Restoring the Bliss Current - HYGIENE which knows WHAT LIFE FORCE IS.

from Dan Winter 4/5/2000 - url: ../health , other articles: ../sitemap.html

This article is the introductory reference to the BLISS SUPPORT HYGIENE.

The MOST general outline article is "Nourished By Spin; Twinkling Eyes Lifestyle , ../nourishedbyspin/nourishd2.html" hygiene to support bliss.

The links here summarize most of the related articles on BLISS SUPPORT choices.

Then below those are some specific thoughts / ideas on supplements and live blood for bliss thriving! (MicroHydrin , enzymes, why live blood cell microscopy, iron, etc.)

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A1:Simple Exercizes to "Zero Point"

Nourished By Spin; Twinkling Eyes Lifestyle, Practical hygiene from spin geometry

fun part of learning to hug better. ..HOW TO TOUCH..

Ecstatic Process and the healing of the immune system


Braiding DNA, Is Emotion the Weaver?-WAVE GEOMETRY OF EMOTION

 3/10/99 Origin of Religion: Hygiene Instructions without Pure Principle , Instructions in Hygiene

Kundalini: A Web Conversation

MAJOR Update- 99- Understanding the Cellular Geometry of Cancer - Bliss Forgottten?

Blue Fire Creativity & A Bioenergetic Model of AID's & Cancer

Understanding PAIN as an Invitation to Focus Awarness/ Align Waves/ &Create Order-Coherence.... an Alternative to the "War on Pain"

4/21/2000: Sweet Ecstasy-On the Natural Biological "Sweetness" of the Ecstatic Process, & How to Achieve it

10/14/2000: How the Worm Turns-BLOOD RITES: Defining the Difference between a Parasite and Empowerment 1-Dragons versus Parasites 2-Politics and Energy Economics of Orgasm.3-The biological basis of elitism and "the divine right" rule - BLOOD-RITES.4-Diana was NOT the Target (Another Bloody rite).

6/4/2000: Sound Choices:Picking Audio Harmonics to Heal by Element & Color (& more on Solar Heart Igniting Each Atom/Anu/Heart 'Rapt'urously)

6/1/2000: The Purpose of Genes: Bliss vs. Money? How would Government Based on the VALUE of Bliss look?

5/8/2000: Solar Wars & Amenti's Halls: DNA Imploding/Ensouling as Political Key to Who Steers the Sun's 'Streaming Media'

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4/5/2000: Healing Anger: Musical Key to a Fractal Back Yard..

4/14/2000: Turning Inside Out: Wave Guide to Heart learning to Feel? Labyrinth and Star Mother as Wave Guide, includes orig:Heart Intelligence and DNA

10/4/99 Ritalin:Poisoning the GEOMETRY of Attention in our Young? )

Can Intent Steer Waves?

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7/04/99 :How Does Emotion create Membrane/Immune/Spin & Braid DNA..

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2/24/99 Taking Recurrence to Hand..A Story:, lucid dreaming geometrically

8/22/99: Gold Powder vs Heart.. Alchemy's Darker Moments

update 5/16: Jon Fox - recommends: (proven practical nutrition/live food approach):WE WANT TO LIVE

Here is the query from tanx / aj on the kundalini egroup.

"Hello list,

Maybe some of you actually remember who i am by now.

So im kinda thinkin... maybe this might be the right group to ask even
thought my request may or may not have anything to do with 'kundalini'

i had this nervous breakdown thing a couple weeks ago and ever since then i
have become the master of my own reality.

things are fine and dandy in all aspects of my life that i have any control

the deal is.... i have never had so many health problems since

i know k has a lot to do with health if unleashed

now i don't know why but for the last couple of weeks since my breakdown i
am almost always short of breath, i suddenly have HIGH blood pressure, i get
tired easily, and the whole area from my stomach through my intestines feels
really tight and uncomfortable.

i am 22

i eat healthy

i exercise

i lost the stress and bad karma

there is only one reason i can think of why my health is failing...

i have more spiritual type understanding and i am starting to experience
what i could only call newfound abilities.....

either i had a major kundalini awakening or i am in need of serious medical

now God knows i don't have any health insurance and i can barely afford gas
so he wouldn't do this to me.....

(gotta think optimisticly)

i don't think he wants me to go to the hospital

please send me some advice with the understanding that i would preffer to be
helped by a healing hand rather than deep focussing my time on meditation
for self healing. (although i would not disregard that type of suggestion)

i am just incredibly busy

i feel like i might be behind on my destiny

no rush

i just feel like i might have a heart attack or something :)

tanx , aj"

Thoughts from Dan Winter

Chances are what you are calling a nervous breakdown, was a high voltage event for your nervous system. Important that we have a sense of the electrical aspects of 'peak experience' to understand health maintenance in this context.

There are many parallels to this and Kundalini.. (../kundalini ) This suggests a bit of why it (kundalini) is so often diagnosed as schizophrenia.

Hi voltage in the nervous system does give you greater electrical leverage on your environment, as you report.. psychokinetics etc.

HOWEVER, places certain loads on cell structure etc. (../cancer )

This was complete transforming lifestyle approach for me: Here below is simply what I have found lifesaving to survive extreme kundalini / bliss/ tantra.. (Nervous hi voltage)

(Please this report on my experience is intended to FOLLOW the thoughts at :Nourished By Spin; Twinkling Eyes Lifestyle , ../nourishedbyspin/nourishd2.html

Hi amperage at synapses require:

1. better insulator (eat raw oil, olive / flax / lorenzo's / Udo's oils) for myelin sheathing.. (heat is death to those oils)

2. Replacement for trace minerals stressed out of the water bonds electrically (critical)- I use Electro-Vita-Min from Trace Minerals Research.

The below nutritional supplements are available from Royal Body Care,

call 1 800 350 9497, If desired, sign up under my number, 518841

3. Microhydrin - (Hydrogen Ion Implosion, radical scavenger of free radicals..)(contrary to earlier controversy I do use the product powerfully )

4. Crystal Energy (Water Treatment Supplement)


Live Enzymes:

5. Digestion Formula

6. Metabolism Formula

Enzyme life IS access to fire. Enzyme death is cooked food. Food is cooked because we don't trust our own inner fire to give us access to memory. see: "Raw and the Cooked" by Mircea Eleade. When the FIRE is outside the body, so too is the spin path to memory. Coresides with technology instead of emotion to spin DNA to ensoulment. Life outside in, instead of inside out, creates the borg. This was a root cause of the Orion wars (self aware machines devoid of emotion), refuge from which was the Annunaki flight to fabricate Earth's DNA.

Enzymes die at 122 degrees and up on your stove.


The below I learned from live blood cell microscopy (they also do trace mineral hair analyses)

Dr Gene Charles, , Healthy Life Nutrition Center, 21010 Southbank St.,100-PMB, Sterling, VA 20165

703 404 2466,fax 703 404 2882.

I knew that the ability to hold iron bonded to water in blood was the key determinant of amperage / bliss capacity

(Scandinavia means red or iron man, adamic means red race...)

See: Fire in the Water & Spark of Life - How Mineral Becomes Biology -Dr. Gerald Olarsch on trace elements, electrolytes and life by David Yarrow at ../yarrow/firewatr.htm

Iron is the best way to hold oxygen fixed directly to biological structures. And with Oxygen bonding ability comes ability to hold hi amperage in the blood.

Interesting story about migration of green chlorophyll like blood oxygen bonding, to blue bloods lineage from Sirius /use of copper, to after the 'fall' use of iron in blood. ../blood .

See 'why is the heme bond as in heme-globin, iron mediated, and PENT - and SIMILAR TO CHLOROPHYLL... at "5 Elements and the Water Splitting Clock -To B12 or Not to B12?

When enough oxygen bonds to iron (potassium ferrate), the powdered oxidation potential in water totally eliminates the need for cancer causing chlorine in all water treatment Removes radioactives / heavy metals / all biological harmfuls!)

Now the bliss amperage "juice" stresses that iron and mineral bond structure in blood, and requires support.

Normal 'chelated iron' supplements fail to wrap the iron in the proper amino to acheive the truly soluble molecular sandwich. (per Dr Charles). The solubility research of

Optimal Health Systems, 49 S. Sycamore,Suite 3, Mesa, AZ 85202, 480 890 2221

86.50&ship..., lisa...

now offers 3 products which radically changed my health experience in the face of kundalini

1. IRON (chelated iron mineral Fedrrochel) (tablets)

2. Flora (Ideal replacement for live digestive flora /enzymes ... I believe improves mineral uptake)


3. Oxy Pure (Oxygen in liquid form) radical drops solution to MANY blood problems



Particularly regarding the Iron:

"Iron is a trace minerals that is essential for health, with its most important function being the production of red blood cells. The iron-rich pigment in blood is what binds life-supporting oxygen and transports it to tissues.

Without iron, the immune system is impaired since bacteria-killing white blood cells are dependent on iron. Iron is also required for the proper function of the nervous system and the production of neuro- transmitters; and it is an iron-dependent enzyme that helps deliver destroy toxic chemicals and waste products.

It has been estimated that as many as 1 billion people are deficient in this important mineral. As many as 60% of the U. S population may not get enough iron. Iron deficiency is most common among teenagers, elderly, pregnant or lactating women, those who consume a quotation junk food and " diet, and anyone with a liver disorder.
Early symptoms of iron deficiency include fatigue, decreased alertness, diminished endurance, dizziness, and rapid heartbeat. Frequent calls, chronic infections, and poor digestion are also signs of iron deficiency. Chronic deficiency leads to anemia.

While iron deficiency has been called the most prevalent nutritional problem worldwide, many people shy away from iron supplementation due to horror stories promulgated in the media. However, these stories failed to reveal the whole truth. Supplemental iron is necessary, and is perfectly safe when taken in a form that is absorbed by the body. Optimal iron from 0 H S contains the only patented form of iron, F E R R O C H E L, in a blend proven to be assimilated by the body 400% more than other iron supplements, meaning, rather than building up as a toxin in the body, optimal iron is effectively used for health-embracing purposes. "



Myself and friend here noticed radical improvement in stamina / energy particularly with this iron product.

Re: the Live Enzymes and Flora product:

"Optimal flora-the most advanced formula for intestinal support, on the market.

Without a supply of approximately 3 lbs. of friendly flora in the intestine we are left without a strong defense against digestive problems, pour nutrient absorption, illness and infections.

Helpful flora is called " pro biotic " meaning " favoring life ". Antibiotics are " against life", and kill not only the harmful strains of bacteria but also destroy those strains that we need for health and well-being. Unfortunately, even if we haven't recently taken prescription antibiotics, we are still regularly exposed to antibiotics. Since half the antibiotics produced each year are fed to animals, we take in antibiotics each time we eat meat or dairy products.

Other factors, including stress, carbonated drinks, laxatives, birth control pills, coffee, alcohol and aging also pull from the body's floral supply.

Flora depletion is of serious concern in today's environment. In addition to increase in toxins, harmful bacteria-including highly resistant strains called " super terms" are on the rise.

Optimal flora, which was developed with input from the world's leading pro bionic authority-Dr. K H E M S H A H A N I-is far superior to other flora products in that it contains the hardiest forms of bacteria, proven to withstand the changes in temperature and PH in the intestines. In addition, this unique formula is not a single-strain formula, but contains several strains, each proven to assist with specific concerns, and each adding to the overall effectiveness and value of this product. "


Treat your blood like you would exquisite wiring, and you can sustain environment bending field effects.

Otherwise implosion in DNA is a fire that consumes. The blue fire (vril) does not consume, because sustainable implosion in blood links to an infinitely shareable/fractal charge fabric. (The grail.) When is there fire without heat, if heat is only a measure of motion in disorder / out of phase embedding?

Proper mineralization in blood, and insulation in the nervous myelin is the cookie cutter and fabric of that grail. This then becomes the substrate for CHOOSING emotional hygiene for the end of the need for secrets, where only what is indeed shareable / distributable as wave is sustained.

Pure intention and electrical fractality -perfect conductivity - are identical.

Dan Winter

correction and addend to ../healinganger


typo forgot WHEN FRUSTRATED phrase in

"If you see anger musically as the wave shape of optimized destructive interference...
then the psychological truism
"urge to touch WHEN FRUSTRATED turns to anger by definition"

takes on extreme importance in the case of kundalini .. (or sustainble bliss /tantra etc.)"



Alni- (ultimate of?) - tak (orion)
anchor point of spiral on orion at giza..

may give new (recursion optimized)
meaning to the term
'center of gravity'

dan winter


note back from Michael Morton:

Dan ....
Your thought just hit me !!! YES .... the spiral (Fibonnaci) at Giza ..
referring to GRAVITY !! A ... 'center' of .. gravity ? The Great Pyramid
"fire in the middle" .. ? .. center ... recursion ... your recursion thing
embedding .. and Alnitak corresponding to The Great Pyramid a la Bauval.

Fascinating there; about 'Orion Wars', etc. ... Annunaki seeking refuge here
I wonder how much truth is in Collier's material. I've always wondered where
Annunaki 'really' originated from ... whether an actual 'Nibiru' as per
Sitchin, or ..
just what.

Ptah would be EN.KI. ... as I understand or 'read' Sitchin. Is that your
take ?

Regarding my findings of numbers at Cydonia ... recent posts, etc. ...
I found "1296" as Grid LAT for "Cydonia City Square" AND for "The Tholus" ..
41 (deg) X 03 (min) X 10.53658537 (sec) North ...
= 1296 North. And "1296" is the Square of "36" ... such an important
number !! It really supports your 'Phi-embedding awareness' !! And even the
Grid POINT Value of "City Square" is "18Pi" ... ... 18 half of 36 ... then;
times Pi.

-- Michael

Subject: Re: Healing Anger: Musical Key to a Fractal Back Yard.., Wed, 5 Apr 2000 11:47:53 -0700 (PDT)
From: Mike Cassidy <>
Dear Dan,

Thanks for your last. Healing anger is definitely a
positive. Also, your phi material is coalescing and
becoming ever clearer and comprehensible, and it's
validity and importance is becoming self evident.
Repeating that knowledge in various forms is by no
means boring, and is quite meditative.

I would suggest applying your phi principle towards
responsible ecological sustainability, this is what
you and your audience need most. Your phi principle is
most applicable to interspecies relationships of
ecology. Human relationships have only so much
ecological potential, and human relationships are
currently overdone. Underrepresentation of
biodiversity results in bacteriological attack. As
you say, the principle is reflected in geography but
more importantly it is reflected in interspecies
relationships. "



response from Dan:

and the geometry of sustainable biodiversity
is modeled
bioacoustic habitat theory
where forests ability to have an immune system
depended on the harmonic inclusiveness of the SOUNDS there..

and the most sounds can live in one (sonic) skin
when their phases are phi nested...

apply that to every bandwidth which creates skin...

like pent long wave magnetics..



quote from


this becomes "signature sound works" by Sherri Edwards, in creating
healthy forests by replacing missing audio harmonics this becomes "BioAcoustic Habitat Theory" by Bernie Kraus (as published in Electronic Musician, in
WildFire Magazine, and in his music: "Gorilla's in the Mix". theory also called "biosonics" or "niche theory") So from the perspective of GET ENOUGH

Subject: pressure over time (in touch wave)
Wed, 5 Apr 2000 14:05:06 -0400
Elizabeth Austin <>
"'dan@..'" <dan@..>

"for example 1/6 = joy
can you please give a sense of what this experience is like
is it like a pressure over 6 times as long
how about 1/phi
a pressure over a bit of time that is less than the pressure??this is
interesting.....anger, joy, hate, love sequence
and also, over time it there is "less" anger
so if the wave goes up and down, kinda sorta
how does a wave go when there is more up than down?
how does the wave go when there isnt a down?
or is that when it goes inside?
sometimes i wish for this all to be a bit more practical.....
and probably it is, i just dont get it yet. "
Elizabeth Austin
Humanitas, Inc.

response from Dan:

have your friend identify 3 different emotions you choose
then send them only by squeezing their hand..

notice how you vary only pressure over time in the squeeze

you start a ratio,
of total squeeze duration vs time to max pressure in the hug

and that is the language of feeling

(read 'sentics"?


you couldn't get a better squeeze article, ../bettersqueeze/squeeze.html




Question from Marysol...

Thanks Dan,
Please explain a little more how "MOST potent was
taking the voltage recorded wave (like ekg but
1 set for each gland)
converting to sonic in roland sampler
then play sonic"?




Never felt individual glands start to tingle in response to sound sample so clearly

as when Valerie sent me the voltage waves she had recorded electrically above and below gland sites..

I converted the voltage wave to lo freq sound in roland s-50 before doing fft work...