LightCity: Using FengShui and Physics to Design Life Back In To Cities..

New Information About The Electrical Definition of What Creates Life -

Could be Used to Revitalize Our Cities.. Feb 5,2003 - from Dan Winter :


- Originally written for - Sohail - for the Conference of Australian Mayors, Brisbane

supplement to the main Living Architecture curriculum:

Update Oct 2011: also see LIVING CEMENT!! -



Live Birds only go to places where magnetic lines create symmetric nest like patterns. Glands like the Pineal and Pituitary in humans - have been shown by dowsing research - to respond to magnetic lines very much like birds. (Reference: Good Feng Shui When Scientists Cross Ley Lines With Dowsers? ) We steer well if the local magnetism is nicely arranged .. like a rose if you will. We tend to get dizzy and disoriented more quickly if the local magnetic lines are scrambled - in the same way funny film clips show how birds get lost in certain hilly areas where magnetism creates a tangled knot. One of the many lessons we might quickly learn - with a visit to the American Dowser's annual, in Danville, Vermont, USA - is that virtually every dowser is firmly convinced that Traffic pattern 'Black Spots' (High Accident Risk zones) are almost ALWAYS caused by places where the local magnetism is totally screwed up. And most of the dowsers there - will tell you in no uncertain terms how to fix such things! Magnetism arranged in a certain symmetry that looks like a rose ('fractal' or 'self-similar') is KEY to making ATTENTION itself possible - so of course this will affect the driver AND your city. The lessons here for the town planner are profound - AND practical.

If centuries of Feng Shui, Dowsers and Geomancers and 'Grid Engineers' are right about ley lines and Earth's telluric forces - then the way to create a city ATTRACTIVE to tourists and visitors - may start with the process of arranging magnetic lines. A few basic understandings of the physics and science behind what makes magnetic line hygiene absolutely critical to getting the FEEL right to a city - can be surprisingly simple and powerful.





Magnetic Map Exerpt North Territory tip.. Example - lo magnetic flux density is blue... (less symmetry?)

Compare with : Can War be predicted by measuring magnetic flux permissivity in the soil.. villages become friendly when their magnetism can touch? EARTH'S MAGNETIC FIELD REGIONS OF WEAKNESS PREDICT SITES OF WAR

Here are the new scientific principles to invite magnetism AND THEREFORE PEOPLE in to a city:

The first rule is to understand that magnetism - is ONLY attracted to symmetry - in this sense it is just like water.. Use this picture to visualize the life cycle of magnetism:

The principles this picture teaches to attracting people are very similar to the principles for attracting RAIN .. see:Learning Geomancy by Learning Rainmaking


The 'storal to this morey' about magnetism - is that certain structures literally allow magnetism to BECOME ALIVE - while other structural materials - literally BLEED ALL OF THE LIFE FORCE out of the local magnetism. If our building and city planners would just take a few basic lessons about how to keep space alive electrically - it could potentially actually revitalize urban areas quite quickly.

This is not just old fashioned sentimental poetry about FengShui for coffee table magazines. This is the physics of measuring seed germination rates after an improvement in braiding and coherence in their magnetic environment. Our research group after years of intense study of the electrical qualities of what creates life - has actually come up with a radically new way of defining and measuring .. AND CREATING LIFE!

It all started - with our first - now commercially successful invention. The HeartTuner ( ) measures 2 person hearts (ECG) at once and by using a new technique to measure COHERENCE- we measure whether your heart is at this moment electrically rich with many different frequencies at once. The medical term for this is called - HARMONIC INCLUSIVENESS - in HEART RATE VARIABILITY (HRV). ( see - Heart Music:HRV and Emotion vs Care & Feeding of Immune Health ) - What these big words MEAN - is that doctors have learned repeatedly that the MORE you are able to invite MANY different musical notes into your heart at once (the more the better) - statistically - the more likely you are to avoid MOST ALL CHRONIC DISEASES! ( see : The Origin of Disease and Health Heart Waves )

The HeartTuner is able to see by harmonic analysis simply when your heart is making music - and in so doing - can feedback when you are feeling compassion for another person, and when your heart is harmonically INCLUSIVE or COHERENT. This makes coherent EMOTION measureable and teachable.( see Breakthru in Measuring INTERNAL COHERENCE.Teaching Biological Oscillators SUSTAINABILITY -)

So this all sounds like fun - (ultimate parlor game - whose lover is most loving?!?!).. and it is fun .. but what does this have to do with city planning??

Well - it turns out that the simple idea - now embraced by medicine - that HARMONIC RICHNESS , or HARMONIC INCLUSIVENESS - (which happens when COHERENCE is also based on Golden Ratio .. see IMPLOSION PHYSICS) predicts VIABILITY -- (how long you will live) .... can be applied to ANYTHING ALIVE..

In other words - you can measure ANYTHING electrically - and determine how alive it is! We do this be sticking the tomato or egg or....ANYTHING ... in to a capacitor in a clean magnetic place - and checking how many harmonics of CHARGE are present. This process measures life because it measures how many different waves of charge information the living thing is able to attract. In GOLDEN MEAN ratio - the number of harmonics of electrical charge able to agree to meet - becomes infinite. This is part of why - Golden Ratio ( phylotaxis ) is basic to all life.

Please read about our new technology to measure and teach how to create life - by creating electrical environments - works - at: HARMONIC INCLUSIVENESS OF CHARGE-Can Life Force Be Measured in Capacitive Terms?

Well - the fun part is that we CAN - apply this new physics to making LIFE return to a city - DIRECTLY!

Imagine - inputting the harmonic analysis of a whole bioregions magnetic and capacitive fields - to check to see if a bioregion is healthy. And then FIXING it - by replacing missing haromincs. ('Musical Recipes for Peak Experience') .This is quite similar to the way a forest can be checked for health by the harmonic inclusiveness of the sounds in the canopy! ( read - DESERTIFICATION, Patriarchy and "Hard-Making Power; why hugging creates rain: it columnates magnetism..

and read - BioAcoustic Habitat Theory: Forest Makes A Membrane (Immune System) by Braiding Coherent Sound Layers..

Let's re-examine our new definition of life - while thinking about what a city IS: (here is the definition of life - in electrical terms):

LIFE FORCE EQUALS THE ABILITY TO (fractally) ATTRACT and SELF-ORGANIZE CHARGE. (Understand the ROOTS of life in the nature of perfect distribution when electrical charge becomes FRACTAL.. read : In 'CHARGE' of Life: Architecture of The Sacred & The Sustainable. )

Some of you may have been impressed where the book Celestine Prophecy said: "All human interactions are about CHARGE". Well - if you want to be IN CHARGE of re-vitalizing a city - there are some things here you may well use.

One of my early teachers - Buckminster Fuller was famous (among other things - than "BuckminsterFullerene" geodesics) for studying the relationship between - places on the Earth where many magnetic lines crossed - becoming INVARIABLY the places where human cultures chose to BUILD CITIES. In other words - cities happened in the first place - because people - just like ants and bees and birds and most animals - will always naturally congregate in areas where magnetism crossed recursively in pretty rose like patterns.

This was natural - because in the places where magnetism does NATURALLY make pretty patterns- there all of biology grows better because the electrical force it takes to organize water into cell metabolism is directly fed by orderly environmental magnetism. In other words - if the magnetism in your back yard makes a pretty rose like (fractal or labyrinth) pattern - then YOU and your roses - WILL BE BEAUTIFUL. On the other hand - if the magnetism in your back yard (or your city) is dizzy and tangled and bleeding loosely around the edges - then YOU and your roses WILL BOTH ALSO BE DIZZY.

Look at the trees - the ones whose trunk is wrapping around in a twisted braid all the way up the tree - are always doing that only exactly at the places where the underground magnetism is coming up in JUST SUCH A TWIST.

So good - now you have the basic idea. Make magnetic lines in pretty patterns - and life blossoms. So how do you do this?

Well - this article is meant just to whet your appetite for the fun - and give you some more reading suggestions..(below)..

But the basics are easy - stones that steer magnetism around into nice coherent waves - are called PARAmagnetic (limestone, quartz based, granitics etc,) - versus stones that break up magnetic lines like a sieve (FRACTIONATION instead of FRACTALITY) are called DI-magnetic (sandstone for example).

So you choose PARAMAGNETIC materials for construction - and then you arrange the major structure elements into a pattern which produces something called EMBEDDING and RECURSION. Magnetic lines get sick (pathological) when they travel in a line too long. If you use PARAmagnetic stone to organize and bend magnetic lines FROM THE LINE INTO THE CIRCLE... then the local magnetism - gets SUCKED INTO A TORNADO. This is called :"TURNING INSIDE OUT". It is the basis of all natural sorting and purifying of magnetic health. What happens is magnetic lines get the opportunity to touch each other - DISCOVERING WHICH INERTIA IS SHAREABLE.. when they are sucked in to a dimpling tornado. ( Read about the VORTEX THAT HEALS.. IMPLOSION)

Classic examples of this technique involve knowing about LABYRINTHS AND STONE CIRCLES- as techniques of land (and city ) healing.. (Links at: labyrinth how? )

Labyrinths - or anywhere magnetism can be taught to dimple and turn inside out - measureably help dyslexics, measurely feed attention span , and elminate geopathic zones.

Here is more detailed advice:

1. Team geo-physicists and dowsers to make uesable magnetic maps of key areas of your city.

2. Plan to better use - paramagnetic materials - to steer magnetism into healthy breatheable pattern. ( Dan's courses teach magnetic alignment effect by measurement - use of labyrinths / stone circles also..)

3. Work diligently to reduce the use of heavy metal construction- so fatal to environmental health.

(Simple example - the beautiful sacred space at Parthenon, Athens - has been disastrously bled of life force - just because the ignorant custodians chose to circle the place repeatedly with wire ropes to steer people around. The metal in wire ropes - bleeds so much of the charge and life from the site - it no longer fits the definition of SACRED (able to sustain charge as a wave). They need to choose paramagnetic or living materials.

The problem with most metals when used in construction creating the feeling of death - is that their electron structure is far from fractal or self-similar (aluminum for example is insideously fatal) and then the bonds in the metal store only the record of painful heat - and not natural electrical charge - in context... ( see EMBED or die...). During bond formation the geometry of ambient charge is stored - if that moment is not embedded in biological sources of charge - like for example to highly man-made sources of electrical heat used to form aluminum - then those bond geometrics will radiate a charge whose symmetry is not - embedable- or out of phase with all life. This capacitive radiance geometry for example is the physics of astrology (gravity happens when charge implode accelerates due to self-similarity), and the kirlian photograph.

4. Obtain maps showing where there is congestion of electrosmog. This will tell you where people start feeling sick - having accidents and committing crimes. Learn to measure electrosmog - (HeartTuner or any spectrum analyzer - with inductive / then capacitive probe). See the example of the tree which began dying because the nearby fence was huge and metal and loaded with 70 cycle electrosmog.. (below from LIFE FORCE MEASURE ARTICLE )

Please see examples at - Good Feng Shui When Scientists Cross Ley Lines With Dowsers?

(this section from the above link)

Above - the pictures of the undergroud water courses from the same Robert Endrös book: Translation of Caption: Fig 71 (p. 169), Residential area over powerful underground water courses. Since the making of this map another 4 people died of cancer. text in upper right corner, from top to bottom: Death by cancer. Sick of cancer. Death by lung tuberculosis.

Water Veins Create Underground magnetic currents, which are linked to microwave currents which are measureable ( et al.)

Mapping underground magnetics under Chartres..Translation of Caption:Chartres cathedral over underground water courses.

Geopathic Stress In Our Homes , by Kevin Masman


On this bottom plot below, it appeared that a strong 70 hz or so resonance of a large very metallic fence was strongly and negatively affecting the life force of the tree being measured. This appeared to be confirmed, when we checked the spectrum of emissions of the fence itself, and noted to apparent begin to rot of the trees the fence line pointed to.

Note that the harmonic content of this foreign non-living frequency limits the spectral bandwidth AND THEREFOR THE LIFE OF THIS TREE..?


The inductive probe tells us when too much local 50 or 60 cycle noise will cover the true 'singing' of the tree, preparing to use capacitive 'Callahan Probe'.

A Coherent Moment - A Peak Experience...

Charge Coherence Measured.. Life Force? (Only embedding permits a wave to cohere.....)

Here is a simple thing a city manager can do. He can rip the fatal soul-less flourescent lights and transformers out of ONE city class room - install sun-light and full spectrum lighting - and then MEASURE THE DRAMATIC INCREASE IN ATTENTION SPAN IN CHILDREN. Then change the whole city.

The principle is that waves that EMBED with the Sun's fusion.. CREATE attention and awareness. Waves that are out of phase with this Sun's hydrogen fusion heart - FAIL TO EMBED - and (in this author's view) become the only definition EVIL ever had.

Read how attention and peak experience are created when harmonics nest...musically:  Raving About Musical Keys to Bliss: - How did Dan Winter's message - that BLISS is key to immune health - and biological sustainability - that BLISS has a musical recipe, and with some pure principles and optional HeartTuner biofeedback - can be SELF EMPOWERING .. without drugs.. Reach 5000 Young People recently in the Back Country outside Melbourne - Australia recently?

Once you begin to get the idea that biological based sources of charge - actually fabricate areas where people can feel JOY - you can begin to take action in your city. A bee hive is an example of sacred architecture because it is a good ('dialectric') way to store biological charge. A refrigerator or your average metal city building is a terrible example of a biological capacitor because it bleeds charge all over the place, and would even measureably inhibit seed germination. Metal in square shapes is the worst way to try to create life. The Biodynamic (Steiner) student would only touch wood and stone and natural fabric.. The science behind this is excellent because these materials CAN bend charge and braid it with biological intent.

Ultimately the goal is to fix the problem outlined in Peter Russell's famous film and book GLOBAL BRAIN. He showed that visually by shape alone, the average human eye upon zooming out, could not descriminate between a modern city and CANCER TISSUE. Life requires the fractal (philotactic) branching of charge because this is perfect UNPACKING and PACKING. Growth requires this non-desctructive compression - so that information and life can gather more efficiently in one place. ( Scale-invariance )

If you would like to create urban environment which has the charge hygiene to permit BLISS and PEAK EXPERIENCE - we recommend this study of the SCIENCE behind FengShui and Geomancy.

further info: 5 Aussie Cities Included in World Teaching Tour: Dan Winter new 2003 Tour Calendar AND Sacred Geometry 4 Day Intensive Practioner Certificate Course-Cities Listing

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