from Dan Winter- July 1, 2010

This article is about "The Vairocana Effect"-The SYMMETRY OF LIFE!

How That Discovery is Consistently- the Turning Point in the Evolution of Civilization

Learning to Build DOLMEN (Stone) Geometry Which Creates the (Phase Conjugate) Electric Field..

Which Triggers, Seed Germination, Peak Perception (Bliss).. and Reduces Aging.. WAS The HERMETIC Secret!

Update Sept 3, 2015: Video added from Vincent Bridges-presentation:
Alchemy / John Dee / Templars - Spiritual History:
(Part 1)


Vincent Bridges - Spiritual History Presentation- Part 2: Malta, Templars, St John and more..
Includes Padma Sambava-& The Diamond Body- Aura that melts stone: The REAL Alchemy


3rd film- from S.France- Vincent Bridges: Deep Grail History:Mary/Madonna/StJohn/DaVinci/Nostradamus
see www.goldenmean.info/realgrail



.. more at goldenmean.info , & fractalfield.com

Evidence that phase conjugate dielectrics are bioactive: goldenmean.info/phaseconjugate (bottom)

Scientific principle reviewd: goldenmean.info/selforganization - article continues from the original presentation Phase Conjugate Golden Ratio-Gravity's CAUSE-by Dan Winter, in the proceedings International Unified Field Physics conference(s) Budapest 06(&08): goldenmean.info/budapest08/physicsoverview.html

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This Narrated Intro is to accompany the 20 new films at goldenmean.info/malta
How: The "Vairocana Effect: Hermetic Historical GRAIL Trail-Where LIFE FORCE CONCENTRATION by Fractality
- Created the Turning Points in the Evolution of Culture"

.. or the Real History of Science Behind the GRAIL- REINVENTED..
'Garden of E-din' ("Place of Annunaki")- as the (Conjugate/Fractal) Field Effect Domain Boundary within which Aging is Eliminated.
IF you leave it.. you are ejected from Para-dise (Par/Through-DIS-structive interference of living plasma field):
Compare to L.Gardner defining HEAVEN / 'Plaines of Sharon' as the conjugate/ inPHIknit dielectric field created by Gold Powder/Manna/Ormes/the'spice'/'Holy Communion'

from Dan Winter- in part - a commentary on Vincent Bridges presentations in Malta.. (Note this summary begins with insights from Anton Parks - see goldenmean.info/angelscience , and zeitlin.net - Ages of Uras. Then picks up with many insights from Vincent Bridges- who connects the Vairocana skill- Hermes revolution - to the cave / dolmen building sacred space cultures as they moved from Egypt to Malta to South France. Important to note here- that altho the synthesis in my view - fits together well- Vincent does not accept the writings in general of Anton Parks, although Anton Parks has written what I think are incredible insights into the origin of Thoth / Tehuti / Ningishidda- today:HERMES!...the hero of our story.)

Short historical summary: When the Annunaki- Draconian remnant culture arrived here pre-Sumeria (Sommaire="Dragon")- Enki's father An (launching from Pleades- a 'reptilian' stronghold) - was fleeing the Annuna Orion wars- in part because he had cheated on the Draco law which allowed only cloning as the reproductive method. Enki's mother was herself a genetic rebel and teacher of radical cloning techniques. Enki's other name: Nudimud meant 'the cloner' - later to be named the biblical SAMUEL- and origin of the Padma SAMbava..-who also melted the rock-with his plasma aura density- in the cave in the east.

The quintessential problem of the arriving Sumerian Annunaki- (Draco .. Annuna)- was biologic decay. That loss of ability to sustain- biologic vitality - is variously expressed- as being 'fallen' - meaning loss of charge attraction in blood and DNA - loss of bliss - loss of immortality.. In terms of how that was reported - in the Sumerian, in Sitchens (controversial) analysis- and now in Anton Parks- what we see consistently described - is their problem with (what they considered) premature aging. SO this was a premiere problem to assign to their head science team. Enki - was with his science leader Tehuti- (later called TWT- which in the bible is called DWD: the LINE OF DAVID- in Egypt his name Thoth- becomes the NAME OF THE LINE OF KINGS..). Today we refer to him as Hermes- and to what he discovered about making the fusion electric field which would produce life and reduce -aging- we call the HERMETIC REVOLUTION. Hermes symbol: the CADUCCEUS is pretty much an accurate physics graph of how you render approaching dielectric field lines- toward CONJUGATION (phase conjugation) and fusion. This is an accurate symmetry physics to describe how to make the electric field- which causes life.
Humor me- check out:Golden Ratio 'fractal' phase conjugate origin of all centripetal forces>Gravity, Life Force, Consciousness, Perception, Color> goldenmean.info/selforganization

The Caduceus- historical inset: To add historical tapestry to the concept Caduceus- (phase conjugate at root- symbol of Hemes / Medicine / DNA)-Has anyone ever given you a real AUrigen root of the word CADUCEUS: Anton Parks has a fascinating story: that while Enki / Sam / Nudimud 'the cloner' was still evidently as much as a genetic klutz as the guy (who ran Rosslyn Chapel- shades of Templar ghosts) who built DOLLY THE SHEEP (what a sad way to die- the sheeple will follow). Point is Parks tells that the teachers - best ancestors of his mothers line- who actually HAD some long term intent - snuck in some real psychokinetic DNA into Enki's genetic cookery - literally WHEN HE WASN'T LOOKING (hint: Ptah-Taal- 12the dimension DNA- means recursive folded braid discipline- shades of 'boson 7' 'micro-chloridians in the blood' luke...) > Those teachers of the GOOD Draco / annunaki - real ancestors of fallen Nephalim Annunaki - (Seraphic / Ophanic?) - were called KADISTU - meaning 'Life Designers' - which HE says is the AUrigen of our word K/CADUCEUS ( do YOU know where the word came from?
Advanced physicists {including Nassim} today DO agree that PHASE CONJUGATION - the Caduceus - IS the black hole AND the gravity and..{I suggest} the mystery of centripetal force in general! - {like made by DNA})

In biblical terms- the arrangement of particular stone dolmen to function as capacitors- to fabricate that immortalizing field effect- was called- raising a SHEM unto the Lord. Later - that word SHEM (Sitchen calls it "highward fire stone"- meaning in effect FRACTAL OR CONJUGATE CAPACITOR) - was translated to mean THE ALTAR IN CHURCH, and originated our word SHEM-AN (A Shaman is one who knows how to make the field..). The way plasma fields make this SCHEM of SCHEME or symmetry- to create centripetal fusion- is the origin of our term alKHEMy and KHEMistry - as it is the key to FUSION (implosive compression) and ONENESS in general. (Fusion researchers learned from us - that their key element- palladium is profoundly dodecahedral- guess what geometry that makes: golden ratio - phase conjugate).

You can see a modern example- of a life giving electric field generator (analogous to the field effect at Stonehenge which causes seed germination) at fractalfield.com/pyraphi , along with more electrical engineering description and testing.

In order now to introduce - the next segment in our thumbnail view - of the Hermetic history- it is necessary to understand a little bit about what happens to the plasma field around the human body - if you get really good at attracting charge (bliss). The plasma field gets dense. (Read more at goldenmean.info/kundalini ). Dense enough to melt stone.

The next heroes in our story are -Padma SAMbave- and John (Traphimius) son of Magdalen- both direct descendants of Thoth / Hermes- (Sam / Jon- meaning - to branch fractally as in Scion.). This is the real history of grail- meaning access to charge fractality / implosion in biologic plasma (beautiful graphic history : goldenmean.info/grail ).

This is where we pick up the story with Vincent Bridges- historical study (remember- Vincent himself - does not agree with the 'ET' Anton Parks - part of the story above- but his scholarship about more recent history is quite academically powerful.)

For this next part of the story -after reading this summary / intro - the reader is urged to view- the 4 films (out of 20) at goldenmean.info/malta which are Vincent Bridges- himself narrating this next part of story.

Vincent suggests that the lineage- probably of the Thoth / line of David- may well be related to the Doliocephallic (cone-head) skulls. They are often linked to the cone- head image of Akhanaton and Tut. (Twt.- aton- / ATUN- meaning Enki's line). These skulls lead us on a trail... Egypt, Malta, South France.. and later Peru. (My ET opinion of this- not Vincent's view - agrees with Daniel Stewart:"God King Akhunaton"'s view- that the ATUN / Akhanaton - lineage was somehow linked to Sirius.- the 'cone heads')

This is the part where the history meets the science. Vincent suggests that ancient cultures- like the Egyptians had learned how to assemble stones to create a life giving initiation field- which gave survival a leap forward. When (piezoelectric / paramagnetic) stones were arranged with the right (fractal) electric knowledge- what was produced was an electric field (phase conjugate dielectric)- which could:

- save agriculture during starving times by accelerating germination / growth / metabolism (see our measurements in the Pyraphi)

- initiate priests- accelerate mentation - focus thought- ( see how golden ratio phase conjugate EEG for peak perception - goldenmean.info/clinicalintro

- reduce aging / increase food storage- reduce decay

- provide an electrically fractal / charge distribution space where memory could be brought efficiently through BIRTH AND DEATH. (note how Korotkov measures the fractality in air - which indigenous people regularly make phone calls to their ancestors).

- now later today - in modern physics we now know this centripetal field (see Pyraphi) can be used for things like

+bone and tissue regeneration

+switching stem cell growth

+isolating from ELF pollution / EMF pulses
(Hint NASA announced that countries whose unprotected toasted transformers from the Carrington event- Solar Max/ RAPTURE event- would not be repairable in time.. WOULD NEVER RECOVER!)

+non-destructively containing radioactive materials
( for the same reason focused human attention: A Centripetal phase conjugate dielectric as self directing {see navigating death-Kluver as DNA fold sequence} as a donut turning inside out -
causes charge to compress , Bill Tiller measured, and radioactivity to decrease, Uri Geller et al - measured.. ).

This was one of the primary electrical functions of the Ark of the Covenant-History's poster-child of Phase Conjugate Dielectrics
(aside from its' field generation for gold powder / manna/ 'holy communion' manufacture- the Essene/Moses/Akunatun major cash cow..)
- why did they need a container for their nukes? : not only did the Annunaki nuke the Sinai -fused glass remains today- they also nuked their way thru the Van Allen Belt- which was to them otherwise un-navigable-see Anton Parks


So the short version of this story - is that the skill to build these kind of dolmen - moved from Amenti / Amarna in Egypt- where Akhunaton in ATUN's line- probably became the Moses who founded the Essene's science..
to the famous HYPOGEUM at Malta.. (pictures at goldenmean.info/malta )- and then on the South France- The skill to use these kinds of domains - to permit the birth of avatars/ masters- is behind the birth of John the son of Mary Magdalen - in the limestone cave depicted in Virgin in the Rocks- which we visited. (per Vincent) That John became - the Avatar of the Cathars and the TRAPHIMIUS- whose knee print melting the stone in the coffin lid- there - became the HOLY PLATTEN- or Parsifal's grail story.
GRAIL being the self organizing biological nature of charge plasma when it becomes FRACTAL - CENTRIPETAL- and PHASE CONJUGATE by Golden RATIO.

.. So -the real hermetic revolution is implementing the knowledge of building the fractal field. If you want the longer - more romantic version of the story.. see the films.


more on this science applied - at fractalfield.com/pyraphi

--PYRAPHI- has a colorful history
see more at goldenmean.info/gravityislove - where this box is exerpted from - also our major ET history index: goldenmean.info/therestofthestory

Important note: from a commercial perspective the history story is a highly forgettable - optional reading- nightmare- which is best and possible to wake up from ONLY when you learn the SCIENCE LESSON!


Note: In these films- and at goldenmean.info/scienceofalchemy
Vincent is basically saying the history clearly indicates the original philosophers stone, projective powder of alchemy - was the ground up- meteoritic glass of the
Muslum KABBAH stone..

See the film about GOLDEN RATIO , 1.618 and the MYSTERIES OF THE KABBAH..


The physics:
when (meteoritic) glass is homogenously propagated wth (platinum group metal) gold vapor - it becomes a potent phase conjugate dielectric..
which is golden ratio capacitance- essentially
(bioactivity example: fractalfield.com/pyraphi )
sometimes called the philosophers stone, or projective powder - see;
This (Implosive / Centripetal ) FRACTAL FIELD EFFECT- is what here is called -vairocana effect - the life giving field effect core of the HERMETIC revolution.


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Vairocana Effect and Creating Life:
Billions of tourists annually- and and huge portion of the global economy- is spent - on getting access to so called 'sacred sites'. Obviously the feeling of being there justifies spending a major chunk of global money. And yet- no one ever even thought about learning the electrical engineering necessary to BUILD the field effect that makes a site sacred? We have taught how the actual acheivement of peak experience / bliss / ecstasy - with the help of such charge fields- is ESSENTIAL to immune health, and taking memory thru death (book: Implosion:Secret Science of Ecstasy and Immortality)

Is this inability to deal with the concept of the sacred and creating sacred space- as SCIENCE - just a schizophrenia.. or shall we call it the comic strip "Adamic RACE?"

Dr Korotkov showed we could MEASURE the air and the field at sacred sites to determine if they were sacred (fractality in the space = charge distribution efficiency- the DEFINER of life). He found out by following the shamen to where they make phone calls to ancestors.

gdv AIR fractality

We designed the device (phase conjugate dielectric)..

phase conjugate eggs

which did this (see the 3 peaks) - each time we put it around Korotkov's little measuring antenna:

GDV measures cups

The frequency signature we use to phase conjugate the resins- corresponds to Golden Ratio fractality and hydrogen. This demonstrates we UNDERSTAND WELL in principle: what makes a field conjugate- and therefore distributeable. People think that by defining pure intention and the voice of ancestors- as a perfectly shareable wave- we are speaking poetry - this may be true - but this is also a precise physics.


The book "Seed of Knowledge" showed - any scientists with a 90 cent budget for seeds could replicably measure what a 'sacred site' - stone circle did to seed growth


Did any university biology department check this out?

NO - University Biology departments continue to construct buildings made of the field effect poisoning steel and aluminum. (The PRINCIPLE: Steel / Aluminum create a capacitor which is:
harmonic EXCLUSIVE- death making-
versus - biologic or 'phase conjugate' materials which create a capacitor - which like the heart HRV which tells you your immune system is sustainable- is
harmonic INCLUSIVE /
embedable/ fractal /
context rich /
connective for living plasma instead of isolating -
charge distribution= life- invites your aura/plasma to breathe, versus charge isolation= death
- read- goldenmean.info/holarchy )

Governments- keep wrapping their sacred sites in horrifying electrosmog and metal. Greece lined the Parthenon in steel rope! Scotland built a huge steel and aluminum cap completely covering Rosslyn Chapel. (Amateurs built Noah's ark- professionals built the Titanic).

The experience of bliss and peak perception and biologic charge which the ancients intended - is wiped out by the idiot 'scientists' of western government. These are the scientists- who like Einstein- because they have no clue what (fractal) field effect causes an object to fall to the ground (constructive Golden Ratio compression-produces acceleration- causes gravity)- also have no clue to how to make - the (perfected charge distribution) electric field which causes perception, life, and bliss / peak experience. (Science review: goldenmean.info/selforganization )


Some years ago, James Lovelock- author of the GAIA hypothesis was invited to contribute to the science software- in the game SIM-Earth. In this sophisticated software game environment- the player tries to adjust the ingredients on a test planet- in order to make life happen and grow. The factors- like cloud reflectivity / albeido, gravity, temperature- and hundreds of other variables are accurately programmed to test whether life is made possible. The tricky part of the code- which Lovelock- Mr GAIA- was invited to write- was to program the effect of what happens - when STONE DOLMEN- sacred stone circles- are built on the land. What does THAT do to evolution (from the point of view of bioscience)?

What Lovelock concluded and wrote into the code- was that Stone Dolmen - accelerate growth, population and civilization - but with the risk of premature resource burnout.

When we put the gold eggs treated with phase conjugate dielectric resin:

(which had measureably spiked Dr Korotkov's space fractality probe)

simply passively around a glass jar containing fermenting yeast:


we got a (very repeatable) 20-40 percent increase in fermentation rate. GROWTH ACCELERATION!

glucose consumed


(Rather like what happens when you get smart enough to locate your compost pile where ley lines cross...maybe that's where cities should be..
oh- the aboriginals knew that..
pity about modern architects.. guess they haven't reach stone age skill yet...).

See the PYRAPHI- example of this FRACTAL or P.C.Dielectric Living Field Generator: fractalfield.com/pyraphi


The principle is simple- whatever facilitates constructive charge compression / acceleration/ and therefore charge distribution- ACCELERATES LIFE! Young children often succeed to explain this to their prehistoric biology teachers after attending our global seminars.

Speaking of global seminars.. it is June 20, 2010 in S. France - as I write- this - recuperating as usual from too much travel. We just did Bagnacavallo (Italy), then Prague, then St Remy, Then Turin, then Malta conference weeks- all in a row.

I am appending to this article major films from ALL those events last 2 months.

Everyone tells us we should charge for these films. I am taking another choice. I know that if we make access to these films- by payment- we will reduce to one in a thousand those who see them. SO- I am taking another approach:

TODAY- we are finally launching THE IMPLODER- for global market!

That device is the most powerful fractal field hydrodynamic and magnetic device ever launched (see note below - be CAREFUL of the magnetic strength - both conventionally and biologically it is VERY potent). If you support us in sharing this game changing IMPLOSION CREATES SELF ORGANIZATION technology- then we can continue to be able to bring this amazing world leading - educational material.

TODAY- we are announcing the release of OVER 24 NEW MAJOR FILMS- on transformation of consciousness using SCIENCE. About 30 hours of new material - in 4 languages- 7 cities- 5 countries.

And HERE is the theme that holds all of this together:

The ALCHEMY (Black hole of perfect fusion)- of LIFE- is FRACTAL!

The theme- of these films- fits very nicely into a kind of shamanic recapitulation of history:

Supposing- Enki / Sam / Ea's family- with Hermes/ Ningishidda, key contribution to culture was the knowledge how to assemble dolmen to accelerate biological growth and evolution by their field effect.

This Hermetic revolution - was symbolized by the Cadduceus- whose geometry in 3D is today called PHASE CONJUGATION. (Anton Parks has a great history of the KADISTU- whose LIFE DESIGNERS- originated the term Caduceus.. I think these are the OPHANIM..)

Enki's hermetic family the PTAH-Taal- were later called Thoth Moses- ("Sons of Thoth" - Tehuti- means TWT - which in Aramaic means THE LINE OF DAVID .. DWD.. you might store that memory in D'V'D format...)

The ThuthMoses line- was the name for the Pharoh's line.

Very interesting.. that Gigal reinterprets the ancient PRE-Pharoah line of Egyptian Kings.. as ANU..

Valerie has translated Gigal from the French..

Akanaton- (whose AKU line refers to Enki's family) and Tutankhamon - had very long extended skulls.

These "cone head' dolichocepahlic skulls - possibly from Early Egypt were later found by the thousands in PERU and... MALTA. Which is where Vincent Bridges hypothesizes the earliest known Dolmen building VAIROCANA (Hypogeum making) culture built their life accelerating stone capacitors.

What is the VAIROCANA EFFECT (Vincent's term - below) : Life and Consciousness accelerating turning points for civilization- triggered from the (obviously lost) skill to build a living capacitor.

In 2 of the films below- Vincent Bridges develops a fascinating hypothesis about how acceleration of culture by learning how to assemble stone dolmen into a biologic capacitor spread globally- possibly in the trail of these skulls.

He says that the (fractal?) galaxy core- interstellar alignments / Mayan prediction- show the arrival of 8 or so - great mound building cultures. The earliest of which is in Malta.

In Malta- these cultures- before the Egyptian- learned to build great stone life giving capacitors.. called HYPOGEUM:


This is rather parallel (electrical function: embed or die) - to the healing / bio-accelerating electric field quality of the Anasazi/ Hopi / Indian healing/ initiatory structure: the KIVA.


It is important to see how radiant - and phase conjugate (embedable) was the electric field of the dolmen structures on Malta

buehler1 buehler3
buehler4 buehler5



Note how the Golden Ratio points on these so called Templar grid lines thru Malta are in red vs yellow.


More from William Buehler's - Templar repair of the fabric of time: goldenmean.info/buehler




Next... the (grail- fractal - black hole...) plot thickens:

Vincent - lead our group around the pent symmetry of the Magdalen sites of St Remy (where Nostredamus used that field effect to phase conjugate his scrying water- to see the future)..

(note-from Vincent Bridges- above PENT points around St.Remy include several MAGDALEN caves sites- and St Marie De La Mer)

TO.. another Hypogeum.(in South France) - where he says the VAIROCANA skill went next.

Limestone embedded structures.. where later Vincent says...

Magdalen gave birth in this limestone cave.. to JOHN the child of Jesus - who later became the Savior of the Cathar ..

and whose namesake- St Traphimus- planted his knee in the

stone coffin lid.. which like the stone Padma Sambave (Samuel/ Enki?) - melted with his hand in the Eastern cave...

that site became the archetype best place to die (phase conjugate)..

Alycamps, near Arles, France.. Christianity had it that- by being buried there- you were first in line for the resurrection on the last day. This is actually reasonable physics for a place where plasma compression- made possible melting and inhabiting the stone. Note the comparison between AL-I -CAMPS- in the word root - EL(AL) - where the PHASE SHIFT (Like EL-O-Him, or in Pennsylvania- ELIMSPORT)- enters the CHAMPS- the field effect. Compares well to Gardner's analysis of PLANES OF SHARON- the Hebrew term for Heaven {where the breath- HE of charge- takes flight: AVE}: which is the infinite electric field around gold powder (phase conjugate dielectric). We discussed what made Rennes Le Chateau a successful NECROPOLIS- city of the dead: CHARGE DISTRIBUTION PERFECTED.. where ancestors remain in living memory.

and that stone which John / Traphimus melted with his knne print.. became.. the GRAIL Platter of the 4 objects called HOLY GRAIL..


The storal to this fractal morey? (It's not just about getting plasma dense enough to melt stone is it?)

The fractally life giving skill to compress and acrete life giving biologic plasma / charge- is the turning point in accelerating not just metabolism- but life and consciousness itself. Putting your paramagnetic stones in a fractal array- is just life or death.

Too bad about modern steel cities full of electrosmog.. guess that was a mistake.. Chalk it up to not listening to Hermes.. Fortuneately the symmetry keys were Hermetically sealed into the old dolmen. All it took was an electrical engineer to map the field:


Above - see physics equations proving this is the precise geometry of hydrogen,


and the time geometry of hydrogen, the solar and venus year..


(physics of coincidence= fractal charge transfer in time/space)



In Malta


the "Vairocana Effect"

How Stone DOLMEN Biologically Jump Started Civilization: The "Vairocana Effect" With Dan Winter-also about Vincent Bridges

(This is the intro - in English and French- from the LaRoque conference, France)..



Deep Esoteric History:of ALCHEMY&theGRAIL with Vincent Bridges part ONE-Malta Presentations-2010 (Dan introduces Vincent who originated the Vairocana term)



Deep Esoteric History:of ALCHEMY&theGRAIL with Vincent Bridges part TWO-Malta Presentations-2010


Real Story of Grid Energy:The VAIROCANA EFFECT with Vincent Bridges part ONE


Real Story of Grid Energy:The VAIROCANA EFFECT-2 with Vincent Bridges -part TWO-Malta Presentations-2010



History&Science of Fractality&Alchemy-Keys to Immortality with Dan Winter -Part ONE-Malta Presentations-2010


History&Science of Fractality&Alchemy-Keys to Immortality with Dan Winter -Part TWO-Malta Presentations-2010


History&Science of Fractality&Alchemy-Keys to Immortality with Dan Winter -Part THREE-Malta Presentations-2010


History&Science of Fractality&Alchemy-Keys to Immortality with Dan Winter -Part FOUR-Malta Presentations-2010


History&Science of Fractality&Alchemy-Keys to Immortality with Dan Winter -Part FIVE-Malta Presentations-2010


History&Science of Fractality&Alchemy-Keys to Immortality with Dan Winter -Part SIX-Malta Presentations-2010



History&Science of Fractality&Alchemy-Keys to Immortality with Dan Winter -Part SEVEN-Malta Presentations-2010



Alchemy of Life Force-and the True Science of Biologic Architecture

new May 2010 Lecture Series -

from the Prague Conference Tour- with Dan Winter..

English and Czech (The Translation gives you time- to absorb..)


Language Index- English, French, Spanish, German, Italian(new Sci&Consciousness Magazine Article) - new Polish! ... New Czech
Language Choices Series
from dan winter, May 20, 2010: url- goldenmean.info/bohemia

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Live Talk -Filmed in Australia Jan 2010:
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www.davidwolfe.com Int'l Conf, Australia
Documentary Filmed Feb. 2010- Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia,
Introduction by David Wolfe.
The recursive structural BRAIDING structure which makes the enzyme a centripetally phase conjugate electric field - is what makes it alive. THAT (fractally) FOLDED structure- in its electrically braided geometry- makes it centripetal - and therefore alive. To Participate in that LIVING FIELD- it is exceedingly helpful to know HOW to build the FRACTAL FIELD that causes life- and implement it into your life affirming hygiene.

--(Next from the Prague and Brno-Czech Tour 2010...)

1. LIFE FORCE in Architecture:

BIOLOGIC ARCHITECTURE FOR 2010: The Principles and the Pictorials!

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Biologic Architecture Curriculum and Links:


2. Fractality and the ALCHEMY OF TIME:with Dan Winter-Prague May 2010- 70 Minutes-

The real fractality physics behind SYNCHRONICITY & SELF ORGANIZATION IN TIME.



3. Charge Collapse:Serious Alchemy Science- Dan Winter Teaches in Prague May 2010-Part ONE 97 Minutes- English and Czech-


4. Charge Collapse:Serious Alchemy Science- Dan Winter Teaches in Prague May 2010-Part TWO - English and Czech-


5. Charge Collapse:Serious Alchemy Science- Dan Winter Teaches in Prague May 2010-Part THREE - English and Czech-



Dan Winter presents at St.Remy- S.France May 22,2010 :
The LIVING Fractal Field:Holy Grail-
Templar Grids, Magda and Ceremony of Fractal Time


Fire In Blood:Alchemy and Ignition of Blood-Ancient and Modern with Dan Winter talk 2, in St Remy, France


Below: Dan Winter presents at International MyLifeTV Conference in Rimini, Italy-2009: (New Film)-English and Italian


Here is the link for the rest of the Series: - English and Italian



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Why does BOHEMIA Look Like A ROSE??

Because Fractality is how Life Force is Attracted and Created!


new added Feb 08: Beautiful Example of FRACTALITY Creating Sacred (Biologically Charged) Space in Architecture:
Ron Eglash - Professor of Ethnology / Mathematics, Department of Science and Technology Studies, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), Troy,NY USA. Presents his Fulbright Study on FRACTALITY IN THE ARCHITECTURAL PLAN and LAYOUT OF VILLAGES IN AFRICA - see film at link

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