When the FIRE in the Heart Becomes NOBLE: The KEY to Fusion

an Essay on the Wave AND Feeling Nature of What It Is: To Become Noble..

The same wave harmonic arrangement is the solution to Fusion Energy AND Compassion in the EKG.

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Dedicated the Beth Bridgeman (quoting: "If things are to recur, all must fuse. ") and James Barrett..

and Visions for the 21st Century..


Remember that great scene in the movie "Chain Reaction" where the inventor discovers the revolutionary sound trigger to making the gas fusion device work? (and thereby access 'inPHIknit' energy). He is playing his musical intrument passionately when he notices THAT A PARTICULAR COMBINATION OF AUDIO HARMONICS absolutely triggers the fusion reaction to go critical. Then, failing to understand the PRINCIPLE of which harmonics actually makes it happens, he just records his chance discovery of the sonic cookbook, and uses that to make the "CHAIN REACTION"!

He did not try the tool we found in evaluating Heart harmonics to descriminate the moment of compassion and wonder.. If he had, undoubtedly he would have found that simply accurately spacing the audio frequencies in phase at 1.618 multiples (times hydrogen's base wave).. would be the key.

Visualize a series of sonic phase fronts nested donuts in PHI's ray, creating an ever deeper self organizing 'dimple' on the surface of a donut/ toroid field. Ever wonder why the beginning of wormhole and string theory looked like upwelling harmonics.. the "Djed", the "Amygdala".

Waves cannot FUSE nobly without the secret geometry from the 2 spiral valentine Heart. Phi's ray.

This article is about WHY that is so, how to test it, and how we literally discovered this by taking frequency signatures from the heart at the moments of comPASSION and wonder.

The nature of waves, is that in order for the pattern they make by interfering with each other, to be sustained, they have to recursively add each others wave fronts. .. without hurting each other. Mother nature found the way to do this in the way leaves unfold on trees. It is called PHYllotaxes .

Here is a picture of the way nature acheives "maximum exposure and minimum supersition" to light enter tree branching.

The principle for acheiving this perfected way to share the light is called branching based on PHYlotaxes, because it is based on PHI the symbol for the Golden Ratio. Perfect nesting and embedding as perfect unpacking or branching, is the key at the same time to perfect packing WHICH IS FUSION..

Now let us apply this insight to what makes a wave, or an atomic shape, or a gland's field effect (emotion) actually NOBLE.

As we have discussed elsewhere, the principle of what allows waves to propagate with only constructive interferance unfolding RECURSIVELY, depends on those wave fronts meeting in GOLDEN MEAN ratio. This allows their wave fronts to ADD recursively which IS MULTIPLICATION. Only this .618, 1.000, 1.618, 2.618..... progression allows each element to BOTH add and multiply up the scale. This when observed visually becomes literally a 'Jacob's Ladder' up the spectra between not just wave length's, but also wave velocities (doorway thru lightspeed into time). This PENT geometric is how waves ASSUME THE POSITION for "Raising of the Djed", "Raising of the Shem-Manna/ Highward FireStone", "Raising of the TOWER of AMYGdala". The LO- PHI spacing between contained frequency harmonics is what we discovered in the harmonic signature of the heart at the moment of COMPASSION/WONDER. It is the clue to successful fusion, to Hydrogen's emission series, to GOLD's electron shell spacing, and the how gland sounds braid DNA to create ensoulment.

background references:

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+ applying this pent/phi geometric to what makes waves nestable or embedable & SUSTAINABLE from hearts to people to galaxies: ../embedability

Now let us use this insight about waves nesting successfully, to better understand what it means to be NOBLE..

In ALCHEMY it was common to call GOLD ( & by implication it's cousin's Platinum, Palladium), the NOBLE metals. Later we learned in "all" of "chemistry", that the noble metals had a specific definition which was that their outer valence electron "shells" were said to be filled. In high school chemistry we were told that such complete valence or electron shell structures meant that certain elements did not need to go running around grabbing electrons from their neighbors. This avoided the kind of psychological codependancy which produced bondage. (tongue somewhat in cheek here). Do you think we should call neighbors who are not needy: "Noble"? Well... it depends...

Taking a more careful look at the actual geometry of those particular outer electron shells which become completely nested in the Platinum/Gold groups, we find something interesting.. (and remember we are leading up to a chemical description of what constitutes a "HEART of GOLD"!)




The nest of all the folded layers of electron waves constitutes an 'interdigitation' (fingers inter-twined), of 's, p, d, & f' "subshells". What's neat is the geometry of these are so simple. They have 2 , 6 , 10, & 14 electrons respectively. So quite literally they are a nest of 1 , 3 , 5 , & 7 vortex PAIR.. which you can usefully SEE as groupings of 1 , 3 , 5 , & 7 DONUTS.. each with 2 vortex. Now of course the only symmetry for 3 donuts is a cube (6 vortex faces). THE IMPORTANT POINT HERE IS THE THE 5 and 7 DONUT SYMMETRY IS ESSENTIALLY THE DODECA and ICOSA Hedra!

(See the symmetry of the Heart of the Sun, the Human Heart, and the Heart of Hydrogen at: Heart of The Sun: Perfecting 7/5 Turning Inside Out Solar Heart Symmetry ( ../heartsun/HeartofSun.html )

Now if you stellate nested dodeca/ icosa inPHIknitly you get not only the way DNA / EarthGrid / Zodiac dodecs embed you also get a continuous simple GOLDEN RATIO series of edge wave lengths.

So now we are getting the clue that in Gold and the 'noble' elements, what is enabling the wave patterns to be so SUSTAINABLE and therefore NOBLE, is this particular pent nesting symmetry of perfect FUSION/ Implosion.

The word CHEM in Al-CHEM-y, comes from deeper than the Hebrew (H'Iburu of Niburu) which was a parochial dilution of the Sumerian which came from Annunaki, which came from the Orion Tak culture. (Gardner /Sitchen). This word meant transliterally: FROM THE BLACKNESS, OR FROM THE DEPTHS. This was very much the wave mechanic of the 'chutzpah' it takes to pronounce a deeply gutteral CHEM, which when properly done should well trigger anyone near to bless you for sneezing. This is how deep is the long wave WHICH CAN EMERGE FROM THE GREAT DIMPLING WORM. The harmonics of PHI trigger the onset of waves entering and leaving wormHOLE string. The 'from the blackness' here is absolutely key to the PHYSICS OF BLACK HOLES, and fusion.

Specifically, the reason a black hole is called BLACK (all-CHEM) is because wave nodes are sucked in faster the the speed of light can escape. There is ONLY ONE wave symmetry which allows waves phase fronts to stand on each other shoulders (in perfect 'branching' scion jon) . This is in the 3D Golden Ratio WORM LIKE PINE CONE geometry. This perfect cone becomes the ONLY way to penetrate light speed. MANY pictures at ../grail.html

So to be noble, is to be un-corrode-able. Which is to have you waves nested in GOLDen flower, so that the sharing and distribution of your pattern (memory) is perfect. The unfolding and folding can go on forever. Until at the level of the Plank length (universal solvent of the quantum foam 1.61?? x 10-33 cm) the pressure becomes so great that out the other side of that proper squirt gun for waves, comes penetration thru light speed WITHOUT LOSS OF PATTERN DATA. This is the wave precription for successful FUSION energy, it is the prescription for the fire in the Heart we call compassion / wonder, and it is the prescription for what makes waves and YOU become NOBLE!

The mathematical detail, is that by using the second order spectrum analysis, properly called SEPTRUM, (which I have pioneered) we can measuring coherence and emotion quality in EKG. We simply get a look at what the INTERVAL BETWEEN CONTAINED HARMONICS are, and notice when they become simple multiples of Golden Ratio instead of octave based multiples of 2. Emotions that hold within or 'incube-ate' are log 2 events; emotions of sharing or embedding or distributed spin, are log PHI events (PHY-cycle).

The wonderful thing is that, by observing when natures musical chords enter in phi implosion, with the SAME TOOL, we can predict which wave systems are about to implode and become self organizing (and therefore self aware). So you see, the mathematics are in place to CREATE AND TEACH NOT ONLY SELF-ORGANIZATION, but NOBILITY.

In summary, to become noble is to become shareable as a wave. And the geometry of that is Golden Ratio branching, which is both perfect distribution and compression. And that is both, the ONLY way to acheive perfect fusion, and to acheive a Heart of Gold.

The conversation applying GOLD's wave shape as fractal and NOBLE is continued with great pics at:


Next, I would like to suggest a practical example of how to employ our insight about descriminating a self-aware wave from a fractionating one. Fusion vs Fission.

Supposing you were trying to descriminate the intent directions of several different ET sources who were systematically manipulating a planet's genepool for millennia. Suppose after years of study of different sources, you eventually pieced together a picture of the various ET agenda's which at least represented the best possible synthesis of every source you could examine. Suppose (From Lawrence Gardner & Sitchen) you finally realized that the bulk of Judaism and Christianity was a nasty residue of Sumerian culture started by interventionist Annunaki from Sirius, ultimately originating from Reptilian Matriarchy from Orion's belt, whose thirst for gold powder (& need to clone Adam & Eve borgs to mine it) began when they lost the ability to FUSE their own gland juices.

Now eventually, the remnants of that angry birth in part by rape of our local genepool would have to rear it's repressed head in very contemporary politics.

On the one hand you would have, students of the GRAIL literature (Gardner) claiming that the survival of the DRACO DNA in the breeding of the Royal Families of Europe for millennia, was a GOOD thing. On the other you would have the military information (Branton, Cooper, Alex Collier, Phil Schneider) of how many Navy Com12 crack seals were snapped like toothpicks in the firefights with the Draco ET's under Dulce. After that turning point according to many, there was no one in our Military or CIA or NSA who made any serious attempt to thwart the tidal wave of implanting and shapeshifting out of our high military and media and weapons corporate leaders. (Admiral Bourda's "suicide"). The information we have is far too pervasive and consistent to imagine there is no truth here. For one thing, it is inconceivable a government could spend hundreds of billions of dollars for decades to do nothing but PREVENT American's from learning they were being PREYED upon by ET's from MANY sources. Obviously, someone VERY organized stood to gain by teaching us to stay in foolish childish schizophenic denial of our galactic membership. Notice, no one calls todays ruling families: "NOBLE".

Some group was specifically trying to prevent us from FUSING or becoming one with the Star origins of ourselves?

Perhaps here is the ability to descriminate from a self-empowering 'religion' vs. one which sought to fractionate . If the wave invites fusion.. then it self-empowers. Where is the fusion when touch is illegal? Where is the fusion where there is no legitimate ecstatic process taught to our young. Nothing to fire their DNA.

I would like to provide a precedent for looking beyond ... the childish Sitchenesque and Gardnerese of...

oh isn't it wonderful now we know that it wasn't really God/Yalweh, it was these powerful Annunaki gene engineers we can thank for cooking up Relgion here... let's find a Draco to worship..

("Genesis of the Grail Kings" paid advertising for gold powder soon to be approved by the AMA, same stuff which by ending the NEED for real gland juice cost our Draco real ancestors their soul, and turned them to BORG. )

In the book below, the author makes the same point, using different words like... the Zeta lost the ability to connect their deep cellular matrix to the universal energy grid structure DUE TO THE LOSS OF EMOTION ABILITY....


The quote below is from p.55 from VOYAGERS , VOLUME 1, by Anna Hayes

ref: http://www.5thworld.com/voyagers

above the quote, individual pictures of:

1. The INTRUDERS (Interventionists)

-Sirian Annunaki

-Dracos (Drakon and Human Hybrid)

-Zephelium (Administrators of Zeta)

-Zeta Grey-Rigelian,

-Rutilia (Zeta and Dracos hybrid or E.B.E.)


The GUARDIANS (Non-Interventionists)

Arion, (Zionite), Azara (Turaneusiam-1); Amera (Zeta Grey),

Lyran-Sirian Elder, Jonathan-Pries of UR (hybrid Zionite Human), Aethien; Queventelliur; Dravlov (Arcturian); Suehenatunaz (Rhanthunkeana.. )


"One tactic of differentiation that is useful during abduction encounters is that of holding in mind (Zeta can see your mental pictures) the image of one of the guardian races (visual depictions are provided in the book). If you are dealing with an enlightened Zeta you will be greeted with a response of curiosity and positive acknowledgment. If it is an unenlightened Zeta the reaction will be one of tension and a 'hands-off' stance, as the Zeta who are aware of the guardians and have chosen not to cooperate are intimidated by them. When dealing with Zeta who do not know of these overseers, you may still hold the image in mind and request assistance. Zeta still have a strong link to the collective Zeta mind. Though they now operate independently you can still reach the collective by projecting your thoughts through one of its individual members. The impression will be picked up by one of the helping groups if it is strong enough. Zeta manipulate through the mind, and humans must learn to do "mind-to-mind combat" and to redirect the harmful Zeta rather than attempt to destroy them. They cannot be fought successfully by humans, but they can be redirected to haggling it out with their own kind. The enlightened Zeta and the groups working with them are the humans best allies in protecting themselves from the harmful Zeta. The enlightened groups are doing the best they can to redirect their strayed brethren to the new benign agenda. Humans engaged in encounters with the tormentors are urged to assist in this redirection. Reactions of fear, anger and panic will do nothing to protect you, but staying centered in your own identity with the intention of redirecting the abductors will prove well worth your while. In helping yourself you will be helping others also a universal law in operation. Humans are being called upon to pass on this vision oi hope to those who need it most-the abductors who have yet to team the wisdom of co-creative brotherhood-and their fellow humans who are learning the same lessons.

ZETA CONSPIRACY The Zeta following the old agenda believe themselves to be desperate. They are weakening-their bodies and abilities are failing. Though the majority of Zeta have transferred to the new agenda there are still several hundred thousand following the old plan, both in your dimension and in those surrounding it. Collectively they still represent quite a force, a force that can impact your future adversely if it is allowed to go unchecked. They are presently trying to orchestrate, through the workings of your Interior Government (previously discussed), a travesty upon your species. The humans involved in this scheme are blinded by the pursuit of power and domination. And it is because of their involvement and willing participation that the old agenda still looms as a potential threat to your system. Though much assistance is being offered to your species from the guardian races the events you encounter will still be the consequences of your choices, individually and collectively.

How many of your numbers will blindly follow the dictates of leadership, a leadership that unknowingly grows more and more influenced by the pres- ence of the Interior Government? How many will have the courage and abil- ity to poke their heads above the programming enough to begin asking the right questions? How many will dare to believe stories such as this, that chal- lenge everything the program has taught you to believe? How many humans will embrace the value of their personal essence and follow it into spiritual awakening? The answers to these questions will determine what reality awaits you as you proceed into the 21st Century.

Presently your Interior Government thinks it is manipulating the Zeta (it has been working with them on the old agenda for several decades). These humans have as their human agenda a quest for world power. These humans think nothing of betraying their own people (as they have done in the past and continue to do), seeing 'lesser" humans (in their minds) as expendable resources and Zeta as tools through which they can bring about their plan of global dominion. You would be frightened if we told you of some of the things that have been and are presently being done. Many of you would not believe us so conditioned have you become to unthinkingly accepting what "authorities and experts" tell you. Choosing to think and question is a choice, and like its opposite, will have consequences.

The Interior Government factions plan to continue to "cooperate" with the Zeta, allowing them to take what they desire from the human populace in return for technological and genetic advancements (this group of humans would love to "live forever,' since they have little true spiritual comprehen- sion--death is viewed as their greatest defeat. They are nearly obsessed with techniques, genetic or otherwise, that will prolong life span and deter biological deterioration. Advantages they are seeking to horde for themselves, Of course.) They employ UFO debunking and witness character assassination tactics, (and occasionally witness assassination) to provide a cloak of secrecy for the Zeta following the old agenda. They are dangerous people, with many resources, but they are a minority. There is no safety in blindness, only blindness. Safety comes from awareness and making appropriate choices, informed choices, and that is precisely what the Interior Government does not want the masses to be capable of doing. They prefer to keep you distracted, and will create all sorts of political, economic, and environmental strategies aimed at fueling controversy, internal conflict and other preoccupations so the public does not have time or energy to notice that information on many things is being withheld and mis- represented. Be aware of the tactics being used, for they are employed to sidetrack you from the covert agenda that will affect every one of you more than you know. ..." end quote from book


further commentary from Dan Winter:

The book goes on to describe details of various shape-shifter government plans to use holographic implants and particularly enslavement of Devotee's blindly following religious myths like Christianity and Judaism. It is not pretty.

I would like to make 2 particular comments, hopefully suggesting I am doing more than simply spreading fear.

1. Again, dramatic confirmation from another rather independant source, for the essential story we have been getting from the ET perspectives of Collier/Andromeda, vs Draco- Gardner, vs Branton /Cooper et al.. (see links at http:../goldpowder ).. (Of course Sitchen and Lawrence Gardner could not get past attempting to make heros of the Dracos and Annunaki.. they think Yalweh really means God instead of a medium grade reptile Enlil genesplicer who actually hated humans who become psychoactive). Again we have the same picture, planet genepool parasitized for millennia. Waking up genepool requires knowing our own psychokinesis, otherwise "we too can have the PRIVELEGE?? of being assimilated".


2. Importantly. The mechanism of waking up a genepool has little to do arguing who's ET's had the worst parasite agenda BUT RATHER EVERYTHING TO DO WITH A GENEPOOL LEARNING SPECIFICALLY (In Principle & In Action) WHAT HYGIENE LIGHTS THE BIOLOGICAL FIRES OF FUSION IN THEIR OWN BLOOD... IN ORDER TO GIVE THEM EACH THEIR OWN PHONE LINE TO THE REAL GOD INSIDE. This obviates the need for all priests and parasitic intermediaries to prevent you from tuning in the radio in your own DNA. Not to mention the opportunity then to dive into your own DNA's wormhole squirt gun to embed your inner eye into stars. And to pump your OWN ecstatic juices.

What is the best geometry for Sufi dance & Stone Circles? Could the Golden Spiral shape of DNA and FUSION as the noble wave pattern be exactly that ?

It is not time for feathery, new age believe and you will be saved. It is rather time for, believe and take action. Sue your fed for protection from ET's. Learn to impeach leaders who ate the ET plot. Genetic engineering by scientists who do not know what a soul or DNA implosion/FUSION is can be stopped. Boycott all kinds of food and DNA which does not have real life force. Teach deep ecstatic process to your kids. Tell your fed who financed the move of area 51 to Australian Pine Gap they are using YOUR tax dollars to shoot down the friendly ET's. Tell the Draco's engineer's at HAARP that repelling the solar magnetism is what cost Mars THEIR atmosphere. Embed or DIE is the OPPOSITE of the philosophy of HAARP engineers.

Information is FREE only when waves are NOBLE. This is what makes them shareable.

Dan Winter


"[We are the] People of the Sun." And the
inscriptions on the bump, protruding from the flat wall read,

"On the day of Bel, the sun will strike here."



Subject:re-pent-ance saved again,time worms bleed till an-gels sew, Date:, Sun, 05 Sep 1999
from, dan winter <winter@primeline.com>
added to related article: ../eldorado

fabric of time, is just a phrase for places where magnetics get launched

thru light speed
by phi embedding, neat thing is, this is also where dna gets 'ensouled'

one of the great storals to the mory of the
voyagers book by anna hayes
much larger context than gardner or sitchen
is the parasitic greys, dracs, zetas
who abducted our genepool
is the compassion we feel for them (who like we are about to//)
for how they zapped their eco-system to terminate its life support..
(sitchen says, the gold was to repair the fabric of their home
planet..'s atmosphere
he got such a tiny but symbolic piece of the real puzzle..
consider how perfect fractal embedding in gold - vein deposit..
only happens where mag lines cross in fractal nesting...
apply this to atmosphere maintenance...)
discussed at
gold mines occur where magnetics are sacred BECAUSE.. memory embedding is golden...

so how did they LOSE their atmosphere as INDEPENDANTLY reported by
and now

they did not understand how long magnetic lines re-penting created rifts

in the
"fabric of time"
projective magnetic worms..

shall we take a lesson, here's a hint..
might as well keep you on your reading list..

for those who want to graduate to something less parochial to our planet

than sitchen,
the new
'one foot in atlantis'
by william henry
from wonderful
nick begich group
earthpulse press
888 690 1277

note: corrected link ALL William Henry information (One Foot in Atlantis & other key books)

please see: http://williamhenry.net

..while enlil was busy as yalweh telling abraham to murder the
psychoactive son...
brother enki had actually arranged the geomantic magnetics to the DNA
here particularly to provide a squirt gun to save and re star insert
the genepool fried at tiamat..

providing soul harvest hygiene for whole genepools
was an angelic agenda behind the HIGH side of the interventionist
sirian annunaki represented by enki...

what it takes to get whole soul groups genetically back into stars
is very much discussed in both of these books (hayes and henry)

GOOD reading..

the really deep occult side of FDR vs Hitler just provides the local
soap opera
to keep you interested in the pure principle... in
One Foot in Atlantis..

atlatal is the projectile thrown..
is our magnetics projective?

atlantis returns.. the paper by bacon...