3D Valentine: Deeply Embedded in the Heart

from Dan Winter, Valentines Day 2/14/99

Dedicated to Kristy.. down under

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Benoit Mandelbrot rediscovers the principle of Fractals:

the Mandelbrot Set

Mandel: German for "Almond", Brot = "Bread"

So literally "Almond Bread" is our name for Fractality..?
Is it fractality that makes a grid gold?All-Monde Bread:

Gold's Fractal Structure vs: Embedding as Immortality

for all the world like an all monde...

(full size grail and also the implication:inhabiting phi-re -> heart ignites grid)

then simply having revolved the 2 golden mean spirals in the heart shape into 3D, valentines day comes into a new dimension..

 viveka's question: do the inner and outer ends of 2 vortex
spirals have to line up (be parallel) in order for the two
vortex spirals to be able to self-embed, or is this a wrong
idea about self-embedding? Viveka

Note from Dan: It seems to me the above animation, and the 2 immediately below, are examples of a golden mean spiral wrap in 3D which are embedable... in the sense that they can produce an infinite recursive (3d fractal?) zoom.. note the below 2 are the equation I used to make alphabets..

see: IS The ELECTRICALLY Fractal Symmetry of Gold Itself?The Key Principle of Alchemy in the Heart,


Lawrence Gardner: Bloodline of the Grail.,StarFire-Annunaki, Genesis of the Grail Kings, ShewBread-Gold Powder & More.. article links.

Remember, Lawrence Gardner's series of books in one way amount to a simple ad for another silver bullet medicine: shew-bread (almond bread)/manna/ ormes/spice.. Yet without USING the pure principle of how to SHAPE THE HEART WAVE INTO EMBEDDING THE REAL GRAIL... which is contained in the SHAPE of the GOLDE POWDER's nucleus... the soul loses the skill TO MAKE THE INNER GOLD / THE INNER FIRE.

Particularly please see in this regard (for the Thoth Instructions to Psychological Exercises necessary to avoid personality fractionation from Gold Powder): The Implosion Phenomenon:
Psychological Import of Phi Harmonic Music
Phi Scalar Technology
& MonoAtomic Gold..

Also, a great summary & links re: ORMUS/ Callahan / Studies on Resonance vs Gravity by Barry Carter Readers are encouraged to see Barry's (ORMUS-Gold Powder) WEB Page: http://www.triax.com/bmnfa/index.htm
These conversations have interesting connections to the physics of Implosion vs Gravity notes at ../predictions I do believe gold's recursive (multiples of Golden Ratio in the Electron vs Nuclear Radii producing non-destructive recursive heterodyning ) account for the distributive across many spectra harmonic phase sorting/implosion qualities associated with Ormus..

Here-Excellent Pictorial investigation of the SubAtomic Shape at the root of Ormes-Gold Powder:Paranormal Observations of ORMEs Atomic Structure

8/99 Update from Dan on What GOLD POWDER does to Glandular Emotion... ..

you are deeply embedded now.. in the heart..

this article is an historical evolution from ORIGINS GenePool Gets Remothered: Self Stinging is Dragonian to Golden ONE


the descriptions of our GENETIC origins from the Annunaki which were called "GOLDEN ones" who time traveled to find gold/recursion/passion/sustainable DNA?... at the Garden of East of Eden (where I was born)

"Once the Anunnaki departed Sumeria, Master Craftsmen developed a substitute for Star Fire in the form of a mystical bread made from the alchemical white powder of gold." Laurence Gardner: ..quote from "Star Fire: Gold of the Gods",part 3.. new article from nexus mag by Laurence Gardner author of "BloodLine of the Holy Grail." please read: STARFIRE PART1, STAR FIRE PART2

So why has the PRINCIPLE OF PERFECT NESTING OR EMBEDDING BECOME SYNONYMOUS WITH KNEADING OR BRAIDING INTO BREAD? For Example we see that the NAME of the Jesus/Magda blood line is Priori De Scion.. Which means PRIORITY OF THE BRANCH.. from scion which means branching in tree grafting... which became the word Jon.. or John.. who was a branch of Jesus blood (according to Steiner). Lineage of John meant perfect fractal path into DNA memory.



Then the brain gathers the imploding spine juices into the "Almond" shaped Amygdala.. where they are squeezed until they produce the CHEMical braid which we call sweetness... by the Phi ratioed Almond.. BRAIDER..

then one original journal on FRACTALITY is named "Amygdala" which became Rollo Silver's Fractal Recursive Art.. which became his fractal calendar.. which became Spiral Calendar (by Carolan) showing fractality in time became self-organizing.. which became the templar agenda for repair of the "fabric of time" which rebraided angel blood..(Angels & The Role of Human Emotional Energy in our Galaxy. ) ...which the chief templar builder reported was at dream instructions from Magdalen..(book:"Builders of Chartres"). Templar link above is in honor of/inspired by the memory of Boudet, the brains behind Sauniere, the original conspirator of Holy Blood Holy Grail.. which is about the geometry of EMBEDDING's PERFECT GRAIL!..

Subject:Almond Bread,Thu, 11 Feb 1999 11:31:58 PST,From: "Altazar LightSeeker" <iamaltazar@hotmail.com>
"The more I read it, the more it makes sense.
Whom does the grail serve?
It's self; I know.
Thanks for the heart warming 3-D valentine...
In heart 3D perspective animation even.
Almond Bread sounds good."

then Jesus has 3 kids by Magdala which become the GRAIL (Holy Blood Holy Grail).. and the tower at mygdala called Mygdala (built by Sauniere at Phi pent Rennes Les Chateaux) which means tower.. is named for the principle of her bloodline which by fractal magnetic folding, towers genetically above the land..(by embedable or nestable fractal morphic resonance sends genetic magnetics from genes to glands to landscapes to stars.. templed templar templa mar.. see templar link)

and then her ALMOND shaped brain Amygdala drips so much sweetness during her Tantra with Jesus, that she narrates to the Templar Gothic cathedral builders how to site the cathedrals as temples of magnetic embedding, into a pent PHI based FRACTAL of VIRGO.. stars embedd on the land...

in order that her magnetic ecstatic memories could unpack out of the FRACTAL in her glands, into the land, then into the stars.. in an in-PHI-knitly FRACTAL non-destructive perfectly distributable wave form... which is the PRINCIPLE of FRACTALITY or embed-ability in general..

.. then Laurence Gardner finishes the next major segment of the HOLY BLOOD HOLY GRAIL, scholarship, in the last of his new STAR FIRE: Gold of the Golds.. (links above)...

by announcing that GOLD BREAD (biblical manna /Hudson's ORMES /or "spice"in DUNE) is literally how the GODS became immortal..

and BREAD is a name for the principle that if the folding or needing process is in-PHI-knitly contiguous, there can be an in-PHI-knit number of laminar layers all folded non-destructively which is ..

THE PRINCIPLE of how cell membranes become sustainable (by fractality call: Structural Stability and Morphogenesis.. eternal folding), and how the HEART BEAT becomes FRACTAL to create the medical proof of the end of all chronic disease..Is Embedding a Mathematical Opposite to Cancer as Wave Fractionation..

which is how water becomes laminar, braided, healed, learns to SORT and solves EVERY POLLUTION PROBLEM.. ..

because only the shareable survives EMBEDDING! (topologically how folds become contiguous and non destructive is how waves and memories also become contiguous.. immortal.. see the role of beet juice{heart squeezins},tantra,hydrotherapy,super breath and wormhole penetrant rebirthing in acheiving real biological immortality in the book "Jitterbug Perfume" ).(biophysics name for this principle of phasing by embedding to acheive sustainable membrane structure/immune system is called "Structural Stability and Morphogenesis" another name for phase discipline for the wave nests which keep soap bubbles alive..)

This gold powder, has created maximum exposed valence or electron surface for absorbtion. The cellular water takes on the outer atomic shape of gold as a packing algorhythmn, when you eat the powder. You hear a ringing in your ears. This is also true of when you eat Pat Flanagan's MicroHydrin. This is because the hydrogen becomes implosive when tucked or folded into WATER MOLECULES ARRANGED INTO A FRACTAL DODECAHEDRON. (Which is the principle bechind MicroHyrdrin).

In both cases, the ear ringing is the result of electrical implosion..see in next link below on Implosion that Gold's position in the atomic table for nobility is the completed nature of its outer d f subshell valence.. which are a 10/14 electron pair 5/7.. perfected implosion slip knot identical with Subatomic Quark, Heart & Heart of the Sun..(origin of the sun dance timing).. this is how gold is the electrical wave guide seed of symmetry which steers waves toward the center non destructively.. (literally in the grail path).. this is why gold creates the sorting of waves into the shareable which allows them to be sustainably immortal.. gold when in the pop-corn valence inside out state which David Hudson calls Ormes is the MANNA in the Bible, SPICE in DUNE, and Laurence Gardner's described GOLD BREAD OF THE GODS. (Also see the role of the symmetry of Gold's electrons in low temperature superconductors.. waveguide to non destrcutive spin path.. and how that 5thD dodeca wratchet path can also be welded to DNA strands for the same superconductive purpose, for the same dodeca symmetry reason at ../predictions.)

The Implosion Phenomenon: Psychological Import of Phi Harmonic Music Phi Scalar Technology & MonoAtomic Gold..


Recursion in The Harmonic Power Spectra of the Earth's Magnetic Grid, Proves the Onset of Self-Awareness..


CLINICAL USE OF RECURSION HARMONICS: Is The Fractal Embedded Heart: The Enveloping Wave of Compassion?

The Heart Itself Illustrates Nestedness

In microphone design, the principle of sonic coherence is optimized, in the CARDIOID pattern. It is the map of the area where wave fronts can meet in phase constructively.. to be gathered and felt... Cardioid means heart shaped.
Clearly nature chose the shape of the heart, knowing the critical nature of aligning phases at a focal point. Is this permission to DISTRIBUTE a wave, the basis of Valentine's day, HEARTLINK's measures, fractality..and how perspectives are consumed in principle..?

The Fractal Principle of Recursion Explains Love's Electricity and Gravity. Sacred Geometry, Coherent Emotion, and Planet "Taming", To know how to align long magnetic waves on the land into flowers, "grid engineering", is to teach a planet to hold atmosphere, to make coherent climate, to actually create gravity by symmetry. Our human role in this symbiosis is the electricity of our emotional field, literally braiding feeling into environment. This is a destiny for biology: to "metabolize starlight directly".

How Does PHI/Golden Mean Based Recursion Create Dimple Inside Out-Ness?

Subject:Great Fractal Valentine...Sat, 13 Feb 99 16:44:44 PST
From: "Jonathan J. Dickau" <jond4u@bestweb.net>

Hello Dan,

I love your Fractal Valentine! It is nice to know that I've been so
blessed, in that my Mandelbrot Cosmology
(http://www.bestweb.net/~jond4u/cosmosis.htm) is significant to this
discussion, and more relevant, overall, than I have been giving myself
credit for. I also appreciated your earlier comment on fractal embedding as
the source of Gravity. It made me think, but didn't quite fit my view.

Comments on your Valentine page were helpful in clarifying this matter.
Here is my reply.

First; in my opinion, the simplest explanation for Gravity is the
so-called push-push theory, which asserts that Gravity is not really a
force, per se, but results from Universal expansion starting on a
microscopic scale (i.e. - everything expands, and pushes against everything
else, so gravity is just inertia vs acceleration from expansion). Recent
results from Astrophysics would seem to support this view, as the expansion
of the Universe is apparently accelerating.

Second; my recent speculative forays
(http://www.bestweb.net/~jond4u/singular.htm, and
http://www.bestweb.net/~jond4u/goinbynd.htm) into Cosmology (inspired by
the January Scientific American) have led me to believe that, while this
may be accurate, it is not the only "correct" explanation, as other frames
of reference yield results which are equally valid. This view may be
helpful, in discovering a way beyond Gravity's pull.

Third; I find some rationale for an Electro-Magnetic explanation of
Gravity in Bernhard Haisch's Zero-Point theories
(http://www.jse.com/haisch/zpf.html), and I believe that it is a natural
answer. Haisch points out that an EM effect which bends light would be
indistinguishable from an actual bending of the Space-Time fabric, because
all of our measurements derive from Optical Geometry (in the observable
Universe), and not from a direct measurement of the actual geometry of
Space, which stands apart from this. Just as Energy encompasses Matter, EM
forces should encompass Gravity. It has been shown that Weak-Nuclear forces
(spin-fields) create changes in Electro-Magnetic fields, and a downward
expansion of this principle would say that EM rules Gravity.

Fourth; it is philosophically satisfying to assume that the Compaction of
Dimensionality, to map a reality known to have higher dimensions onto a 3-D
space, would involve a Fractal aspect in the reduction. In this way, the
loss of information would be minimized, and the Conservation of Information
would be maximized, or optimized.

Fifth; it seems natural that the Golden Mean - Phi Ratio would enter into
the picture, in a significant way, and might (through the principle of
recursion) be the key to how Fractal Embedding of Higher-Dimensional
patterns of structure could carry this process out. Your assertion that
"the converging of waves into self organizing implosion labeled gravity is
directly only made possible by self embedding (fractality) approaching
perfection (phi)" does make sense, in the context that our universe is
inside-out and that this makes the explosion (Big-Bang or Inflation) an
implosion (Gravitational attraction), but there are some gaps in my

I do see how this relates (symbolically) to Fractal nature, in suggesting
the Folding of Space, and the "Dimpling" of the Space-Time fabric, but
there are other aspects of this which don't yet make sense. I suppose that
I would need to visualize the underlying sub-space structuring more
clearly, and I will endeavor to work this out. It would seem to relate
fairly explicitly to Richard Marker's Discrete Donut theory
(http://www.ncia.com/~rlmarker/ddtc.htm), but I am not sure exactly how.

More Later. Don't be too surprised if I float past your window, once I
figure this out.

Have a Happy Valentine's Day.

With Love In Light,


I am so grateful that you have responded to the further image suggestions of
a geometric model of recursion perfected in charge geometry creates

...grateful for any way you can help me create meaningful dialog in a more
scholarly way..

now I have more homework to do to more study your links...

I really do deeply believe that

embedding=gravity is more radical than e=mc^2 because it directly teaches
us the charge geometry to conquer gravity electrically as I started pictorially

..need    to make that article more rigorous..

I had thought for example that my friend
Randy Masters
detailed work to map the PHI harmonic series
in hydrogens balmer emission lines
would be a start to showing matter's slip knot as a compression wave
was in fact waves entering phi-llotactic embedding
so as to implode capacitively, which we call gravity??

the pictorial anu at

appreciating your thoughts!

dan winter

finally here..

More on historic significance of GOLD:

Our genepool began when annunaki gold diggers "golden ones" cloned the tak-adama (golem from orion.. )adam/ieve.. they need heart of gold to get dna that would not burn up in suns hearts.. they only thought they were after gold in the grid.. (sitchen)..

gold only occured where ley magnetics crossed into embedding/fractal.. so the real meaning of the EXISTENCE of gold in our planets veins, was the existance of the necessary magnetic inversion envelope structure to nurture self reference magnetically: which is the only real possible DEFINITION of self awareness.... here a DNA of unprecendented inward penetrance (to inhabit is have the skill to embed).. ultimately a higher leverage way not just to steer ecosystem magnetics from glands at will.. but also to steer stars.. (see angel birth.. and orionheart)..

below exerpt from TAL <zontal@earthlink.net>

Subject: "GOLD"(California State Mineral) and the emergence from seven Caves(Underground Civilizations).

(comment from dan winter: see 7 spin (tetra) vs 5 spin (cube in dodec) origin of: implosion, hydrogen, heart, and HEART OF THE SUN..perfect ecstatic rhythmn structure for THE SUN DANCE and shamanically entering the Heart of the Sun, the only sling shot out.. for stellar shaman and lucid dreaming and bardo navigating)


So, you are looking for the GOLD mining caves and storage vaults of Ancient Treasures.   What makes you think this is a good idea?      The central
secrets of many Groups(Indians, Masons, Mormons, Catholics, NSC, Atzlan Priests, Nazi Occult societies, etc.) are involved in the locations of these
"Seven Cavern Cities of GOLD".

  The great migration(South)...was triggered by the great heat wave. The female serpent Tlaloc woman led the people to food and wealth. The migration
left the caves but returned to the place of the ancestors, the maw (a different cave) of the earth. In the waters near the cave, people learned to placer mine
the grains of gold.

There were several "CAVES of ORO(Gold)".     One near Taos, N.M.    Another with the mark of the equal armed CROSS inside the entrance, east
of San Luis Valley in Colorado.  Then there was "Thunder God's Gold", in Arizona's Mysterious Superstition Mountains.

In the origin myths of the Aztecs, they emerged originally from the bowels of the earth through seven
caves (Chicomostoc) and settled in Aztlán, from which they subsequently undertook a migration
southward in search of a sign that would indicate that they should settle once more.

Plumed serpent - Quetzalcoatl (ket-sahl-koh-AH-tl) founded the main city,
 Tenochtitlan (Mexico City) when he sighted an eagle with a serpent in its mouth,
 perched on cactus. Quetzalcoatl (also known as Kukulcan, Gucumatz and Votan).  He was of "white skin, with hair on the face and beautiful emerald
eyes".  In other words, Quetzalcoatl was white, possibly european. There is a hypothesis that Quetzalcoatl (Rh-Negative blood factor)
was a viking, sole survivor of a sea exploration.    Or a Celtic person from the Tribe of DANA.

There were Seven gold masks - The Aztec people's origin was emergence from seven caves.

There were SYMBOLIC "7 CAVES" Rituals sites, from Wyoming to Mexico.

An Aztec treasure sign, a circle with an arrow pointing down.

Underworld symbolism. After the fall of Teotihuacan, these underground cavities excavated into teZONtle continued to provide space for the practitioners
of Tlaloc and fertility cult activities.
The tunnels and caves of Teotihuacan are located immediately to the east of the Pyramid of the Sun.
* Aztec Creation Story : http://www.indians.org/welker/aztecs.htm
Aztlán is the mythical place of origin of the Aztec peoples. In their language (Nahuatl), the roots of
Aztlán are the two words: aztatl -tlan(tli) meaning "heron" and "place of," respectively. 'Tlantli' proper means tooth.  Words commonly used in Nahuatl
to denote settlements, or place names, e.g. Mazatlan (place of deer), Papalotlan (PLACE OF BUTTERFLIES) or Tepoztlan (place of metal). The Nahuatl
language is often said to include three levels of meaning for its words or expressions: literal, syncretic and connotative.
NOTE : Nahuatl-speaking peoples of central Mexico are linguistically related to groups of people distributed throughout the U.S.Pacific Intermontane
region, the U.S. southwest and northern Mexico, known as the Uto-Aztecan-Tanoan group, and including such peoples as the Paiute, Shoshoni, Hopi,
Pima, Yaqui, Tepehuan, Rara'muri (Tarahumara), Kiowas and Mayos.

 Legend has it that when the Aztec king, Montezuma was killed in the 1500's, and the spanish
 Conquistadors were driven from Tenotchitlan, the Aztecs took their treasure and hid it from the
 Spaniards. They took the treasure NORTH.  Some have looked for it in the Caves in Johnson Canyon. The search for Montezuma's treasure continues
in the Kanab, Utah area.  http://www.so-utah.com/feature/montzuma/cave.jpg
The Anasazi, a people occupied the southern portion of Utah. "Hovenweep" :
The ruins were discovered by a Mormon expedition in 1854. The Smithsonian
 Institute made an archaeological survey of these ruins in 1917- 1918.

LAVA TUBE PHOTO : http://www.mttaylor.com/jonnie/slide-shows/images/cs062225lavatube.jpg

The name Arizona comes from an Indian word meaning "Arizonac" or Little Spring.

About halfway between Albuquerque and Santa Fe, in the town of Bernalillo, is the
Coronado State Monument and Park (New Mexico Route 44, off I-25), which honors
Spanish explorer Francisco Vasquez de Coronado, who wintered here in 1540 during
his search for the legendary Seven Cities of Cibola. Within the monument are found the
partially restored remains of Kuaua, a Tiwa village that held as many as a thousand
people before it was abandoned at the end of the seventeenth century. A kiva
(underground ceremonial chamber) on site once served as a canvas for painting of
human and animal forms, now preserved in the monument's museum.

On the WAY NORTH to find the 7 Cities of Cibola, what if Spanish explorer Francisco Vasquez
de Coronado got off on the WRONG Trail?

c.1876-1877 - During his conflicts against the military forces of the United States, Crazy
     Horse burns down the mission near the Sweetwater River. Presumed destroyed along with
     the mission is a map made during Coronado's expedition and rumored to show the location
     of one of the Seven Golden Cities of Cibola.

LEARN MORE. . .There were many trails: The wind trails, Ant people's trails, Lizard people's trails, who all lived and occupied certain spaces.

. . . about the trails, one is now know as "El Camino Real" ( "The California Mission Trail").
Do you think THEY just wanted to build Missions?   NO....They were looking for GOLD!

"Ruined Franciscan Mission, Laguna Encinillas, El Camino Real, Chihuahua,
Mexico"  It was said that one man pulled a chest full of silver and GOLD from the well at the
hacienda just outside of Ciudad Chihuahua in the 1930's.

Military Aircraft, with INFRA RED first detected Ancient "foot path" trails in the low desert of
Southern California.  The trails go north into Northern California GOLD COUNTRY.

In 1966, I was a friend of Barry Storm (John T. Clymenson (or John Griffith Climenson?). 1913-1971(He was killed by MIB Agents).   He is well
known in "Lost Dutchman Mine" circles.
Barry Storm was an unusual guy, even in the context of "Dutchman" writers. He is the most
interesting writer in the canon, and, if nothing else, certainly he and his works have a
special place in Lost Dutchman lore. I offer more extensive notes and commentary on his works than on those by other authors because I think he is so
pivotal to the story of the story - and just because  his works are unique and enjoyable.
   I knew Barry, he had Saucer "contact", and hundreds of photos, etc.   For awhile Barry lived in a mine tunnel.   Then we took an Air foil aluminum
trailer out to him, to live in.   The MIB, Black Cadilac showed up.   We(my friend Ron and I) also saw the "Flying Saucers here.   And it got us in
trouble with the Air Force and our DOD Clearances, when we refused to tell all we knew about the area and the Saucer activity.   I will NOT be tell much
here except it has to do with "Ancient Peoples"  connected to this location.   But, of interest here, Barry discovered(and it was checked by UCLA) a
JADE Mountain(with various colors of jade), just East of Joshua Tree National Monument.   The beads and other artifacts indicated, this was the LOST
Jade mining site of the
MAYANS.  The mystery had always been WHERE did they get the various colors of Jade, that
DO NOT EXIST in central America.  Well, they hiked to this location via the "foot trails".    The nearby "TRAILS"  lead to PLACES where the
Indians had done GOLD mining.

" The ore, he said, was enormously rich and there was enough in sight to
     make him wealthy beyond his fondest dreams. His description of the place
     would locate it either in the northeast corner of the Joshua Tree National
     (Park)..."   - John D. Mitchell, Lost Mines and Buried Treasures Along the Old  Frontier

Joshua Tree is also dotted with abandoned gold and other types of mines. Old Dale Rd.
 begins six miles north of the Cottonwood Visitors Center and takes you through the Old Dale Mining District.   Joshua Tree National Park lies 140
miles east of Los Angeles. From LA, take I-10 to Hwy. 62, which takes you to the north entrances to the park, which are located at Joshua Tree Village
and the city of Twenty-nine Palms.  Careful...the MIBs are from Black Eagle Mine.     

California's most important gold deposits have been found in the Sierra Nevada,
  Klamath Mountains, and Mojave Desert.

"O.W.O." United Nations "biodiversity" areas include the following National Park Service lands:
Joshua Tree National Monument, CA
Death Valley National Monument, CA
Sequoia National Park, CA
Mammoth Cave National Park, KY

World Heritage Sites
      Carlsbad Caverns National Park, NM
      Grand Canyon National Park, AZ
      Mesa Verde National Park, CO
      Yosemite National Park, CA. (761,236 acres)
The concentration of gold ore, and the market value of gold determine whether a
  deposit is a mine able ore body. The highest grade deposits are associated with
  quartz veins. Gold also occurs as disseminated particles incorporated during
  magmatic rock formation or during subsequent chemical alteration of the host
  rock. Primary gold occurrences are termed "lode" deposits. Mineralized rock
  and gold-bearing veins release gold particles during the weathering process.
    Because of its high specific gravity and resistance to weathering, these
  sedimentary gold particles are easily concentrated by streams and rivers to form
  "placer" gold deposits.
* Watershed Maps of Northern California : http://www.consrv.ca.gov/dmg/ws/index.htm
* Tips for Gold Hunters : http://www.consrv.ca.gov/dmg/pubs/notes/24/index.htm

Little Chief Greenleaf, a Hopi  leader, reported that the Lizard People, before the destruction of their culture by meteors (fire from the sky), had created
underground cities (some in California), including one under Los Angeles and another beneath Mt. Shasta.   The Lizard people reportedly made the
caves housing thousands by using chemicals to melt bedrock.

Papalotlan (PLACE OF BUTTERFLIES) and Tepoztlan (place of metal).
ORO = Gold      "X" marks the spot.
* From 10,000 to as many as 150,000 Monarchs migrate to Santa Cruz, California each fall.
* Monarchs spend the spring and summer living in the valley regions west of the Rocky Mountains,
and in the Cavern Sub-Cities.
*  Milkweed - the only plant a Monarch caterpillar eats.

Butterflies of California : http://www.npwrc.usgs.gov/resource/distr/lepid/BFLYUSA/CA/749.htm
Just exactly what is a butterfly?
 The insect order known as "lepidoptera" is made up of butterflies and moths.
 * Butterflies need nectar(from plants and flowers) for energy to fly and to reproduce.
GARDENING in the CAVERNS : Besides being beautiful and entertaining, butterflies play a critical role in our world. They serve as plant pollinators,
and therefore help hold together the
 delicate fabric of nature as they feed from flowers and shrubs. The result of insect
 feeding in pollinating plants has been proven to be even more reliable than pollen
 being transported by the wind.
* Butterflies, like all insects, are cold-blooded and can't regulate their internal body
 temperature, so they will want a place to bask in the sun. They like basking on large rocks, in a sunny spot.   [Rocks in Valleys, near the Cavern
 They also love puddles.    "Puddling" areas are found near Streams.
* Some Butterflies use the Caves for "hibernation".  Caverns where the butterflies overwinter in.
 *  Butterfly groups include monarchs,
  satyrs, dagerwings, leaf-wings, owls, buckeyes, admirals, checkerspots,
  crecents, fritillaries, heliconids, riodinids, blues, hairstreaks, coppers,
  whites, orange-tips, sulphurs and swallowtails.

Stormy Season Batters Butterflies

For California's butterflies, the 1997-98 El Nino year has been virtually a
carbon copy of the 1982-83 one, when some butterfly species died out in
small geographic areas but none were eliminated from entire regions, says
Arthur Shapiro, a UC Davis professor widely known for his butterfly
Many sites in the state's Central Valley where butterflies overwinter have been
flooded, putting the butterflies' emergence several weeks behind schedule.
* Word is still not in on El Nino's effects on monarch butterflies, which winter in
coastal groves and breed inland. In the Central Valley, the milkweed plants
that monarchs feed on are late in sprouting.
If the 1997-98 winter and spring season concludes like 1982-83 did, the most
dramatic deviations from normal will be seen in the high-Sierra butterflies.
Very late snow melt will delay their emergence and shorten their breeding
season, according to the professor of evolution and ecology. At the highest
altitudes, some species may even skip a full year.

But, the ones in the Caverns will re-emerge.    Want to SEE this happen?   Timing
is the KEY.   Being in the right PLACE at the right TIME.....and you will see
the MARIPOSA (Butterflies). California monarchs that are
born in the late summer or autumn migrate to spots
along the Pacific Coast, such as Natural Bridges in
Santa Cruz. There, huddled under the shelter of
trees, rocks or caves.

Native American belief about butterflies : Legend says that because butterflies cannot speak, if people make a wish upon releasing a butterfly, their wish
will be carried upon its wings up to the heavens, where it will be granted.

Note : My First Summer in the Sierra , by John Muir   
Excerpt :
  " Mastodons and elephants used to live here no great geological time ago, as shown by their bones,
often discovered by miners in washing gold-gravel. And bears of at least two species are here now,
besides the California lion or panther, and wild cats, wolves, foxes, snakes, scorpions, wasps,
tarantulas; but one is almost tempted at times to regard a small savage black ant as the master
existence of this vast mountain world. These fearless, restless, wandering imps, though only about a
quarter of an inch long, are fonder of fighting and biting than any beast I know. They attack every
living thing around their homes, often without cause as far as I can see. Their bodies are mostly jaws
curved like ice-hooks, and to get work for these weapons seems to be their chief aim and pleasure.
Most of their colonies are established in living oaks somewhat decayed or hollowed, in which they
can conveniently build their cells. These are chosen probably because of their strength as opposed to the attacks of animals and storms. They work both
day and night, creep into dark caves......"