What is LIFE?
We NEED A Simple Electrical Answer - So We Can Teach Our Kids!
Finding the PRINCIPLE in the Symmetry of Compression - for Water and Charge.

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Implosion Group Newsletter Mar 4, 2005: originally exerpted from Dan Winter - on web with pics: goldenmean.info/life , main index: goldenmean.info

The molecular geometric is the skeleton- but the life force is the (conjugate/fractal/implosive /negentropic) FIELD they embed

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updating the famous BLISS-Tuner (+HeartTuner) special -

plus.......... recently added to The Heart Coherence STORY- The Literature acknowledges Dan Winter- originated both the concept and the measure of HEART COHERENCE!
Dan Winter- originates HEART COHERENCE-as quoted in:

"HEART COHERENCE was first described in 1992 by physicist Dan Winter" - from David Servan-Schreiber Ph.D. new book"Instinct to Heal".

This article presents the research history evidence - not only does HeartMath Institute not properly measure Heart Coherence - and mislead people into thinking that breathing at one frequency (what their Freeze Framer teaches) is Heart Coherence. But further - they have seriously mislead the world into thinking they somehow invented Heart Coherence. The irony is - that for the first 2 years after Dan Winter flew there at their expense to teach them how Heart Coherence - was measured (& how to take an EKG and analzye it) - they (Rollin McCraty et al) in fact dozens of times refused to believe ( Dan Winter) that Heart COHERENCE was the correct term. THEN finally - when they saw that Dan Winter was correct - about COHERENCE in the Heart - THEY FAILED TO EVEN MENTION THE SOURCE OF THEIR TRAINING IN MEASURING and Spectrum Analyzing EKG originally. AND where they learned to connect emotional peak moments with the measured harmonics in the EKG (see link goldenmean.info/heartjournal - for true history). Today - they still fail to teach people that the single frequency breath taught by their FREEZE FRAMER - is neither HEART COHERENCE ( see Cepstrum measure ) NOR does it produce the HARMONIC INCLUSIVENESS (in HRV) clearly required for health. ( see goldenmean.info/dardik ). Using the OPPOSITE technique - breathing in a CADUCCEUS CASCADE of INCLUSIVE HARMONICS ( trainer at : goldenmean.info/caducceus ) DOES create measureable HEART COHERENCE - which IS measureable using the correct EKG Cepstrum - the Heart becomes a laser. AND this DOES produce harmonic inclusiveness (in Heart Rate Variability). - read more below. (Again contrary to Rollin McCraty of Heart Math - who continues to suggest that the COHERENCE which the HeartTuner / cepstrum measures reduces harmonic inclusiveness. Something easily proven wrong - if you look at the cadduceus you make in HRV if you follow HeartCoherence Team breathing trainer ).

What is LIFE?

We NEED A Simple Electrical Answer - So We Can Teach Our Kids!

Finding the PRINCIPLE in the Symmetry of Compression - for Water and Charge.

Notes originally from Dan Winter - Feb 23, 2005

published by Implosion Group.

Is LIFE Itself- the perfect CHARGE DISTRIBUTION That Results From Fractal (+Implosive) Charge Compression???

Knowing what LIFE is electrically - may be a LIFE or DEATH question for our genepool's survival. If we look at the often decaying core of cities on planet Earth - where compression is DEFINITELY NOT non-destructive - we might agree that humans have lost the thread of what LIFE is. Most cities from above are visually identical to cancer tissue. (Film: 'Global Brain' by Peter Russell). Interesting that in Albert Szent Gyorgyi's Nobel Winning work: 'Electronic Biology and CANCER' - he concludes that it is indeed the amount of order in the living water inside the cell - that largely distinguishes healthy cells from the cancerous. Chemists know this as the 'triplet state electron' - geometry among water molecules VERY good at DISTRIBUTING CHARGE. We are going so see more about how perfecting CHARGE DISTRIBUTION may be the key to unlocking the mystery of LIFE (and perhaps consciousness or electrical 'self-organization' itselt).

Finding a simple and compelling answer to the question of WHAT IS LIFE - satisfying both to electricians and children - may be as simple as examining the structure of WATER in a SEED.

A seed participates in a rather life or death drama at the moment it decides whether to germinate or die. In the simplest of terms, most biologists would probably agree - that the mechanical answer to the question of whether a seed comes to LIFE or dies- happens at the moment of germination. If we look at the germination process in the most gross and basic of terms, again biologists would probably have to agree that LIFE OR DEATH at that moment - is largely determined by WHETHER THE SEED HAS DEVELOPED THE POWER TO STEER OR ORIENT THE ANGLE OF APPROACHING WATER MOLECULES.

This is because - structured water - all agree- is key to cell metabolism and life. And structured water - holds trace minerals in bonded 'tow' - which are the FOOD to make a seed germinate. SO - if a seed can crank up the electrical power to steer in the approaching water molecules laden with FOOD - THEN we have the miracle of germination. If not - then we have - death.

So - where does this electrical power come from ? The POWER - (Watts, torq, volts,) to germinate.

If we talk with the chemists - they are going to get into rather strange discussions about whether the water molecule being walked in to the germinating seed is IN A TRACTOR BEAM - composed of inductance, magnetics, RF, microwave. My goodness - physics has so many names for different field effects no wonder our kids get confused. We have the ionic bond, we have the co-valent bond. One is for small families and short waves the other is for long.

And YET- according to Einstein - and every spiritual tradition of Earth - the Universe is made of only a single contiguous unified field. So if that is so - and this author empatically agrees- THEN - why do we need so many names for the same substance. So it may be soothing to realize that if you really push the scientist you are interviewing about all the names ( magnetic, inductive, capacitive coupling .. etc. etc.) he will ultimately agree that these are all names for the SYMMETRY OF CHARGE.


SO - we might be getting close to our universal solvent 'grail' for all these names - in the word CHARGE. It appears to be about as close to SPIRITUAL in trying to name the ONE SUBSTANCE that is the UNIFIED FIELD - as physics gets. In other words- it is likely that the word CHARGE is the closest word science has for .. CHI, ORGONE, BARRAKAH, FRESHNESS, LIFE FORCE, CHAKTIPAT, ECK, ETHER, PRANA, ELAN VITAL.

What a Tower of Babel.

You mean - understand the SYMMETRY OF CHARGE - to make matter - is all you have to do to become the complete physicist - (and GOD in the process)??? Actually this is pretty much literally true. Physics says that COMPRESSED CHARGE - stores the INERTIA which they label MASS. Therefore - God or the CREATOR (hopefully you) is the person who knows how to COMPRESS CHARGE.

Rotation which stands in one place BECAUSE of COMPRESSION is the only source of INERTIA. Remember the old joke: There are only TWO kinds of MATTER: 1. Matter - AND - 2. DOESN'T MATTER. SO - since inertia is the only measure and definition physics has come up with for matter - and rotation is the only way to get mass (and time by the way). THEN (by strict logical law) - if it doesn't rotate - IT DOESN'T MATTER.! Kind of turns you around doesn't it.

To be empowered we need to visualize this universal substrate of CHARGE upon whose weft and woof all mass and universe is woven by rotation. One need only be able to visualize (and hopefully FEEL inside)- the way compression waves would travel in a mushy compressible jello. Once you get the trick of sending a compression wave going in a circle by making the wave length fit in even multiples into the circumference (called 'quantum mechanics') you notice one more problem. The gyroscope of inertia (mass and creation itself) you make by sending your wave in a circle - won't stand in one place if there is not something SUCKING IT TO ONE CENTER. (Yeats: "In a widening gyre with a center that will not hold")

The problem of how to generate this CENTERING FORCE is central to the problem of MAKING GRAVITY, MAKING LIFE, AND - holding gyroscope wave circles from floating away. PERFECT COMPRESSION - is KEY to understand how CHARGE MAKES CENTERING FORCE! (Think: CENTRIPEDAL).

Why are we getting in to all these basic metaphors in order to understand LIFE IN A SEED? Well - we are needing to look at what is the SOURCE of the electric power a seed cooks up to enable it to germinate ( by electrically tractoring in the water molecule.)

Whether we call the field effect sent out by the happy seed - inductive or magnetic or capacitive - AC or DC - Hi Frequency or not (likely it is ALL of the above) - at LEAST science can probably agree that the correct word for what the seed radiates is SYMMETRY OF CHARGE. Of course physics says EVERYTHING is SYMMETRY FOR CHARGE. At least we get to unify things a bit.

SO - the seed is radiating CHARGE. If it radiates that - then it is alive. If not - no charge radiance (no water steering tool) then we call it DEAD.

So - what allows the seed to radiate charge - to enjoy being called LIFE? Well - somehow the charge must get in there. Who packs it away - ready to unpack? Answers like God or nature - while metaphoric are highly unsatisfying to curious children and electricians too.

So how DID the charge get compressed into the seed? Well - if we were to ask what creates the most COMPRESSION to a scientist - the answer is FRACTAL symmetry. Things whose inside are just like their outside (self-similar like fern trees and onions and pine cones kind of)- are by definition in science the only way to get INFINITE COMRESSION. Perfect compression is a VERY KOOL thing - because perfect compression MAKES NO HEAT! We are going to get into a nice word for this - IMPLOSION - which is opposite to EXPLOSION.

When you arrange charge waves into a FRACTAL

- by inviting such efficient COMPRESSION - you actually SUCK IN CHARGE! This 'IMPLOSION' is key to LIFE .... because...

LIFE is possible where the most charge waves agree... because...

Information is most available where most charge waves agree... because...

Charge waves can most agree to meet - only where COMPRESSION (Implosion) is perfect.

SO - if you get compression perfect - you get LIFE - because you arrange waves to suck in and store electric charge.


So - what IS the perfect symmetry to make charge waves compress? In water - and in seeds?

Science has noted that the effective structures in water - to best create storage of life and life processes are DODECAHEDRAL.
This has come to be known as THE CLATHRATE CAGE: pics below. Note that this relates to the Golden Mean ratio arrangement of WATER molecules in a MICROTUBULE - more below.
(for example - Pat Flanagan told to me that tucking monoatomic hydrogen into an implosive clathrate cage dodecahedron of water molecules was the key to his MICROHYDRIN -free radical scavenger - invention.)

Primordial Water Crystal™ in M-Activated Water,from Perhaps the best web summary of all the different healing waters: http://www.0disease.com/0waterheal.html#beyond





from: http://www.nsls.bnl.gov/newsroom/science/2003/02-Mao.htm


Water - like DNA - can perhaps best be understood -from pure symmetry terms - as a device to permit the successful compression of electrical charge. The result of charge compression is the information density we call LIFE. To complete compression successfully - nature uses what every mathematician knows is the ONLY geometry for infinite or perfected - compression: FRACTALITY (self similarity). Golden Mean ratio is the essential dynamic of all PLANT SYMMETRY (phylotaxis) - and the basis of the FIVE SIDED - PENT nesting in GOLDEN MEAN RATIO - which is the shape (5 sided) of most every living protein. The KEY connection - is understanding WHY Golden Mean ratio is the KEY to compression. This is because Golden Mean ratio is the key to self-similarity - which IS the key to compression.


Our hypothesis under testing is: COULD THE ONSET OF RECURSION (DODECA or similar Compression Symmetries) be the SOURCE and key to what we are seeing in the cascades .. of charge harmonics ( goldenmean.info/biophoton life force measures) we are measuring in water?? This would then confirm the pattern we illustrate in the new book: "IMPLOSION: Secret Science of Ecstacy & Immortality" goldenmean.info/consciouskids

Below: Cliff Pound assisted in measuring the charge radiance comparing the new Bunna Water from Fiji.. new Feb 9, 2004. Dark Blue Cascade Shows Excellent Symmetry.

Below: We are grateful to Frank- heartcoherence.com for Data harmonic analysis below - of the above Fiji Water data... NOTE: We expect to be able to isolate (and optimize) the charge sources in the environment which contribute to the life force in the water - by looking at their harmonic signatures!


Capacitve charge can be focused like a lens and projected - making for example the billions spent on hiding Stealth jets radar trace - truly wasted.

Take for example the relatively well known work of Hodowanec and Ramsey- proving that a weak capacitor passively in a quiet spot - is better than telescopes - and faster than light - for measuring star explosion events etc.


Altho - charging a capacitor and sending off the wave - is the basis of radio - Little is written to explain HOW capacitive charge moves faster than light.

As you view the pictures here - ask yourself - HOW it is that consciousness is best understood in principle as a name for perfected charge distribution. (awareness)

here's whats coming:

solar compression wave (solar maxima / 'rapture')-easily likely to destroy all biology here within 3-10 yrs.

here's what's here to catch:

weakened earth charge field coherence - science with NO CLUE how to create successful compression to stabilize gravity electrically: SITUATION GRAVE

Science is using the crudest stupid laced with death technology to address the problem - (HAARP and.. chemtrails..)

Instead of understanding what gravity is, and creating the long wave fractal compression to stabilize it.

Here is what needs doing: Rearrange Genes.. Hearts.. & BioRegions..to BE COMPRESSIBLE - key to all biologic sustainability..


The focus of this article is to see the connection to LIFE FORCE (Ability to Attract / by compression/ and self organize Charge) and WATER!


note below pic top:fractality as optimized by Phi Golden Ratio: optimizes charge compression - the nature of water to support life - as we shall see...

begin exerpt from "Implosion: Secret Science of Ecstacy and Immortality" ( goldenmean.info/consciouskids )

Roses and pine cones are perfect examples of FRACTALs - the idea is called being SELF SIMILAR. This simply means the inside looks like the outside. When waves of charge get FRACTAL like this they compress perfectly and therefore allow charge to go in and out of implosion - speeding up at center. The overall information connecting thru light speed of CHARGE by implosion (attracting charge) is called LIFE!

We can measure this because things that are alive attract electrical charge from within - (goldenmean.info/biophoton).

LIFE IS where the MOST WAVES TOUCH! (Harmonic Inclusiveness predicts vitality in everything that lives). LIFE itself is another way of talking about the infinite communication based on Golden mean that happens between waves when they compress perfectly into IMPLOSION/ FUSION. In Science this is sometimes called "Infinite Multiply Connected TOPOLOGY". This just means - how many different folds on surface can a converge or compress into one wave or fold at one place.

We can now make a definition and meaning for the term ORGANIC. This is good, because the word is getting too vague for use in the grocery store. Organic is a name for the ability of biology to attract charge when the electrical SYMMETRY (pattern inside) is more FRACTAL. When waves of charge nest inside each other very nicely, then the CHARGE does not bleed. If you could put your food inside a good biology CAPACITOR like a PINE CONE - or EGG - then it would keep longer. Putting your food inside a refrigerator has a serious problem. Refrigerators made of square shape, and metal are TERRIBLE leaking capacitors. This is why your food loses life so fast inside. Refrigerator designers are almost as stupid as city designers - who use too much metal and square shapes - in letting people use leaking charge for their space to be.

You could make a lot of money by making refrigerators that are better holders of CHARGE. This is what a scientist named REICH meant by ORGONE! People kept inventing new words like SPIRIT and CHI and ORGONE and MICROVITA and BARRAKAH because that did not know what a capacitor is or how they communicate ( it is sheer magic!). Life uses this faster than light way that capacitors communicate and we call it telepathy and spiritual healing. We have measured the way trees do this - using capacitors. goldenmean.info/biophoton

We should talk more about how making houses and buildings into holders of CHARGE is absolutely necessary to holding BLISS and LIFE. This creates new meaning for success & the word SACRED in ARCHITECTURE.
( goldenmean.info/architecture ).

In order to understand for yourself - the meaning of the word ORGANIC a bit more - let us consider how waves of charge can be shared or distributed perfectly. (since this is how life works).
Waves of charge are wrapped in little nests of wave packages called ENVELOPES of waves. When an envelope of waves hits you, you call it a particle or matter. But matter and particles are only named for the INERTIA of these rotating spinning 'envelopes' made of waves. (Just waves of compression moving about in something you could imagine as a universal smoke or even jello - somethings called ETHER. Nice book: NOTHING BUT MOTION - by Dewey Larson). This is important, because eventually YOU are going to be able to steer waves (tornadoes, wormholes, and everything in science) by understanding this. We call this "Adopt a Pet Tornado" - you are A.P.T. to like it.

Remember- HOW TO STEER A TORNADO as a Shaman or priest - is how to steer everything! Feel compassion for the anger (the spin that does not fit the nest), electrically sucks you in to the center (of gravity) of the tornado.

( More pictures & story at goldenmean.info/dowsing )

So let's get back to the question of what shapes make perfect LIFE FORCE in principle. Imagine you were sitting there looking at the perfect head of broccoli or cauliflower - and you thought to yourself- hey- that look's fractal!


Distributing waves of LIFE FORCE (which is what consciousness as in CONSCIOUS KIDS is made of) - is like sharing touch. Waves that can share touch without hurting each other - or losing inertia or motion - can be distributed forever.

Remember in the movie '2001' where Dave touches a monument on Mars and finds he is distributed everywhere at once? Well there is a science to this.

This science is called: Infinite Distribution has NO Storage.

There is a famous book said to be by Christ and Einstein (Primer on Energy - Primer on Rotation) which says something like: ALL HUMAN WANT AND LACK or SCARCITY - COMES FROM THE ATTEMPT TO STORE RATHER THAN DISTRIBUTE. This is particularly true of spiritual information and bio-logic immortality. There is one symmetry or pattern which will allow PERFECT INFINITE DISTRIBUTION with ZERO STORAGE. (This SHOULD be applied to spiritual business).

Picture this..
Suppose you had a row of billiard balls - lined up from here to the moon. If there was a tiny gap between each ball - then when you bounced one ball into this end- it would take a VERY long time before exactly ONE ball bounced off at the moon. And if the space between each ball was not tiny enough ... the INERTIA of the ball you hit into this end - would NEVER reach the moon!

Now - suppose you re-arranged that long line or chain of balls. Let us now put them so that every ball precisely TOUCHES the ball next to it. There are no spaces between balls. NOW- in your imagination - bounce ONE ball into this end of the row which goes to the moon. Sure enough - exactly ONE ball bounces off the chain at the moon - AND this happens FASTER than the speed of light - AND - there is absolutely no INERTIA (motion) lost on the way! And yet - every single ball on the way - has FULLY FELT and been informed of ALL the INERTIA (information) which passed thru them.

Now - imagine you are a network of waves of charge- and you want to breath into them in this way. This charge being breathed into you network is called LIFE and is the root of the word to AN-imate. (The word AN comes from the Sumerian Extra Terrestrial REAL star trek story - goldenmean.info/enki ).

See- the thing is that life can happen if waves of charge can constantly be fed back to center. This is why to SELF-REFER is the definition of LIFE in ancient Veda. Golden Mean Ratio is the perfect way for waves to self refer and create awareness..

PERFECT CHARGE DISTRIBUTION (perfect compression creates perfect distribution of charge - no storage of charge) IS THE DEFINITION OF CONSCIOUSNESS ...


More on the nature of compression perfected- implosion as the definer of self organization at:

Phi Recursion Induced Charge Acceleration Implosion Solution ( phiricais )


If Wilhelm Reich had known how capacitors work - he clearly would not have had to label his confusion with a new undefined word: ORGONE - which alienated science. Current western science does not understand how capacitors communicate. This - as we shall discuss - explains their failure to answer the question - Why does an object fall to the ground? Gravity occurs when charge centers discover self-similarity- perfected in Golden Ratio. When wave fronts converge in Golden Ratio -(the pent nature of DNA and Water for example) - their wave fronts add and multiply recursively only CONSTRUCTIVELY. What is constructively added and multiplied in addition to their wave lengths - is their WAVE VELOCITIES. This is how compression (in pent/Golden Ratio based self-similarity) is CHANGED INTO ACCELERATION. The acceleration path which then opens for charge thru the speed of light- pulls the plug for suction down the drain - called gravity. This is the solution to gravity, (gravity is our name for acceleration) the unified field, and the problem that stumped Einstein (infinite non destructive compression). This explains how biological structures get voltage from gravity ( volts generated inside a fresh egg - a pine cone - or better - the Fibres of Perkinjole of a heart in bliss). The attraction for biology to the self similarity symmetry - IMPLOSION - which produces the connection thru the speed of light - is important. Biological charge - unlike unconscious current science (& your doctor who calls the blue flash of menopause and tantra a 'disease' symptom) - is aware that it is fatal (mortal) - and unsustainable - to be trapped below the speed of light. ( The advanced material teaches the physics of how DNA's gravity producing role (10 oz or so of weight loss at deaths instant etc.) becomes critical in atmosphere creation - surviving solar maxima (rapture) and star birth. )

This success in compression become IMPLOSION - is the symmetry of LIFE. Charge in water - compressing well - is key to life- because obviously life is mostly water.

Compression success - is life success- because charge density (non destructive compression) is information density. (Waves that acheive infinite mulitple connectedness). The Vedic definition of consciousness as ABILITY TO SELF REFER - is answered by the Golden Mean spiral as the only angle at which a wave can re-enter itself without hurting itself. We develop this theme extensively in my 5th book: Implosion: Secret Science of Ecstacy and Immortality - ( goldenmean.info/consciouskids ). The summary being that - since bliss and euphoria (eeg and ekg harmonics spaced at Golden Mean) create charge compression - and since this is the ultimate form and expression of biological information - therefore bliss and euphoria are the ultimate educator. We further develop the notion that bliss (biologically acheived charge density) is the only way to acheive and sustain an immune system - and succeed in carrying memory (biological charge pattern) thru death. ( goldenmean.info/death ) Thus we present step by step the scientific case that bliss and euphoria is the only scientifically defendable purpose for having DNA and having political government.

The purpose of this article -is specifically to extend the notion that perfected charge compression - is the very essential dynamic of life itself - to the STRUCTURE OF WATER.

.FlowForms are good examples of piezoelectric charge compressors for water - to heal. Many of the best are based on Golden Ratio:



Let's examine also hydrogen in water. This is so important - because as we know - hydrogen is obviously the key to fusion - as for example in the coeur of the Sun - and in Microhydrin - (Implosive monoatomic analog to Ormes)-
also - the hydrogen bond at the zipper in the helix of DNA - ability to compress accelerate the charge in the coeur of DNA thru light speed - making gravity in DNA ... and your soul.

The BIRTH OF DNA - is a name for the time Proteins in Golden Ratio built conic learned to reach up and SWALLOW LIGHTNING (the 'primal soup')

The electrically successful DEATH - is a name for the time when the DNA learns to spit out the same lightning thru the speed of light - having compress modulated onto the wave - the capacitive field coherence of all your biological memory. Getting a soul ( a 'soul invitation' .com ) is a name for the time that tornado begins to sustain that implosion thru the speed of light. Implosion' Grand Attractor (200+ color illustrated book) is a name for the wave symmetry which uses Golden Ratio perfected self-similarity to turn charge COMPRESSION in to charge ACCELERATION (explaining the origin of gravity - and for the first time - WHY an object falls to the ground). (PHI recursion induced Charge Acceleration Implosion Solution - PHIricais).

So.. understanding the role of Golden Ratio optimized self -similarity to ENABLE COMPRESSION in HYDROGEN Fusion at the coeur of DNA and the Sun - is essential for self-empowered by principle education into immortality.

The (dodeca water inhabited) sub-cellular MICROTUBULE as a mechanism of consciousness . Speaking of WAVE GUIDES for the miraculous!
(The images in this pic are from the biophysics literature - the text / concept is from Dan Winter - not from Stuart!
- more on the biophysics of microwave guide and humans affecting their environment / steering tornadoes with their radiance - at goldenmean.info/dowsing )

We suggest the recursive or self similar capacitive and microwave guide geometry of microtubules (& DNA?) conduct by implosion - biologic information. This creates the holy communion of charge radiance which defines life and makes biology efficient. Fractal compression geometries for capacitive coupling (& microwave?) create the compression (implosion) which turns into acceleration. This fusion / implosion collapse principle enables capacitance to be propagated with velocities faster than light - (Hodowanec / Ramsey) accounting in part for biology's 'multiple connectedness' (or in the obtuse language of todays physics: 'NON-LOCAL' communication. ) The knowledge of the charge environment SYMMETRY which allows this communication to happen ( goldenmean.info/architecture ) - turns religious myths about bliss and enlightenment - into a SCIENCE OF HYGIENE - for their practice. BIOLOGIC COMMUNION WITH NATURE - becomes in effect THE PHYSICS OF EMBEDDING... charge... Dan Winter.

Notice the picture (next below) from Michael Heleus suggesting that the concentric rings in many micro tubules may approximate Golden Mean ratio RADII self similarity. ( Implosion / Fusion / Collapse / Scale Invariance .. hint .. hint.. ) . I suggest it may be time to reconsider..

1. Microtubule may be just 1 example of implosive charge compression due to self similarity (Golden Ratio) optimized concentric tube arrangement?

2. Biology's acheivement of COHERENCE instead of 'decoherence' in warm (non cryogenic) environments (like the brain in BLISS ) - may be specifically due to the implosive - self - similar and implosive nature of DNA itself (+ microtubules) . discussion:


In summary - failure to account for the simple nature of biologic implosion

seems to be the limiting factor in science's progress in describing the electrical nature of life AND CONSCIOUSNESS itself.

For example consider the simple truism -
If a potentially infinite number of capacitively coupled charge waves were recursively nested in the 10 spiral Golden Ratio top down view of DNA - ( similar to microtubules in this sense) - (subject of my last 2 books in 5 languages
Implosion: Secret Science of Ecstasy & Immortality
Implosion's Grand Attractor
) "Holy Communion in DNA"
- see the hologram multiple connectedness and DNA as waveguide articles below-

the phase velocities could add and multiply constructively allowing (charge) compression to be turned coherently in to acceleration (gravity). This could then suck charge thru the speed of light igniting measureable things like
- germination
- bliss and creativity
(notice the role of Golden Mean ratio / charge compression in eeg bliss / creativity measurement)

In summary - we might conclude - that getting biologic capacitors ( like micro tubules and DNA)
into self-similarity ( like the fibres of perkinjole that bring voltage to the EKG from gravity) produces both LIFE AND CONSCIOUSNESS. This is because when compression is perfected (coherence limit condition is fractal idealized by Golden Mean) then capacitance is radiated
from center with zero storage - Perfected charge distribution (implosive charge field effect coherence) = consciousness.

IMPLOSION - is literally the WAVE MECHANICS of FUSION - the Heart of all biology. Western science needs to embrace the FRACTAL SYMMETRY OF CHARGE (and perfected charge distribution that results) which is the very definition of LIFE AND CONSCIOUSNESS.

The GRAVITY of this weighs on me.


Stuart Hameroff popularized seeing the microtubule within the cell as the waveguide of consciousness. Michael Helius claims the layers of the concentric rings of the microtubule create self-awareness because their radii nest in Golden Mean Ratio (charge compression). Alex K. from Finland - the famous physicist of Golden Mean ( goldenmean.info/goldenphysics ) describes the role of water in the charge compression - making turning inside out - in the microtubule..(below pic).. (his paper: Hierarchical Theory & Biosystems).

Golden Mean as a Driving Force of Molecular Self-Assembly
... [3]. Clathrin and microtubules are two main proteins which structure and
energy properties are based on Golden mean.. Clathrins are ...

Annals of the Academy of Studenica
... s-1 in crystal state and structural-energy properties by golden mean law) and ... case
we considered the mechanism of taxol influence on microtubules during cell ...

In Vitro and In Vivo Investigation of Collagen - C60(OH)24 ...
... Some biomolecules, such as DNA, microtubules, clathrin and others have been discovered
to possess the Golden Mean properties
(structure-energy-information ...

Gibbson: Peptide Plane as a Unique Biological Nanostructure
... that microtubules and clathrin, alongside with water clusters, are major proteins
within the body for biomolecular communication governed by the Golden Mean

Alex Kaivarainen
... of Bivacuum fermions symmetry shift, corresponding to Golden Mean condition, fusion
of ... act of consciousness
, involving water clusters in microtubules in state ...

Cantorian Fractal Spacetime and Quantum-like Chaos in Neural ...
... The golden mean is incorporated in the fractal architecture of the cycloskeleton
network ... Watt, RC, Automation model of dynamic organization in microtubules, Ann ...
www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/ Lab/5833/neuron/Brain.html

2. Physics of Wave Harmonics Graphs - Proves- PHI Harmonics - interfering CONSTRUCTIVE - not only explain the origin of Filial (PHI-lial) ATTRACTION - but probably GRAVITY itself.

3. Review papers -suggested by the scientists discussing the film - of Golden Ratio (PHI) and Fractal Branching.. showing origins of GRAVITY may indeed LIE in the Golden Mean - roots of FRACTALITY. - plus Papers on The WAVEGUIDE in DNA - physics of WHY GENES RESPOND TO WORDS! and braid within the actual structure of language.. (shades of goldenmean.info/knotslipping )


Why - does the FI in FIlial, and PHIdelity, and jeune Fil-



Golden Ratio frequencies ARE perfect branching / nesting because this allows charge waves to compress perfectly.

first- the theory:


Exerpt: "(In) the most general fractal strings/sprays construction recently expounded in the book by Lapidus and Frankenhuysen, it is shown how the complexified extension of El Naschie's Cantorian- Fractal spacetime model belongs to a very special class of families of fractal strings/sprays whose scaling ratios are given by suitable pinary (pinary, p prime) powers of the Golden Mean.


Another example is given by the so-called Golden string in [1] whose scaling rations are r1 = 1/2 and r2 = (1/2)1+. In particular, the complex dimensions of these strings are given by solving a transcendental equation which yields a nonlattice structure of points in the complex planes. For this reason these strings are called non-lattice, despite being self-similar. The complex dimensions of the Golden string is given by an almost periodic structure in the complex plane. All complex dimensions of a self similar string with scaling ratios r1, r2, ...rN lie to the left of, or on the line Real(s) = D [1]. In order not to confuse the reader with the nomenclature used in [1] we emphasize that our construction of Cantorian-Fractal spacetime
[2] is based entirely in a particular class of fractal strings, and higher dimensional fractal sprays or branes, based on suitable binary powers and pinary powers of the Golden mean
. By pinary we mean powers of a prime number p: 2-j. p-j j = ±1,±2,±3.... (11) 2
In section 3 we will show that complex dimension is not just a mathematical artifact but that is deeply related to the log-periodic laws in Nature discussed amply by Nottale et al [4,5] in their theories of the Fractal Tree of life and Fractal Evolution and by many others in particle physics in the renormalization group context [6,7]. We believe that quantum gravitational phenomena should involve interference of complex dimensions." end exerpt

Then - the practice (among wave lengths):


below from frank@heartcoherence.com ( see also heartcoherence.com/harmonicexplorer )

Lets agree that a 'phile' is a place that attracts bits and bytes..

below new power plots showing that Phi optimizes interaction / communion;

it looks to me that the (golden ratio) play between scale invariance and phase differentiation is logarithmic or etc.; is the physics of gravitation + perception

(insert from Dan: Perception = the successful compression / fusion which sorts waves into phase- like the physics of why your vision sharpens dramatically the charge implosive moment you take a deep breath under a sacred / charge fractal TREE!)

Above exclusive peaks signature of two blending golden mean systems - proof of attraction of singularity and therefore eternity - passion AND symmetry operations of two entities showing affection - the physics of coherent perception / re-cognition and material gravity (and hence astrology) - projecting + containing a functional time-space analogy of pure principle where things can happen:

( mathematically - attraction / affection is wave flow scaled - compressed- by phase differentiation ) - end notes from Frank - heartcoherence.com