Film Exerpt on THE PHYSIOLOGY OF KUNDALINI + Bliss - with Dan Winter

More on Bentov + "Stalking the Wild Pendulum"

25 min exerpted from the Calgary Course DVD

Background for- BlissTuner -Creativity/ Ecstasy Biofeedback -using HeartTuner - preamp

More Streaming Video / Example - Measuring EEG + Teaching Alpha to Beta GOLDEN RATIO
Using BLISSTUNER / HeartTuner
with Dan Winter -25 Minute - Filmed 2005 -

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Note This Film is Contained on the ORIGINAL CALGARY CONFERENCE DVD with Dan Winter

Also- more on the biology of Kundalini at:

Background and more advanced discussion - WHY Brainwave EEG Training for Cross Hemispheric Coherence and Alpha to Beta Golde Ratio is correlated with Advanced Creativity / Awareness / Bliss - please see

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