A New Way to Measure Success in HRV Health: BrainFire?

Can EKG 2nd order FFT Display of Golden Ratio Perfect Branching / Fractality Predict the Successful (and charge imploding?) Heart?

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The Deep Imploding Inward Folding MEANING of the HRV...(HeartRateVariability)

AND the Breath.

It may not be an oversimplification to say- that the Heart of this Matter - is :'Get Fractal or Get Dead' correlary to 'Embed or Die'

Is this How the Heart "Ignites"(Lite my Phi're)

Starting with the Ecstatic Brain-Lit by the Breath..

not in a simple single frequency, but NESTED into the cascade to the Zero Point...

The author predicts that the Heart's source of voltage from the gravity zero-point is directly from the geometry of perfect implosive charge compression - measureable by musical fundamental in the frequency signature. He further links this perfect non-destruction compression geometric to the solution to the unified field (1. 2. 3. ) , and artificial intelligence.

Phi ratio perfecting Harmonic Inclusiveness and Fractality and Compression and Compassion.. (thanks! to Frank Alexander for help with graphic)

MIND INHABITS FIRE: and when that Phi's ratio (Phi-re) happens electrically by implosion, the need for breathing ends, but only if you have reached that point in the perfect 'damping' cascade (see caddeus, and theory of perfect damping based on PHI, and note the breath excercise wave pic below).

"What's nice is that we can now see the powerful Heart Rate Variability Peaks .01-.5hz so well known to medicine as key to most diseases (Dardik et al) directly teachable in phase to the "Heart Music" 1-20hz key to emotion we are displaying with the HeartTuner ."

Heart Rate Variability Comparison- Simultaneous Display of HRV(Heart Rate Variability) in the Normal Display Bandwidths (1-20hz) of the Heart Tuner Monitor ENABLES seeing fractal relationship between Heart RATE as a wave with the Heart BEAT (harmonics) as a (shorter) wave.

The issue is simple: once we properly generalize the meaning of Heart Rate VARIABILITY to pure principle, as the MAXIMUM NUMBER OF HARMONICS POSSIBLE BE INCLUDED IN THE HEART'S RINGING, then the outcome is defined by mathematics. The Golden Mean Ratio produces the maximum leaf structure (Phillotaxis) or "branching" or FRACTALITY in the heart resonances (harmonic inclusiveness, electrically as well as sonically). This is the key to Dr.Irving Dardik's HRV solution to all chronic disease (reference below). To maximize the heart rate variability simply makes the heart beat SUSTAINABLY as a wave! The amazing thing is that this ELECTRICAL requirement to be all inclusive or NESTABLE or EMBEDABLE corresponds emotionally or empathically to maximizing as many perspectives of FEELING as possible. Flow lines for feeling, and flow lines for magnetism being the same. Thus again, perfect COMPASSION and perfect SPACE SHARING and perfect COMPRESSION turn out to be identical in principle AND IN PRACTICE.

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Medical Paper- Dr Irving Dardik, confirms- Harmonic INCLUSIVENESS in Heart Rate Variability (HRV) {AND the breath ?} - Predicts Successful Resistance to MOST DISEASE! -> goldenmean.info/holarchy ( formerly goldenmean.info/dardik ) - DOES Inlcusiveness in Harmonic Content = Successful COMPRESSION -Optimized by Golden Ratio??


 Recent example from the HeartTuner users group: "HRV and ..The FRACTALLY (compression and Phi?) Perfected Heart Is NOT Chaotic!"
(Consultant responds to James Barrett's inquiry): In the coherence cepstrum display there is an OPTION to switch on and off the
PHI grid lines in the advanced settings window.. note that since the second has a duration with no apparent phase lock with nature, that the option is there to click on grid lines at PHI harmonics times the planck time constant which is the universal timer (musical key signature in time) of all of nature, and thus accurately reflects the possibility that heart rates (cepstrum musical key) - fit global scaling
goldenmean.info/globalscaling in a phi cascade.. The good news is that the planck time constant phi multiples in time... DO land us rather close?! to the old .61 'golden' (.79 root also?) and 1.0 seconds markers , which you and I have for years believed was the parking place a large number of heart rates. I still do believe that .6 area heart rate key in the cepstrum IS a location where more touch permissive emotions park..
(the old head center is 1.0, heart centered is .62) this dialog tries to put some physics to that - since it entirely hangs on the second time duration having some pure ratio in it.. I am thinking of writing another paper on global scaling in heart rates...
-- Re: "The Red circles spectrum module.. We are guessing that the rings are the frequency and as the image gets clearer with more defined concentric circles that this indicate coherence?"Ans. When you switch the spectrum display to concentric circles.. each circle is an accurate graph of which lo freq harmonics are present.. coherence would be when the concentric circles become evenly spaced and INCLUSIVE.. all present in an evenly spaced cascade.. just like in the linear spectral display.. which circle = which frequency IS denoted on the graph..
--Re: The question:- Does HRV (heart rate variability) affect coherence??? you pose, is an EXCELLENT question..
as the original manual suggested : "HRV is a phased synergy between the two key branches of the Autonomic Nervous systems as reflected in the Low Frequency slice of this piece of the spectrum and is related to respiration. down in the VLF Very low frequency slice...

or this nice image of both branches with high coherence. This synergy allows the systems to fall back to their ground resting states producing electrical order via resonant phasing. Coherence occurs at equilibrium and as such requires no work... and when coherent fractal phasing is present it is because the higher wave patterns are in march step with the longer low waves that require far more time to cycle a pattern of coherence ."
to which- James wrote: " Why this is important to me is because the Internal coherence window number, say (0.8 Hz) I believed is the average spacing ordering the spectrum harmonic/// and that one could infer from this number the fundamental ordering way down in the long wave window as seen in the HRV spectral analysis..as this old picture showed...
INTERNAL Coherence = respiration + heart rate in phase... yet HRV /Heart Intelligence information related: Mind (thoughts) Emotion (result of thoughts and perception) and intuition (nonlocal input) in phased synergy producing a fractal geometry in the standing waveform. in short , how could this statement be accurate.." HRV will not significantly affect internal coherence.."

consultant (Dan) responds:"I agree with what frank says about COHERENCE being the place where the heart has to do the least work.. but I agree with you that franks saying: "HRV does not affect coherence???" may be misleading - .. and I have emailed frank, and suggest he comment here as well..
For my view.. what frank was perhaps suggesting was that the HRV display is such a lo frequency display window - ( .1 hz to about .5 hz display of the harmonic content of the ekg wave, is generally defined as HRV) it less directly affects the calculation of COHERENCE in the dynamic (and necessarily much FASTER) display of coherence that helps us see WHEN we feel it. The HeartTuner windows this COHERENCE display refresh each second or 2. Therefore - the 10 seconds or so it takes to see a .1hz (HRV) event - does not show up much on the coherence display..

Yet heart rate VARIABILITY (HRV) is the pattern of heart rate change- and this is the very point of coherence in general. Therefore it becomes misleading to suggest HRV is not coherence.. further - the HARMONIC INCLUSIVENESS which defines resistance to disease in HRV ( goldenmean.info/holarchy ) is the SAME harmonic inclusiveness which rises WHEN WE DISPLAY COHERENCE
in the cepstrum of the slightly higher frequencies. SO in my view you are right to be looking for a (harmonic inclusive) cascade in BOTH the HRV display ... AND the simple power spectra.. typically most hearts do one OR the other.. the evolved heart does both... And you are right to look for the continuation of the power spectra cascade (2-20hz) to extend right down into the HRV lower frequency window (.1-.5hz etc).

Harmonic inclusiveness (medicine / Dr Irving Dardik) proves when hearts become sustainable (long life) - IS perfected by perfect compression (perfected by Golden Ratio). We have radically extended this idea to hypothesize that HARMONIC INCLUSIVENESS in the power spectra - PREDICTS THE LONGEVITY OF EVERY LIVING THING!

This is why we are so enthused to prove that the symmetry of charge self similarity producing harmonic inclusive non-destructive compression creates not only Gravity but LIFE. Can our hearts invite in the WHOLE world by being harmonic inclusive.. (well put - James calling this fractal geometry in the heart ..) and can we TEACH that...?? Medicine knows the harmonic inclusive heart is immortal but they call that a chaotic heart. We say that the golden mean may solve the problem of compression allowing a harmonic inclusive heart to also be COHERENT and not at all chaotic. ( medicine got oversimple when they saw a mono tone heart rate predicts disease susceptibility .. This insight is real, but the alternative to a 'sickening' monotonic heart IS NOT CHAOS - it is in fact COMPRESSION (recursion). More at goldenmean.info/hrv , with your input invited , warmly, dan winter


The problem the heart encounters, in order to become literally 'a sustainable wave' are the same problems a plant must face, and the heart's solution is the same as the way plants branch out into the world. A scientist's definition of a wave that is able to sustain itself, and thus "be able to go far", is called COHERENCE. You can understand coherence for yourself (while visualizing soldiers deciding to try ALL MARCHING IN STEP WITH EACH OTHER) by thinking about the difference between the beam of your battery operated flashlight, versus the beam of a LASER. Coherence for a laser beam means all the waves are PHASE coherent, and thus in a sense 'do not fight with each other' ; they NEST WELL.

So you would think the goal for a heart, in order to last forever as a wave ( a kind of medical definition of immortality if you will humor us here), would be simply TO GET COHERENT.

But there is a trick to this problem. Recent cardiologic evidence is quite clear, the WAY the heart statistically eliminates most chronic diseases, and apparently AGING itself (!), is by getting itself into as MANY DIFFERENT FREQUENCIES AT ONE TIME as possible. Here I am referring to the wonderful and ground breaking article by Dr. Irving Dardik, from Cycles Magazine (reprinted for convenience at goldenmean.info/dardik ), which showed that FRACTALITY or HARMONIC INCLUSIVENESS was the direct statistical correlate to healthy heart. And that loss of this perfect NESTING or SUPER-LOOPING as he called it, was the precise statistical predictor of so many chronic diseases AND aging.

So here is the problem your Heart faces:

In order to get a sustainable wave (longevity in sense), it has to make a COHERENT wave.

and yet:

In order to qualify for the math contest which says : LONGEVITY only goes to the FRACTAL or WELL NESTED or HARMONIC INCLUSIVE heart,


We probably don't need to remind ourselves that being FRACTAL in your Heart Harmonics, and your Heart Rate Variability, has been made famous, and a buzz word, by such great's as Dr. Ary Goldberger. (His work on Self Similarity / fractality in the Nerves which fire the heart for example). Dy. Goldberger has established a powerful research organization entirely devoted to this idea of FRACTALITY in the heart. ( see: http://reylab.bidmc.harvard.edu/people/Ary.html )

Self-similarity appears to be identical with perfect embedding, with perfect wave fusion, with perfect fractality, and with perfect compressibilty (not to mention sustainability and ability to self-organize and become self aware). We have written much about this ( reprints: goldenmean.info ) particularly the articles on FUSION , on EMBEDABILITY , on SCALE INVARIANCE, on PERFECT WAVE COLLAPSE, TUNNELLING , on ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, ETC,

So here is the rub: usually if you ask a scientist HOW DO I GET COHERENT, he will say: well get one frequency going, and do it really all in sync.

Yet if you ask a cardiologist WHAT HAPPENS TO A HEART EKG when it settles into one single simple harmonic frequency: the answer will be simple and blunt: this would mean you are about to DIE. So while a heart does need to get coherent, it obviously needs a different KIND of coherence which enables it to get a large number of waves of DIFFERENT lengths into CONSTRUCTIVE phase alignment.

This IS the principle of perfect compression literally, which FRACTALITY solves. Lots of waves, which don't hurt each other all in one space. Dr. Dardik called this SUPER-Looping, I have also discussed this as NON-Destructive COMPRESSION - which is how you get charge conmpressed in order to stay in one place. (Something which I will below suggest is key to how we measure life force.)



(as used in Ananda's discussion)

(Dr. Claudious Kern holding the axis of gravity, axis of magnetism, and axis of electricity, at the Centre For Morphoenergetics in 1995, housed in the castle of Dr. Manfred Kage, of microphotography refraction fame. They were cooperating with the Schauberger family in this 3-axis spin model.)

Compare this to Dardik's idea of what makes the heart sustainable as a wave:


(Click for Image Source: Dardik - text here added by Dan Winter)

Original IMAGE idea taken from Dardik on HOW THE HEART BECOMING FRACTAL, eliminates disease! (Dr. Dardik agreed with my conclusion, suggesting I teach the mathematics in principle, because this was not his forte)

"Wave with a Wave WAVING.." Why neither 1 SINGLE coherent frequency is HEALTH in the Heat Harmonics, NOR will normal musical octave ratios, allow this nesting. (Because 2 frequencies INTERFERE when they beat in octave ratios). Only the Golden Ratio Heterodyning solves this problem of harmonic inclusivenes. ( heterofi, Heterodyning and Powers of Phi )

Dr. Irving Dardik M.D. originally described the mechanism to health involved getting more waves superposed in the Heart The Origin of Disease and Health Heart Waves The Single Solution to Heart Rate Variability .m

The words he used are useful. Super-LOOPING or NESTING.. describe the way the heart BEAT as a wave, must survive or non-destructively NEST inside the heart RATE as a wave, which must NEST inside the BREATH (& HRV!) as a wave, which must NEST non-destructively inside your DAY as a WAVE. In fact by downloading your day as a heart RATE curve from your special wristwatch, to your computer, he was able to RETUNE people's daily living pattern by proposing life style changes to affect HEART RATE FRACTALITY. In so doing, he healed enough diseases to upset the American Medical Association.

The point is that even having 1 coherent peak inside the HRV (Heart Rate Variability) is not the solution (as the simple operation of breathing in a single frequency is about the extent of what you learn wiith Heart Math's "Freeze Frame".) The challenge is that COHERENCE means waves that are all in phase with each other. Mathematically, coherence is possible in only 2 environments:

1. A Single Frequency (Clearly death the fractality and life in the heart, contrary to what Heart Math "Freeze Frame" implies by showing you simple coherence as the goal.)

2. A NEST of a potentially infinite number of frequencies all coherent (in phase) with respect to each other, based on SELF SIMILARITY (Golden Mean Ratio). In this latter geometry, you can be BOTH - COHERENT AND FRACTAL. This explains why so many peoples EKG musical fundamental (as revealed by my HeartTuner / HeartLink in the 2nd order FFT - EI number) so often goes to a mulitple of GOLDEN MEAN RATIO, when they leave the membrane making / separateness making OCTAVE ratio 1 hz EI number. Essentially this is a move from touch inhibiting - to touch permissive electrical geometry around the EKG.

What was needed was a way to make this measureable in the EKG.

2 insights solve this problem. The first insight is that when nature solved this problem (for every growing plant) it was call PHYLOTXES (for Phi - the Greek symbol for Golden Ratio. Nature uses this perfect branching based on the Golden Mean number (.618...), because it is perfect packing and perfect unpacking, and it is the perfect way to share space (like sunlight shared among leaves), and thus perfect compression. Please see the many lovely graphics of the physics of phi and philotactics etc... PHYLOTACTICS , PHYSICS OF PHI , BEAUTY GENES, PREDICTIONS , as well as the wave interference optimized definitions of PHI in HETEROPHI, etc.

The second insight is that if you were to take a spectrum analysis of the perfect phylotaxes branched tree or fern, you would get A HARMONIC SERIES BASED ON THE GOLDEN MEAN RATIO.

This began to shed useful light on what we had been observing for years on the HeartLink. Namely, that most peoples heart harmonic series, when stabilized would 'hang out' at (musical fundamental 1/X, where X is the EI number -emotional index - as displayed on HeartLink) -

either : .618 , or square root of .618 , or 1.0 . And further that most often when people were in heart harmonic space based on the cubic lattic geometry of 1.0 EKG musical fundamental, they would report HEAD centered (we later call them MEMBRANE MAKING) emotion. Versus when the would settle at multiples of the Golden Ratio, THEY WOULD REPORT FEELING MUCH MORE INCLUSIVE AND TOUCH PERMISSIVE IN THEIR EMOTION.

The point is, even if this conclusion is so radical as to be revolutionary to you, the new Heart Tuner, by making this visible, makes it observable, and now probably teachable.

Another way to say this, is that my insight was to solve the mathematics for what permitted heart harmonics to be, as he so well said, "a wave within a wave waving" nondestructive to each other. What I determined was that a cascade of harmonics, related to each other by the Golden Mean or PHI, would PERFECT this nesting. (To QUANTIFY EMBEDABILITIY). The Heart Spectrum Analysis (2nd order power spectra to prove this and make it teachable.

(EMBEDABILITY illustrated using the HEARTLINK hardware and software concept before the Andrew Junker contracted version)

Below is a screen display of the newly announced version of the HeartTuner . Note that in addition to the waterfall display time history comparison of 2 person heart harmonics (fft) over time on the top right, on the lower left, the septrum waterfall displays both persons 1. Amount of Coherence (peak amplitude), and 2. Musical EKG fundamental - and thus when they are on the same wavelength - which has already been seriously linked to EMPATHY, and 'getting on the same wavelength'.


Now a possible answer to WHY this HeartHarmonic musical fundamental shows up so often as a multiple of Golden Ratio. The heart learns to be INCLUSIVE.. which is what the HRV literature leads to in principle.... AND this inclusiveness IS compassion.

(Above) It is oversimple to say that an EKG choosing 1/.618 as musical fundamental so often IS love, however it is geometrically compelling to believe that this electrical choice DOES correspond with an ability to be more INCLUSIVE, something we interpret as MEMBRANE BRIDGING emotion (in contrast to EI / musical fundamental EKG choices at 1.0 hz, which we call MEMBRANE MAKING emotion).

We have begun a significant database of HeartRateVariability displays from the Heart Biofeedback System. This gives us an extremely useful opportunity to compare the medical definition of Heart Rate Variability and Health (which is a huge medical database), with:

1. patterns in the Breath


2. patterns in Heart Harmonics becoming coherent (2nd fft in Heart).. in the same bandwidth (0-20hz) as EEG coherence is measured. (alpha-theta-delta etc..)


This paper hypothesizes a new meaning to HRV when it goes from heart harmonics which the A.M.A. considers HEALTHY, to when the HRV goes flat line, which is often when the Heart Harmonics (which the HeartLink monitor measures) become VERY INTERNALLY COHERENT.

This situation of extreme heart coherence is OFTEN correlate to deep meditation. Yet frequently (as at http://www.webcom.com/hrtmath/IHM/ResearchPapers/TowardCardiac/Figure2.html mentioned below), this INTERNAL HEART COHERENCE (taught by HeartLink), correlates to a FLAT LINE Heart Rate Variability (HRV).

The Heart Math Institute after learning how to measure EKG FFT from me, chooses to offer a device (Freeze Frame) which apears to merely teaches how to make a single harmonic (usually a simple single frequency breath ) in the HRV.

So I posed the interesting question to Rollin McCraty at Heart Math Institute, why does long years of meditation produce a HRV wave which the AMA might say is unhealthy?

This paper is an attempt to answer that question, and propose a new meaning to harmonic cascades in the Heart Harmonics AND the HRV.

Best web conversations on the powerful medical meaning of Heart Rate Variability are

http://www.accesspromed.ch/ Medical Meaning Investigated values Animal study Physiology Diseases Risk factors Analysis Tachogram Histogram FFT-Spectra AR-Spectra Best AR-order Fractal Scatterogram Phase plot


Important plots and precedent from Institute of Heart Math on Heart Rate Variability:

with thanks to William A. Tiller, Rollin McCraty and Mike Atkinson

Cardiac Coherence: A New Noninvasive Measure of Autonomic Nervous System Order


And for the Fractal Implications!: http://pella.eng.auth.gr/workshop/papers/p_21_5.html "Non-linear Dynamics in Heart Rate Variability Signal through Deterministic Chaotic Approach" which had the following sentence "...Taken's theorem provides conditions for this to be an embedding [!!!] thus preserving system invariant [sic] like fractal dimension, information Entropy, and Lyapunov exponents..."

Professional Clinical Experience with HeartLink by Alan Bachers (whose dissertation was on voluntary control of HRV using breath)

Dan Winter , 10/29/98

The fun thing is that I think that conscious breath speed shows up directly in the first peak cohence of the middle graph ! (first order fft below 2 hz). Which gives us the bonus ability to TEACH coherent BREATHING! (Since the breath rise fall produces slight rise fall in heart rate). Using this in the newer Heart Tuner will allow us to display "Heart Rate Variability" at the same time displaying something similar to what we are teaching with HeartLink biofeedback.

Heart Rate Variability and the Breath


Quoting from the literature on HRV:


High-frequency (HF) component (0.15-0.4 Hz eq) is known to be synchronous with respiration and has been
considered as a quantitative evaluation of respiratory arrhythmia. This implies in particular that the respiratory frequency
can be calculated from the frequency of the HF peak. This respiratory component of the RR-variability has consistently
been considered to reflect modulation of vagal efferent activity, which has been excluded with vagotomy on conscious
dogs or in decerebrated cats, and with muscarinic receptors blockade (atropin) in humans.

The holy grail of feedback for a while has been 1. making HRV heart rate variability teachable because 10000 medical journal articles show that is the definition of disease resistance in terms of body harmonics. Showing the breath musically entrain the heart it does appear we may have a solution to both in HRV displayed with Heart Harmonics for coherence visible on Heart Tuner (below)

Q: Mystery No. 1: Why is Lo Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Associated With So
Many Health and Behavior Disorders? This is from Dardiks cycles paper(link below). What does Lo HRV mean? and what is its signature? Optium look looks like what?
HRV is a simple measure of the beat-to-beat degree of evenness of
consecutive heartbeats. A decrease in HRV means the beat-to-beat time interval is more and more
the same. The more even (metronome-like) the frequency changes, the lower the HRV.Conversely, the more uneven the frequency changes, the greater the HRV.
this is Dardik explaination, sustained , even spacings, like ones at phi they are saying is bad. or am i wrong.?? The more even metronome like the lower the HRV and that's bad?

A: When the beat to beat interval varies a lot, then the heart is eating LOTS of DIFFERENT
frequency harmonics.. that is the AMA's notion of health.. THE MAX NUMBER OF HARMONICS THAT CAN EXIST SIMULTANEOUSLY IN
THE HRV (the beat to beat spacing) occur when the various spacings are PHI embedded, thus pointing to a particular geometry CASCADE of included harmonics in the HRV...

SO, we have a new geometric definition of what cascade in the HRV OPTIMIZES max harmonic inclusiveness which is the LIMIT OR PERFECT CONDITION OF MAX VARIABILITY.

a cascade based on embedding optimized.. even at that long wave level..

This is similar to what we have learned about the harmonic content of the "Schumann Resonance", long wave background magnetic of the planet. Working with Prof. Phil Callahan, we conclude that health for the planet is the completion of an EMBEDDED SERIES of harmonics, and NOT a single simple sine wave. This is also true of the change from addiction to health, when the EEG neurofeedback learns to complete a wholesome cascade, emerging from a rut which requires alchohol to replace the missing alpha. The news here is that now knowing the harmonic geometry of perfecting embedding or nesting, we can teach all these oscillators INCLUDING HRV to survive, literally as a sustainable wave.

From the paper by the Heart Math Institute:

Cardiac Coherence: A New Noninvasive Measure of Autonomic Nervous System Order
William A. Tiller, Rollin McCraty and Mike Atkinson, (published at http://www.webcom.com/hrtmath/IHM/ResearchPapers/TowardCardiac/TowardCardiac2.html#Figure2)

a very useful graphic illustration of where current medical research appears to be on the question of which heart rate variability (HRV) harmonics are healthy is in the graph at


note carefully in this picture might suggest that HEALTHY (/or ENTRAINED?) HeartRateVariability appears to be just ONE PEAK near .1 HZ.

Further suggested is that INTERNAL HEART COHERENCE which is probably what is taught by the HeartLink Biofeedback unit, is A FLAT LINED HRV! (lo harmonic variance in the Heart Interbeat Intervals, breath related.)

Considering Breath in the HeartBeat, recall from the literature on HRV: http://www.accesspromed.ch/

"High-frequency (HF) component (0.15-0.4 Hz eq) is known to be synchronous with respiration and has been considered as a quantitative evaluation of respiratory arrhythmia. This implies in particular that the respiratory frequency can be calculated from the frequency of the HF peak." (HF is the Hi-Frequency above .1 hz component of HRV, Heart Rate Variability)

And it is true that frequently as we approach ecstacy our breath does GRADUALLY GO TO ZERO!

see the breath exersize toward ecststacy at


in particular what happens in the classic breathing pattern toward the still point is the geometry of "perfect damping" or approach to stillness from radio theory. In this breathing, each succeeding breath starting from a large one is .618 AS DEEP AND AS LONG AS THE PRECEDING BREATH. In this way a perfect graduated breathing leads to a VERY REFINED BREATH, which accesses contiguously shorter and shorter wave harmonics electrically in the body. As in the picture below from the above article..

This amounts to a 3D rotating caddeuceus below, which creates the IN-PHI-KNIT embedding we have described as the origin of the holy grail.

essentially this involves a consequent GOLDEN MEAN BASED harmonic series to add and multiply their wave front velocities thru the speed of light into time (ensoulment)

(as measured by William Pensinger from Santa Fe, in the superluminal /faster than light signal propagation velocities along the long axis of DNA.)

the way this caddeuceus of frequency harmonics in a CASCADE revolves to send waves upward in harmonic velocity to the ECK-STATIC (charge stasis)

is shown in this animation

Now we can examine a successful Harmonic Cascade (from Raven in Cleveland, an experienced emotional empath and healer), where we catch the heart IN THE PROCESS of cascading toward that STILLPOINT.. (as displayed dynamically on the newest software for HeartLink):


So originally, it was suggested that internal coherence (which is what the HeartLink teaches) has NO peaks (flatlined) HRV. That is why Rollin McCraty at HeartMath, mused to us about whether meditation does in fact serve the heart..

I suggest what may be ideal is a CASCADE of ORDERED peaks in the hrv WHICH ARE IN PHASE with simultaneous ORDERED PEAKS in the heart power spectra. This produces also high COHERENCE peak in the second order power spectra used in HEARTLINK.

The point being that often people gradually almost stop breathing to enter the internal coherence state (high peak in COHERENCE in HeartLink).
In itself this of course does by reduced oxygen consumtion in the brain, increase electrical conductivity there. This is also why people consume alchohol to imitate ecstacy by reduced Oxygen in the brain).. HOWEVER.. this breath damping by spin path to zero point may become sustainable ONLY when it is replaced a sonic phonon cascade cohering Heart ("igniting" the brain).
(again in reference to the PHI harmonic breathing at www.../exercises

There is only one sonic geometry: the PHI ray caddeuceus (which is also breathing to a ZERO POINT) which becomes sustainable (otherwise a flatlined HRV = body decay per A.M.A.). So the HRV first coheres, THEN cascades, THEN goes to stillness, in that necessary ordered literally in-"spired", breathed from long to short wave.

The zero breath for ecstatic state requires brain to inhabit an alternate (longer phonon sonic wave instead of ionic covalent oxidative) charge envelope for survival. This is because it is not inherently OXIDATION that produces mindfulness, only the recursive phase lock charge cascade which that propagates.

-mind inhabits fire but that fire can envelope (inhabit) a larger field (in the long wave coherence from the heart)

which is PHI's ray,

which is another name for the recursive nesting of field effects

which enables "presence of mind"

which is simply the inPHIknit multiple connectivity of charge waves allowing greatest response-ability among them..


Prepare the field, and presence comes.

The brain's nervouse system appears to REPLACE OXIDATION as the source of this sustainable recursive ("firey") charge envelope,

with a longer wave phonon (glandular ecstatic sonics) based recursive charge field..

The longer wave penetrating capacitance of this glandular sonic braided instead of oxidation based charge field has the resolving power to sort wave phases at a distance, we call "cosmic consciousness" (book by Bucke, MD) or enlightenment..

Note that in the language of entering into the discipline of HIGHER DIMENSION, which is superposing more spins nonDESTRUCTIVELY (which requires PHI ratio), we may have the perfect tool in the cascading of frequency signature UPON itself, multiple times.. (pioneered by HeartLink).

When the ratio of the wavelengths in the cascade is right, a wave may show up "inside the wave" inside the wave...

(Data taken below on the original LABVIEW system on which I programmed the first prototype of HeartLink)


What is the "The LoveMusic HeartTuner ? " (formerly "HeartLink")

by Dan Winter (inventor), with many thanks to Jan in The Lab!

Heart Rate Variability Comparison using HeartLink / HeartTuner

BrainPhire?Fractal Golden Ratio Harmonics in BrainWaves as Mechanism of Euphoria / Active Visualization / Bliss?

Trees / Plants Respond to Human Hearts/ Measured:Replicating Measure of Life Force Magnetics in Trees,

Menu of Dan Winter's Heart Harmonics Research: Global Heart Biofeedback Studies/Heartbeat2000

Other Dan Winter articles

(This first chart indicates application of Visual Basic to include FFT EKG Waterfall Time History, and Harmonic Ratio. This Compiles Nicely, and can easily by switched to use these Measurement Studio Calls, on Input from the Microphone or Serial or USB Ports, allowing us to us this software virtually as is with our new hardware. Many thanks to Jan at 'Imaging Lab" help with this software!.)

The HeartTuner is a simple biofeedback device which shows you the musical harmonics contained in your heartbeat, "real"-time.

The HeartTuner uses a new mathematical technique which I pioneered, (called "septrum"- a 2nd order Fast Fourier Transform). The amazing ability of this dynamic feedback tool, uses one simple wave peak constantly changing in response to your heart's harmonics, to reveal:

1. The anount of COHERENCE in your heart. Coherence is the difference between your heart as a flashlight, versus your heart becoming a LASER Laser light penetrates far because the waves are aligned in order like soldiers in a column. In order for your heart's electrical energy to penetrate and be sustained, it's important that you too learn coherence. Emotional coherence and electrical coherence are the same thing. With this coherence teaching tool, even young people learn how to"Turn on Your HeartLights" , and the REAL meaning of "Come on Baby-Light My FIRE!

This simple peak's height or amplitude measuring coherence, changing from moment to moment is agreed by most users of HeartTuner to be a 'lie detector' speaking the ultimate truth of your heart.

* For example, it appears to be an accurate way to replace the subjective kinesiology or muscle test. A teacher of kinesiology tested this recently, and found merely imaging himself in each room in his house, his heart would tell him instantly where he could be happy, and where not.

* We regularly use HeartTuner in classrooms of young people, who invariably leave class known EXACTLY what it is to let their Heart Sing. Seeing Heartlink COHENCE soar when you look at someone you love, is a life changing experience - to know HOW to follow your bliss.

* Or take the example of a youg parapelegic boy - no movement control anywhere in his body but eyeballs. When his teacher whispered questions in his ear, and watched his heart coherence UP = YES, DOWN = NO - the teacher had his first conversation ever with the boy. It was a VERY moving experience to see the heart reaching thru all barriers by simply singing. See J.R.'s story. In summary - the first thing the HeartTuner teaches is Heart Coherence (Learn to increase the Peak). It is virtually unquestionable that this is the most powerful tool for teaching EMOTIONAL coherence ever developed.


2. Have you ever wondered how get on "the same wavelength" as another person? It turns out now we can measure this. It literally teaches people how to get their hearts' in the right musical "KEY". This is the "key" to empathy and compassion, as well as emotional "range of motion" / flexibility.

The second thing the HeartTuner teaches is THE MUSCAL KEY SIGNATURE or HARMONIC "FUNDAMENTAL" of the heart. The POSITION of the same first peak of the 2nd order FFT (Septrum) -whose height or amplitude taught us coherence, corresponds to the (inverse of) the musical key in which your heart is singing at that moment.

* This enables us to: learn emotional flexibility (which is called Heart Rate Variability - the more harmonics included the more most chronic diseases disappear - Irving Dardik article).

* Also by connecting 2 people at once, (which HeartTuner is designed to do), we can see immediately when 2 people's hearts have 'entrained' or 'phase locked' or 'gotten on the same wavelength'. When 2 persons do "HeartTune" to link up, powerful things invariably become possible. Sensitive and empathic people can always FEEL this which we can now measure. This is probably the most powerful tool to teach CLINICAL EMPATHY, and MARRIAGE COUNSELING, and TANTRA, ever developed.

* Also, thousands of users confirm that when the this Musical Fundamental moves from 1.0 (E.I. - Emotional Index), toward .62 (Golden Ratio), they have acheived moving from HEAD CENTERED emotion, to HEART CENTERED emoting. This is almost unquestionable the first tool ever to make this Heart Centering measureable - and teacheable!



Here, HeartTuner can also show people HOW to link Heart Harmonics to Brain Harmonics - Heart Brain Link! -

Appendix: Technical Description: 3 Stick on Electrodes Typical EKG Positions, Battery Powered PreAmp - Inputs to PC are Serial, or USB or even Microphone Ports,

1st Order FFT - Display Typically 1-20 hz, Spectrum Analysis typically 100-500 samples per second, 200-1000 array FFT ,2nd Order FFT, Septrum is of the Real output Matrix Data, Display only .2 to 2 hz

These next 2 charts below illustrate what the harmonic RATIO window displays,

by walking the specially customized (Dan Kunkle) FFT array thru a sweep up the caddeuceus cascade by RATIO increments,

this new form of the FFT is able to see when a harmonic cascade sweeps thru an FFT - where only the RATIO (multiplication by a constant - in the first case square root 2 - 1.414, in the second case PHI 1.618 ) between harmonics is a constant (as opposed to the ADDITION of harmonics - revealed by the Septrum (2nd order FFT). Note this new chart is NOT a 3rd order FFT.

Here we input a synthesized chord of 5 notes -see in red- at 1.414 RATIO between... the Analyzer got this ratio!

In the chart below this one, the ratio was 1.618.



Below we see the newer version display a waterfall time history of the 2nd order FFT..

So you can point on the plot to where you felt love... and send the picture "heart mail" to your lover?

Below here is the blow up of the 2nd order FFT plot, so you can watch you coherence over time develop.

Below here we illustrate the capability of the same hardware software environment with a simple amp gain increase display a potentially radically new way to display a time history of BRAIN COHERENCE - making attention / focus more teachable?


Using this same technique to Measure Life Force in Trees.

Brainwave Coherence,Measured - at .61 Ratio Cascade (Implosion?)

please see the related article on other (Russian / Korotkov) research on PHI Ratio in Brain waves harmonics measurements correlated to Euphoria.

10/22 at lab

Note: It is that PEAK of 2nd Order Septrum, which by measuring COHERENCE in Brain (similar to Heart), we believe could lead to direct measurement of the force and strength of HUMAN ATTENTION - with profound implications for the neurofeedback solutions to ATTENTION DEFICIT and ADDICTION.




ABOVE: Same 2 People Not Quite Acheiving EEG BRAIN Coherence, Measured with Heart Tuner

Above: Connecting 1 Heart, 1 Brain of the Same Person shows some link up (heart brain connection) particularly in the first order fft (top right)

Note 2nd order fft (septrum) showing amount of coherence,(1st peak amplitude) and musical fundamental (1st peak position) is always lower left.