki (Staff of Garden of Eden) were returning Drac's needing to repair the DNA rift (Templar 'tear in the fabric of time') because cloning and genetic technology had ripped whole genepools from internal self direction.

The storal to the mory: Splicing self awareness (implosive recursion) out of DNA's braid (cloning & genetic engineering), and gold powder eating (manna/ormes/spice) are a fatal substitute for real heart felt passion to braid and give self direction to genetic material.


Origins: Ontogenie's recapitulation of PhI-logic: Primal Remothering For Genepools..


... when she came out of her "tantric swoon" she knew she needed to know why her father's sperm tornadoeing into her mother's egg arrived containing the waveform: ANGER.

A "tantric swoon" happens when the ultraviolet sexual juices are "cocooned". This projects the magnetic worm of perception thru the speed of light into time. (The true story of Incunabula.."Cocoon".. eros and time travel, at: )

The waveform of ANGER has a harmonic content of one over seven... This is seen in the change in pressure over time in the touch which expresses that emotion. Touch properly in LOng wave Phi ratio: love, and the squeeze and electricity converges. (Implosion tingles: see the physics of emotion's wave -'Sentics' at ../touch ). When the charge wave is complete, the cascade leaps off the fingertip projected from Golden Mean joint distances.. The universal man to the pteradactyl: flying finger.

Love as magnetics in Phi ratio, have a maximally shareable distribution. Anger on the other hand, has the waveform of maximum destructive interference.

It is common in the day of primal rebirthing for people to remember that sperm approach egg moment emotively. There was his seed, here is the egg waiting, and now "I am." The way the story goes in the rebirthing literature, recovering your soul purpose and intent... required getting back thru to this wormhole in vision.

To recapitulate (bringing to a head) collective genetic memories, the whole genepool would need to remember the intent of the moment of conception for our whole lineage/gene heritage on this planet. This could then lead our collective intent/magnetic vector direction to a consumed perspective in which we could all agree.

It is not unlike the shamanic group about to embark on a journeying. Before they can travel as one body in the lucid dream, they must each recall the intent spin path into her Mother's egg. This creates a spin path to the zero point



Imagine there was a need to reacquiant our collective genetic memory with the impulse which birthed our race as a genetic experiment. This need was more than academic. When a young person realizes that there may have been some anger in her father's sperm as it approach her mother's egg, is often a turning point in accessing the memory wormhole thru to past lives and soul purpose etc. This is called primal remothering. This is necessary because "grounded" access to fractality is access to deep mother. Essentially, screwing memory lines contiguously into embedding means, finding the center of the fractal to permit infinite zooming. Examples include, Chilton Pearce "Bond of Power", John Diamond's placental extract surrogate remothering, and Ceasar's war on Druidism due to Ceasarian section (war on Mother).


The essential principle is that in the birth canal, you couldn't get a better squeeze. The result of proper squeezing, is that in the vortex of intense focus, memory (waves) get sorted. As a result of sorting, phases lock, and bonding (connection to memory across distances) is possible. No birth squeeze, no proper past life/star map/capacitance of astrology link up. Everyone lives in the charge lines of memory, but only those surviving squeeze, get a tuner for their radios. Reference: Only Scale Invariance (The Embedable) Survive Compression (Rapture/Solar Time Wave Zero).


Another lively example is the Hiburu trick to remember the intent path by a sequence of key turns, which links you to your inside out event in your mothers egg, which suddenly puts you in the presence of the big bang (Origins). The dimpling starts a tornado whose suction can become fractally inPHIknit. The egg is more fractal than the seed (more self embedded, the egg in your mother was present in Ieve). So the shamanic rite of accessing the memory continuity worm into your mothers egg, suddenly grounds you in the fractal to the extent that there is a common point of reference (EVERYONE'S COLLECTIVE ORIGIN POINT), so as to allow many to travel on a collective shamanic journey. The members which begin their journey with the rite of the mother's egg, have the privelege of a COMMON POINT OF REFERENCE OR LEVERAGE from which all can share or consume perspective on a SHARED journey. (Fractality is sharing perfected.) This is advanced Merkabbah meditation, using the true Dodec. (see Sacred Geometry of Transcendance: www.../merkabbah/merkabbah.html )


Another useful byproduct of getting contiguous worms of memory thru the birth death zero point squeeze is the acquired ability to get the magnetic squirt gun up the dna zipper, accelerating coherently thru light speed into time. Long term access to self empowered glandular ecstacy burning spin into dna is essential. This is the key to lucid dreaming, bardo navigating, shamanic star penetrance, and time travel. This descriminates the lo grade versus the high grade (ensouled) dna in our galactic sector. This is why only Captain Kirk and Captian Cook, and Dalai Lama's, and Muab Dib's, ability to sew up their interincarnational memory gave them the genetic chutzpah to steer their star craft across the warp. Gathering star navigating skills is more than romantic, at this time when our genepool needs steerage thru the heart of the sun. The sun dance was 5/7 rhythmn thru inside out ness in principle. At this time our Sun crests the suck point of a galactic nexus: Deep Space Nine is Peshmehten.

By getting our DNA up to speed by sitting in magnetic implosion (eck in stasis), we get more of our genepool able to help steer our collective spore body thru the Sun's wormhole.

The Golden One's are another name for Sitchen's ANnunaki. They were AN's kids. They came here thru the Heart of the Sun in the first place. (Solarions or Sun beings, Sa-Ra / Sarah was wife of Ra the Sun God). All self respecting travelers in the time corridors leave heavy metal behind. For genetic travel to be sustainable, they must use increasingly massive fractal gravity centroids as sling shots for travel. The example on Earth, would be using the recursion electrical fractal bit of gravity generated in the human heart, to sling shot awareness wormhole from heart, to temple, to bioregion, to earth core, to sun core, to orion core... etc. Each time awareness can unpack to the next scale of fractality in its first delicate unpacking, only when that next scale of magnetic embodiment (next bigger world) is itself embeddable. Example: the Pharoah could get his glandular magnetics out of his pyramid boat into the Giza plateau and then into Orion, ONLY because of the appropriate fractal branching of each, well morph embedded into the next. Giza's magnetics had to be a fractal of Orion, in order to get magnetic unpacking from here to there. In esoteric shamanic circles, this true principle of fractal morphic resonance, is called " travel by relevance".

The "Alteans" star in the book "Two Thirds", by David Myers and David Percy, Aulis Press, London. (Important). They also appear in "Prism of Lyra" by Lyssa Royal. What the Atlatal's called "Planet Taming", was in fact a kind of interventionism. At first it just looks like a bit of adjusting planet tilt with dolmen to phase embed planet spin to zodiac wratchet to stabilize gravity (charge recursion), and hold atmosphere. At a deeper level however, this involves taking responsibility for (unconsciously?) birthing consciousness in the process. (Perfected recursion of charge creates the atmosphere for atmosphere and gravity and awareness itself). This is the legacy of the "Orion Group". The Andromedans contrast these "interventionists" vs the "non interventionists". Those who see genepools able to get handle on their own evolutionary direction see the need to set them (those planetary genepools)(characters in your dream) free. This was called the prime directive in Star Trek. So the Alteans become Atlantis, become Atlanta become interventionists. Two Thirds is the story of designing Giza and Cydonia to be a life support charge capacitive fractal. From this view, they are the Golden Ones. According to the Andromedan Link above, those same Golden Ones are now the Niburu who are retaking our Solar System as their spoil of war because they can prove that we are their direct genetic descendants. The problem with their logic, even though the Andromedan Council is accepting it,(see Jon Robinsons letter back to the Andromedan Coucil at link above) is that kids you birthed by rape, are not yours to steer. Unfortuneately, only the birth of our psychokinesis by embedding (www.../embedability), can move us out of the house of our angry paternal seed.

So here is the precis for this article:

The Ophanim star navigating beings saw the need to engender a race which could better inhabit star systems as a whole. (To Inhabit is to Embed.) The Ophanim alphabet is the Star Elder Language of the Cherokee Adawi, it is the TRUE Keys of Enoch, and it is the actual glyph structure for the movie Star Gate, and it is the actual symmetry operation neccessary to make hypercube/tesseract. And it is the actual language of Angel names, and origin of John Dee's Golden Dawn. (Please see the Vincent Bridges scholarship on Ophanim letters at the bottom of the Orion article, Does the Golden Spiral Layout of the Pyramids Point to A Black Hole Near Orion, and Why?)

So these Ophanim/Valnaapa/Time Lord/Adawi/Bird Tribe beings allowed the Nephilitic or fallen branch of the Saraphim to lose the ability to get ensouled DNA. Mechanically what this fall means is quite simple. When DNA braids normally, it is glandular passion's sonic pony tail which decides on the braiding. In this way emotion programs DNA. (See: Braiding DNA-Is Emotion the Weaver?). The result is a situation which is healthy, DNA being biology's most recursive and therefore self aware structure is able to effectively steer racial evolution. This is called: "The Willed Mutation of the Species" (by Satprem). This is just a gentle way of saying that people are DNA's way of accomplishing DNA replication.

Being so self aware, gives the imploding magnetic squirt gun inside DNA's braid helix a lot of directional capacity. This fastest gun in the west is in fact measureable superluminal in well braided or high quality or ensouled DNA. This comes to have stellar import when steering group memories thru black holes into time. (The flight of the navigator, is very similar to the dream weaver.)

On a practical level, psychologically for a species means that being in touch with passion and bliss is the essential nutrient for star travel capable kids. This was confirmed at Montauk time travel messes when "Charley", the head operating Draco had to measure DNA boson 7 braid in the candidate human teenagers, to select which could time travel without dizziness. A feather in the hat of certain human genome for being able to do what the "fallen" could not.

Effectively then, sustained glandular coherent emoting projects magnetic domains effectively across the harmonic corridors (into time). See www.../heartlink on defining glandular emotion in terms of the embedding which sustains this in-PHI-kint scalar journey BETWEEN frequencies.

So getting high quality DNA sustained between generations was a matter of keeping your children in touch with their bliss. (& out of the hands of lo consciousness gene splicers). This was natures way of ensuring that self awareness at the highest level would always steer magnetism into stars. Sustainable star births would always then be proof that a self aware being had just turned chaos inside out to recursion self organized. Species gradually learned that gravity bubbles were sustained by the same self organizing physics of waves of charge gone fractal as consciousness itself.

So what does "fallen" mean as it describes DNA and genepools and angels? In the above natural situation glandular emotion turns fields recursively inside out into imploding charge which then braids DNA so it steers, has intent and direction. Well very much in contrast to this is the reverse or retro viral use of technology to hack up DNA. In this situation some naive "scientist" probably does not even know what makes a soul or magnetism superluminal (faster than light) by effective braiding in DNA. This scientist (for example those on Earth now), are foolish enough to consider 70-90 percent of the DNA what they call "non coding". This is because they do not understand what braiding (pure wave mechanic CONTEXT) does. If they would re read "Grammatical Man: Information Entropy Language and Life" by Jeremy Campbell, substituting BRAIDING for that authors use of the word CONTEXT they might get it.

This is the same gene spicer who bled the awareness out of your wheat and bioengineered food, so as to rob your children of their soul. See: Braiding DNA, are Borgs the Weavers? Will Genetic Engineering in Food Cost Your Children their "Soul" Force

So, they fail to understand that braid/context is what gives soul and true sustainability to DNA, by including millenia of wave mechanical embedding, in the harmonic richness of DNA.

See The True Meaning and Origin of the Holy Grail..A Golden (Mean) Fleece.. Braid of Gold exerpted here:

The local galactic sector was in trouble due to unstable star births, identical in magnetic terms to angelic magnetic bodies which bleed..

In order to add the self-embedding self-centering recursive force which would stabilize star births, heal the bleeding bodies of angels, and save this galactic sector, it was decided to create the Adamic or seeded race, in the image and likeness.. as above so below, I am that I am... (all names for embedding or recursion). What this meant in practical terms was that if you braided the DNA in life forms with enough perfect fractality you arrived at magnetism in blood which was embedded or fractally attractive. The result was a creation of a morphic resonance leverage on magnetic spins ACROSS GREAT SPECTRUM OF SCALES. Essentially, you could in this way create a human wave form which had enough magnetism bending ability in the spin geometry of their DNA, to BEND STARS in the blood with the magnetic rush of feeling. DNA in this way became so psychokinetic that it was of import in magnetically fabricating ecosystems the scale of stars.

The way this is accomplished in the body is with the pony tail braiding operations from the heart sounds during emotion..

end exerpt

So the history of technological gene spicing was born. This is in effect the galling scientist saying: "I don't trust my DNA to know as much as I do!" The result is a long term quiver in the psyche which says, "I don't trust myself".

The essential historical context goes roughly like this. There was a diasporal (genetic dispersal) from Earth of the humanoids after a nuclear disaster. The green bloods (chlorophyl oxygenated) who went underground had to use iron to hold oxygen, they became red bloods. The diaspora group in Pleades and Sirius used copper, they became blue bloods. The reptiloid and Draconic interventionists increasing stepped on this humanoid remnant in the Sirian culture. This became the bird tribe branch in Aku Akanaton. Akanaton had a distended long skull, this was a bird tribe genetic tendancy. It housed a high brain which was very nourished and star capable. This meant glandular magnetics launched by braiding from that contained pineal had a great deal of penetrating power. This was a force which the DRACO and fallen ones feared. This was because their only mechanism of penetrating these same time movement (EL) corridors was clumsy technological heavy metal. This was why the AMON RA priests were systematically murdering the Pharoahs blood line, and TUT. Tut had to hide his twin sons Moses and Aaron by a secret Jewish lover, in order to hide their ET blood. This becomes the "Myth of the Birth of the Hero". The reason Tut had to have a Jewish mate, was that his blood had to cross with the Orion Queen or high reptilian. For more on the Orion Queens see: the Flight of the Navigator thru Robert Morningsky's "Guardians of the Grail" and see "Honey of the QUEENS".

So if a girl with red hair, finds a distended skull, she might be learning of Orion Queen in her own blood. Red hair contains increased iron, which more psychokinetically bends magnetic lines in the wave guide hair, whose etymology is kundalini itself.

Jewish comes from Hebrew. Hebrew comes from H'Iburu. H'Iburu comes from Niburu. Niburu was the expensive gene splicing laboratory planetoid paid for by the Orion queens, to hack up our DNA. They wanted our DNA because they thought they needed to make Gold mining slaves or borgs or droids or golem. The software of the Niburu was the donut tilt angles of the tetrahedron, which was the sequence of turns necessary to braid DNA into a tetra helix. This made a non imploding and therefore non ensouled and therefore non self aware self replicating, non fertile form of borg which the Niburu technicians (later called Hiburu priests) called golem.

QUOTE from review of Sitchen's new book: Health & Longevity: "The secrets of the hybrid genome that combined Anunnaki genes with those of
hominids, Sitchin suggests, can be deciphered by understanding the cosmic
code written in the ultimate computer language: DNA. The Bible and the
Prophets' inspired search for clues from the Past to divine the Future were
facilitated by the Hebrew language, whose twenty-two letters parallel the
twenty-two human chromosomes (not counting the X and Y sex chromosomes) and
three-consonant Root-Verb system parallels the three-nucleotides system of
transcribing DNA."

Now AN was the chief regent of the Orion queens. His name later became Tuethe de D'ANnan (people of the gods), and ANgelish, and ariAN. His alter ego EA is for whom EArth was named. His sons, Enki and Enlil were crack gene splicers. Enlil became the ANGRY Niburu Hiburu God YALWEH (see the Gardner article above), also reference Sitchen, and "Innana Returns" by Ferguson.

The EA/AN family was a little unhappy with the heavy handed way the Orion group had of ruling the Sirians, so they elected to slip the funding source of Niburu a mickey. (The Orion Queen Draco's etc.) . Plus they got sucked into sex with their droids. "Spontaneous generation" was politically incorrect among Orion's queens. Enlil, Enki and the their Draco sister Innana were crack gene splicers. They would insert a little of what the Andromedan's called Paa Taal, or 11th dimensional DNA. (Paa Taa = Ptah ?) They did this by a careful cross of some Ophanim DNA into Sa Ra. Sa means wife of Ra. Ra is the Sun God (EA). They were called Solarians or Sun Gods because their magnetic arrival lines were literally thru the heart of the sun. Sara's kin became Joseph of coat or rayment of many colors (dna braids). And became Benjamin whose biblical gold cup among the seeds was ET blood. Joseph was a lucid dreamer. His blood line became Moses.

It is important to read "God King Akanaton" by Daniel Stewart, for the ET blood in Tut. See if you can understand why Thoth stooped to eating live human pineal glands. This is the now widespread lo grade Draco solution to immortality once self generated gland juices are no longer available. Read more on the disappearing children phenomena in Collier, Branton,and see if you can guess where went the boys at boy town. Now you know who the Aztecs sacrificed to, and why Hitler burnt the skulls.

And then read "House of the Messiah", to see the EXACT historical INDENTY which was Tut/Moses, renamed Jesus/Joseph.

One Orion group had descended to the use of Borg technological telepathy to conquer so many inhabitable planetoids. They ate the gold, in order to externally apply its implosion geometry to their blood. This eventually cost them the glandular skill to braid their own DNA. This meant they were dependant on the outside in, instead of the inside out to steer their genepools into the future. On the practical level, this meant that a boring race of techno droids was now conquering stars. This sent a quiver of chaos swarming thru our galactic sector. This is because non implosive non ensouled DNA steers whole star systems into chaos. This is because stars inhabilited by droid genepools eventually themselves fall out of embedding. All waves which fail to embed, die.

When the leaders of the fallen Saraphim saw the chaos sweeping thru our galaxy, from species which had lost passion, spontoneaity, and soul. They decided to trace back along the time corridors to find where in history this sweep of chaos emanated from. These time cops, found that the whole fall of our galactic sector radiated FROM THIS TIME SECTOR RIGHT NOW IN THIS PERIOD ON EARTH. They traced the whole problem of loss of self organization in quality DNA, which sickened the galaxy to THE SCIENTISTS ON EARTH IN OUR CENTURY FIRST LEARNING GENE SPLICING.

So what they did, was to travel backward millenia of years in time, to re seed themselves into our then nascent race. They did this in order to try to splice themselves like a scion graft onto their own root stem. This became the priori de scion. The prior branch. Which became Jon, or the bloodline of John.

These various groups also relate to Zenatae and Essesani.(Bashar) All coming back from 375 to 700 years forward in the future where a wave of tyranny has been traced back to here.

How they arrived is the story of the Golden Ones, below by Rakie. This is what the Andromedans call Paa Taal, or 11th dimensional DNA. Cube is 3 d, dodec is 4th way to spin, braid dodec down slink you get DNA, 5 spins. Then braid the braid of the braid, thread to string, to rope, to fat rope, til 11 spins are superposed. This puts 11 nested harmonics in DNA's power spectra. And requires that COHERENCE in EKG to sustain the braid! (Ascend already we need the space... on which to embed the braid..) Angelics of this quality DNA could embed or inhabit imploding harmonics right thru black holes into time. Repairing this event structure in time, so that waves in time were also self organizing required the calendar's event timing to be spaced by powers of PHI/Golden Mean. (The book "Spiral Calendar" by Carolan.) This is what is meant by the Templars in the blood line of Magdalen, in the Blood Line of the Orion Queens, "repairing the fabric of time" so that angels would not bleed. Their magnetic bodies required recursion or embedability at that temporal level.

As you read this, consider that the layout of the capactive towers around EDIN (a "spaceport", later called Garden of Eden), created a charge fractal which technologically prevented aging of cellular tissue inside. This was echoed at Van Tassel's "Integretron". This was the real function of the electrical complex for sustaining biological structures without age which became, GIZA. See Collusion Illusion at Giza The REAL Cocoon vs. Orion StarMap . This also gives new meaning to the story of Annunaki by Sitchen. ANnunaki were returning to their own genetic past, in order to find a HEART of gold (which could braid their DNA), instead of the GOLD (SPICE/MANNA/ORMES) they thought they needed.

The theme was recursive: recursion implosion which was solely technologically based, disempowers. Only learning and FEELING the principle itself empowers.

They needed to find a source of passion and bliss for their own rootedness as a race, to keep self directing glandular emoting as the steering force in their genetics. The wrong turn into gene splicing by Scientists who do not know what ensouls or implodes DNA (recursive sonic braiding induced by glandular passion) , IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY CAME HERE TO PREVENT.

Imagine trusting a Scientist who thinks that 70 percent of your DNA is non coding because he does not know what braiding does to point harmonics heterdyning thru lightspeed (ensoulment), to hack up YOUR DNA!!??!!?? Yet that is EXACTLY what HAS happened to your wheat, and soon to your kids!

Note below that Quetlcoatel is the many plumed, of magnetic feathered genes set to fly by pteradactyl, flying finger. See Tight An's on the Titanic: Quest Cutler How the Reptilian Brain Learns to Feed the Bird Brain..

The Quetzl's and the Coat-els

The Birds and the Serpents

The Ophanim and the Seraphim

The Aku and the Draku

Akunaton vs Amon Ra

The Isreali's and the Arabs

Serpent stings itself.. We created Draco to sting ourselves... We graft ourselves back onto our roots.. recursively in time.. Gold is valence recursion.. Golden Ones.. are us..?


also as you read this, remember that gold is a valence fractal whose atomic wave guide is implosive. It braids magnetics to sort implosively anything in its field. It is an atomic mirror of the hearts electricity at the moment of most attractive feeling. Gold is an external rose petal magnetically of an internal alchemic possibility. Gold happens at planet points (El Dorado) where magnetics cross themselves into recursion. More than just repairing atmosphere's as Sitchen comments, gold can technologicly fabricate wormhole sorting into immune systems, for an unensouled immortality. (Ormes/spice/manna).

"Looking for a heart of gold and growing old.."

end Dan Winter intro

Channeled by Rakie Rehkop, June, 1998


Long long ago, in the time of Quetzalcoatl, the head of the serpent fell asleep to the ancient moanings of time while trying to express in manifested realities, only too soon to find its body held in bondage by the thoughts that created its form. "Wake up, wake up," cried the Lord of Hosts, "For your truth is about to be revealed. Your eyes have seen the fire deep within your belly that consumes your desire to return to that you once were. Your heart has felt the yearning to fold into the reality you have created in search of the Great One Heart, the One Heart that gently guides you into the light of awareness of all that is."

Channeled by Rakie Rehkop January, 1998


The approximate phonetic sounds of the language Rakie heard before requesting that the message be translated to English:






English translation (The message was, and still is, repeated over and over like a distress beacon):


"Sons of all sons,

Daughters of all daughters,

Creators of light and form.

You are the fabric which holds our galaxy together.

Come into yourselves before the time of Kaliquentali

(Time of Change).

You must recognize yourselves in order to hold the form you so dearly love.

The future of the creation in is your hands.

The decay in human consciousness is slowly tearing our world apart.

You must find yourselves or all is lost.

Please come home.

You are only lost in your experience."

This is a quote from John-Alexis during a meeting August, 1998 after the ceremony at South Colony Lakes in July 1998. It summarizes the concept of "being transparent" quite well. This is different from the traditional light worker concept of shielding oneself to admit only those beings who are "of the light."


"We must understand that the spiritual hierarchy needs us in dense physical bodies, being transparent so they can pass through us. It is the same for the dark lords to come to the Christ. It works in both directions. The other side wants to go home too. The spiritual warriors who [find their way to these ceremonies] have to be able to allow that. This Shamballa is anchored in the dense physical. Beings must be able to hold all there is simultaneously. All the family has go home; all things come from the heart of the creator."

August 18, 1997


Note: Rakie's intent in entering this channeling session was to learn more about what we have called Atlantean times. I assisted as a guide and when he was in altered state, told him to travel to the place we call Atlantis during a time before there was any destruction. The information is written as dictated by Rakie, so a lot is in the first person. My comments are in brackets with italic type.


I see many round peaked roofs as you might see in ancient Persia. They are spherical or onion-shaped and come to a point on top. The weather is temperate. The buildings don't have window screens or doors that close. The whole place seems devoid of bright colors. The buildings, and the dress of the people, are white or beige, sometimes with pastel colors. Many of the people are quite tall, over 7 feet. Some have elongated heads. Everybody, men and women, dress similarly and their dress looks ancient Roman. Everybody has white skin with hair of brown, auburn, red or gold and they are all rather pale. It seems like the sun is shining but nobody seems to have tanned skin. There is nobody with black hair. There are lots of children and most are blonde. The streets are walkways of stone and the buildings are made of stone set so closely that the surface looks like stucco. These people seem to have ways of cutting stone with such precision that it can be set almost mortarless, almost inlaid. It seems that people walk from one place to another. Everything is in close proximity. The only animals I see are camels and birds. There are no cats, dogs or insects.


The consciousness of the people is not as polarized as ours; they are mellower. They are not as realized as in the vision of Shamballa but their consciousness is higher than ours. It seems a if we have slipped into the heavier aspects of polarization. These people are very magical. They still have the abiliy to manifest. They manifest their needs, and that is why their houses are so simple. [It feels like my arms are a foot in diameter. Rakie's arms and legs jerk periodically and it is getting very hot] This is only one race of people; there are others. These are called the Golden Ones, and they are what remains of the highest evolved of all races. This is a race of extraterrestrials incarnate in human form. Their origin is the belt of Orion, not Sirius or the Pleiades [Sp?], and they have been here for quite some time. It has been difficult to maintain a level of purity within their race, in the sense of not being infiltrated by other races. That was their intention, but many of their people over the years had gone out into the wilderness and comingled (e.g. had sex with) what were considered the lesser evolved races, all the way into the animal kingdom. Those who chose to do this were no longer welcomed into the city of the Golden Ones. Many who left wanted to experience and feel the fire of emotion, for the race itself was rather docile and emotionless. They had come to a place in their evolution to where emotions were almost not present.


Many who left took technology with them. They also were able to maintain many of their magical abilities such as to manifest and bilocate. To some on the world outside, these people were considered gods. Many of those who left became quite powerful. They had made attempts to reconcile with the Golden Ones, to be accepted for who they were, but the Golden Ones in the city wouldn't accept or acknowledge their existence. And now over the many years the ones who had separated away literally became adversaries of the Golden Ones.


I'm going to have one of them take me into their technology. Tthe Golden Ones had harnessed the energy of the sun using what I will call a thermal egg. They called it a "neutron accelerator." I see one of these devices. It is very big; probably 100 feet long and 50 feet in diameter. Orginally this was developed for the good of all mankind, as a source of power. Smaller versions could cut and fuse anything and were used for masonery work. Over periods of time those on outside became a threat to the security and safety of the Golden Ones in the city. They in turn threatened to turn the "neutron accelerator" or thermal egg on these people on the outside. There was such a fear of this machine that they would not even consider any action against the Golden Ones. But as time and technology grew, those on the outside developed their own neutron accelerators. These were so powerful that they could literally melt away the superstructure of the continent, causing great collapses on the surface, upheavals of volcanic eruptions, earthquakes.


I am trying to understand why the outsiders wanted to destroy the Golden Ones. For many years they coexisted, then something changed. Ah! It's about land, same old thing. The Golden Ones controlled most of the land and had come to a place where their race was dwindling in numbers. They stopped procreating somewhere along the line. I see what happened. Most of the women had left to live in the outside world. Stories of excitement, of a more expanded life, kept finding their way back and the women kept leaving. These were the factors that brought about the Great War: the women leaving and the fact the Golden Ones contolled most of the land. There came a time when the only women left were old women and the only men left were old men. The Golden Ones led a very confined simple life, similar to people all living in a monastery although not quite as rigid, but very structured as to how they went about their life. That is why the younger ones kept going to the outlands. There seemed to be a need for humanness to express itself in a wider range of experience.


There was a time when the Golden One's wouldn't fight, but they kept sinking more and more into polarized consciousness, feeling more hatred for the races on the outside. At one point they decided to use the ceremony that opens a portal. This was what I tapped into when I was accessing the original information about the Cerremony of Twelve. At that time I heard all these older men arguing. They were arguing about how to open and utilize the portal. They felt they could destroy those mixed races (what they called them) if they could go through a portal and come back and reinhabit the area at another time. Also, they felt that by leaving through the portal they would not be affected by the war. This is really sad, for this race of people starting as really evolved beings. It won't be long before the war starts. I want to move backward in time.


It appears that it was very dangerous on the outside. There were big animals, dinosaurs. The Golden Ones lived in a protected environment; they appear to be inside a shield or dome built of energy. You can't see the shield. The devices that generate this shield are very large, about 6 stories tall. They consist of a pair of shapes that look like what Dan Winter makes flame letters out of. These are huge and they spin within each other in close proximity. When one spiral opens, the other goes in, so they are continually interfacing with each other. There are six pairs, twelve all together, put an equal distance around a large area that includes their city, but is much bigger than the city. The arrangement is hexagonal. This is what generates the protective shield. I see now that the shield doesn't have a top. It goes straight up into the universe. It is literally impenetrable. Air and water can get through, so it does not affect their ecosystem. It has the capability of dissolving form, so if you put your hand into the field your form will begin to dissolve and if you withdraw it quickly, it will be severely deformed. There are certain places that you can access the inside, tunnels underneath the towers that held the generating devices. There were six of these access points, called gates or portals, although one at the ocean was used very seldom. The access through the tunnels is closely guarded and can be closed very easily and when these are closed the city is inpenetrable by anything. The Golden Ones who were capable of bilocating could travel to the other side that way as well.


During the times that many people wanted to leave, those that contolled the ingress/egress areas where often. "bought off." There was one time when there was a mass effort and lots of people decided they wanted to go to the other side, and the people who controlled the gate, who were responsible for the security, were part of those who wanted to leave, so when they all left the portal was left open and unguarded for quite a while. They didn't have television capabilities as we know it, no "security cameras." They had no advanced electronic communication systems. Though many of the Golden Ones could still communicate telepathically, they started to lose that over the years. In some ways our electronic technology is more sophisticated. Without ways of consistently monitoring the gates, many such large "escapes" were possible


[At this point, we wondered at the irony of the inside ones wanting to go to the outside and the outside ones wanting to get to the inside!] We would consider the city of the Golden Ones utopia, but others wanted to experience the excitement on the outside. Many lost their lives to experience this. This entire scenario played itself out for 8,000 years- from the time the Golden Ones came to the time of the Great War.


In the war, the opposition had large thermal eggs they would focus on the ground beneath the giant devices that provided the shield. The ground was melted and the devices fell into it, but in the process the whole continent fell. It was a terrible thing. It's funny that in this early time, they didn't seem to have air craft. It was very different. Some things were so much more advanced and some were not. Many of the golden ones could still bilocate, but people who could do that became fewer and fewer. They were from belt of Orion, but we don't have a full understanding of that star system; it is really incomplete. There are many inhabited planets in that area, but not all the civilizations have the ability to travel.


Q: where is Kuthumi during this time? A: he is one of the Golden Ones. The Golden Ones live for a long time; most are between 500 and 800 years old. Kuthumi is 500. I also see he who will later incarnate as Pythagoras and Thoth. The one who will be Jesus was on the outside. Darlaiel was one of the first women Golden One's to leave; she was instrumental in developing the civilization on the outside world.


The Golden Ones who left the city dropped in level of awareness. To experience more they had to widen their parameters for experiencing; this took them into a deeper level of separation. In the beginning they were as highly evolved as they could get, but then they became encapsulated by their reality. The Golden Ones never fought, but only threatened. They had the physical ability to destroy the forces that opposed them but were not capable of violence. When those on the outside attacked, they destroyed themselves in the process along with most of the land. Most of the land was within these six devices which generated the force shield.


It seems that the Golden Ones had slaves. Golden Ones: the ones who ate gold! They had slaves that went out to get gold. It was the slaves who broke off and started their own civilization. Then many of the Golden Ones broke off and joined them, bringing the technology. They forgot how to die. The original number was 144,000 who came. Slaves were brought from 5 lesser evolved planets. There was no expectation that they would evolve, except the Golden Ones who left the cities brought genes of higher understanding and accelerated their development. [History repeats itself?] The outsiders were starving because they did not have enough land to grow their crops; the Golden Ones had control of all the land. The Golden Opnes would pick u the refined gold from the outside. They eventually quit eating gold because they couldn't get it. This played out over a long period-thousands of years.


At this point, Rakie's body was really jerking and I was feeling intolerably hot. He said he had to come back. Too much energy was flowing through him. Once he was back, I was immediately comfortably cooler!


August 22, 1997


All day, Rakie has been receiving information. He got overheated yesterday working on the wind machine and has had low energy; he has been lying down in a sort of twilight sleep most of the day. Then when he wakes up shares tidbits of what he has been receiving. He's been saying that "it all started with Earth" meaning the origin of the human life wave. He asked what the planetary logos was. Also, he's been seeing that the Golden Ones were not quite the villains they seemed in the first vision. He said that the shield that was generated around their compound was called the "Great Void" because it voided all existence or form if you walked into it. This time as Rakie went into altered state, I suggested that he go " back to the beginning" of the origins that led to the Atlantis vision that he received on August 18. He said that he could go back as far as the "first desire." Throughout this session, he described the incoming information as a jumble of picture images that seemed to be transmitted to him through some kind of telepathy. He was trying to pick one and concentrate on it, so the information he gives jumps back and forth. Some images were so far from his points of reference he could not decipher them at this time. Rakie said that there were enough images out there to recreate the entire picture, so that in time we will be able to understand why and how we got where we are now and where we are going from here. He said some of them were "mind-blowing." He also said that at times there was voice communication.


The first desire...the creator wanted to know itself. In the process, the creator knew that in order to know itself it would have to take form, so it could have that which was and that which was not. It would have to place itself somewhere in the middle, an expression , a word. The creator has infinite wisdom and created a being that would be the closest expression to the creator's nature. [I asked if he was talking about the creator as being the planetary logos, and Rakie said that was "one step down"].


The creator chose to express. This could occur only through nature and desire. The expression would be what we would refer to as light body. It was an assemblage of energy that resembled the form of that which was to come. Its vibratory level was at a much higher rate than dense form. It started with a cycle. First, one being was created for each of the 12 colors. These consist of the seven colors that you would recognize plus the five you don't see. Each of these 12 brought forth 12 others. There are 12 aspects of humankind: the 5 senses and 7 other aspects [The 7 aspects of self from Metatron's Wheel?] Each of 12 colors brought forth the 12 aspects, making a total of 144. These would eventually become the 1000 names of god and the 144,000. The intense desire of the creator to experience who it was continued and now the expressions were 144,000. The 12 which created the 144,000 might be considered one level higher if you think in terms of a hierarchy. They would be something like a council of 12.


The 12, then, represented the 12 colors. It is important to understand that there are 6 male colors and six female colors; six colors representing each energy. The colors seen from the heart chakra down in the chakra system are male and from the heart chakra system up are the female. Of the original 144 there were 72 males and 72 females. Of the 144,000 there were 72,000 each males and females. [Rakie expressed confusion. I think of the red-orange-yellow as the earth/mother colors and the blues and purples as the sky/father colors. Rakie checked in and still got the same information. Perhaps the blues are the feminine water/emotion colors and the reds are the masculine fire colors. Rakie continues...] On Metatron's Wheel the higher chakra colors are female and lower are male. In the gates of creation through the 12 faces of the dodecahedron there is one color assigned to each face that it brings into the center. The female colors are the ones of the upper chakra system and the male the lower.


Each of the 144,000 take an aspect of creation. If we had the knowledge we would understand that our creation is made up of 144,000 aspects. Each square on the periodic table is an aspect. There are certain groupings of animals, people, mud and water, life forms, that are all aspects. If you take the whole thing, the entire universe is made of 144,000 aspects. Each of the 144,000 light beings that came down to be the logos took one aspect of creation. Our local planetary system was created to start with. There were three planets that, with proper heat from the sun, could support life as we know it. Those were Venus, Mars and Earth. Earth was the first to be inhabited.


There is a change in terminology. I would like to refer to this [creation of three planets or just the earth?] as "the worlds." There were the 1st through 5th worlds, and we are finishing the 6th right now. They'll give me more information later on the planets, how they got to be like they are. They are telling me that the magnetics and energetics of the whole universe is the same as the planet's. At a later time they will give a lot more information on this.


They keep telling me to trash my concept of linear time. What they are telling me won't make sense unless we step out of linear time. Those who had the responsibility to bring the mineral aspect and denser energy forms of the planet did so, and then the solar system. Those who had the responsibility to bring forth the animal kingdom did so. It wasn't done simultaneously and yet it was. In linear time if happened in sequences, but all 144,000 aspects also happened simultaneously.


The 1st world was almost uninhabitable. Then it restructured itself and cooled and the water came. The 2nd world was inhabited by animals only. It was in the 2nd [or 3rd?] world that human like animals were first brought into being, but it was very hard for these to survive. There were tribal wars and dinosaurs; the life expectancy was 25 years old. In the 3rd world human form was introduced that had some level of consciousness, but not what we would consider a fully evolved consciousness. They were more like animals than what we would consider humans. They had to fight for survival. These are giant beings. The first humans were very big. The are at a higher vibratory rate, not as dense as we are but not full light body. Their vibratory rate is similar to what we are going to become in the 7th world. They were the ones that existed when I started with the Golden Ones in my last session. When I entered that vision, the Golden Ones had just come. They had been there a while. It wasn't how the Golden Ones started. The ones who started were very big. These big beings were instrumental in getting the Golden Ones started. They were instrumental in making these things that caused the Great Void. They were the 12 of the hierarchy that came into energetic form. [Rakie describes a rush of picture images... "There's lightening and quasars and all kinds of stuff going on!"]


I am getting something about the 12 who brought forth the 144,000. They came forth 6 male aspects and 6 female aspects and put into place these flame letter towers that formed the Great Void [From the previous vision, these formed a huge hexagonal protective field or shield around the land the Golden Ones occupied. Later information was received that the field was called the Great Void]. The 12 put these in place that the 144,000 might survive; the 144,000 didn't even know how these things worked. Nobody did except the 12 who put them there. They were never duplicated in any worlds thereafter and when they were destroyed they were never reproduced. Each one of the flames of the 6 machines had two parts to it. [These are starting to remind me of the 6 balance units in the Wheel; these seem to have a deeper significance] Each one of the 12 parts was one of the 12 colors. These 12 beings set forth the energy of their creative power or ability in their specific colors, and they were mixed male and female. Somehow these machines reversed the creative process to where it resulted in the Great Void field. In other words, the creation came through the 12 portals into realization. The machines were set up to reverse the process of creation, so that if creation (i.e. form) tried to enter the field, the field would de-create it. It would cease to exist. So the 6 machines somehow reverse the sequence of creation. Both creation and de-creation, or reversed creation, (in the Great Void field) are based on 12 aspects and 12 colors, 6 male and 6 female.


There were 12, and then each of those 12 begot 12 more and the 144 became the 1000 names of God or the 144,000. The Golden Ones, then, were the physical incarnations of the 144,000 wishing to experience that which they created. The 12 considered the 144,000 to be their "children," in a sense, and they put the containment field in place around a continent on a specific planet, which they called "Eden." These 12 beings gave the name Eden to what we call Mother Earth. Other names used are Terra and Gaia. The area inside the containment field was called the "Garden of Eden." There was a reason for separating the Golden Ones from the outside world. The Golden Ones were entirely incapable of taking any hostile action against their own creation. The new humans were entirely capable of taking hostile action against the Golden Ones. The 144,000 wanted to be resident in their creation as neutral observers and did not want to be in confrontational situations.


Something that happened that they weren't ...something about the human species...they were evolving much quicker than anticipated. The 144,000 didn't know that which they created would try to find its way back to them, the creator. For some reason they thought their creation went off forever and never came back. They didn't realize it would find its way back. So the evolutionary process, it seemed, almost took them by surprise. Even the creator didn't understand all that was in the world of creation, that there would be times of experimentation where they had to learn cause and effect. That's really weird! You would think beings of that level of god-ness or awareness would know everything, but that wasn't the case. They came to experience things they didn't know as well as things they did know.


I have to jump around. This is so hard! When the 144,000 first incarnated, they didn't have to eat gold. They were fully evolved, fully capable of any and all things, fully realized. They had no disease or violence; they were a god-like race in terms of what we perceive the good aspects of god to be. But what they didn't know about the humans that they had brought here to evolve (who had kept evolving), was that the thought patterns of all the beings resident on the planet before they arrived formed a grid around the planet. Though their containment field protected them from the physical outside world, it didn't do anything to block thought form energy. This thought form energy started to comingle with theirs. So the thought form energy grid started to have an effect on their consciousness, and they started to lose some of their ability. This effect was amplified when they went outside the confinement field and comingled with the humans there. They were aware of the qualities of gold, and that is when they started eating gold to maintain something that they were losing (not to get something they didn't have to begin with). So it was at that point they had those on the outside mining gold. They didn't know why they were losing their abilities, because they didn't understand the consciousness grid and the grid system and the energetics of creation. They were first experiencing this and didn't know all the things that came from that. So the Golden Ones were the physical incarnations of the 144,000 creators, with the exception of the 12 that were above them...I have to backtrack.


This is about what have been called the Draconians. There was a time when species were able to cross breed. In the third world...(this is not much fun)...the earliest Draconians were a cross between the lower evolved humans and some animals [Did this first occur in the 2nd or 3rd world?]. Draconians were the highest form of animal intelligence because they had taken on human characteristics by cross breeding. In the third world there was a lot happening. Some level of Draconians at some level of evolution kidnapped and raped some of the Golden Ones who went to the outside world in order to gain their power for the Draconian race. Some of that was pretty ugly. There were different civilizations; the picture I'm getting is bizarre. I see civilizations of Draconians and lesser evolved humans. There were fires and lava and some of the Draconians went underground and survived the destruction of the 3rd world. They reemerged in the 4th world, and in the 4th world the Draconians ruled the planet and learned how to travel in space. They colonized other worlds. The 4th world was pretty ugly because the Draconians were aggressive beings. Others survived the 3rd world cataclysm as well. Some of the Golden Ones survived; some escaped into time. The Draconians of earth were wiped out at the end of the 4th world. At that time there was the great flood due to a pole shift. The Draconians had nowhere to hide because their caverns were filled with water. As I said, some of the Draconians had already managed to leave the planet at the end of the 4th world, but most of them living on Earth were lost in the 4th world cataclysm. It was in the 5th world that several races had technology strong enough to take them to other planets.


This is so ironic. The human races started on earth; everything that's out there came from here. The sources that say otherwise have it all backwards! It all started here and it's all going to finish here!


The 5th world was probably the best if you were to observe and categorize. The humanoid inhabitants were highly evolved and mostly peaceful, although there was some warring. The fifth world was the most advanced technologically, and their population numbered about 60 million, about 1 tenth of our present population. They had some crime, but not anywhere near what we have gotten into. That is when most of the pyramids were built. Some of the artifacts you see in the present 6th world were actually produced in the 5th world. [To reiterate, Atlantis and Lemuria as seen in Rakie's first vision of the Golden Ones was in the 3rd world]. A lot of the artifacts produced in the 5th world were built by survivors or remnants of the 3rd world. This is interesting: the 1st, 3rd, 5th worlds seemed to be the best or most harmonic, while and 2nd, 4th and 6th seemed to be most violent, or disharmonic. The odd numbered worlds seemed to be the better ones.


It's funny...the world hasn't always covered itself with water in order to restart. In this 2nd world, the whole place was just torched! All I can see is fire everywhere. Maybe this was caused by a "sun burp" or something. You know, it is as if each of the worlds was destroyed by one of the 4 elements. Each element takes its turn cleansing the world. The 1st world was destroyed by winds blowing hundreds and hundreds of miles per hour. Nothing could survive winds of that magnitude. The 2nd world was destroyed by fire, and the 3rd by volcanic upheaval and ocean relocations [Would that be the earth element?] perpetuated or started by humans. The cataclysm of the 4th world that took the Draconians was a poleshift that caused the oceans to relocate. But Atlantis was not covered up because of a poleshift, but because they sank the continents with the thermal egg. The fifth world was destroyed by winds again; the pyramids were build to withstand these mighty winds. The winds blew so hard they made life unsustainable; solar flares caused these hot winds. The heat was too intense to support life. Yet life would always start and regrow; some would survive somehow. The 6th world will be. ..[Rakie's eyes started to flow with tears] we are the worst of all that preceded us...there has been more greed and more killing than in any civilization that preceded us. You have to look at the whole picture: all the wars, genocide's, the H-bomb, pollution and rape of the planet. Even the Draconians, though power-mongers, were not as destructive. And we will be destroyed by all four of the elements.


Further discussions after Rakie came out of trance. The session ended on such a sad note! In our last Wednesday meeting, Claire wanted Rakie to try to get in touch with this being called Tachsaw. Rakie had gotten in touch with this being during the group meditation. Tachsaw was crying because he felt the world had no future. Perhaps this last session gives us some insight as to why. It seems that the 144 that were created by the first 12 are the ones who have incarnated here with the hat trick trying to wake up the 144,000, who have also incarnated here. We have taken the planet to such a low level in terms of being most separated from God in our consciousness that it is in danger of total destruction. If this Shamballa portal doesn't work, it is all over.


I asked Rakie while he was in altered state about the 12 from Esquiessence: Who are they? Where is this place located? How are they tied into all this? The answer was that they are part of the 144, not the 144,000. Rakie asked if these are two discrete groups, so that the number actually going through the portal at Shamballa would be 144,144, and he got an answer in the affirmative. Each of those from Esquiessence holds an aspect of one of the 12 colors [this is interesting because in my meditations in the tent I saw beings sort of Casper-the-friendly ghost-shaped with each one a different color. I believe that in one meditation either 7 or 12 filed by me and took my hands and looked into my eyes; each was a different color] What they hold is in a spiral, each a different color, each a different aspect. Regarding the location, if you went straight through Orion between Sirius and the Pleiades; you would run right into it. The Pleiades and Sirius are polar opposites [male and female?] and Esquiessence is like the godhead between the two. I started asking Rakie to go into the future. I wanted to know how much time we have. He said that people will start to evacuate and move out of certain areas in hordes; this will start 1998. At this point he had enough and said that, difficult emotionally as it might be, we needed to go into the future during the next session.

end Rakie info,

note from Dan Winter:

for another view on whether the High Draco's have really seen the need to stop parasitizing humans (because they might suck their whole galactic sector into chaos,) see Draco's Last Stand: Capellan and Ciakar...

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Roger Kerr <>

Hi Dan,

I have always resonated with much of what Collier says, and also with
your 'Origins' stuff. I read Hurtak's web site stuff back in '97, and did
not resonate with a lot of it. I agree that there is some Reptilian
'deception' buried in that. Also, I have never resonated with anything
Nidle ever said.

My only comment is that if you want to really get the story right, then
you must begin distinquishing between the Draco, or Lucifer Group, the
Anunnaki or AN Group, and the Orion Reptilians or Asaru Group. The other
day I realized that Asaru was 'Set' of the Osiris story. Anyway, these are
3 distinct races of Reptilians, and they all had their own agenda. They
did not always work together, quite the contrary. Although you may be
right that the Anunnaki were brought under the control of the Orion
Reptilians. But I don't believe that the Draco were ever under the control
of any other Group. To me, they are the most noble and honorable of all
the Reptilian races. Honor was important to them, much like the Klingon's
of Star Trek. Not sure you can say that about the other two. Feel free to
incorporate anything from all those messages that I sent you a little while

Oh, one more thing. A year ago, I got the info that the Greys were in
fact cloned by the Aryan Sirians to be used as 'soldier droids' in their
war with the Draco and the Orion's. I suspect they used Anunnaki genetics
and mixed it with their own. Anyway, the last two days, I have gotten more
confirmation on this. I was attacked by the Greys as a result of having
turned that Sirian ship away. Also I recently met a lady who has had some
contact with the Greys, and has been implanted by them. She asked me to
see if I could find out the reason for it. I connected with her Higher
Self, and got the information that she had been Sirian (Aryan) and had been
involved with the cloning of the Greys. So her allowing them to implant
her now was part of her Karma for having taken part in creating them in the
first place. When I told her this, she said it all made sense to her. So
anyway, this is not a widely accepted concept that I think needs to come
out. Everyone thinks the Greys work for the Draco or Orion's. I know for
a fact that they are enemies of the Draco, not stooges. It was the Greys
who attacked and killed my Draco Alter-Ego, Demphisyruous last December.
They were fighting for the Sirians, not the other Reptilians. I am getting
a strong 'Yes' on that.

I know that you wanted an update. But there really hasn't been much to
update since last June. You got the messages about the Anunnaki being
turned back, and the message the other day. That's about the only thing
that is new about the ET's from my standpoint, other than what I put in
this message. The only other thing is that the upcoming Stargate at
Armageddon is a REAL BIGGIE, and the Orion's, the Greys and the Sirian's
are all vying for control. If all goes well, none of them will prevail.


Immanuel on "Origins"

from James Barrett

(note from Dan Winter, in the below, the connection between Paa Taa{l} and Ptah {of Egypt} is intriguing, also the relation between Serrated or "cut" by Phi versus SerraPhi{m} Seraphim. I believe Aku of bird tribe Ophanic became Aku-naton, vs Draku of the Seraphic became Amon Ra priests who killed.. Tut, Druids, Cathars, Templars, Witches....