Is Golden Ratio in Spectrum (Harmonic) Analysis the Ultimate Tool to Prove Global Scaling (Scale Invariance)?

It is this COMPRESSION enabling principle which is behind the FUSION, COLLAPSE, SCALE INVARIANCE, HOLY GRAIL - they Seek."

Implosion Group - called this "Embedability" , by measurement in the 3/98 article.

originally written by - Dan Winter, ( June 4, 2004
- Edited-& Published by Implosion Group - :

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"The Next Step for the "Global Scaling" School ..may be to Recognize that Golden Ratio Based Self Similar Recursion Invites Perfect COMPRESSION
- BECAUSE - Self Similar- Golden Ratio (Voltage) Wave (Velocity) Heterodynes Turn Compression IN to ACCELERATION (Gravity):
The Principle is Implosion- ( better term perhaps than Scaling)."

Physics update for this article- Dec 2013:

Mathematics to accompany the original:

Application to Biologic Architecture: all living structures life force are defined by their ability to attract charge (become electrically centripetal)- 3 ways to measure life force electrically:


-Scale Invariance (Non Destructive Compression or "Global Scaling") Is Optimized by Golden Ratio in the symmetry of the stellated Dodeca (which is DNA / Earth Grid & Zodiac): -

That symmetry of compressibility then defines the history of self-organization of all (wave) systems
(Golden Ratio defines artificial intelligence - also HOW the stock market exemplifies chaotic oscillators learning to self organize), the history of the evolution of computers (data compression by definition is only infinite in fractality - now understood in Golden Ratio terms: )

(pic from,
the evolution of compassion
(Golden Mean in EKG power spectra), the history of BLISS (see BlissTuner-Golden Mean in EEG power spectra ) & the ensoulment (wave sustainability) of DNA etc. HOW this is measured (Golden Ratio spectrum analysis of EEG, EKG, Earth ELF, Hydrogen, DNA etc.) - is the subject of this article.

Further - since compression of charge is the only way inertia is stored (called 'mass') - therefore this symmetry (Golden Ratio self-similarity) predicts the only path to make matter out of light. ( As predicted at - Dr. Mueller was so kind from the beginning as to link on his web site).
This may also suggest why PHI / Golden Ratio so closely approximates 7/5 Pi / e .


We should congratulate Dr Hartmut Mueller , on his upcoming conference in Munich on Global Scaling (with Raum & Zeit Magazine). In terms of proof by experiment, it may be timely to point out some connections to Spectrum Analysis - measurement tools we have been developing for 15 years. These we suggest may be the optimum way to prove the Scale Invariance key concepts (which Mueller calls 'Global Scaling')-

Our original article on SCALE INVARIANCE - ("Global Scaling") - is dated October 1997

Scale Invariant = Perfect Embedding (No Fear Braiding) = Gravity = Self Aware - demonstrated (graphically) that Golden Mean ratio was the key to:

Scale Invariance , Non-Destructive Compression , Linking Gravity to Voltage, Perfect Embedding, Perfect Nesting.. (all the key concepts of Global Scaling) - -etc.

This became the basis for our (Dec 02): PhiRICAIS:PHI-Recursion-Induced-Charge Acceleration/Implosion Solution article : - we exerpt here

How - Phi Recursion Induced Charge Acceleration / Implosion IS the SOLUTION to:


Infinite Non-Destructive Collapse
Infinite Compression / Perfect Acceleration / FUSION
Perfect Damping / Phase Conjugation (optics etc)
Hydrodynamic Implosion (Ultimate Sorting)

Non Linear Energy (Voltage from Gravity)
Charge Acceleration thru C Light Speed (Gravity)
Measuring ATTENTION/ Bliss / Euphoria in EEG

Audio Tone Induction of EEG Transcendance
Measuring EKG Heart Openness / Compassion
Self Organization from Chaos/Artificial Intelligence
Electrically Defining & Measuring LIFE FORCE
Pure Geometric Origin of Alphabets (symbol=to embed)

The Shape of The Touch Which Says Love.

..How PhiRICAIS (Implosion)
is revealed by Spectrum Analysis

The day will come when, after harnessing space, the winds, the tides, and gravitation, we shall harness for God the energies of Love. And on that day, for the second time in the history of the world, we shall have discovered fire. - Pierre Tielhard De Chardin

..and the Grail

math below a simple proof that Phi is the ratio that selects a sustainable (reverse) - heterodyned set i.e. for spectral coherence..

The pure principle is clearly that Golden Mean ratio is the key wave mechanic to enable scale invariance ( ) , perfected recursion , self embedding ( ) , perfected nesting, AND THEREFORE - perfect compression- perfect fusion ( ), perfect collapse ( ). We then later explained why this creates the capacitor circuit which turns compression (by Golden Ratio CONSTRUCTIVE heterodyning of wave phase front VELOCITIES) into acceleration. This explained why these PHI based charge circuits fabricate gravity from voltage. (since acceleration IS gravity). Thus - effectively solving the unified field problem in pure symmetry terms.

These (above) Golden Ratio / pent based capacitor arrays produce a strong negative ion - ultimately leading to gravity by successful collapse. (you can feel the cool breeze).
Below- for links on the techniques to measure the THRUST created by recursive capacitance- see .

The Global Scaling movement is correct to propose that capacitors arranged in the geometry of Golden Mean ratio fabricate gravity from voltage, and voltage from gravity.

But we must AVOID the danger posed by the Global Scaling idealist who still somewhat childishly believe that this is a source of "free" energy.

Reference . The gravity field is assembled by the recursion in the capacitive field of Earth - the work to do that is what biology accomplishes over millions of years. The ultimate leverage over that gravity fabrication is the ratio of HUMAN EMOTION, and as implemented in the ratio we install in dolmen to align the Earth grid to that embedding.

quote from (of Earth): (first from Swerdlow) The nexus point on any such globe is always at the 19th parallel of the planet. It is evident on Earth by the Hawaiian volcanoes, located at the 19th parallel; by the Mons volcano on Mars located at the 19th parallel; and at the red spot on Jupiter, also at the 19th parallel. The geometry built into the monuments on Mars by the Sirians and Lyraen colonists explains about the 19th parallel through its geometric equations and measurements. This geometry is also replicated and contained within the Giza Plateau in Egypt.
Then commentary from D.Winter: Compare this to Richard Hoagland - still clue less to WHY dolmen like Giza and Cydonia are at tetrahedral latitudes. By modulating (adjusting) the spin rate of planets at tetrahedral hand holds - planetary spin comes into phase with zodiac spin- this self similar spin relation (implosive collapse) is critical to stabilizing gravity and therefore atmosphere.

-- The point is that biology designed DNA and all biological systems based on Golden Mean ratio (Phylotaxes) for the specific reason that this geometry of compression that engines acceleration - to provide a holy communion fusion of charge at the center. This creates an information communion which biology uses to create sustainability for DNA and life. If we understand how genes USE this universal radio station for capacitive charge going THRU the speed of light - at the core of DNA - ...

THEN -- we will understand why all those who stood near the supposed "FREE" energy devices of Newman, the PodMod, etc etc (see link) - they ALL felt NAUSEA!! SICKNESS!!

Can you guess why?? Try the pure mechanical implosion sound of computer generated PHI harmonics (in perfect calculated 'global' scaling based on Planck & Hydrogen) - if you would like to FEEL that nausea for yourself:

So - we have a little clue to the "FREE" energy dreamers at Global Scaling conferences (like those at the hundreds of International Non-Linear Energy and Psychotronics conferences at which I have been speaker - the TITLE of my lecture at the first Internation Non-Linear Energy Symposium in DC - 20 some years ago was: WHY FREE ENERGY IS NOT FREE!).

The only SUSTAINABLE solution to the human energy crisis - is biological sources of that charge attraction. And that is called BLISS - see how it is measured below . That determination of which waves are shareable to attract charge is a beautiful and natural biological mechanism - And those who ignore the rule - that IT IS NOT NICE TO FOOL MOTHER NATURE - have the privelege of testing another biological mechanism which determines which waves can compress well into acceleration and the shareable. That mechanism (physics for determining succesful propagation/ immortality) is called DEATH - DNA's final squeeze. Check .

Is this the physics of capacitance learning to compress which CAUSES a seed to germinate:

This insight causes us to suggest we re-invent architecture

Image-from -no metal, perfect biologic dialectric curvature, charge conserving, life making, no sharp edges, charge compressing - all inside feel BLISS - and life propagates BECAUSE efficient charge distribution in a fractal- is the DEFINITION of consciousness.

...and that we re-invent agriculture:

Charge Compression Dolmen=Agriculture of Germination:


based on the new information of what shape of capacitor (non-destrucitive CHARGE COMPRESSION - see PINE CONE) causes life to happen.
Global Scaling - could do well to ask themselves - what is the source of the 4-14 millivolts measureable on most fresh eggs? (Do they know what life is?) That then might give them the first clue in physics to: why does an object fall to the ground?.
(Credit to Maurice Cotterell for at least asking the right question - ignored for 2000 years). Answers:

Self similarity produces and stabilizes gravity because that is what permits charge collapse - when the compression heterodynes by PHI into acceleration. It is as simple as understanding what creates suction when you pull to the plug to allow charge to escape down the drain (thru the speed of light).



Harmonic inclusiveness (same as non-destructive charge compression & genetic diversity & scale invariance / "Global Scaling") -perfected by Golden Ratio - defines the vitality of everything that lives- as well known in the medicine of EKG ( ) .

Then: MEASURING that charge compression- is the most efficient tool to measure life force:

(from the Life Force Measurement project : )

Here: the origin of the Global Scaling idea: Discrete (recursive?) harmonics on the wave of BODY SIZES which allow life to thrive:

We now compare this to how those (perfected recursion?) harmonics might be measured and optimized in vivo to create viability:

All this - then is by way of introducing experimental examples of Golden Mean ratio measures in Power Spectra (harmonic analysis ) which we suggest to be the efficient tool to prove the onset of self organization / implosion / scale invariance ("Global Scaling").

First example we give: Golden Mean ratio in brainwave (EEG) Power Spectra:

Below we exerpt from - Article summary: the primary attractor in ratio of brain wave power spectra to indicate BLISS + INSIGHT STATES is GOLDEN MEAN RATIO in EEG primary harmonics.

+ Cross Hemispheric Coherence. (Article includes history, references, and illustrates new biofeedback tool to make this teachable.)

Next example: Golden Mean Ratio in EKG Heart Spectrum Analysis:

below we exerpt from


(GOLDEN MEAN IN HEART HARMONICS Note here: Referring to Frank of , Heart Coherence Team : He is suggesting great care in noting- altho the musical key of HeartTuner's measurement of the most - EKG reporting most empathy is at 1.618 hertz (Golden Mean numerically ) (called E.I. Emotional Index number - left blue line on screen) AND this indicates an ARITHMETIC cascade present of harmonics in the EKG Power Spectra spaced at that moment at 1.618 hertz (Golden Mean - not? ratio) apart, this cascade is an ADDITIVE cascade and not a geometric or MULTIPLICATIVE one. This means that altho the Heart IS choosing 1.618 hertz for a musical key, IT may not be correct to call this RATIO - until we determine what the science of a cascade of harmonics spaced at 1.618 GOLDEN MEAN -not ratio- between peaks.

GOLDEN MEAN produces BOTH an arithmetic (ADDING HARMONICS) as WELL as GEOMETRIC (MULTIPLYING harmonics) that since most Power Spectra software cannot perceive a geometric cascade of harmonics - (exception- Dan Kunkle's IdentiPHI ) - that locating Golden Mean arithmetic cascade may in fact suggest when the EKG is cascading both arithmetically and geometrtically. This is one subject of Heart Coherence group soon to be released -
Harmonic Explorer.. Synthesizing Harmonics.. -
quoting Frank: "will include a "short science tour" in Harmonic Explorer, and also the demo of the arithmetic coherence class - now we can really show how a measurable arithmetic
series embeds / invites a Phi-only cascade in the non-linear ("heterodyning") regime!!
the fourier of a Phi-cascade forms a "golden-sequence" of frequencies ( ! ) - now I discovered
that exactly the available Fibonacci "jump-lengths" through this series creates the greatest
unbroken cascades.. this means that the resulting group of sustainable "pulse rates" are Fibonacci
ratio, possibly the real WHY of phylotaxis etc..

Below pics are from our "Harmonic Explorer" software finding coherence classes between non-linear and linear wave regimes (e.g. to explain our cepstrum measurements with the Heart Tuner
+ possible key to cakra's).... an harmonic range plot for e.g. 5 freq's creates this Fourier response

the fourier freq's are maximum crossing at Phi and other "E" fulfilling
E - 1 = E ^ n, [n=0,1,2..] , at Phi you can see the golden sequence ""

more at Heart Coherence Team:
We need to understand some part of the heart's self-contained electrophysiology beyond standard
explanation. The Heart Tuner shows how the heart pulse is perfected wave symmetry, which is not needed
for the sole purpose of pacemaking. Besides the pace-making function, it contains specific (arithmetic)
subsets of the golden sequence spectral emission (fourier of Golden Mean heterodyne), homeopatically
synthesising immune intelligence in the thoroid and blood. So here we have an emerging set of (arche-)
typical vortices in alt-3D (hyper) space or non-linear regime (as per definition, but possibly also taken
in the form of perception by a highly sensitive mind). In a-typical form (Dan's "consumed  perspective"),
the typical manifestations are a subset or emanation of the a-typical form, that is, an emanation of cosmic
Hence the primary source of immune health is the cosmic non-linear symmetry network, which taken in
normal 3D (linear regime) by the "mind cum senses" (or: "inside-outness", note here that the ear is an
instant Fourier transformer with a limited spectral response - whereas yogic "sound" forms the primordial
creative matrix) became the gravitational celestial world. Sound generelised and in context is the science of
the Samskrta sounds of Creations. Those sounds are the instances of the #5 coherence class. In other words,
the aspect of "sound" transforms the primordial triangular receptacle into a dimensional receptacle, and this
principle in sustainable form is called "mind".
It might be helpful to dream of what a star looks like in hyperspace.. I think this is what really inspired the
| end comment from frank ,

Next example: Golden Mean ratio in the life force (capacitance) power spectra field of plants to measure vitality:

below we exerpt from . Commercial use of vital force measurement based on TRUE charge radiance / spirit is already a reality. The earlier biophoton technology may become obsolete because waiting for the compressing of charge to be quantized and released as a photon is now unnecessary - and less sensitive.

Life Force= equals the ability to (fractally ) attract and self-organize charge.

NEW!-Integrating Dr.Korotkov's Ground Breaking LIFE FORCE MEASURE USING GDV- with HeartTuner Life Force Here..


Note How these 2 different technologies together - since they both measure CHARGE RADIANCE- can provide the ultimate state of the art- Measure of LIFE FORCE..!

New Tool for Measuring Life Force in Water - Complements Original Studies Measuring Life Force in Food (below this update)

Test Series Shows Spherical Capacitor (Gold Coated Ostrich Egg - weak capacitive field amplified from microvolts then spectrum analyzed) is Able to Discern Charged Water / LIFE FORCE
& that Data is Replicable..


1. Early Data Showed Harmonic Inclusiveness Predicts Viability / Survival in Heart Data ( )

2. D.Winter evidences Harmonic Inclusiveness Predicts Viability in Everything Living, and Further that Harmonic Inclusiveness is Precisely Optimized in Golden Mean Ratio . ( , , )

Further that Golden Mean Ratio in Power Spectral Emission identifies successful compression
- a.) predicting the moment of self-organization from chaos
- b.) predicting the creation of gravity from capacitors (charge compression becomes acceleration when symmetry is self-similar) -
- b.) predicting Euphoria / Peak Experience / onset of Attention.( in EEG) / onset of Compassion/Compression (in EKG) - ( , , , )

3. D.Winter presents repeated evidence that measuring the charge radiance - capacitive field power spectra replaces biophoton technology in more elegantly meauring life force in food ( )

4. Now (new) - D.Winter presents new data here from repeated samples taken weeks apart - spherical capacitor measuring charge density - can measure life force in water - replicably. - - here-

The concept reviewed: It has long been known that the Kirlian Photo and the GDV (Gas Discharge Visualization) were a way to map the shape of the capacitive field of charge which was providing the orienting function to arrange biological liquids into life. It is also self-evident that the sensitive crystallization (Steiner Technique), water drop experiments, and such techniques as Immoto's work with water crystals shape revealed during freezing - were all techniques to make the shape of the field of charge of the liquid visible. ( It is also clear that the measurably faster than light propagation of the gravity field measured using capacitors - proves the physics of astrology is simply to map the projective geometry of the charge field capacitively.) The resolution of the problem then of quantifying and measuring LIFE is the problem of accurately measuring the order and COHERENCE of the electrical field of charge. The amount of life giving information in the charge field is a) coherence , b) harmonic inclusiveness - which is correlated to c) ability to acheive charge COMPRESSION - which IS information density. It happens that self similarity (think of the shape of a pine cone) perfects the implosive charge sucking in process of compressing charge into the acceleration of charge thru light speed called LIFE ITSELF! (explaining how the egg and the pine cone and the EKG during bliss extract voltage from gravity: gravity IS implosive / non-destructive charge compression which self similarity by PHI turns in to acceleration | ).

In summary - while Dr. Popp correctly surmised that the ability to store and emit a photon measures life - (biophoton) - the PROCESS which allows biology to store a photon IS the ability to (fractally) ATTRACT and SELF-ORGANIZE electrical charge. This is why D.Winter extended the Celestine Prophecy definition of LIFE ( All Human Interaction is About CHARGE) - to read more completely - LIFE FORCE EQUALS THE ABILITY TO ATTRACT (Implosive Compression) and Self-Organize Electrical Charge.

It is simple to understand that the weak capacitive charge field is what makes the critical orienting decision at the instant the liquid decides in what angle to join the crystal. (for example the physics of rainmaking - , or of restoring life to cities - ). Biology happens when liquid approaches the tight rope of becoming liquid crystal due to the COHEREing of CHARGE. The physics of sensitive crystallization is therefore totally dependant on the ORDER implicate in the ambient electrical field of charge. Thus LIFE FORCE is determined solely by the ability to compress, store and radiate this capacitive field. ( your Glow is your Charge radiance).

Further- that life happens - when charge compression at center becomes implosive ( evidenced in the pent 5 sided PHI based - self similarity which symmetry identifies everything living). - more at

We here present a brief summary of the newest data showing this measurement of life force applied successfully to measuring vitality in WATER. ( We propose to follow this with a demonstration of corrolation to increased percentages of successful seed germination).

Thanks to Callum Coates and Water research team in Byron Bay for their help in taking the Water Life Force measurements above...

Below: We are grateful to Frank- for Data harmonic analysis below - of the above Water data... NOTE: We expect to be able to isolate (and optimize) the charge sources in the environment which contribute to the life force in the water - by looking at their harmonic signatures!

Next example: Golden Mean ratio in the harmonic analysis of Hydrogen (symmetry recipe for fusion):

Randy Masters exerpts: The Rainbow Spectrum and the Number 9 and Hydrogen Phi = [1.62 = 81:50] ( Golden Mean Ratio = approx. 1.62)
By Randy Masters

6885 : 6561: 5895 : 5751 : 5274: 4941 : 4860 : 4491 : 4311 X 1
765 : 729 : 655 : 639 : 586 : 549 : 540 :499 :479 X 9

Original - Measured - Value

I 6870Å [6840 = 760 X 9] 688527659 X 9 = [1.62 X 4250]

II 6560Å [6561 = 729 X 9] = [1.62 X 4050]

III 5890 Å [5895 = 655 X 9] prime 13 [ series 2,5,7,12,19,31,50,81,131, etc.]
[5832 = 648 X 9] = [1.62 X 3600]
(5760 + 72 = 5832)

IV 5750Å [5760 = 640 X 9] = [1.62 X 3555.555]
= 474.518974837 Hz B flat
[5751 = 639 X 9] (prime 71) = [1.62 X 3550]

V 5270Å [5265 = 585 X 9] = [1.62 X 3250]
= 517.738919413 Hz B sharp = 515.625
[5274 = 586 X 9} (prime 293)

VI 4940Å [4950 = 550 X 9]
550 Hz = C#
= 552.324717674
[4941 =549 X 9] (4941 = 61 X 81) = [1.62 X 3050]

VII 4860Å [4860 = 540 X 9] = [1.62 X 3000]
BLUE GREEN = Balmer M4
= 561.416482574 Hz 563.2 Hz = D flat

VIII 4490Å [4500 = 500 X 9] = [1.62 X 2777.777]
= 607.6802016 Hz 607.5Hz = D#+
[4491 = 499 X 9] = [1.62 X 2772.222] (499 prime)
IX 4310Å [4320 = 480 X 9] = [1.62 X 2666.666]
BLUE VIOLET (indigo)
[4311 = 479 X 9] = (prime 479) too high a prime
= 633.058957148 Hz

6885:4374 = 85:54 = 1.5740 = 85/(27*2) Pi/2

Next example: Golden Mean ratio in the harmonic analysis of DNA: ( summary- - Genetic Engineers invited to soul-invitation..)

Next example: Golden Mean ratio in the harmonics of the Breathing that produces still-point and Bliss: ( exerpt from )

Rollin McCraty originally laughed when I told him his (Heart Math) Freeze Framer was merely a way to learn to breathe at one frequency. I tried to explain to him that harmonic INCLUSIVENESS - the healthy heart - was actually the opposite of getting only ONE frequency in your heart. (breath controls heart rate measureably - by setting the interbeat interval-pic below).

We have long published the proper breath to make bliss - a Caducceus breath. In this breath - still point - bliss is acheived by taking a series a breaths in correct GOLDEN RATIO. The result (opposite of what Freeze Framer teaches) is what Golden Mean is meant for - getting harmonics INCLUDED. (The same still point creation is the DEFINITION of the healing moment in Sacro Cranial work).

We usually begin all international conferences on HeartCoherence with the Caducceus Breath - to create the nice opening Bliss communion point with the group. Many have asked for a simple guide to do this accurately..

HeartCoherence team - is proud to announce new simple software - anyone can play BREATHE THE HEART TO BLISS!

AND if you happen to have a HeartTuner ( - you can WATCH AND LEARN as your breath perfects the CADEUCEUS in the MEASURED HRV- AND- produces overall COHERENCE; measured!



Next example: Golden Mean ratio power spectra in the Earth Lo frequencies:


Next example : Golden Mean ratio in the Stock Market power spectra: (illustrating in principle how ANY oscillator may emerge from chaos by discovering self-similar / Golden Ratio / scale-invariance / "Global Scaling" / non-destructive COMPRESSION): ( exerpt from STOCK MARKET GOLDEN MEAN PATH TO PREDICTABILITY FROM CHAOS
Golden Ratio in stock VOLUME analysis became the basis of Prechter and Elliot Wave Market Prediction.

Here is why:

they call perfect onset predictability in the stock market, the HOLY GRAIL of market analysis. Golden Mean PHI recursion is the only resonance path out of chaos, it's onset shows onset of EMOTIONAL COHERENCE, and then you look at the picture of its geometry:

(spin path of 3D Golden Mean spiral down a 60 degree light cone into fractal 3D dodeca/icos)
it IS the grail..
don't give up until you drink from the silver cup
of sweet braid
golden fleece
piezoelectric geometry of song in the blood (sang graal)
cup within cup, never overflows .. data infinitely compressible with no memory loss..


Summary: Global Scaling gives a new face to an old idea. Successful compression - creates.