JR's Story: Reaching thru the Veils of Disability using the Heart!



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I recently had the pleasure of meeting Dan, James and Tom of

Eartheart. A friend, Nancy Soohoo, approached me one day and asked if

I would be interested in having some people come to my class (I teach

special education at Ventura High School) to do a computer

demonstration. She explained how they hooked-up a heart monitor to a

student, which in turn was connected to a computer and camera lens,

which ultimately displayed the student's heart on a projection screen.

I thought about it for a moment and said "sure," rationalizing that if

anything, it would be entertaining for the students. (I wasn't real

sure what Dan and James were trying to do or how, exactly, the system



I still can't explain the entire system, but I can share some results

of the experience.


1. The students were definitely, 100% interested in the system. Their

enthusiasm was sky-high. They all wanted to get "hooked-up" to the



2. Although the technology was above their heads (and mine), with the

quick tutoring of James, each student was able to tune into one

specific line graph, which was their heartbeat, and quickly learned

how to manipulate the line with their thoughts and emotions.


3. The greatest and most unexpected result of this experience came

when I had one of my non-speaking students "hooked-up." The first

thing we learned was, as James put it, "he's all there, internally."

This student, J.R., also has C.P. Thus, unable to speak, grab or

walk, it is at times difficult to know what he wants or needs, which

brings us to the second great discovery with J.R "hooked-up": this

system of Dan and James could be used as a communication device for

non-speaking students like J.R.!


We currently use an eye gaze board where he chooses an activity by

looking at one of two pictures attached to a foam board. In addition,

we read his facial expressions. For example, a smile might indicate

"yes," and a frown for "no." Although effective, it takes time: time

to learn the appropriate system and time to find out what J.R. wants.

With the Eartheart system, I was able to find out what J.R. wanted or

needed almost immediately by reading the line graphs. It was a

completely overwhelming revelation. We could now tap into the

feelings of non-speaking people and by reading their feelings

understand where they are at and better satisfy their needs or wants.


For me, this is absolutely awesome! I do not know what the limits, if

any, are for the Eartheart system. What I do know and am very excited

about, is the potential it now gives us for tapping into the emotions,

the needs and desires of individuals like J.R.: individuals that are

all there internally, but unable physically to express their needs,

desires and so forth.


I shared this experience with my school principle, our speech

therapist and school psychologist. They were very impressed. So much

so, that my principle wants to have a County-wide staff-in-service

training day with Eartheart!


Finally, if any of you have any questions or comments, I may be

reached at amknowl0@wcc.com (note that before the @ is a zero, not a

letter o in the email address) or phone 805-569-9419 (eve.) or

805-648-7326 (day). Thank you Dan, James and Tom!


Peace, Matt Miller




This is the Story of JR, a Ventura High School Student and the Heartlink Monitor:


My name is James Barrett and I am the Project Director of Eartheart and one of the Developers of the

Heartlink Trainer.


On a recent West Coast Tour demonstrating our new heart monitoring biofeedback device, we met a lady

named Nancy. Nancy had arranged with with the California team for us to do a workshop with a

handicapped class in Ventura. When we were told that they were handicapped we assumed that it meant

physically damaged in some way.


What we witnessed was a class of 12 to 15 severely handicapped children. All of them appeared to be

both physically and mentally challenged. It was not clear whether or not these children would be able to

understand what we we had to show them.


From the beginning of the Heartlink Monitor development  we have often felt guided by some higher

power. In the beginning, so much of what appeared to be a set back, or simply a weird set of

circumstances, turned out to be a gift.


 Many wished to be re-hooked up after they had been removed, and during the experience a man,

traveling with us, started playing a native american drum. This showed an immediate response on the

heart coherence of the two children hooked up at the time. blah blah blah blah blah (finish this thought)


Toward the end of our presentation, a boy in a wheel chair at the rear of the class caught my attention. My

heart felt deeply for this individual that was severely obviously handicapped.  I opened my heart and

shared my love with him.  I moved the hair out of his eyes and at the same time touched his deformed

right hand. It was at this time that I heard a little voice in my heart asking to be hooked up. I asked this

boy while looking straight at him if he would like to be hooked up. The immediate response that I felt

was, "YES".


I asked  his teacher if we could hook this boy up to the heart monitor. Matt looked at JR and agreed right

away. He assisted me in putting the electrodes over JR's heart and immediately this boy trapped in a

broken shell began to show us that he was alive and aware and able to communicate to us. To any and all

questions he responded to different degrees of truth and passion


This is what we did with JR. He responded to every question we asked, including, "Do you

understand these questions and what is happening?" To this there was a strong positive, "Yes!" At this

point I realized that there was an alive young man in that shell that was fully aware and feeling and I begin

to weep. It was a mix of both joy and sadness. Joy for all the obvious reasons. The breakthrough that

allowed a trapped soul to communicate to the world for the first time in his life of 17 years. Joy for the

gift we had been guided to build and give but an equal sadness in that at the moment this child had the

means to communicate his desire with those around him, we needed to take it away and leave for Los

Angeles. I cried for a long time after leaving and all that witnessed this miracle felt deeply moved.


When I arrived home a week later there was an email from JR's mother:

Subject: Computer Project

Date: Thu, 1 Oct 1998 22:19:40 -0700

From:  Cheryl Ann Smith <CherylAS@pacbell.net>

To: "'eartheart@pacbell.net'" <eartheart@pacbell.net>


Hello, James!


My name is Cheryl Smith...my son is JR Smith. He's the student in Ventura High School's special

education class in the wheelchair who tried out your computer program (the one who can't talk). Matt

Miller, his teacher, told me about you and your project. We're very excited about it. I wanted to let you

know that we would love to make ourselves available for any testing you may want to do or any

information you may need to enhance what you're doing. I told Matt to let me know when you plan to be

in the Ventura area again so that I can make arrangements to be there. I want to meet you and to see this

program you've developed. I have to tell you that what Matt told me about what you saw on JR's

"graphs" was such a validation for me because I've known his whole life that he's THERE! That he

knows what's going on around him and can feel what everyone else feels. It was so exciting to hear.

Thank you!! I tried to log onto your web site (www.heartbeat2000.com) but nothing would come up.

Please let me know what I'm doing wrong. I want to see what you guys are all about!!

Hope to hear from you! Cheryl


This from Patti Clark while Dan and I were still on the road.

Subject: Re: Computer Project

Date: Fri, 02 Oct 1998 12:06:16 -0700

From: patti clark <plclark@pacbell.net>

To: Cheryl Ann Smith <CherylAS@pacbell.net>


Dear Cheryl,

My name is Patti Clark. James and Dan are still out on the road, but I received your email (James lives

here with me) and hope I can be of some assistance. If you go to Dan's web page, the first thing that

comes up is his link to eartheart and the heartlink. (soulinvitation.com). James told me about your son and

his experience with the hearlink...they were incredibly touched and amazed. I'm sure this is only the

beginning. The web page gives you an idea of who they are and what they are about... basically, bringing

love to the planet for all to share. Your son was a beautiful example of that... Hopefully, the

heartbeat2000 page will be up and working soon - we thought that it was (?) it is probably a little more

specific. Blessings to you. Patti




Subject: JR

Date: Wed, 7 Oct 1998 18:51:54 -0700

From: Cheryl Ann Smith <CherylAS@pacbell.net>

To: "'patti clark'" <plclark@pacbell.net>


Hello, James!

Thank you for your response in addition to Patti's!! What Patti had to say made me feel so good (and

proud, too)! JR is such a joy to me and has been a true reward to my life! Anyway, I logged onto your

website last night and I must say, I'm not scientifically inclined so I was totally confused but it was fun.

All I know is that you've brought something wonderful to my son's life and, like Patti told me, this is

only the beginning. I've had trouble sleeping lately (not a bad thing) and when I do sleep I dream of

wonderful things for JR. I actually picture him coaching a pro football team with an electronic

communication device!!! :) Actually, that's a fantasy I've had for JR for a long time and it's nice that it's

come back in full force!

Thank You!

Hope to see you soon in Ventura. Best wishes. Cheryl


My response:


Cheryl, It is an honor to have met JR. I just returned from Southern Ca. last night and have much to catch

up on. My home phone is 925-370-0446 in the Walnut Creek area. We have a 16 and 18 yr. old here so

don't assume that I received the messages if you call.

Office: 707-747-0498 Benicia, Ca. Call the home number if you wish to chat.


I will write more on the experience with JR. at a future date.

www.heartbeat2000.com is a good site for information. Try it again. I just checked and it's working fine.


It was very exciting for me personally and I cried for a good while after with a mix of joy and sadness.

He is there, all man inside, this I can say for sure. We will talk.

namaste, James Barrett eartheart@pacbell.net


 This Story is continuing and I will endeavor to place further developments on this story here. j

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The Heartlink is a device that monitors and analyzes the heart in "real time". It simply reads raw EKG and

does a power spectrum analysis of the raw data.  It looks for the geometry of ordering present beat by

beat, moment by moment. We found that certain geometric spacing of coherent order are more sustainable

then others. Think of your heart playing a symphony in every beat and in that beat with spacing of the

chord played is harmony with itself and to coherent vibrations played in the subsequent beats. What we

are showing with this device is that loving, compassionate emotions, generated by thoughts, create the

most nurturing and life supporting heart beats for health in the body.


One of the first things we learned when the device was completed was that speaking your truth showed

up as coherence in the heart. Coherence is shown by the height of the first peak of the second fft. The

height and the degree to which that is sustained is directly relative to the heart-felt truth to you in that

moment. This is being true to your self in the moment, and if this is the case, you will see the second fft

rise and it will rise to the degree of invested passion at that moment.


So, if I asked you something like, "Do you love your mother?" your heart would reveal your truth to that

statement as I said the words. If it is not felt strongly, then you would have a small or no peak in the

second fft graph on the screen.


See insert: http://www.heartbeat2000.com/protocol.htm


In practice, this is the harmonic spacing of the chord being played by the heart...


The amplitude of the first peak of the second fft is a very nice indicator of the overall coherence or

"lasering" of the heart in that moment.




Here is a very nice example