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BioMechanics of Kundalini - from Dan Winter

Harmonic Implosion -from Spine Liquid Pump to Brain Liquid Ventricles-

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Biomechanics of Kundalini- based on the conjugate collapse of the sacral cranial spine liquid frequencies- article updated/physics, July 2015 - at www.fractalfield.com/conjugateperception (exerpt:

Winter documents the HRV / Sacral Cranial Frequencies- Mechanism of Bliss/Kundalini (PEAK PERCEPTION/ Bliss)
-are ALSO precisely PHASE CONJUGATE Implosive Collapse

(also shown the ADP /ATP Key frequency=precisely fits phase conjugation in Biologic Microwave)

More on HRV conjugation and biofeedback: fractalfield.com/heartfusion/hrvpro.html



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Streaming Video / Example - Measuring EEG + Teaching Alpha to Beta GOLDEN RATIO
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with Dan Winter -25 Minute - Filmed 2005 -

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Bliss Igntion EEG Biofeedback Setup/Example
Film10min -

Biofeedback for Bliss / Ecstatics and Kundalini - the
Logic Behind EEG + Golden Ratio Entrainment-(BlissTuner)- The Clinical Intro

update June 05 - see Kundalini's effect on Implosion and Ensoulment of DNA - goldenmean.info/12strands

cc: Kundalini Conference on Web, (I am a member of http://egroups.com/group/Kundalini-Gateway


Update: April 06:- recommended: biologyofkundalini.com conversion: Kundalini Gland.. little note from Dan added as well: biophysics of ejaculating up spine- require understanding- sacral cranial pump input: tube at tailbone opens.. www.goldenmean.info/isthisrecursion/apta.html , +vestigial tail hairs conduct the kundalini microwave(see microwave scanning emissions technology- on ATP.., spine liquid peristalsic pump -carries sperms haploid dna minutes thick prostatic juice to brain crown- related: why DNA makes black hole - goldenmean.info/12strands

Very Good Starting/Resource Place to Learn More About Kundalini on web:Kundalini links.

To see HOW the "phonon pony tail" sonic wave from glands gone EMOTIONALLY COHERENT charms the snake up the spine (kundalini): ../heartlink

Our most detailed description of the relation to the Sacro Cranial (Spine Juice) Pumping, from the Polarity Therapy Keynote Address last year, illustrated, at ../isthisrecursion/apta.html

More the the Magda Amygda Magdalen mythos at ../magdalen

Now a friendly circular letter.. about the juice up the spine..

Cc: Kundalini@List-Server.net
Subject: [K-list]fire phi's ray vs what mind inhabits


we should be clear
1. kundalini can clearly be life threatening
one of those rushing in where angels fear to tread
2.kundalini is simply a vague name for the concentration of biological
capacitance which happens in the presence of embedding..
catalyzed by numerous aspects of hygiene:notably spin dense
nutrient, environment, and ability to focus (recur) align mentation..

3.kundalini is measureable in microwave footprint (microwave emission scanner)
which because of the symbiosis w earth grid to cellular microwave as a common
bloodstream, makes this tech the ultimate dowsing tool

which simply measures rate of cellular ATP stepping, which is simply a name
for the rate of biological fire (metabolic density)
(I watched the lady weep from the profound psychological wisdom which
came from interpreting her spinal 3d scan map in microwave/history of trauma mapped)

what is helpful is to understand in principle
it is this fire density, when sustained IS awareness density..
how much charge can sustain recursion to one point,
is the same as what memories have become distributable

easier then to sit inside lightning and not get burnt

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Anomalous Ancient Skulls, Sat, 28 Aug 1999
From: julian <juliansc@entelchile.net>

Hi dan, can you tell me if you think that these skulls
are a fraude. If not, can I assume that the
atlanteans are another type of hominyds? Thanks.

(Dramatic Archeo Photos with academic discussion of extreme conehead skulls from South America)

Answer/thoughts from dan:

Akunaton & Tut were well known to have extended cone type skulls.. My own skull is more cone like than almost anyone I have seen..I have noted actually increases in the point over the years right where extreme kundalini pushes intense hydrodynamic juice flow..(top point).. Additional reason for soft spot up top.. to permit necessary direction
for cranial growth unpacking ..

which I would call evolution of the bird brain..aka AKU as bird vs draku as reptilian brain stem evolution..

Sumerian clearly describes the departure of the Enki side of Annunaki's sons...
who supported feeding psychokinesis to the takadama (adam /eve borg from orion)
(vs enlil who was yalweh..angry repressive of psychokinesis for his droid clones)

See comparison of spine curves which support kundalini to eagle spine
etc.. For how this bird brain atlatal (projectile... of brain?) group goes from atlantis to south america ("ATLAntis Rising")
as Queens of the skull touch (Reverend Mothers in Dune)
(baphomet rite of templar..touch to magda mnemomic)

& see Jessie Ayani books: "Codes of Light" & "Kintui" for how the Magdalen lineage is linked to the South American: connection to legend of "shining ones" = vairachoca

Skull bone map geometric established which phonon sonic harmonics became the base tones for all memory mapping...(piezoelectrics ,gland sonic triggering, vs gold powder production . ../goldpowder STARFIRE

Skull and Bones=map to path of psychokinetics..juice in Templar / Pirate / Cia (wealth from drugs) BONE as piezo sonic longest wave of memory storage in biology.. feel it in your bones!. The true PRINCIPLE was storing the tantric swoon of Magda for proper star mapping at the glandular level for true pentration into stars. ../magdalen

Kundalini is etymologically "rooted" in the words for hair. Interestingly, one of the things a "pony tail" of long hair can do, is provide a wave guide to help conduct the "chi" or kundalini force energies from the head to the lower body. Human hair is very much like the microtubule of the cell. It acts as a finely tuned high frequency wave guide for microwave coherent energy, very much the currency of cell metabolism. (Hameroff et al). The hairlike microtubules in the cell may be thought of as the geometrically arramged plumbing pressure lines distributing ultraviolet and microwave field effects to produce a stable cymatic geometry of wave nodes sufficient to keep positions aligned for the delicate DNA helical erotic unzip )meiosis/meitosis. We must consider that it is precisely some of this erotic ultraviolet blue juice which is gathered by the shapes of human attention, between cells to become orgasm/orgone/tantra/kundalini.

Major pictorial review of the relationship of geometry to cellular "eros"/blue fire to cancer/vs/health at ../cancer .


comment here:(&good tantra link) Subject: kundalini,Wed, 24 Feb 1999 16:52:59 -0000
From: "Tara Brigit Morrigan O'Sullivan" <femalewisdom@angelfire.com>
Hi Dan,

I visited your link by way of the tantric-club as my site http://www.angelfire.com/nc/FemaleWisdom/index.html
was also just added as a link to that club.

The first thing I noted was you mentioned that kundalini was rooted in the word for hair.

Might I offer another scenario.

The Oriental Great Goddess of Wisdom was know by the names of Cunti or Kunda (Kunda specifically identified as the Yoni of
the Universe). The Goddess of Wisdom has again and again been associated with the serpent or the snake in cultures
worldwide and it seems probable that as Kundalini is about arousing the coiled serpent of wisdom at the base of the spine
that the word kundalini evolved from Kunda the Goddess. As you already know, C and K are frequently interchanged in
different languages. And so it is that from Cunti and Kunda we get the probable origins of the words for country, kin, and
kind (Old Englis CYN, Gothic KUNI)...
ALSO related the Latin CUNNUS, middle English CUNTE, Old Norse and Frisian KUNTA,
Basque KUNA....other cognates are "cunablula" (a cradle), "Cunina" (a Roman goddess who protected
children)..."cunctipotent" (all powerful....having cunt magic), "cunicle" (a hole or passage....easy to see that kin
meaning relative comes from the image of "one born from the same cunt").....also cunning (clever), kenning & ken
(knowledge, learning, insight, wisdom)....Kunda made it all the way to Ireland and is believed by many to be the precursor
of the Irish Goddess KILDA whose shrines were everywhere until the Christians came and destroyed them or turned them into
Christian churches. Unfortunately for the Christians
the area around the shrines also bore the name of the Goddess in the prefix KIL, and lives on today in such names as
KILdare, KILarney, KILkenny, etc.


little precis here: (insert 4/2000)

Sugar / Phire and Spin/Awareness Densities vs Kundalini

to Susan (from http://egroups.com/group/Kundalini-Gateway

>>Kundalini among other things uses a conductivity increase resulting from accelerated metabolism..
>>including the rate at which sugars convert to uv and microwave..some spectra of the bloodstream of eros...
> How do sugars convert to uv and microwave? Keep in mind I took microbiology
> a LONG time ago at the university.
>>bliss is a name for the amount of amperage which can pass
>>non destructively thru tissue
>>it is called bliss because current flo and information flo
>>are the same thing...
> being a junkie for bliss then I can suppose a tolerance level is built up as
> I seek bliss more and more in greater amounts?

The basic idea is that cell metabolism is a name for the motor which converts cell 'food' sugars into hi quality ultra violet light
which become the raw material for genetic replication and bliss
(discussion w/ pics at ../cancer

Cell metabolisms rate of accomplishing this is affected by many things..
one thing we need to understand is that indeed the presence of extreme
light radiance for cells (also measured and documented in the microwave.)
is identical to access to high information density .
So optimizing bio - phires is a prelude to getting the blue fire into the blue dish to charge kundalini's sacro cranial squirt gun

Attentions moves in fore play or ritual -or 'posture induced ecstacy' as wave guide to UV light.

The point is that the amount of still focus at a center point (fractality)
available opto-electrically - BOTH AS A RESULT OF NERVOUS STILL FOCUS -

directly tunes the rate at which cells can tune up to the phase lock to (phi) embedding synchrony which then times their fire...
(enables non-destructive charge compression

... which macro glandularly is another name for kundalini...

end inset comment

There was a time honored myth in the east that by returning one's hair uncut to the creator at death, an important debt of memory was repaid. Callahan's documentation that olfaction was mediated almost entirely in the infrared, was evidenced in part by the physical antennae bandwidth measures of insect and nose hairs. A spinal scan for the calculated microwave frequency of cellular ATP produced a microwave 3D map profoundly indicative of the geometry of biological "fire" in the body; and created thereby a complete waveguide history of where psychological trauma history was blocking chi flow.

In summary, we may conclude that kundalini may be physically measured in among other ways, as a coherence phenomena of collected cellular "blue fire". (Reference our 2 hour video with 3 Medical Doctor's: "The Biology of Blue Fire".) Ultra violet coherence being the motor and currency of cell metabolism (Ettienne, and Lipton). What may be most instructive about this is the degree to which the gathered (and "fractal?) inertia of human attention/focus does specifically direct and steer this waveguide. The mechanism which permits increasingly coherent human focus to steer microwave and shorter bandwidths is very much our appropriate challenge to understand fully.

Interestingly, it was UV spectral emission lines which can measure the braid angle of DNA helical wrap factor. It was this technology which allowed us to prove that electrical lo frequency COHERENCE in the heart beat, associated with the feeling of compassion, does measureably affect the braid angle of DNA. (The chapter in my book, entitled Programming DNA: Is Emotion the Weaver"., and the research done at my suggestion by Heart Math Institute, published in Int'l Society for the Study of Energy Medicine. ../rein )

The point being that an Ultraviolet effect in the DNA is documentably changed by a conscious teachable skill: feeling love and compassion in the heart measured in the power spectral analysis of the EKG (my work at Millard Fillmore Hospital in Buffalo, first measured EKG coherence associated with emotion).

So now let us apply this metaphor to the activities we know create likely kundalini medical symptoms. Creating glandular coherence creates microwave and ultraviolet cellular coherence. Glandular (emotive) coherence appears teachable with biofeedback or yoga etc. We must ask what is the principle in essence of what permits human conscious activity to grapple with the heart of high frequency cellular fires.

I discussed with Ben Bentov many times the mechanism of the sonic entrainment of the heart pressure waves with the liquids of the brain ventricles (like a can of peaches shaking he would say.) His capacitive accelerometer for measuring this ring relationship between heart and brain liquids was one of th e planets finest feedback devices. Ben described his own kundalini experiences as often originating in the solar plexus area, very different than mine. (His book on the subject: "Stalking the Wild Pendulum", has a chapter - phonon mechanism of kundalini - which is cross correlate to Lee Sanella, MD book "Kundalini: Psychoses or Transendance".)

 Exerpt from Dr. Lee Sannella - author of Kundalini Psychosis or Transcendance - writing about Ben Bentov:

"Once Bentov was here in the US, he took up meditation. He was soon involved in an increasingly active arousal of the energies of kiundalini in himself and began a detailed study of this phenomenon in his well-equipped laboratory. Ben's goal in going to Motoyama's lab on our trip was to repeat and confirm his own lab findings. Motoyama's laboratory was reputed to be the best in the world&emdash;excluding those top-secret Government installations in the USSR and the US. Motoyama had agreed at our first meeting to repeat those experiments in his much more adequately equipped laboratory. However, as the days passed, Ben and I started to get anxious because Motoyama showed no sign of proceeding with the experiments. So, on the last possible day to do this, we had a meeting with Motoyama and his American assistant. After a good deal of back and forth, Motoyama finally took off his suit coat and put on his lab jacket. The four of us then proceeded with these epic experiments. Both of us have described these research findings in great detail in our books.

When we finally repeated Ben's experiments in Motoyama's laboratory, most or even all of this original thinkers theories were, in my view, confirmed. And these experiments also uncovered an anomaly which is yet to be fully understood. By placing an accelerometer on each side of the head, we uncovered a 25% differential in the amplitude of the micro-movements on the left and right hemispheres of his brain. This was a completely unexpected finding and begs to be researched in greater depth in the future. Ben demonstrated that the body is capable of a highly resonant state in which the pulse and cerebro-spinal fluid become synchronized with the breath, producing very fine micro-movements which induce an electro-magnetic flow which he described as a feeling of bliss or ecstasy. Ben had already successfully recorded wave-form signatures of the highly resonant state which were reflected by actual micro movements in his soma and head. He had posited in the beginning of his own experimentation that the fully developed reflections of these resonances would be measurable by the magnetometers that were available at that time, but it would be necessary to measure and study these bits of esoteric physiology on both sides of one's head as they were of equal and opposite polarity. So it was necessary to record these minute pulses with two sensors placed on both sides of the head so that each of the elements would be clearly discerned. These micro-movements arise from an intuitive capacity to coordinate the breath and the heart-beat so that a resonant wave is encouraged. Ben hypothesized that in this state a discrete magnetic field is created in each hemisphere of the brain which stimulates the center of ecstasy deep in the brain's core. This results in the amplification of the electro-magnetic current in the brain which he theorized would be measurable by a super sensitive magnetometer.

Ben built a sensitometer for me that was designed to imitate these micro-magnetic-electrical discharges by applying a pulsing magnetic field to either side of the head. Those inclined towards kundalini arousal would report significant subjective effects. He experimented with this device with a modest number of subjects, and I did likewise. One sensitive physician, after a few applications reported that he had dreamed in full color for the first time ever. Other more bizarre visual effects were also reported. About one out of every ten persons were similarly responsive to this magnetic stimulator and readily reported all these various effects.

Bentov had the intrinsic physiologic skill, yes genius, to cause his body to go into a highly resonant state at will. These states probably echoed the attainment of the various samadhis professed by great realizers in the past, souls of great genius and those closest to ultimate liberation. And similar states are undoubtedly found in certain dissociated persons, or what we western physicians call the mentally ill ones among us, but these experiences differ in that they are uncontrolled and largely negative.

Ben, in his short life, touched many profoundly. Years later I discovered that Motoyama had established a scholarship in Ben's name following his death. His interest in the psychic dimension of existence attracted many gifted people. After our return from Asia, Ben worked with many investigators and meditators. Ben received his first four initiations on the astral or dream level and had a long history of contact with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the TM master. The last three initiations were received in that master's physical presence. Ben developed an accelerometer to measure states of meditative trance at his teacher's behest and was in weekly contact by phone with him for years discussing their mutual interests. I was disappointed to see that their organization never developed any facility to assist their practitioners when the arousal of the kundalini energies would occur. Ben was always highly critical of this irresponsible attitude. Ben and his pioneering work with the kundalini was surely disturbing for Maharishi. The process that Maharishi was teaching to produce the goal of levitation was, more often than not, arousing kundalini energies that apparently distracted his followers more than their brief and often bumpy flight. It was undoubtedly the reason that he did not honor his long intimacy with Ben by making him a researcher or professor at his large University near LA. Ben was also criticized for doing healing, a gift which was given to him in his very deep meditations. It seems likely to me that the guru himself had some initial kundalini experiences which were disturbing to him and never resolved. So he quickly dismissed all kundalini phenomena as a nuisance that potentially threatened his levitation program.

I had taken up TM at Ben's urgent recommendation. I was pleased at the one shot initiation and mantra they gave me, but later I had many patients who became moderately disturbed (especially if they displayed any talent for trancing in meditation) while practicing TM. Some had to stop or change to other methods of meditation. I became disenchanted with it and soon left the TM movement.

Ben had the ability to travel mentally to virtually any place he wished in the universe. He acquired information that astounded astronomers and astrophysicists. Ben used to regale me with the most personal parts of these journeys in which he used the most wonderful colloquial language as well as naming all the dramatis persona. His accounts were ornamented with characters from the fairy world and biblical figures, which he called by funny names that he made up as easily as he breathed. Mo was one of the guardians in this great play of elemental forces that were very much alive in Ben's accounts and that were found at every important transition or barrier. For example, to get out of the earth's sphere one had to match wits, as it were, with particular archetypal figures. And to leave the solar system, still other hosts were encountered which needed to be convinced.

Ben's untimely death in a DC 10 crash out of Chicago was a tragedy that I mourned deeply. Rick Ingrasci, a mutual friend, claims Ben told his secretary that he was all through with this life just before he got on that ill-fated plane. All I was certain of was that Ben had felt rejected pretty much all around. He just got too famous too quickly and often had simple answers for those enlightened ones who cherished ambiguities."

Update June 2015: Much more on BENTOV and the conjugate wave mechanics of KUNDALINI- in my new book FRACTAL SPACE TIME



And why is the concept KUNDALINI (spine liquid pump implosion)-


see below- (from link) - note how the dance of phase 'locks' between DIFFERENT harmonics- could implode in the spine..

COHERENT heart sounds pump ecstatic juices to the brain. Think of the geometry of sonic phonons or sound in liquid long standing waves as functioning like a flute operated snake charmer, or the sonic standing nodes moving like the pushers in a peristalsic pump (in which mechanical hands push liquids up a flexible tube.)

The origin of the sweetness tasted dripping from the squeezed amygdala of the brains nut, is the blue dish at the base of the spine. Here foreplay or breath gathers the collected Ultraviolet nectars of cell metabolism. If tantra or kundalini can produce enough Sacra Cranial Pulse (a sonic long wave) up the fluids of the spine, then the stinger tube hole at the base of the spine can begin to pump. When successful of course this produces the positive biofeedback of "permission to taste the sweetness". Sweetness being always and only a measure of braidedness.

There are those who doubted the definite experience of we intense kundalini experiencers, who begin to taste quite literally from the roof of our mouths, whatever is near the tailbone. The end products of digestion gather there, as in the hi frequency massaged "sweetness", highest density content braidedness: at the BLUE DISH. At first in tantra, it takes extreme conservation (abstinence from orgasm) to build the pressure of the assembled cellular hi frequency excipients (foreplay), to back flush them up the just learning how, spine pump. Later, as the passage is opened more, the tailbone tube "straw that sucks", begins delivering sweet nectar to the brain floor 'under the flower' VERY frequently (my experience). At first we visualized a simple opening of the tailbone tube, which Gurdjieff called the 'organ Kunda-buffer', regulated by the (sonic and actual) massage of the peritoneal and prostate ( in the male). Later we realized also that the vestigial HORSE HAIRS of the tail bone, still present at the human spin base, also serve a high frequency coherence light wave guide gathering 'up' function.

When all of this 'sacro cranial pumping' works..(../isthisrecursion/apta.html AND Upledger Institute, and Polarity concepts)

the arrival of these the best biological nutrients to the brain crown produces:

1. an explosion of brain cellular growth at the upper brain. The unfolding of the petals of a magnetic flower there, which then attract images (magnetic waves in phase are identical to perception of 'petals') to the pineal. ...The 'Thousand Petalled Lotus".

2. an extreme plumbed removal of lingum excipients /mucosal crystalizations blocking flow, from the cerebrospinal and connected lymph passages. The psychological correlates of which include however many months of tears required to excise every unshareable (less than VERY symmetric/ recursive and thus eternal) stored emotion. The geometry of emotion's electrical library being the phase disciphined foldedness on surface of cell and piezoelectric muscle. (The notion that cell surface SHAPE is no more than an index of whatever electrical waves could stand together musically in phase, as in "Structural Stability and Morphogenesis" -mathematic biophysics text, and depicted more romantically at ../cancer - shape fold index to cancer and aids.)

3. a potentially dangerous over excitation/ metabolic speedup of the glands. the skill to move nutrients from the cells entrance to High Quality UV, and then out to glandular and ecstatic operations goes to its limit. Essentially, metabolisms baud rate can speed up to beyond the glands ability to withstand the fire. In my case, fifteen years of nutritional honing permit a kind of thin survival. (Specifically I believe the higher amperage and higher frequency densities pushing thru the cellular cores, stress the mineral to water bond structure as at Albert Szent Gyorgyi "Electronic Biology and Cancer", necessitating trace mineral replacement and the bliss capacitance necessary to hold those minerals soluble and funtional as geometrizers for cellular electrical conductive efficiency.. Also I emphasize the quality of the critical raw oils {"Lorenzo's Oil"} {heat kills them} which create the myelin sheath dialectric insulator so stressed by hi amperage and voltage at the synaptic level. If nervous tissue as optical hologram waveguide does not get the electrical insulator quality necessary to hold hi pressure/voltage, then psychokinesis becomes unsustainable.) Important instructions for hygiene here, at Nourished By Spin; Twinkling Eyes Lifestyle

4. an overflowing of sweetness dripping onto the back of the tongue, resulting in a different appreciation of what sweetness is (the girl after kundalini or tantric ecstatcy prefers lentils to chocolate because their deferred but self braided sweetness is tastier. ersatz sweetness only a substitute for ecstatic process is no longer desired)

5. the perception of a magnetically implosive current traveling spinally. Moving ones attention to the core of this magnetic current, can with shamanic practice create an organ of perception (look through the eye of the serpent.)

6. a potent magnetically converging atmospheric and earth current force precipitating moisture from above, and creating new springs below. Herein comes the in-tube wormhole song-line entering force which Aboriginally glues tectonics together. Drawing the magnetic current energy line from the energy going in circles which we cutely label mass, is the ss word from ss tone : the raised djed, and djedi knight.

7. a dramatic improvement over the perception of simple orgasm; the passage of hapliod DNA seed up the spine in the male: prostatic thick but clear fluid can come out the penis, the semen went up. In the female noteably, recurrent descriptions of "virgin" birth (conversations with Sannella, Drunvalo). The point is that it is the carrier of capactive charge which instructs the eggs membrane to turn inside out/donut and become fetus. (The ""MOMENT"" of fertilization). The source of the charge spin must inherently have enought recursion (awareness), to feed DNA it's complement message. See how whatever causes the spherical egg membrane to BEGIN TO DIMPLE, is the agent of the onset of the fertilization. (see also egg dimple at pic at ../torrent ). Article with pictures at ../superDNA The point being that, the lightning light spike of kundalini charge, able to COME TO A POINT, literally because its harmonics are in PHI golden ratio nesting (see our ekg spectra work), can actually trigger an egg to split... (turn inside out).

THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT THE ECSTATIC INDUCED FREQUENT REPORTS OF VIRGIN BIRTH have NO father. It is important to realize that what we have been calling an ECSTACY TUBE or wormhole up the spine (see also the wormhole transport function in the movies "Contact", "StarGate", and TV's "Deep Space Nine"), becomes quite literally a blood artery of what we have childishly been calling ANGELS. (Timeline/ event history trajectories or splits, like at Montauk, can be healed or reconverge nondestructively for example, only when the subsequent event histories themselves are arranged into a Phi-lotaxes based temporal fractal, -math for time histories in log phi geometric in "Spiral Calendar" by Carolan - descriptions by the Templars under "Repair the Fabric of Time" - so "Angels Don't Bleed - see also ../buehler Templar Ruta Time Continuum.. Oritronic vs Metatronic).

The magnetic implosion vortex (up the spin) in the very process of becoming self organizing as a wave function (KUNDA HAS A "MIND OF IT'S OWN"), becomes self aware. Steering this worm (ORMes), is part of the coherence body which becomes angelic. The Saraphic here (See the role of Angel Gabriel at Mary's conception, and Moroni gold plate guardian), being the hi Reptilian, (Mag), while the Ophanic being the hi source of the "bird' brain genetics. Remember "Myth of the Birth of the Hero" (Otto Rank) requiring all avatars to be virgin birth.."So Moses Was Born" (Joan Grant), did not mean the Magnetix X chromosome was without trigger,(XY cross then BRANCH eugene), it meant 'Dad was ET'.

8. the long term impact of kundalini on DNA braid coherence is such as to add another harmonic series of frequecies to the enveloping. This is commonly and erroneously referred to as adding another strand. More correctly entering another dimension never referred to anything which was not topologically the superposition of another axis of symmetry (braiding). This is exactly what happens when the ratio of a carrier wave length, to the wave length of the envelope which contains it, becomes sacred, or recursive, or phi. (Long wave PHI ratio-Golden Mean- the perfection of recursive nest). Genepool spin densities become potentially entirely fractal in this way, and thus reach stellar awareness. This is harvest of sweetness which genepools potentially deliver as milk to gaia's lactic core. (Sweetness in chemistry being merely a name for HOW MUCH BRAIDING..).

9. Kundalini is schizophrenia only when the urge to fractality is fractionated, in nutrition and environment totally lacking in spin density/context richness/braidedness. (The appendix to Lee Sannella, MD book on kundalini showing the huge proportion of Kundalini experiencers who are diagnosed schizophrenic is a VERY sobering diagnosis of our Medical profession). This then relates to the microcosmic orbit skill to return/rotate the magnetic, microwave, and UV broad spectral currents back down the spine. (I believe were the microwave map of the spine to be resolved, the IDA / PINGALA up and down currents would be visible around the SUSHUMNA core). The psychological import of this is that once you see God (light explodes), if you cannot return and create a service with your new phone line to the spin of one mind, then you will go insane. The geomantic law here is that true ecstatic process is unsustainable and produces insanity unless you live in a magnetically fractal landscape. This is why Magdalen had to create a zodiac fractal when she directed the (Templar dreams) siting of the gothic cathedrals, to distribute the spin force of the charge of her tantric swoon with Jesus Christ, fractally to the nearby zodiacal landscape. Awareness is distributed only as wave. Waves can change scales by perfected ratio only in the presence of the Lo-PHI Golden Mean Fractal. Mygdala is the name for the journal on fractality and the nut squeezed in the brain to make sweetness, by the hearts sonic fractal. Rosy foldedness perfected. Come here to die, and you won't. ... All sensitive and sustainably psychokinetic, particularly women, MUST bond (phase lock) with their LAND, in order to get leverage on the collective DNA field effect (collective mind / 'God') .. and that landscape must be fractal/recursive/embedable/geomantic in order to hold her charge/awareness).

The heart of the matter of principle which enables awareness to attract the force of such currents is contained in the 'recurring' harmonic whisper of the heart at the moment of love. We look at the harmonic content of the EKG, as the rush tingle of compassion sweeps, we find not just COHERENCE in the EKG between 0-35 hertz (exactly the coherence bandwidth in the EEG and the Earth's Schumann resonance.) WHAT WE FIND IS A PARTICULAR KIND OF COHERENCE (MUSICAL CHORD). WE FIND THAT WHEN THE HARMONICS OF THE HEART'S BEAT ARE MOST LIKELY TO CAPACITIVELY ENTRAIN THE BRAIN AND EVEN ENTRAIN A TREE AT A DISTANCE....... AT THAT MOMENT THE HEART'S FREQUENCY HARMONICS WILL BE A RECURSIVE/SELF EMBEDDED/ FRACTAL IN THEIR NON-LINEAR HARMONIC NEST.

More specifically, the physics here is that the frequency harmonics (power spectra / fft) of the EKG will show the heart change from normal linear harmonic intervals between contained frequencies (multiples of 2), to a situation where the INTERVAL BETWEEN CONTAINED HARMONICS BECOMES MULTIPLES OF GOLDEN MEAN. (THE ONLY SUSTAINABLE NON-LINEAR, and therefore implosive cascade called LO-PHI.. love..)


Also the amplitude of the first peak of that septrum is ideal to TEACH COHERENCE since it measures that elegantly. The lowest frequency harmonic of this cascade IS ACTUALLY MEASURE AND FEEDBACK TO WHERE THE HEART ENTRAINS THE BREATH. (more at ../hrv )

So it is actually the PHONON or sonic pony tailing 'trailing clouds of glory' which entrains the DNA to braid, thus 'programming it', and at once indeces the magnetic geneto-glandular implosion we call bliss.

In other words, simply put, the skill to make a high frequency attractor out of the heart's breath, is the skill to make a wave fractal attractor. The electrical donuts converging at the heart at the moment of love have been exquisitely arranged fractally, by the heart that knows how. This phase cardiod, heart shaped golden spiral lo-phi all-monde fractal, is the only limitless permission to touch possible among waves which don't wish to fight. God's baud rate requires the handshaking which allows infinitely compressible fractal data to be shared at no energy cost. Love is the only successful outcome of an eternal experiment in symmetry.

Although thinking a shareable thought which creates a magnetic implosion in the brain, can begin the kundalini current, only heart coherence makes it sustainable. So although the kundalini phenomena is not in itself evidence of pure intention, the ability to sustain kundalini IS. In exactly the same way that physics proves that pure sustained focus agreement among waves IS exactly the same thing as pure intention. (Do not buy a used car from shifty eyes.) There is only one coherence, it just gets around.


San Graal , is named for the song in the blood, which occurs when DNA becomes braided enough by love to harvest the ring of Earth's magnetic long wave. The MECHANISM FOR THIS RINGING IS THE PHONON OR SONIC LONG WAVE ENVELOPING DNA'S BRAID BECOMES COHERENT OR PHASE DISCIPLINED OR MUSICAL TO... 1). THE SHORTER WAVE DISTANCES BETWEEN THE CONTAINED CODON RUNGS.. AND 2.) THE MAGNETIC SHAPE OF FOLD ON THE LAND YOU INHABIT/ EMBED / AND SHAPE THE WEATHER OF - BY DOING SO. This eros of relating long wave to short in an entraining cascade is ALWAYS SLINKY LIKE.. (ref DNA & the wratcheting slinky tetra cube of siO2 bonds called quartz). By linking the light change of diameter of the slinky (electron stricture) to the greater change of length as you pull push the slinky, a long wave (sound) is ELECTRICALLY LINKED to the shorter wave (voltage /electron valence wave lengths.). This helically choreography of how to connect big worlds to little ones, is at work in the DNA particularly at the pony tail braiding moments of bliss, braiding the DNA literally into the GRAIL cup golden fleece of perfect embedding. ( see ../grail.html ).

The ringing you hear in your blood on sacred land, is the magnetic wind on which love travels, a druid phone. The grail was the name for the perfect container for all spin, which is blood's DNA as wratcheted dodeca fractal perfect wave embeddedness in the presence of love. The image is generated by a golden spiral laid on the 60 degree light cone down fractal infinite dodeca icosa stellations. (Merkabbah, Ezekiels Wheels, City of Revelation, Zodiac/EarthGrid/DNA).. Revolved that one conic serpent spiral becomes an infinite cup with cup which as you turn and zoom forever you are never either inside or outside, and it never becomes smaller or larger.

warmly, Dan Winter..

addended 4/22/2000

> I was recently reading in a book that when men become adept at working
> with K energies that their semen is reabsorbed into their bodies.
> Now I was wondering: what happens to women's eggs/bodies when they do
> the same thing?
> Sincerely,
> Rhonda in Canada

(from Dan Winter:)

The white haploidal sperm genetics get a spin path up the spine juice core...
Critical to opening this path include..
(organ kundabuffer)
initially the ability to hold a higher than normal content of
cellular UV /microwave 'tantrically' in the 'blue dish'
at the spine base..(pressurizing the path opening)

the actual opening I originally thought was a tube which opened slowly
in the tail bone, today I believe it has more to do with
the microwave and UV absorbing/conductive vestigial 'horse hairs' of the
tail bone wrapped around the prostate (in the male)

The drastic taste of sweetness in the high brain accompanied
by release of clear sticky prostatic emission out the penis
MINUS white milky sperm, is common in my experience..

Evacuation (and colonic wash) of lower intestine,
as well as pelvic rocking / pelvic tilt
(unwrapping tail coil, scorpoio wise)
facilitate this absorption,

which is then phonon peristasic pumped up the spine (sacro cranial)
by coherent breath timed
HRV ekg sonic..

since the electrically converging -charge densifying nature of this
process is by definition a yang and seed making urge,

it has different plumbing than in the female..

In the male, the health issue is the locus of the 'radioactive' haploidal DNA..
(looks like single helix lightning)
It is explosively destructive wherever it is stored. IF it is stuck in the
scrotum / prostate... cancer results. Here the physics of
why urge to touch HAS to turn to anger when frustrated... is illustrated...
Destructive wave interference is needed to dissipate stored touch urge..
Bliss distribute or die is the cellular mandate...

If if is always ejaculated freely,
lo bliss pressure, and chi result (the AIDS leaky membrane phenomenon)..

If it is alternately released and then conserved under pressure, some healthy
chi muscles can evolve. (Reich did not understand the spine bliss pump when he
wrote 'the function of the orgasm', his only note was cancer was reduced by
orgasm... failing to conceive of a spiritual alternative... -tantra/kundalini-
spirit being a charge conserving or 'pumping' - 'adiabatic'..)

In the male, frequent pumping up the spine canal to the high brain of
the DNA lightning will ignite the high glands. The danger here is if there
is no chi outlet for the brilliance, (including environmental psyychokinesis -weather effects etc.)
the kundalini will be
diagnosed as schizophrenia ( see 'great masts of God' in "stalking the wild
pendulum" ). Also over exitation of the glands can result in an unsustainably
fiery metabolic rate..

The flo of this chi is among other spectra, trackable in the microwave...
the CIA, the dowsers, and the insects, tract the same bloodstream...

In the female, a slightly different dynamic occurs in the gathering of the
cellular UV/microwave blue fire sweetness.. With the fundamental urge of egg
(versus seed) making being yin or unpacking,

there is less 'poison pellet' (origins of football -pigskin poison needs pushing out -
see balinese cockfight ANALysis - Jung). Instead, the unpacking dynamic
can have outlet in:
1. Virgin birth.. (egg split / dimpled by charge lightning..) documented personally
to me , and by Lee Sannella (MD) work..

2. Extreme charging of the mela-sera/tonin menstrual blood implosiveness..
(Vestal messeh..)

3. Bliss juice from the lower sex organs can reach out, touch the Earth, and produce
Shamanic vision in direct contact with Earth (particularly in Sacred/magnetically symmetric
embeddable - spaces).. (Sitting with naked pelvic tilt petals open contact with wet earth in sacred space, bliss juice pumping, tantric communion with Earth Gaia mind, was the
consistent /preferred ecstatic process of one woman I met... something much less
facile for the male..)

Altho there is still report of the burning like a hot coal in the pineal, from the
vestigial UV triggering horse hair pumping - in women... I speculate the phenomenon
is often less radical and life threatening as in the male
(I consider my double scorpio case to be extreme)

Again my guess would be in the female, the yin or distribute attention urge, can
result in an un-grounding if there is no phase lock with the culture in the distribution
of the resultant CHI/information/touch.

While the direct cell feeding bliss juice urge.. is satisfied by the kundalini bliss,
(better than conventional orgasm). the fundamental need for tantric
communion versus lonliness may get only stronger..

dan winter

(addended to ../kundalini

>Subject: Re: sandworm
>Reply-to: gun.appel@pp.qnet.fi
>CC: kundalini@List-Server.net
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>Thank you for writing me. I didn't understand half of what
>you said and the other half I could not accept, but I like to make a
>few comments on the third... :)
>A question just for my curiosity. "..look that bloody sandworm in
>the eye.." - do sandworms really exist or did you borrow the
>expression from Stephen Donaldson? In one of his books about Thomas
>Covenant a sandworm has a rather big part. I used to like those books
>a lot.
>1. try to feel for the hunger in your ancestors to survive in memory,
>which survival literally depends on getting a magnetic
>worm, with an open eyeball, squirting thru the sun to the stars...=A0
>now those collective ancestral memories feel they have a chance to
>get escape velocity in your DNA... BECAUSE YOUR ASKED=A0 by focusing
>the quest.. there is no turning back..
>--------Do you mean I asked for the kundalini process to start? By
>wanting to learn about spiritual things?
> to give collective memory a
>voice in you, you evolve the will and the beingness to sort the inner
>voice (sound current) of your whole geneome(genepool)
>I STRONGLY suggest you start with hygiene, the hi amperage load in
>your blood stresses the mineral to water bonds,
>--------Do you mean that my body needs more water, that I should
>drink a lot? That makes sense to me, because I'm often very thirsty.
>--------Many of the other things you mention I have instinctively
>felt is right. For example, I have always hated grains, but this
>summer I started eating porridge at least once a day. One period I
>drank a lot of milk, but then suddenly I couldn't have it anymore and
>now it seems I have a milk allergy problem. To bathe in sea water is
>one of the most refreshing thing I have done this summer. And silence
>and fresh air always make me feel better.
>without a strong wire to carry the lightning it WILL melt,=A0 WITH a
>strong wire, you will wake up with immortal memory.. you have been
>given gilgamesh's chance at the immortals.. (incunabula)
>----------I have had my visions and dellusions, so right now I don't
>care much for my ancestors and their memories. I live day by day,
>trying to take delight in simple things like food, music, nature,
>communicating with people.
> SO:
>1. in morn, 2-4 HI QUALITY=A0 MINERAL/ supplements,=A0 vitamins ok..
>2. you drink nothing but LIVING spring water and FRESH squeezed
>organic.. fruit/veggies..
>3. main meal : WHOLE grains when you do(not with the protein), but
>MOSTLY=A0=A0 hi quality protein and veggies..=A0 by hi quality protein I
>mean mostly fresh salmon / tuna.. mostly still pink in middle, or
>sushi..=A0 that is how the reptilian brain growing in you was fed for
>millions of years..=A0=A0 see: study: nourished by spin: http:/
>then look at how our ecosystem depends on kundalini
>look up
>great masts of god
>in the bentov / and sannella books..
>learn to deep breathe
>find old trees and real air and real silence..
>learn ozone enemas\
>remember that from a biological survival perspective, everything including=
>orgasm pales and is boring compared to kundalini and tantra..
>you asked the deep current, your genes had some of the raw material
>how do you stop an orgasm..
>you dont, you learn to love it..
>when there is sweet hygiene in the raw material in the blue fire in the bl=
>ue dish
>at the spine base, then there is NOTHING SO WONDERFULLY EROTIC
>as to pump that up,=A0 the sweetness drips so strong in me now, as I sit h=
>ere writing you
>after 20 years of intense kundalini..=A0 that I KNOW it remains worth the =
>(which is usually insanity and death)
>---------I'm glad to hear that you are still alive after 20 years of
>kundalini processing(?!) and, furthermore, sounds happy. I would like
>to know if you were always so pleased with your kundalini process. Do
>you personally recognize those symtoms I mentioned? Would you like to
>tell me about your first years with kundalini? What was your daily
>life like then - and now?
>you have touched MEANING by touching lightning...
>shrink back and your soul is asghast at the opportunity to redeem 26000 in=
>which is lost ..
>bathe (no chlorine) each day deeply..
>you must immerse your head too..
>if at all possible, ('jitterbug perfume') you need an appropriate tantric =
>--------Tantra? I hope I have found a man that wants to hug me and
>keep me from floating away, that would be much. Don't you have
>a need to stay grounded, to do simple things that you can't
>argue about and you can see the outcome of?
> yeah it is life threatening, but so
>is life itself.. and everything else is SO boring..
>lightning started DNA, and in you, stars are wanting birth.
>look that bloody sandworm in the mouth, and set your parameters..
>the STRENGTH to do that starts with REAL hygiene...
>I have heard your story before, hygiene IS the solution.. (inside &out)

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Hi Dan~ Thank you for postiing the HeartTuner download page. It is
exciting for me to be one step closer to the real thing.

I feel as though I am starting to get my thinking in order and I wanted
to ask about specific exercises to bliss particularly kundalini. My
background is Tai Chi, Qi Gong, some Cranio-Sacral Therapy and a little
Kundalini (more Hatha).
I am a practitioner of Oriental and Bio-Energetic Medicine. Perhaps I
can list my understanding and if you see some holes could you direct me
to a particular link of yours, someone elses, or the info in general. I
hope this sounds reasonable.

1. Collect Qi/charge at the Dan Tien or sacral region via focus,
vibration of love and breath/oxygen (possibly small pelvic mvmt too)

A. from dan: remember how in the gurdjieff school, the sacred gymnastic did not bring bliss juice until you could notice how moving your attention to your little finger made it tingle.. increasing the force electrically of attention is a muscle which builds by practice and hygiene... same way to charm a snake - by getting more grasp on its still points

2. Move charge up the spine by
a. building pressure/charge in the sacral region
b. removing constriction from the cranio-sacral system
c. guiding with the microcosmic orbit or somethin similar

A. The kunda moves usually bring tears - as the unshared gets unpacked and sorted.. conscious relate the psychology of dealing with stored unprocessed pain - with the unfolding of lightning.. see the sound current lo frequencies of the sacro cranial pumping as something your heart does by choosing to accept feeling (to eat magnetism like any good snake)

3. Gathering spin on a larger body scale with Tai Chi (circle hands,
square feet), Ba Gua or hepta feet, pent hands as you suggested as a way
to pattern the inner via the outer

A. from dan: also try choosing or making a geomantic place where magnetic stones and or lines converge in just the symmetry you dance.. see your aura unfolding non-destructively into a land whose shape is fractal to what you choose to dream...

It seems like centering/focus and pure intent/love is fairly core to the
whole process so I have been trying to bring these simple/powerful
principles into my awareness more and more.

Should the merkaba/32 degree head tilt meditation be attempted *only*
when a a great deal of pure intent (and very little unshareable
thoughts) is fairly sustainable?

A. from dan: most of the thoughts we had on that are at http://www.goldenmean.info/merkabbah/merkabbah.html in general - it seems the visualization of five sided and pent symmetries actually do either push a person to become shareable or get dizzy.. take it gently to see what is embedding in that flower.. move gradually.. artistically - but DO try it... only catholics believe pent is evil.. they fear...

Lastly, and most important to me is: are there a few key kundalini
principles that every human should be familiar with. I would rather not
wade through the vast amounts of kundalini sets and info to glean the
essentials if I can get the gems elsewhere. Perhaps some of it is on
your site and i have overlooked it.

A: from dan - added new short summary at bottom of -How To's/Coherent Emotion/Practical Uses/Sacred Twinkle Hygiene 1

I value your time and information very much and any response is greatly
appreciated. I and all members of the human race are greatly indebted
to your information and the info you have assembled. I look forward to
whenever you come to the west coast. In lo-phi and all the good stuff, Tim