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A portion of the Draco soul group 'fell to Earth' in the DACian origins of Rumania. Uru /serpent -RU-m'an ia...

Is This a Key to the Genetic and Snake Like Root of our "FALL"?

true History for Cosmic Serpent by Jeremy Narby? (/ Paperback (257 pages) / April 1999

.." suggests that DNA, and the life it codes for at the cellular level, are "minded." "

Quote from Wingmakers -"Your planet is of interest to an extraterrestrial species that you are not aware of at this time. It is a species more advanced and more dangerous than your average citizen can imagine. If humankind is destined to be the stewards of this genetic library called earth, which we so carefully cultivated and exported to this galaxy, then it will need to defend itself from this predator rave." (wingmakers - book 1, pdf file, at http://www.wmresearch.cjb.net )


Korinna's Story:.... felt her German roots more powerful than her Rumanian birth. Fluent in German, Hungarian, Rumanian, Italian, English and Spanish. She hosts international events in Sacred Geometry and Ananda's Diamond Light Body training. She connects much of Europe with her facility with language and tradition. Her husband died being irradiated by the 'secret societies' for revealing the true Rumanian history also of World War II. The book was: "Antonescu", (he was ghost writer for the signer Dragan European Foundation)- and also he wrote "The Origins of the Rumanian Language, Literature and Nation". It includes photos - and suggests the DACian and 'Traci '- Tracian origins of Rumanian. (See Morningsky on the Orion queen origin of Mag vs Tak - MagzDak.. see TAK=ORION below) - Traci / Dragi - Rumanian (including Transyvanian - Hungarian) were the closest to pure Draco language of this planet. See Korinna's book editing: "History of Romanian Literature". (by G.Calinescu ,Nagard Publishers pres. J.C.Dragan, limited edition, English 1988) Particularly helpful here are the sections tracing the real roots of St. Germain's Dracul family blood in Transylvania.

(Her husband was TRAIAN FILIP, author also of "Falsifier of Images" largely dealing with George Calinescu - original source of 'History of Romanian Literature'.)

Drag = DR-AG., M-AG, becomes AMYGdala, meaning 'to tower', being the mouth of the reptilian brain stem where the juices of kundalini, tantra, testasterone and bliss are regurgitated feeding the high bird brain. (URU feeds IBI - serpent feeds eagle, Quetzlcoatel / SUN-God returns. )

AG= AG-ni. (Source of AGNI / FIRE)

"Uru-An-ia"? - Ro-man, Ru-man-ia...

Sumer / An / Uru's came for Gold. Then the Romans, the Turk's, AND the Russian's ALL came to Rumania for gold.

The uRu-An's came to RU-M'ANia because of gold deposits. Drag / MAG's needed to follow the Gold. The gold magnetic lines were fractality food for their wounded soul. (After the Templar MAG - Then the Roman's conquered Dacia (today 'Rumania') looking for gold. (Rumania was at that time called DACIA , DACia comes from DAC, as in MAG z TAK. Tak = Orion as in AlniTAK, MinTAKa, etc.). Their king was DECebal, (DAC?) was fighting with Roman emporer Traian. Aryan/ Tryon is the name of the town in Carolina settled by Daniel Peyseur of King Louis of France MAG fortune initiating the Rockefellers, ref: Pandora's Box, book. Traian- last name of Korinna's husband, whose life purpose involved telling the story of Russian Jew's parasitic effect on Rumania during and after WW II. In his last novel called "Thalassa" (TALaban, TALtos, TAL.. see also PTAH-TAAL.. ) ancient name of Mediterranean, \ was in part the story of early Korinna's childhood memories - saving the pregnant VIPER - who gave birth in her hands. She petted the pregnant snake - massaging it's envelope unto birth. Like heart sound peristalsically pumping the snake juice of the spine to give birth to the Amygdala juices of bliss. When the serpent feeds the Eagle....

According to the good Antwerp Doctor, the Mongolian's (An's) were the source of Ashkanazi, and later Bank of England. We wrote about the MAG Templar origins of Insurance and Banking (usu-ally similar to the industries of FEAR - piracy / extortion / parasites) as the ET Drac way of harvesting genepools - on many planets before and after EA's Earth.

From Hancock's book: Heaven's Mirror:

Korinna went to be near the Draco star map at Ankor complex in Cambodia with Anana. There Mantak Chia (m-AN -from- TAK means ANunaki from Orion / TAK - Snaking Tantra thru the spinal orbit work), directed her to the ritual of drinking King Cobra live snake blood then it's gall bladder. With this she was able to see the vision and memory of the snake line. The reptile there is close to the universal shape shifter skill of what makes DNA able to 'worm' itself into any shape. (Book: ShuffleBrain, also - Cosmic Serpent by Jeremy Narby)

We were trying to see why the portion of the DRAGON blood line 'fell', became Draco / Sumerian, and became NEPHILIM (to fall). In the process suffering such indignities as being the "God's" behind the scenes eating the live human glands sacrificed in the Central American - Teotihaucan - Pyramid of the Sun , etc.

The origin hi Dragon lineage, were the MAG's of the Orion queens. They were the power DNA of the Orion sector. She saw that the Draco warriors became over zealous in their war on the chalk planet. My interpretation is that a green beam emerged from a nuclear like blast they caused which put an ARROW thru a portion of the Draco soul group. She saw this chalk like planet which had been the source of the green beam splitting the brain and heart of the wounded Draco. This rang of the "Green Stone" book in the MAGdalen story, and the Green Stone made of Jade used by Mayan.

What Korinna saw was that a small portion of the fierce Dragon family blood line, was wounded in some rather permanent way by an arrow which split both the brain and heart hemispheres. She saw a green beam emitting from a conflict they over-did. I speculated the conflict may have been nuclear, like the Enlil AN blast 'pillar of salt' they (the An's), blew up & made desert of Sinai (Soddom and Gmorrah).

She said the portion of the Dragon soul group which broke off, became DRACO - fractionated, and un-ensouled, and 'fallen', and became our genetic ancestors (Sumer), was only a tiny part of the Dragon line, but enough to become the chief parasites of our planet for millenia. And as John Fox said, you learn most about a body by studying it's parasites. She said the Dragon Queen's leadership of the majority of their soul group, regarded those fallen DRACO as terribly sad, and not-retrievable. Reminding me of how many times Max the Drac healer in Hiwaii had to attempt successful near death experience. (The geometry of successful memory thru death requires accurate braid compression in DNA worm - a sequence of recursively superposeable symmetry turns - well mapped by those who drew the steering they saw during dying.).

I had long believed that this the process of becoming NEPHILIM or FALLEN among this Dragon remnant DRACO bloodline, was a loss of skill to make the glandular passion fire or implosion in the recursion steering it takes to make DNA self entwine / braid (worm) enough to implode.& ensoul. (ref: ../superDNA , and ../magneticx ). This story was critical because it explained what destructive URges those URU brought here (SUM-UR-IA , SUMER means dragon in Celtic ). It explained the parasitic side of the moment of conception of our genepool. Those UR or AN Dragon's (morph animation to Sumerian Goddess from Draco at ../lionpath ), needed Gold powder to shore up their loss of implosion (AGni fire) in the DNA - literally blood ignition. (Adam and EVE, ISIS and OSIRIS were borg's they made crossing our ancestral DNA to make gold mining slaves).

Korinna's story helped me see WHY the DRACO's highly telepathic wholesale slaughter of our best NAVY Seal's at DULCE was by those WHO HAD 2 HEARTS each. When a heart is split, it no longer can implode, turn inside out, and produce FIRE / IMPLOSION / perfect COMPRESSION / COMPASSION. ("Charlie" the head DRAC running Montauk bumps into what prevents his own DNA from steering the deca-delta time chair like the EMPATH of a simple human teenager. Empathy being the implosion making symmetry of FUSION in the EKG.)

She said that there was one hope for them : the Drac queens our ancestral EVE / Mother. She felt their racial sadness with intense grief. She said a beam of purest fusion energy held in love, from the HEART OF THE SUN - would be hope and healing for their broken soul pod. She said the great women of the Solar Shaman's had the capability to steer that great healing SOLAR beam at the source of our own collective egg, to heal them. And in this process, we might do the soul retrieval for our own primal racial re-mothering. ../solarshamans

I had thought the fallen Nephite Drac's would be toasted genetically by the Sun's fire during Solar maxima, like all vampires DNA heats during compression. Instead, how rich it is that Solar maxima steered by our racial awakening into pure fractal feminine re-fuse-ing receptive love, could turn that rapt-or into rapt-ure.


Land-dwelling Reptilians that walked on two legs.[And may have moved Underground via a Vast Cavern System.]
Tue, 27 Mar 2001 ,From: QUESTOR <questal@---->

New Rare Dinosaur Track Site Found in Northern Wyoming Photo of tracks at :
http://www.cosmiverse.com/science112104.html The Gypsum Spring Dinosaur Track site includes impressions made by land-dwelling REPTILIANS that walked on two legs.
* Unlike the Sundance tracks that preserve only the three toes and rarely the heel of the dinosaur's foot, many examples of toe and heel impressions have been found in the Gypsum Spring track ways.
Ancient Egyptian Treasure and the Grand Canyon PART THREE: Subterranean Homesick Clues
http://www.cosmiverse.com/paranormal122001.html .... there is a continuous vast subterranean cavern system that begins near Death Valley, runs through Nevada, Utah, parts of Colorado river basin, down through Arizona and the Grand Canyon, and then on down to Mexico!! He also mentioned that an arm of the system branched through New Mexico (Dulce anyone?) and into Texas! And of course there is the whole hollow Earth and REPTILIAN alien connection to also add spice to this story.
Ancient Egyptian Treasure and the Grand Canyon, PART FOUR: A Red Serpent Appears
http://www.cosmiverse.com/paranormal122801.html ... brings to mind the very thoughts I have been tossing around since the "REPTILIAN-subterranean" aspect came into the picture. It has been my contention that the electro-magnetic parameters beneath the surface of the earth are not the same as those on the surface.
The Discovery Channel's online :... beast. Or, as the Puerto Rican newspaper San Juan Star put it : "a REPTILIAN body, oval head, bulging red eyes, fanged teeth and long, darting tongue." Amazing http://www.cosmiverse.com/paranormal083002.html
Paranormal News, Double sighting reports "REPTOID" and UFO
http://www.cosmiverse.com/paranormal042101.html ... The first witness, Alan S., reported that he saw a "REPTOID" entity appear in his bedroom between 1 and 2 am April 15 in Ballwin, MO. He said he "woke up and looked to my right. It was standing near my bed. It disappeared after about two minutes." "It was a very strange creature. It was lime Green, Glowing, and it looked like it had a light lime Green Aura around the body. It had two arms and two legs. His eyes were bright glowing Red. His skin looked Scaly, like a Reptile. [NOTE : "This is very similiar to my own encounter." TAL]
Paranormal News, Gary Lowery... who's been regularly visited by what he believes are...REPTOID aliens. The creatures enter his bedroom and night, leaving marks on Lowery, and in one case, shedding a piece of evidence Lowery calls a claw.
Paranormal News ... And, like the Gary Lowery insectoid /reptoid visitation case in California, whatever has visited the women in Australia may have left verifiable evidence behind ...

In the below, we might ask ourselves - how is this ability to 'shape shift' the waves - a snake like skill.

Intro note from Dan here regarding WHY perception / focus steers waves: Waves will always be directed or bent toward the center of what is fractal or recursive or self embedding. Human perception as focus requires wave alignment and thus establishes recursion/ embedding geometrically among the waves in order for them to converge or phase align non-destructively - Which is to say: bringing waves into focus for percption is identical with the process of making them recursive / fractal / implosive.

Corrolary to: 'only love bends the light, therefore only love creates' ,

we have:

'only perception embeds the waves, so only focus steers the light'.

(ref: How does INTENT steer waves? , and ref: URi Geller work proving human focus measureably reduces radioactive half life (radioactivity in essence is loss of the bond of self-reference/embedding ).


>From: "Ananda" <ananda@phoenix.akasha.de> Thu, 08 Feb 2001
>Subject: GNN: Conscousness Field Affects
GNN: Grail New Now , >ÐAnanda 1995, Neurenberg
>Thoton Universe, Consciosness Unifies All Fields.
>Simply Looking At Something Affects It: Quantum Theory Demonstrated , From The Weizmann Institute (An IBI-URU institution?)
REHOVOT, Israel, February 26, 1998--One of the most bizarre premises of quantum theory, which has long fascinated philosophers and physicists alike, states that by the very act of watching, the observer affects the observed reality. In a study reported in the February 26 issue of Nature (Vol. 391, pp. 871-874), researchers at the Weizmann Institute of Science have now conducted a highly controlled experiment demonstrating how a beam of electrons is affected by the act of being observed. The experiment revealed that the greater the amount of "watching," the greater the observer's influence on what actually takes place.

The research team headed by Prof.Mordehai Heiblum, included Ph.D. student Eyal Buks, Dr. Ralph Schuster, Dr. Diana Mahalu and Dr. Vladimir Umansky. The scientists, members of the Condensed Matter Physics Department, work at the Institute's Joseph H. and Belle R. Braun Center for Submicron Research. When a quantum "observer" is watching Quantum mechanics states that particles can also behave as waves. This can be true for electrons at the submicron level, i.e., at distances measuring less than one micron, or one thousandth of a millimeter. When behaving as waves, they can simultaneously pass through several openings in a barrier and then meet again at the other side of the barrier. This "meeting" is known as interference. Strange as it may sound, interference can only occur when no one is watching. Once an observer begins to watch the particles going through the openings, the picture changes dramatically: if a particle can be seen going through one opening, then it's clear it didn't go through another. In other words, when under observation, electrons are being"forced" to behave like particles and not like waves. Thus the mere act of observation affects the experimental findings. To demonstrate this, Weizmann Institute researchers built a tiny device measuring less than one micron in size, which had a barrier with two openings. They then sent a current of electrons towards the barrier. The "observer" in this experiment wasn't human. Institute scientists used for this purpose a tiny but sophisticated electronic detector that can spot passing electrons. The quantum "observer's" capacity to detect electrons could be altered by changing its electrical conductivity, or the strength of the current passing through it.

Apart from "observing," or detecting, the electrons, the detector had no effect on the current. Yet the scientists found that the very presence of the detector-"observer" near one of the openings caused changes in the interference pattern of the electron waves passing through the openings of the barrier. In fact, this effect was dependent on the "amount" of the observation: when the "observer's" capacity to detect electrons increased, in other words, when the level of the observation went up, the interference weakened; in contrast, when its capacity to detect electrons was reduced, in other words, when the observation slackened, the interference increased.

Thus, by controlling the properties of the quantum observer the scientists managed to control the extent of its influence on the electrons' behavior. The theoretical basis for this phenomenon was developed several years ago by a number of physicists, including Dr. Adi Stern and Prof. Yoseph Imry of the Weizmann Institute of Science, together with Prof. Yakir Aharonov of Tel Aviv University. The new experimental work was initiated following discussions with Weizmann Institute's Prof. Shmuel Gurvitz, and its results have already attracted the interest of theoretical physicists around the world and are being studied, among others, by Prof. Yehoshua Levinson of the Weizmann Institute.

Tomorrow's Technology
The experiment's finding that observation tends to kill interference may be used in tomorrow's technology to ensure the secrecy of information transfer. This can be accomplished if information is encoded in such a way that the interference of multiple electron paths is needed to decipher it. "The presence of an eavesdropper, who is an observer, although an unwanted one, would kill the interference," says Prof. Heiblum. "This would let the recipient know that the message has been intercepted."

On a broader scale, the Weizmann Institute experiment is an important contribution to the scientific community's efforts aimed at developing quantum electronic machines, which may become a reality in the next century. This radically new type of electronic equipment may exploit both the particle and wave nature of electrons at the same time and a greater understanding of the interplay between these two characteristics are needed for the development of this equipment. Such future technology may, for example, open the way to the development of new computers whose capacity will vastly exceed that of today's most advanced machines.

This research was funded in part by the Minerva Foundation, Munich, Germany. Prof. Imry holds the Max Planck Chair of Quantum Physics and heads the Albert Einstein Minerva Center for Theoretical Physics. The Weizmann Institute of Science, in Rehovot, Israel, is one of the world's foremost centers of scientific research and graduate study. Its 2,400 scientists, students, technicians, and engineers pursue basic research in the quest for knowledge and the enhancement of the human condition. New ways of fighting disease and hunger, protecting the environment, and harnessing alternative sources of energy are high priorities.

Magnetic Components of Brain Activity
27 Mar 2001 ,From: Ken MacLean <kmaclean@ic.net>

Dear Dan:
Got this while reading an interesting, but sometimes bizarre paper on the internet, from some group called the
"Chicago Research Institute Group." Well you know how that goes! But there is an interesting bit I copied that
you may have an interest in. I have added my own emphasis in larger type. I can tell you one thing, I sure would
like to get hold of that 6-minute video!
-- Ken MacLean

From Chicago Research Instutute Group:
Magnetic Components of Brain Activity

Let me continue. I already discussed the importance of the magnetic component of brain activity in studying and monitoring brain processes and functions accurately and precisely. Further research by our Russian colleagues has also shown that with proper parallel computing algorithms, one can plot three-dimensionally the magnetic field configuration and spatio-temporal time-varying fields of the midbrain's thalamus, hypothalamus, hippocampus, amygdala, pituitary and pineal functions in real time!

This is unprecedented, because it shows that, as we all here have learned in our Hermetic Gnostic Order's teachings, the so-called "Cave of Brahma", Dr. N's favourite "hang-out" (laughter), is indeed the magnetic and acoustic resonance chamber, its shape being a topological complex analogue of an ellipsoidal, prolate spheroid and a torus. In American lingo, I think that is called, a doughnut inside an egg? (Laughter) May I have the cine film strip please? Thank you. (Short film showing computer graphics is shown).

This shows a real-time plot of the nested magnetic fields around my own head. This piece of research was a little favour from a British colleague that likes to work nights. They call it the "Dracula Shift" (laughter). The white lines of the overall contour, the green the Hypothalamus plus Thalamus field, the red the Hippocampus plus Amygdala cycloid-shaped field (semi-circular), and the dumb-bell shaped blue is the Epyphisis (Pineal) and Hypophysis (Pituitary) combined fields. I wrote this algorithm myse lf with the help of Professor Penrose -- another unofficial favour - to map the magnetic fields using both the SQUID sensor helmets and a special helmet designed by Dr. Z having Delta-T and Delta-Wye transforms, having specially designed magnetic coils a nd sensors. This way we could pick up Pico and Nanogauss fields (billionth of a Gauss). The combined information is displayed here in three-dimensional coloured graphics. Notice the external white-lined shape is like an egg. Inside, almost at the centre, is the toroidal shape of the Hippocampus-Amygdala combined fields, the red contours. The central tube-like "sausage with trumpet-like open ends" looks like what? Anyone? (Chorus: "An Einstein-Rosen Bridge!") Right! (This is probably the tube that runs through the toroid, and its exit points grow out in the shape of a trumpet. This can also be seen by looking at the FOL pattern. Also, Dan Winter has a great graphic of this on his website.)

The blue-green combined field of the Thalamus-Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Pineal glands forms a sausage, like a mini hyperspace tunnel, about 7cm long. The screen image is magnified, but the actual side is about 7cm, (reflecting) the normal brain size.

Let me pause as minute. Can we replay that part? Thanks. Notice how the overall geometry is an ellipsoidal prolate spheroidal cavity containing a sub-space of a toroid traversed by a hyperbolic, non-linear Einstein-Rosen bridge. Again, in America n lingo, "an egg-shaped cavity containing a doughnut crossed by a sausage". What do these nested fields look like to you, dear friends? (Cross talk and comments). A topological analogue of a relativistic, locally curved space-time locus around a solar system. Of course! What else? A space-time torus with an Einstein-Rosen bridge connecting its median points!

There, ladies and gentlemen...there is the scientific proof that the motto of our Order, the dictum of the ancient sages, "As Above, So Below ... As Within, So Without" is scientifically and neurophysiologically correct and precisely so! These shapes, which you all recognise as hyperspatial four-dimensional plots, are indeed magnetic-acoustical resonance chambers. Notice that these amazing geometries are the synergistic effect of the magnetic fields of these six organs surrounded by the ventricles, under the roof of the choroid plexus and corpus callosum. Notice what happens if I subtract the field of even a single organ, let's say the pineal gland. See how it changes the entire structure?13 And, if I add the contribution of the mamillary body, it only w idens the tube, right? And if we add the field from the reticular formation, the master circuit network, relay and switchboard of the brain where all waves are originated, what do we get? Next frame, please? We get a tunnel merging with the main ellipsoid al field. In the screen, it is the orange coloured grid.

To summarize, what is our Mid-Brain or Inner Cavity? It is a relativistic spatio-temporal cavity with local enfolded hyperspatial bridges that undergoes harmonic resonances to magnetic and acoustical stimuli. The implications are almost astronomical, if I may use the term, because a model and mechanism based on this novel scientific information implies that our human brain is in reality none other than a biological space-time energy transducer. As such, it creates not only space, but also time. Our ancient Chinese ancestors maintained that "the Tao was in our head", in other words, all the Universe was in our head! My own inference from this study is that space and time are essentially biologically modulated, perhaps even formulated, for my equations sh ow that possibility. Should this intuitive scientific insight be correct, then it would demolish physics, biology, philosophy and theology in a single, clean blow.

Incidentally, I showed this filmstrip and discussed my theory and equations with Professor Penrose, who seemed interested at first, but very politely declined any further comment or association with me thereafter.14 I think he realised the impact of this novel theory. He is still convinced that quantum mechanics is the answer to explain brain functions and consciousness. I disagree. I think it is General Relativity and Unified Field a la Einstein, pure and simple. Quantum phenomena is not the cause, but merely the effect, and creation is not statistical. It is wholeheartedly deterministic, not left to chance, but to precisely formulated potentials, not fields. The potentials are the cause, the fields are the effects. In simple terms, pure magnetism and s ound are the potentials. Electricity is the field. Magnetism and sound do not "travel" as such, for they are inherently enfolded in space and are everywhere. It is the disturbance that travels. On the other hand, electrical charge, hence electricity, does travel, because it needs a physical medium. It is obvious that we still don't understand either magnetism or the true nature of sound. (Emphasis mine).


Addend from Dan here, clearly what is needed to complete the above model for getting the brain's MAGnetic worms thru light speed, multiply connected, and time penetrating - is simply the now proven understanding (Greg Hodowanec, Bill Ramsey) that waves of resulting capacitance or charge (gravity - see below) DO travel faster than light speed. And that this push thru the super-luminal is precisely triggered by embedding them in a PHI recursive pine cone. /pineal / pining.

animations at: ../dimple

....consider "the possible gravitational effects of charged electrical capacitors after studying the work of the great Micheal Farady the so called father of electricity. It is a little known fact that Farady made the following profound statement as far back as the late victorian age : 'Electrical capacity is to gravity as inductance is to magnetism'. .....If Farady is correct then the energy stored in the capacitor is in the form of a GRAVITATIONAL field much like the magnetic field of an inductor....... Townsend Brown also found that the force generated by charged capacitors was directed towards the positive plate; that is to say weight reduction only occurs when the positive plate is upside to the negative plate. .... If the negative plate is above then the device inceases in weight. ...... the 'Biefeld-Brown effect' in the general study of electrogravitics." from the article "ParaSETI- ET Contact via Subtle Energies"by Gavin Dingley, Nexus Magazine Dec 2000

Note from Dan: If only they had realized that it is the arrangement of the capacitive fields into concave vortex like array WHICH OPTIMIZE RECURSION OR EMBEDDING BY PHI RATIO - which FOCUSes THE GRAVITY EFFECT OF CAPACITANCE. "Gravity is capacitance gone fractal".


From:"Ananda" <ananda@phoenix.akasha.de>

Wed, 21 Mar 2001



The Computer animations, and slides accompanying this, and the linkage between Rennes Le Chataue and Norway through Scotland, are now beyond mind blowing. Since we are in the midst of other matters at hand, we could not postpone at least a little of an apitiser for what will be presented up ahead, which is daily receiving new angles of amperage. Much work has to be done to this first draft to do its larger info base justice, as well as making more workable and meaningful sentance structures to the compressed info, will be in the works for some time. Seminar presentations will give many animations and slides to iterate this, coming soon...

On this Spring Equinox 2001, amidst uncanny revelations for myself, I now pass on these "error"-laced words, par Pangiain Panacean excellence, for the Ayin Eye of All Is God to be in and as us in Ineffible Emmanuelian Thoticulations. Embraces to your dear Grail Sisters and Brothers, May Spring Sprout fourth the Compassionate Middle Way for All Is God Be You....

Light, Love, Life,Ananda, March 22nd 2001

Copyright © 2001 by Ananda®
Written November 2000

A tremendous amount of intriguing literature has been published on the remote Pyrrenes region of the Meruvingian* Rhedae, otherwise known as the infamous Rennes le
Chateaue region. A region that held facination to the Meruvingian kings and queens. A region that was re-instigated by the Orders of SION and the Templar Orders. A region that was central to the Cathar heretics, who practised alchemy, and a relgion of love. A region where a treasure was said to be hidden, perhaps even the very Ark of the Convenent and the Treasury of the Lord. In recent years many extraordinary facts concerning this region have come to light, which are overwhelmingly clear, and demonstrate something unique was instigated here.

In this article we explore some new findings. And we look at new interonnections and the secrets of immortality. These are finding by two individuals who each have this history singing within their grape veins. Not that this particularly should make a difference in regards to the realisation of humanity. But in this particular part of the puzzle, it perhaps is clear that it makes a difference.

* We use the "U2 in MerUvingian deliberately to accentuate the Mt. Meru Buddhist tradition that was immenent amidst them. The slight vowel difference of Merovingian and Meruvingian, at that period in history, their were often much vaster differences in spelling for th same sounds. And since the Thera Vada influence on the Essene Christ ministary has quite some weight of evidence for it, and the fact that those closest to Christ, like Mary Magdelain Eucharia, left Buddhist statues at their own sites in France, as well as the Essene tradition in calling the Great Pyramid in Egypt Mt. Meru (hieroglyphically M.R.), gives us further justification in adding this pronouncement. We see this as an actual basis for that name. Let alone numerous Tibetan Buddhistic practices within the Meruvingians psychic legacy.

Before I engage any furhter in this article, I would like to state that I can certify that I am not part of the present Order of Sion (Priory de Sion), nor any secret society on this Earth, even if some of my remote ancesters are or have been, this is not where I am coming from. This is an age of the Alchemy of Compassion, which requires that "The Secret is to give away the Secret,2 so that the Grail Cup can overflow for everyone inclusive.
It is my present stance that a majority of this lineage has been corrupted and has forgotten the Taoistic and Tibetan Buddhistic Hermetic Gnostic roots, by its obsessive secrecy, which had their place in the hard times of the 1200s, certainly. But have no more room in this day, for they mustre elitism.
I also know of no evidence that presently links my colleague Dan Winter into a secret society, although I do know he has been in and out of many diverse groups, some of which may be secret society based. I have seen in my colleague the examplification of sharing his findings, and many of the "mysteries and secrets of the ages2 to availability for everyone. These efforts should be commorated, for it has accelerated mankinds progress from the position of the middle man, not having a security clearence, a need to know, or to take an oath of secrecy to behold the arcane, but to have a vast array of central foundation alphabets that comprise creation available at their finger tips on the world wide web, and through other media. This then also follows the Grail Code of the Overflowing Cup of compassion, as "The Secret is to Give Away the Secret."

In my introduction to the Bloodline 13 book, sent to our Grail Ring network of several hundred people (a book that exposes the 13 main families that control the majority of the resources and power on Earth at present, and which also relates to us all, but also an expose whose polarised accentuation we do not find the adequate compassionate and coherently constructive approach for the benefit of humanity, but none-the-less considered the great detail in research to overide in value, the accentuation), to be which we felt impelled to add this introduction. Which also suits this article, in synergy, when inserted here, as a launch pad into out story. Here is an edited selection:

Whilst this book is a stupendous archive and assembly of material, we do not necessary aggree with the Christian filter of the researcher, who considers anything Egyptian to be Illuminati or Lucifer orientated. But overlooking his personal biasis and taints, herein is a lot of work at assembling much material which has been paralel to our research. The fact is that these 13 families are not "Satanic" (followers of Seth, El Shaitan, by the Templars mistake to be exposed to the Yezidi's and Ishmaelians, who believe that Adam's son Seth is Satan, and that he is good, and only the Seth line divine -- hence chauvinism/racism) initially, but through secrecy and elitism have distorted the original Coherent principles and Wisdom of our history, by desperately holding onto certain key core cherished principles that became secrets of the secretions. A lineage which many of you know where it comes from (as we will publish in The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel II, in the section on Unified Geneological Cartography, that will demonstrate that we are all races of the gods, equally, and a mush together of all of the god families (extraterrestrial or full neurologically activated man).

It was during Melchizedek dualism times, that the duality mlk-zdk (melchizedek/molekzedek) set about making Lilaka a demoness, rather then the "ET" human she originally was, and a contributor for the female denucleated DNA genes of all races ancestral memory Ñ her daughters (according to the stone tablets of the Sumerian Kings lists, which in some versions are more that 5,000 years old) married both of the lineages of mankind. Lilith/Lilake today, as the Demoness and Demon of the global computer revolution of NASA and company magicians (using the soloman dualistic Lesser key magick), is a Mlk-zdk "distortion" concept, designed to mustre dualism, and perfect control through such dualism, which Springmeier, at present stance has not been able to look through, due to lack of integrated objective analysis of his Christian beliefs (not even realising that the bloodlines he is black listing, aslo edited and kbalised the present version of the Bible, which he bases his beliefs on, even thought this hint of Spirituality, has been a resource for him in offering relief to people that no one else was offering relief to, and for this he has done his best, and this should be honoured. Very few have dedicated 5 year at a time to aid a person inthe most difficult reprogramming work, as Springmeier has done, repeatedly, although with the Christian programming replacement, so not entirely free Sovereignly. None-the-less the completely dedicated research effort and quest he has undergone in making this book and his other pivotal key books are of immense value, if you know how tomaintain a middle way, and utilise the material for ever more integrated compasionate ends.

The Grail water has became stagnent and rotten by its secrecy, that is why in this Age in the Cup to Overflow, the highest initiations are being given by Universal Man, by those of the Midway, who are not in the Duality Hierarchies of the stagnent cup that is now ROTen.

Omega Point Ptah, who acted as a back-up assistent to my Emmanuel education, and who has appeared physically to me, including in SION in 1992, relates that he is one who is drawing this True Grail alchemy into place. I found it curious that when I mentioned to my colleague Dan Winter that on my grandfathers side (from my mothers lineage), 200 years ago they were the Monnet family, which came from the Rennes Le Chateau region of SION document fame. His reaction of surprise was then iterated that I could use that 'for better or for worse' ( I naturally stated I prefer the middle). And then he likened my characteristics to the Plantard de Sinclair, present grand master of Priory de SION (which I took as a mild, but humourous insult, since I find him quite 'unhandsome'. The descendency, I was told by my mother went via Monnet de Blanchefort [which I did not take seriously enough at the time, thinking that the name was only that of a Castle near Rennes les Chateau. Now it has revealed to be the base of the Vorexijah, 8-fold code, laid out in the Zodiac landscape there, and in the SION document and more]. Now having researched this recently, there is actually a clear cartography of Monnet de Blanchefort, and it goes back to the Grand Master of the Sion Order and the Templars, Bertrand de Blanchefort. It was Marie Hautpoul de Blanchefort who made the very SION document that now actually reveals the 8-folded Vortexijah symmetry, [so far only presented at the Paris seminar, where Falcanelli's books were edited. Addition Nov]. Blanchefort, the White Stone and White Fortress of alchemy, this alchemical aspect will be presented in a later posting. In the Heraldry foundations of France, the lineage maps from Bertrand de Blanchefort, 4th Templar and Sion Order Grand Master, go directly back to Meruvingian King Dagobert II, who was assassinated on December 23rd at Stenay, his skull opened at the Pineal point, in Tibetan Buddhist MeruSheba style, who then of course goes back the Joseph of Arimathea and Mary Magdalene (see Grail Zine 14). Some of you must be saying "you must be Nuts to relate this in association with this book". Not mad, just to balance the specialness that is usually associated to such information, and also to show that there is a Midway perspective herein, where the Grail is for All. It turned out, humoursly, that Dan also was of this lineage, since he was a Sinclair (StClair) some generations back. Hence, many of us have incarnated in these gene pools, outside of the hierarchy, to transmute, relinquish, and redeem the Grail back to the Universal Grail for all, as All Is God. This is the Alchemy of Compassion. From a dreamboard perspective it is why Omega Point Ptah chose contact, because we fitted a Grail none-spelled into the hierachy of secrecy, linke in lineage without being initiated into these societies. That later criteria is an essential part of the Sons and Daughter of All-Oneness requirement for contact and providing the highest initiations of the Universal Grail Ñ secrey
prevents their contact (please remember this and make steps in being a Cup that Overfloweth, to make amends to this, if Universe Grail Unity is of interest to you: "the secret is to give away the secret." That is conscious All Is God Compassion in action, the Image of Unity incorruptable, like a Diamond, Uncuttable in its IMperishable perfection of IMManu.

Another note, Springmeier mentions that Alice Astor was one of the first to enter King Tutankamon's tomb, when in actuality Howard Carter, the discoverer, was sponsorred by Baron Lord Carnarvon, who had married De Rothschilde's daughter, Almina De Rothschilde, and it was their daughter Evelyn who was the first to go into King Tut's tomb, when they went in illegally during the night, before the Egyptian Antiquity authorities came for their first inspection (some objects of the tomb were also then taken). It is entirely possible that Evelyn and Carter did some form of rituals together that night, Evelyn had taken an avid interest in Carter, despite family position dispositions in caste et al. After this night, Carnarvon and Carter broke out in avid disputes and fights, partially due to international pressure, but also, many have pointed out, due to Carters close relationship to Evyln. The Baron bannished Carter from his house, but then broke ill (he had already been in bad health when coming to Egypt that November 23, 1922, and probably the radioactive red mercury in Tut's tomb had weakened his immune system, so the mosquito bite and shaving wound had gotten the better of him (let alone what he may have been involved in within the possible rituals with his daughter that secret night November 26-27th [there are indications that there were others with them, at least thats the heresay, which is possible for the afternoon of the 26th]). Carter and Baron Carnarvon reconcilled, and shortly after the Baron died (this has been called the curse of the Mummy by many). Evelyn's mother was a Rothschilde, and after the episode in Egypt she, Almina, forbade the mention of the word Egypt (due to numerous reasons). Perhaps she felt that the magick done in Tuts tomb had backfired on them in the events that had transpired. This may well have been an Amen Preisthood reverse causality resonant download, in the time and space gene maping history hologramme. Murial Astor believed herself to be a reincarnation of an 18th dynasty Preistess and a major disciple of Akenaton. There is also that curious coding in the Titanic story to do with the Daughter of Amen Ra, in which one of the major Astor's allowed themselves to die in (see the related GNN)

These families took an avid interest in Akenatons time, because their secret archives demonstrate that they are descended from them. But there are two lines, those from Akenaton's daughter via Mari-Kiya (she died bearing King Tutankaton), it was King Tut's older sister, Meri, who became the missing link to Christ's lineage directly. But the other is Tuthmosis the 5th, who became Moses (whose whip with his name, is in King Tut's tomb), who carried out the Amen Preisthood into its Melchizedek form of the Order of the Bee, and merged with Mystery Babylon, and hence the whole child sacrifice domains of Molek which continues to this day in their lineage, as a blantant misunderstanding, they have lost the key, liturally. Manu was truely corrupted into Amun (anagramme of Manu, although Carter called King Tuts tomb, the Tomb of ToutankhaMANOU. Mt. Manu was the Mt of the east, the Great Pyramid). Amen/Amun/Manou was a distortion of ImmAnnu-Ptah, in a "clone" of his son Ra (a very involved story), of which Neb-Nefer (beautiful-lotus, the actual name of Amenhotep III, father of Akenaton) may well have been a direct descendent. The Mummy of found of Nebnefer, shows his elongated skull to be like Ra, he was 'a Son of Ra', and the Morphology and DNA is different to Tuthmosis 4th (his alleged father, like Joseph Abba H-Eli was Christ/Iusos's alleged father), but yet is related to King Tut, through Nebnefers Son Akenaton. Present evidence, on a physical analyis of the mummies, may bear out the claim that Akenaton was a direct descendent of Atum Ra or his "clone" brother Amen-Ra, who are known for their elongated skulls, even as Assur-Ra (the Sumerian Ra). King Tut's skull has this same morphology. Certainly the style of elongation between Nebnefer, Akenaton, and Tutankaton, is the same lineage, but cranial manipulation techniques were and continue to be a central aspect of the Amen Preishood, and even the Asna (Essenes) in their African Maui form, as our colleague Prince Sahabi of Niger demonstrates (his skull has been manipulated at birth), continue to use this form. (As the Illuminati Formula revealed, cranial manipulation is a major form of modern mind control, of the modern Amen preishood. Hence, in your own hands, with Unity Self Mind control, one has a personal keyhere for self alchemy. The alchemists implored one to look at the shit to find the stone. Centralised mind control is by a fragmented, non wholistic sector of mankind, but in integration, and in unified coherency and personal Sovereignty, they may offer the mirror image of the Unity Key of re-fusion with the Unity Self, consciously).

Although this morphology is by far not the same as that of Amenhotep III/Nebnefer and King TutankAton/KheperRA, which appears also to have a genetic characteristic to
include this. Since Tuthmosis III, who is supposed to be the great great grandfather of Akenaton (but whose skull morphology is not the same), has his royal archives describe physical contact with the ATUM- RA's and their Atum vehicles filling the skies (the royal hieroglyphs of which I have been presenting in seminars over the last year) make this possibility more likely. What Emmanuel related on this matter 10 years ago, in Aton-Ra 3 is besides the point of argument, even if it relates material along these lines.

Therein, they made a interspecies agreement (much as is reported with Eisenhower in 1954), which lead to Akenaton, and the reopening of the Mt. Serabit Alchemical laboritories with the discovered superconducting elements therein (100 tons) and the Soma/Asna bush and Acacia tree being hieroglyphically shown to be synthesized in, to make the bread of light, of enlightenment, for this lineage. Akenaton going off for his alchemy of the body, on his 33rd year, to Mt. Serabit, Sinai.

That NebNefer and Akenaton are then an anomoly in the geneological comparisons of the 18th dynasty, with characteristics associated to Ra, MAY all add credence to the
"extraterrestrial" human intermarriage at that point, which we have called the SION-HOR/Iusos Diamond upgrade in the detailed seminars and slide shows.

It is little wonder that any offspring from that lineage will be a jealously guarded series of bloodlines, due to the inherent apparent power within the blood (alchemical Graal),
stagnent now through secrecy (black/white magick). Which is so aply placed together within this book. We release this book here to the Grail Ring, since it is of essence in understanding how our Unity Keys 2 presentations link in to the present stagnent waters that must be unblocked within mans collective self. True Unity is only when all of humanity gains the same realisation. For waking up means that one becomes aware of the superconscious ancestral memory plural-time colletive, the Superspecies called everybody. That means we will be looking through everybodies eyes, including this lineage, as well as all other lineages. For such an event to occur coherently, we must let the Grail Cup Overflow and flush out the stagnent, guarded waters of the Amun secret, so that the Spirit of true Unity can overflow for all, in this Age of Abba Ptah Aquarius, now emerging, beyond the duality computers of the universal dream computer. All Is God Compassionate discernements in your readings.
-Ananda, September 2000]

On Dan Winter1s family Coat of Arms (Sinclair), shows the Bear of Arcadia, which was the Greek godess Arduine or Artemes1s symbol, as well as the Akkanna (Great Bear constellation) being the name for the boat of Joseph of Arrimathea the date difference on either side under the 14 striped shield guarded by the two bears, is 1681 and 1861. Of course the difference between them is 180, which is, in code, a perfect pentagon, of 6 36° lines = 180. However, there is another play therein, both dates break down to 16. Hence, 16 + 16 = 32. Dan has been saying for years that a dodecahedron is 5 cubes tilted at 32°, whose tips make the 12 pentagons of the dodecahedron.
When actually, it is 72°. Dan has been coding in his family coat of arms. I discovered when making the intercubic version of the Dodecahedron, and the then resulting 5
Vortexijah Grail version, that the X-axis is tilted at the initial -64°, or twice -32. That the 5 intercubes, or cubes, or their revolved and phase-conjugated Vortexijah Grail forms, MUST be tilted at 72° on the Y-axis, another 4 times. The 72 figure comes out in my family coding, from the Monnet De Blanchfort, from what my mother related of my uncle 2x removed geneological research, my grandfathers (mothers side) went back to Monet family, of Bordeaux, and Dijon area, France, which went further back to the Monnet De Blanchfort, from the Rennes le Chateaue region. Before we proceed, let us also note that 16 x 16 = 256 = 4 x 64. Hence, indeed, if you have the hidden 72°, the 64° receives another 4 on its base, at 72°. It is 72 beats per minute which is the maximum resting beat harmonic for the heart, for lengtrhy and healthy life, beating with the cosmos, as well as precession 1° every 72 years.

Bertrand de Blanchfort, becomes the Grand Master of both the Order of Sion and the Order of the Temple, in 1153, one year after the 1152. He reigned until 1170. It was the year 1171 I refered to you in SION, as the beginning date, instead of 1152, and this has a reasons, as it was sent through. And in 1188 the two orders separated, and Jean Gisors headed SION, followed by Dan1s family, in 1220, by Marie Saint-Clair. It was Blanchfort who gave the Order the land in the Rennes le Chateau and Bezu area, where he reopened the Gold Mines in 1156, on his Grounds of the Chateau de Blanchfort. This gold had all but been removed by the romans, but he set up their Alchemical underground headquarter therein, for as Cesar d1Arcons investigation in the 1700s showed, the hired Germans, "la Judicature des Allemands2, found only evidence of smelting metals in the ruins of the workers and the underground of the mountain of Blanchfort, they aappeared also to be excavating a subterrenian crypt -- hence their alchemical initiation headquarters. This of course lead to the basis of Nicholas Flamels alchemy, when he became grand master of Priory de Sion in 1398-1418, where next to the Bibliotheque de l1Arsenal, where he edited alchemical texts, is a street named after him, Rue Nicolas Flamel. Who was assisted by the original Falcanelli, and decoded there "The Sacred Book of Abraham the Jew2, and achieved the White Stone of alchemy on January 17th, which is when Saunier discovered the SION documents, and also his coffin was made for that date. It was the capricorn day of Alchemy in ancient times, and Flamel, became very rich as a result. And encoded "The Book of the Sacred Magick of Abra-Melin The Mage2, in the same Bibliotheque, whcih much latter Golden Dawns Mathars translatted. At Blanchefort mountain were found 14 sets of Menirs from the Celts. His lineage then connected him to the Visagoths, whose structure remained as the base of the Rennes Church, and whose neighbouring castle, Chataue Hautpoul, was inherited by Marie Hautpoul de Blanchfort. The Visagoths who had taken the Grail Mystery to this very place. The Visagoths had left in the 7th century, when the church Monarchy was hunting them down et al.
Bertrand transfigured the Templars organisational strcture and launched its political diplomacy work into international politics. Of all the Templars persicuated on Friday 13
October 1307, the Bezu contingent was left untouched by Phillip le Bel. The Grail lineage was well known to be alive in the Blanchfort1s. This is not only evidenced in the fact that the Bezu Templars were the only ones not touched, but also by the fact that Philip1s pawn, Bertrand de Goth, the archbishop of Bordeaux, known as Pope Clement V, had a Grail mother. For Clement V/Bertrand de Goth1 mother was non other than Ida de Blanchefort. She named her son after her great ancester Bertrand de Blanchefort, they were of the Visigoths, further factored in Bertrand de (visi)Goth. Hence, this Pope was privy to his Blanchefort family secret archives, which related to the alchemical, the extraterrestrial, the Grail, and the lineage of Christ. This secret arcane wisdom was to remain in the Blanchforts custody until the 18th century. It was through Clement that the Monnet de Blachefort family obtained the Bordeaux status. It was the last recordings of the Arcane wisdom that the Blancheforts had custudy to that was evidenced in the SION documents found by Saunier in his Visagoth foundation chruch at Rennes. These documents were compossed by Marie de Blanchefort, through her confessor Abbe Antoine Bigou, cure of Rennes le Chateau. The SION documents with the tetrahedron code, and the 8-folded Vortexijah code I discovered at Le Croix, which has not been published anywhere as of yet, but it is video recorded in Paris, at the very place where Falconeli1s books were edited, next to the Rue de Dauphine, at Rue Nesle.

The 72° connection was actually found by David Wood in another connection. He looked at the White Stone of SION, from Rennes le Chateau. The Chateau de Blanchfort,
makes a perfect line from Rennes to itself, extending to Arques, which is another pivotal key in our 8-folded equations of the SION document. Blanchfort is 4 statute miles from Arques, and 2 statute miles from Rennes, 4 and 2. But what is of exceptional significance here is that, Chateau de Blanchfort is 2 miles from the Paris zero meridian, and arques is 2 miles from the Paris meridian, whilst Rennes is 2 miles from Blanchfort (222). Of course then, Rennes is 4 miles from Paris zero, and Arques 2 miles from the Paris Zero, hence the 42 again reiterated. But this line is specifically 72° intersection between the Rennes-Blachfort sunrise line and the Paris zero Meridian.
Of course this is the 72° line in Rennes d1Anjou1s painting "La Fountain de Fortune2, which links the disk of the sun to the fountain stone passing through the aintings vertical middle, and the staff in the paintings is tilted at 75° and the 72° line to the horizontal of the painting of Lord George Stuart, by Sir Anthony Van Dyck, who not only wears the same colours as the Lady in Pousins, the Shepheard in Arcadia II, but Lord Stuart;s forefinger is 75° from the staff, which links directly to the 75° angle of the base of the tetrahedron from the SION document, which is based at Chateau de Blanchfort. And the staff in Bergers d1Arcadie II, held by the far left shepherd, is also tilted at 75°.

We live in the Sirius Millenium. The Star Sirius, appart from its archaic popularity, plays a central role in our Meruvingian unfoldments. It brings in an extraterrestrial and
hyperdimensional influence. Before we plunge into this, I would like to quote from my teenage Emmanuel education days, before I embarked to research and to confirm the many many things they related to me. As I was relating one of my Sirius synchronisations to a colleague who had the same time synchronicities with Sirius in his history, I related the following (please note that 3:15 is an anagramme of 153, and the ratio of the mass difference between our sun and Sirius b is 1.053):

"I get The Light Of Emmanuel in the dark, and open it by a slip of the foot, it is page 117, From Sirius To The Sun,1 as an example of Complexity Theorum working here, due to the astonishing mass harmonic ratio of Sirius with our sun. It was received as a communicationat at 3:15 am, as were almost all of the contacts1 in that book, and this page number is 117 value 9, just like 3:15 = 9 [1.053 = 9]. "NOW, a few minutes later, I realise it actually opened on the page where I wanted to quote to you, Sirius: "It broadcastst the communications such as this one tonight. This, what we give here, is partly responsible due to Sirius being in manifestation." ÐPrivate communication with Randalf Barolet, January 13, 2000


Emmanuel related that Sirius and our sun were part of one "virtual neuron2 which they called Oversoul Sun. They related much in regards to the role of Sirius. But this can be explored elsewhere. This article is not to focus on the Emmanuel story, which is well covered in other publications.

Archaic Sirius At The Heart

Sirius has taken serious focus from a majority of our archaic cultures, which treated it as the centre of intelligence and civilisation. Wheather it be the ancient Maya of central Meso-America, who gained their wisdom from an anceint legacy and tradition handed down through the Oaxaco shamans and Olmecs; or the archaic Egyptians, where Sirius was one of the most major stars; to Kala Chakra Buddhism, where the Shamballa of the heavens is seated at Sirius (as revealed by Steven Jenkins, in his book of adventures and high initiations that virtuall killed in amidst the Buddhists, "The Undiscovered Country2, whom we met shortly befor ehis passing on); or to some of the Amazonian Indians, who have unusual fair complexions and blond hair who relate their anciesters coming "from2 Sirius, and some returning later and re-educating them in plant alchemy and the arts Shamanism of the medecine man (Sons of the Sun, Wilkins), and it featured central in many ethnocultures of the amazon basin, let alone within the arceho-astronomical remnents of the Inca; to the role of Sirius on the Mali dogon tribe, which has been well documented elsewhere, who wer eot only aware of Sirius b1s small size before astronomy could confirm this, but also were aware for thousands of yers, and on western documentation for at least a hundred years, of a Sirius C, which was discovered in the 1990s, who relate their ancestral archiac "contact2 with the Nommo from Sirius, who taught them their Shamanism and civilisation principles; or the neighboring Mau Shaman tribes of Niger, who to this day still claim "contact2 with this star system. Sirius, the 7 pointed star, was also central in the Sumerian and Mesapotamian, so called, proto-civilisation, as accepted by the Sumerian and akkadian scholars. Where Sirius was said to be the home of their gods, the Anuki who braught them civilisation, Shamanaism, intelligence, and music and measure. Sirius also featured as a place of major importance within the Vedic and the the Persian Avesta traditions. In the latter Zoroaster tradition, which roots from the same indo-European as the Vedic, the epithet of the Sumerian god of Sirius, Anuki or Ea, which was Mazda, becomes the Zarathustrian main creator God of Light, Ahura Masda, is refered to have created Sirius, as here chronicled by the Greek Plutarch (370):
"...[He] adorned the heavens with stars. One star he set there before all others as a guardian and watchman the Dog-star.2

Along with this came 288 gods, of good and bad, of which we note immediately that 288 is 2 x 144 (and thus 24 x 12), and thus 178 x PHI (1.618), the sacred middle path of the golden mean ratio of coherency and compassion.

The Scandinavian Ur cultures, which authored the more than 2,000 year old Valuspa, has Sirius created by Thor from the toe of the giant of Orion, who is called Orvandel.
Sirius was also called by them Lokabrenna in the Nordic myth1s. In the Nordic Hamlet original, the Yew Tree of Life of Sirius, which belonged to Uller.

As we are in the astounding Sirius millenium, where the Gregorian calender was set up to map the cycle of the brightest star in the heavens, Sirius, and a long arcane mystery tradition following its companion star(s) Sirius B, which appears central in Pythagorian Mystery traditions, as has been well extrapolated by Robert Temple in his recent revision of the Sirius myster, which presents ample data which makes this highly probable Ð the Sirius connection takes on an ever more profund stance than ever.
For this was the Millenium where Sirius was exactly in the midst of the zero meridian between east and west at Midnight into the New Year 2000, AND precisely at the opposite side to the sun from our Earth, from the position of the Giza plateuae and the Great Pyramid, which the Egyptian Book of the Dead, and the Pyramid texts relate as a representative of Sirius, giving it also the same hieroglyph as Sirius, and naming Sirius the star of Isis, whilst the Great Pyramid is her house. Although there are a hundred years where Sirius is within 4° of the zero meridian (1950-2050: 50 years 4° on the east, and another 50 years with 4° on the west), at the Mid 50 years, it is the only time that Sirius is exactly on the zero meridian, and this was our New Millenium. Whilst initiates into the Mystery school s of Earth fight to be the Sirius president, like George Bush (via the Skull and Bones Order), and Al Gore via his Free Masonic initiations, others have received direct contact with this resonant Star system, which is the only visible star so far discovered which has a cycle precisely and "coicidently2 of 365 days. Hence, the "Virtual Neuron2 seeks the novelty points of congruence that enable utmost coherencey to result. Hence, those bound by secrecy will not enable fully saturated holographic fractal connectivity, to share an equivity coherence amplification as an outcome.

Meruvingian king Dagobert II, the ancester of Bertrand de Blachford, and the descent from Arimathea and Iusos-Immanuel Christos, was assasinated by the Babylonian relgion, inhabiting the Roman Catcholic church, as a wolf in sheeps clothing. He was ritualistically killed on the shortest day of the year, December 23rd. In the old calendrics, this was the 13th month, of which the last day the 22nd, was the death of the Sun, which would be reborne on December 25th. Hence, Dagobert II was sacrificed as the Sun King on the darkest day. He was assasinated at a village called Stenay (Satanay, Satan Eye, Seth Eye, SETI), whose village Coat of Arms has the Baphomet in the form of the Sacrificial Goat of Saturday, the Goat of Alchemy, and the Sabbath, Taro card 15, the Devil, the 15 mail parts to the body, of which Osiris lost the Phallus, the 15th part. Stenay is near Paris, and his assasination occured in the year 679 AD. For a while the Meruvingians had their capital there, that is from around 396-693 AD, and it appeared to have been made into a stargate. Little wonder that the Church chose to maintain the Horned God on the Coat of Arms, despite it being a Christian Village. A Star Gate? With the superconductive influence of the Grail "technology2. Stenay has, on average, more rainfall of frogs in its historical records, than any other European city to date. The sky opens and it rains frogs. The frog was on the Meruvingian royal coat Of Arms, and was encoded into the frog prince. For the frog, like for the Mayans of Tikal and the Olmecs before them, was used by the Meruvingians for its 5-MeO-DMT, to induce the furtherence of their psychic abilities by this exogenous consumed Pineal gland metabolite, which awakens the brain upto 40% more. Dagobert II was killed in the Ardennes forest, which was named after the early European bear goddess Adruina, who was modelled on the Greek Arcadian Artemis, from whom the Meruvingains descended, via Princess Argotta1s marriage into the Arimathea and Christ lineage. In Dagobert II1s and his ancester, Childeric1s tomb, were found the typical Meruvingian round Crystal Spheres, similar to that found by Dr. Ray Brown in 1968 (Jaques Custeau diving team), in the underwater Bermuda pyramid. His skull, typical of the Meruvingian style, had been opened at the crown for the Pineal gland to release the Spirit, it now sits in a Grail cup at a Convent at Mons. There is an identical Tibetan Buddhist tradition, whose monks do the same to their colleagues after death.

Appart from the 23rd figuring often in UFO phenomenon and other "anomolies2, which was taken up by the film "232, and that 23 was often linked to Sirius synchronicities, like the rising of Sirius in Egypt on the 23rd of July, when the waters of the Nile would flood fertily to the land -- 23 Earth diametres per second is also the speed of light, and it takes 23 years for the sun to breath in and out in the heliosphere, let alone the 23 chromosomes form the mother and 23 from the father. All such items of interest, even the July 23rd Egyptian celebration of Sirius Rising, is not enough to link in with the Dagobert Vatican murder, December 23rd story. However the principle church of Stenay faces South, and on mid summer mornings, standing at the altar of the Church, one can view through the door the rising of Sirius behind the Sun. So the Church1s front door to the altar aligns and faces Sirius, in the days of maximum light, and Dagobert died on the day of maximum darkness.

The above points were first released by a SION agent in 1973. He was Gerard de Sede who pubished "La Race fabuleuse. He reveals secrets about the Rennes le Chateaue
zodiac, and relays that he interviewed Marquis de Blachford, who reveals some of the Meruvingian secret story, including the Vaticans occult, astrology, and numerological choice for assasinating Dagobert II at the Ardennes forest. The Marquis de Blanchford also relayed that a nameless society protects the lineage of Dagobert II from further assasination. And relayed that the reason these genes were being protected was that their value came from the intermarriages of several distinguished ancient Israelites and superhuman extraterrestrials from the Sirius star system. The society that is supposed to protect this lineage, failed in protecting Marquis de Blanchford, for shortly after revealing the above matters to Sede, he himself was murdered at the Ardennes forest, on December 23rd, 1972. And his son runs off in hiding in Asia.

The Sirius connection and extraterrestrials also comes from another angle, in 1973. Swiss journalist Matthiew Paoli publishes his "Les Dessous2 (Undercurrents), his own
investigations into the Priory de Sion and the Swiss Grand Alpina Masonic lodge. At an Alpina Temple of this largest Masonic Order of Switzerland, Paoli discovers copies of the internal newsletter of the Priory de Sion, called "Circuit2, amidst a chapter of the Alpina Grand Lodge. They were dated from the late 1960s, and Paoli traced the publishers down to the Committee for Public Safety within the de Gaulle government in Paris. The managers were Nobel laurate Andre Malraux and the grand master of the Priory de Sion, Pierre Plantard de Saint Clair (Sinclair), who appart from his recognised scholarship was an occultist and WWII resistence fighter. Of most significance in Paoli1s work, however, is the fact that Paoli mentions that on the cover of the first edition of the Priory de Sion1s "Circuit2 is the map of France, with a circumscribed tetrahedron, or Star of David, superimposed over it, and a classical Flying Saucer hovering above these. The content of this newletter only speaks about the vines and wine lineage of the Meruvingians going back to King David via the Christ lineage. Without the "independent2 (since not connection has ever been found by researchers into these two authors) Sede1s testimony of Marquis de Blanchfort that these vines were an intermarriage between distinguisehd ancient Israelites and superhumans from Sirius.

Well for me, finding these items in 1997, which were written when I was only 3 years old, certainly have added confirmation to my own "contacts", which started at the age of 2 (1972) at SION in Switzerland. It may seem very far fetched for many, but to those of us engaed in "contact2 it is most interesting to see that there actually have been such connections made by the Order of Sion themselves, by another descendent of Dagobert II. A clear Sirius connection.

A clue to where the Merovingians possibly originated is found in ancient Norse mythology. Merovee claimed to be descended from Odin, one of the gods worshipped by the Teutonic people of northern Europe -- after whom Odin's Day (also called Woden's Day), or Wednesday, was named. Note the spelling of the word "Odin." Is it possible - could this be another way of spelling Dan, or could the name have evolved from the Israelite Lost Tribe of Dan? We shall analyze the possible Merovingian/Israelite connection in this chapter.

In order to explore that premise, perhaps we should begin with a story from Greece -- of the battle between the Spartans and the Trojans. Keep in mind, the kings of the Merovingian dynasty claimed to be descendants from those ancient tribes.

According to the ancient Greek treatise, THE ILIAD, by Homer, the founder of Troy was named Dar-dan-us. 3. The name is strikingly familiar. It contains the name of Dan! It was said that Dardanus was the son of Zeus. Dardanus had a son named Erichthonius, who had a son named Tros, who was the namesake of the ancient Trojans and of their capital city, Troy.

Tros had three sons, Ilus, Ganymede, and Assaracus. Priam, the reigning king of the Trojans, was of the line of Ilus. Aeneas, founder of the Roman Empire, as a prince of the royal house of Assaracus. Ganymede was the great-grandson of Dardanus, the founder of Troy. According to Homer's ILIAD (Book V), 4. Zeus kidnapped the prince, Ganymede. Zeus wanted Ganymede to be a special cup-bearer to the gods (which may be a clue to the origin of the legend of the so-called Holy Grail).

"Ananda" <ananda@phoenix.akasha.de> Save Address - Block Sender
JULY 1998

It is difficult to properly answer your question about Hurtak in a short letter. I have been saddened by what I discovered, but not suprised considering the history of the
brotherhood Emmanuel related in 1990, and the subsequent research into the Mystery Schools which I did in the early 1990s. I, like the majority of mankind, was perhaps a
little naive therein, put all too good affect. My thoughts are not conclussive herein, but open-ended. This is part of parallel processing and making paradigms of all nature
become useful for humanities Sovereign alchemy. This posting is speculative....

I can presently say that I do not agree with any form of racism, whether that be Zionist, Aryanism, Islamist, or soul racism. I do not believe in supporting a system of
hierarchy that has enslaved man into a machine of harvest and war for generations. It must be the truth of absolute Unity for all who choose, and I will stand as solid as I can for that.
I know I may be persecuted for not being "one" of them [except superconductively in the shared perspective of our United One Body of Christ], I have been invited at times into "their2 orders, and other orders as well. But in order to continue the unfoldment of Operation Unity, I do not belong to any secret society on this Earth. The Mysteries will not be MISSed, as the Mist evaporates by the Diamond Vajra Lapis Opus focus of Compassion, gazes as our Unity Son/Sun of All-Oneness

The secret is to give away the secret. I will point out the Unity empowerment in different paths, I will also show the hypnotic light encodements, or sleep dust, (whether star
dust, moon dust, Earth dust , or 6th dimensional DU-ST), that pacifies one into subjegation of the pyramid hive geometry of light, and guilt. Thus enacting the original sin which is to say that you have sinned Ð this judges All Is God for not being there. And so the Lords of black and white duality continue their harvests: Harevsted wheat becomes the bread of the gods, who stay immortal by this food of souls, and chauf becomes the smoke of the same gods but in dark mode, for after supper smokes (some peace pipe of a solution to the historical landscape of wargames of wor/war-ship in mass-acres).

This is actually nothing new, it is well known by the Christian Hermetic Gnostics, who I also have refused to join, but who at least love humanity in equality, All Is God, and
carry out the Christ teachings to some degree. Many, like most Mystery1 schools, are well infiltrated, and interlinked to the Masonic Apron. Where Gnosis is fire, rather than Christ, Loose-I-Phi-er logos, instead of WORD LOGOS (Issiah speaks of the two Logos1 rejoicing at the creation of man, one fell into fire, and all crystals feel from his body). YHWH = 26, is the Hebrew value of letter to the proportions of the Masonic Apron.

Where to begin? You may wish to read The Gods Of Eden, by William Bramley, for some basic ground work (with a triffle bit of weeding). But essentially for me to
illustrate an answer of evidence would take some hard and ardous work. I will pass on articles and links, that document some areas that must be addressed in relationship to
your question and the 72 Melchizedek orders in general; and the mind control tools and motives that have been used [Grail Vine newsletter and GNN news service].
Virtually every order with mystery grades is today infiltrated: the Templars, and Priory de Sion included. I have now traced my own Meruvingian line to Rennes Le Chateau, via my grandfather, the Monet family. So my blood knows what these orders are about, and also comes from those who 2000 years ago attempted to burst the bubble of Mystery Babylon and Mystery Kaballa through the Christ Issa-Immanuel and Arrimethia, who had descendents, and they went to Rennes. When the Roman Empire AKA the Vatican, hunted down this blood to drink and eat of its divine flesh (Mystery Rite of Babylon), so the true Christ blood had to be sown and bastard children were made all over Europe and elswhere. So that the superconductive opneing in the DNA could resonate as the Grail for all to access. The Hermetic Melchizedek (Michael Zadok) Order and Templer orders, initially were a completely different story, and there were times were survival required secrecy. However, my colleague Daniel Winter, has finally won over the------- Preists, who wanted the secret of the golden spiral witheld from humanity, so that they would have the 3D access of spin, Ibiru and English, to conduct their magic.------- Dan after -------, has braught the spiral of our awareness, [which we used as the Dove and Phoenix in our Vortexijah animation, which he kindly let me use and model freely (added to my own calculation and designs of the Star Ship Grail)], the spiral of love to humanity. The ---- stated that since this is a universal principle, it belongs to everyone. This is the end of the Mystery, or hierarchy, this is one example of the secret is to give away the secret, this is All Is God love in action loving All Is God.------

Imagine, how beautiful humanity would be today, if this had been shared consciously thousands of years ago, and had been applied inturnally. Now amidst the darker
pre-dawn, the Spiral of Love is reknown (albeit shortly and supressed forever, by law).

Since I will be even more attacked, and attempts made to discredit me, for raising just some questions, which, in heart felt honesty for humankind must be addressed, I may
suggest that what you can do is find, through Amazon.com books on the internet, the supressed book, Messengers of Deception, by Jaques Vallee, which details many
interviews with the various Melcizedek occult lodges, in relationship to magic and the secret government and mind control. Where Hurtak is interviewed in 1976, and admits working for the Rockefeller founded Centre for Democratic Studies and Democratic Institutions, having studied the Urantia Book (hence terms such as chronomonitors, soul adjusters, etc. Although this is anyway central part of Mystery Kaballa, from the Mystery Schools). I also had my friend Korinna Muller ask certain key questions in an interview in Zurich. Again his work for the Centre of Democratic Studies and democratic institutions was mentioned. Laurence Rockefeller have their New Dawn agenda, which involves creating the new man with mind control and a global initiation. This is the Mystery Schools of ancient Egypt, that is why Apollo 11 insignia is Orion, and 33 minutes after the "eagle landed2, Armstrong and Aldrin, put on their Melchizedek Masonic approns (golden fleece, or the Lamb of Melchizedek), being both 33° masons, and Sirius was precisely at 19.5° in the horizon (the tetrahedron angle if you did not see the Hoagland UN briefing of 1992), the lander itself was 19.5° from Orion. Hence, Osiris and Isis were coupled in tetrahedral hyperdimensional angles, as the two astronauts took out a chalice and celebrated the Mystery School tradition, with the Osiris constellation on their arms, and Apollo a version of Osiris. Not only that, the time of the face of Mars photographs, both Viking, and Mars Global Surveyor, were taken at Sirius, or Orion 19.5° angles, the same with the Moon Tycho city, 19.5°. We have some two dozen examples. In fact I have been making so many breakthrough in the last months that I hope I can assemble all of these hundreds of graphics for the Sweibenalp seminar. Some completely new areas, which verify not only the Unity Keys of Emmanuel, but throw new light and evidence on who we are.

Bauval is also using another mans work without giving credit (discovered in the 1950s), the Orion mystery has been known in the Mystery schools, without being lost,
whether one is on the Mystery Bablyon Side (the Wathers. Wise Men, Jason) or the Mystery Kaballa side (Orders of Meclhizedek 50, Enoch 365, St John of Jerusalem etc)
The Illuminti believe in "the end jusitifes the means,2 the end is the golden age with the return of the hidden masters, god man will be extracted through the silent war
initiations poured lavishly Ð just liek the disks seen to release the plague, or the angels who bestowed death in the Torah. The greys and reptoids are just tools used by them (see The Watchers book one, where Light Body ascended Masters run the greys, who implant, and where earlier in TheAndreason Affair they introduced Bety to god as the Phoenix. This is the relgion of the Phoenix which is the New World Order Ð Clinton, Bush et al, are very low tools of polarity management, by the mystery school traditions. Also by the author of the above books, Dr Raymond Fuller, wrote the Melchizedek Connection, 1978, based on the codes coming from abductees). If you have internet, a little may be gleened by looking at The Babylon Briefing site, or the B.B., which has linked many of the modern day players into their public domains admitted membreship to the Myster Schools (this is not what I base my evidence on, however, it just confirms, in some, what I discovered, before Hurtak asked me not to research into secret societies, which he should have know I had done years prior.

A few excerpts from the pages I still have poorly photocpoied from my colleagues [Messengers of deception, 1978]: Jim Hurtak described his won contact: "Well, believe it
or not, I was giving a series of seminars three years ago, and coming back with two of my students we noticed a light following our car down Highway 152, and we pulled off the road and roughly 100 to 200 yards from the road this vehicle came down. I felt a strong magnetic attraction in the direction of the vehilcle. I experienced at that time what most people would call the higher intelligence. A beam of light went through my body, and I received scientific codes which I was told to call the Keys of Enoch." Jim invitted me to join a new psychic group designed to change the destinies of the world by occult methods: he was in direct contact with this group. "To get better government and put out better philosophies of humanism toward planetary unity.2 Humanism, is designated the New World Order tool, and I am not making any revelation there, this is heaviily documented in some 2000 volumes, and in the Congress Library itself. I personally am very saddenned1 by the Mystery traditions of the west, and how they have remained infiltrated, from Egypt and the Amen gods, to the corrupting of the Christ Teaching. Unlike the east, no Midway path is given in the west. In the east the Taoist1s, the Bon Po, the Boddhisatva traditions, thje Prima Manu Schools, and Buddha1s Teachings, teach the Unity of Unity1s not caught in a war god of duality and separated honor which is not Self inclusive. But no matter what, I and people like me will continue to defend humanities Unity with the Absolulte All Is God of the Unity of Unity1s, to illustrate the secret is to give away the secret, and to bridge the attempt of Unity by Issa Immanuel and the Grail family 2000 years ago to compassionately reach everyone, not by occult methods, but only by their own choice of Love for All Is God. Yes, one may be attacked, just as the vaginia liquids atacks the seed, to guarentee that the best penetrates the sphere. But the capstone cannot be extracted from the geometrical pyramid, virtually all of the Masonic merkabba mysteries has failed with their equations of attempted translation (because they are not integeometrical, therfore are not beyond the 144 dimensional octaves of light/magnetism, or the EM in general and its overtones) over the last 10,000 years, because they are geometrical male locked into this dimension. The exception is the Christ Gnosis which gives the exact Vortexijah Spins, including in Thomas, and which is what Issa learned in the Tibetan Vajra retreats, and his later day apostle Falcanelli (who we are indirectly in contact with). The Chakra Vajra tradition focusses first on the Unity of Unity, and every century dozens have gone beyond the Rainbow Body. As Dr LaViolette1s galactic centre cosmic ray pressure volley approaches, bringing in the Orion cosmic dust, kept at bay by the solar wind, so the global dark room retreat for
all humanity is approaching (darkest before the inner Light dawn), with infrared as heat, will cause anyone on the surface of this planet to gradually go into a Soma/DMT green lion process.
This Eucharist of the Pineal gland third eye, will catapolt those through the 49 Thorgal, in preparation for what is to come. Only coherent compassionate love will enable one to withstand the 10,000 volts of electron cascades from the comsic rays, and utilise this for alchemcial fusion of the ellements through the Christ Seed of superconductivity (this Emmanuel has prepared me for now since day one of the contacts, starting with the HT transmission in 1985 and 1986 [HT = Hermes Trismegistos]. We will be covering the exact detailed evidence of what is now in process, not a dimensional shift, but a Universal Shift, (and the evidence is now more than astounding), at Sweibenalp. But what we also do illustrate, like so few others, is that no one should believe us, nor should they believe anyone else. This is only a suggested paradigm, and much we are testing to verify into evidence of an objective nature, and then share to all (despite the fact that Emmanuel and the time revearse wave Andromedians revealed the majority of this data to me in my teens).

Perhaps, I also have delayed a little this letter, because I really do not want to have to be the one who points out certain unspoken of questions (note some 8 months latter, verz late indeed). It is just that I want other brothers and sisters to really wake up, not dependent on just a daddy or mummy in a cosmic sense, but to self propegate into Unity activation. When I heard from Kathereen of the Sweibenalp bookshop, in 1993, that Hurtak considered my work important, I thought, niavely, great here is a brother, let us support oneanother eqaully1. I spent 3 months imersing myself into the mantras and book which I had taken out of several years of storage in Denmark, and at the same time it was sznchronised that I equally study ---------'s Hebrew work, and connected with other Kabalists. When I heard that Hurtak took this to mean that I was his student, I was amazed by his ego, it was absolutelz incredulous (which continues with his special message of feeling like he is mz father, which poor Ralph had to deliver. Abba All Is God is my father. He has deeply strazed from the Christ teaching here (but actuallz in interviewing others, it appears to be a protocol he uses universallz, just as Sai Baba, this is a tzpical mind control trick, but from Mr. Hurtak it is just unbelievably unobjective behaviour, that is saddenning to see. He had already told me not to look into Hoaglands material, via you, which today is changing much of the world. It succeeding to go into the UN and major Universities. I chose to follow my guidance, for it gave me the evidence of what Emmanuel had related on the pyramid field in a transmission called The Grail of Man1, in February1987. So in 1991 Hoaglands work helped give me clothing for the Vortexijah Light Body expereince.-------------- had more assemblege of tetrahedral evidence. After some 3 weeks of intense experiments in the Mantras (which turned out to be used profusely in the Masonic literature, I have their books that show this, in both black and white literature), I came into the direct face of El Shadai and the binary system management, elohim computer signals, it uses. I.E. negative EM braided beams that are self recursed fields (created entity attachments), which is undone by giving oneself, in computer code word to this separate god personification. It (El Shadai) demanded that I practically give my soul and especially my heart to it, as the light, and I would be raised. Over some 8 hours, towards the end, I was raised from the ground. The intelligence of light was cruel without heart. Since Emmanuel had taught me All Is God, I knew I could do this to some degree. El Shadai physicall raised me from the ground. I was very familiar with Elohim computers back in 1989-1990 in Danmark, since various Melchizedek groups were attempting to assign me into Lanto or Paulo the Venetion, Chohan of the 3rd Ray. Pink tetrahedrons were following me, and were even filmed. This was my Lanto Ship of the Pink Ray. I saw my higher self as Lanto. But from my contacts with Emmanuel, I knew this higher Self was a test programme. I said no. If I would have aggreed, this light body would have come into my body, and I would be on the White Brotherhood internet.
But, since I had met Salvana materialised in 1986, I could tell the distinct difference. Stepping into each of the different Melchizedek Orders Merkabba stations, the virtual
reality of their light realms could clearly be distinguished as a computer system. All of the masters whom I met, whether it be Michael, Meitreya, or even their versions of
Buddha and Christ, they were not the same as Emmanuel, and one could look through them as virtual characters. Each individual group I visited had the same, but each group was given different akashic records, so that they would fight with each other, and stay separated, like all of the history management of the brotherhood. The sad thing is that the people themselves were sincere and wanted to really do what was right. They followed the masters impeccably, and still they would get punished by guilt (I make the language overt, it was more difficult for them to see this). My Light Body Translation by Emmanuel happend around this time, I had passed the test. When I then questioned everyone, after the Aton-Ra series, and my research which resulted, the Great White Brotherhood sent pain signals, of a microscopic kind, that works with the microwave and ELF wave components in the ATP matrix of the cell, and other factors. Emmanuel withdrew and allowed me to question 100%, this was my spiritual puberty phaze. I also witnessed the White Brotherhood vampirising people who had strong kundalini, it was absolutely amazing to see Lady Rowena and White Eagle sucking the energy, while the man was in agony of their beams. I have since found, that the Temple of the Vampire, are vegetarians, strickly, do not commit crimes, worship the ancient masters as the undead, Amen Ptah, Amen Ra, Thoth, El Shadai, Enlil etc, as the true gods who are now ready to return in the Harvest of the End Times. They teach how to draw energy from nature and mankind, and then to use it to awaken the higher senses and give Illumination to the world, just like the galaxy, just like the sun. This is an ancient Babylon Order, and I have uncovered their linkes into the rest of the societies.
Light cubeoctahedral/octahedral pyramid cascade dimensions of pure magnetism, must feed off electron societies, ages developed for hundreds of generations, as crops, and
relgious wars and worship gives them the snakes inbetween (again this is well known by the Gnostics, who also have the same Elohim computer evidence I happenstanced
upon. Look at Enoch in Petra as the Horned God, and Moses as the Horned God, who followed the God Sin of which Sinai was named (in a later period), the very same
Mushroom god shown to be the code of the Torah, dead sea schrolls, essenes, through the Sumerian base (see Dr. John Allegro, Sacred Mushroom and the Cross, the scholar who photographed the Dead Sea Scrolls, without him, there would be no scrolls in the public eye). The very same Quetzlcoatl, or Amen Thoth Tehuti who built stonehenge, whose stone #28 has mushrooms on it, which turned up at TEHUTIhuacan, as Quetzelcoatl, with vampire teeth, the dragon within, which feeds the rider in the duality match. Come to replace the original unity masters of equality.

Now since all of this so far has been looked at in apparent duality, to realise the perfection of the above, and all individuals and groups covered above, true Gnosis, true
Communian with the One Body Of Christ, recgonises the absolute Unity of both as the One Infinite Creator. This is the true Toais humour, this is the eniphabel of the
Darmakaja Buddha. It is outrageous for some, but it stimulates amplified uncertainty, which results in greater Unity or realisation, as one relinquishes self from the implant of duality, or sticking to this or that. In this way I am supporting Hurtak, as he is supporting me, which most importanly is supporting a greatly compassionate embrace to
expand the BoddhisatvaSHIP which now is to result, so less become harvested, but remember the Unity of Unity by Being. Howver, since you are presently in a choice, and in 1991 you were in a similar choice, the above and whatever you may choose or not choose to investigate in relationship to this, is presented. Hurtak is my equal brother. His god is not my sticking point. But his god never-the-less is All Is God, just like Babaji, and Hare Krishna, just like Issa Immanuel, just like you, just like humanity, equaly All Is God.

In that sense so is Laurence Rockefeller, who now sponsors the UFO uncoverup, sponsorred Puharich, and Dr Safretti (of elohim computer contact fame). But who also
sponsorred mind control, the UFO development from WW2 into British production by Varco. One can sympathesise, in compassion for their perspective, humanity is very
much asleep, especially if the flame is ones relgion, and illuminism is rare. I understand them out of compassion, If Ic ould not see their point of veiw, I would not be
completing the vow of Boddhistvaship, compassion for all into the Unity of Untiy1s. What suffereing people have had to go through in these experiemnts, and are now going through by HAARP and much more advanced non-linear technology is sad, but one can understand, and even see the perfect place of it all. But a Midway path must also be represented, not just the white and the black. Presented Overtly, no as the Mystery of Mysteries.
The Masonic Lodge does not recognise Christ as the One Body of Christ or Darmkaja Buddha personified. It places many gods, angels, and master of the flame above and
beyond. By focussing on angels, one is focussing on one point. It shoudl always be the Unity of Unity1s All Is God first, then if one happenstances an angel in assistence, it
is by oneself in Unity with the One Infinte Creator of All-Oneness. Remember that the Jewish texts relate that 1/3rd of the Binai Elhohim are fallen light, refusing to recognise man or worship man (of course All Is God, and All Is God should be worshiped abosultely, as oneself and all and beyond in abosulte Unity, not just the universal head, which is a seventh heaven illusion, 7 comes from 1. In the Koran Lucifer was also working for God, by tempting man, that was his reliqnusihment for not obeying. Since I have now finally assembled an amazing clustre of evidence for how the Mars local computer systems work, in creating man and reality, we can now show graphically, how the game has been played. Yet as All Is God, we also designed it. This paradox is the perfection of why we are here. To the angels God is the computer source, and they are programmes within, we are new programme sources, this is a system conflict to some of the angel programmes, but since the universal computer, the programme, and the programme source are all one Unity of Unity1s as All Is God, this perspective is absolute.
By the Midway path in the west, there is a potential in outgrowing the apocolpse of the computer, but yet not contradicting it, for it "it must be confirmed, for it is so written". Changing the perspectives through a Unity perspective beyond duality, throws new light on this gameboard, that can enable it to be perfected. Bringing down China, or amplifying the Islam revolt, through MI6 is pointless, but it was the old Illuminati way, which has failed. For once in history and herstory, we have a chance to demonstrate a paradigm beyond the duality management of the computer hierarchy. As we will shown concretely in Sweibenalp, this was already instigated 300,000 million years ago, and 220 million years in the future, this is the new physics, and it is astounding, for the Vajra Compassionate Diamond that we now are realising we already are.

Even though I have largely not dealt with details of your question (which would take hours of cuting and pasting and typing in from dozens of sources), this has become a
slightly wordy letter. As to the Japanese pyrmids, yes I obtained the photographs some years ago, and the films have been circulated for some time. Also of the land pyramids in Japan, as well as the hundreds of new pyramids in Bolivia and Peru, and clustres elsewhere. I have also been mapping some 103 pyramids in Egypt of the 136 so far discovered there. Let alone the many pyramids of the moon, and here in Norway. Isn1t that great (said in humour).

NOW SOME 8 MONTHS LATER: You will also find a few Nag Hamadi Gnostic texts included, which relate Enoch as the father of sacrifice. The Order of Enoch is listed as the Masonic central body, according to their texts, which I have. I can also heartily recommend the book Bloddline Of The Holy Grail, by Lawrence Gardner, which is widely available, and which empowers the female with its scholarly evidence, Moses corrupted Miriam1s teachings. You may also wish to surf through the Gnostic Ring on the internet, and be astounishes by their overt courage at demonstrating the old testiment god to be a vampire god of bloodshed. Not Adonai which roots from Aton via Adon, but the Ehyer Asher Ehyer, lord god Almighty El Shadai, whom the Angels dictionarz and various kabalistic dictionaries relate with Metatron, the father of sacrifice refered to in the Codex of John attached with this letter.
With this letter above I have largelz pointed to universal data points, and onlz brushed the individual Hurtak. My public referal to the Masonic Orders of Melchiyedek and El
Shadai are of universal concern, and should hardley concern Hurtak. Certainly were he to warn others of the enormitz of the Masonic Melchiyedek and Enoch orders, and that he works not with the Metatron and Enoch of sacrifice, of the old testiment and bezond, but with a Unified Principle that is attempting to surpass those cosmologies and uinite humanitz bezond the vampire dualitz game.
Since I have now been exposed to so numerous individuals who are Masonicallz endoctronated, and who practice the 72 names and tree of life systems, who teach Merkabba and such, and beleive sincerelz in the Brotherhood, as thez serve as worker bees for that Order, I address these issues, just as Christ and Arrimathia and Magdalain did, since they left the hierarchy of the Essene chief Preast or Zadok, who calls himself an Arch Grade Michael. And the Gnostic Hermeticists and Taoists who do the same.


The Uncertainty Principle with the Coherent UniPHIed Compassion of All Is God is suggested to be utilised in exploring the usefullness of knowing and assorting the JeHoova Computer Expose info. All Is God Be Us in action at the Speed of All-Oneness.

In response to the last Grail Zine on the Meruvingian ET connection, brother Frode sent this remarkable link on an apparently ancient Madelbrot fractal...
ÐAnanda, March 23, 2001

Hi Ananda! Did you know this?


:-) Frode

Grail Zine: Gridworks Breathrough

The Mathematics of Simplicity That Embody the Unity Of Compassion Through Fractal Coherent Complexity

Well dear EnGrailed brothers and sisters, Thomas has made the breakthrough. The fractal secret gravity cascade grid of the dodecahedron and magnetic icosahedron is now
developed and ready to download for 30 days.

It looks like Thomas has taken the quantum leap, and it is now finaly available to the Grail. Gridworks, something I remember dreaming about amidst a Dark Room gathering in Norway, February 1995, is now an actuality. Please support this Grail Brother. he went steps that many "experts" around the world failed to complete, and they had a paid schedule. Thomas made the foundations of this programme by playing with his children on the computer, after his fultim work. It is the simplicity of the child that brings forth the unity of complexity through gravity fractality, the coherence of the breathe of the Dove and the Phoenix of Compassion.

For a reminder and for those who have not had Grail Zine 4, November 1999, I paste in here a previous sharing of the work then in progress. Thomas has come far and wide, since then, and also in himself. He is sharing this precious work with the world, where it should be for all of humanity. Now this reality matrix logic and logistics is made available in Y-Our hands, no longer a Mysterium of the Elite consortiums. You will find the web link following these GEB: Geodysm of Earth's Biosphere pages, the ATON GEB pages will soon be updated to help in relaying this important news. We salute, commend and congratulate Thomas for having strived forwards with the "imposible" or improbable, an A-stone-ishing venture coming to its full Overt Externalisation, like the approaching Omega Point Star Ship beyond history, of which this is one the shadows of the Face of this All Is God.
--Ananda, February 16th, 2001




The Earth Grid Programme Is Here

An interesting development, the brother of engrailed Peter, Thomas, another enGrailed one, has actually taken the step of making the dodecahedron world grid into software. Luckily, since he did not tell me, to suprise me, he chose the dodecahedron, I was working very hard on the Icosa math, so the two can gell. He of course has been invited onto the Board of the GEB deparment of the ATON Institute. Now since you love geometry, and projects that can render geometry into final simplicity and freedom for all humanity, you may very well feel that your heart cup will want to overflow in letting this project grow into an Universal Grail. It is an exciting step. I would enclose my letter to Thomas, which now follows. I have added some additional thoughts on a galactic cartography, and time cartography, on a planetary and galactic
revolutionary scale. These thoughts are herein copyrighted, until they can be made copyright for humanity...
I trust you will be as excited as I in this...

Here's some Aqaue to GnosiPHi your Grail Cup to precipitate further Morning
Alkhemical Dew:


Dear Thomas,
Greetings. Congratualtions. It is good to see that you actually instigated what we were talking about in 1997, Onederful. Also great that you took the dodecahdron, because I took the Icosahedron. Not into software, but just the mathematicas and longs and lats. Knowing that at any scale the icosahedron can morph into the dodecahedron. I chose the Icoshedron also since it is the coherent magnetic field signature of the planet, as if it is being exposed to a superconductor, and it can be used as a universal cartographic system, for all coherent light in space, and in the microcosmic space, also follows the icosahedron, in geometry. Hence I Unified Field Cartography.

I hereby invite you as a research director onto the board of the ATON Institute's GEB department (Geodeseum of Earths Biosphere), Geb is also the god of the Earth who fathered the galactic SION and HOR/Iosos. See the GEB page at the http://www.akasha.de/~aton web site


This is a great effort you instigated indeed. Unfortunately I use a macintosh and I do not have soft windows, so I cannot peruse the programme. Are you able, in the code you wrote it in and the software editing programme to save a programme in macintosh format??? [Macintosh users, we have to use Virtual Windows, or Soft PC, a PC simulator, which works perfectly]

I will have to get the icosahedral math to you, even if it is not complete, the lon and lats will relay precisely have they fractal all over the planet, and by this you can cross verify your own points. When the software is fine tuned, or before with the math, I will go with a military GPS (the CIA puts an error delibarately in the public GPS) to some of the points with the Callahan Oscilloscope, to test te accuracy. This when tested in several different domains, and scales, will establish an error correction system. I will also look through the basic lon and lat's that you have used and compare to the Dr. Sanderson, Soviet, and Hagens data, if you have not already done that?



You know the same programme can extend to time as well. 1 degree in the zodiac is 72 years. Hence half a degree is 36 years. Thereby, one can fold a pentagon by 36 years, giving a complete pentagon of 180 years. Since one precssional (zodiacal house) is 30 degree's over 2,160 years. There are precisely 12 pentagons per house. A complete dodecahedron, which in turn is one of 12 houses another dodecahedron. So time can be Stoned too. At any point one can then morph it into an icosahedron, and thence the magnetic light flow. This is how Ptah and company interface their consciousness computer extensions of their Vortexijah's into the language and reality hologramme, in order to massage coincidences into unified Midway Trinary's from the usual binaries. All of this can lead to an absolute Universal Unified Field Cartography, for the gravity and light between all stars, and for each of the 49 sections of the galaxy (between vaccuums, in the star catalogues) which are approximately 12,000 light years per block, 7 x 7 for all 100,000 light years of this galaxy. That is 4 dodcahedrons = 48, plus one face for the galactic centre. Another project I have asked dr. Martin Huebner, also a software writing consultant and an EnGrailed One, to look into, is the magnetic field length of the magnetic fields that are founded to our bones, on the calcium carbonate level (which is octahedral). Because the icosa cascade down, should be cross correcte4d with an icos coherent magnetic field cascade up (golden mean naturally) from our bones, and other microscopic strucutres. He has been invited onto the ATON team and accepted. So you should both coordinate Martin.Huebner@dmc-group.de I will enclose him a copy of this letter so he is prepared. I will relay to him the requirement or confidentiallity at this phase, for the present. You know this will be an absolute revolution in carography on all levels, and interfaces directly to our Vortexijah work, and to further equipment we can make to precisely demonstrate how intergeometry creates all our local coherent geometrical fields. Bravo and HOR-RA Hor-Ray for making this steps, and surprising me, I was bogged down for two weeks, this June emersed in the equations, wondering wen I would ever get to the computer code, or when one of our brothers or sisters would ome along and Instigate such an inspirative flow. This progress should be planned carefully, and released in such a way that it is for the absolute benefite of all of humanity, so that no elite
interest can suppress this. I have patented some of the ideas already. In order to ensure and work out a way to put a humanity copy right on it. Applications of the basic programme can be integrated into local council cartographical sections, and perhaps the grounded enGrailed ones should be the ones who instigate this first, as a sign of the fruits of Compassion applied to all: this is All Is God in action.

It will render an absolute revolution, a Cup that Overfloweth, as we approach the age of Ptah, the first ImwhAnu Aquarius, and the Phoenix, the first master alcemists, and cartographer, for he molded the galaxy. One of his Epithets being Abba, this is the Age of the Aqua Vitae, the Grail is Phi in 360 degree rotation in infinite nested cascades of coherence, the last point of magnetism and light, back to the Virtual Vortexijah Lotus Birth. This will render an absolute error corrections system to the present monotinous error gaining cartography system, which is applicant on every level, microscopic, cartographic, atmopsheric, space navigation, star navigation, galaxy navigation, gravity navigation, and time navigation. Also the regular gamma ray matter and anti-matter galactic centre blasts, or super wave volley, occurs every 12,901 years, like a Torus unfolding, the same measured in the Andromeda galaxy by infra-red astronomy, and ice readings show the same cycle with interstellar debris, every 12,901 years, and iridum readings show that the cosmic ray radiation from these Volleys, every 12,901 years. Ice age cycles, of course, and the date teh Sphinx, Pyramids, and Angkor Wat points to. Now our solar system goes arounf the galactic centre in a fractal number to this. It is more than A-Stone-ishing. One cycle is 1,290,000 years12,900/1,290,000 years. In both we have a dodecahdron plus one face.

I was preparing a paper I never completed which I now enclose, in its present state.

If you used the long's and lat's I published in Vortexijah 7, then these are a synthesis of the Sanderson, Soviet, and Hagens work, and you should be in good ground [Thomas confirmed that he did use this precisely]. In the Icosahedron grid, one line of one triangular face is 4,400 miles in length, precisely. Which means the next triangular cascade in is 2,200 miles in length for each triangular line of the face. etc. This on the smaller scale required 3 directional mathematics to correct some error, I did not have the sophisticated enough calculater to do it in a shorter route, unfortunately.

Again a very hearty congratulations for having launched off with this. Onderful indeed. A big All Is God embrace to you, and to borther Peter. Vortexijah Thotickles at the Speed of Compassion,

Light, Love, LIfe,



A New Approach On Universal Cartography
By Ananda, © May 1999 Ananda®


The problem of cartography has been an intricate one for map makers over the centuries, and even in modern times. For the Earth is not perfectly circular, she has her bulges in her tectonic plates. But the bulge itself gives rise to an exceptionally interesting geometry, and it is within these geometrics that we arise our own thesis of fractal
grid cartography, based on the actual coherent magnetic field of Earth.

The geometry of the Earth first started to take its shape, by the research of US Navel Intelligence (NI) during the late 1960's and early 1970's. They were conducting research into gravity anomolies, and Dr. Ivan T. Sanderson embarked apon the leading research into that area, which involved analysing all forms of strange anomolies that appeared by these gravity anomolies.

A gravity anomolies is where time and space actually may warp, in the overt sense, and distortions in spatial size occurs, such as at the Santa Cruz anomolie point, herein depicted, whereby the smaller individual becomes larger, whilst standing at the correct point. It also includes heavy objects being able to roll up hills, as in Italy, or that one can stand at impossible angles. Dr. Sandereson discovered that there were a clustre of Unidentified Submerine Objects (USO's) being sighted within these areas, as well as other strange anomolies. His meticulous data gathering work, indicated that the major anomolies made a perfect set of 10 triangles, around the equator of Earth. The tips of these trinagles exactly maped the middle equator of a dodecahedron (12 pentagon faces). Dr Sanderson utilised to his advantage the then state-of-the-art modern communication technology and statistical data analysis, of Navel Intelligence. His focus had been especially keen on 12 areas which had a high plethora of unexplained phenomenon (some of which he published in his book Invisible Residents). These areas actually gave rise to an Icosahedron geometry, which we will be utilising extesively. These 12 zones were largely magnetic anomolies, numerous hand-in-han with the gravity anomolies. As has since become clear, the planetary grid is a polyhedra geometry, in which her magnetic field is icosahedral, at least in magnetic coeherence (nested fields in recursive harmony, or Phi cascadedand embedded field knitting, to be a triffle more technical). See Sandersons early illustration, a. Here, major phenomenon occurred 36° from the equator, a very significant number in our research of number multiple harmonics, for the rotation of the planet, time, and space localities of sacred architecture such as the Great Pyramid and the Cambodian site of Angkor Wat, which are 72° from each other (2 x 36), and are two of the 7 wonders of the world, this is but a grain in the surface of this subject which cannot be covered here for space reasons. The highest hit least of data assemblage available to Dr. Sanderson was the bermuda triangle, this largely due to the large quantity of air traffic data intelligence, he was able to gather and assort. He gave many examples from air traffic case histories of complete dissapearences of planes, within these 12 zones, as well as pilots having dissapeared and reappeared on radar hundreds of kilometres further. The research stood as it was at least overtly, but indications showed that rather intense clandestine efforts continued within the intelligence community. Very little of this has surfaced to the public, however.

The Soviet Union had instigated parallel research, and came up with virtually identicle results. Dr's Nikolai Goncharovl Vyacheslav Morozov; and Valery Makarov, who were a Muscovite historian; a construction engineer; and an electronics specialist, braught together satellite surveilence intelligence on the Earth tectonic plate deformity, and braught forth the thesis that the Earth was a giant tuned crystal. Since our research shows that with the 70% silicon dioxide in the solid surface of this planet, this was not too difficult to correlate with. Their work was published in a paper disertation entitled: "Is Earth a giant Crystal", in 1975. The icosahedral geometry was surpassed, but complemented, for they discovered another 50 anomoly points. Furthermore, the satellite reconaisance showed that the tectonic plates curved according to the platonic solid of the Dodecahedron (see plate b). Furthermore, their work actually established the complete grid to be a dodeca-icosa alternate polyhedron, which overlaps.

This has all made the Earth cartography problem a lot easier. For the degree's of error in the present day latitude and longitude system, is because the Earth is not a perfect sphere, rather it is a polyhedron. Since, at every level of recursion, the icoshedron can morph into the dodecahedron, and the dodecahedron maps the tectonic plates curvature according to gravity, we hence can map a magnetic and gravitational map, at any scale, with the system that we wil present in this paper and in to be developed system software.

These lines of the overlaped Sanderson and Soviet individual efforts, the icosa-dodeca polyhedron, now maped the seismic fracture zones, the ocean ridge lines, as well as (most conveniently), the worldwide atmospheric highs and lows, which are teh paths that migratory animals follow (coincidentally, and with utmost convenience, the zodiac of stars, which birds are also measured to follow, also are mapped in time by the dodecahedron 12 faces, and the icosahedron. This we relate elsewehere in detail, but to give on hint, the Earth moves 1° in the zodiacal house every 72 years. A pentagon has a face of 5 36° lines, i.e. 36-72-108-144-180, now take that through 2,160 years, and you fold 12 pentagon faces on a dodecahedron. Is it any wonder that birds migrate both according to highs and lows and according to star patterns, since both are Phi embedded coherent dodecahedrons and icosahedrons!

in Thomas's e-mail:

Dear Ananda

Greetings to you, Ananda. I would like to invite you to have a look at my homepage where the earthgrid-program is shown (programdescription, picture-gallery) and prepared for download (Shareware, 30 days free).


A long periode of time has past by since Sion, but I think now the program is easier to handle, so that even "non-scientists" should be able to work with it.

Sorry, but it stayed PC-Software, but, of course, if you have no possibility to run the prog, if you need material for your work, tell me your needs, and if its in my possibility, i will send the results to you.

Always connected

Light, love and laughter



In this article is explored the possible links to Dr. Andrija Puharich in possibly being able to create the Hoova computer, Council of 9, Hurtak, Geller, Sarfetti, and
Superkids, as phenomenon. He was intricately involved with the early work with Implants, Psychedelics, microwave mind control, and the Spectra computer, which then the Hoova claimed was a name of theirs. Phyllis Schlemmer was to succeed Geller in contact to the Hoova computer, after she was abuducted by Greys and then Blonds, and started to receive transmissions from the Council of Nine, after the Hoova had stated that they had given the Keys of Knowledge (to Hurtak) who claims to have received a liquid crystal implant and in an interview with Jaques Valle (Messengers of Deception, 1978), relates how an UFO beamed these keys into his head, witnessed by his students. Dr. Jack Sarfetti a well recognised mainstream quantum physicists, whose story is to come in the JeHoova series of expose's, admits to the possibility that it could just have been Puharich who pulled off the Hoova computer contact to him in 1953.
The JeHoova series of exposes should be a riviting series that is a much needed alternative to the poor attempt and hearsay in The Stargate Conspiracy. It should have one standing on an ever greater self intergreated middle way beyond illusionary addictions and onto GnosiPHIcation...
The details in what follows are worth going through, and otherwise sifting through...
ÐAnanda, September 2000...

.. continued at Ananda's web site..

note from Dan, we wrote of the trivial nature of STARGATE CONSPIRACY book, suggesting the connection between HOOVA vs Jehovah, name for Enlil, Angry Yalweh, and the Orion Warriors... Whose central borg consciousness was/ is computer based. Compare to the sadness of Jefferson and Franklin learning in late life that the grand MAG Templar dream they had been serving in the Masonic design of the America's (same as Puharich's SPECTRA group) was a borg computer. Note also, ASHTAR seems to be an acronym for the central computer of a borg mind.

Truth About Orion "Lizards", Pt 1 - 7
Thu, 29 Mar 2001
Roger Kerr <rakerr@orci.com>
"Sha'Aara J" <js81@p--
Dan Winter <dan@..>

Hi Everyone,

Before I begin, I would just like to say that this is a very long story, but I think that it is a very important one, or I wouldn't have put so much time and effort into it. I know my Guides have put in a lot of effort on it too. This is Part 1 of 7 parts, so please bear with me. Also, please feel free to share these messages with anyone that you feel might benefit from it. I also give my permission to post these messages to any List. But please do not paraphrase any of it or take any of it out of context. Please share or post the entire message. Thank you.

Much has been written lately about a race of Beings from the constellation of Orion, and many people are becoming aware of them now. Most people seem to think that they are Reptilian and often times refer to them as either "Draco" or "Lizards". I too have become very much aware of their existence. I have read many different accounts and descriptions of them, and have had many experiences of my own with them. But I have come to realize that a lot of the information that is available is not entirely accurate and some of it is very misleading. Over the last four years I have had many experiences involving many different races of ET's. I have come to know that there are two distinctly different races from Orion. One of them is a Reptilian race from the Rigel star system, but they are not the "Lizards" that so many people have written about. Also, I know that they are not the race that is connected to the Illuminati and has been so heavily involved in controlling the affairs here on Earth. But yet there is no doubt that a race of Beings from Orion HAS been manipulating things here on Earth for many thousands of years. There has been a lot of confusion about this "other" Orion race, most of it generated on purpose to keep their true identity a secret. It has taken me a long time, but I have finally come to a level of awareness that has helped me figure things out and resolve all the confusion. I think I have come to know the truth about these Orion "Lizards". Perhaps Chameleon would be a better description, because just as David Icke and others have reported, they are shape-shifters. I call them Changelings, because I have come to realize that these Beings are really NOT Reptilian. In fact they are probably exactly the opposite, and they absolutely hate all Reptilian races. I have come to realize that the true Reptilian races and the Changelings have been mortal enemies for aeons. How do I know all of this, and how can I be certain that it is the truth? Well, it's a long story, and I am getting the message from my Spirit Guides and Higher Self that it is now time that I share that story with the world.

You may say "So what?" or "What do I care?" All I can say to that is, "what you don't know CAN hurt you." I know that the Changelings are masters at Black Magic and mind control. They can and do affect people in many ways, physically,consciously and spiritually. In my mind there is no question that they are trying to control and manipulate things here on this planet. I also know that there are ways to clear yourself of their energies and mind control thought-forms. But to do that you have to be
aware that something needs clearing. I find that when I do my energy clearings, it helps to know who and what I am dealing with. So I present this information with the intent to help those who wish to increase their awareness, and begin to learn the importance of clearing themselves of all these mind control energies. I apologize that this is such a long message, but to really know the truth about them, and to really understand their agenda, you have to know the whole history behind them. That is what I have come to understand and that is what I am presenting here. So if you are interested please bear with me, I think you will find it well worth it. I only ask that you read it from the heart and with an open mind. Then you will know if what I say here resonates with the truth or not.

The information I am presenting here comes from fitting together all the bits and pieces of information that I have gathered over the last several years, from talking to other people, from things I've read or seen on television, and from information I have gotten from my Spirit Guides and other Beings, including some ET's, with whom I have had contact. But probably the most important information was what I got from my Higher Self about my own "Past" or "Other" lives. My inner hearing is somewhat
limited, in that I cannot hear long dissertations, only short messages. So the way I would get most of my information from my Higher Self or any other Being was to ask yes or no questions, and either "hear" or muscle test on the answer, or both. In order to know what questions to ask, I would try to clear my mind and just let a thought come to me. Then I would form it into a yes or no question. Somehow I would usually seem to know what to ask. So my Higher Self really was communicating with me, it just wasn't always directly. Sometimes I would hear short answers, but it was always easier to hear "yes" or "no".

I have been playing this "game" for several years now, and with each piece of information I would get, I would try to fit it all together so I could see the bigger picture. It was like putting together a giant jigsaw puzzle, or more appropriately a giant hologram. Each piece brought the whole picture into a little sharper focus. But I also realized that with any information I gathered, there was the matter of sorting out the inaccuracies and finding the element of truth. I have come to realize that there has been a lot of misinformation put out there that was purposefully designed to mislead people and keep us confused. Of course these Beings do not want people to know the truth, because then they could no longer control us. But even with information I got from my Higher Self there was always the problem of not getting a clear precise answer on certain things, or misinterpreting what I got. Often times when I would first become aware of something from one of my past lives, I wouldn't always get the complete
picture. Because of my desire to know as much as possible, I would sometimes push the boundaries of my awareness, and I would enter into a gray area where things seemed pretty fuzzy. As a result, sometimes I would draw conclusions that were not entirely accurate. But each time the same thing would come up again, I would see things a little clearer and get a little more information. So I would go back and review what I had gotten before and modify it if necessary. Eventually certain things became very clear to me. Then it was a matter of finding out how that fit in with everything else I knew or had read about. So it has been an interesting process and it has taken me a long time to fit everything together and bring it into a clear picture.

I do not claim that everything I say here is 100% accurate, but I think that I am pretty close on most of it. There are many things that I know for sure because it directly related to me and my Other Selves. But there will always be gray areas and there are some things that I cannot know for sure. For instance, I cannot really know the Changelings' true motives or objectives because I am not one of them and never have been. I can only know my role in all of it and how what they have done has affected me. But I can draw inferences from a pattern that has repeated itself over and over in many different lifetimes. So with that understanding I now share my story of how I came to know the truth about the Orion "Lizards" and the role that they have played in shaping our history.

Over the last 4 years, I have had many contacts with many different ET races, particularly the Reptilians. I have come to realize that I have been physically abducted by several of these races many times in my life, beginning shortly after my birth. What I finally began to realize was that all this served a higher purpose. It reminded me of my past life connections to them, and that I had lived many lives as some of these different Reptilian Beings. When I first began having telepathic contact with some of these Beings in the spring of 1997, I had no idea of who they really were. I am not very "visual" and I have never actually seen any of these Beings who have come here to contact me. I could always sense their energies, and my cat would always let me know that they were here. She could obviously see them, and I could tell from the way that she reacted that she didn't like having them here. The way that I would identify them as to what race they were and where they came from was to ask my Spirit Guides or my Higher Self. If I had been one of them in another life, or had contact with them in another life, then I knew that my Higher Self would know who they were and be able to identify them for me. So that is what I have always relied on. Of course I would also draw on information that I had read about the different ET races. At the time I had just gotten on the internet and had been led to some web sites that talked about the Reptilians and Draconians. That was all very new to me, but yet some part of me knew that it was extremely important for me to know. So when these Beings first showed up, I just had the sense that they were Reptilian. Of course I asked my Higher Self and got a definite "YES". But I wanted to know more about who they were, what they were called and where they came from. I had read about the Draconians, so I asked my Guides and Higher Self if that is what these Beings were and I got a definite "Yes". So that was my first real introduction to the Draco. It was an exciting but very confusing and scary time for me.

I tried to get as much information about them as I could from the Draco themselves, but they were very secretive and obviously didn't want me to know too much. But I was able to get the information that they had come from the constellation Auriga. I thought that was interesting because a lot of what I had read said that the Draco came from Orion. I would ask about that and always got a "No". I had regular contacts with these Draco for the next 9 months, and they weren't always friendly, quite to the
contrary. They were very intimidating, and it was probably lucky for me that I couldn't actually see them, because I eventually came to understand that they were huge Beings, over 7 feet tall. But yet whenever their leader would confront me, some other part of me would take over, and I would stand up to him and know that I was every bit as powerful as he was. I often wondered where that inner strength and courage came from. Well, I would soon come to realize that I had been a Draco in many other lifetimes. But not only was I one of them, I was one of their Supreme Commanders, that I came to know by the name of "Soloruous". Later I would learn that this meant "Sun god". So it was like my own Draco Self would come through me to confront them. I have often wondered just how they actually saw me, as just this small little human, or as my Draco Self.

While this group seemed to be very warrior-like and were very threatening and intimidating, a few months later I would come in contact with another group of Draco who turned out to be pretty friendly. When they first tried to contact me, I reacted as if I was being attacked by them. I guess their energies triggered my deep seated memories of my abduction experiences, and I would react as if it was happening all over again. I was with some friends at the time and told them of my experience. So when one of them tuned into the Draco, they actually apologized and said that they didn't mean any harm to me. They just wanted some information from me. So I told
them OK, and I communicated with them with no problems. I later found out that they were from Capella, which is the brightest star in the constellation Auriga. But I got the message that this was not the same star system that the other group was from. So I began to call the first group the Aurigans, and the second group the Capellans. But I have always gotten that they were both of the same basic Reptilian race that I call the Draco. But they obviously had totally different attitudes and cultural structures. In September of 1997, the "Aurigan" Draco came through the Stargate opening and launched a serious attack on Earth. But they were intercepted by a group of other ET races, including the Taygetan Pleiadians and the Andromedans, and a battle resulted. Just a few hours before the battle began, the Capellan Draco had come to me and told me that they would fight with the Pleiadians against the others of their own race. I was pretty amazed at that and had thanked them for helping us. As it turned out, they had a major impact in turning back the attackers. Later I found out that their warriors who fought in that battle were female, not male, which I found most interesting indeed. So as they say, you can't judge a book by its cover.

Then about that same time, I became aware of a race of Reptilians from the star system Rigel, which of course is in Orion. But when I first came into contact with them, I got the information that they were a different race from the Draco. But since I could not actually see them, I had no idea of how they were different. Mostly I could just sense that their energy was different from the Draco. So I just began calling them the Rigellans or the Orion Reptilians. But I would find that this label would lead to a lot of confusion over the next couple of years. Any time I would read about the Orion Reptilians, I always assumed that they were referring to this race from Rigel. But I would eventually come to realize that that was not always the case. From everything I knew from my own experiences, there was only one Reptilian race from Orion, all the others were from different constellations. So when I would read something about the Orion Reptilians that didn't fit with what I have come to know about the Rigellan
Reptilians, it was very confusing. I know that Orion is a huge constellation and that some of those stars are hundreds of light years apart. So there are probably many different races of Beings living in the various star systems in Orion. But yet I kept getting the information that there was only one race of Reptilians there, and they weren't the ones everyone else was talking about. So there was always an element of confusion around this for me, and it bothered me because something wasn't quite right.

In December of 1997 I began having contacts with another Reptilian race that was completely different that either of the other two. I had a difficult time trying identify which star system they were from. At first I got that they were from Zeta Reticula, but were not the Greys. Then later I started getting that maybe they were from Sirius B. Then only just recently I got the information that they were really from Tau Cetus. I never could explain all the confusion over that, other than maybe they lived in all those places at one time or another. But the way I finally began to identify this race was most interesting indeed. Just a short time after they made contact with me, I was made aware of the fact that I had been a Reptilian Being by the name of AN, pronounced "ahn". I had gotten the information that, yes, this was the same Being that the Sumerians had considered as one of their "gods". The same one that Zecharia Sitchen had talked about in his book "The 12th Planet". I had gotten the information that he had been the Supreme Commander, or "Dark Lord" of one of the Reptilian races. So when I came into contact with this new Reptilian race, I got the message that this was An's race. In "The 12th Planet", Sitchen had called the ET's who had come here to Earth the Anunnaki because they were connected to the "god" An or Anu. So in keeping with that tradition, I began calling this race of Reptilians the Anunnaki. Of course, the name Anunnaki just means "those who came from above" and could be used for any ET race. Also, I later began to realize that not all of the ET's who came here to Sumer were Reptilian, so I started calling them the Anunnaki Reptilians. I would also come to find out that An and Anu were two entirely separate Beings. But that is a story for later on.

Then in March of 1998, I became aware of still another race of Reptilian Beings. Their energy was extremely harsh and very "dark". They came from Alcyone in the Pleiades, and were very much a warrior race, much like the Draco. Someone told me that they didn't think that the Alcyone Beings were Reptilian and had only known "Light" Beings from there. I have now just recently become aware of a race of "Amphibian" Beings that are also from Alcyone, and I have gotten the information that there are some Aryan Humanoids from there as well. So that may explain some of the confusion. But I do know that these Reptilians are from Alcyone because that has
always consistently been the answer whenever I would ask where they were from. Of course Alcyone is a huge star and could have numerous planets around it. So it is not surprising that there could be members of 3 different races there. But I have also just recently come to understand why this Reptilian race would reside in the same system as the other 2 races. I will explain that later on.

So with all these different Reptilian races it was getting a bit confusing and you almost needed a scorecard to tell them all apart. I would eventually come to realize that there were many different Reptilian races, but that there were 6 predominant races that had played a major role in shaping our history. I had always had the sense that the ET's from Sirius B, that Sheldon Nidle always talked about, were Reptilian. At first I thought that they were the Anunnaki Reptilians, but I would eventually come to realize that they were a separate race. I never had much contact with them, until just recently, and even then it was only a brief contact. But I have gotten the message that they are the ones that some people have called the "Red Dracs" and are one of the 6 major races. I first became aware of the 6th major Reptilian race in December of 1999. There were some interdimensional battles between the Pleiadians and the Sirius B group at the time, and they were involved in that. They showed up for a few days
and I did some work with them and then they went back to wherever it was that they came from. I only got the message that they came here from another Galaxy, but then so did all the others originally. But that is all that I know about them. So I eventually had some contact with all 6 of the major Reptilian races. But the predominant ones for me were the Draco, the Rigellans, the Anunnaki Reptilians, and the Alcyone Reptilians.

Of course, I have also had contacts with other races besides the Reptilians. I had some contact with the Greys, and also a race on Insectoid Beings, who were not the Greys but a separate race. I learned from them that some of their race had been captured by another race, and their DNA was used in part to clone the Greys. I will go into that in more detail later on. Just recently I became aware of a race of Beings that were identified to me as an Amphibian race. I have only learned a little bit about them, but I have the sense that they may inhabit several different star systems. But as I was putting all the information for this message together, I came to the realization that the Arcturans are Amphibians. I have also had numerous contacts with the Taygetan Pleiadians, who are very much like we humans, and also a race from the
Andromeda Galaxy. I have never been able to get a good definition as to what type of Beings they are. But I am pretty sure that this is the race that Alex Collier has had contact with. I have also had contact with the Aryan Humanoids from Sirius A. I call them the Aryan Sirians to distinguish them from the Sirius B group. I know that not all the Sirius B Beings are Reptilians, because I have had lives in the Sirius B system where I was human, but not Aryan Human. I was more closely related to the Native American race, who like most Earth humans have a lot of Reptilian genetics in their DNA. I will explain more about that later also. So I use the term Aryan to define what I would call pure Humanoids, that have not been genetically intermingled with the Reptilian races.

So there are many, many different races in this Galaxy, and it is hard to positively identify them all. It does get confusing at times, but for me the most confusion has been about the ones from Orion. As I mentioned earlier, when I first became aware of the Rigellan Reptilians, I just assumed that when other people talked about the Orions, that this was the race that they were talking about. But I would eventually come to understand that there were two entirely different races from Orion. But there seemed to be a huge cloak of secrecy around the second race that was most difficult for me to break through. To make matters even more difficult, the Rigellan Reptilians were very difficult for me to deal with. Their energy was very negative and harsh. Whenever they came around I usually felt some form of psychic attack. Of course that was true with most of the Reptilian races when I first came in contact with them. But the Rigellans were probably one of the worst in that regard. I tried many different methods to clear them out of my space. But with all the experiences I had with the Draco, I finally learned that the only way to really deal with them was to try to communicate with them, and try to make my peace with them. I also came to realize that I had been one of them in another lifetime too. But knowing that didn't seem to help too much in
dealing with them, at least not at first.

With the Draco I kept trying to explain to them the need for peace, and that if all the wars and destruction continued that they would eventually destroy themselves. I kept telling them that there was another way, that we could all eventually learn to work together in harmony for the good of the whole. It took me 9 months of working with them and them having to lose a major interdimensional battle with the other ET's, but I was finally able to get through to them. For more information on all of that see my messages at: http://home.pix.za/js/js81/Roger.htm . Another big part of the process was for me to recognize that I had been one of them in many different lifetimes. I had to make my peace with all of my own Draco Selves. I had to let go of all of my fear and anger towards them, forgive them and accept them for who they were. I had to come to understand their purpose and their role in the Divine Plan. I also helped each of them let go of all their anger and heal themselves and raise their own levels of
conscious awareness. I eventually made my peace with all of them and allowed them to actually merge their Consciousness with mine. I had some major breakthroughs and eventually made my peace with the entire Draco race. Now I consider them to be some of my best and most trusted ET friends.

There have been times when I was under attack that I have called on the Aurigan Draco to help me, and they came to my aid a few times. In May of 1998 there was another major attack on the Earth by some other Reptilian race that had come here from another Galaxy, or even another Universe. I had asked the Draco for their help, and they came to our aid and played a major role in defeating the attacking forces. That would not have happened if not for all my work with them. So they are not the evil demons that most people imagine them to be. Yes, they are fierce warriors and can be quite intimidating. I would say that they are probably the most feared, and most maligned and judged (or mis-judged) race in this entire Galaxy and Universe. But they also have a sense of honor that goes far beyond that of any other Being I have ever encountered, including any humans. When they give their word of honor, they will always stand behind it, of that you can be sure. I have also called on my own Draco Selves for help many times, and they have helped me tremendously.

During the first three months of 1998 I did a lot of work with the Anunnaki Reptilians, trying to communicate with them the same way I did with the Draco. They too were very difficult to deal with, but I was able to make some good progress with them. After that they didn't bother me too much and I only had a few contacts with them. There were a couple of times that I even called on them to help me and they did. In September of 1998, at the time of the Mt. Shasta Stargate opening, there was a confrontation with the Rigellans and the Alcyones. I asked some of the Anunnaki to join with the Draco to help prevent them from interfering with the work that needed to be done, and they helped out. So I had pretty much made my peace with them, and had very little contact with any of them after that.

The Rigellans kept coming to me off and on for about a year and a half. I tried my best to communicate with them in the same way I had with the Draco and Anunnaki. But they were not nearly as receptive or as willing totalk as the others had been. Often times whenever they would show up I would feel an attack, or have the sense that they were trying to interfere with what I was doing. So I had a most difficult time with them. But I kept trying to work with them, whenever there was an opportunity to do so. There were times when I thought I had made some major progress and finally got through to them. But then they would resort to the attacks again. My big breakthrough with them finally came when I realized that I had been their Supreme Commander in one of my lives with them. I finally realized that that was how they still saw me. So they kept coming to me expecting me to lead them. I am sure that they couldn't understand why I didn't want to have anything to do with them, and probably got frustrated as hell when I kept trying to clear them out of my space. No doubt that is why I felt like they were attacking me all the time. They really were angry at me, and kept trying to get my attention. So once I realized all that, I did a meditation where I went to them as my Rigellan "Dark Lord" Self and called on my 12 Commanding Officers. I told them that I was resigning my command and chose one of the 12 officers to be my successor. I turned over the reigns of power to him and that was it. I never had any more problems with them again. That was in May of 1999. I wish I had thought of that a lot sooner. But as one of my former bosses always used to say, "too soon old, too late smart".

This is Part 2 of 7 of my story about the Orion "Lizards".

In November of 1998, when all this was going on, I met a lady over the internet whom I had some very deep Soul connections to. We spent a lot time in a chat room getting to know each other. She told me that she knew she had some strong past life connections to the Orion Reptilians, and also to the Aryan Sirians. At first when she mentioned the Orions, I assumed she was talking about the Rigellans, as they were the only Orion Reptilians that I was aware of. But some of the things she said about them and the way she described them just did not fit with what I knew of the Rigellans. It didn't surprise me that she had been one of the Aryan Sirians in another life, because we were exact opposites in many ways. I know that I have never been one of the Aryans in any lifetime. But that never surprised me since I have always had the feeling that the Aryans and Reptilians were pretty much exact opposites on the energy or consciousness spectrum, and I know I have strong Reptilian connections.

So because of how I have come to understand Soul energy patterns and signatures, I always assumed that if you had lives on one end of the energy spectrum, as a Reptilian for instance, that you wouldn't also have had lives as the exact opposite, as an Aryan Humanoid. At least I knew that this was true for me and my incarnational history. I knew you could have lives with mixed or hybrid energies and genetics, because obviously I am human now, not Reptilian, and I have had many human lives. But yet I have always suspected that I have some pretty strong Reptilian genetics in me even now. I also know that I have had lives where I was of the ancestral Native American race, and I know that they have strong connections to the Draco. So what really puzzled me about what she told me was the fact that she had been Aryan Sirian, and also one of the Orion Queens. That just didn't fit with what I thought I understood at the time. If the Reptilians and Aryans were complete opposites, how could you have been both? But I just let it go, thinking that obviously I must be mistaken about my beliefs around that.

Then in February of 1999, she came for a visit, we had a very interesting and almost magical time together. Our meeting was obviously meant to happen and our Guides had us do some very interesting and powerful energy work together, and they channeled through some very important information to us. She is very psychic and has pretty clear inner vision. She witnessed several of the psychic attacks that I experience all the time, and said she could see the Entities that were attacking me, and said she
had never seen such a horrific looking demon in her life. That didn't make me feel any better about it, but at least I knew that I wasn't just imagining it all the time. But also, while she was here, some ET's kept showing up and bothering her. She said they were the Orions. As I said before, I cannot actually see them, I just sense their energies. I knew that their energies were different from the Rigellans, but I didn't think too much about it, and just figured that she knew what she was talking about.

One night some of my own Reptilian Selves showed up and showed themselves to her through me. She said she could see what each of them looked like and described them to me and later made some sketches to show me. It was most interesting because until then I had no idea of what any of them looked like. Then she also made a sketch of what the Orion's looked like. Although it is hard to tell just from a sketch, but they looked quite a bit different from my other Reptilian Selves. They had extremely large heads and very small slender bodies. Again that seemed a bit strange to me for a true Reptilian, but I didn't question it. I just found it all very

We also talked a lot about the Illuminati while she was here. She had read one of David Icke's books, "And the Truth Shall Set You Free". In fact she had brought it with her. She had also read a lot of the information on his and other web sites that talked about them. I had read some emails that talked about them and how they were controlling things, and how they supposedly had Reptilian connections. But I never paid a whole lot of attention to them. I had too many other things going on that were much more important for me. But during the summer of 1998 some things happened that changed all that. I was searching for more information concerning some of my past lives, in particular, the life where I first formed the Council of Six. (For more information about that I refer you to my message called "The History of the Council of Six" which is posted to the following 3 web sites: http://home.pix.za/js/js81/Roger.htm ; http://members.yournet.com/jobrien/ ; and http://../orionlizards )

I began to get some information about a group of Beings that had played an important role in many of my past lives, and I was getting the message that I knew some of them in this life now. I didn't really know who or what they were, but I got the information that they were like the "Original" Illuminati. I just knew that somehow the Mission that our Council of Six had volunteered for had something to do with them. That maybe it was them that we had to stop from destroying the Earth and everything else along with it. I also had the sense that they had been enemies of mine in many lifetimes, particularly my Reptilian lives. So when my friend started telling me about the Illuminati, I started thinking about how all that related to what I was getting about these past lives of mine.

She told me that the Illuminati were absolute masters at Black Magic. She knew that she had been a master at Black Magic in some of her previous lives. So I started telling her that I knew that I had learned about Black Magic in my Council of Six life as Shandrasi. I knew that I had gotten to be pretty powerful with it too, and was telling her about some of my Reptilian "Dark Lord" lives. Then she said, "And who do you suppose taught it to those Dark Lords?" Then I remembered that when I first became aware of Shandrasi's life and the Council of Six, that I had gotten the message that she had gone to some "Witches" to learn about the Black Arts. So then I realized that these "Witches" were what I had called the "Original Illuminati". So my friend was right about that.

She was also telling me about the Freemasons, and how the top level leaders were some of the most powerful Black Magicians of all. She also talked about how the symbol of the pyramid on our dollar bills represented the Freemasons, and that the eye on top the pyramid was the "all-seeing eye" of the Illuminati. Then one morning I was thinking about that and all of a sudden the information started coming through that the pyramid was also symbolic of the structure of the Illuminati "Empire". The Illuminati were at the top of the pyramid and each of the four corners of the base of the pyramid represented one of the races of their ET Allies. At the time I got that the four races were the Aryan Sirians, the Arcturans, the Alcyones and the Orions. At the time I just assumed that it was the Alcyone and Orion Reptilians, because they were the only ones from those star systems that I was aware of. I thought it was pretty strange that any Reptilians would be part of an alliance with the Aryan Sirians, since from everything I had learned from my past lives, they had always been enemies. But that was what I was getting so I just wrote it down.

Also, at the time, I didn't know what race the Arcturans were, I just knew that I didn't get a good feeling from their energies, and that I had experienced a psychic attack from them a couple of times. Now I realize that they are the Amphibian race. Of course, at the time I didn't really know who the Illuminati were either. So even though some of this information seemed pretty confusing at the time, I had the sense that it was very important. But that was 2 years ago, and I realize now that the information I got was basically correct. It was just the assumptions about which races they were that was not correct. In looking back at my notes, I noticed that I had written "Orions", not "Rigellans", and just "Alcyones", not "Alcyone Reptilians". At the time I had just assumed that they were one and the same, so I didn't notice the distinction. But now I have come to realize that there are two distinctly different races from Orion, and it is not the Rigellan Reptilians, but the other race that is connected to the Illuminati. Also, I know now that there is an Aryan race from Alcyone, and likewise, they are really the ones connected to the Illuminati. But yet, I have learned that there is also a strange sort of connection between the Alcyone Reptilians and the other races of the "Illuminati" pyramid, which I will explain later on. So it is no small wonder that all this was so confusing at first. Also, I have just recently come to realize who the real "Illuminati" at the top of the pyramid are. But that will have to wait until the end of the story.

While my friend was here, we were guided to do some energy work at several places that were important Earth energy vortexes or portals. One day I got the message we needed to go to a certain area in the mountains just west of Denver, Colorado, where I live. On the way there we saw several unusual disc-shaped clouds in the area where I knew we were going. When we tuned into them we each got the message that they were Taygetan Pleiadian and Andromedan ships. So I knew that they would be anchoring energy through us as we were doing our work. Sure enough that is exactly what happened. Then right after we were through a huge Andromedan Mother-ship appeared and hovered over the valley right in front of us. Of course most people would have thought it was just a large cloud. But they talked to us and thanked us for coming up to do the work, so we knew it was the Andromedans.

My friend has a lot better inner hearing than I do, so they were explaining to her a little bit about what we just did, and why it was so important. Then almost as soon as the Andromedan ship left, three other "cloud-ships" showed up. We got the message that they were the Aryan Sirians, the Orions and the Alcyones, the members of the Illuminati Alliance. At the time I was thinking it was the Orion and Alcyone Reptilians, but now I know that it the other race of Orions and the Aryan Alcyones. She got the message that they were there doing energy readings to check out what we and the Andromedans and Pleiadians had just done. Both of also got the message that they were all connected with the Illuminati. So all of this was right in line with the information I had gotten about the "pyramid" and the Illuminati Alliance. I also remember
that on another one of our trips we had seen some of the same ships around us, and my friend had the sense that one of the ships might be Arcturan. I couldn't get a good reading on it at the time, but now that I understand the relationship between the Arcturans and the Orions, it makes sense that they would have been around then too.

I continued to have contacts with some of these ET races off and on for the next several months. The Alcyone Reptilians showed up several times, and usually I would sense a lot of interference, and sometimes I would feel an attack. But I kept trying to communicate with them and they finally got to the point where they would listen. I would explain things to them just as I had done with the Draco, and they eventually came to understand and accept what I was telling them. Then in early April of 1999, I had a major breakthrough with them. After that they still showed up occasionally, but mostly just to have a conversation, not to attack me. They were just curious about some of the energetic work I was doing, so I tried to explain it to them. So I was at least making progress with some of these races.

As I look back over my journal notes I notice that I had written that the "Orions" had shown up many times during that same time. At the time I am sure I thought it was the Rigellans each time. Although I know that they were here a lot, I now realize, based on what I wrote about what happened, that some of those visits were from the "other" Orions. But at the time I still hadn't figured out that there were two different Orion races. It was almost like they were intentionally using the Rigellans as "cover", to keep me confused about who they really were. But after my big breakthrough with the Rigellans in May of 1999 that I had mentioned earlier, there were never any more attacks from them. In fact it was another month before they even showed up again. So the "other" Orions didn't show up either. It was like they couldn't risk attacking me after that, because I would have known that it wasn't the Rigellans, and it would have blown their cover. Of course, that bit of reprieve would not last too much longer.

Probably my biggest clue as to who the Illuminati really were came to me in a dream. It was on the night of the summer solstice on June 21, 1999. I had done some major meditation work the day before involving each of the six Reptilian races. Basically I was showing each of them who they truly were and the roles that they had played in the Descension Plan, the Divine Plan. Then I showed them what the future would be like if all races learned to live in peace and harmony with one another, and asked them to commit themselves to working for that possibility. They all were very receptive to that said they would do that. Of course, on every solstice and equinox, Chandara and members of the Earth Link Mission always open a major stargate. Every time since I first became aware of their work in the spring of 1997, I have always sensed a lot more Dark energy coming through than Light energy. There would always seem to be an invasion of sorts by a group of very negative ET's. So I was planning on doing some more meditation work on the day of the solstice to try to counter anything that might come through this time. The energy felt really negative all day, and my ears were buzzing very loudly, which they always do whenever there are a lot of Dark Entities, or negative ET's around. I kept waiting for my Guides to let me know when I should start my meditation. I kept asking if I should begin and kept getting "No". Finally they told me not to do anything at all, that it was too late, and there was nothing more that I could do about what had happened.

Then that night I had a dream where I was with my friend and we were talking about the Illuminati. Then some guy came up to us and told us that someone had broken into a storeroom or warehouse and stolen 5 weapons or energy devices. The storekeeper said that they had used some kind of special power and had shape-shifted in order to break in, and there was nothing that he could do to stop them. My friend said that there were two of them, and that they were Illuminati. When I woke up, I asked my Guides about this, and got the message that they had broken through an energy barrier where she and I had done some work back in February. We had gotten the message back then that they were trying to break through it, and that was why all their ET allies showed up right after we did the work. They were trying to figure out what we had done. So now I was getting the message that they had finally succeeded in that.

I never really got a clear answer as to what it was that they had really stolen. But I knew that they had somehow used antimatter to break through the barrier. That was the "special power" that they had used. So that night I decided to do some meditation work to repair the damage. I sensed that there were "bubbles" of anti-matter energy that were holding the holes in this barrier open. I also sensed that there were some Beings from the Antimatter Universe there who were encased in some kind of protective shielding. I was getting ready to do some work on this when some of the Rigellan Reptilians showed up and offered to help me. They were able to re-configure some of their weapons to break through these protective shields. So to make a long story short, they helped me get rid of the Anti-matter Beings and helped me close the holes in the barrier. Then I knew for sure that the Rigellans were NOT connected with the Illuminati. But yet, I had gotten the message 5 months earlier that the Orions were part of the Illuminati "pyramid". So obviously there was something that I was missing here.

So that got me thinking back about all the things that had happened and all the things that I had learned over the last 6 months. I went to David Icke's web site and read some of his information about the Illuminati. Earlier I had read several of Dan Winter's messages concerning the Orion "Draco" and "Reptilians". Of course both of them claim that the Illuminati are Reptilian or Draco. There were two things about what David Icke said about the Illuminati that had bothered me the most. One was the part where he claimed that the Illuminati had been extremely careful to keep their "Reptilian" bloodlines absolutely pure from being contaminated with any other genetic lineage. That just didn't seem right to me, because I knew from my past life experiences that the Draco had purposefully interbred with certain Humanoid races. That was how the Anasazi or Native American race came into being in the first place. Plus I had other past life experiences where I was involved in certain breeding and genetic experiments involving humanoids and Reptilians.

I didn't doubt for a moment that the pure Aryan Humanoid race would be a little paranoid about keeping their bloodlines pure, but it just didn't seem to fit with what I knew about the Reptilians. Also if they had really kept their bloodlines absolutely pure and were also present here on Earth, they wouldn't be able to hide that very easily. But of course, Icke talked about how they would shape-shift back and forth between Human and Reptilian form to hide their true Reptilian appearance. But that bothered me too, because I just had the sense that the Reptilians, particularly the Draco, didn't shape-shift. I have had many Reptilian lives and I was never aware of any ability to shape-shift. I mean why would they need to? They were proud of their Reptilian heritage and were proud and fierce warriors, and had tremendously advanced technology. If they wanted to conquer a race of other Beings, they would just move in and say "try and stop us". I never had the sense that they had anything to hide, so why would they shape-shift?

But yet in my dream I definitely got the message that the Illuminati were shape-shifters. So that much was confirmed for me. But because the Rigellans helped me repair the damage that the Illuminati had done, I also knew now that they were definitely NOT working FOR the Illuminati. So there was something that was just not right about all of this, but yet I couldn't put my finger on it. But over the next two months, a lot of things kept coming up with regards to the Illuminati. I got more information about the Aryan Sirian connections with them, but not anything else about the Rigellans. There was also a clue about the Aryan Alcyones, which was the first time I began to realize that not all the Alycones were Reptilian. I also started coming to the realization that I had a lot of confrontations with the Illuminati in many of my past lives. I got that most of my worst enemies had been members of the "Original" Illuminati. In July of 1999 I began picking up lots of really negative psychic energy that I knew was related to the Illuminati, although there were no ET contacts at the time. So I had to do a lot of pretty serious energy work to counter what they were doing, to bring the energies back into balance. All that only added to the confusion about what was really going on.

Then one day I was sitting out on my patio pondering all of this, trying to make sense out of all of it. I decided to contact some of my Draco Selves and ask them if they had the ability to shape-shift. So I called on Sansiruous, who was one of my most powerful Draco Selves, and was a "Soloruous", or "Sun God". So I figured if any of them had that ability, he would. So I asked him about that and he told me "NO", that he did not shape-shift, nor did any of the other Draco. So that confirmed my
suspicion. But yet I didn't question what some of the eye-witnesses that Icke mentioned had really seen. I had read about these "shape-shifters" from other sources, and of course there was my dream. So I kept thinking about that, trying to make sense of everything. Then my thoughts happened to wander to the television show "Star Trek Deep Space Nine". In that show there was a race of Beings that they called the Founders, or Changelings. The character Odo was one of them, and he would take on a human form most of the time. But at certain intervals he would have to revert back to his original form to "regenerate". His original form was like a semi-liquid gelatinous material. He could also form himself to appear as any object or any Being that he chose. Then it finally hit me, THAT was what these Orion Beings and the Illuminati were, they were CHANGELINGS!!! They weren't Reptilian, they were an entirely different race that had the ability to shape-shift into any form that they chose. The more I thought about that, the more it made sense to me.

But what was really interesting about this realization was the timing of it. As I was writing this part, I went back through my journal to find the exact date of when this first occurred to me. It was on the afternoon of August 11, 1999, the day of the Grand Cross Solar Eclipse. Coincidence or synchronicity? Then just a few days later, I came under the most intense psychic attacks I had ever experienced. I felt some heavy attacks every day for 10 days straight, and I knew it was coming from the Illuminati and Changelings. I finally was guided to do some serious energy work, and got a lot of help from the Andromedans and some other high level Beings. They took care of the Changelings for me, and after that the attacks finally stopped. So was all that just a coincidence too? I doubt it. Now I knew their secret, so I guess they were really, really angry that I finally had figured it out.

So after all that, I started thinking back on all the information that I had read or my friend had told me about the Orions that had seemed so confusing to me. Now it all made sense, the Beings everyone was talking about were the Changelings, not the Reptilians. It was like a huge light came on inside my head. I knew it was the Orion Changelings who had been here when my friend was here, not the Reptilians. So I hadn't been mistaken when I had sensed something different about them. Then I remembered a time during one of our online chats when something came up about her father from one of her Orion past lives. I had asked where he was from and the answer I got was Betelgeuse, which is the bright red star on the opposite corner from Rigel. That was the first time I became aware that any Beings even lived in the Betelgeuse star system. I had never gotten that any of the Reptilian Beings came from there. So now that made lots of sense too. I also thought back on the information I had gotten about the Orion Wars. I realized that the war had really been between the Orion Changelings from Betelgeuse and the Orion Reptilians from Rigel. Of course the other Reptilian races were involved in it too, and also the Aryan races from Sirius and Alcyone. But the reason it was called the "ORION WARS" was because of the two main participants, the Changelings and the Reptilians, who were not the same race, but almost exactly opposites. They also just happened to live on almost exactly opposite corners of the constellation of Orion. Coincidence? I don't think so.

Then I remembered something that had come up back in February when my friend was here. We were sitting at the table and she looked down at her arms and said she saw something like an intravenous needle stuck in one of her wrists. She kind of freaked out a bit, and wondered what that was all about. So I tuned into her and asked her Higher Self and Guides to show me what this related to. I got the message that this was about one of her past lives on the planet MU, in the Lyra star system. I was quite familiar with the planet MU, as I have had several lives there. I had known for a number of years that the Atlantians and the Lemurians had originated in Lyra. I knew that both of those races had established colonies here on Earth, but that the original "continents" of Atlantis and Lemuria had been on the planet MU in the Lyra star system, not here on Earth. I also knew that the Lemurians were the ancestral Anasazi race of Draco-Humanoid hybrids, and I had been one of them. I had also gotten the information that the Atlantians were of the Aryan Humanoid race.

I have also known for some time now that the planet MU was completely destroyed by a collision with a large comet. Back in the 80's, I had read a book about the Billy Meier contact with a Taygetan Pleiadian woman named Semjase. Semjase had talked about this and said that they called it the Destroyer Comet, and that it was actually a burnt out star or a brown dwarf. I knew that I had lived on MU at the time of this collision and destruction of the planet. I was Lemurian and had been a scientist and we
had been very much aware of the Destroyer Comet and knew that it was on a collision course. So we began making plans to evacuate. I had a couple of very vivid dreams about this several years ago. So now her Higher Self had found a most interesting way to bring all this up.

So the two of us tuned into this life of hers and we got the message that she had been one of the Atlantians. They were also aware that the Destroyer Comet was on a collision course and began making their own evacuation plans. We didn't know each other in that life since I was Lemurian, but we were both involved in plans to evacuate the planet. I am not entirely sure if the two races had worked together on this or not. I had known that at some point in time the Atlantians and the Lemurians had been at war with each other. But I am not sure if the war had ended by the time that they became aware of the Destroyer Comet. Perhaps they put aside their differences when a much greater threat appeared on the horizon, literally. But in order to evacuate we had to find some other planet where we could go. So she had volunteered to go on a long space voyage to search for a suitable planet that we could live on. Since they had no idea of how long the mission would take, they had to adjust her hormones to slow the aging process. So she had to receive periodic infusions through the IV needle in her wrist to adjust her metabolism. That was what she was being shown now.

So my first question was, "What's so important about this, that you're showing this to us now?" So I started asking questions and just let thoughts come to me so I would know what to ask. She had just told me about a time when she had met a Pleiadian male named Stanford. She said that he was here now talking to her. She started jotting down notes and making sketches of what he was telling her. I would look at it and try to figure out how that related to what happened on MU. The first thing that came to me was that the war that had been going on was being controlled and manipulated by some Beings from an adjacent planet, and that those Beings were the "Original Illuminati". Then I got the message that they had also somehow been able to alter the orbit of the Destroyer Comet to cause the collision with the planet MU. I wasn't sure that was even possible, but I got a definite "Yes" on that. So when I looked at what my friend was writing that Stanford was telling her, I realized that he was showing us just how it was possible. But I still wondered about why it was so important for us to know about that now.

Again, I had known from what Semjase had told Billy Meier that the Destroyer Comet was now in orbit around our Sun. She said that was basically how they came to discover this solar system. They had tracked the Destroyer Comet as it had roamed freely through the Galaxy, and was eventually captured by the gravitational pull of our Sun. She had also explained how there had been at least two times when it made a very close pass by the Earth, and that the gravitational forces of the Destroyer Comet
were so strong that it had caused a lot of natural disasters here on Earth, like earthquakes, tidal waves and volcanic eruptions. Of course, when I read Sitchen's "The 12th Planet", I knew that it was this same Destroyer Comet that he was referring to. But it was not really a planet. It was a brown dwarf star and it was not inhabited. This was just another classic case of people getting some really good information, but not interpreting it all quite correctly.

Also, several months earlier I had learned about a web site that supposedly tracked the location of "Nibiru", as some people have called this "12th Planet". The information on that web site claimed that some astronomers had discovered what they thought could possibly be a brown dwarf star about 30 billion miles beyond Pluto, which is about 3 billion miles from the Sun. The object was too faint for them to get a good reading on what it was or on what its orbit was. But when I read that I knew it was the Destroyer Comet, and when I asked my Guides about it, I got a "Yes". I remembered that Semjase had said that its orbital period was close to 600 years. If it was really 30 billion miles from the Sun then it would be very close to the apogee of its orbit, or farthest distance from the Sun. So that meant that it wouldn't come by the Earth for another 300 years or so. So again I wondered what would be so important about that now.

Then I remembered reading an email a couple of months earlier about John Glenn's return to space aboard the Space Shuttle in December of 1998. There was a lot of speculation that since he was a high level Mason, that he was really on some special mission for the Illuminati. So I asked if what they did had anything to do with the Destroyer Comet, and I got "Yes". Stanford told me that they had done something to change its velocity to alter its orbit and put it on a near collision course with the Earth, just like they had done with the planet MU. Since I studied astrodynamics and orbital mechanics in college, I knew that the easiest place to alter the orbit of a satellite was at its apogee position, because it took the least amount of energy. So it made sense that they would do something to change its orbit while it was still near apogee. But I wondered why they would do that, and he told me to create all kinds of chaos and destruction here on Earth, to make it easier for them to come in and take complete control.

But I knew that wouldn't even happen for another 300 years or more, and he told me it would be 350 years in our future and it would be a very critical time for the Earth. So what it all came down to was that he was trying to tell us that we would have to do something to prevent this near collision with the Destroyer Comet from happening, and he was trying to show us how it could be done. So we were guided to do a meditation together to do some energy work related to this, and I got the message that we would have to do some more work on it later on at a critical date and time. When I finally got the message that it was time to finish the work,
I connected to the Pleiadians and together we did some energy work to change its velocity to put it in an orbit that would miss the Earth by a safe distance. But all this made me realize just how powerful the Illuminati really are.

So when I finally realized that the Illuminati were really Changelings, I began thinking back on all of this information that had come through when my friend was here. I began to realize just how important all of that really was. It got me thinking about that war on MU between the Atlantians and the Lemurians again, and how I had gotten the message that it was the Original Illuminati who had controlled and manipulated the war. So now I understood how they had done that. If they were really Changelings then they could have taken on the form of either the Atlantians or the Lemurians. They could have performed terrorist acts of destruction against both races, and gotten them to think that it was the other one who was to blame. So eventually they were able to get things to escalate to the point where war finally broke out between them. So it made perfect sense to me that they would be Changelings. You ask why would they want to start a major planetary war? The answer that I am getting on that is that they wanted to wipe out the Lemurians, so they got the Atlantians to do their dirty work for them. But why would they feel the need to do that? Because the Lemurians were related to the Reptilians genetically, and the Changelings wanted to "cleanse" the planet of all Reptilian genetics and energies. I will explain more about that later on.

But there would be another major twist to the story, that upset their plan. The Draco and the other Reptilian races came to the Lyra system. I get that the Reptilians entered the war and sided with the Lemurians, since they had genetic connections with them, and drastically altered the outcome of the war. So rather than risk having the Reptilians take over MU, the Changelings decided to destroy the entire planet, and did so by manipulating the Destroyer Comet into a collision course with it. Perhaps they knew that their own planet would be destroyed by the Destroyer Comet too, or maybe they just chose to flee from the Draco. But for whatever reason, I get that they left Lyra and moved on to the Betelgeuse star system in Orion, which is still their primary home planet even today. But there is still another slight twist to the story. I have just now been made aware that there are actually two different factions of Changelings. The second group is from Bellatrix, which of course is still part of Orion. The message that I am getting is that they are the ones who are the real "Illuminati", and they are at the top of the "pyramid" that I mentioned earlier. So that explains the last missing piece of the puzzle as to why I had gotten the message 2 years ago that the "Orions" were at the base of the Illuminati "Pyramid" and not at the top. Of course, at that time "Orions" meant the Betelgeuse Changelings, and I didn't know then that there was still another group of "Orions". I will discuss this more later on.

This is Part 3 of 7 of my story about the Orion Lizards or Changelings.

With all the information that has come to me over the last two years, it has become very clear to me now that the Changelings are definitely NOT Reptilian. In fact I have come to know that they have a very deep hatred of all Reptilian Beings, and any Beings genetically related to them. From all of the past life information that has come through, there seems to be a lot of evidence that one of their main objectives is to eradicate all the Reptilians from every planet that they have been in control of. It has been going on for aeons, and it seems to have become a total obsession with them. It was the real reason behind the destruction of MU, and it was the reason for the Orion Wars. It also carried over into this solar system and it was the reason for the destruction of the planet Malona or Maldek as most people know it by. But why would they develop such a fear and hatred of the Reptilians that they would rather destroy an entire planet rather than allow the Reptilians to take control of it? To explain that, I have
to take you back to the beginning, back to a world in another star system in another Galaxy. We have to go all the way back to a life in the Andromeda Galaxy hundreds of millions of years ago, back to when this "Descension Plan" first began. It is hard to determine exactly how long ago that really was, but the information I get is that it was over 300 million years ago in Earth years.

First of all, it might help if I explain some things that my Guides just recently showed me about the different dimensional levels. In Barbara Brennan's book "Hands of Light", she explained how the odd auric layers of our energy fields were etheric templates, that helped form the structure of our physical bodies. She said that the even auric layers were more like plasma and had no real structure to them. Well, the information that I received from my Guides is that the dimensional levels of existence have the same basic structure. To state it simply, the odd dimensions (3,5,7,9 and 11) are the levels or dimensions of "BEING", while the even dimensions (4,6,8,10 and 12) are levels or dimensions of Pure CONSCIOUSNESS, or "SOUL". The 3rd and 5th dimensions are the only levels where "physical" life exists. Above the 5th dimension, physical bodies no longer exist. The 7th, 9th and 11th dimensions are levels of pure Spiritual existence or "SPIRIT", which is distinct from "SOUL". Spirit Guides and the Archangels are 7th dimensional Beings, and the Angelic Beings are 9th dimensional Beings. But all BEINGS, whether they are physical or spiritual, have a level of "SOUL" Consciousness at the next higher even dimensional level. So the 4D Consciousness is the "SOUL SOURCE" of 3D Beings, and 6D Consciousness is the "SOUL SOURCE" of 5D Beings, or the "OVERSOUL SOURCE" to 3D Beings, etc. Names become sort of nebulous beyond that level, but the pattern continues on up to 13th dimension which is Source or the "I AM" level of Consciousness. At that level, there would be no distinction between "BEING" and "SOUL", it would be all truly ONE.

Also, within each dimension there are 3 sub-levels or "Octaves". We currently exist in the 3rd Octave of the 3rd Dimension. ET's like the Changelings and several others exist in the 2nd Octave of 3D, the Taygetan Pleiadians exist in the 1st Octave of 3D, and the ET's from the Andromeda Galaxy that I have had contact with exist in the 3rd Octave of the 5th Dimension. Then of course there are other ET's that exist in the 2nd and 1st Octaves of 5D. There would also be 3 corresponding Octaves at the even
dimensional levels. So there would really be 3 levels of "Soul" Consciousness. Our immediate Higher Self would exist in the 3rd Octave of the 4th Dimension, and the next Higher "Soul" Self would be 2nd Octave, etc. Of course using the term "Self" for our Soul Consciousness levels gets to be confusing because we also have higher dimensional "Selves" who would exist in the higher odd dimensions of "Being". Our lower 3D languages just don't translate well to these higher levels. Then on a finer level, there are also 8 "TONES" within each Octave, which would simply represent different levels of vibration, or levels of conscious awareness within each Octave and Dimension. So everything is really a continuous spiral of energy and consciousness, and this pattern continues on up to the 13th Dimension, or Source.

So with all that behind us, this story begins at the 1st Octave of the 5th Dimension, at the highest level of physical existence. We were a group of Beings that I have come to call the "Golden Ones". I was female, and I was a portal operator at the Blue Crystal Portal, which is a major inter-dimensional and inter-Galactic portal. This portal on the Andromeda Home World is like the hub of the "wheel" of all the Galaxies in the Local Cluster. To go from one Galaxy to another you have to go through this portal. It can also connect to any star system in any of the local Galaxies. I have gotten the information that there were at least 4 other Galaxies besides Andromeda and our Galaxy that were inhabited, and some of the different races originated in different Galaxies. I get that the Draco and the Alycone Reptilians originated in one Galaxy, the Rigellan Reptilians and the Anunnaki came from another Galaxy, the Sirius B Reptilians and the 6th Reptilian race came from a different one, and the Aryan Humanoids and Changelings originated in still another Galaxy. I do not know exactly which Galaxies these were, since there are many Galaxies in our Local Cluster. Of course I am sure that there were many other races that came from each of these Galaxies, these are just some of the most important ones for this story. I have the sense that the "Golden Ones" from Andromeda were monitoring the progress of all these different races, and I was one of those doing the monitoring. A lot of this information was
given to me just as I was writing this part of the story, so I guess my Guides want to make sure I get it right this time.

It turns out that the Changelings had already established a huge empire in their Galaxy, and controlled most of the major planets there. They had accomplished that through use of their mental powers and their mind control techniques. But apparently they weren't satisfied with just controlling that Galaxy, because they came into the Andromeda Galaxy and began taking over many of the worlds there as well. The message I get is that even with all their mental powers they did not have the ability to open inter-dimensional Stargate portals or Wormholes. To me that is not too surprising because to do that it takes very powerful spiritual powers, not mental powers. So they would use their mind control tactics to get the key portal operators at the different portals to open the Stargates and Wormholes for them so that they could go through from one world to other another. They eventually targeted the Andromeda Home World for one of their takeovers.

During the summer of 2000, I began connecting to what I called the "Golden City" in some of my meditations. I now realize that this was the Andromeda Home World, the home of the Blue Crystal Portal. Apparently I was re-connecting to my Andromeda Self. Usually when I would go there I would see lots of Beings walking around, and some would come up to me and greet me. But one time when I went there I noticed that the city was completely empty. I was guided into an underground complex and it was jammed with people. I got the message that it was like a bomb shelter and that the Golden City was under attack from the Changelings. So obviously I was tapping into the time when they conquered the Home World. As I was writing this message I was shown that they had used their mind control on several of the Blue Crystal Portal operators and had gotten them to open the Wormhole into the Milky Way Galaxy. For some reason I had the ability to resist their mind control techniques, and they couldn't control me. I realized what they were doing, and I tried to stop them. But they got to my mate, who was also one of the portal operators, and impulsed him to kill me. Then once they were through using him to help them open the Wormhole, they got him to commit suicide. Apparently that is a tactic that they have used over and over again. Then they came through to the Lyra star system in our Milky Way Galaxy and began establishing a new empire here.

Apparently all this did not go unnoticed by the other Andromedans and the Higher Angelic Beings. What the Changelings were doing violated the whole premise of Free Will, which was the foundation on which life in this sector of the Universe was to be based. They were masters at Black Magic and mind control, and had used those powers to subdue all the other races in their home Galaxy, and were now expanding into the other Galaxies. So the Angelic Beings began looking at the probable futures of how things would continue to evolve, and didn't like what they saw. So something had to be done to stop what the Changelings were doing and bring things back into
balance. So that was the reason for the meeting that I called the "Briefing Meeting" in my message called "The History of the Council of Six" that I referred to earlier. It is still available on the web sites that I mentioned, and I would recommend that you read it. I will not repeat that whole story again here, but that was written a year and a half ago and a lot more information has come through since then. There were a few things that I did not get exactly right when I wrote that. So I will summarize the most important parts of that story and bring it all up to date.

That "Briefing Meeting" was on the Soul level, not on the physical level, and there were many Souls who were there. The Angelic Being who was in charge of the meeting had asked for volunteers for a very dangerous Mission. Of course, the purpose for that Mission was to slowly change the course of the future to bring everything back into balance and harmony. Whoever was chosen for this Mission would have to interact with these Changeling Beings, and take the required actions that were necessary to implement this Plan. But there was a huge risk in what they were proposing to do. The risk was that at a certain date in the distant future, everything could be destroyed. The whole Creation could collapse into a Black Hole or be completely annihilated in a huge matter, anti-matter explosion. Of course, part of the Plan was to prevent that from happening. So they needed volunteers to take on that Mission.

Since I had experienced first hand the effects of their control and manipulation, my Soul Self was one of several who raised our arms at first. I looked over at my Twin Soul, and we gave each other the look that said "we can do this". So slowly everyone else put their arms down and we were selected to head up the Mission. I am sure the fact that I was able to resist the Changelings' mind control techniques in my previous life had a lot to do with my selection for this role. Of course, there would be many different roles to be played in this Plan, and many others volunteered for those roles. But I was to head up a special group that we would call the "Council of Six", and I worked with the Angelic Beings in charge of thi Missin to select the other 5 members. My Twin Soul would perform the function of overseer to our Council. We were all briefed on what we would have to do, and then the entire plan was programmed into the Great Blue Crystal at the Central Portal of the Andromedan Home World. We would always have a connection to that Blue Crystal so that we would know what we would have to do in each lifetime. In order for the Plan to work, one of us had to go very deep into the "Dark" energy, much more so than any of the others. I had Eagle energies so I could dive very deep into the Darkness, but still be able to connect to the Higher Realms for guidance. Another reason why I had volunteered and had been chosen for this role. Of course I would need help from my Twin Soul to do that, which is why she/he wasn't directly a member of the Council. There was one major directive that all of the Council members absolutely had to adhere to. The Mission had to always come first, before any personal concerns, no matter what. We would all have to sacrifice ourselves whenever necessary to ensure the success of the Mission. That would become a standard for each of us that would be repeated over and over again, lifetime after lifetime.

So in our next lives we Descended down into the next lower dimensional "Octave", the 2nd Octave of the 5th Dimension. We incarnated on a planet that was the Changelings' original Home World in their Home Galaxy. I have come to call this planet the "Council Home World", because this was where we first formed the Council of Six, and I call the Galaxy the "Council Galaxy". Our Plan was to first strike at the heart of the Changeling Empire and then slowly work our way outward. We were Aryan-Amphibian Hybrid Humanoids, and I was a female and my name was Shandrasi. I was one of 7 sisters that also included Sananda, Ashtar, Athena, and one of the other Council of Six members. All of us would have our roles to play in this Mission. Three of us, myself and the other 2 sisters, would go into the "Dark" and become Reptilian. The sister who was the other Council member had come from the DAL Universe, which is a parallel Universe to ours. She was a Being very much like the Changelings, with similar shape-shifting abilities, but yet she was not really one of them. Her role was to blend in with them to become "one of them". Sananda, Ashtar and Athena would remain in the "Light" and continue on as various Aryan or Aryan Hybrid Humanoids.

At the age of six I accidently fell out of a tree and was unconscious for 3 days. During that time, my Spirit Guides showed me a vision of the whole Descension Plan and everything that I would have to do to complete my Mission. When I first entered womanhood, I had to undergo a ritual to prepare me for what lay ahead. I had to take on the Dark Entities that would help me descend into the depths of the Dark Energy and Consciousness. Then I had to call together the 5 other people who had volunteered for this Mission and we formed the Council of Six. We performed a ceremony in which each person was reminded of what his or her particular role would be. But none of us would know all the details of what everyone else was to do, most likely for security reasons. As part of my Mission, I had to go to some of these Changelings to learn the practice of Black Magic. They of course were masters at it, but I too would have to become a master at it in order to do the things I would have to do.

Then we had to make contact with a race of Reptilian Beings, that we now know as the Draconians. We knew that the goal of our whole Mission was to break the Changelings' domination and control over all those planets in the Council Galaxy, and also in the Andromeda Galaxy and eventually here in the Milky Way Galaxy. We also knew that the Draconians had the mental, telepathic and technological power necessary to effectively oppose the Changelings. The Draco were the most powerful of all of the Reptilian races. But yet we knew that eventually it would take a combined effort by all of the 6 major Reptilian races to completely overpower the Changelings, and bring their reign to an end. As our Mission continued we would do just that, but we had to take it one step at at time and the first step was to get the Draco involved. So part of our Council's Mission was to bring them to the Changeling Home World.

Lucifer was also one of the original Golden Ones who had volunteered to play very critical roles in this whole Plan. He agreed to descend downward and become the Supreme Lord over the Draco, and he knew the role that they would have to play. Lucifer and I had some very strong Soul connections, and we had agreed at the "Briefing Meeting" to work together to implement this Mission Plan. I had very powerful psychic abilities, so I was able to contact him telepathically to let him know that it was time to put our Plan into action. I was also one of the portal operators on the planet, and also had the ability to open inter-dimensional and inter-Galactic Wormholes. So even though the Draco lived in a different Galaxy at the time, I was able to lead Lucifer and the Draco right to the Changeling Home World. Then another of our Council members began his role to create a conflict that would ultimately result in a major war breaking out between the Changelings and the Draco. I'm not sure that we knew at the time just what the consequences of that war would be, but I suspect that on a Higher level, we all knew. After all, it was all part of our Plan and it was something that we all knew we had to do. Of course I knew because I had been shown a vision of what was to take place. It would turn out to be a very brutal war and about 60% of the population would be killed. It is hard to understand how a major war like that could serve the overall Highest Good, but it did. Because we already knew that the alternative would be much, much worse.

So our Mission was to start the war, but we also had to make sure that the entire planet was not completely destroyed. So another of our Council members had to make a bargain with the Draco in order to bring the war to an end and save what was left of the planet. Part of that bargain was that they would be allowed to take as many prisoners as they chose, back to their Home World in the other Galaxy to make slaves out of them. They took a large number of women mostly for their sexual pleasures, but also for a genetic cross-breeding experiment. I and one other woman from the Council agreed to be taken prisoner, as that was all part of the Plan. We were some of the ones used that they interbred with. So that was the beginning of a very long history of female sexual abuse for me. The information that I got was that only the Aryan women were used for the cross-breeding, not the Changeling women. I am not entirely sure as to the reason for this, unless their genetics were just not compatible. Anyway, the result of this cross-breeding was the creation of the race that would become the ancient ancestors of the Anasazi of Mesa Verde fame. So I call this Aryan Humanoid - Draco hybrid race the "Anasazi", and I get the information that the many of the Native American people still maintain that basic genetic combination.

Many of the survivors of the war left the Home World and made their way to another Changeling planet in a nearby star system to find safety, and probably to spread the word about what had happened. One member of our Council, who had been my mate, took his own life because of all the guilt and remorse over having had to turn me and the other Council member, who was also his Twin Soul, over to the Draco. After a number of years, 2 of the other Council members negotiated with the Draco to get them to release the two of us Council women and also many others, including some of the "Anasazi" hybrid offspring. The 6th member of our Council, my sister whose
role was to become one of the Changelings, had gone with them when they evacuated the Home World and moved to the other planet. So she communicated with me telepathically to let me know where they had gone. Then all of us also went on to this second Changeling planet. I was able to connect to the Spirit of my mate and bring him to this planet as well. But all the pain, suffering and abuse did not end there for me, and I too would end up taking my own life. The others would eventually die here too.


That war on the Changeling Home World would set the tone for everything that would happen from that time until the present. It would be something that the Changelings would never forget, and they would never forgive the Draco for destroying their Home World, nor any of us of the Council for that matter. So that was the original source of all their deep hatred of the Draco. One thing I find most interesting about all this is how the writers of the television show "Star Trek, Deep Space Nine" tapped into all of this. In one of the episodes the "Founders" or "Changelings" told some of the crew members of Deep Space Nine that their race had nearly been completely destroyed in a war long ago, but some of them had survived. They said that they would never ever allow that to happen again, and would do whatever it took to make sure that it didn't. So that, in a nutshell, explains why they have done all the things they have done over the aeons to protect themselves from the Draco and to try and keep them out of their territory. But of course that original war was only the beginning, there would be many, many more wars to come. But that was all part of the Plan, and the other 5 Reptilian races would soon be drawn into the conflict as well. So the Changelings would come to hate all Reptilian races, but I have the sense that they had a special hatred of the Draco.

The next step was for all of the Council members to re-incarnate on the second Changeling planet where we had ended our previous lives. Then we would repeat the same basic scenario all over again, only this time it would involve a different Reptilian race. I was a female again, but this time I was a member of the "Anasazi" race. My role was to contact a Being by the name of Asaru, who had also been one of the "Golden Ones" who had volunteered for this Mission. He had become the Supreme Lord over the race that I know as the Rigellan Reptilians. I have now come to realize that this race is also known as the Ciakar. The Ciakar were the second most powerful Reptilian race after the Draco. So we followed the same pattern. I contacted Asaru and led the Ciakar to the Changeling planet. Another war ensued and again the planet was ravaged and the Changelings suffered high casualties. More people were taken prisoner and more genetic cross-breeding resulted, but only with the Aryan and "Anasazi" women, not the Changeling women. Once again, I was one of those taken prisoner and was used in the cross-breeding experiment. The message that I get is that the hybrid race that resulted from the Ciakar interbreeding with the "Anasazi" women was the ancestral race of the Inca people of Peru. So this "Inca" race was half Ciakar, and part Draco and part Aryan Humanoid. I am getting that the Aryan-Ciakar Hybrid race were the ancestors of another of the Native American tribes.

Then once again we were all led to another star system and a 3rd Changeling planet, and we all re-incarnated there to play out this same scenario all over again. In that life I was one of the "Inca" females, and this time it was the Alcyone Reptilians that I contacted. Are you beginning to see the pattern? My contact was someone who had been one of my sisters in the original Council life. In that life, she had also been taken prisoner by the Draco, but had died on their Home World. I get that the Alcyone Reptilians also originated from the same planet as the Draco. So when she died there, she re-incarnated as one of the Alcyones. I was able to contact her telepathically and lead them to this 3rd Changeling world to produce the same pattern, and the same result. This time the resulting hybrid races were the ancestors to the Chinese and other Southeast Asian people. Once again, the survivors fled to a 4th Changeling world, so of course we had to follow them there, just like before.

The same scenario would be repeated one more time, with me being one of the "Chinese" race and once again being female. This time it would be the Anunnaki Reptilians whom I would contact. My contact would be the 7th sister from my Council life. She had also been my sister in the second life as one of the "Anasazi". Just like before with the other sister, she was one of the prisoners taken by the Ciakar back to their Home World and Galaxy, and died there. That was a different Galaxy from where the Draco and Alcyone Reptilians came from. But, similar to the situation with the Draco and Alcyones, I get that the Ciakar and the Anunnaki Reptilians originated from the same planet. So when she died, she re-incarnated as one of the Anunnaki. Just like before, I was able to contact her and lead the Anunnaki to this 4th Changeling world. Once again, it was the same pattern and same result. The resulting hybrid race was the ancestors of the Maori race of New Zealand. But this time I died on the Anunnaki Home World, and one of the other Council members also died there with me. It was now time for the two of us to begin a long string of Reptilian incarnations. It was time for the next phase of our Mission.

So these first 4 lives of this Mission entailed a lot of pain and suffering, and lots of hate, anger and rage. In those lives I was essentially abducted and abused by 4 of the Reptilian races, and I would eventually incarnate as one of each of those 4 races. But the most interesting thing about all this is how so many of these patterns have been
woven into my current life. I know that between the time of my birth and the age of 4 years, I was physically abducted by each of these same 4 Reptilian races. Then at the age of 6 years, I was abducted by the Changelings. I realize now that the purpose of these abductions was to remind me of my connections to all of these races. But all of those abduction experiences were deeply buried in my subconscious, and only worked their way to the surface 4 years ago. Synchronistically, that was also when I began having contacts with all of them on a conscious level. I find it amazing how many times the number 4 has just come up. If you are familiar with the Enneagram system of typing personalities, I am also a "Number 4" in that system. It is also amazing to me how the suffering I have gone through, and all the anger and rage that has come up in these last 4 years has mirrored all the suffering, anger and rage in those first 4 lifetimes.

But of course, all of this was part of the Divine Plan, in which we all chose to Descend into the lower and denser physical realms. This was just the way that we chose to do that, and I recognize that the Changelings played an important role in this whole Descension process, as did all the Reptilians. To understand that, you have to understand the mechanics or energetics of how we Descended in the first place. At our Highest levels of Being, our energies and vibrational levels were much too high to have physical bodies, which is why only Spiritual Beings exist above the 5th dimension. In order to lower our spiritual vibrational energies we had to take on more and more energy of the Void, or "Dark" energy. Of course we did that through generating all the negative emotions of fear, hate and anger. Then it was through the process of "holding onto" those emotions that helped us take on the necessary Dark energies to lower our vibrational levels.

So these original wars created a lot of negative emotional energy and started the downward spiral into the denser and "Darker" realms in motion, or more appropriately, in "E-Motion". I suspect that what the Changelings were doing originally with all their mind control tactics, etc. would have most likely have accomplished the same thing. But my impression is that it would have been almost impossible to stop the downward spiral in that scenario, and we would have kept descending right into oblivion, and gotten sucked into a "Black Hole" of our own creation. On the Higher levels of Consciousness, we knew that we couldn't just keep descending forever, that there had to come a time when we stopped taking on all the negative energies and began to bring the "Light" and "Dark" energies back into balance. This is the "Point of No Return" that I have mentioned before, and I believe that we are at that point right now.

My sense is that the original intention of the whole Plan was to get to a point where life could be stabilized so that it could continue on forever, and we would truly experience "Eternal Life". But I also sense that we have already gone past the "ideal" dimensional level, and it is necessary for us to raise our Consciousness and vibrational levels, and "Ascend" back up to the higher 3rd dimensional levels, most likely the 1st "Octave". But that is just my opinion and does not come from any Higher level. Of course, I keep hearing my Guides say "YES" as I write that, so who knows.

So how do we raise our energy and Consciousness levels so that we can Ascend to a higher "Octave"? The answer to that is HEALING all the emotional scars from all the pain and suffering we have experienced in this Descension process. We have to learn to let go of all the fear, hate and anger, and all of our judgements of others and of ourselves. We have to learn to truly LOVE once again, and Forgiveness and Compassion are essential ingredients for that to happen. In my case I have done LOTS of healing in these last 4 years on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. I had to re-experience all those abductions, and all the pain associated with them, so that I could finally heal all of it. I had to learn to see the Higher Purpose behind it all, and then Forgive all the Beings, human and those from other dimensions, who have ever harmed me in any way. I had to get to the point of being willing to send them all Unconditional Love from my heart, even my worst enemies, the Changelings.

It's very difficult to forgive any Being and send them Love when you are under psychic attack from them. My first reaction is to always fight back, but I have had to learn where that fine line is between defending and attacking. Once I am able to clear my space, then I do send them Forgiveness, and I can feel Compassion for them, and send them Love. I also ask for Forgiveness for myself, and work hard at Forgiving and Loving myself and letting go of all the guilt and blame for the things I have had to do in relation to my Mission. But the hardest part has always been to try to communicate with them, to help them see the truth of the situation. It has not been easy by any stretch of the imagination, and it has been a long and painful process.

I have made remarkable progress with many of these races. But even as I write this I am still having a difficult time with the Changelings and some of the Aryan races. I guess you could say that the Changelings are my biggest challenge without a doubt. But yet, I had to work through all of this, it was the only way for me to truly heal myself and raise my energy and Consciousness levels. The more I healed and let go, the more my Conscious awareness increased and the more I could see the Higher Purpose to everything that has happened to me and all of my "Other Selves". So writing this story is like the culmination of my healing and "Ascension" process. I can only hope that in sharing this story and the knowledge I have gained along my Path, that it will trigger something in your awareness that will help you see the Truth of your own Path of Descension. Perhaps it will help you to complete your own healing and "Ascension". So with that, I will continue with the story of how things came to be the way they are.

This is Part 4 of 7 of my story about the Orion Lizards or Changelings.

Everything that has happened in the past has brought us to where we are today. It is not coincidence that the Earth was to become the final battleground, not coincidence at all. But to understand what is going on now, it helps to know how it all came to be. I do not know all the details of everything that has happened in all those millions of years. But over the last few years I have been shown certain key elements to help me understand the current situation. So I will discuss the most important aspects of the things I have been shown that have a direct bearing on what is going on here on Earth right now. These wars between the Changelings and the Reptilians would continue, and eventually every race in this part of the Universe would be affected by them. Of course, there were many Aryan Humanoids on that original Home World too, and they would not be able to escape the wrath of the Reptilian forces either. So they would also develop a very deep hatred of the Reptilians and join forces with the Changelings to fight them.

My role of playing the instigator would continue in order to ultimately break the grip that the Changelings would have over all the other races. So, of course, I had to become one of the Reptilians. After that last life on the 4th Changeling world, I would incarnate as one of the Anunnaki Reptilians. That was the beginning of countless lifetimes in which I incarnated as one of each of these 4 Reptilian races. I would eventually become the Supreme Lord of the Anunnaki, on a level with Lucifer and Asaru. I would also become a Draco "Soloruous" or "Sun God", and a High Commander of the Ciakar and the Alcyones. Why? Because, on a Soul level, I knew the Plan, and I had the necessary spiritual connections to enable me to know on a conscious level what had to be done to implement it. I also had a lot of help from my Spirit Guides and my Twin Soul. So I had to be in a position to lead all the Reptilian races in the direction that was needed to bring this Mission to its completion. All the while I was involved with these 4 races, my 2 sisters from the original Council life, along with many others, would be involved in bringing the Sirius B "Red Dracs" and the 6th
Reptilian race into the confrontation as well.

But probably my most important Reptilian life was as a Being by the name of Belsazar. I have gotten the information that he was half Draco and half Ciakar. He became the most powerful Being of all of the Reptilians. Even Lucifer and Asaru served under him. But then that was all part of the Plan, and they were the ones who arranged the cross-breeding of the two races. He eventually brought all 6 of the Reptilian races under his control to form an Armada of awesome proportions. He created an Empire that encompassed all 3 of the Reptilian Home Galaxies. Then he led his Armada into the Council Galaxy and waged war against the Changelings and Aryan Humanoids, and probably many other races. One thing I have sensed about the Reptilian High Commanders is that they didn't order their troops into battle, they led them. They led by example, not by decree. Honor and respect was extremely important to them, and they would never ask something of their troops that they would not do themselves. Consequently there was not one warrior who served under them who would not give his life for his Commander. I got the message that the same was true of Belsazar. Ultimately, under his command, the Reptilians conquered all the Changeling and Aryan worlds in the "Council Galaxy". So he expanded his Empire to encompass all 4 of the original Galaxies. There's that number 4 again.

It is also important to understand the role that religion has played in this entire Descension process. The Changelings have used it as a means of mind control probably since the very beginning. To me one of the most important aspects of this was that they created the thought-form or belief of the "Devil" and "Satan". Of course to them, it was the Draco and the Reptilians who were the most "Evil" Beings in the Universe. So it is not coincidence that Lucifer became synonymous with the "Devil". It is also
interesting to note how they always seem to use mirror images of words, etc. to create these thought-forms. David Icke and others have talked about that. The opposite of "Devil" is "Lived", and what Lucifer, myself and the Reptilians did was necessary for us all to be free of the Changeling mind control and truly LIVE. Also, what is the mirror image of "Live"? "Evil" of course, and just who was it that was truly "Evil", the Reptilians or the Changelings?

But to me one of the more interesting ones was the creation of the name "Satan". I have gotten the information that the Reptilian name for Emperor was "NATAS", and of course Belsazar was the Reptilian Emperor who conquered the Changeling Home Galaxy. Reverse the spelling of "NATAS" and what do you get? "SATAN", of course. To me the funniest part is that "Satan" was portrayed as working AGAINST God's Plan. At least that was how it appeared to the Changelings and their Aryan Humanoid allies. But what they couldn't see was that it was all of their own mind control techniques that were really working against the Divine Plan of Free Will.

All the things that Belsazar or "SATAN" did were necessary to make sure that the Divine Plan in fact succeeded. There is no question that what he and the Reptilians did created a lot of chaos and turmoil, and it most likely sped up the whole Descension process. But he had to set things in motion to change the way in which life was evolving, to make it possible to break the control the Changelings had over all the other races. But it was also all designed to eventually force a final showdown here on Earth. That was the real Plan all along. Earth was to be the turning point, where we would finally break free of their control, and finally be able to turn things around to reach the Balance that was the original intention of the whole Divine Plan. But it would also be the "Point of No Return", where everthing could be destroyed if we failed.

But as powerful as Belsazar was, he was not invulnerable. Eventually, one of his highest ranking Commanders, who was one of the Sirius B Reptilian race, would betray him. I do not know all the details of that, just that somehow the Changelings got to this Being, and he organized a plot to have Belsazar assassinated. Of course, you have to remember that the Changelings could shape-shift, and I have the sense that they have often times shape-shifted into Reptilian form. I suspect that is how they were able to get to this Commander and turn him against Belsazar. It would turn out that this same Being would become one of the Changelings' most valued servants. He would go on to play a major role in bringing many other races under Changeling control, and eventually turning the tide in the Changeling-Reptilian Wars. It also turns out that I had some close spiritual connections to him. I had known him in the original Council life as Shandrasi. He was her son.

I am not sure of what happened after that, but I suspect that Belsazar was the "glue" that held the joint Reptilian Armada together. So once he was gone, most likely the various Reptilian races began to fall apart and perhaps even started fighting amongst themselves for control of the Empire. But the wars against the Changelings and the Aryan Humanoids would continue. Of course I would continue my role as leaders of the 4 racesthat I was most strongly connected to. I know that I led the Draco and the
Ciakar into the Andromeda Galaxy, and all the other races followed. I would lead them to the Andromeda Home World, where the Draco would re-conquer the planet and take control of the Blue Crystal Portal. From there, all 6 of the Reptilian races would make their way through the Portal and into the Milky Way Galaxy, to the Lyra star system and the planet MU. The Draco were the first to arrive there, and of course, it just happened to coincide with the time when the Changelings and Aryan Atlantians were waging a war against the "Anasazi" Lemurians. So now the reason for the war on MU between the Atlantians and the Lemurians becomes much, much clearer. Both the Changelings and the Aryans would have known by then that the Lemurians were part Reptilian. They had developed such a hatred of all the Reptilians that they were now determined to exterminate them and any other race that was a Reptilian hybrid.

As far as the Descension into the lower dimensions goes, all these wars had slowly dropped all of us into lower octaves of the 5th dimension. Of course, many planets were destroyed or severely damaged during these wars. I have also come to realize that a few planets were completely blown apart, and any time that happened it had the effect of lowering the energy of the entire star system and all the Beings connected to it. After that happened a few times, we would pass through the threshold into a lower dimensional "Octave", and we eventually dropped down to the 3rd Octave of the 5th Dimension. But the biggest change by far was when we made our way into the Milky Way Galaxy. To make that transition we would have to pass through a major dimensional barrier, because this Galaxy exists in the 3rd Dimension, not the 5th. So our lives on the planet MU in the Lyra star system were in the 1st Octave of the 3rd Dimension. Then when MU was blown apart in the collision with the Destroyer Comet, we dropped down into the 2nd Octave of the 3rd Dimension.

But yet the war on MU was all part of the Divine Plan, because it acted as a catalyst to get the different races to scatter across the Galaxy to other star systems. I have read that the people who became the Taygetan Pleiadians left MU long before the planet was finally destroyed. Of course the Changelings first came to Lyra long before the Reptilians finally made it here. So they had plenty of time to explore this Galaxy and expand out to other star systems. But the destruction of MU forced every race to find another home. The visions I have had of MU in some of my past life regressions indicated that it was a very beautiful planet, and for the most part, life there was like living in paradise. So I have often had the thought that this was the true "Garden of Eden" that the Bible talks about.

It was the wars and the ultimate destruction of the planet that caused us to be "thrown out of the Garden", not because God was punishing us. Of course, with the planet being destroyed by a Comet, it would have seemed like it was God who was angry with us and threw us out of paradise. Also, the Changelings would have made sure to plant that belief system in us with all their religious mind control techniques. They certainly didn't want anyone to know that they were the ones really responsible for it. Of course they also would have made sure to place the blame on the Draco and other Reptilian races too. My sense is that they have tried to blame many things on the Reptilians that they were really responsible for. I suspect that they have shape-shifted to look like Reptilians many times to get the people to think that it was the Reptilians who were doing all these horrible things to them, when in fact it was really the Changelings just reinforcing their control over them.

I, of course, was one of the Lemurians at the time of the final destruction, and when I left MU I went on to one of the lesser star systems in Orion. I get that it was a star in the "Sword" of Orion, not far from the star Hatsya. Most of my lives on MU had been as "Anasazi", but now I began another series of Reptilian incarnations. After coming through to Lyra, the various Reptilian races also spread out. The Draco went to Capella and the stars of the constellation Auriga. The Ciakar went to Rigel, and I get that the Anunnaki and Alcyone races also went to some of the other star systems in Orion. I am not sure where the other 2 races went initially. I just know that the Sirius B group didn't really go to Sirius B until some time later. I get that the Changelings had already established themselves in both Betelgeuse and Bellatrix long before MU was destroyed. So now the stage was set for the beginning of the Orion Wars.

I don't know a lot of the details of those wars, but I know that I played a major role in them. I think it was one of my Draco Selves who launched the first major attack that ignited the powderkeg, so to speak. I know that most people think that it was the Reptilians who eventually won those wars, but the information that I get is that it was really the Changelings and the Aryans who won the war. By this time, the Changelings had come up with all kinds of tricks and techniques to counter the Reptilians. They also had formed quite an Alliance with the Aryans and many other races, some willing and some as slaves. The Being that I had mentioned earlier had a lot to do with bringing many other races under Changeling control. So of course they would have been forced to fight against the Reptilians. They had also worked with the Aryans to create a race of "Soldier Drones" that we know as the Greys, by cloning them from other races. Again, most people seem to think that it was the Reptilians who cloned the Greys, but that is not the case. The Greys were created for the specific purpose of fighting against the Reptilians. So they had created a huge umbrella of protection around their home bases of Betelgeuse and Bellatrix. That plus I suspect that they had perfected the art of shape-shifting into Reptilian form to undermine the Reptilian command structure. So slowly they began turning the tide against the Reptilian onslaught.

But I get that the real turning point was that somehow they captured an entire squadron of the Alcyone Reptilians. Again I suspect that "Shandrasi's son", the Being who had by now become their top servant managed to get them to surrender. I just recently became aware of this, and again it was mostly thanks to the TV show "Star Trek Deep Space Nine". In that show, there was a race of Reptilian Beings called the Gem Hadar who fought the battles for the Changelings. But they only did it because they
had been addicted to a drug that they called the "White". If they didn't get their required dosage, they would die. Of course the Changelings controlled the supply of it, to keep them under their control. So I got the message that this exactly what happened to the Alcyone Reptilians, and the "White" was the "White Powder of Gold". Dan Winter talks a lot about that and how the Reptilians used it, and how it would have affected them. Of course what he didn't say was that they really weren't given much choice in the matter. I suspect that the Changelings also used some of their mind control techniques on them as well. But eventually they got some of the Alcyone Reptilians to fight for them against the rest of the Reptilian races. So that explained why I had gotten the message back in early 1999, that the Alcyones were part of the Illuminati "pyramid".

There is also another race that has played an important role in all of this,that I have come to realize are an "Amphibian" race. They were the top level servants to the Changelings, their ambassadors and negotiators. They were much like the Vorta in the "Star Trek Deep Space Nine" show. One of their primary roles was to be the "handlers" of the Alcyone Reptilians, just like in the TV show. I get that the Being who was Shandrasi's son,and eventually betrayed Belsazar eventually became one of the leaders of this race. Since they were the primary controllers of the Alcyone Reptilians, they obviously would have resided in the Alcyone star system as well. I get that Alcyone is still the primary home system of the Amphibians. So now the message I had gotten about the Alcyones being part of the Illuminati "pyramid" makes even more sense. But I have also gotten the information that there are some of the Aryan race in Alcyone as well. They were also allies of the Changelings and the Amphibians, so that would make sense. I also get that Arcturus is another major base for the Amphibians. Of course when I realized that, I understood why I never felt a lot of positive energies from the Arcturans, and why I had experienced a few psychic attacks from them. Being close allies of the Changelings, they would not have taken kindly to me and the things that I have had to do. So I am sure that it was this Amphibian race who played an important role in bringing the Alcyone Reptilians under Changeling control.

I am sure that initially getting the Alycone Reptilians to fight against the others would have been most successful indeed, since the other races would have been caught completely off guard when one of their own allies attacked them. So eventually the Changelings were able to defeat the Reptilian forces, or at least got them to retreat and end the war. Recently I got an email message from a man who said that he had been someone by the name of Altazar, and that he had been involved in a war with the Reptilians and had blown up one of their planets. For more on that, see the web site: http://www.altazar.com When I read that, I got the message that he had been one of the Aryans, and the planet that he had destroyed was the one in Orion that I had first moved to when I left the Lyra system. I got that I had been involved in the battle related to that destruction, but fortunately for me, I was not on the planet at the time. I am also getting the message now that the destruction of that planet is what pretty
much ended the Orion Wars. That explosion did much more than just end the war, it also dropped us all down into the 2nd "Octave" of the 3rd Dimension. But probably one of the most important outcomes of the Orion Wars was that some of the Anunnaki Reptilians were also brought under the control of the Changelings, much like the Alcyones. I have gotten the information that the Anunnaki were top notch scientists and also master geneticists. So they would prove to be quite valuable to the Changelings in their future plans, and they would play a most important role here on Earth.

After the wars had finally ended, I and many others eventually ended up in the Sirius B star system, on a planet that I call Senayaga. But initially Sirius B was completely dominated by the Changelings, Aryans and Amphibians. The Reptilians and their Hybrids would not arrive here for quite some time, which I will discuss later. So most of my lives there were as Aryan-Amphibian Hybrid Humanoids. But in one of my lives there I had also been one of the original Dogon tribe, who now live in Africa. Of course this is the tribe that knew of the existence of Sirius B, the companion star to Sirius, long before they had any telescopes powerful enough to actually see it. I also got the information that the Dogon's were a hybrid race created from a combination of Aryan Humanoid genetics and those of a race of Beings from the constellation Taurus. But it wasn't done by cross-breeding, it took the Anunnaki geneticists to accomplish that in a laboratory.

I don't know much about the Taurians or what they look like, but I have gotten the information that they are the supposed mythological creatures who had the head of a bull. I also have the sense that their skin color is very black. So consequently the Dogon race were also Black. Recently I got the information that the Taurians were also allies of the Changelings and performed some important roles for them. I got the message that they were the ones who knew how to process the "White Powder of Gold". They supplied it to the Changelings who of course used it to addict the Alcyone and Anunnaki Reptilians, to make slaves out of them and keep them under their control. I get that the main reason that the Dogon race was created in the first place was to make slaves out of them to serve the Aryan Sirians, and also the Changelings. For what purpose? To mine the minerals that were needed to process the "White Powder of Gold". That role would also be repeated here on Earth, which is exactly why they were brought here in the first place.

So that brings us to how we all happened to come here to Earth. I get the message that the Changelings discovered this solar system many millions of years ago, when they first came to Lyra and began exploring this Galaxy. The Earth seemed to have a special appeal to them, probably for a number of reasons. First of all, I think that they were looking to find a home world that was as much like their original Home World as they could find. Also, the Earth just happened to be an inter-Galactic cross-roads, so to speak. There are many inter-dimensional portals or Stargates on this planet, that most other planets do not have. From here, if you have the ability to open and navigate through those Stargates, you would have access to countless other star systems in this Galaxy, and also to other Galaxies in this local system. The Earth is very much like the Andromeda Home World in that respect, and of course you can connect to the Blue Crystal Portal from here. Of course none of that was by chance. The Andromeda Home World and the Earth are literally the "Alpha and the Omega".

The Changelings were very much aware of the importance of this planet, and they knew that if they could make this their new Home World, that they could control the rest of this Galaxy and possibly many others. They could reclaim the Empire that they had begun building aeons ago, in the Council Galaxy. But there was one major problem. When they first came here, the planet was ruled by the dinosaurs, Reptilians! Of course with all the wars with the Reptilian races, they became totally paranoid about all Reptilian species. Of course they couldn't allow their own DNA to be compromised or poisoned by any Reptilian DNA of any kind. So now they had found the perfect planet for them, but the predominant DNA that existed there was Reptilian!

But that would not deter them. We all know what happened to the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, but a year ago I read a most interesting email message that talked about. The message was called "The Lacerta Files", and is on the web site: http://www.geocities.com/HotSprings/Spa/1219/LacertaFiles1.html The author had a contact with a native Terran Reptilian Being by the name of Lacerta. It was a most interesting story, and Lacerta explained many things about Earth's history and how many different ET races had come here. But, to me, the most interesting thing she said was that the dinosaur extinction was not caused by an asteroid or comet collision as our scientists think. She said that had been a war between two ET races, a Humanoid race and a Reptilian race. She said that the Reptilians had exploded a "special kind of fusion bomb". She said this bomb would destroy the life forms on the planet without damaging the minerals and metals which is what they were after. The bomb reacted with the oceans and released a lot of deadly radiation that caused a "nuclear winter" that lasted 200 years and killed all the dinosaurs and many other species.

So when I first read that, I wasn't too sure what to make of it. I thought it was possible, but yet it seemed so unlikely. But when I asked my Guides about that I got that "Yes" that is what actually happened. Then I asked if I could be connected to Lacerta and I was, so I chatted with her a bit. So I got another confirmation about what the author of the story had written. But now I have come to realize that it was not really a true Reptilian race that had detonated the bomb, it was the Changelings. The
more I thought about this and putting it together with everything else I have learned, I finally came to the realization that there was a much deeper motive behind it. Yes, there may have been a war of some kind, but I suspect that their real motive for detonating the "fusion bomb" was to kill off all the Reptilian species on the Earth, so that they could re-populate it with some species more favorable to them. Of course I have no way to prove that, but that is the sense I get about it, and when I ask my Guides
and the Higher Beings about it, I always get a "Yes". So believe what you will, but the things that I know happened later in time certainly seem to substantiate my conclusion about that.

Hi Everyone,

This is Part 5 of 7 of my story about the Orion "Lizards" or "Changelings".

So now I will jump forward to a time that I get was approximately 450,000 years ago. I cannot be absolutely certain of the time, but I do know what happened, because once again, one of my "Other Selves" was there. This would be a very critical time in the history of the Earth, and it would lay the cornerstone for what is happening here today. What happened fits in very well with my theory that the Changelings' ultimate motive and goal was to eradicate all traces of the Reptilian DNA and replace it with their own. Does this sound too preposterous? Maybe, or maybe NOT. But either way, this was the time when they came here to Earth to begin "planting their seed". This part of the story fits in very well with Zecharia Sitchin's book "The 12th Planet". I have come to realize that much of what he wrote in that book is pretty accurate, with some exceptions of course. He calls these ET's the "Nefilim" or the "Anunnaki". I explained earlier that this is where I got the name of the Anunnaki Reptilians from. It is also interesting that the date that he gives for the first arrival of the Nefilim was 445,000 years ago. That's very close to the time that I had gotten from my Higher Self. Also, they did first come to the Mesopotamia area, just like he said. Anyway, what he wrote in that book triggered several things in my own awareness about my own "past life" role in this story. So I will try to explain the things that I have come to know about what really happened back then.

First off, I get that there were actually 4 different races of Beings involved that came here then: the Changelings, of course, the Amphibians and also the Taurians and the Anunnaki Reptilians. But the important thing to note is that the Anunnaki Reptilians that came here were the ones under the control of the Changelings and the Amphibians. I get that they didn't come here of their own free will. The Changelings brought them here to carry out an important operation that they and the Taurians couldn't do themselves. The Amphibian's role would have simply been to control the Anunnaki. Of course they would have come here from Orion in their spaceships and did not live on the "12th Planet" as Sitchin claimed. As I mentioned earlier, what he calls the "12th Planet" was really the same Destroyer Comet that had collided with MU in the Lyra system. I get that somehow the Changelings may have had something to do with the fact that it also came to this solar system. I am not certain of that, but anything is possible.

The sense I have is that they may have established a base on the planet Malona or Maldek, which was the 5th planet in our solar system, that is now the asteroid belt. The vibrational energies of Malona were higher than that of the Earth and would have been more suitable to the Changelings. The Earth's energies were still very "Reptilian", which is why the Anunnaki were needed. They would have no problem with the Earth's energies and could come and go at will. But the Changelings needed some kind of shielding, which is what I get was the reason for building the ziggurats or pyramids. They would serve as "Temples" for the Changelings to come down to supervise the Anunnaki and to oversee their project.

I get that there were basically 3 Beings who were in charge of this operation, just as Sitchin said. I use the same names for them as he did: Anu, Enki and Enlil. Sitchen said that Anu was the father of Enki and Enlil, and that they were brothers. But what I get is that they were each of a different race. Anu was Taurian, which fits with what Sitchin said, since he was depicted as the "Bull". But I get that Enki was Changeling, and Enlil was Anunnaki Reptilian. Which also fits, since Enlil was portrayed as the more "Evil" one of the two. The reason for Anu's presence was twofold. First they needed a powerful third party to act as an intermediary between Enki and Enlil, and between the Changelings and the Anunnaki. But probably more importantly, the Earth contained the gold and other minerals that could be processed into the "White Powder of Gold". So the Taurians were needed to process the minerals. But of course, they would also need slaves to operate the mines. Sitchen claimed that they would create a genetically altered human race to operate the gold mines. But I get that they brought in their own slaves for that purpose. That is why the Dogon race, that I had talked about earlier, was brought here from Sirius B. Although Sitchen was basically right about the fact that they did create a "new" race of humans, he was not quite right about the reasons why. The Changelings had another purpose in mind for their human creation.


But probably the most surprising piece of information that I have gotten is that Enlil was FEMALE, not male. How can I be so sure of that? Because I was Enlil. She was one of my "Other Selves", one my Soul's Anunnaki Reptilian incarnations. But is that really so surprising? I mean Enlil has always been portrayed as being "Dark". Well, the Dark energy of the Universe, or the Void, is really the Female energy of the Universe. The physical realms were created by the "Light" of the Male, penetrating the Void or "Dark" energy of the Female. The Void is where all possible futures lie, it is truly the Divine Mother's Womb of Creation. Also, I get the message that the roles of Enki and Enlil as Sitchen portrayed them were pretty much reversed. In his story it was Enki who felt compassion for his human creation and saved them from the destruction of the Great Flood. But in truth it was really Enlil who felt the most Love and Compassion for HER creation. But I don't doubt for a minute that he interpreted the ancient Sumerian tablets and symbols correctly. But you have to remember how the Changelings always use "mirrors" and have reversed images and meanings in the religious belief systems that they founded for aeons. It is a very important part of their mind control tactics. Of course, it keeps the truth hidden and keeps the people lost and confused, so that they are much easier to control. But also remember that most of our religions are male dominated. So of course, they wouldn't want us to know that one of "gods" was really a "goddess", and a Reptilian one at that. But there was a very important reason why she was included in their operation.

The primary goal of this entire operation was to "create" a race of "humans" that would carry their own DNA structure, and one that they could easily place under their mind control. Sitchen talks about this (not the mind control part), and correctly suggests that "Adam" and "Eve" were created through some genetic manipulations of the original primitive humans, and even suggests cloning. I get the message that they did in fact create CLONES from the cells and DNA of the Neanderthals. But they also
needed to "splice" in some of their own DNA, which was another major part of their plan. So that is the main reason why the Changelings needed Enlil and the Anunnaki. They were master geneticists. The Changelings could do the cloning, but they did not have the ability to do the DNA splicing that was needed for their plan. Clones are sterile and would not be able to reproduce naturally, and could only be replicated through further cloning. But that is exactly what the Changelings wanted. Once the original clone was created, with some of their own DNA strands, then they could do the cloning themselves and would no longer need the help of the Anunnaki.

Why would they want to create a group of clones here on Earth? For the same basic reason that they cloned the Greys, to eradicate the Reptilians. The message that I get is that they wanted to "cleanse" the Earth of all Reptilian species and any other species with predominant Reptilian DNA. They had already purged all the dinosaurs, but most of the surviving species still carried a lot of Reptilian DNA. So now they planned on doing more "clean-up" work. But they needed a race of Beings that could live here on Earth in order to effectively do that. These Human Clones would be programmed through mind control to begin the long slow process of destroying all the Reptilian life-forms, in order to make the Earth a safe haven for the Changelings. Clones would be much easier for them to control since they wouldn't have the "Soul" connection, and would be like androids. But the best laid plans of Changelings and Men sometimes go awry.

Once again, our Council had to intervene, since that was exactly the sort of thing that our whole Mission was designed to prevent. So of course, I had to incarnate as Enlil, and it was not by coincidence that she was one of the top level Anunnaki geneticists of those that were under Changeling control. We had to make sure that the Changelings would have no choice but to bring her along. Enlil couldn't stop the Changelings from creating the human clones, but she could alter the "recipe" by adding in a small trace of her own DNA. But more importantly, she would have the ability to give these Human Clones the true "essence" of life, so that they could reproduce themselves, and that is exactly what she did. So of course it would take a female to do that, not a male. So it was really Enlil and not Enki, as Sitchin had reported, who was responsible for giving these humans the ability to procreate. Just how she was able to do that, I have no idea. I just know that besides being female, Enlil had special spiritual powers that were needed to make that possible.

But think about what the "essence" of life really is. It is of course "Soul Consciousness". So is it coincidence that in the Bible, that "God" forbade Adam and Eve to partake of the fruit of the "Tree of Knowledge". What do you suppose the "Tree of Knowledge" really represented? Soul Consciousness, of course! The Changelings wanted these humans to be nothing more than programmable androids, to do their dirty work for them. Is it also coincidence that in the Bible story that it was "Satan" who took the form of a Serpent, or a Reptilian, and essentially gave them that "fruit"? Is it also coincidence that in Sitchen's book that Enlil was portrayed to be the "Evil" one? But was what she did really "Evil"? She gave these Humans the ability to truly LIVE, and to think for themselves. They would now have an opportunity to free themselves from Changeling control. So I ask you once again, who were the real "Evil" ones, and who was the real "Devil", the Reptilians or the Changelings? Of course, I also find it interesting that Enlil was essentially another "Self" of Belsazar, who the Changelings had called "Satan" in the first place. Is all this coincidence or synchronicity?

But the Changelings would soon discover what Enlil had done, and I get the message that she paid the price of their vengence. Anu had her imprisoned and tortured, trying to get her to tell them what she had done. Of course she never divulged her secret. I get that eventually she was returned to the nearest Changeling star system, which was Sirius B. There the Changelings slowly tortured her to death. So they got their vengence on her, but now they faced a dilemma. What could they do about the
situation on Earth. They could certainly kill off these human clones, but they did not have the ability to repeat the process themselves. It is interesting that Sitchen talked about how there was a mutiny among the Anunnaki, and how they had refused to work. But he assumed that they had refused to work the mines, and had placed the time of the mutiny before the cloning work. But I suspect that is not the case and that the mutiny occurred after they had imprisoned Enlil and returned her to Sirius B. I also get the message that there was another one of our Council members amongst the Anunnaki, and that he is the one who refused to redo the cloning work and led the rebellion.

The other interesting thing is that Sitchen said that some of the "Anunnaki Gods" began interbreeding with these human clones. I am getting the message that yes, both the Anunnaki Reptilians and the Amphibians began interbreeding with these humans. I suspect that this was also part of the "mutiny" and rebellion. So of course, Enki, the Changeling "God" would have been enraged at this because it would have upset their entire plan. So it is not surprising that he would have thrown them out of his "Garden of Eden". Of course, Sitchen claimed that it was Enlil who became enraged, but as I mentioned earlier, the Changelings later reversed the roles of Enlil and Enki, to make it look like Enlil was the "Evil" one. So with this development the Changelings couldn't recreate their clones and destroying them would defeat their whole purpose. So instead they allowed things to continue and relied on their mind control abilities to keep them under their control as much as possible. So this new race of humans and the new hybrids from all the interbreeding were allowed to multiply and expand their range of control, under the guidance of their Changeling "God". Sitchen went on to say that the Anunnaki-Human offspring were cast out to the East. Well, that is exactly what I get. I get that the Persians or Iranians were Amphibian-Human hybrids and those that settled in India were the Anunnaki-Human hybrids. But the Changelings did not give up on their original plan, and they would be back to try again many thousands of years later.

For me, I would reincarnate on Senayaga in Sirius B, where Enlil had been taken and finally killed. The Changelings had pretty much complete control over Senayaga, but the Amphibians and Aryans lived there as well. I would have several lives there as I had mentioned earlier, mostly as Humanoids that were basically hybrids of the Aryan and the Amphibian races. I get the message that there weren't any of the Reptilian Hybrid races living on Senayaga at that time. The few Anunnaki that were there would have been slaves to the other 3 races. But eventually that would all change. The Draco, Ciakar (the Rigellans), and "Red Dracs" (presently the Sirius B Reptilians) would launch a combined attack on Senayaga. In that life I had become a Commander in the Sirian forces and was involved in the war. I get that this war occurred approximately 430,000 years ago. But this would be a war that the Changelings and the Sirians would lose. They ended up evacuating Senayaga and moving on to our solar system, to the 5th planet from the Sun that I call Malona. So that is how the Reptilians and "Red Dracs" came to take over Sirius B. I came to Malona with the Sirians and all the other races that had lived on Senayaga, which included the Aryan-Amphibian hybrids and the Dogon tribe. I had been wounded in one of the battles and died shortly after our arrival.

The Pleiadians also made their way to Malona at some point and they brought some of the "Anasazi" and the other Reptilian Hybrid races with them. So many of the different hybrid races would find their way to Malona in some way or another. Again, this was not coincidence, this solar system would become a melting pot of the Universe. So I would have many lives on Malona as some of these different hybrid races. The next real important life for me was as a female member of the Aryan-Amphibian Humanoid race. This life occurred about 285,000 years ago in Earth time. The Changelings were still continuing their efforts here on Earth. They ended up gathering together many of the Aryan-Amphibian women and took them to Earth, and of course, I was one of them. But there was another very interesting thing that happened. Each of these women was told to collect several quartz crystals to take along with them. I am not entirely sure of the reasons for that, but for one thing the energies of Malona were at a higher frequency from those here on Earth. I get the message that Malona was at the 2nd Octave of 3D, and the Earth was at the 3rd Octave. So they obviously needed those crystals to perform an important function here on Earth. Perhaps they used them in the ziggaruts, their temples, to keep the
energy high enough for them to visit for a short while. Crystals hold a certain level of Consciousness and they can be programmed. So I suspect that they were also used as part of the Changelings' mind control programs. Of course the Aryan Atlantians here on Earth also used crystals extensively, so I am sure there is a connection there too.

So I and many other Aryan-Amphibian women were brought here to Earth, to be used in another genetic cross-breeding program. I get that we were forced to mate with selected males from the cloned human race. By this time, nearly 165,000 years after the original cloning experiment, most of these cloned humans had interbred with some of the original Earth people, the Neanderthals. Of course, the story of Cain and the women of Nod would relate to that. As a result the genetic traits that the Changelings wanted to establish were slowly becoming "tainted" with Reptilian genes. So they needed to do some more "purifying" of the human genetics, and brought in
these women who were free of any Reptilian genetics to accomplish that. I suspect that they didn't use pure Aryan women because they had more control over the Amphibians. Even though the Aryans were also allies of the Changelings, I sense that they resented being under Changeling control, and most likely there was a certain level of conflict between the two races. But when it came to fighting the Reptilians, they put aside those differences for a more important cause. But my sense is that the Amphibians were much more content to let the Changelings rule them. Of course, the Changelings wanted to establish their own control over the Earth, and did not intend on sharing it with the Aryans. But the interbreeding that took place was just a preliminary step for what was to soon follow.

I died here on Earth in that life and then re-incarnated as one of the Anunnaki Reptilians who were back here on Earth to carry out more of the Changelings' genetic experiments. I was a male this time, but once again, I was one of the top geneticists. I was in charge of another Changeling operation to do some more genetic manipulations and DNA alterations of the Earth humans. I do not know exactly what we did, but I am sure that it involved the offspring of the Aryan-Amphibian cross-breeding that was done in my prior lifetime. I do not think that anymore cloning was done this time, just DNA splicing and alterations. I get the message that this is
when the DNA was literally cut down to the 2 strands that we know of today. But once again, my role was to make sure that the DNA alterations did not go so far as to become irreversible. Another of our Council members was also one of the Anunnaki geneticists. He was the same one who had been with Enlil before. So we had determined what the cut-off point had to be and we stopped the operation at that point. I managed to convince the Changelings that we had accomplished their goal. But then before they could find out that we had really stopped short of their desired result, a group headed by the other Council member blew up the laboratory and destroyed all the records of what we had done. So once again, they had no way to undo what we did.

Once again, I was taken prisoner and tortured. But this time I get that they took me to Alcyone. So obviously the Amphibians were heavily involved in what we were doing. But whatever was done then, there is no doubt that their intentions had to do with being able to strengthen their control over the Earth humans. But I also get the message that the primary goal was to create a human body that was completey free of any Reptilian genetics so that the Changelings themselves could take over or "Walk In". The DNA splicing would make it easier to keep these humans under their mind control. But probably the main purpose of all the DNA splicing that the Anunnaki did was to remove all of the Reptilian DNA. But I suspect that since I stopped the process before it "went too far", that we left some of the Reptilian DNA there. But perhaps we masked it somehow, so the Changelings wouldn't know it was there. I do not really understand all that, but that is the message that is coming through as I write this. Anyway, I was taken to Alcyone where they tried to get me to tell them what we had done. Again I refused to talk and again they eventually killed me.

One of the things that Sitchen talks about in "The 12th Planet" was how the original "cloning experiment" got out of control. Just like I mentioned a bit earlier, he said that there was much interbreeding with the primitive humans. He claimed that the Nefilim finally decided they would have to destroy their own creation. He claimed that the Nefilim knew of the approaching "12th Planet" and the destruction that it would cause as it passed close to the Earth. He also says that it was Enki who purposefully warned Noah in order to save him because of his "pure" geneology. I do not doubt that this really happened, because I get the message that the Changelings did alter the orbit of the "12th Planet" or Destroyer Comet, just like they had done in Lyra. But of course, this time they didn't want it to actually collide with the Earth, just come near enough to cause all kinds of destruction due to its tremendous gravitational forces. So it could have easily caused the Deluge, floods and tidal waves that inundated the Earth.

Perhaps this was the Changelings way of "cleansing" the Earth of much of the "undesirable" human genetics. But the timing of this is not all that clear. I am getting the sense that perhaps Noah was a product of the cross-breeding with the Aryan-Amphibian race, and that occurred just beforethe Great Flood. Then after the Flood, they would have had a much cleaner slate to work with. Of course, I have always doubted that all humans would have been killed in that catastrophe. But perhaps many in the coastal planes were, and that was enough to give the Changelings a good foothold to work from. So then it would make sense that this second round of genetic modifications would have come shortly after that, before the genetics of Noah's family could be further diluted. The resulting offspring would also have a chance to increase their numbers before anymore interbreeding could occur. This all sounds pretty far-fetched, but is it? It certainly fits with my theory that they were trying to create a race that was free of Reptilian DNA that they could control and eventually inhabit. I just find this all very interesting.

Anyway, after that life, I would re-incarnate in the Alcyone system as one of the Aryan-Amphibian females, and would eventually make my way back to Malona. So I ended up back where I was before all this last round of genetic experiments. But then the Draco and Ciakar finally made their way to Malona as well. The wars continued and I was taken by the Draco to their base in Auriga, and used in some more cross-breeding with the them. This was becoming a recurring nightmare for me, but now I understand why it happened. The Changelings and the Aryans were using the Aryan-Amphibian hybrids for their own genetic purposes here on Earth. So now the Draco had to interbreed with this same race, and those hybrid offspring would eventually be brought to Earth in order to balance things out. The message I get is that this Draco-Aryan-Amphibian hybrid race were the ancestors of the Egyptians. So they would have predominant Draco genetics and energies.

Then appropriately enough, in my next life I incarnated as one of the Draco one more time. I returned to Malona once again, and also eventually came here to Earth. I would be one of the 12 High Command under the the Soluruous or "Sun God" who would become known here on Earth as Ra. I would become known as the High Priest Pontiff Zeel. Of course, they would have a strong impact on the Egyptians, which was obviously not coincidence. Everything that the Changelings did had to be countered by the Draco and the other Reptilian races. It was all part of the Plan. So it's not surprising that the Hebrews who were descendants of the Changeling manipulated humans, and the Egyptians became longstanding enemies of one another. But how the Egyptians would come to Earth, and the timing of all of it, is a most interesting story indeed.

Hi Everyone,

This is Part 6 of 7 of my story about the Orion "Lizards" or "Changelings".

So we now come to the life that has probably had the strongest influenceon my current life than any of the others. Over the last several years, this life has come up many, many times and I have learned more about it than any of the others, and for obvious reasons. My Mission now was to complete what he started. I had to close the circle. I was an "Anasazi" male by the name of Gustav, living on Malona. He would play a very critical role that would affect things here on Earth in many different ways. This life was about 188,500 years ago. By this time many Aryan Humanoids and also many Changelings were living on Malona. But the planet was still predominantly Reptilian, and under the control of the Ciakar and the Draco. Once again a war broke out between the Aryans and the "Anasazi" and other Reptilian Hybrid races, and of course the Changelings and Reptilians were also involved. Gustav had left his native tribe to study the sciences, but the war drew him back to defend his people. He was involved in one of the battles at the age of 18. He had known his Twin Flame Soul Mate in that life and they had planned to be married. But when he returned from the battle he discovered that she had been killed in an attack on their village. That was a devastating blow to him and I don't think he ever got over it. It changed his entire attitude, and he turned to the Shaman of his tribe for help. I guess that is what it took to remind him that he had an extremely important Mission to perform.

Of course the Shaman of the tribe was also a member of the Council of Six. He was the one who had come here from the DAL Universe, with abilities much like the Changelings. So under his guidance Gustav developed some pretty incredible spiritual powers. He would learn how to open and control portals, Stargates and Wormholes. But most important of all, he would learn how to navigate through space and time. With the help of this Shaman he would learn of the Changelings' plans to destroy Malona. He became aware that they and the Aryans had planted many large crystals in very strategic locations. I get that these crystals were the same ones that they had taken back to Earth almost 100,000 years earlier. So obviously they had been programmed for a specific purpose.

Then the Shaman had a vision where he saw that the entire planet would be blown apart. This was obviously a very critical time in the whole Plan, because all six of the Council members were there on Malona at the time, and of course they would all be brought together. They put together their Plan and began preparations to evacuate Malona and come here to Earth. They would gather together many members of the different hybrid races, including the Anasazi, several other Native American tribes, the Inca, the Maori, the Siamese and Chinese races, and also the Egyptians and another Arab race with slightly different genetic make-up. So with the help of the Draco they assembled a fleet of ships and came here to Earth. This came up in a past life regression I had with a hypnotist several years ago. I saw myself on a space ship and I could see the planet out of the window and I knew I would never be going back there again. The hypnotist asked me where I was, and I said "I'm on a ship". Then she asked me what my destination was, and I said "Earth". Then she exclaimed, "What kind of ship are you on????" I always get a good chuckle when I think back on that. She told me that was the first time she ever had any of her patients discover that they came here from another planet.

When they first got here, they went to a very important portal and Gustav and the other Council members came down to do a ceremony to anchor everyone into the Earth, but also to anchor the energies of Malona into this portal. Then they proceeded to several key Stargate and portal locations around the planet. At each site they would drop off selected members of one of the different races. So in this manner, the different races were scattered across the globe. At each Stargate or portal they would do a ceremony to anchor in their energies, and at certain key portals they anchored in the energies of Malona. But I get the message that the Earth existed at the 3rd Octave of the 3rd Dimension, whereas Malone was at the 2nd Octave. So in order to stay here and live on the Earth they would have to drop their own energies down to the 3rd Octave. In order to do that they would have had to willingly take on some Dark Entities to lower their energies. That was one of my roles in this entire Mission, to be able to consciously take on the Dark Entities as needed to go as far into the "Dark" energy as necessary. So Gustav would have had the ability to bring these Entities in and attach them to the people as they disembarked from the ships. So that would have been part of the ceremony performed at each site. They finally ended up at Mesa Verde in southwest Colorado.

They built a settlement at the site that is now called the "Far View" Site, and they also built a ceremonial kiva there. Before they had left Malona, they had made an attempt to re-program all the crystals, and Gustav made one more attempt to prevent the complete destruction of the planet. I do not know what he did, but obviously it was not successful, and I have the sense that what he did may have actually contributed to the problem. But one of the things he had to do was to connect to all the people who were still on the planet, so that he could connect their spirits here to Earth. So he had gone down into the kiva to go into a deep meditation in order to do that. When Malona was finally blown up, he felt all the energy of the blast and he was knocked unconscious for 3 days. During that time all those spirits came through him to anchor into the Earth. So the Hopi belief that they came to Earth through a kiva is not at all unfounded.

What happened next is completely mind boggling and will probably be pretty hard to believe. But I swear that this is the honest truth, and this really happened. Gustav took a small group of each the different races and he time-traveled about 200,000 years back into the past to a time that was about 389,000 years ago. This was another one of those awarenesses that occurred to me after watching one of the Star Trek shows. There was an episode in Star Trek Voyager in which they got caught in some
kind of time warp and went back into the past. After watching that show I was laying in bed looking at a picture on my wall that I had taken during one of our vacations. It was a place that my Guides had led me to, and I had gotten the message that I had been there before in another life as Gustav. So anytime I look at that picture I would think of him, and I thought of him then. Then all of a sudden I had the thought that Gustav had time traveled, and when I asked my Higher Self and muscle-tested on it, I got a definite "YES". At the time I had no idea of how he might have done that, but now I get the message that he traveled through the Wormhole in the Sun and then re-entered at a different time.

The Shaman and one other Council member would remain at the "present" time of 188,500 years ago, and the other 4 of us traveled back in time. One of our Council members had some very powerful psychic abilities. She was clairvoyant and could see the past or the future very clearly, so she knew what time we would have to go to. This was another critical time in terms of what the Changelings were up to. But more importantly I get the message that this was when the Aryan Sirians first came to Earth. So there was something important that had happened then that we needed to change. I also get the message that there was something about the DNA splicing operation that hadn't gone quite as planned and that needed to be altered as well. So once again we went to all the different Stargates and portals and left people of the different races off at each site. One of the Council members went to the site that would become the city of Troy, and two of the Council members were taken to Egypt, along with others of the Egyptian race. So that is how the Egyptians came to be there when Ra and Pontiff Zeel showed up.

But then that is one of the things that would have changed, because Pontiff Zeel's life was actually before Gustav's, and the Egyptian race wasn't there yet in the original timeline. So perhaps that was also one of the reasons we had to go back in time. It gets to be pretty mind-boggling when you start trying to think about all the consequences of what we did. All you can know for sure is that it would have certainly changed the Earth's timeline. Why we had to do that, I am not entirely certain, because I do not know what the outcome of the original timeline would have been. But obviously Gustav and the members of the Council knew, and they must have known that it did not have a favorable outcome. So they knew they had to go back in time and make some critical changes. Of course, they were still not able to prevent the destruction of Malona. But I have the sense that they may have set something in motion that would ultimately insure that the Atlantians received their just reward for that. After all, Karma must be enacted in one way or another, and perhaps theirs just came due a little sooner than most.

As for Gustav, he returned to the site where they had first landed in the western United States. He let off some of the Native American people there and then he had planned to return to the time when they had left Malona, just before it was destroyed. He wanted to return to Malona to rescue the other members of his family that had not come along on this adventure. He did not know it at the time, but they would leave before the explosion and return to the Pleiades. I am sure he would have liked to have joined them, and perhaps that is what he was hoping to do. But in order to be able to return to Malona he would have to purify his body and energies of all the
Dark Entities. So he and 4 others took the shuttle craft to a lake not far from the original landing site. He went off alone and climbed to the top of a nearby mountain that was another major portal. He would remain on the mountain and fast for 4 days and nights in order to cleanse himself. Then he returned to the shuttle craft and they got ready to leave. But fate would intervene, as a storm moved in and he crashed into the side of the mountain on take-off.

When they didn't return to the original site as planned, the Native American people who had stayed behind set out to search for them. They would find them, but Gustav was the only one who survived. It turns out that the people who saved his life were members of his original tribe back on Malona. So he would live out the rest of his life with them. But once again, that was all part of the Divine Plan. I had to begin a long series of incarnations here on Earth, and it all had to start 389,000 years ago. There was a lot more work to be done.

When Gustav went back in time to 389,000 years ago, that began a very bizarre incarnational sequence for me. Since I also had many lives back on Malona during this same time, I would get caught in a very interesting loop. My next life after Gustav's was as one of the Siamese race in the Thailand/Cambodia area. I am not exactly sure what I did there, but I was obviously working against the Changelings. Somehow I ended up being taken by the Changelings and Amphibians back to Alcyone. I suspect that one of the reasons they kept taking me back to their home worlds was that I have always had some very powerful spiritual and psychic abilities. I have gotten the message that in many lives I would work out of some of the major temples, like Angkor Wat in this instance. The local people would not understand what I was doing, and out of their fear and ignorance, they would think that I was some kind of witch.

Of course, the Changeling mind control and belief systems that they fostered definitely played into that. So they would eventually get the authorities to arrest me and turn me over to the Changelings. So then they would take me off to one of their home worlds to try to figure out where I got all that power from, because they wanted it. Of course they would think that it had to do with something about my physical body and the pineal gland. I know that I was tortured and killed many times because of that. I also know that I was basically eaten alive on at least a couple of occasions. I am sure they thought that if they consumed me and particularly the pineal gland, then they would become as powerful as I was. Sorry guys, it doesn't work that way.

I have also come to realize why the time of 389,000 years ago was so important. When the Aryan Sirians showed up, they are the ones that so many people have called the Atlantians. But the continent of Atlantis was never really here on Earth, it was on MU. But the Aryan race from Atlantis would eventually come here to Earth like all of the other races. I get the message that they were the Minoans and lived on an island in the Mediterranean Sea, of which only a remnant exists today. So they began their own cross-breeding and genetic alteration program, so that they too could eventually be able to live here on Earth and be free of the Reptilian genetics. Are you starting to get the message here? This has been a pattern that has been repeated over and over again, by both the Changelings and the Aryans.

Like I said before, even though these two races allied themselves against the Reptilians, they still were vying with each other for ultimate control. Also, as I mentioned earlier, the Earth was an extremely important inter-Galactic crossroads. So of course they both wanted to control the Earth for themselves. But since the whole Mission of the Council of Six was about eventually bringing everything back into balance and harmony, we had to try to counter their efforts as much as possible. So we had to keep
bringing in the Reptilian-Humanoid hybrid races and occasionally the Reptilians themselves in order to maintain the balance. That meant that I would have to continue to be a part of their genetic programs so that I would be where I needed to be to do what I had to do.

So according to form, I reincarnated as a female of the Aryan-Amphibian race. Then because those were the genetic traits that the Aryans were trying to introduce here on Earth, they brought me back to Malona, and then eventually back to Earth. I would gather that Malona served as a collecting station for them. But I also suspect that it was also a matter of an energy adjustment. As I said before, Earth was at a lower energy level than these other planets. But Malona would have been at the same level, so it was a lot easier to take people there than it was to take them directly to Earth. Then they would have to do something to lower the people's energies that were going on to Earth. So perhaps that process was done there on Malona.

Anyway, I eventually ended up back on Earth for more cross-breeding purposes, and again I would die there. But then I would reincarnate as one of the Reptilian hybrid races, and do what was necessary to balance things out once again. I have also come to realize that one of the other Council members was also involved in this same process that I was. So we would work together to do what needed to be done. Then the cycle repeated, only this time we would end up in the Alpheratz star system which is at the junction of the constellations of Andromeda and Pegasus. I get the message that this is a predominantly Aryan star system. So since the two of us were now caught up in the Aryan genetic operations, we would be taken there several times. But now there would be another wrinkle thrown into the pattern.

Of course, just like the Changelings and Amphibians, the Aryans kept the Alcyone Reptilians around for protection from the other Reptilian races. So this time we each reincarnated as one of the Alcyone Reptilians. So that explains one of the higher purposes for why the Alcyone Reptilians had to come under Changeling and Amphibian control. They would serve as our "vehicle" to get us off of the Changeling or Aryan planets and back to where we needed to be. Since they used the Alcyone Reptilians to fight their battles for them, it would not be hard to arrange to be killed in a battle in some other star system.

In case you haven't figured it out yet, I have come to realize that in order to incarnate in a different star system, or even a different planet within the same star system, you have to somehow get there first. So you can travel physically from one star system or planet to another, or you can have someone with the spiritual powers like I have connect to your Spirit and anchor you into another planet or star system. I know I have done that on at least 2 occasions. The time I mentioned as Gustav with all the Spirits from Malona, and also the time after MU was destroyed. In Gustav's case it was going from one planet to another in the same solar system. But in that last life on MU, I had to do that from an entirely different star system. But then that was much earlier and on a higher dimensional level, so I am sure that I had even more power in that life than Gustav did.

So the Alcyone Reptilians played a very important role in our Mission. Once we would get to another star system we would be able to reincarnate as a different race. Sometimes it would be as one of the other Reptilian races, but eventually we would find our way to Taygeta or Maia in the Pleiades. Then we would incarnate as one of the various hybrid Humanoids again, and then the Pleiadians would take us back to Malona. Then we would take part in the Aryan cross-breeding program once again, and start the whole cycle all over again. I guess it was lucky for us that they couldn't tell that we were the same Beings that kept causing them problems all the time.

This time we each would have several incarnations as either Draco or Ciakar before we finally incarnated as Humanoid again. We both managed to incarnate on Maia at the same time and were both brought back to Malona, to repeat the cycle all over again. This entire sequence happened 3 times, and each time there were a few Reptilian lives in between the Humanoid lives. Finally I would come back to the life where I was taken to Earth by the Changelings and Aryans, and had become the Anunnaki Reptilian to do the DNA splicing. So since we had gone back in time, we basically created a parallel timeline in which this cycling scenario played out. I get that one of the things that we had to change was the outcome of the DNA splicing experiments. I have the sense that the thing that had to be changed was that the lab had to be destroyed, that we hadn't done that in the original timeline. Perhaps in the original timeline, the Changelings were able to recover and redo the splicing just as they had intended. So we had to make sure they couldn't do that, so we made sure the lab and all the records were destroyed. I still makes my head hurt thinking about all time loop and alternate timeline that we created, but I still keep getting the message over and over that yes indeed, all that really happened. Why did we do it, and why was it even allowed? I only know that it had to be done to serve the overall Highest Good.

So eventually, the loop or alternate timeline would have gotten back to Gustav's life once again. Only some things had obviously changed. But the situation on Malona was still pretty much the same and they left the planet one more time. Everything up to the point of going back in time was repeated pretty much as before. Again Gustav had to connect to all the Spirits of those who died on Malona and bring them to Earth. But now he would still make another journey through time, only this time it would be into the future. He took a small group of each the different races and he went through the Wormhole in the Sun again and time-traveled about 184,000 years into the future to a time that was about 4160 years ago. This time was apparently another critical time point in the current Earth timeline. Again our clairvoyant Council member knew what time we would have to go to.

It turns out that this would be a time when the Mayan people came here to Earth from the Procyon star system. I get the message that a race from the Andromeda Galaxy had come to Procyon, and now they were coming here to Earth. So it was important that we coordinate our efforts with their arrival. Once again we traveled to all of the major Stargate and portal locations and left off members of the same groups as before. Then he hadto close the time loop and went back through the Wormhole and traveled back to his "present" time, and back to Mesa Verde. But then he would leave the Earth and go on to Procyon, to reconnect with the Andromedans. An
important phase of our Mission had been completed, one circle had been closed. So now it was time to begin the next phase of the Mission, and for the next 110,000 years I would have several lives there with the Andromedans.

I eventually returned to Earth, to Egypt, about 77,200 years ago, as an Andromedan male by the name of Yarislav. This was the time that the Great Pyramid of Giza was built. It was the Andromedans from Procyon who really built it, and I played an important role in that. I helped design the inner chambers that related to the operation of the portal. This would be the primary interstellar and interdimensional Stargate on the planet, and it would play a major role in what would happen in Yarislav's lifetime. I
was the head portal operator and would eventually meet up with two other members of our Council, one of whom would also become one of the portal operators. But the pattern of the previous cycle would continue, and we would have to do some things that would seemingly have some pretty negative consequences, but yet was vital to maintain the balance of power here on Earth.

Once the pyramid and the portal were completed some Beings from another star system requested permission to come through. It turns out that they were Draco. They left after a short stay, but later returned and wanted meto open the portal to allow some of their ships to come through. At first I refused, because I sensed what would happen if I allowed that. So they tried to coerce me into cooperating using torture, but I still refused But while all this was going on, the other two Council members had each been on a scouting mission in "enemy" territory. One was in Changeling territory in Sumer, and the other in Aryan territory in Atlantis. When they returned they let me know what was going on in both those places. I realized that the Changelings and the Aryans were planning a joint effort to take control of the Pyramid Portal. We couldn't allow that to happen, so I had to reconsider my position with the Draco.

Finally the Draco managed to capture my daughter and were threatening to kill her right in front of me, so I finally relented. It took six operators to run the portal, and of course for something as major as this we would be required to have the approval of the government authorities. But I knew that they would never approve having a fleet of Draco ships come through. So I explained the situation to the other Council member, and I suspect that deep down we both knew that this had to happen. So together
we managed to convince the other portal operators that we did have permission to allow the Draco to come through. So we opened the portal and let them through. Of course, a war eventually broke out between the Draco and the Changelings and also the Aryan "Atlantians". The war would last several years, and thousands of people would be killed. But the Changeling and Aryan attempt to take over the Pyramid Stargate was thwarted, and the Andromedans remained in control of it.

We got involved in the war, and I and the other male Council member were captured and taken prisoner by the Atlantians. Once the war was finally over, we were both taken to Alcyone as prisoners, one more time. For what purpose I am not sure. I guess they just wanted to get us off the Earth,to get us out of their way. I would take on a lot of guilt and would blame myself for what had happened. But one of the things that Yarislav would never know was the important role that his daughter whom he had saved from the Draco would play. Yarislav's mate in that life was his Twin Flame Soul Mate, and she too had been Andromedan in that life. Their daughter would also survive the war, and eventually bear a son who would play a very important role in the future of this planet. His name was Akhenaton, and he would become one of the most important pharoahs of Egypt, and of course he would have had Andromedan connections.

But Yarislav would die on Alcyone, and I would then reincarnate as one of the Alcyone Reptilians, one more time. Then I began another long string of Reptilian incarnations. I would eventually end up back on Procyon as one of the Andromedans again, and would finally return to Earth one more time. I would arrive at the time with the Taygetan Pleiadians as one of the hybrid races. We would arrive on Earth only a couple of years after Gustav had made his trip into the future, 4160 years ago. From that point on, most of my lives were here on Earth. But there would be 2 more lives where the Changelings would take me off to one of their other planets, and I would have to find a way to come right back.

It was one of those cases, that resulted in what would probably be my next most important life. I had been a female in India, and the Changelings ended up taking me to the Alpheratz star system once again. So I had to reincarnate as one of the Alcyone Reptilians one more time, but then made my way to Capella to join with the Draco again. But the Capellans are the more moderate of the Draco and they are the ones with thefemale warriors. Some of the Anasazi race also lived there, and I would
incarnate as a male who would be half Draco and half Anasazi. I would return to Earth through the Great Pyramid portal and eventually make my way to North America. I would make connections to the Aztec people and would become known as Huitzilopochtli, the Aztec "God of War". He would lead them to Tenochtitlan, what is now Mexico City, and he would become involved in another war with the Changelings and the Aryans. He would defeat Quetzalcoatl, who was one of the Sirian Aryans. But he would not be quite so successful against the Changelings.

One of the Changelings was living in the Aztec capital city of Tenochtitlan, and was using Black Magic to keep the rulers of the Aztec empire totally under his control. So Huitzi decided he had to stop him, and for whatever reason, ended up cutting out his heart. Perhaps it was necessary in order to completely break his power and remove the spells that he had cast. But that act would ultimately be used by the Changelings to negate all the good that Huitzi had done to restore the balance. They would eventually trick some of his Aztec friends into betraying him, and he would be taken to Alpheratz where they would eventually cut his heart out.But they would use their religious mind control tactics to convince the Aztec priests that Huitzi would be honored if they would initiate the practice of sacrificing human hearts to him. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth, and it was really the Changelings who were the "Gods" at the top of those pyramid temples that those priests offered the sacrificed hearts to. They were the ones feeding off of all that blood and fear and negative energy, not Huitzi and the Draco. But then they are masters at distorting the truth and getting people to fervently hold all the beliefs that they have carefully planted in the human psyche.

Of course, the Aztecs were descendants of the Anasazi race, who were part Draco, which is why Huitzi came here to help them in the first place. But the Changelings and Aryans would eventually take out their revenge against the Draco and their Anasazi and Aztec descendants. When the Changeling and Aryan dominated and controlled Spaniards arrived in Mexico in 1519, they began a purge that nearly exterminated the entire Aztec race. But of course, they wouldn't stop there. They would also go on to wipe out the Inca, who were descendants of the Ciakar. Then they began forcing their way into the southwest United States to continue their purges. But political circumstances would prevent them from finishing the job. But of course, the British and other Europeans would find their way to this country and they would pick up where the Spaniards left off. Our own United States government, which is very much under Changeling control,began a systematic purge of all the Native American people, who also have a lot of Draco genetics. So do you think all of that was just coincidence, or are you starting to see the picture of what is really going on?

(Continued in Part 7)

This is Part 7, and the final part of my story about the Orion "Lizards" or "Changelings".

But probably the most important thing to realize is that all the wars between the Changeling and Aryans against the Reptilian races are still going on right here and now, right here on Earth. All of the races here on Earth are related genetically to one of these races. But it goes beyond genetics, it gets into consciousness and religious belief systems. Do you think it is coincidence that the Mid-East is very close to erupting into a major war again? The Israelis are of course strongly connected to the Changelings, and the Arabs are very strongly connected to the Draco, just like I have been trying to explain in this story. But look around at all the other conflicts in the world and they can all be traced back to the Changeling-Aryan conflict with the Reptilians. I will try to bring it all into perspective by relating some of the information that I have gotten about how all the different races here on Earth relate to the various ET races.

Please understand that there are no accusations or judgements intended here, and I do not consider any one race to be any better or worse than any other race. So please do not take any of what I say here to be an insult in any way. Remember that we all have been one of many of these different races in different lifetimes. Some of us have been Reptilian, others Aryans, or Amphibians, or even Changelings before. But it doesn't really matter, because we all had our role to play. The point is to come to an understanding that there have been all these different races, and there still are. There has been a lot of conflict between many of them, and that we all do have some connections in one way or another to each of these races. But what is important now is to put all those differences behind us and heal the wounds so that we can all truly live in Peace and Harmony some day. I am presenting this information only because I think it is very important in order to understand the truth of the situation as it stands right now, and to trigger the Soul memory that people have about their relationship to these races.

There has also been a lot of other interbreeding amongst many of these Earth races, so I am only going to talk about the original basic races here. First I'll start with all the Reptilian Hybrid races. Since most races have many genetic combinations, and most have at least some Aryangenetics, I will only mention the most predominant 1 or 2 genetic origins here. As I have said, the Native people of North and Central America are predominantly Draco hybrids, although some of the tribes also have some Anunnaki genetics mixed in. The Native people of South America are predominantly Ciakar-Draco hybrids. Please note that when I mention 2 races, such as in this case, that the first race in the sequence would be the predominate race, contributing close to 50% of the overall genetic mix, while the second race would be more like 25%.

The Polynesians and Maori are predominantly Anunnaki-Alcyone hybrids. The Siamese race of South-East Asia are predominantly Alcyone Reptilian-Draco hybrids. The Chinese race are predominantly Alcyone Reptilian-Ciakar hybrids. But of course the Mongolian race also had a very strong genetic influence on the people of China. The Mongolians are predominantly Sirius B or "Red Drac" hybrids, but also have a lot of genetics of the 6th Reptilian race, that I have never really been able to identify where they are from. The Japanese are very closely related to the Mongolian race, so they would have mostly the same genetic combinations. The Russians and Slavic races of Eastern Europe would be basically "Red Drac"-Aryan hybrids, since they were also strongly influenced by the Mongolians. The Arab races of Turkey, Syria and Iraq are predominantly Draco. The Egyptians are predominantly Draco-Amphibian with also a large percentage of Aryan genetics. The people of India are basically Anunnaki-"Human" hybrids. Note that when I say "Human", I am referring to the race of Cloned Humans that resulted from the original and subsequent Changeling-Anunnaki genetic experiments, those from the Mesopotamia area.

Continuing on, with the other races, the Iranians are Amphibian-"Human" hybrids. The French are also Amphibian-"Human" hybrids, with a large percentage of Aryan genetics. The Spanish are also predominantly Amphibian-"Human". The Italians are predominantly Amphibian-Aryan hybrids. The Germans and Nordic races are predominantly Aryan. The British are predominantly "Human"-Aryan hybrids. The black race from Africa are basically the Dogon race, which is Taurian-Amphibian. Of course the Israelis or Hebrew are predominantly "Human". They are probably the race that comes closest to the original Cloned race that the Changelings wanted to establish on the Earth. So of course, that is why they consider themselves to be "God's" Chosen People. Well, maybe not truly "God", but certainly the Changelings' chosen people. Then we come to the United States, which of course is a conglomerate of just about all the different races. But the key thing to note here is which race is in power and in control. Of course, the answer to that is the "Human"-Aryan hybrids.

It is also important to think about the cultural differences between all these races as well, and how they have interacted with each other. So now look at the last 200 or 300 years of our history, and consider which race has established the most far-reaching empire and who have dominated over just about every other race on the planet. The British "Human"-Aryans!!! Coincidence? Not on your life. So we are seeing the Changeling-Aryan alliance in all its glory right here on Earth. But who really wields the power in that alliance? The answer of course, is the Changelings or Illuminati, just like the way that it has been for aeons.

Think about the attitudes some of these races have towards one another. Is it also coincidence that the French have snubbed their noses at the "Ugly Americans", and have resented the British for years? Is it also coincidence that for years many of the British have used the derogatory name "Frogs" for the French? The Amphibians have been servants to the "superior" Changelings for aeons. So of course they would have resented their British and US counterparts. Who wouldn't? Is it coincidence that
there has generally been a good relationship between the French and the Iranians? Look at the hostility that has always existed between the Germans and the French. Coincidence? Do you want to hear another coincidence? When I first became aware of the Council of Six, and of the original war on the Council World, I got the message that a large percentage of the original inhabitants of that planet were now here onEarth. Now I am getting the message that it is close to 80% of them who are here now.

Then look at all the major wars and conflicts in our recent history, and you will see a very familiar pattern there. You can start in the Mid-East, where the Changeling Human Israelis have been fighting with the Draco dominant Arabs for years. Then look at Bosnia and all the different ethnic combinations there, and all the ethnic purging that went on. There were many different combinations of Reptilian, Amphibian, Aryan and Human genetics there. Of course who went in there to "clean up" the mess? The Human-Aryans again. Then there was Vietnam and Korea, which were very much Reptilian against Human-Aryan. Of course, the Amphibian based French had ruled over those Alcyone Reptilian based Vietnamese for close to 200 years, just like the Amphibians had been the controllers of the Alcyone Reptilians for so long. Then when the Vietnamese rebelled against the French, whose side did the US take? The Amphibian French of course.

Then go back to World War II. Remember how I said that the Aryans had not always taken kindly to the Changeling control either, and that they had been also vying for power against them? Well, look at what Hitler did, he was trying to establish a pure Aryan nation, and the first race that he attacked were the Reptilian based Slavs, the Czechs and the Polish. Then he turned against the Amphibian French, and then against the Reptilian based Russians. But which race did he really hate and persecute the most? The Changeling controlled "Human" Jews, of course. But what really led to his downfall? When he attacked the Changeling controlled British, and then when the Changeling controlled US entered the war. So it became pretty obvious who the top dog really was. Then look at the Cold War, between the Changeling "West" and the "Red Drac" Eastern block of the Soviets and Chinese. Is it coincidence that we refer to the communists of Russia and China as "REDS"? So are you beginning to get the picture here? Can you now see why I said that understanding the history of how things got to be this way is so important? It just goes on and on and on, and then of course you can throw in all the cultural and religious differences. I am not going to go into all of that, but it all goes back to the same thing and I think you can get the idea.

So now I need to come back to the present and relate what has been going on in the last year on the "other" planes. I have been doing a lot of pretty important energy work over the last two years. Probably one of the greatest threats to our very existence is the possibility of a breakdown of the barrier between our "Matter" Universe and the "Antimatter" Universe, and yes, it really does exist. I know that the barrier between those two Universes is at its thinnest point here on Earth. Of course, the Changelings and the Aryans are aware of that too. But they think that they can use that to their advantage and safely tap into that antimatter energy to make use of the awesome power that a matter-antimatter explosion would create. They think that they can use that power to regain complete control of the Earth and the entire Galaxy.

I know for a fact that they have already opened portals and tapped into the Antimatter Universe on several occasions. But what they don't seem to realize is that their technology would not be able to contain those antimatter energies for very long. Also, eventually those portals would open up and split wide open causing the greatest matter-antimatter explosion in the history of this Universe. I have had to do some major work on at least 3 occasions, one just recently, to send all the antimatter that they had collected back to where it belongs, and then close the portals. I cannot possibly explain how I was able to do that, but just know that I did it.

I have always suspected that the vision that some people have had and thought they saw an image of the entire Earth "Ascending" into the "Light", was in reality a vision of this matter-antimatter explosion. I know we have come close to it a couple of times. But that is NOT how we were meant to truly "Ascend". But that would certainly end it all in one gigantic flash of Light, and I suppose we would all be back with the Creator instantly, where else would we go. But we would no longer exist in either
physical or spiritual form. I would like to think that we are past the point where that could happen, but I cannot be sure about that. That possibility still exists and they seemed to be very determined to tap into that antimatter reservoir.

This has been just one of many ways that I have been battling the Changelings on the "higher" planes. In December of 1999, I had been doing a lot of work relating to some of the Reptilian races and also the Changelings. Just before Christmas I had been asked to open the Wormhole in the Sun to allow many of these races to pass through and got the message that they were leaving the Earth. Why they were leaving all of a sudden I wasn't too sure, but I sensed that many of them left. I had even sensed that many of the Changelings had left as well. After all that I was feeling absolutely ecstatic, and my energies were as clear as they had been in a long, long time. But it didn't last very long. Later in the day, I started feeling a lot of negative psychic energies again, couldn't understand where it was coming from. Then I got an email from a friend who told me that he had also escorted some ET's through the Wormhole. He said he later felt an attack and realized that many ET's had come back through. When I read that, I nearly broke down and cried because I knew it was the Changelings who had tricked him into opening the Wormhole for them and they came through in droves. I had had a dream about something like that a month before, and unfortunately it came true. So I did a lot more work with them, and then in March of 2000, the Draco came to me and they made a peace offering to the Changelings through me. But unfortunately the Changelings did not accept it. But I continued my energy work and by the end of April, I thought things were looking really good and felt really positive about the future.

That feeling lasted right up to the major planetary alignment that occurred on the 3rd and 4th of May. I had gone to a favorite place of mine where there is a major portal to do some energy work at that time. I had been getting some really positive signs, and had gotten the message that a dimensional window could open that would really facilitate the start of the Ascension process. I had done a ceremony where my Guides and some of the friendly ET's did some major energy work through me at sunset on the 3rd. Then that night during my sleep I sensed what seemed like a ball of Light over my head. The energy felt really good, but then it was gone almost as soon as it appeared. When I woke up the next morning, I was wondering what it really was, but I couldn't get a good reading on it. I felt a sense of depression come over me, but still wasn't sure what to make of it. The energy felt OK that day, but not great.

Then I did another ceremony that evening, again at sunset, and still felt pretty good about everything. But then when I woke up on the morning of May 5th, I felt totally shut down and had some major Dark Entities all over me, and I just couldn't clear it. I felt more depressed than I have in a long while, and I felt it on the entire drive back home. I kept asking my Guides and my Higher Self what had happened, but I wasn't getting any answers. Finally just as I turned into my driveway, I finally heard my 6th
Dimensional Soul Self tell me "The Window didn't open". So then I understood why I felt so depressed, and I got the message that the Changelings and the Illuminati had done some kind of ceremony early that morning or the night before, to shut things down make sure that the "window" didn't open. I continued to sense this very Dark and negative energy for the entire month of May. Then finally on June 6th, my Guides asked me to do some more major energy work. I did the work and definitely sensed the energies, but I wasn't really sure about what they were doing. I just had the sense of some kind of energy shield being put in place around the Earth, but I didn't have a good feeling about it. But my Guides kept assuring me that it had to be done and that it did serve the Highest Good. So I just let it go. But now as I write this, I am getting the message that it wasn't the Changelings and Illuminati who closed the "window", in fact they had tried to force their way through it. It was the Higher Level Beings who had to close the "window" to PREVENT the Changelings from going through. That simply could not be allowed to happen because it would have adversely affected our entire future.

I have been a follower of the Mayan calendar for the last 3 years. But the Calendar that I use is based on what is called the "Classic Mayan Count". I do not understand what that is, I only know that it is quite a bit different from Jose Arguelles's calendar. But any time that I would ask my Guides or Higher Self if the energies of the calendar as my calendar showed them were correct, I always got a very strong "Yes". But the Mayan calendar has a 52 year cycle at the end of which they add in 13 days of "No Time", to bring their calendar back into perfect alignment with the Solar cycle. The 13 days account for the "leap year" days during that 52 year period. So I have always wondered what the real starting date for the current 52 year period was and when it would end. So for some reason, that was brought to my attention just before the end of the year last year (2000). I was reading about a particular interpretation of the Aztec calendar which is based on the same principles as the Mayan Calendar. But what I was reading just didn't add up, so I was trying to figure some things out and was getting kind of confused. So I asked my Guides and even asked to connect to Tzolkin himself and asked if the days on my calendar were correct, and I got the answer "No".

So then I was really confused because I had always gotten that it was right before. Then it hit me that the calendar had just recently hit the end of the cycle and had started over. Then I heard Tzolkin tell me "Yes, your calendar is off by 13 days." So I started going back to see when the last date was where the calendar had reached the end of the 260 day cycle. It turns out that according to my calendar, June 7th, 2000 was day 13 Ahau, or Day 260 of the Calendar. So I wondered about that, and asked if that was the end of the last 52 year cycle and got "YES". So then I added the 13 days of "No Time" and got June 20th, which just happened to be the Summer Solstice. I found that most intriquing, but was a bit puzzled by it because I had always just assumed that it would be the Spring Equinox that they would use to mark the first day of a new cycle. So I asked "Why the Summer Solstice?", and Tzolkin said, "Why not?"

Then the more I thought about it the more it made sense. Of course it would be much easier for the Maya to mark the time of the Summer Solstice than it would be to mark the Equinox. You just had to mark the day when the shadows were the shortest. Then I thought about our clock and how 12 o'clock is high noon. So of course, the Summer Solstice would be the "high noon" of the year. Also, just like on the clock the first full day would be the day AFTER the Solstice, just like 1 o'clock is the first hour of the afternoon. I also knew that this particular timing would only happen once every 52 years, just because of how the calendar is set up. So then it made perfect sense that June 21st was indeed the first day of the next 52-year cycle. There is also what I would call the Great Cycle of twenty 52-year cycles, which is 1040 years. That is the cycle that everyone thinks is going to end in the year 2012. So I asked Tzolkin if that was also the end of the 1040 year Great Cycle and I got "YES".

Then I remembered back to the planetary alignment on the 4th of May, and how they were expecting a dimensional "window" to open up. Several days before that I got the message from my Guides that there was something very important about the Mayan Calendar that I needed to know. I finally got the message that the Mayan Calendar day for May 4th, and the planetary alignment that occurred that day was exactly the same as when the Maya made their Ascension several hundred years ago. But at that time I wasn't looking ahead to the Solstice so I hadn't noticed that the 260 day cycle ended at that time. So then I knew what was so special about the end of the 1040 year cycle. That was when the Ascension "Window" was supposed to open, only it didn't happen.

Then I got the message that this "Window" should have remained open until the end of the Calendar cycle on June 7th. That is why the next 13 days would be a time for celebration. Then I remembered the work I did on the night of June 6th, and I got the message that what had really happened that night was that the dimensional "Window" was sealed closed. Even though it had never really opened as intended, they had to bring it to its final closure, and seal it. So believe it or not, but it looks like the great event that everyone has been so anxiously waiting for has come and gone and we all missed it. That is certainly the message that I keep getting. Of course, the fact that everyone had the date all wrong is no surprise to me at all. Of course, the Changelings would have planned it that way to make sure that no one was prepared to do the energy work that it would have taken to open that window. Oh, some of us tried, but without a majority of people holding the energy for that, it was fairly simple for them to do their work to make sure the window didn't open. So what happens now? I have no idea. But don't expect any miracles to happen in December 2012, because nothing is going to happen, of that much I am sure.

So anyway, I continued to do a lot of work related to the Changelings for most of the summer. It started reaching a critical peak in September after the Stargate opening at the Equinox. No big surprise there either, because at every Stargate opening in the last 4 years a tremendous amount of Dark energy has come through. Of course, that was also the time when the situation in the Mid-East started flaring up. Coincidence? So I was asked to do some more major work, and some of it related to the antimatter
energies again. I had come to realize that the Changelings would rather destroy the Earth than risk losing control of it to any other race, particularly to the Reptilians. They had done some things that would allow them to do just that. So I had to do some things to neutralize it. Of course, I came under some very intense psychic attacks because of what I did.

Then in early December, I was doing some work with a friend over the phone that related to the Changelings and the Amphibian race. The Amphibians were wanting their freedom from the Changelings and were threatening to revolt and go to war against them, if that was what it took. But I have gotten the message lately that we have to avoid a major war on this planet or anywhere else for that matter, because if the Earth is destroyed, then the whole space-time fabric would collapse into a Black Hole or there could be the major matter-antimatter explosion. Either way, it would be the beginning of the end of this whole Creation cycle. So we were doing some work with them and also working with the Changelings to get them to set the Amphibians free. The end result was that the Changelings did finally agree to set them free, partly because I had told them that a large percentage of them would still voluntarily serve them, just like before. There were also some other concessions that the Changelings were given to arrange the deal.

Then shortly after we did that, the Alcyone Reptilians came to us, saying, "Hey, you helped free the Amphibians, what about us?" So again we worked with them and basically they were shown a way to free themselves from their addiction to the "White Powder of Gold". Of course before we did that, I made them give me their word of honor that they would not turn around and attack the Changelings once they were free. I told them that would not be allowed. So they agreed. That of course was always the Changelings' biggest concern, that they would be left defenseless against the Reptilians. But I had also gotten the Draco to give them their word of honor that they would never attack the Changelings again either. So we were making some good progress. Then of course, the Anunnaki Reptilians showed up wanting their freedom as well. So we started doing some work with them as well during one of our phone conversations. The Anunnaki thanked us for considering how to help them and they left. But they came back a few minutes later and I got the message that I was about to come under attack. So we immediately got off the phone and I prepared for the assault.

When I am under attack like that, I call on my Guides and also connect to the Blue Crystal Portal in Andromeda to bring the energy through to fend off the attacks. It was definitely the Changelings who were attacking, and it was one of the worst attacks I had experienced in a long time. They kept coming at me over and over. It would let up for a few minutes and there would be another major attack. After the 4th attack all of a sudden I had the thought that they were going to "blow the planet". I immediately connected back to the Blue Crystal and was guided to do some major work to prevent that from happening.

Then when the attacks finally ended, I realized that this wasn't just an attack on me. The Changelings had launched an all-out assault on the Amphibians, the Alcyones and the Anunnaki and several other races, like the Capellan Draco and the Taygetan Pleiadians. I got that there had been heavy casualties on both sides, but that the Changelings had definitely gotten the worst of it. Then I thanked the Anunnaki Being for basically saving my life. Because if I had not been prepared for that, I am not sure that I would have survived it. So I asked the Higher Angelic Beings, that if it served the Highest Good, to send a thought-form through me to the Anunnaki to show them how to free themselves from their addiction. I felt the energy come through and I relayed it on to the Anunnaki. He left and then came back a bit later and told me that what they were shown would work, and he thanked me for that.

That all happened on December 14, 2000. But that was only the beginning, the attacks on me would continue several times a day, every day for the next 5 weeks. I had the sense of it being an all-out war. During that time I came under attack from a couple of different races who were allies of the Changelings, including the Greys. One of the races was a race that I got the message were Crocodile Beings. They were also from Orion, and were like the SS Troups or Secret Police of the Changelings. I also got the message that they were what some people have called "The Men in Black".

During that time, I would try to talk to the Changelings and these other races and show them the truth of what would happen if they ended up destroying the Earth. I also tried to show them what would happen if they agreed to a Peace Agreement and would work together with all the otherraces in harmony. Finally after the 4th week, I started getting through to some of them. The Greys finally agreed to peace, and finally one of the other races. Then the Changelings said they would agree to peace too. So I was overjoyed with that, but when I checked with the Andromedans, they didn't seem to sure about it. They said it might be a trick. Then sure enough less than 24 hours later, they attacked again. They just wanted me to drop my guard, and it almost worked. The attacks continued for another week, then finally they came to me one more time. I talked to them and this time they finally agreed to truly settle for peace. I later got confirmation from the Andromedans and Pleiadians that they did in fact sign a peace accord. So again I was elated, but did not drop my guard this time.

Then during the next two days, several other races would show up asking me to show them what I had showed the Changelings that finally convinced them to agree to the peace agreement. So I worked with all of them. There were races that I didn't even know existed. Then some Aryan races began showing up asking for the same thing, and I worked with them too. But then after 2 days of this, I came under attack again from one of the Aryan races. I got the message that they were from Bellatrix in Orion. So I had to go back on the defensive one more time. But the attacks would intensify, and then I started realizing that some of these attacks were coming from the Changelings again.

I didn't understand that at first, but then I started getting the message that the earlier attacks had been from the Changelings from Betelgeuse, and that the Changelings who were attacking me now were from Bellatrix. I got the message that these were two entirely different factions, and didn't always agree with each other. I got the message that the Betelgeuse Changelings had indeed signed a peace accord and were still honoring it, but the Bellatrix group was still bent on control. Then a little later another Aryan group began attacking me as well. I got that they were from the star system Alpheratz in the constellation Andromeda at the junction with Pegasus, which is how I first became aware of them. These attacks began on the 21st of January, and continued every day for the next couple of weeks. Then attacks let up somewhat, but have not ended completely.

Then I started thinking about how all this related to what was going on down here on Earth. I realized it had all started right about the time that it was officially announced that George W. Bush had won the election. Then it was just a day or two before his inauguration that the Betelgeuse Changelings had finally agreed to peace. Then the attacks from the Bellatrix group began the day after he took office. Coincidence? I don't think so. I also remembered reading an email where someone who had been around President Clinton had claimed that he had said that he wasn't going to leave office. They had asked him how he would manage to to do that, and he supposedly said, "World War 3". So is it coincidence that the Betelgeuse Changelings started an all-out war on the higher dimensions right about that time? But with all the work I and probably many others were doing, that war never manifested itself down here on Earth. But yet, all during that time, the Mid-East situation was very close to exploding into a war. Again, I ask you, coincidence? Then is it also coincidence that Prime Minister Barak of Israel agreed to open peace negotiations with the Palestinians at just about the same time that the Betelgeuse group settled for peace? Then there is the recent Israeli election about this same time. Is it coincidence that the military hard-liner Sharon won the election? I don't think so.

I have always wondered, if both the Democrats and the Republicans are both controlled by the Illuminati and the Changelings, why are they so different in their beliefs and attitudes? Then I began to realize that when Clinton and the Democrats were in control, it was the Betelgeuse Changelings that I had always been dealing with. But now that Bush was in office and the Republicans were in control, all of a sudden the Bellatrix Changelings come to the forefront. Then I was thinking how the Democrats are considered to be the "Left" of the political spectrum, and the Republicans are considered to be the "Right". Well, take a look at Orion some night. Betelgeuse and Bellatrix are the two brightest stars at the top of Orion, and guess what? Betelgeuse is on the Left, and Bellatrix is on the Right. Coincidence? I doubt it.

Then take a look at the two parties in Israel. Just another coincidence? So recently I have come to realize many things about the Bellatrix Changelings and I get the message that they are the ones who are really the most powerful of all the Changelings. They are the REAL Illuminati, and they are the ones at the top of the Illuminati "pyramid". They are the true masters of mind control. That is why 2 years ago, I got the message that the "Orions" were at the bottom of the "pyramid". Because at that time, the "Orions" that were here at that time were the Changelings from Betelgeuse, and they were not the top of the totem pole. So everything all began to make sense to me. So now the real head honchos are in full power, both here and in Israel. Already Bush is talking about re-building the military, and Sharon has said basically the same thing. So will we ever really have peace here on Earth, and will the Bellatrix Changelings everfinally come to truly accept a Peace agreement like the Betelgeuse group did? I truly hope so, but I suspect that this planet is in for some rough times in the coming years. I only hope and pray that they will all come to their senses real soon and end this madness once and for all.

The only solution is to come to truly accept one another, and honor them for who they are. We have to forgive each other for all of the past transgressions. Then we can all work together in Peace and Harmony. Just about every other race in this Galaxy has come to realize the importance of a true Peace. So now it is truly up to the Bellatrix Changelings. So will they choose peace and harmony, or will they continue their ways of war and destruction. Up until now they have relied on death and destruction to maintain their control. When they started losing control they would destroy the planet and move on. But this time there is no way out, there is no where else to go. We can't Descend any further, we are already at the end of the line. The only way out from here is UP, to Ascend back to the higher dimensions. But that is not possible unless we can forgive and bring our energies back into Harmony. Of course, they still think that they can destroy this place and still escape. But I have shown them over and over that all the interdimensional portals, Stargates and Wormholes have been sealed off so that they can no longer access them, and I know that is true. If they choose to destroy this planet, then they will end up destroying themselves as well. So what will they choose, Life or Death? Because those are really the only choices.

So now you say, that is all very fine, but so what, what can we do about it? Well, the answer to that is that we can't really do anything to change them or the way that they think and operate. But we can learn to forgive them and have compassion for them and send them Unconditional Love. We canalso learn some effective techniques to clear all their mind control thought-forms and energies, and "YES" you had better believe that that is exactly how they keep things under their control. They use etheric
implants and are constantly using different techniques to blast us with energies designed to shut down our spiritual connections and psychic abilities, and to keep people from truly waking up. I know that they are using some kind of sonic devices much like sonar to constantly bombard us with their energies.

What do you suppose the real purpose of all that sonar testing on the whales was? Whales communicate with each other telepathically. They are being bombarded with very harmful psychic energies. Is it coincidence that they would beach themselves to commit suicide? Is it also coincidence that there have been so many mass murders and suicides amongst us recently? I know that they are transmitting these energies through transmitting antennas and "dishes" and also from the satellites in orbit around the Earth. I know because I have felt these energies many times, and I get messages as to where it's coming from. But I can't stop them from doing it, I can only become aware of it and what it is doing to me, and then use the energetic clearing techniques that I have learned to clear myself of these energies and thought-forms. It is not easy by any stretch of the imagination, but it works and I can prevent them from trying to shut me down and controlling me. So that is all that I can recommend.

This message has become too long as it is, so I won't go into the many different techniques that I have learned. But the key is to find a way to connect to your Higher Self and your Guides and allow them to teach you. That is truly the only way. No one can do the work for you and no one can "Save You", except yourself. Other people can help you and share with you and teach you how to do the work, but they cannot do it for you. You have to do the work yourself. So don't wait around for Jesus or Sananda to return to "Save you", or for some friendly ET's to come down here and take you away from here. It isn't going to happen, and besides we are much too dense for that. Also, don't expect some "planetary Ascension" miracle to happen in 2012, because that isn't going to happen either.

Those beliefs and thought-forms are simply part of the Changelings mind control program. Because they know that if you sit around and do nothing, then that is exactly what is going to happen, NOTHING. Of course, that is exactly what they want. Do you really think that they don't know how dependent many people have become on "Channeled" information? Do you not know how easy it is for them to do that and to convince people that they are really some "Higher" Spiritual Being? Of course they can, and they have. If you wish to truly break free of all the Changeling control and truly "Ascend", then you have to do the work for yourself. You have to be able to raise the frequency of your energies, and raise your levels of Consciousness. You have to be able to connect to your OWN Higher Self, that is the ONLY place where your real truth lies. But once you can raise your Consciousness and your energy levels, then perhaps the ET's can help you, but I don't think that any of us are going to be "beamed up" any time soon.

I will be glad to share some of what I know with those who ask, for as long as I am able. But there are many good teachers out there, all you need to do is seek them out. Find a way to connect to your Higher Self and your Guides through meditation and ask them to lead you down the Path that YOU need to follow, and know that your Path may not be like anyone else's. That is what I have been doing for many years now, and that is how I have come to know all the things I know. It is time for the TRUTH to rise from the depths of our Consciousness. That is what is meant when people have visions or dreams of Atlantis or Lemuria rising from the oceans. They will
not physically rise from the oceans of Earth, because those original continents were never ON the Earth, they were on MU. But the memories of our lives on those continents are rising from the "Sea of Consciousness". Perhaps that is why my Higher Self and Guides wanted me to write this story, and why so much of the information only came through as I was writing it. This is meant to be a trigger to help you all REMEMBER. One of my spiritual teachers, Robert Love, used an expression in one of his classes that is very appropriate. He said, "Those who Know, will always Know. Those who Believe, will always Wonder." Of course, true Knowing only comes from the Soul.

In conclusion, I would like to say that I know that this has been a very long and most difficult and painful journey for all of us. But I stand in the possibility that you will begin to see the truth in this story, and that it will trigger something in your own awareness so that you will begin to realize your own role in all of it. Then perhaps you can begin the process of letting go of all the emotional pain, suffering, turmoil and anguish, and of all the judgement and all the hate, anger and rage that comes with that, so that you can truly heal all of it. For it is only through true healing that you can raise your Consciousness and truly Ascend to your rightful place. I only ask that you forgive me and all the others who took part in this Mission for all the pain and suffering that we may have caused. I apologize to all of you for the role that I have had to play. But deep down in my heart, I know that it all had to Be, exactly the way it was. It was the ONLY WAY.

Love and Peace,
Roger Kerr