Dan Winter's Sight and Sound and Experience Conference Series Handout and Study Guide

Sacred Geometry & The New Science of Compassion

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The Gravity of the Heart- When Wave Embedding Becomes Fractal - Graphing the Musical Notes in Your Heartbeat Animates the Solution to The Unified Field's HOLY GRAIL as Electricity Implodes From Gravity. COHERENT EMOTION makes Gravity's Centering force by holding the still point, called waves Emerging from Chaos and Becoming Self Aware, is exactly how we embed and center ourselves in larger and larger 'massive' bodies until we inhabit Sun's and bend the stars.


Including the Dramatic HEARTLINK Biofeedback Experience and Introduction to BLISS Movements - The Symmetry of Grace.

"Someday after mastering the wind, the waves, the tides, and gravity, we shall harness the energies of love. And then, for the second time in the history of the world, we will have discovered fire." --Teilhard de Chardin


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We begin with an experience of HeartLink Biofeedback ( ../heartlink ) . By simply graphing for you real time how the musical harmonics in your EKG change real time, you begin to see how to increase the amount of COHERENCE till your Heart shines like a laser.


(PIC1 Heartlink Coherence - Dan Winter's pioneering 2nd order FFT or Septrum mathematical technique applied to Heart Harmonics in the HeartLink provides a radical new way to dynamically measure and teach COHERENCE in Emotion. ).

This skill to 'HOLD THE FEELING like you would a little child' - is the beginning of EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE. Next we notice that being able to flex up and down the FUNDAMENTAL or KEY SIGNATURE of the Heart's Music (called 'Emotional Index' / 'Emotional IQ' on the HeartLink), you learn RANGE OF MOTION in your E-motions - This is the beginning of learning Harmonic INCLUSIVENESS in your heart's music called Heart Rate Variability (HRV) which medical literature documents is the SOLUTION TO ALMOST ALL CHRONIC DISEASE ( ../dardik ). You learn that fractality or embedding or nesting based on the GOLDEN MEAN is the key to getting many wave-lengths into one nest ( ../philotactics ). This is our first key to compassion because it is how we get many feelings non-destructively compressed into one space - our heart.

Heartlink Coherence - Dan Winter's pioneering 2nd order FFT or Septrum mathematical technique applied to Heart Harmonics in the HeartLink provides a radical new way to dynamically measure and teach COHERENCE in Emotion.


When we next connect 2 people at once, we delight to note that emotionally touching-in between people - a couple - a parent/child is DRAMATIC palpable and real the moment the 2 sets of heart harmonics overlap in the same musical key signature (E.I. number). A tingle goes thru the room each time 2 people (or a million) learn to link hearts - and this is SO visible on-screen as their EI peaks converge to overlap. This may be the ultimate family counseling tool. Because the heart does not lie, we have found also that the amount of coherence going up or down, is the ultimate yes or no answer from even a physically or psychologically disabled child. The heart's song absolutely penetrates all armoring. (JR's story on the Web). Also applying this principle to teaching the whole planet to link heart's ( ../module ) may in the end be the ultimate solution to centering and steering our genepool thru the Sun's phire. We savor this idea for later.

Can we make moving from HEAD centered to HEART centered emotion teaachable? Lastly using HeartLink biofeedback we play and laugh as we notice that Heart Music which is in power of 2 or octave multiples is usually people doing head centered thinking work, versus Heart key signature music (the Emotional Index Number on HeartLink - E.I.) at Golden Mean (near .62) multiples usually suggests feelings which are Heart centered - opening and membrane bridging. One of our favorite stories is about watching a CEO type stuck at 1.0 E.I. music suddenly move his heart's tuning right down toward .62 (E.I.) as a nice lady decides to give him a juicy kiss.

Let's note here for those who like music theory. The HeartLink frequency signature is just a graph of which multiple piano notes are fused together to make the EKG wave. I tell people it is like using a chart to find out if your child has played her piano lesson as a chord or as bashing the keys without making music! When the EKG musical fundamental -HeartLink E.I. number measures .62 approximately Golden Ratio, what this actually means is that the average distance between contained EKG harmonics (notes) , literally SPACES IN THE HEART, has INCREASED to 1.62. (This is what the E.I. number is: inverse - 1/x, of the frequency space between your inner fingers playing your heart's music.) 1.62 ALSO approximates a Golden Ratio multiple. The fun part is this "PHI"-lotactic may be the only sustainable kind of scalar or non-linear musical chord which is not based on octaves or powers of 2. This change from 'incubating' in octaves to getting PHI-cycle or physical or spin dense in nesting by PHI can be experienced as a sonic implosion experience at soulinvitation/antakarana . There is musical key here to moving from HEAD centered or membrane making - 1.0 E.I., to HEART centered - .62 multiples or membrane bridging emotions!

(Ultimately membranes are woven into separation by octaves or cubic wave nests, and then bridged or transcended in PHI or Golden Ratio wave nests. Dr. Ed Wilson measured Phi tones creating EEG brainwave TRANSCENDANCE after Octace sounds created DISSOCIATION , reference above. You can read how that change from making membrane as separateness to making membranes touch as embedding, accurately describes the wave geometry of curing cancer membranes at ../cancer ).

We transition from Heart Harmonics on-screen to animations of pure 3D Sacred Geometry as we begin to meditate on the question, WHAT IS HAPPENING AROUND THE HEART's FIELD as this COHERENCE and then PHI nesting we call COMPASSION and BLISS occurs? If we understood exactly where the HEART's PHIRE comes from, would we be better able to LIGHT THAT FIRE? ( ../fusion ). We gather our kids club and agree that our mission should we choose to accept it is to learn the Sacred Geometry of What Love Is, so well, that we become better lovers!

We start with 2 ideas. One is to see that different EMOTIONs in the music literature have very well documented WAVE SHAPES. (pic2 - Sentics intro at ../touch ). Playing with this How to Touch is exactly like what shape of changing pressure over time - love squeeze makes a tingle in your experiental hugee's DNA. We notice that the Sentic wave for the perfect LOVE touch, appears to delay it's max pressure till .618 (Golden Mean) into the duration of the love hug ( a tantric hint ). This starts the condition for passion's tingle because the long wave add's AND multiplies 'recursively' in-PHI-knitly until the spin winds right up into a faster than light tornado in your DNA ( ../ensoulment ).

Wave nesting (compression that doesn't hurt) becoming so efficient is key to compassion and love. This brings us to our second idea - about Love's wave shape. Notice that medical literature depicts the source of the successful ( immortalizing?) heartbeat as electrical waves which nest inside each other like donuts in donuts - where all the tornados exquisitely share the same center!

Adapted from "When Time Breaks Down" , Winfree's biophysics book on the electrical origins of the heart's beat. Notice particularly how the process of recursive dimpling or turning inside out - repeatedly would eventually draw a theoretically infinite number of donut toroid field 'domains' into the heart's fire. Consider that the skill to repeatedly turn inside out, would eventually suck or implode what was outside you electrically, into a connectivity map to all fields - inside you!


Starting with the known physics of where the heartbeat comes from, we animate our way from 2D into the next unknown dimension.

We study what happens if we modify the known science of those voltage pressure donuts into the Golden Mean (.62 E.I. number on HeartLink) nest we just measured linked to compassion, heart centered emotion and bliss. This is the Gold Spiral Yellow Brick Road Into Emerald still point. 'What happens then is rich.' The heart begins to twitch. Riding on our bloom stick.... We become a blessed witch. Wishes become horses and we beggers can ride. Dan Winter - Today's Wizard of OZ scientist, uses words like - learning non-destructive or 'scale invariant' ( ../scaleinvariant ) charge compression in the heart, changes gravity to voltage and energy to mass by imploding fields into self-organizing fusion. ( ../collapse and ../fusion ).

Fortuneately we can understand what he means because he uses computer cartoons in 3D!. For this part we look how the TWISTER TORNADO's NEST converging on your fractal fern branched heartt fibers LEARNS TO IMPLODE and take PHIRE when you decide to let FEELING in.

If the field effects or domains or 'donuts' were repeatedly crossed or layered or spun in a braid envelope inside envelope - eventually the geometry of that recursive crossing - when in Golden Ratio - could implode or suck in to that

magnetic x ( see ../magneticx )

a theoretically infinite amount of charge or spin or info density. This is a romanticized image of what would happen in the DNA sonic braiding triggered by sustained EKG in BLISS.

( ../superDNA )


Consider the fibrous fractal branching fernlike tree structure where your heart catches it's fire. This fibres of perkinjole has been analyzed as one of the most self-similar or fractal structures of the bod. (Ary Goldberger, MD). When charge holding or capacitive structures acheive perfect fractal nesting - they become literally a non-linear energy device imploding gravity into electricity. This is the key to (the Golden Mean or embedding) principle which has been at the root of virtually all descriptions of non-linear energy device technologies for deriving electricity from the vacuum. (see: ../stargravity )

The point here is to understand that completing this electrical tree structure which causes the heart to tingle, is identical with the turning inside out activity which electrifies the heart during true compassion and BLISS. This discovery of a new source of life force from the universal field of gravity I have come to call "metabolizing starlight directly". It represents a kind of weaning process from food as a source of biological fire, to the same fusion energy which enlivens stars.

( ../fusion , ../gravity , ../predictions ). Remember compassion is like the successful infinite branching of a tree structure which allows all branches to come to one, inside you. This non-destructive compressing by fractal branching, is the key to non-linear energy AND love itself! (see also: 'You Couldn't Get a Better Squeeze" ../bettersqueeze )


This science of the shape of fields you teach to suck into an implosion center, when you choose compassion - is actually how gravity as an electrical centering force is fabricated in your heart.


This principle of perfecting fusion is contained in how ALL fires including heartPHIRE's are ignited. To understand HOW it works just visualize 2 things. First, notice that each revolved sine wave donut

nests into tornado vortex swallowing each other by the throat -

The Heart's musical cascade (HeartLink E.I. number at .62 Golden Ratio ) gets each wave nested inside the bigger wave in such a way as to allow them all to add and multiply each others wave pressures by Golden Ratio.

This Phi based 'chirp' or recursive constructive interference goes to a kind of limit, where the waves 'IMPLODE' into a self-organizing wind to center, which Dan Winter has discovered is how electricity becomes gravity. Charge compresses into a fractal of capacitors arranged into perfect embedding. This key to the real unified field of how electricity emerges from gravity in the presence of self-similarity or fractality (visualize a fern tree), came to him while studying the exquisite non-linear and Golden Ratio harmonics of Heart beats experiencing BLISS !. Actually, the first time Dan Winter measured EKG harmonics going into a Golden Ratio kind of cascade many years ago was a moment when Foster Perry said he was SENDING LOVE to the children in China during a film. Later the Heart Math Institute flew Dan there to teach them how to spectrum analyze heartbeats. The rest is herstory.

The point is to understand that the Heart literally catches this fire when it chooses electrically to turn inside out! As you reach from your heart's center of gravity outward you begin to feel someone OUTSIDE you, as if they were INSIDE you! This is what happens when you choose compassion. Mathematically this corresponds to the topological operation of turning inside out - recursively.

Picture of Recursive Dimpling, turning into turning-inside-out-ness perfected. This implosion is the falling inside experience an electrician would use to describe 'falling in love'. Literally you make a little gravity each time you better learn to fabricate this implosion. (This is why the body loses an average of 6 to 14 ounces of weight when consciousness leaves at the moment of death.) Do not think that because you are not a scientist, you do not need to understand the practical skill to make gravity or centering force in your heart. It is this skill to suck yourself into, or embed, field effects outside your body, as if they were inside, which is the key to immortality. It is this making of the 'dream-spell' by the collective Gravity making field effect of our genepools EMOTION, which may enable us to keep Earth from being BLOWN AWAY, in the magnetic wind of the Sun's approaching orgasm. (2000-2012). The physics of rapture is simple, Solar fire must test Earth's genetic field for what can be compressed, in order to discover what is shareable here. For the 2 on the park bench experiencing the rapture (solar magnetic compression) differently, the blissful one is inviting in all of spin (love = compressing into what is shareable), while the Fearful one feels heat melt down resisting all of spin.

This determines which of our memories can pass thru the Sun's heart - the only way outta here. ( ../heartsun )

When an aboriginal shaman squirts his emotion down a song line as a worm hole, he is aware he is making the centering force which is the glue which holds his continent tectonics together. Doris Lessing called this the Sufic "substance of we" feeling. By embedding donut vortex throats more centered one inside another, we sustain the implosion that keeps them self organizing as waves. This role of making gravity is how coherenc emotion feeds the Earth (Gurdjieff). Another example

We see this in the physics map of what is happening around the heart muscle electrically to perfect the Heart beat as a harmonically inclusive 'fractal'.

This corresponds to the principle of the Labyrinth - as the Greek Key revolved, and the 7-color donut Golden Moebius projected on flatland. ( ../dimple ). The labyrinth walk, the Infinity Walk, The Sufi Turn , etc. become our symmetry moves into the capactive 'quality of grace'. 'All human interactions are about Charge' (Celestine Prophecy). To arrange charge into the symmetry necessary to become spin dense or graceful, is what getting fractal or self-embedded or turning inside out, is all about.

A high point of our meeting, might be the moment we turn our 3D model of how the voltage donuts nest to set a heart on fire, into the animation of the origin of the Holy Grail. ( ../grail.html )

We revolve our Golden Spiral laid on the implosion cone created by Heart field donuts. As we do this we see that in 3D, the map to perfect embedding in wave donut nesting is literally the cup within the cup we have called the Holy Grail.

This is the only perfect possible 3 dimensional fractal, where you could zoom in from any direction in 3D toward center, and always recursively forever see the same pattern zooming by again and again.

As we revolve this grail fractal in 3D we notice that at first you think you are inside the cup, then you realize you are outside the cup, until finally you understand what it means to be BOTH inside AND out. This is how perfect embedding or self-similarity - making the wave inside you into the SAME shape as the wave outside out, SOLVES THE PROBLEM OF SEPARATENESS. You see now why electrical embedding is the key to compassion. Also because this nest can store an infinite amount of spin or information or pattern, it is the perfect solution to inPHIknit (fractal) data compression. This is how biology makes phone calls to GOD inside the wave compressor we call DNA .

What actually occurs is that short wave or simple double helix in DNA is roughly ultraviolet or blue fire in length. The sound 'pony tail' braid function of Heart's music goes into embedding bliss as we have seen. This sets up the short wave or carrier wave of the DNA helix to NEST into longer and longer wave length ENVELOPES (called SUPERLOOPING, or RECURSIVE NESTING or perfect EMBEDDING..) . The pictures and discussions showing DNA becoming woven into fractal or long wave into short embedding are at ../braidingDNA , ../superDNA , and ../magneticX . The measurements published of DNA 'zip up' braiding apparently linked to Heart sounds becoming coherent are at ../rein .

What we see in these pics is that the Magnetic Imploding "X" made by the relation of short waves embedding inside long, in DNA weaving eventually becomes a kind of SQUIRT GUN. Essentially what happens when we feel the tingling charge of BLISS, is that our genes have found a way to fold embed themselves in such a way that they too begin to directly suck charge in from the gravity field. Another way to visualize this is to think of a zipper like tornado moving up the long axis of the DNA Helix. When the focal point of this NEST of tornadoes one inside the other, directly in DNA, gets it's short carrier wave to a GOLDEN RATIO multiple of the wave length of the longer 'Envelope' into which it is folded - then recursive adding and multiplying of both wave LENGTH and wave VELOCITIES begins. This accounts in part for both the super-conductive and the faster than light properties of DNA .. (William Pensinger references - above DNA links) .

Getting these wave lengths squirting nicely in your DNA tornadoes thru the speed of light corresponds significantly to what psychology calls LUCID DREAMING, SHAMANICALLY ENTERING STARS, and in general - GETTING A SOUL. This is because going faster than light is the beginning of any kind of time travel. And being able to transport your wave patternt thru time is the very definition of immortality. A simpler way to think about this, is that getting thru the egg shell called the speed limit of light, is the only way out of the cocoon of un-sustainable waving!

Getting tornadoes nested on each other Golden Ratio shoulders, musically is the key to getting the wave velocities compressed thru lightspeed.

We already know from physics and computer science that perfect infinite compression is by definition FRACTAL or self-similarity based compression. We know that nature has solves the problem of perfect compression which is the solution to perfect space SHARING called Phylotaxes among biologists, and it is based entirely on PHI - the Golden Ratio. ( ../philotactics ) . Ultimately getting compressed / fractal / or embedded among tornados is how biology makes phone calls to God, because this is the only 'Windows' support possible for high data density.

Thus we may conclude that perfect compression is Golden Mean branching or nesting ( ../scaleinvariant , ../collapse , ../fusion ) . Again this is how the waves in DNA survive death (become ensouled tornado thru light speed). Death is merely a compression test. They do this for cars too. ( ../eternal ) . Death was merely invented by biological waves to teach us to store only shareable or distributable or compressible memories in our bodies. Once we think and feel continuously only shareable thoughts and feelings / pure principles ONLY, we continuously fractally attract so much electrical charge or tingle or spin into our body and DNA that the spin never decays / we never die. How much memory passes thru the death worm is limited only by how much symmetry that is shareable which we have gathered prior to the squeezin. ( ../bettersqueeze )

You are now ready to meditate playfully on the principles below. As you do so, try to imagine Einsten looking at Black Holes trying wistfully to come up with a model of perfect infinite non-destructive compression, so how could answer why Black Holes bend time, and solve the unified field of charge compression which would create electricity from gravity.

A first step in your meditation might be to understand WHY, compression (and compassion) is electrically the same thing as acceleration. This is because the only way closer to a tornado's throat is to speed up. You (Einstein) have already explained why ACCELERATION could never be differentiated from GRAVITY. Now you are closer knowing that COMPRESSION and ACCELERATION are identical as an experience for waves. Since we knew that Gravity and Acceleration were identical from Einstein, if we now add our new discovery that perfect compression optimized by Golden Ratio, is identical to acceleration - IT IS THERFORE NECESSARILY TRUE BY SIMPLE LOGIC THAT PERFECT GOLDEN RATIO WAVE COMPRESSION IS THE PURE PRINCIPLE OF EMBEDDING WHICH CREATES GRAVITY ( read ../predictions ) . This is more important than E=MC^2 because it allows us to discover the role that mind plays among waves. By embedding ourselves as a wave nest into a center still point where implosion is possible, mind gets a handle on tornadoes, and can steer them. Ron Gray teaching Andean Shamanism in Hunstville just finished teaching us how to eat the Hoocha of an approaching storm electrically in your 'Belly Button' feeling for it better than it feels for itself, until the shaman finds all the lightning begins steering to him. The physics of throwing your weight around as a mind among waves is now teachable. Waves do not create still or center points unless they find the perfect geometry of agreement. Mind exists among fire where waves agree.

Next meditative step ask yourself WHY it is that since only LOVE BENDS THE LIGHT, therefore ONLY LOVE CREATES. By re-training waves to nest embed inside your heart, you create a suction into center which steers waves FROM THE LINE INTO THE CIRCLE. As a physicist you can be assured, that this what stores inertia by bending waves in gyroscope circles, IS THE ONLY DEFINITION WE HAVE EVER HAD FOR MASS (matter). So whatever can bend the light from the LINE (energy) into the CIRCLE (mass), is the CREATOR.

This gravity making power gifted to biology is how we embed ourselves electrically into larger and larger centers of gravity / implosion, until we can and must steer stars. Now as a mind among waves consider these koan's in a unified wave field of compressible jello: (pics and animations at ../selfsimilarity )

"FRACTALITY" - Perfect Embedding - Is Natures Perfect (& Only) Path OUT OF CHAOS! (into Self-Organization)

The Heart EKG Voltages LEARN Bliss - The Result of Perfect Compassion / Compression without Pain..

Perfect Implosion =

Inner PHIre / Fire

To be Self- Similar (Fractal) , Feeling Inside the Same as What is Felt Outside =

Able to Self - Refer =

Able to Self - Embed =

Able to be Self - Aware !


Perfect (Phi based) Compression is identical to Acceleration which is identical to GRAVITY.

Fractality =

Embedability =

(Non-Destructive) Compressibility =

Turning Inside- Out ness =

Scale Invariance =

Spin Density =

Information Density =

Charge Density =

Sustainability =

Share-Ability =

Perfect Distributability =

Perfect Marketability !


We conclude our meditations by asking the renewed question: what then is the scientific function of the human genepool among star systems?

In so doing we get some hints from the extra-terrestrial gene splicers who wanted and cooked our DNA.

Our most basic clue was that, under certain circumstances (the BLISS that makes immune function sustainable and immortality a possibility - see ../bliss ) , biology can fabricate a significant seed to initiating a GRAVITATION FIELD electrically. This is what we have called, the skill to bend the light. Ultimately the biological leverage to rule stars, specifically depends on the teachable skill for how to inhabit and steer vast stellar wormholes. This begins specifically in the EKG learning compassion, making the first measureable gravity. Ultimately, we now know that what we have been calling angel or time lord or ophanim birth, depends exquisitely on biology's skill to squirt non-destructively it's magnetism into and inhabiting black holes ( ../inhabit ). The alphabet of the Ophanim (Enochian) for example was the cookie cutters (elements of symmetry to permit non destructive compression) for the time door in Star Gate. (../orion )

It does seem that to travel in time for example, we can measure which DNA braids can be the empath (steer) the time chair. (Dodeca capacitor antennae / Montauk ). If the spectral emission of your genes is coherent you have a shot at tornadoing (recursively) into the time corridors. Another way of understanding this is to remember that no time warp navigator ever steered the Enterprise without having enough soul to remember past lives. If you can't "CONTACT" the wormholes, you can't see thru them to steer.

This roughly corresponds to our Annunaki genetic ancestors from Draco (whose mistranslated deeds in Sumerian we call the Bible) regarded as the problem of how to get a soul into the DNA of their golem / Gold for eating - mining slaves (Adam and Eve). Figuring out how to sustain a tornado thru light speed in DNA - how to sustain a lucid dream - is how to get memory thru death, and in general how to avoid death all together. From the above we now perceive that it is the charge density we call BLISS which sustains that warp factor in the DNA braid imploding. It is such nice irony that looking for a heart of gold and growing old, is why those reptilian gene-splicers cooked up our ancestors in the first place.

At first our bird brain may have been merely food for the juices of the reptilian brain roots. Now we know a little more about how the tantric / kundalini blue fire UV juices get pumped out the Amygdala mouth of the serpent brain into the high brain - becoming food for something the other way around. The bird brain uses that fuel for fire to ignite the pineal pituitary to pine away. (refer to perfect pining in the ../grail.html animation )

So, what is the story to our mory? 1. Earth will be blown away soon in the magnetic wind of the Sun unless we learn to globally link heart's to make the centering force to steer our star. ( ../module ) .

2. The purpose of DNA is to achieve the bliss charge density to acheive super-luminal sustainability ( immortality ) ( ../bliss ) - and biological immortality - (../eternal ).

3. The mechanism for achieving that bliss or charge density of immortality in genes and glands is teachable in a simple system of hygiene for life ( ../health ). In this way pure principles of selecting pure life force to eat and to hug - using embedding, and compassion as the symmetry of perfect sharing, entirely replace religious dis-empowering personality and miracle worship.