Moroni's Intent, Getting Genetic Immortality-Pure Principles from Angels & Alphabets

How SOUL Groups GET Ensouled.. Immortal... Embedded...& Survive to Spin..

-see bottom - the real origins of the Mormon message: A SALAMANDER-It is important to know that this is a DRACO / URU / OF THE DRAGON LINE. (Advanced ones were Seraphim, those like Joseph Smith who have no clue to how DNA is imploded with the charge of bliss - are called FALLEN or NEPHALIM). - update - sept 07:

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also new: 5/8/2000: Copper Plates Pics - and the Solar Fires- Solar Wars & Amenti's Halls: DNA Imploding/Ensouling as Political Key to Who Steers the Sun's 'Streaming Media'

My essential point here is that the clear universal origin of alphabets in the intent (of Joseph Smith's Moroni, AND John Dee's Ophanim) was to show us the SPIN PATH INTO CHARGE DENSITY to 'animate' the synapse, was an attempt to lead our genepool into gravity embedding / star inhabiting / and group ensoulment.

For example, in the Mormon case, getting spin path fractally embedded back in the Bloodline track, was to recover worming path back to embedding (perfected by the Phi spiral, as originator of alphabets, and as charge compressor enabler of time worms and ensoulment for DNA lines).



Alphabets were simply instruction on how charge waves could recur into ultimate compression non-destructively on magnetic donut domains. The resultant map to spin survival, creates matter out of light by providing the perfected (Einstein's dream) path to infinite compression. This is the only way to keep inertia storage spin defining mass, rotating around the resultant capacitance implosion (named gravity). The yellow brick road, golden spiral delineator of the 7 color moebius donut map, was the only way perfect embedding (fractality) allowed small waveforms to REPRESENT large ones. Here was the phosphene flare in the synapse charge densifying with the tilt angle phase discipline true symbols taught, to make the optical cortex hologram phase lock the matter (hologram with a weight problem) outside your head. .... and 'wishes became horses and beggards rode'..

This article takes all this as a given, and simply asks the question, what have we learned about Moroni's intent. (alphabet instruction applied to saving genepools)


exerpt from Radiance from the Spark Gap:...kinda gives new meaning to the notion that:"mind inhabits fire" ... phi re.. phi's ray.

"...the alphabetic forms emerging from the phosphene flare patterns of the brain.
The same shapes, in fact, born of a spinning vortex. It is a true language of light, coursing through our very nervous system."
rest of this quote at link...

from:The Secrets of Thoth and The Keys of Enoch "The lost Enochian knowledge reveals the mother tongue as a "language of Light". Known to the ancients as HIBURU, it is the primal seed language, introduced at the beginning of this time cycle. Modern research confirms, the most ancient form Hebrew to be a natural language, the alphabetic forms emerging from the phosphene flare patterns of the brain. The same shapes, in fact, born of a spinning vortex. It is a true language of light, coursing through our very nervous system.....Encoding the natural waveform geometries of the physical world, Hiburu is a harmonic language, mimicking the waveform properties of light. The "keys" Enoch speaks of, turn out to be sound keys, keys to be vibratory matrix of reality itself, the mythic "Power of the World". The Enochian knowledge describes sonic equations, encoded within the ancient mantras and god names, capable of directly affect the nervous system and producing profound effect of healing and higher consciousness states....As the ancient texts declare, "If you would speak with the gods you must first learn the language of the gods."


Dedicated to: DARELL D. THORPE , author ENGLISH! IS IT 'DEFORMED' REFORMED EGYPTIAN? Scholarly exploration also of the origins of Book of Mormon.

2 pics exerpted here immediately below from that article for discussion purposes.

Apparently Smith was studying the Chaldeic syntax of pre-egyptian in addition to the long history of magic and sorcery in his family. The family trees of language origins, becomes as we see here, a symmetry slip knot family tree of how light (spin vortex) gets spun / nested into genes.


Then if we compare with the deepest physics of Magic probably on the planet, we come to the Ophanim / John Dee.. "Golden Dawn" alphabet.

The parallels are dramatic between the Joseph Smith, Mormon origin of Angelic alphabets, to how John Dee scryed the Ophanim / Enochian alphabet (origin of Golden Dawn / Enochian Physics et al), in the green seer stone presented him by the Ophanim Angel (stone now in British Museum). (pics below)

Both required interpretive indexes based on symmetry sets to reveal or INDEX magnetic domains frozen in stone. In Smith's case, we speculate the Urim / Thumin were transparent tetrahedral optically columnar coherent quartz (or quartz like). This 'piezoelectric' charge coupling further coheres the "Phosphen Flare" phenomena in the synapse (physics of clairvoyance - discussed at Radiance from the Spark Gap:Mind Inhabits Phire ) It also makes it possible to accurately guage the phase or tilt of the magnetic domain embedded in the gold or copper plate with reference to the tilt of the seer stone's platonic symmetry. This is not only the origin of alphabets in general, but the key to data compression in field effects on computer disks (called ME by the Annunaki, and source of info in )

In John Dee's case we later discover his Enochian Ophanim alphabet had a tetrahedral superset (hypercube / dodec) symmetry (origin of Glyphs used for movie stargate) (pics of hypercube dodec origin at see BOTTOM) Again he, like Joseph Smith, required a clairvoyant with a lifetime of training and talent.

The point here is to note how many of the letterforms above in the Egpyian? Chaldean? roots of the Mormon 'alphabet' are VERY SIMILAR to the letters in the Ophanim / Cherokee Adawi script below (as discussed in more detail as the BIRD TRIBE language at ).


Again for the purposes of this article, rather than dwell on the scholarship necessary to document this parallel, which hopefully others will pursue....

I choose to explore the implications for our genepool in the Angelic intent revealed, if I am right that there is a fairly universal and pure principle SOURCE to these 'angelic alphabets'.

What were the fundamental tenets of the cultures which taught Earth dwellers these alphabets. (Enochian / Moroni / etc.)

1. Alphabet's (symmetry indices to non-destructive field donut nesting / same as creation map to matter from light slip knots) were fundamental to getting human thought laserlike enough to cohere matter -as wave... (physics of effective prayer).

2. That spin path back to root embedding was not just key to how alphabet's compressed the charge necessary to make matter, BUT WAS ALSO THE KEY TO GENETIC ENGINEERING. In other words, learning spin path back to genetic origins, (geneology) was important to tracking nmemonics back to source... and learning to ensoul family groups. The Hiburu alphabet was not only the cookbook to codon braiding, (programming language of the N-H iburu technician/genesplicer 'priests'), ...

it was in it's higher Ophanic (hypercubic) the cookbook to fractal implosion in DNA cores which was the physics of ensouling. A practical example of this is in the chess board symmetry necessary to assemble the key parts of FAMILY GROUPS in the right pattern to implode / ensoul them - MAKE THEM IMMORTAL , (as described in the book: "The Eight". Implosion is a symmetry operation - see SHEM AND THE AMYGDALIC TOWER OF BABEL )

3. That fractal zodiacal star map placement (embedding) for genetic families was critical for getting their magnetism squirted into stars. (Adam on Diamond -Missouri Sioux - for the Mormons, -Buehler on MissouiEL- Virgo Gothic Cathedral Star Map for Templars, Orion / Giza starmap for the Sumerian / Egytian. ... see also Eldorado and America's Spiritual Destiny..)


Why was Moroni so fixated on this need? If he represented the urges of a 'fallen' Nephi, his genetic line survival was dependant on the implementation of the ensouling symmetry information. (hearts become gold... see gold as implosion symmetry - M-ORO-ni...). If it is symmetry operations, foldedness become permissively conductive, then why not burn that symmetry map onto foil plates.. the primitive diskette?

Why does he so often refer to the Tower (of Babel? Language Crystal../ was it the SHEM of Gold embedding to launch DNA?) and his INTENTIONAL confounding of the language. (discussion at: Tower of Babel Solution: Alphabet of Symmetry Turns to Make a Proper Light Cone?

Essentially he was / is the voice of those who had 'fallen'. Unable to get their bliss juices imploding their own DNA, they had become gold powder addicts. (Echoes of Gardner's story of Moses as the Gold Powder chef... (Parallels With the Dead Sea Scrolls & the Book of Mormon - Authentic Ancient Historic Scriptures )

Moroni's family worshipped the substance they could NOT make in their glands - hearts of gold). Now, he is aware that their whole genome is toast without the ensouling symmetry hygiene (SHEM) of bliss... Without access to real bliss, Gold Plates were their only symbol of shelter from being toasted in the solar fire. (Compression without fractal recursion produces heat). Even Sitchen gets one little part right saying, the Gold Powder was key to atmospheres which resisted Toasting by resident Sun's. (Even tho Sitchen totally misses the dietary aspect of why the Annunaki HAD to mine the gold... and thus make us as droids to mine it.. A point not lost on Frank Herbert's SPICE mining from the wORMES in DUNE)


One interesting feature of the Book of Mormon, similar to Jewish myths in general, is the repeated trouble they take to assure that "PROPHECY IS BEING FULFILLED". The REASON we are to listen to Moroni is because he is ABLE to predict what will happen in future generations. The REASON we are to listen to Jesus is because his whole life existed IN ORDER THAT PROPHECY MAY BE FULFILLED.

Now there may be 2 ways to look at RELIGION which gets respected because that religion can do prophecy. On the one hand there is some indication that the originators are successful either in some form of time travel, or superluminal lucid shamatic 'ensoulment'. (Able to carry memory thru lifetimes. ) Or in the case of the Annunaki who like the Draco's are universally reported to live (perhaps due to technological support) for tens of thousands of years. (Sitchen on Annunaki, Marciniak and Collier/Andromedan and Montauk perspective on the Draco and some Reptilians - note here that my interpretation that Annunaki and Draco often may point to the same families..).

Many reports of the WAY the Draco / Greys manipulated Eisenhauer and Truman to accept the treaty permitting them to do 'limited abductions', was showing them holograms of the cruci'fiction', supposedly as evidence they choreographed the event. LFA Vol 3 No.1 The Grey Agenda (-highly recommended) Which in many ways, the DOMA (Draco queens) confirm they did.(next link down, & ). (Later Templar present groups and the Montauk groups suggested to us the Greys were not able to worm themselves well back into our time corridors to the time of Jesus, until they were let in here by the bleeding time fabric around Montauk.). Yet if the Sumerian's WERE the Annunaki, and their Queens morph perfectly on Draco faces, clearly this intervention has been going on a long time. Sitchen confirms this in discussing the life spans of the Annunaki in so many thousand year orbits of Niburu.

Now if your species did indeed live for thousands of years, how easy it would be to manipulate your fabricated genepools (humans of Ea's Earth), by simply returning to carry out your prediction many hundred years after you made it. This seems indeed to be the unabashed technique Moroni used to return to Joseph Smith, calling himself 'resurrected?' after his AD 421 involvement as the last of the Nephite (fallen ones?) historian.

For more on the Reptilian origins of Annunaki see also Gods of Eden.. Dragons of Eden, etc. (Scales on Noah's skin etc..)

So this in my view brings us again to the question, what part of the origin of the religion was genepool manipulation by ET's, AND WHAT WAS THE INTENT OF THAT MANIPULATION?

The revelation of intent behind fabricating Earth's religions, is also discussed at , see the DOMA link.

The real point I am trying to make here is that there may be some clues about what MORONI's genepool needed from Earth, in HOW they (his Nephite/ Reptilian and Draco ancestry) planned to USE Earth and our DNA.

One could also take a more sympathetic view to his ET family, like the Sufic - Doris Lessing - in "Briefing for a Descent in Hell", and "Shikasta" and "The Sirian Experiments". Here arriving giant (Red Haired, large skull?) "EL's" of old, get stewardship over certain Landscape Features - Zodiac Template - SHEM -, in order to maintain the magnetic phone line to the home world. Then after millenia they get drunk and dizzy, forget their assignment, and copulate with the natives. This is consistent with the Sitchen and Anna Hayes (Voyagers) world view of the Annunaki.

What I like about Anna Hayes, is she does go into some detail about HOW it is that DNA Soul/family groups can assemble their kin into the implosion magnetic envelopes to get WHOLE GROUPS BACK INTO STARS. (Even tho her language of strandedness in DNA needs the physics of FFT / spectral emissions).. It is this kind of hygiene to acheive new DNA embedding back thru the Sun into stars THAT IS THE STORAL TO THE MORY OF ALL THE boring dreary Moroni family tree karmae.

Treeness perfected is a PHILOTACTIC. It is a pure principle of being Magnetic embedding, and requires NO PER-SUN-ALITY worship, not even of the Sun herself. You can spend a lifetime studying Geneology, yet if you cannot visualize perfect branching (grail animation - Priori de SCION) - how to embed - for yourself.... not only will you not have immortality, you will not BE family. And it most certainly does not require Mormon hit squads to murder those who discover ritual magic, and those who interfere with human sacrifice in Draco caves under their temples. (Let's not give the Mormon's credit for the most murders per religious member on this planet, since the Catholics and the Moslems got such a head start on them..)

It is only a testimony of how far you have come from understanding the principle of WHAT IS VALUE ITSELF, that you murder for gold - and the rediculous paper scraps of one confused Joseph Smith. The Value of Gold is it's instruction to awareness in HOW TO EMBED PERFECTLY, as contained in the electron to nuclear wave fractal which IS Gold.

Supposing you had an Essene or Cathar well knit family group do regular timed rituals of BLISS set in a fractal zodiac landscape geomantic/temple... your chances of getting your children able to consistently zoom into stars in their lucid dream / bliss would be high. (Something I suspect will continue to elude the Mormons AND the bliss fearing Catholics for generations). This kind of electrical implosion embedding for extended families to become ENSOULED (DNA imploded / immortal means sustainably waving) is the real intent/heart of the today's sad confusion which is Mormon hygiene.

Why should our eye's get red and teary after late nite hours studying who begat whom in some Mormon dirge. The principle of immortality IS NOT TO REMEMBER WHICH NAMED SON AND DAUGHTER WAS 100 GENERATIONS BACK FROM ME. This childishness inside Mormonism is definitely of the Worship the Coke Bottle because the God's Must be Crazy variety.

The PRINCIPLE HOWEVER VERY MUCH IS THAT IF YOU CAN REMEMBER THE EMOTIONAL KEY TURNING POINTS BACK THRU THE SLIPKNOTS INTO THE EGG IN YOUR MOTHER ('S MOTHER'S MOTHER.... ) , then you may have the SHEManic chutzpah to worm your way back to the fractal point of all reference and leverage - the big bang. (see log function s of planck to Embed - implosion harmonics - ) . (Mitochonidrial DNA - tracking back to Eve- fractal spin IS grounding / perfect SELF-reference). The same principle is used in the advanced tetrahedral fire breath Merkabbah - re-mothering in the technical sense of proper embedding to GET LEVERAGE. (In the advanced Merkabbah group SHEManic travel cannot happen coherently without first Each 'soul bubble' member remembering their Mothering path - emotively.. In order for each group member to travel in the lucid dream staying TOGETHER as a unit bubble, they need some common phase-embedding to link them. This is what the memory path maintenance to the MAGnetism of the matrix of mother's mother accomplishing. It is like establishing mycineal wormhole handholding links. )

What I also like is the extreme pressure the Sun's current magnetics place upon 'religions' now. Going insane by such things as Messianic fantasy's due to touching the wailing wall, becomes more common as the pressure goes up and hygiene principles are not learned. (ref: Kundalini - Psychosis or Transcendance {1}, {2} ). Achieving Scale Invariance is survival's natural selection speeding up here.

Compress or heat; embed or die.

I urge the Anna Haye's kind of perspective here as we evaluate the Planet's religions ability to 'save' immortalize Genetic families. Look at the vast panorama of how Genetic fragment families come to embed their land. Then consider how groups of them get to the inertial escape velocity, by braid BLISS into their DNA.

Bliss is the reason you have a body. (The REASON 'all human interactions are ABOUT charge' is because that is what get's you IN to stars..)

Aids happened when Africa's BLISS dances failed. Charge braids membrane which IS immune skin. Soul groups must incarnate in orderly layers, like the PHILO dough of water (Flowform) laminar layers gone 'knead'fully sacred. Was it Critchlow or Lawlor who tried to explain this physics of India's Caste system to avoid fractionating soul groups, until Rockefeller cancelled the checkbook (Lindisfarne).

There is a teachable hygiene to this, and it has everything to do with how recursive capacitance IS life force. And to do with how emotion packs that charge into DNA worms thru lifetimes, which need to be re-threaded embedably by re-sorting every unshareable(un-packable) emotion. It however has little or nothing to do with a printed family tree if it is absent of feeling. And it also has little to do with some family symbol written/sealed in a temple, if that temple is not truly fractal/ sacred. The Mormon's could go a long way to re-star map their temple placement with geomancy / dowsing / Earth Magnetic spectrum analysis etc.

So in the big picture we have vast incarnating soul groups, genetic families needed to fabricate wave bubbles to get their collective DNA FIELD EFFECT (collective conscious) back thru the STAR wormholes. (See Heart of The Sun: Perfecting 7/5 Turning Inside Out Solar Heart Symmetry). The faster than light, implosion, braiding technologies to accomplish this genetically and glandularly has variously been known as ASCENTION, REDEMPTION, etc. on this planet. What we need to be impressed with is these processes require physics, hygiene, and knowledge of what creates life force and embedding. What this process does NOT require is personality worship, blind religions, and allegience to 'miracles'.

Religion based on Miracles will always be politics to enslavement.. Needing Miracles MEANS being too weak to seek pure principle... Sure technology sufficiently advanced will always be by definition indistinguishable from the Miraculous / MAGIC... (note bene Joseph Smith who psychically yearned to be a 'follower', by WANTING his sources to be INEXPLICABLE).

AND for each item of our techno-conomy which we use without understanding it's pure principle, the closer we approach becoming borg's.

I wonder if we can use a seer stone (URIM THUMIN) to SEE just HOW it enables us to see (speaking of self reference BEING awareness)..Case in point: How the Tetra indexes the origin of the Hiburu alphabet, as the map to spinning (golden spiral on the donut -'flame letter') without dying.

Appendix Notes:

Why is Multiple Sclerosis (MS) epidemic among Mormons? (20 times normal incidence?). What is the genetic meaning of tribal insulation? Insulation breakdown is the issue of nervous system MS. Salted /pickled/ cubic lattice..ionic bond... local... (Lack of context..?) Consider that hi insulation in "Lorenzo's Oil" is what makes nervous system as a hologram have leverage on matter. Isolationism is not embedding, and it stresses the insulator.


"When he took the plates there was something down near the box that looked some like a toad that rose up into a man which forbid him to take the plates.

Why did he choose to call a white salamander, an "ANGEL" Moroni.. Son of Nephi, fallen ones.. Reptilian origin of branching Saraphim family. (Annunaki).

Hebrew comes from the word Evree- to cross over - DNA between human / reptile.

Enlil calls himself Yalweh.. (reference Lawrence Gardner) History of the fall..

of an Invasive Culture... If you do not respect the DNA of the genepools you cut down, your own DNA remains contained, imprisoned...

The world suddenly discovered that Joseph Smith's history had a very dark side when, in
October of 1984, a bizarre series of events focused the eyes of America on Salt Lake City,
Utah. With two people dead and one injured in a series of bombings, it didn't take authorities
long to find a suspect in the injured Mark Hoffman, a dealer in old historical documents.
They found that Hoffman was currently in negotiations with LDS church leaders who were
making arrangements to purchase an old letter for $150,000. This letter - Martin Harris's
account of how Joseph Smith received the Book of Mormon plates - revealed a dreaded
secret which church authorities were eager to keep off the street. The document, now known
as "the salamander letter," told the story of the coming forth of the Book of Mormon in a
new context: it spoke of a white salamander and ancient spirits making it difficult or Joseph
to obtain the plates. Suddenly the magic tradition was exposed at the very foundation of

Gordon B. Hinckley, First Counselor in the LDS First Presidency and acting spokesman
for the LDS Prophet, tried to placate both the public and their membership with statements
such as, "the letter has nothing to do with the authenticity of the church." Time Magazine,
May 20, 1985, p. 44 Mormon historians took a different approach. They did not try to avoid
or deny the magic tradition in the Smith family, but naively claimed that Joseph was innocent
of any misdoings - for in practicing magic he had merely participated in the "common
folklore of the day". (i.e. Bushman in Joseph Smith and the Beginnings of Mormonism)

Unfortunately, what became known as "the Hoffman scandal" was dismissed from the
previously unsettled minds of the Mormons when, during the ensuing court proceedings,
Hoffman's document was proven to be a forgery. Quickly they discounted the fact that
church authorities had been willing to hide the occult connection from them by paying large
sums of the church's money to get the evidence out of the public domain.
One Mormon
historian however, a professor at Brigham Young University, felt it necessary to set the
story straight. While clinging to his testimony that it was God who had brought forth a new
dispensational restoration through Joseph Smith, D. Michael Quinn exposed in minute detail
the extent of the magic tradition at the foundation of his church in his definitive work,
Early Mormonism and the Magic World View.

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