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The History of (EKG) Heart Harmonic Research-
Does 'Heart-Math' Institute mislead people about Heart Coherence?

Revolution in Coherence Measurement: Emotional Coherence and Empathy Measured?

New Heart (& Brain) (ECG & EEG) Coherence Biofeedback Tool Portends to Revolutionize:

1. Emotional Coherence Measurement

2. Empathy and Concensus Measurement (& Clinical Counseling)- Tantra / Marriage & Relationship Counseling / Concensus Process / Conflict Resolution - CAN 2 Hearts LINK??

3. Brain Coherence Measure to Teach A.D.D. / Addiction Remission & Meditation Success. (Internal Brain Wave COHERENCE has never before been measured )

4. Ability to Measure and Teach Move from Conceptual/Head Centered to Empathic/Open HeartCentered Emotion.

5. Life Force Measurement by the same technique-may redefine VIABILITY as 'harmonic inclusiveness' using New electrical definition of life itself.

Published by Implosion Group ( ) - originally written by - Daniel Winter ( inventor HeartTuner - )

- first : Implosion Group & friends announce the new launch -

also new: August 1,2003:Origin & Solution to GRAVITATIONAL THRUST-Capacitors which accelerate CHARGE by recursion..Pronouncing rocketry and fossil fuel engines obsolete - and the origin of gravity field steering technology for retaining atmosphere.
UNDERSTAND FOR YOURSELF - the survival related skill to FABRICATE GRAVITY ultimately USING (imploding/igniting) YOUR DNA!

ABOUT Dan Winter (from Implosion Group files)
Daniel Winter received his degree in psycho-physiology (magna cum laude) from the University of Detroit. He has multi-disciplinary training in electrical engineering, psychology, psycho-physiology, and bio-physics. Dan was trained as a Systems Analyst with IBM. He mentored with Dr. Albert Ax biofeedback pioneer in electrically measuring and discriminating between the emotions of fear and anger. He was also mentored by the well known bio-medical engineer and author Ben Bentov. He the fortuneate associate of many early physics of consciousness researchers- like Arthur Young, Buckminster Fuller etc. Today he is best known as biofeedback inventor, Sacred Geometry teacher, animator etc. The main web site about his work from Implosion Group is . He is probably the leading teaching of the 'Physics of Consciousness' in the world today. His global touring schedule : . His HeartCoherence tools: . Also see his new book: Implosion:The GRAND ATTRACTOR at

Dan Winter- originates HEART COHERENCE-as quoted in:

"HEART COHERENCE was first described in 1992 by physicist Dan Winter" - from David Servan-Schreiber Ph.D. new book"Instinct to Heal".

This article presents the research history evidence - not only does HeartMath Institute not properly measure Heart Coherence - and mislead people into thinking that breathing at one frequency (what their Freeze Framer teaches) is Heart Coherence. But further - they have seriously mislead the world into thinking they somehow invented Heart Coherence. The irony is - that for the first 2 years after Dan Winter flew there at their expense to teach them how Heart Coherence - was measured (& how to take an EKG and analzye it) - they in fact dozens of times refused to believe (Rollin McCraty et al) that Heart COHERENCE was the correct term. THEN finally - when they saw that Dan Winter was correct - about COHERENCE in the Heart - THEY FAILED TO EVEN MENTION THE SOURCE OF THEIR TRAINING IN MEASURING and Spectrum Analyzing EKG originally. Today - they still fail to teach people that the single frequency breath taught by their FREEZE FRAMER - is neither HEART COHERENCE ( see Cepstrum measure ) NOR does it produce the HARMONIC INCLUSIVENESS (in HRV) clearly required for health. ( see ). Using the OPPOSITE technique - breathing in a CADUCCEUS CASCADE of INCLUSIVE HARMONICS ( trainer at : ) DOES create measureable HEART COHERENCE - which IS measureable using the correct EKG Cepstrum - the Heart becomes a laser. AND this DOES produce harmonic inclusiveness (in Heart Rate Variability). - read more below.

New: Harmonic Explorer Software offered from Frank of HEART COHERENCE TEAM - from - sample screens reviewed below..

illustrates WHY the EKG might use Harmonics in Golden Mean cascades ( arithmetic cascading is linked to geometric multiplicative cascades precisely only in Golden Mean condition).

-The EKG is known to need HARMONIC INCLUSIVENESS ( most number of contained harmonics at once inside one oscillator - ref: Dr Irving Dardik) to produce immune health.

YET as we see here - the GOLDEN MEAN RATIO - allows the MOST number of harmonics to exists simultaneously in one oscillator without INTERFERENCE..

Producing maximum CONSTRUCTIVE interference is how biological oscillators like the EKG - produce health. (Professor Dardik's statistic evidence correlates resistance to most chronic disease - is correlated strongly to harmonic inclusiveness in the EKG. )

NOTE: contrary to what Heart Math Institute suggests- square wave harmonic series cannot produce this kind of cascade in the EKG power spectra. Square waves (any flat input) to a spectrum analyzer would always produce cascades which are spaced at multiples of 2 (octave based linear) and NEVER produce the cascades based on 'non-linear' Golden Mean - which HeartTuner consistently identifies. Further - subjective reports are overwhelming that when the musical fundamental of the EKG DOES measure Golden Mean (.62) - that these are moments of MOST EMPATHY, heart OPENNESS and Compassion. (This agrees with the geometry of waves of Golden Mean spacing which become TOUCH PERMISSIVE - because interference is CONSTRUCTIVE and not destructive - as shown here).

Dr Karl Pribram (author: "Holographic Brain" whose statement- 'there is nothing flamable at the synapse' may be ill advised) commented to me personally - as he looked over my shoulder while I was first instructing Heart Math Institute - how to measure this power spectra of the EKG. He said: "I don't know how we could design an audio oscillator to make a frequency harmonic like that". This is suitably humble - because as we have seen - by using Golden Mean to initiate compression - the heart creates the electrical implosion which explains its source of voltage from gravity. (Similar to the 2-12 millivolts produced by the average fresh chicken egg). - We call this - principle- that when capacitive (charge) oscillators become fractal enough to initiate compression - the electrical principle of LIFE. further reading: LIFE FORCE= the ability to fractally attract (implode) & self organize electrical charge. (measurement examples)

Update 2012: See the advanced mathematics: WHY Golden Ratio solves constructive wave interference-

See also the original references- How harmonic inclusiveness/ fractality in the heart- is measureably the health of your immune system:

Update Dec 5,03:HeartTuner compared with HeartMath Freeze Framer - revisited: Rollin McCraty of HeartMath institute's responded to the Does 'Heart-Math' Institute mislead people about Heart Coherence? article we published Aug 2004. He said: "Mr. Winter also appears to insist that heart coherence occurs only when the spectrum of the EGC (over 8 seconds) exhibits a standing wave pattern. He also claim that this spectrum is a measure of love"

McCraty appears not to understand what the cepstrum is, referring to our coherence measure as a spectrum of the EGC instead of a cepstrum. In fact our cepstrum ( 2nd order recursive power spectra) refreshes about every 2 seconds, and in fact can respond to an event in the heart which lasts less than 3 seconds. The coherence event we measure (your quick smile or thought of love) - does not even show up on the HRV measure - since that measure - (everything the Heart Math device measures) has a window delay of about 8 - 10 seconds). The issue is that since the Heart Math transducer does not even SEE harmonics above about .5 hertz, the harmonics which HeartTuner compares the PHASE of the quantify coherence (1-40hz) are not even picked up by Freeze Framer.

This then gets to the heart of McCraty's confusion. McCraty says that HeartTuner is entraining low-hrv states (calling that "coherence") & potentially dangerous! When in fact the coherence we measure is often present when there is no peak at all in the HRV display. In other words, there can be and often is a dramatic emotional coherence peak on the HeartTuner (a quick feeling of love or passion) - when there is NO ENERGY OR ORDER AT ALL IN THE HEART FREQUENCIES DEFINED AS HRV (Heart Rate Variability 0-.5hz - which is all the Freeze Framer can detect). So how can McCraty say we are teaching phase lock/entrainment in the HRV by this coherence measure - when the coherence we see is often present when ZERO POWER is present in the HRV of the heart?? It is true that if the heart's lo frequency HRV remains stagnant for too long - this suggests loss of health. We have long taught harmonic richness / incluiveness is precisely what predicts health in the heart - see Dardik.

Some of the things which McCraty (HeartMath) fails to take into account is that stabilizing the Heart's coherence (and heart rate) at a musical key of Golden Mean (when HeartTuner shows Emotional Index EI number as PHI .618 Multiple- the blue lines on the cepstrum display - SEE IMPORTANT NOTE BELOW on GOLDEN MEAN IN HEART HARMONICS) IS ACTUALLY WHAT ALLOWS THE MOST NUMBER OF DIFFERENT HARMONICS TO SIMULTANEOUS BE PRESENT. In other words McCraty like most shallow thinking medical people believes that since harmonic inclusiveness or richness (lots of DIFFERENT FREQUENCIES present at once).. clearly create health - THAT THEREFORE HEALTH EQUALS A HEART RATE THAT DOES NOT STABILIZE???

This is of course absurd - as anyone who has ever seen the health benefits of meditation knows. During meditation the heart rate can be fixed for long periods of time. What McCraty and the medical community stubbornly ignore is that there is ONE WAY to allow the heart to be harmonically inclusive (rich in many frequencies ) AND to be coherent and stable. This is when the cascade of the included frequencies is based on GOLDEN MEAN RATIO (allowing constructive internal relations / coherence / between those harmonics - phase coherence).

This explains beautifully WHY the musical key of the EKG (tied to heart rate / the y axis movement of the cepstrum peak on HeartTuner) for the vast majority of healthy people will park or stabilize at either .618 Golden Mean or .79 it's square root. Anyone who observes how such a majority of people choose a heart rate to lock into Golden Ratio - would have to demand of the medical community an explanation. Of course there is no other explanation than the that heart finds a way to coherence AND harmonic richness - the problem solved by Golden Mean.

As Frank from the Heart Coherence Team ( ) said "these (heart harmonics) naturally implied by the non-linear phi-harmonics.. i.e. where you can make equal jumps through the Fibonacci "rabbit-sequence" ( I am VERY interrested in the maximum nr. of freq's seen in the spectrum..!! / harmonic inclusiveness) and that's what makes the heart an effective implosion attractor."

The fact that the HeartTuner so quickly displays this EKG musical key (inversely tied to Heart Rate) as a - CASCADE - of Golden Mean (blue lines on Ceptstrum display) allows us so clearly to tell when people move from conceptual head centered emotion to empathic ones (Golden Mean key). All of this is completely in addition to the display of PASSION / COHERENCE emotionally which is the AMPLITUDE / height of this same peak. Anyone who has ever used the HeartTuner can see that a warm REAL smile makes a coherence peak - (which Rollin calls DANGEROUS??) - and that people who change from a bit stuck in the head - to heart centered and empathic move to .618 on the y axis - heart rate key - to Golden Mean . The experience alone is absolutely convincing. None of this close to real time fast emotional feedback is available on Freeze Framer. (above reprinted from Dan Winter by Implosion Group - Nov 30, 2003). - below HeartTuner versus Freeze Framer comparison chart reprinted ( )

 Feature  Freeze Framer  HeartTuner Pro
 Measures Time (Milliseconds) Between Beats to display Heart Rate Variability (HRV)  Yes  Yes
 Graphs Time History of Rate Change (HRV wave)  Yes  Yes

 Graphs HRV in classic 3 Bar Graph

(1 of which they call 'The Zone')

 Yes  Yes
 Measures Ability to Breath at One Frequency - by noting rate change curve - (which HeartMath calls 'Coherence' and associates with relaxation)  Yes  Yes
 Measures OVERALL Heart Coherence.  No  Yes
 Measures and graphs the complete ECG wave. (Electrocardiogram)  No  Yes
 Measures 2 Persons at Once for Dynamic Comparison Feedback  No  Yes (HeartTuner displays 2 channels of COHERENCE - but 1 at a time for HRV display / switchable)
 Spectral Response (window)Freeze Framer measures light penetration at skin to see a 'soft' curve approximating blood volume. HeartTuner measures real ECG Electrocardiogram.  0 to .5 hertz  0 to 60 hertz
 Coherence response visible when your Heart feels a burst of love for example.  No  Yes
 Ability to Measure when 2 Hearts Get on the Same Wavelength (Empathy / Compassion / Tantra etc.)  No  Yes
 Available Sensors  - 1 Channel Lo Freq.Heart HRV only.  -2 Channel Full Heart ECG including precise full wave HRV & Higher Frequencies.
-2 Channel Full EEG Brainwave plus Coherence
- Charge / Inductor / Life Force & Electrosmog Array.
 Ability to Input Any External Source for Complete Harmonic Analysis.  No  Yes
 Utilizes Dan Winter's Pioneering New Cepstrum Mathematics to Measure INTERNAL Coherence. (Never before measured)  No  Yes (both ECG and EEG)
 Measures & Plays Back Musical Key of HeartBeat  No  Yes (1 or 2 at once)
 Cost  $295 US  1280 Euro (Euro is close to Dollar). Includes 2 sets ECG, 1 of EEG Electrodes. Install CD Includes 5 Training Videos. (HeartTuner costs less than most 2 channel brainwave systems, yet delivers ECG, EEG, plus LifeForce measures- as well as first ever INTERNAL coherence measure.)
 Advisory Support from the Inventor of ECG Power Spectra to Teach Emotional Coherence (Dan Winter)  No  Yes
 Full export of raw data, power spectra & coherence data spreadsheet arrays for research analysis.  No  Yes
 Used by the Military  Yes  No
 Responds quickly showing the result of a smile or laugh - or a feeling of love.  No (In general sees no event shorter than about 8 seconds).  Yes - Cepstrum Coherence peak updated every second - responds to a 2 second simple smile/emotional warmth - very nicely.


now - the article: The Real History of (EKG) Heart Harmonic Research-Abstract: New mathematical technique (Cepstrum- explained below) to measure (EKG & EEG) INTERNAL coherence, develops into powerful new tool to teach emotional skills never before considered measureable. Emotional COHERENCE - emotional EMPATHY / BONDING - Brain COHERENCE (perhaps ATTENTION itself) - and emotional HEART centering - now all may be directly measured and taught with precision and rigor never before imagined. In addition - applying the same technique to other living things in addition to EKG and EEG - suggest a new definition of LIFE FORCE and VIABILITY: "Life Force is the ability to attract and self-organize capacitive charge - Harmonic 'inclusiveness' - first thought to predict longevity in HRV (ref 1- Dardik - ) - may predict / quantify VITALITY in everything living.


The background: In approximately 1990 HeartMath Institute contracted Dan Winter - to instruct them initially how to measure heart harmonics. They contacted him requesting assitance to replicate work in his 'Alphabet of the Heart' (now at ) published in the 1980's where in he showed the heart responding measureably to 'sending love': (pic)

In this book, his hypothesis was that the EKG cast a sonic shadow of coherence on the thymus to set-up immune health - based on the spiral strip in the heart's coeur...


being the spiral strip which animates Hebrew - and generates the sonic holograms of Hebrew letters - equivalent to their optical shape...'Alphabet of the Heart'

Above from the book- Winter replicates Fred Wolf's concept in "Spectrograms of the Hebrew Alphabet' with Carlos Suares..

(animations of Winter's pure geometric origin of the Hebrew Alphabet from the self organizing Golden Mean spiral on the self organizing torus donut domain - )


Winter was then successful in replicating his early work (EKG harmonic ordering responding to intentional emotion) - at Heart Math Institute, after instructing them in what hardware and software to set up. The paper he authored for them in 1992: Heart Intelligence and DNA Programming, (download at: ) - showed he originated the power spectra of EKG technique for them which became the trademark of their work: (image from article measurement of EKG harmonics he made for them)

It was Winter who demonstrated to them how to measure the difference between unfocused versus focused emotion in the harmonic analysis of the EKG:

Top: EKG power spectra during unfocused emotion - bottom - coherence in the EKG spectra after focused intent.

Sadly- HeartMath Institute later chose to publish this work

(from HeartMath literature)

claiming it as their own, without crediting Winter for originally showing them this technique - & the skill to know what bandwidth etc. to analyze - (in front of many witnesses including Joe Kamiya, Glen Rein, Karl Pribram, John Fox & others).

Winter chose not to object to this feeling that some service was still being rendered to the public - in that his original intent to show that focused intention WAS measureable and teachable.

What Winter DID object to - later was when HeartMath marketed a product (Freeze Framer) which only measured beat interval and HRV - with a small light emitting diode and photo sensor to pick up the blood pulse wave at the fingertip. It was not that measuring HRV was not a service, what was not correct was calling a rise in one of the peaks in the HRV - COHERENCE.

In the early 90's Winter had spent hundreds of hours trying to convince Rollin McCraty at HeartMath Institute - that power spectra (FFT) technique COULD measure COHERENCE in the heart. When HeartMath finally began describing the importance of Heart Coherence - later in their literature, not only did they fail to mention Winter's work - they completely failed to provide the ciritcal service: a way to MEASURE coherence.

Quoting here from web analysis of the DIFFERENCE between HeartMath Freeze Framer technology versus Winter's approach:

Heart Math's Freeze Framer has a nice introductory role in teaching people to become aware that if their breath becomes even, they get better even-ness in their emotion.

The above graph of a sinuous wave in the heart's period or rate corresponding to the breath is from the HeartMath literature. The service to make learning to breathe in a periodic way - measureable IS helpful. (which produces the lower graph pattern in Heart beat interval)

BUT - as we shall see below - this should NOT be called HEART COHERENCE.

If you want the ultimate experience of seeing your heart music lighting the fire of coherence, try the HeartTuner. Heart Math Institute learned the corporate logo to well sell their simple tool. And credit to them for that. They have even interested the military in relaxation therapy. What they need to do now to restore a fragment of credibility is:

1. Correct their literature to admit that the only real measurement of Heart (ECG) internal coherence requires the Cepstrum - 2nd order power spectral math pioneered by Winter.

2. They should recommend HeartTuner and learn to teach it to their network.

3. Credit Dan Winter role in their early training in EKG power spectra.

The HeartTuner is clearly far more sophisticated & superior to the Freeze Framer concept. HeartMath's choice is one be absorbed in a friendly collaboration, or by product obsolescene.

To call getting one frequency (there about .08hz) present in the HRV lo frequency range - Heart Coherence is profoundly misleading and unhelpful. Especially since real Heart Coherence IS measureable - and can apparently measure passion and biological sustainability. Calling the rise in power of one single harmonic like this in the lo (HRV range) frequencies of the Heart - as COHERENCE - is like saying because one soldier is marching across the bridge in an even step - IS NOT THE SAME as measuring when the whole army is in even step / INTERNALLY COHERENT. The whole army of different size soldiers (frequencies contained in the heart) is not coherent until all their steps or harmonics come into phase lock. This REAL INTERNAL COHERENCE in the heart - is what (Winter's) HeartTuner measures. Imagine again the little child, or anyone, who at the moment they LOOK at someone they really love and care about - see the COHERENCE (Cepstrum) peak rise dramatically on the HeartTuner screen. Even small children understand instantly as the see their measured heart coherence soar when they FEEL PASSION or COMPASSION- that this IS the immortalizing difference 'between a flashlight and a laser' in their own heart. This is the real service envisioned. So how is it done?

The exciting thing is that HeartTuner's use of Dan's CEPSTRUM discovery to measure this coherence - ACTUALLY WORKS TO MEASURE PASSION and FIRE in the Heart!!

Winter discovered that conventional math knew of only one way to quantify coherence - this was when COMPARING one complex oscillator with another - for example the most common biofeedback example of a coherence measure - is COMPARING the relative coherence of the right versus left hemisphere of the EEG or brainwaves.

Below- sample output comparing one hemisphere versus the other for COHERENCE - here in Alpha brainwave frequency:

from IBVA - Psychic Lab. -

This technique ( matrix dot product comparing of TWO sources for coherence ) while helpful for learning to link the right brain with left - is no solution to teaching people INTERNAL COHERENCE in their emotion. To be emotionally coherent- you must be COHERENT with YOURSELF only. The term for this concept of self-coherence - or coherence WITHIN one oscillator is sometimes called - AUTO-coherence, or INTERNAL-coherence. This is even more true when you are measuring HEART coherence - when there are not 2 channels to compare.

Winter knew that this beautiful CASCADING effect in the power spectra during emotional peaks- WAS coherence - because it represented a disciplined internal phase lock between internal harmonics - exactly like light becoming a laser.

He wished to teach young people how their heart became a laser when they focused or felt passion.

The technique Winter pioneered for elegantly measuring this INTERNAL COHERENCE - involves taking a second order power spectra. The Power spectra involves the Fast Fourier Transform product. The second order form is rarely discussed in data analysis - it has been labeled the CEPSTRUM. (anagram of spectrum). Even in the literature - it is often INcorrectly described as an inverse FFT - which it is not. ( Further discussion of the mathematics from Winter's view: ).

Essentially - the real (not imaginary) output array of the first order power spectra is fed (in a sense-recursively) to a second order power spectra. The result is a wave which ONLY gets a primary peak - IF the waves of the first order power spectra are locked into phase. The AMPLITUDE of this first or primary peak of the CEPSTRUM is thus a new and powerfully elegant technique for quantifying and teaching biological COHERENCE. Further - it is evident by simply visual inspection- that coherence is being measured - because you can visibly see when comparing the simple power spectra that only as the waves cascade into INTERNAL PHASE LOCKED COHERENCE (like a laser) does a peak appear in the cepstrum.

Here (in the center of the pic) is an early result of Winter's work - here comparing the amount of COHERENCE of brainwaves with heart ekg.

The above data was taken with with the second hardware version Winter had built called 'HeartLink'. The first version (circa 1996) was a data acquisition Analog-Digital preamp National Instrument pcmcia card which Winter programmed in LabView to take the Ceptstrum.

He called this first hardware incarnation successful in measuring Heart Coherence - 'The Embedability Monitor'. ( )

With help from James Barrett and Andrew Junker - Winter succeded in evolving the coherence work in the HeartLink - (another pic below)

Altho HeartLink did disply heart coherence beautifully - responding to emotion - dramatically - it did not display time history plots, or offer good data export for research.

These limitations are powerfully overcome in the newest version of Winter's concept: HeartTuner ( )- which has successfuly entered the commercial biofeedback market.

Top left: 2 persons or 2 channels of EKG (or EEG or any life force transducer / inductor /capacitive etc.) - raw data.

Top right: standard power spectra harmonic analysis time history (newest on bottom) - bandwidth 0-20hz -Alpha/Theta/Delta etc. ( zoomable/scrollable to 60hz) clicks to full screen.

Bottom left: new concept:Cepstrum (2nd order Power Spectra) COHERENCE - Time History - newest bottom - clicks to full screen.

Bottom right: Beat Interval - in seconds (separate peak counter more accurate than Tuner's base 120hz sampling rate). In effect a breath graph.

Center bottom: HRV / Heart Rate Variability / time history / with 3 band histogram (3 standard medical bandwidths for HRV delineated by blue lines.

Center right: Coherence / Cepstrum averaging display / 2 persons. What emotions can SUSTAIN together. Averaging time user selectable for research state change measurement (here 5 seconds). Lower left hand coherence plot is averaged.

The amplitude or height of the lowest left peak - is the dynamic COHERENCE measure. When you look at someone you truly love - that peak will soar. It appears that heart coherence is genuinely a measure of the EKG discovering which waves are 'shareable'. (Winter talks about this in psychological language: 'the role of mind among waves - is to persuade waves to AGREE'.) Additionally, since relative muscle strength is proportional to the coherence you give it electrically - the HeartTuner appears to offer a practical way to see KINESIOLOGY measured. In effect - Heart Coherence - appears to be a kind of lie detector - or biological yes no responder. (Winter's graduate training is in polygraphy). It appears also simple to get yes no answers using this measure - from autism, parapalegic, or coma patients who at least are able to hear. ( Teacher weeps at first conversation with parapalegic boy using Winter's concept: )

Step 1 Simply to raise this COHERENCE peak - which Winter tells users - is the difference between a heart that is a flashlight versus a LASER (coherence). Persons who are not able to choose to raise this peak - often appropriately begin to ask themselves- have we lost passion?

Step 2 appears to be the ability to MOVE this peak right vs. left. (Emotional flexibility or range of emotion). This y axis value Winter calls E.I. or Emotional Index. The accurate spectral range displayed is usually .4 to 1.2 hertz. This exactly corresponds to the numeric inverse (1/x) value of a.) the musical fundamental of the heart - and b.) the exact distance in hertz between the (coherent phase locked ) harmonics in the standard power spectra (top right). This value is indirectly linked to Heart Rate. The medical literature is quite clear that inability to flex Heart Rate is a profound indicator of disease susceptibility. What is new here perhaps - is the added notion that inability to change heart RATE may correlate measureably to inability to change emotions. (more below).

Step 3. appears to be the skill to move TWO PERSONS to link hearts measureably - by causing their peaks to line up. Winter calls this measurable phase lock between hearts - impedance matching, or resonance entrainment - or charge bonding. What IS clear - is that a palpable feeling of CHARGE TRANSFER does become possible when this happens. It is rather uncontested that this is the first time clinical empathy, healing charge transfer, tantra, concensus process / conflict resolution - has been MEASURED. Winter has developed an extensive model of biological information transfer / and life force - based on this ability to share CHARGE (more below, reference: ).

Step 4. After measuring tens of thousands of persons - Winter's associates HeartCoherence Team et al., have determined ( has medicine noticed?) that MOST persons EKG key signature when stabilized PARKS AT ONE OF 3 BLUE LINES noted vertically on the cepstrum screen. (note Cepstrum is mispelled septrum in some screen labels).

These are the values .618 (1/Phi Golden Mean), .79 square root of Phi, and 1.0

These then correspond to 'heart music' (rate fundamentals) which are all simple log functions of the GOLDEN MEAN RATIO.

Having then noted so many persons heart's choosing this musical key, the obvious question to ask was-

what EMOTION accompanies which heart signature/ musical key? Here is Winter's data summary.

* .618 PHI / touch permissive / membrane bridging emotion - heart centered / empathic?

* .79 square root PHI - peaceful balance - centered between in reaching and out reaching..?

* 1.0 in-cubeating / conceptual / membrane making emotion..

Describing emotional QUALITY by the geometry cubic versus phi - of heart harmonics?

Winter's early analysis of the significance of the first peak of the EKG - Cepstrum - showing emotional QUALITY on the y axis.. .618 musical fundamental to EKG equalling touch permissive emotional states.

The concensus among thousands of users is clear: heart musical key at the left blue line .618 Golden Mean ratio corresponds to emotions which are MEMBRANE BRIDGING, TOUCH PERMISSIVE, and BARRIERS LET DOWN. Some users have oversimplified this to say that Golden Ratio E.I. value is HEART CENTERED EMOTION - versus to 1.0 HEAD CENTERED. Clearly those who choose 1.0 hz here, are invariably feeling more conceptual, less touch permissive, and more barriers up. Winter calls this MEMBRANE MAKING versus MEMBRANE bridging emotion. Winter has formulated an extensive harmonic theory of healing CANCER membranes by teaching people to move from head to heart (soften the isolationist membrane making charge) in this way : ref: . The key is to understand that electrically Golden Ratio harmonics nest and touch efficiently.. (compress non-destructively - key to Implosion)

cover -Winter's new book: Implosion's Grand Attractor- Sacred Geometry&Coherent Emotion, ref:

versus: harmonics in 1.0 hz, or cubic, or hex, or octave based lattice- literally PREVENT touch by creating DESTRUCTIVE interference when waves add and multiply 'heterodynes'-

The idea that Golden Mean ratio permits perfect collapse / fusion / non-destructive compression is clear from nature's use of Golden Mean ratio in Phylotaxis to create perfect UN-packing - a clue to perfect PACKING..

Maximum exposure - minimum superposition - the best way to SHARE the light - = perfect unpacking = perfect PACKING based on PHI / Golden Ratio / PHYlotaxis.

Winter developed this into a theory of fusion and implosion as self-organizing / perfect wave collapse. References: , , . In the last reference he derives a complete symmetry model of compassion psychologically based on discovering non-destructive COMPRESSION.

Winter believes compassion is electrically identical with the moment the heart learns to compress well - by recursive 'turning inside out' which shows up as Golden Ratio in the EKG power spectra:



This fits very well the Russian work (Dr. Korotkov) showing GOLDEN RATIO clearly defines brain wave harmonic ratio during BLISS AND EUPHORIA (peak experience) (ref: ). Winter believes this is key to replacing ADDICTION and ATTENTION DEFICIT with PEAK EXPERIENCE (charge attraction) using self-empowering neurofeedback - ( ref: ).

This Golden Ratio also fits well with Winter's analysis of the 'Sentic' touch pressure wave shape identifying the 'love hug' (ref: ).

It also fits well, Dr. Ed. Wilson's conclusion at Monroe Institute that Fibonacci to Golden Ratio audio heterodynes in headphones measureably induced brainwave TRANSCENDANCE (coherence in EEG top center instead of dissociative hemispheric extremes as coherence center around the ears).

This also fits Dr. Ary Goldberger's famous analysis which shows that the nerves causing the heart to fire are of the most SELF SIMILAR structures in the body...

Compare the heart branch with the heart harmonics as also SELF SIMILAR in EMBEDABILITY pic above..

Golden Mean Ratio - perfects self-reference (Vedic definition of self-awareness):

Derive the Golden Mean ratio - mathematically - and you derive perfect self-reference / self-embedding:

(from Winter's early notes - and his origin of alphabet - )


Essentially - what Winter is suggesting is that Golden Ratio is wave collapse and touch permissiveness perfected - because it is key to 'scale invariance'. That is - how structures arrange their internal wave symmetry so they can undergo perfect collapse without destruction. ( ref: ). He later developed this into a model to solve the unified field of physics - by showing this is the wave geometry which turns collapse IN to ACCELERATION. (by recursively allowing waves to add and multiply their wave velocities)- This explains why capacitors in this (conic recursive) geometry fabricate gravity and prove his unified field. Ref: , and .


It is not hard to understand how a certain (Golden Ratio) cascade of pressures can create implosive acceleration.. just look at the harmonics of a carefully pronounced AaahOmmmm..

creating a caddeuceus if you transition between vowels gracefully ( harmonic choir / multi timbral vocal chords) - below:

more at

The concept is to THROW inertial coherently BETWEEN frequencies to produce non-destructive collapse implosion. This sets the conditions for BLISS / Enlightenment / Charge Density (equivalent to HARMONIC INCLUSIVENESS - already proven to predict ending most disease in medical HRV literature).

Compare this with the Golden Ratio caddeuceus in the preceding picture.

Winter calls this harmonic theory of infinite non-destructive collapse: PhiRICAIS. ( )

Now all this may seem like a long way to travel- having first observed simply that the EKG of most persons chooses a musical key based on Golden Ratio.

It does however lead one to wonder- if this may not be the key to describing the long mysterious question - how does the heart like the living egg or pine cone appear to extract so much energy from it's environment. Winter says- this fractal arrangement of the elements of charge - creates implosion sucking capacitive charge in from the gravity field - accounting for moments of bliss in the heart. What is particularly unique is that he has translated this geometric hypothesis for the source of energy of life force into measurement:

(using the same HeartTuner)..

Trying to understanding why most healthy eggs generate 2 to 10 millivolts between ends, he began to measure the harmonics (inclusiveness) of CHARGE to measure the life force in eggs and fruit etc., using exactly the same hardware and software (HeartTuner): (below exerpted from )


Summary: spherical biological capacitor (gold plated ostrich egg - with a gap between plated ends to build dialectric field difference) is split and an electrode wire connects each opposite end of the capacitor to the preamp (HeartTuner) - sensitive to microvolts. Anything alive is placed in the cup field (in this case-fresh chicken egg).. and the life forcce (freshness ) is electrically measureable. The technique is to amplify the output microvolts - and then spectrum analyze (almost identical to the way brainwaves for example would be processed). Charge density (amplitude of peaks) and harmonic INCLUSIVENESS predict life force. Note above - how visible the difference is between the fresh egg (in blue) to the 3 day old egg in yellow - is measureable and replicable.

The data had been replicated several times in the Netherlands group - until the gold foil layer they had installed had separated and become discontinuous. The Perth group did such a good job with the new design - they are able to measure life force even in a building where there is some electrical noise. (The Netherlands group had to be outside of electrical pollution in most buildings to see good result).

The point is that - life force is now DIRECTLY measureable. This should change the way food is processed / defined / and handled everywhere in the world. The concept of food which has been fractionated and has been contained in poor charge environments (metal refrigerators) is absurd now that we know life force = designing a good capacitor!!!

The HRV literature originally showed that HARMONIC INCLUSIVENESS ( identical to successful embedding - and compression - optimized by Golden Ratio) in the HRV - statistically correlated with eliminating most chronic disease. Ref: Irving Dardik MD., former chair Olympic Medical Committee, in Cycles Magazine: (as reprinted at , intro here by Winter - see link)

1. This concept of "superlooping" and Rate Variability and Fractality be applied to understanding what sustains (not just the heart but) every biological oscillator (you and me & planets) as the "embedability" which creates a "a sacred circuit".

2. That perfecting this nesting of the loops is acheivable with the feedBACK mathematics of PHI the Golden Mean (Phi-lotaxis as maximum exposure minimum superposition really means waves nesting perfectly.).... ../embedability

Please see the new LIFEFORCE article - to apply this concept of HARMONIC INCLUSIVENESS (Fractality) to evaluating life force (and VIABILITY) by harmonic analysis of charge in ANYTHING ALIVE! (abstract in this box)

 Abstract: The concept is inspired from the film we made with Professor Phil Callahan. There we saw him observe with his liquid crystal portable Fluke scope that the more harmonics which were present in the weak capacitive field around a tree - the healthier the tree was. There we learned to use the hemp 'biological capacitive probe' used for the EARLIER data on the above linked page.

The point is that the concept - THE MORE HARMONICS PRESENT AT ONCE- THE MORE LIFE IS PRESENT - is PERFECTLY reflected in the EKG literature! Namely that the fractality of harmonic INCLUSIVENESS of the Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is a very reliable predictor of immune health and longevity!.

Reference 1:The Origin of Disease and Health Heart Waves

Reference 2:Heart Rate Variability Comparison using HeartLink / HeartTuner

- The principle is simple: the MORE waves of electrical charge which can simultaneous agree to meet at once - in any biological oscillator - the more ALIVE it is. While this concept seems absurdly simple at first inspection - in fact it makes perfect sense. When a biological structure finds a way to attract waves of charge - it sucks in the energy of its environment. The more waves of charge it can suck in a one time - the more energy and LIFE it absorbs.

This is VERY parallel in some ways - to the notion that LIFE FORCE IS ROUGHLY EQUAL TO BIOLOGICALLY SUSTAINABLE CHARGE DENSITY (Thus explaining for example why most metal structures deplete life force when they even TOUCH food!)

The nice thing is - we can now depict exactly HOW a biological structure gathers that charge :

It arranges the elements of it's 'nonlinear' dialectric to become fractal or self-similar. In this way - the recursive non-destructive (or re-cursively CONSTRUCTIVE) interference of the charge waves in its interior becomes a FRACTAL ATTRACTOR. Or - more specifically - it adds and multiplies the wave lengths and wave velocities in THIS geometry depicted - see link..

UNIVERSAL CYCLES, reprinted from "Cycles Magazine", CYCLES Vol.46,No.3,1996

The Origin of Disease and Health Heart Waves
The Single Solution to Heart Rate Variability

In the world of medicine are two extraordinary experimental mysteries that intuition at first suggests are totally unrelated. The first mystery, which comes from the field of cardiology, is:
Why does a decrease in heart rate variability(HRV)emerge as a single common risk factor for virtually all chronic diseases at all..

We conclude that finding a powerful correlate to emotional states during the appearance of Golden Ratio harmonics in the EKG may be very significant and worth further study.

We conclude also that the concept of Coherence - now probably more measurable and teachable than ever ( ) should be studied.. in the Heart and Brain and possibly all biological oscillators. If Winter is correct - internal COHERENCE may be as close as we will ever get to mathematically predicting biological sustainability.

Winter extends the idea of Harmonic Inclusiveness - inspired from Dardik..

to suggest that the VITALITY OF ALL BIOLOGICAL OSCILLATORS may be quantified by measuring HARMONIC INCLUSIVENESS in this way. Essentially - suggesting that the Golden Mean ratio perfects harmonic inclusiveness by perfecting the number of DIFFERENT harmonics which can non-destructively embed / compress / nest in one place.

refs: , .

More on HeartTuner -

summary- Heart Music: HRV and Emotion vs The Care & Feeding of Immune Health

Intro lecture on Heart Coherence & The HeartTuner ( ) from the inventor - to health professionals.

1. Harmonic Inclusiveness (sometimes called fractality ) -which is how many different frequencies at once you can "invite" into your heart (Heart Rate Variability / HRV) clearly predicts resistance to MOST known chronic disease! (Ref 1. , Ref 2. ). This is one of the reasons HRV is one of the most intensely studied fields in medicine today.

2. HARMONIC INCLUSIVENESS MAXIMIZED BY GOLDEN RATIO: The mathematic solution to maximizing the number of different wave lengths that can share space non-destructively is THE GOLDEN MEAN RATIO - This is the principle of PHYLOTAXIS - the branching geometry of all biology - so named because it is based on PHI - the symbol for Golden Mean. What is perfect UNPACKING for plants, is also perfect packing - hence clearly the Heart solves the problem of sustainability by learning to PACK (compress charge) well.

3. Two conditions predict the sustainability and viability of EVERYTHING oscillating. The Heart (ECG) and ALL of biology are examples of oscillators which must learn these in order to survive. The first is this HARMONIC INCLUSIVENESS, and the second is COHERENCE. Coherence is necessary because otherwise internal interference self-cancels anything waving or alive. The limit condition to allow BOTH Harmonic Inclusiveness AND COHERENCE to be sustained is PERFECT BRANCHING, or NESTING, or EMBEDDING, as defined by the Golden Mean Ratio. This is why after spectrum analysing tens of thousands of ECG's using HeartTuner, the VAST majority of HeartBeats choose to become stable at one of 3 musical key signatures ( Phi ^-1 or .618, Phi ^-1/2 or .79 , and Phi^0 or 1.0). These are identified by the 3 blue lines on the HeartTuner screen. There can be no other explanation than the heart learning the key to non-destructive compression (of charge) based on Phi. This correlates beautifully to the apparent psychology of those 3 emotional positions, which at .618 correspond much more to touch permissive emotion, versus 1.0 ('Emotional Index' or ECG musical fundamental) being much more intellectual and membrane MAKING kind of feeling. The PHI ratio .618 harmonic series is touch permissive emotionally, because that ( pent or phi based) symmetry permits non destructive harmonically inclusive nesting! The NEED then is to measure a.) Harmonic Inclusiveness idealized by Phi harmonics in the power spectra, and b.) COHERENCE in the ECG -- which also has profound implications for teaching COHERENT Emotion. The HeartTuner is the solution to this feedback revolution because it measures for the first time INTERNAL coherence (in heart or brain) plus instantly reports on the moment of that PHI tuned cascade. (which among other things has already electrically DEFINED bliss and euphoria - see , since that creates collapse and compression - of charge.)

4. How to Interpret the HeartTuner Screen - New summary -:

The CEPSTRUM (Coherence Measure) from the HeartTuner screen (not available in any other device).

The peak you look at here is the main or first peak on the left side. Each user is color coded, and the newest data is always on the bottom, scrolling up to time history ('waterfall' plot). The height or AMPLITUDE of that first peak is the COHERENCE measure. The peak rises every time the heart has more harmonics in phase with each other. This measures how many waves the heart has found a way to get into AGREEMENT at one time. The skill to produce 'agreement' - coherent centering phase lock - among waves - as it shows up measureably in the EKG- IS the very quantum nature of compassion itself!

In practice: this heart coherence clearly rises every time the heart gets coherent - we like to say: " learn to light your own fire - turn your heart from a flashlight into a laser - so your coherent emotion can go far". Watch this peak rise when your body says yes to anything - or you speak your truth, conversely if your body says no to anything if falls. If you learn to watch it, it is indeed a kind of truth detector. This makes good physics because coherence like truth is a wave that is shareable.

So the first lesson is to RAISE THE PEAK - learn to light the fire of passion - and sustain coherence.

Second lesson: learn to move the peak. Heart Rate Variability richness requires that for health you not ne stuck in one place. The position of that peak back and forth on the X (horizontal) axis measures the musical key signature of your heart - is tied to heart rate. And the ability to move that DOES correspond to emotional flexibility - if your heart music is stuck - so are your emotions. And medical proof exists (Dardik et al) that harmonic diversity (not being stuck) in the heart's music DOES correlate beautifully to resisting most ALL diseases! (The is called 'fractal' heart rate variability).

Third lesson: learn to LINK with another person. The linking or aligning of two peaks measures the moment of biological entrainment and beautiful teaches the science of EMPATHY, and learning to bond with another. This has the most profound implications for healers, lovers, counselors .. and world peace! ( see - ). Not only is this the first practical and useful measure for success in achieving an EMPATHIC MOMENT - but it lays the foundation for actually linking hearts around the planet! (see "Harmonic Module" above.)

Fourth lesson: when the peak is near to 1.0 on that axis - the QUALITY of the emotion is called 'membrane making' - in practice it means that this area is usually your conceptual - head centered kind of feeling state. Whereas - when this peaks is nearer to .618 Golden Mean, the QUALITY of the 'emotion bridging' - in practice this is a feeling state usually associated with compassion, empathy, openness - even love. This is because the simple geometry of the heart's electricity moves from isolating / insulated cubic lattice - to embedding and nesting and touchable pent lattice. It is also true however that it is not good to be totally in one or the other, but rather to learn flexibility and even control of your emotion - self-empowerment by feedback.

3. The HeartTuner ( ) uses a revolution in mathematics (pioneered by Winter) (the second order power spectra: CEPSTRUM) to:

a.) quantify the INTERNAL or AUTO COHERENCE within the heart's voltage (ECG) , and

b.) dynamically and continuously feed back the musical fundamental to which the ECG is tuned (linked to Heart Rate - called Emotional Index/ EI number).

4. Benefits of providing this feedback - now proven commercially - include:

a.) teaching EMOTIONAL coherence - linked to Heart (ECG) coherence - newly made measureable.

b.) teaching EMPATHY , COMPASSION , MARRIAGE COUNSELING , CONFLICT RESOLUTION , CONCENSUS PROCESS , and ENERGY HEALING by CHARGE TRANSFER - by measuring and teaching the moment at which two persons hearts (ECG) come into perfect musical phase lock.

c.) since the same feedback system allows measuring EEG COHERENCE - a revolution in the treatment of Attention Deficit and Addiction is becoming evident. ( ref. 1: , ref.2: ). Also the HRV curve on the HeartTuner - becomes a graph of the breathing - and can measure and teach the entrainment of breath to heart to brain..

Compare the above Caddeuceus breath ( see Exercises to Zero Point ) measured in HRV interbeat interval ...

( After 1 long deep breath - each succeeding breath is .61 as long and deep as the previous until refined breath and then stillness is reached ) (compare to collapse pics above )

Here see another example of the current professional EEG electrodes now shipping with HeartTuner measuring (with standard HeartTunerPro software)

1) onset of Alpha brainwave activity with eye closure,

and 2. onset of Heart Coherence in PHASE LOCK (Heart-Brain LINK UP) with EEG Brain Coherence.

(Internal Brainwave Coherence has never before been quantified - and is strongly hypothesized to correlate to attention density - and focus - providing new keys to simplify self-empowering neurofeedback to eliminate Attention Deficit and Addiction.) ref 1., ref 2.

5. Having observed the musical key (heart rate fundamental) of tens of thousands of ECG, it has become CLEARLY evident that most stable heart rates stabilize at one of 3 points ( see 3 blue lines on the CEPSTRUM (septrum) coherence graph time history above. The 3 stability points are Golden Ratio (.618) , Square Root Golden Ratio (.79) and 1.0. Interviews with many thousands of users strongly evidences a psychological correlate to these obviously biologically preferred fundamentals. Those stuck at 1.0 hz musical key - are invariability experience more touch inhibiting - barrier making emotion. VERSUS those at .618 regularly evidence more TOUCH PERMISSIVE emotion. This has PROFOUND implications for cancer ( ref: ) - as well as the simple ability to help people move from 'head' or conceptual based emotions - to 'heart' or touch / feel based emotions and back.

The REASON that harmonic inclusiveness - which HeartTuner repeatedly evidences is correlated with compassion - feeds the immune system is simple: Biophysics ("Structural Stability and Morphogenesis" book) concludes that biological membranes sustain TO THE EXTENT THAT THE WAVE HARMONICS WHICH BRAID THEM LIKE A SOAP BUBBLE FOLDED - ARE MUSICALLY PHASE COHERENT - AND INCLUSIVE.

6. The HeartTuner work provides a vast ground work for now measuring the VIABILITY IN ANY BIOLOGICAL OSCILLATOR OF ANY SCALE - to prove that LIFE FORCE and VIABILITY in general - is predicted by HARMONIC INCLUSIVENESS ! . ( ref: ) . Information is graphed at that reference evidencing that this can be applied for example to measuring the harmonic inclusiveness of the capacitive charge of ANYTHING ALIVE to measure life force. Transducers (biological capacitance probes) are used with the same HeartTuner to make these measures. Specifically - we discuss why - LIFE FORCE equals the ability to attract and self organize electrical charge .

7. How HeartTuner makes Kinesiology measureable: Numerous professional kinesiologists around the world have found that with even minimal practice - it is beautifully simple to use HeartTuner to solve the problem of making the Kinesiology response actually measureable. Millions agree that the body responds knowingly to what it needs by increasing muscle strength. A great way to check what medicine or food is good for you, or whether the battery in your watch is destroying the strength in your personal field effect. The problem is that since pressing down on someones arm or even finger to check muscle strength - has always had a SUBJECTIVE component - this wonderful technique to HEAR the body - has always been relegated to non-scientific circles. Now this has changed. Muscle strength is clearly the scientific result of how COHERENT is the electrical (myographic) signal your nervous system SENDS to your arm muscle for example. If you establish a calm baseline, now the HeartTuner by measuring the ELECTRICAL COHERENCE of the Heart - beautifully quantifies (measures) how powerful is the instruction that nervous electricity can deliver to MUSCLE. This idea works very practically and replicably as follows:

1. Use HeartTuner in 1 channel mode, reduce noise and wait at least 1 to 3 minutes or so until you have a nice clean waterfall of coherence (Cepstrum) measure (bottom left).

2. Observe where the main peak settles in a pattern. Have your subject quite relaxed and not moving.

3. You place the object to be tested on their heart or solar plexus (they don't move). If their body likes it the coherence peak (main or first primary peak of the Cepstrum) will rise within about one half to 2 seconds. If not it will fall.

It is that simple! It works amazingly well. It is important to learn to watch the peak immediately in the second or so after you place the test substance in their field. To get some simple baseline - after you have quiet background - try a really fresh piece of fruit or egg in their aura to see it rise - then try a bag of sugar or something heavy metal or transformer or battery in their aura to see it fall. .. This is a good time to click 'Settings' in HeartTunerPro, 'Enable' averaging (try a 5 second window).. See the effect of your medicine or chosen test substance on your Heart Coherence - 5 seconds with, 5 without .. averaged & displayed dynamically.

Appendix: what research has been done so far with HeartTuner?

The tool is new, and the field is just beginning.. here are some preliminary study results..

1st: Does COHERENCE increase during active conscious focus - group averaged: (study in lab in Hilversum, Netherlands)


ABOVE- Septrum peak amplitudes - higher during difficult, frustrating tasks. - Top Plot - AVERAGE of Subject Pool for Septrum (Coherence?) Peak - Vertical Axis - Power Density - Horizontal Axis - Time During Which Tasks were uniformly sequenced.

BELOW- Septrum Peak x-coordinate (Emotional Index) is lower during difficult tasks and higher during relaxation. What exactly does the Emotional Index tell us about our state of mind?

The below study was done with the earlier HeartLink - on Cepstrum EKG coherence, note- subject pool around 20 were studied before and after 6 month meditation intensive retreat.

see detail:

Below: sample of data export for research file structure from HeartTuner.


Notes on HRV theory versus HeartTuner coherence measure:

Q&A: does the HeartTuner offer these functions:

- analysis of short-term HRV incorporating nonparametric and preferably also parametric spectral analysis
- analysis based on regular sampling of the tachograms (what sampling rate, per what [beat, sec?])
- nonparametric spectral analysis which uses at least 512 but preferably 1024 points for a five-minute recording (what does the HT use?)

They also list standards for the analysis of long-term HRV, but am I right in assuming that these are inappropriate for the HeartTuner? They include:

- time domain methods including all 'four standard measures' (specified as SDNN, SDANN, RMSSD, and HRV triangular index)
- frequency analysis in five-minute segments ('using the same precision as with the analysis of short-term ECGs')
- spectral analysis of the 24-hour record to compute HF, LF, VLF and ULF components, the periodgram sampling should be the same as for the short-term analysis, eg 218 points.

See Figure 7 in the article too for the recommended 'strategy for obtaining the data for the HRV analysis'. Is this relevant for the HT?

Answer:- Heart Rate Variability's Most Profound Power to Heal Lies in Teaching Conscious Control. Harmonic Inclusiveness (Medically Shown to Limit Chronic Disease) In HRV Can Be Achieved Sustainably ONLY IF That Skill Is Consciously Learned. (The Medical Model - let the doctor fix it for you - is the least sustainable - most dis-empowering). Conscious Learning Requires That the Feedback Rate To Teach It - Is Fast Enough So A Conscious Connection Is Made Between The HRV Success versus the Emotion That Produced It.

5 Minutes of Averaging May Produce Slightly More Resolution In the Display of the HRV Power Spectra - But Paying the Price For That Slightly Added Resolution - the Elimination of the Real Time FEEL to Consciously TEACH HRV Health - IS Unnecessary..

Because - HeartTuner has a better way:

The HeartTuner state of the art preamplifier is really a 4 channel - opto-isolated battery powered UL/FDA approved device. It is set up to process 2 ECG channels simultaneously. The HeartTuner design is specifically optimized to provide feedback to the user IN TIME TO ALLOW THEM TO TAKE IMMEDIATE INTERNAL ACTION to change their own heart. This is much different than most HRV systems - whose function is more for later diagnosis - and as a result the HeartTuner experience is probably a revolution in self-empowerment.

The medical paradigm which says the doctor takes control of your health - implies only he needs to understand your HRV - in an after the fact analysis. The HeartTuner view is different - our view is that once the user understands the need to achieve a harmonically inclusive HRV - the user can see and choose to do that real time - using among other things the variables of breath control - as well as the revolutionary new measure of heart coherence offered by HeartTuner. This difference in user intention - self-empowerment by close to real time feedback :including learned EMOTIONAL coherence - - versus later diagnosis only - means the HeartTuner design is unique - in the medical world. (The feedback time to HRV display must find a way to be much faster / shorter in delay time / than most medical applications conceive necessary.)

Specifically - the HeartTuner offers accurate HRV spectral information as close to real time as electrically possible. This provides the service of allowing the person to adjust their breath and heart rate almost real time - in response to screen biofeedback. The quickness of the time to feedback allows a yogic kind of breath control for example to be learned dynamically - with true almost immediacy of feeling to the feedback. (Sufficient for example to allow the above kind of caddeuceus breath to be learned looking at heart beat interval).

The number in the lower left of the screen - changing constantly - is the number of samples waiting to be analyzed in the buffer - note that for most even moderately slow computers this number will generally be under 20-50. Since the HeartTuner's digital sampling rate is 120 samples per second - if you divide this number by 120 - you can see that the delay to analysis of data usually is under .1 (1/10) of a second. This is not to say the curve drawn in each display box is faster than 1 second from actual event, but it is close.

The way the HeartTuner goes about acheiving faster real time display of HRV data is the use of A SEPARATE ANALOG PEAK COUNTER IN THE HARDWARE PRE-AMPLIFIER to measure the beat to beat interval time. (The extra 2 channels of the 4 channel device looking at only 2 signal sets).

The result of this has many benfits:

- the analog circuit determines the timing of the beat peak with an accuracy much greater than even the 1024 point 5 min recording strategy in the question above.

- the computer CPU is completely saved the speed penalty needed to do power spectra of data samples windowed for at least 10 -20 seconds normally needed to see an HRV with an accuracy down to .1 (1/10) hertz. (that would be a supercomputer job to analyze 20 seconds at 120 samples per second in an FFT array).

So - in summary - the HeartTuner does a form of the FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) (generally a non-parametric technique) of the Beat Interval plot to display the HRV spectra in Hertz - complete with a time history waterfall display of the curve.

The HeartTuner basic sampling rate is 120 samples/ sec. for the regular power spectra display offering fast coherence training feedback. However - the HRV spectra display is not based on that sampling rate - but rather the accurate timing of the beat peak intervals determined by a special state of the art separate peak counter. Then the time in seconds between those peaks is plotted - and those times are taken into an FFT of about 50 peak counts (30-50 seconds roughly) window to then plot the HRV spectra.

The HeartTuner's averaging window is then MUCH less than 5 minutes for the HRV display - because while a doctor might want to know how stable the average was - the USER - cannot make the connection between CHOOSING A FEELING and seeing the result - if that result takes 5 minutes to get to the screen. That is why the HeartTuner's accomplishment to get HRV info on the screen MUCH closer to real time than most doctors could imagine - is both revolutionary and self-empowering. As such the above medical literature discussion of what makes good HRV display is actually the OPPOSITE of what it takes to make an HRV display self-empowering to a user who wishes to take control of the relationship of their emotion to their health! In the view of this inventor of the HeartTuner - this is indicative of the medical tradition for dis-empowering the patient - failing to recognize that the real meaning of HRV is for the patient to discover the connection between CHOOSING COHERENCE and CHOOSING HARMONIC INCLUSIVENESS by INTELLIGENT EMOTING.

The nice thing about HeartTuner - is that the 4 separate raw and spectra data files simultaneously exported by HeartTuner - allow anyone with reasonable skill in spreadsheet software like Excel - to plot longer time window averaging HRV for example.

Medicine did not know what live blood cell microscopy was - until persons other than traditional dis-empowering doctors - chose to show people their blood 'real time'. Medicine did not know what live electron microscopy was until Raymond Royal Rife - showed microscopy in vivo - better than current 'dead stuff - post mortem only' electron microscopy - in so discovering the energy bases (frequency signatures) of many diseases.

The medical ideal to display more detail by averaging HRV data over longer time - is clearly appropriate in many diagnostic situations - for that the HeartTuner provides ready data export. The HeartTuner's primary function to teach real emotional control over heart coherence , and HRV harmonic inclusiveness - is unparalleled anywhere - and clearly cannot be measured by statistical techniques (implied in the above referenced medical article on how to take an HRV) SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED TO PREVENT A USER FROM SEEING HIS OWN HRV FAST ENOUGH TO EMOTIONALLY REMEMBER WHAT THE FEELING WAS THAT MADE THE PLOT.


The HeartTuner does not do Standard Deviation of 5 minute histories of HRV. Altho 5 minute averaging of heart coherence IS possible ON SCREEN by setting the ceptrum averaging window on in the settings options. Of course Standard Deviation (SD) can easily be offered from the data files exported - in later processing.

24 hour averaging would be possible with HeartTuner with data export post analysis. NOTE however in only the latest HeartTuner Pro - update available from the lab - is separate data file export for HRV offered in the settings menu

Note figure 7 in the referenced article describing ideal HRV data taking procedure is obsolete and irrelevant to the use of a separate analog peak counter to accurately measure the milliseconds between peaks faster and more accurately than even high sampling rate Analog to Digital sampling.


below exerpt from




-new image review added Sept 2003- see bottom-

by dan winter, this article documents the concept that in both physics and emotion, any wave that can nest or embed itself from inside out, can survive. since embedability can be mathematically perfected by golden ratio based recursion/branching/nesting, this literally becomes a prescription for how to make ANYTHING sustainable and thus immortal!


(the egg survives in the womb to the extent to which it is..

able to embed -refer: egg and ensoulment )


This PHI Golden Mean geometry is the PRINCIPLE of idealized embedding in all systems.



... in practical terms this means we can tweak any chaotic oscillator

(like a heart or brain or a power distribution grid or a planet climate)

toward self organization

by simply nudging a critical few of it's key wavelengths

toward PHI (Golden Mean) embedability...

the tricky part is that whenever we do this

we are waking up a being who will become self aware and have intention.


by Dan Winter


related by Jonathan Dickau: Are the Boundaries of Consciousness a Fractal?

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Below, the voltage waves around the heart arrange their "con-cresent" center in PHI harmonic ratios, so that the magnetic/emotional pressures can touch and sort and center, non-destructively: The Geometry of successful compression is the Geometry of successful compassion. Here in these waves of magnetism, the wind on which love travels, is contained the information of feeling outside you that now becomes inside you. Permission for waves to center/ turn inside out, IS permission to feel more feeling. The moment the heart chooses to experiment with the new symmetry of dimpling the little donut to reach out to bigger ones, is an inversion moment, quantifiable as the Heart's electricity chooses the ratio of successful embedding. This is the subject of the biofeedback geometry below. Successful self-embedding, here quantified, reports on the moment of increase self-reference electrically. Turning inside out the heart wave REFERS back to itself. This is the moment of increased self-awareness, triggered by the feeling of reaching out magnetically, called compassion.



The first series of tests for my original idea that embedability and thus compassion and fractality could be measured and fed back, met with such surprising immediate confirmation that it felt appropriate to share even preliminary data.

We were looking for a way to look at the harmonics contained in ANY biological oscillator, in such a way as to make the approach to embedding teachable. The early breakthru concept I proposed was that (heart) harmonics could "ascend" in the number of frequencies that could dance together non-destructively when the ratio between them was PHI or square root of PHI. This also correlated to the distance in time between events, when the calendar became recursive, self-aware, and time emerged from chaos.(The book "Spiral Calendar" by Carolan.) So it would be appropriate that this geometry of nesting would correlate to when the heart also emerged from chaos. And in fact this 1.272= square root of PHI-1.618 number WAS the frequency distance between peaks the first time in the world when we measured Heart Harmonics correlated to deep feeling, at Millard Fillmore hospital. With my help, then Heart Math Institute replicated and continued my work. Excitingly this square root of PHI ratio of PERFECTED EMBEDDING is replicated below here with more rigor now that we are actually doing the double FFT (Fast Fourier Transform), to look at the harmonic EMBEDDED in the harmonics!


With the help of many great friends like Dr. Irving Dardik, Dr. Ken Thorpe, Prof Robert Boustany, etc., we had been looking for a way to display the data so that EMBEDABILITY would be immediately available as a feedback variable. (See the Dardik link for info on heart rate variability as a fractal medically creating resistant to almost all chronic diseases.)

The model suggested and seems to be now well on the way to confirmation, that EMBEDABILITY of any wave (within wave waving), occured when the length or nest geometry was GOLDEN MEAN. This is simply understandable because this ratio allows wave lengths to add AND multiply repeated (carrier to envelope..etc.. in recursive braiding). This meant that an infinite (in-PHI-knit) number of waves could live next to each other without fighting. This was then the apparent magnetic geometry of:

prefect nesting, recursion, embedding, gravity, self-awareness, etc.

How to make mass (measured only by the inertia that happens when spin is dense, whose packing requires recursion perfected), is the principle here. To be creative requires learning this skill to rearrange magnetics into 3D fractal embeds.

With some wonderful creative suggestions from Greg Richter of Blue Mountain Software, and Scott Woodward of University of Buffalo Hydrodynamics Engineering, we came to realize that the Frequency Signature of the Frequency Signature was the way to SEE THIS EMBEDDING.

So after dozens of false starts and a learning curve in LAB VIEW and National Instruments Data Acquistion, we have the stunningly gorgeous (excuse us for being thrilled) data below.


(Context: Nat'l Instruments DAQ-1200 PCMIA card in Mac Powerbook 3400C, Lab View Software programming by myself, with LOTS of advice from wonderful Scott Woodward at Univ Bufflo Engineering. Top display is raw EKG data, next display down is the frequency signature, AND the next display down IS THE FREQUENCY SIGNATURE OF THE FREQUENCY SIGNATURE!! .. embedded..)

Sample rates indicated on prints, data taken direct from ekg electrodes to the data acquisition card at 100 gain.


Steve Hanauer reports feeling a rush, the embedded ratio between contained harmonics in the raw ekg is interestingly close to PHI the Golden Mean, 1.618.


Is this incube-ation with heart harmonics root two?.. close to 1.414..


Apparent presence of .618 and sq root of 1.618, as ratio between contained (enveloped/embedded) harmonics..?

Are the harmonics between harmonics proceeding in NON POWER OF 2 RATIO?

Could this be the perfection of what physics calls sustainability in NON-Linear systems?

Is this the perfect balance between PHI cycle implosive all connected ness (Ed Wilson measured octaves in brain harmonics produced documented EEG dissociation at Monroe Institute, PHI harmonics produced measured EEG transcendance -Lexicor), vs.. power of TWO dissociation? Here square root of PHI balances that tightrope between total implosion and total separateness. (Compare with root PHI in Spiral Calendar book and root PHI in my original book.


Harmonic interval close to .618, =1/PHI..


Here, Susan reported feeling feathers around her heart, Harmonic Interval Unity.


In Each case, ask yourself if you were in kindergarten and the teacher gave you tinkertoys of that length ratio what you could build.

Roots of two= in cubic structures,

Roots of unity = hex structures

Roots of PHI = Pent- (dodec-icos) recursive structures. (dodeca icosa stellation /greater maze=symmetry of DNA's wratchet, Earth's Magnetic Grid, & 12 house Zodiac.. nature uses embedding to link structures regardless of scale.)



This is very excitingly close to suggesting ways to confirm our life long work to show that embedding in biological oscillators could be quantized. And that the principle of embedding perfected is harmonics based on PHI the Golden Mean.

Hydrodynamically: "optimized translation of vorticity" moves wave from line/energy to circle/mass non destructively. More than a Yellow Brick Road, the Golden Spiral is the way up off the cross (of waves at nodes), translating non-destructively the foci of our awareness from matter to light. Since this path to recursion makes spin dense, we have called it matter, but more properly it is the named principle of Chrystos: crystalization. The reason awareness inhabits this PHI's ray (fire), is that in the center of waves only permission to recur sustainably, lives the place where all waves can agree. The spin information that can be sampled from this all presence, is called Consciousness, and becomes Spiral-tual. So feeling the samples of many, requires persuading magnetism to create fractal embedded space. We can lead the awareness to water, but to drink, this rush requires sorting. So, the sorting for the shareable, activity we have called symmetry among waves, is really literally the evolution of pure intention, in the magnetic cauldron of the fractal Heart with when it's magnetism takes wing



The theory then predicts this exact double harmonic signature tool would be effective to teach optimized embedding in ANY biological oscillator in order to:


- teach self awareness.. Is Awareness Itself Charge Gone Fractal or EmbedAble?

- eliminate addition.. already shown in Marty Wuttke, see Is this recursion

- create global emotion .. see Heartbeat 2000 project and article..

- repair gravity around planets and restore atmosphere (magnetic and capacitive embedding creates and heals gravity) We need merely use this tool on the Schumann harmonic SERIES of Earth, rearrange the stones and wires continent wide, to create embeddable long waves. This will not only stabilize gravity and return atmospheric attraction at poles, but also cause climate to emerge from chaos.

- we can lead ANY oscillator like the heart, the brain, or the planet from CHAOS this way, since this is IN PRINCIPLE the idealized path from chaos for all wave systems.

- imagine using this tool on the spectra of the light in your greenhouse, and fixing the harmonic ratio to restore recursion, and finding this was the principle we call life, and your plants grew much more quickly.

- quantify the moment at which any oscillating system becomes self aware.

- quantify fractal HEART RATE VARIABILITY (see Irving Dardik), to perfect embedding in the heartbeat, to produce elimination of virtually every known chronic disease. This is the mathematic principle behind his amazing therapy.

- test and optimize for the fractal tree structure necessary to make any database fractal and therefore infinitely compressible, thus revolutionizing computers and information theory.



Next steps:

Produce inexpensive PC interface so millions can test to see if they can feel embedding (compassion) across the internet. (HeartBeat2000)

This allows the interactive game where the teenager navigates the wormholes of a true virtual reality bardo (see geometry of eternality article), Contact regarding Interactive Consciousness Raising Biofeedback Computer Game for Young People: Luke Gatto, at Quantum Galaxies, 303-443-8320, Boulder, CO,

where the only tool to center and steer in the bardo dream wormhole, is the extent to which the heart harmonic is EMBEDDABLE. This truly imitates the test of whether we can lucid dream, and retain memory thru death.

A growing population of people young at heart, skilled in emoting intentionally then allows the GLOBAL HeartBeat2000, to proceed.



I would like to thank all those many friends who have helped me so much to this, a culmination of my life's work.


Dan Winter



embedability animation


grail animation derived from this heart harmonic, is at:


 How do waves organise into matter and life
Thinking about snails in Brahmachakra

I was trying to figure out how to address the subject of perfect embedding and the way we discuss our topics on creation.

Now we deal with seemingly different perspectives and we have to find a way to solve this riddle. Matter and Life, Mind and Matter, How Consciousness becomes Life and Death and How Duality remains One. One perspective obviously creates a lot of confusion, that is our limited perspective. Yet by means of our concentration or meditation, we found a glimpse of a larger and more wholistic perspective. In our relative sphere we are limited, but this broadened perspective seems more objective, more clear. I would like to call the broadened perspective normal and all more limited perspectives, well, abnormal.
So just when talking to ill people or mentally retarded, or drunk people or little children, one might choose to feel the need to simplify a matter, if you choose to see those people as abnormal or limited, relative to your grander perspective. That is how the great seers and philosophers must feel, lonely. That is the grief of the almost enlightened, that there is no way to share and communicate your experience. The same holds more or less for those who used psychotropic drugs like LSD. The uniqueness of your experience makes you lonely.
Yet the really great, like Baba for example or Christ, have taken the last step, into the light, became fully enlightened, where they realised that all is indeed one and I can never be alone. Still being in this relative world, they found elegant ways of teaching others how to do the same. In them there is no more question of feeling unable to teach, no, the disability is an integral part of the world they live in, not their own. They will endlessly repeat the same message in a thousand different ways, so that every different persons perspective gets embedded and reflected in it, hopefully. That is the work, to allow others to enter, to feel they are already in. It is cleaning the dust from the mirrors face. So we learn a technique to clean our dust and grow in consciousness.

This is the perspective that I place most true and genuine spiritual teachings in; ways to say the same, helping us relative people to tune in and stay on the path. So whether I talk and read about The Cycle of Creation, Brahma Chakra or the Way Waves Learn to Selfsustain, it is to the same background. And as I compare various perspectives or conversations in order to distille the essence, it is always to this background. Finally I regard every story as an attempt to shed light on this essence and I also examine the way the story is told and written, it's embedding and context, if it is selfsustainable and symmetrical, true. Not always does rational analysis tell me that, but most of the time it is an absence of clash that proves it's wisdom. And the fact that it feels naturally.
Therefore I do not dive to deep into certain discussions, like for example whether something is or is not in saincara or pratisaincara, that is for others to do. To me that difference is intuitively clear as long as I maintain the One = All perspective. Indeed from any other perspective it is an endless discussion as per definition, but not a useless or fruitless path certainly, if you have a brain. The same holds for the Dan Winter How Waves shape Matter and Life philosophies. Try to consume the perspective. That is enough, examine how it helps you see the essence against the background noise. And do not compare the story, only it's meaning. If your intention is to know the tree, look at the tree itself, not at the different words and names in all languages for it. Arbol, tree, boom, arbre, baum, arbor, etc. are words in different languages for the tree. Is the one word better than the other? No, they all refer to the same thing. You just use the word and the language that your audience understands. If your audience does not understand Spanish, then maybe you should speak Chinese or Dutch.
When you read about certain philosophy, understand the essence for yourself. If you want to communicate about this essence to others, choose a language that they understand, a method that works. If you want to instruct someone to build a brick house, ... get it done, one way or the other. Comparing Dan Winter to Baba is useless, but you might like to examine the house they are trying to build. And what about your house?
Now, when I look at a snail, I see how everything comes together. The shell is so beautifully elegant. It is so perfectly shaped. And the snail itself lives in this perfect house. You might like to ask which was there first, the snail or the house? You need someone to build the house and the house needs someone to live in. Looking at the shell and the lines on the shell, drawing lines and curves on it, the shell tells me how waves can organise perfectly and implode. And where the waves implode, the snail emerges. And yet the snail is the one who builds the shell. It is all so lovely, naturally and perfect. The seed, or germ, or microvita, or sperm and ova, the egg, that holds the essence of the snail is unpacking and packing at the same time. From the Abstract where it's drawing is made, Matter emerges as a frontwave of an explosion of implosion, growing relatively to our limited senses, but just a cosmic wave in the grand and unified perspective.
Yours in Him,


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